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262 Shen Tianchu Meets Li Canglan
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
    Original: | Translator:

The seventh floor of the Ares Tower, facing the Seven-Star Tianjiao, is on the Ares Arena.

     Shen Tian wore a five-thunder beast armor, surrounded by Thunderbolt Clashes, like a young god king descending to the world.

     Opposite him, stood a burly and strong man, holding a divine axe, with great momentum.

     This is the seven-star Tianjiao of the "Tian Xing Clan" in the immortal world. He is best at God Demon Body Refining using force to overcome the principle, combat style, domineering and wild to the extreme.

     Frankly speaking, even when Shen Tian faced him, he felt tremendous pressure.

     Because no matter whether it is a knife, axe, and water, it can't hurt his mythical golden body at all.

     Obviously, this guy's golden body has experienced more than one refining, and the strength of his physical body is even higher than that of Shen Tian!

     Shen Tian used the Zixiao Tiantian hammer with heavy water, and smashed more than a hundred hammers frantically before he was forced to suppress.

     Among all the Tianjiao of the same rank that Shen Tian has seen, this is the most difficult one he finds, it is almost the same as Kaihang.

     "Thirty-Six Hammers in the Wilderness——Smashing Star Hammer!!!"

     The lightning flashes on the purple sky shaking hammer, like a star falling.

     Boom~! ! !

     The huge hammer shattered the huge axe in the hands of the great man of the Tianxing clan, and then hammered heavily on him.

     Only hear a loud sound, just like Mountains Bursting and Ground Splitting.

     Under the hammer, the body of the Xing Clan's great man turned into a light spot and escaped.

     "Unexpectedly, the gap between the Seven-Star Tianjiao is so big, this guy's combat effectiveness is much stronger than those before."

     Putting away the Zixiao Sky Shocker, Shen Tian couldn't help but wipe his sweat.

     In the past two days, the Holy Master Shenxiao was receiving various forces, and Shen Tian was not idle either.He has always been aware that although he is full of treasures, his battle experience is too disadvantageous compared to other Tianjiao.

     So with the idea of ‘don’t rub white, don’t rub, this guy ran directly to the tower of the god of war, white prostitution of those Tianjiao projections.

     But Ye Qingcang didn't care about him either. Instead, he was very patiently instructing Shen Tian to enhance his battle experience.

     In Ye Qingcang's view, Shen Tian's learning is very strong, but too messy.

     Rather than continue to learn the invincible law, it is better to understand these thoroughly.

     So in the past two days, under Ye Qingcang's supervision, Shen Tian began to strengthen his power control.

     Beginning with the six-star Tianjiao, he uses the feathered fairy gold to compete with the celestial ‘winged gods’ Tianjiao.

     To eat the vines, to test the art of imperial vines with the heavenly arrogance of the "Jumang tribe" of the immortal world, and to compete with the "sea gods" of the immortal world with heavy water.

     Use the Southbright Trigram Fire to compare with the "Zhurong Clan" in the fairy world, and compare with the "Lei Ling Clan" with Hunyuan Shen Lei.


     During the competition with these Chosen, Shen Tian self-sealed other Strength.

     Only use the opponent's means to fight against it, and strive to defeat the opponent in the most area of expertise.

     As a result, naturally... was hung and beaten badly.

     As for how miserable, Shen Tian's golden body is now ravaged and cracked.

     It is estimated that in three or five days at most, he will be able to successfully complete the first golden body transformation.

     In the words of Ye Qingcang, an old fox, this is called: If you can't kill you, it will only make you stronger.

     Of course, Shen Tian seriously suspected that the old fox just wanted to find an excuse to see himself embarrassed.

     After all, every time he was beaten, this old guy was under the ring.Watching the play with melon seeds, not to mention smiling happily.


     But anyway, Shen Tian's battle experience has improved rapidly in the constant discussion with those Tianjiao.

     This also made his actual combat ability grow at a jaw-dropping rate.

     Rao was Ye Qingcang, secretly surprised by the speed at which this kid became stronger.

     As far as Shen Tian is concerned, once he unblocks all the power methods in his body.

     Most of the Seven-Star Tianjiao in the Tower of War God is no longer his opponent, and can only be beaten by him in a different way.

     After all, Shen Tian's combat style is really too comprehensive. For all kinds of combat styles, Tianjiao can find ways to target restraint.

     Just like the Xing Clan Tianjiao that day, Shen Tian used the immortal vine to restrict his body first.

     Then use First Primordial Heavy Water to add weight and burst with one hammer and one hammer.

     "You kid, I've defeated another Seven-Star Tianjiao projection, really rough."

     Ye Qingcang formed hand seals distressedly and took those golden light spots back into the tower.

     Shen Tian smiled and said, "Isn't this infinite recovery! Is there a stronger Seven-Star Tianjiao in the tower?"

     Ye Qingcang rolled his eyes: "It's almost done, you have destroyed dozens of six-star and seven-star Tianjiao the past few days. It's time to be content."

     "Going back and summarizing it, and absorbing the experience of these battles, is worth a century of hard work behind closed doors."

     "Don't just be greedy, bite off more than one can chew is not necessarily a good thing, you have to waste spiritual stones."

     Shen Tian wiped a cold sweat, he seriously suspected that the last half sentence was the key.

     "Okay, I will go out to rest and close the door by the way to complete the first turn of the golden body."Shen Tian casually hung the Shenxiao Sky Shocking Hammer around his waist, and sent his thoughts out of the War God Tower to end this trial.

     The sunlight outside the tower shone on Shen Tian again.

     At this moment, in the eyes of countless people outside the Tower of War God, the sun lost its luster.

