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261 This Is The Mercy Of The Heavenly Master!
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
    Original: | Translator:

Two days have passed since the God of War Tower descended on the Holy Land of Gods.

     In the past two days, Ye Qingcang has launched the "Daily Discussion" mode.

     Compared with the betting mode where millions of bets are often used, the competition mode is obviously less risky.

     For most Shenxiao disciples, it is worthwhile to spend a little spirit stone to compete with a satisfied opponent.

     As for those True Disciple, there are many options for the gambling mode, fighting with the fairy world Tianjiao at the same level.

     However, the overwhelming majority Shenxiao True Disciple has stopped at the level of 1 to 2 stars.

     After all, this Tianjiao classification is not the standard of the mortal world, but the standard of dividing talents when the Tower of War God is in the immortal world.

     True Disciple, the Holy Land of Gods, can be selected to 1 to 2 stars, which is already very rare.

     Replaced by most of the True Disciple of Dongtian and Fudi, perhaps even the lowest-level 1-star Tianjiao is not counted.

     Of course, those geniuses who tried the ‘gambling mode’ did not get nothing, and some gained a lot in the Tower of War.

     For a time, the strength and foundation of many Shenxiao True Disciples are greatly improved.

     At the same time, it is not only Shenxiao disciples who get this benefit.


     For the cultivator, building a town couldn't be easier.

     On the first day of the arrival of the God of War Tower, Shenxiao Holy Land had sent hundreds of disciples to begin infrastructure construction near the Tower of War God.

     Relying on the five element spells, these disciples built a small city in half a day.

     Although in terms of scale, it is completely incomparable with the Holy City of Shenxiao.However, it is definitely enough and to spare to receive other immortal disciples who come to the Tower of Wars for travel, trials, and gambling.

     In the past few days, the news that the God of War Tower descended on the Holy Land of the Gods has spread around Cave Heaven and Blessed Land.

     Cave Heaven and Blessed Land, which are attached to the Holy Land of the Gods, sent people to celebrate early.

     All kinds of gifts are naturally given.

     For example, the host of Taoyuan Dongtian sent two big flat peaches.

     This flat peach is an extremely precious elixir that can extend the life of a monk who has a predestined life span is up for a hundred years.

     For monks who were stuck on the bottleneck and couldn't break through, this kind of elixir was nothing less than a life-saving treasure and was priceless.

     For example, the cave master of Jinhua Dongtian sent a Tianyuan sword.

     This sword is the High Grade Spirit Tool, with a value of at least tens of thousands of spiritual crystals, which can be called precious.

     Another example is the head of the blessed land of Lingxu, who presented a gold-gathering orb.

     This orb is a spiritual object generated from heaven and earth, which can automatically absorb Spiritual Energy of Heaven and Earth and accelerate the speed of monk's breathing.


     All in all, the present gifts from all the immortals are considered a bumper harvest.

     The younger brothers are so sensible, and the big brother of Shenxiao Holy Land will naturally not see outside.

     When even if it means that all sect disciple and elders can enter the tower of God of War trial and pass, it doesn't have any restrictions.

     Of course, in the Tower of the Gods of War, whether you lose or win, earn or lose, has nothing to do with the Holy Land of Gods.

     After all, as an official, the Holy Land does not take the initiative, refuse, or take responsibility.

     As a result, wave after wave geniuses from Cave Heaven and Blessed Land also began their journey through barriers.It's a pity how enormously proud of one's success when they entered, how hanging one's head dispiritedly of time of departure, live without hope.

     Hit, too hit!

     Those Tianjiao are absolutely Heaven's Chosen Child in their own martial arts.

     They talk idly about important matters, bold and unrestrained, and think they are unparalleled in talent.

     However, after entering the Tower of Gods of War, they first discovered tragically that the savings in their pockets were not enough for a three- or four-star gambling.

     Then he found tragically that he didn't have to worry about having no money to challenge Tianjiao three or four stars.

     Because... even the one-star Tianjiao can't beat them~

      outside world, too cruel!


     In just two days, countless immortal boys who originally had eyes on top of the head began to experience setbacks and grew up.

     With a firmer mind, he realized that he was not strong enough, and began to work harder to practice and fight.

     But the mind is weaker, and those who directly lose their fighting spirit are also not at all, but relatively speaking.

     Generally speaking, the Tower of the God of War is on fire in the circle of these immortal disciples.

     Almost all the disciples were discussing how and so and so and so and so and so and so and so and so and so and so and so and so and so and so and so and so and so and so and so and so and so and sect that had broken through in the tower.

     Because of this, Ye Qingcang also made an additional monument to the rookie of the God of War under the advice of Shen Tian and Zhang Longyuan.

     This ancient monument will only record the achievements of Tianjiao within a hundred years old who came to the Tower of War God.

     After over a hundred years old, the name on the rookie monument will fade and be replaced by latecomers.

     In other words, this is the talent ranking for the contemporary Tianjiao.If you can leave a name on this rookie monument, it proves that in this century, your talent is enough to rank in the top 100.