     Because Shen Tian wearing Longyuan Sacred Armor is too heroic and handsome, making people fascinated.

     The armor shining with golden glory, exuding the vision of the surging weather, and the perfect and flawless face.

     Every part of Shen Tian's entire body from top to bottom is enough to make men feel ashamed of one's inferiority and make women crazy.

     For a time, countless people discuss spiritedly.

     There were even many immortal disciples who rushed up directly.

     "This is Senior Brother Shen Tian, the son of Shenxiao? I finally saw him, and I loved it!"

     "I have always heard that the Son of God has a stunning and super vulgar appearance, and now I know knowing sb by their reputation can't compare to meeting them in person."

     "Hey, why do you want me to see the Son of God, but I can't get it. This is the greatest torment in the whole world!"

     "Brother Qingyun, let's break the marriage contract! Why? Because I met love. If you really love me, I hope you will make me perfect."

     "His Royal Highness, I heard that you went into Ancient Battlefield and brought the Tower of War God out. Is it convenient to reveal the passing?"

     "His Royal Highness, it is said that only the Seven-Star Tianjiao is qualified to be recognized by the God of War Tower and brought out."

     "But your name is not on the God of War monument. Can you give me an explanation?"

     "His Royal Highness, I heard that those disciples close to you can enjoy a 30% discount in the tower?""Is this unfair to other disciples and other immortals?"



     Looking at the men and women who are flocking, Shen Tian couldn't help but get big.

     Why did a group of paparazzi pop up in the Holy Land of Gods?

     These guys are really not easy to mess with. After all, what Shen Tian said, he is also the son of Righteous Sect.

     You can't do a ‘Hunyuan Palm Thunder’, just blast these guys down!

     Fortunately, at this moment, Song Fugui and others also rushed over.

     "Everyone let go, let go, Brother Shengzi just finished his training and needs a rest."

     "Where are you disciples, take out the martial art token, and ask us what's the problem."

     A group of disciples from the Tianjuan organization blocked the ‘gossip paparazzi’ from other immortals aside and isolated them.

     At this time, Shen Tiancai was relaxed.

     But soon, Shen Tian felt something's wrong.

     He felt the sword intent from [520] himself and became very excited.

     It seemed that there was a Wushuang Divine Sword, quickly approaching the Holy Land of Shenxiao.

     He slowly raised his head.

     But I don't know when, in the sky east of the Tower of War, all the clouds are concentrated together.

     Those condensed white clouds condensed into a long sword shape, exuding a biting sword aura, splitting the void.

     If the kendo attainments are strong enough, you can even vaguely feel that above the Ninth Heaven, there is a concentration of sword intent.

     It stretches across the sky like a torrential river, and pours down like a waterfall.

     Such a strong sword intent cannot be released by ordinary sword repairers.Obviously, there is a peerless sword fairy descending into the heavens.


     Shen Tian was not the only one who felt something was wrong.

     At this time, near the small world of Shenxiao, people above the Nascent Soul Stage felt oppressed.

     It is not targeted, but the spontaneous breath of the strong will make the weak feel the crisis.

     Just like a male lion does not want to prey on the antelope, but the antelope will still feel instinctive fear and oppression when standing in front of the male lion.

      The forms appeared around the Tower of the Gods of War, and they were the heads and elders of the caves and blessed places.

     The appearance at this time is naturally not just watching the excitement, but showing respect for that sword.

     Finally, the mysteriously and inexorably sword intent began to grow.

     The immortal swords behind the countless immortal disciples were shaking slightly.

     There were even a lot of sword repairers who came out of the fairy sword directly, inserted into the ground, and slowly tilted towards the east.

     As if surrendering to the Supreme of Swords.

     At this moment everyone has determined, it is him, it is him, it is him!

     Donghuang over the last three thousand years, the first person with talent in kendo.

     Taibai Dongtian, Changhe Jianzun Li Canglan, the top three existences on the list of the Eastern Desolation Gods.

     It is said that he has long been able to cross the catastrophe and become a holy, but he just feels that his Sword Dao Cultivation Base can continue to work hard and suppress it abruptly.

     When he truly crosses the robbery and becomes a holy day, he can perhaps perhaps have the title-Sword Saint!

      This is one is a swordsman who was born in the cave, but let the holy land master treat sb with due respect.


     On the distant horizon, a linen figure slowly appeared.When he first appeared, he was still a hundred miles away from the God of War Tower, but he was only faintly visible.

     However, stepping out of the sword and breaking the void in one step, surrounded by thousands of sword shadows, it has reached the front of the tower for hundreds of miles.

     At this moment, this lined swordsman is the absolute center of this world, and even suppresses Shen Tian in terms of aura.

     All of a sudden, the venerables and celestials of the great caves and blessed land all crowded forward to welcome the swordsman.

     "Sword Sovereign Long River, after a few decades, the sword intent of Sword Sovereign is more and more surging."

     "This sword intent is like a surging river continuously and uninterrupted, and like a Yellow River overflowing out of control."

     "Jianzun, Kenzi is fascinated by swordsmanship. I don't know if it is an honor to follow the swordsman to practice. This honor is willing to give a gift."


     Listening to the flattery and flattery of everyone around him, there was no wave in Li Canglan's eyes.

     His gaze is always watching this thousand-zhang purple pagoda.

     He mutter to oneself: "This ruined tower is the famous Tower of the God of War?"

     "When this honor entered the Ancient Battlefield trial, I didn't encounter this tower, and I regretted it once."

     "I never thought about today, but I still have a chance."

     Suddenly, Li Canglan seemed to feel something.

     He looked towards the direction of Shen Tian, his eyes gradually solidified.
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