     For most practitioners of immortality, this is already a great honor.

     After all, how big the East Wilderness is, and how many immortal cultivators are.

     Ranked in the top 100 among all Tianjiao in the past century, more than 0.01%!

     Now two days have passed, and there are not one thousand but five hundred disciples who have entered the tower of God of War.

     The 100 places on the God of War rookie monument have already been filled, but the competition is not strong yet.

     After all, the holy sons of other holy places and the holy woman-level tianjiao have basically not arrived yet!

     It is also taking advantage of this opportunity that many geniuses of Cave Heaven and Blessed Land are breaking through.

     If you really break into the top 100, you will be able to brag proudly when you go out.

     Do you know the God of War rookie monument? Some saints and saints may not be able to squeeze into the top 100, I have squeezed in!

     It is with this plan that the business of God of War Tower has been prosperous in recent days.


     At this time, outside the Ares Tower.

     Song Fugui, Liu Taiyi, Duke Gui, Qin Gao and others waited quietly.

     Other disciples of Shenxiao or other immortals passed by, and they all looked at them with jealousy, envy and hate.

     It's them, it's them!

     Senior Brother Shen, Sage Son of Shenxiao, the ones who are closest and respected.

     It is said that they can get a 50% discount on gambling in the Tower of Gods of War, and they don’t need money for daily competition.

     It makes people jealous that nothing remains the same!

     Song Fugui, Liu Taiyi and others didn't care at all about the people around.After all, they can shoot fairy farts at close range, and they are not in the same class as ordinary people.

     Even Zhang San, the former sacred place of the gods, True Disciple, can now only eagerly follow behind their buttocks, as a new lead.

     Zhang San curiously said: "Brother Song, Brother Liu, I have something very curious about, I don't know whether to ask."

     Song Fugui smiled and said, "If you enter the organization, you will be your own person. Ask!"

     Zhang San curiously said: "Senior Brother Shengzi has entered the God of War Tower for retreat since yesterday. It is reasonable to say that he should be breaking through."

     "But why is there no senior brother's name on either the God of War Head Stele or the Stele of the God of War Rookie!"

      This problem is not only curious about Zhang San, in fact, many people are very curious.

     After all, according to reliable sources, the God of War Tower was obtained by Senior Brother Shengzi.

     Looking at Zhang San, who was full of gossips, Song Fugui smiled and said nothing.

     On the contrary, Liu Taiyi next to him mysteriously whispered: "You really want to know?"

     Zhang San hurriedly nodded excitedly: "Please show the right path, brother Zhang San must to guard one's mouth like a closed bottle."

     Liu Taiyi said mysteriously: "Do you know that the Tower of the God of War has been in the Eastern Desolation for thousands of years, why has it never recognized anyone?"

     Zhang San forcedly shook the head.

     Liu Taiyi smiled and said: "The reason is simple, because the Tower of God of War is the supreme artifact, even in the fairy artifact, it is also Supreme Existence."

     "Only the seven-star Peerless Supreme Talent, who is rarely seen for ten thousand years, is eligible to be accepted and recognized by it."

     Zhang San's body trembles slightly: "Senior brother means that Saint Son is actually a seven-star Tianjiao?"Liu Taiyi shook his head: "How high is the talent of Senior Brother Shengzi? Frankly speaking, Liu can't predict at all."

     "But one thing is certain, as early as in Ancient Battlefield, when I broke through the barrier with Senior Brother Song, Senior Brother Gui, Senior Brother Qin and others."

     "Senior Brother Shengzi's name has already reached the top of the total ranking of Gods of War, and his rating is impressively Seven-Star Tianjiao."

     Zhang San’s face was full of admiration and look of excitement: "But, why didn’t I see it?"

     Liu Taiyi said indifferently: "This, frankly speaking, Liu is not clear."

     Shopkeeper Song finally shook his head slowly and said, "Obviously, Shengzi doesn't want to be too high-profile."

     "I have known the celestial master of the holy son for a long time, and understand that celestial masters have always been low-key, and I least like to show up.

     "Why is the name of the Godless Master on the God of War monument? In fact, the old man has a few guesses in his heart, and I can explain it to all fellow apprentices."

     "But everyone must agree to the old, and must not circulate outside at will, lest the heavenly master is displeased."

     As soon as the treasurer Song said, the others immediately assured him.

     "Don't worry! Brother Song, I'm Liu to guard one's mouth like a closed bottle."

     "What is my moral character Zhen Zhijia, Brother Song still doesn't know? to guard one's mouth like a closed bottle!"

     "Although Zhang San is not as close as the brothers and the saints, but he is not a talkative person, he must to guard one's mouth like a closed bottle!"

     "And me, so do I!"

     Listening to the assurances of the people, the treasurer Song nodded slightly: "Actually! In the eyes of the old man, the name of the heavenly master is not on the monument for two reasons."

     "First, although the celestial master is low-key, as a peerless arrogant, the pride in his bones cannot be erased.""His genius can be called the ancient and the present, shocking the world, in fact, a mere war monument is qualified to define it?"

     "After all, even the entire God of War Tower was subdued by the Saint Child Heavenly Master. If the name of the Saint Child is on the list, it will easily arouse criticism from others."

     "With the pride of the Saint Child Heavenly Master, I must be too lazy to explain anything. It's better not to be on the list and stay away from the pursuit of mediocrities."

     The shopkeeper Song said, everyone heard eye emit bright glint and they were very serious.

     As if thinking of something, Liu Taiyi took the jade slip from his arms and recorded it cautious and solemn.

     Shopkeeper Song continued: "And the second reason may be that the Saint Child Tianshi does not want to hit other Tianjiao too much."

     Zhang San was slightly surprised: "Brother Song, what's the meaning of this?"

     Song Fugui said, "You don't understand Xiao Zhang."

     "At the beginning of Ancient Battlefield, Song saw the name of the heavenly master directly appearing in second place."

     "At that time, the rating of the Heavenly Master was second in the overall ranking, second only to the six-star Tianjiao Barren Stone, but it was upgraded again only after a short while."

     "And this time, the ranking of the celestial master directly surpassed the barren stone, becoming the first Seven-Star Tianjiao since the ages."

     Liu Taiyi slowly nodded: "Yes, I was in the tower that time, so I can testify."

     Qin Gao also nodded: "I was also practicing at the time and I saw it clearly."

     Xiong Meng honest and timid nodded: "My, too."

     Song Fugui mysteriously said: "Do you know what this means?"

     "Obviously, this means that when the Saint Child defeated a five-star Tianjiao, he was already rated as the strongest five-star Tianjiao by the Tower of War God.""And after defeating the five-star Tianjiao, he by no means takes a break and directly challenges the seven-star Tianjiao."

     "And in a short moment, perhaps within a hundred moves, he has defeated the Seven-Star Tianjiao."

     "That's why he can directly go from five stars to seven stars in just a few dozen breaths of time."

     "This proves that Qixing Tianjiao is also unable to withstand a single blow in front of the heavenly master."

     "Now, the name of the Son of God has disappeared directly on the stele of the God of War."

     "In Song's opinion, perhaps the God of War monument is not enough to measure the talent of the Saint Child."

     "Or the talent of the Son has surpassed seven stars, reached eight stars or even higher, shocking the world."

     "In order to take care of the self-esteem and self-confidence of ordinary genius, the Son can only hide his own information.

     "Otherwise, if his Truth Blessing is exposed, how many arrogances should be desperate!"

     "Maybe countless Tianjiao will have a heart demon and live in his shadow for a lifetime."

     "This is the mercy of the heavenly master!"




     Song shopkeeper's words, such as to anoint your head with the purest cream.

     All of a sudden, Zhen Zhibing, Zhang San, Xiong Meng and others who still did not understand such thing were shaken up.

     Even the jade slips in Liu Taiyi's hands almost fell from his hands. After all, treasurer Song's words were really amazing.

     But when you think about it, it makes perfect sense.

     Sure enough, it makes sense that Song Fugui can become the elder of the Heavenly Family Organization.

     You can see so deeply and so thoroughly.

     My Liu Taiyi is far worse~!At this time, Father Gui next to him finally spoke slowly: "These are just the guesses of Junior Brother Song, everyone just listen to them, don't tell them."

     Father Gui's talent and strength are not the strongest among the crowd.

     But in terms of his weight in Saint Son's heart, even Song Fugui couldn't compare with Duke Gui.

     After all, it is an existence that is truly regarded as a relative by the saint son celestial master, even the saint woman and senior brother will give him three points of face.

     At this time, Gui Gong opened his mouth, and everyone quickly promised to guard one's mouth like a closed bottle and would not tell the third person.

     Duke Gui nodded his head in satisfaction, then cast his gaze into the tower of the god of war.

      in his eyes is full of kindness, concern and deep relief.

     In just a few months, His Royal Highness has grown from an ordinary prince with a rough fate to a sacred son of God that the entire Eastern Desolation cannot ignore.

     Even now, it is still suspected of being a Tianjiao with more than eight stars.

     You must know that even the master of Shenxiao Fang Chang, the existence of the Nine Revolutions Golden Pill level, is only rated as a five-star Tianjiao by the God of War Tower.

     The goddess Zhang Yunxi, whose cultivation has reached the pinnacle of Rank 8 Golden Core, is able to master the Hunyuan Divine Thunder, and is also just a five-star Tianjiao.

     The only six-star Tianjiao on the God of War monument is an invincible existence in the entire five domains.

     But His Highness is at least the Seven-Star Tianjiao, or even the Eight-Star.

     What this means is naturally not clear to Father Gui.

     This means that as long as Your Highness continues to practice safe and stable, he will almost certainly become an invincible existence in the Five Realms in the future.

     This kind of glory is too magnificent, and Duke Gui couldn't imagine anything.For a while, Grandpa Gui's eyes were filled with tears.

     Your Highness, finally grown up and become a talent.

     If Concubine Lan is alive in the sky, she can also smile at Jiuquan!
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