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263 This Is A Peerless Sword Embryo
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
    Original: | Translator:

Changhe Jianzun Li Canglan is no stranger to Shen Tian.

     In fact, Li Canglan already knew Shen Tian long before Shen Tianbai entered the Holy Land of Shenxiao.

     Even if Zhang Yunxi and Bilian Tianzun hadn't appeared, Shen Tian would almost have not been'worshipped' into the gate of Taibai Cave.

     For Shen Tian, Li Canglan originally did not have a good impression about it.

     After all, he is the famous daughter of Donghuang!

     It’s strange to have a good impression on Shen Tian, Young Girl Killer.

     But seeing Shen Tian face to face recently, Li Canglan felt he was hasty.

     As the so-called clothes make the man, Buddha relies on gold clothes, and the boy in front of him is indeed a rare beautiful man.

     Especially the extraordinary, extraordinary and refined temperament on his body made Li Canglan seem to see himself when he was young.

     What an elegant youngster!

     Of course, the dignified Changhe Jianzun is naturally not a superficial dog who only looks at appearance.

     Regardless of his appearance, the true rhyme of Kendo exuding from Shen Tian's body was what shocked Li Canglan the most.

     Heavenly Sword!

     Yes, that's right, legendary Heavenly Sword God Body!

     Under normal circumstances, only by enlightening swordsmanship to a very high level and gaining approval from the heavens and the earth, can the heavenly sword be empowered and transformed into the heavenly sword god body.

     For thousands of years in the Eastern Famine, the swordsmen of the shocking and stunning talents have not known the ordinary, but have the existence of the heavenly sword god body just a very few.

     The existence of this physique is almost the most powerful sword saint in an era.

     One sword is enough to watch Eight Desolations Six Directions.


     As early as a hundred years ago, Li Canglan had already grasped that he would become a saint.But he never led Thunder Tribulation. On the one hand, he wanted to continue to consolidate the foundation and increase the chance of success.

      On the other hand, he hopes to sublimate his sword intent again before crossing the catastrophe, so as to use Strength of Heavenly Tribulation to achieve the Heavenly Sword God Body.

     But he never expected that his yearn for sth even in one's dreams physique would be obtained by Shen Tian.

     In the mere golden body period, he could have the physique of the heavenly sword god body!

     This means that this son is the special sword of kendo, and a masterpiece of fully deserving, without any reservations.

     If he can accept this son as a disciple, Li Canglan feels that he can teach a peerless sword master who is proud of the five realms, and even a peerless sword fairy!

     Yes, frankly Li Canglan regretted it.

     If it had been a few months ago, he hadn't let Ziyang that foolish fellow go to Great Yan Nation, but had gone personally.

     Perhaps we can see through the essence of Shen Tiantian Sword divine body.

      In that case, even if he fights hard with Bilian Tianzun, he has to be a master of Shen Tian.

     Hey, regret one's past deeds!

     When I go back, I must practice Ziyang's blind as a bat (figuratively) fiercely!


     "You, is Shen Tian?"

     After a long time, Li Canglan spoke slowly.

     Shen Tian roughly guessed Li Canglan's identity.

     He hurriedly said respectfully: "Shen Tian has seen Senior Li and has long admired his name."

     In Shen Tian's view, the most unprovoked thing in this world is daughter control.

     After all, what the daughter accused of was anxious, that is whats the matter.

     When she teased her daughter and asked Shen Tian to face Li Canglan, there was always a kind of Gong Caizhu who met the farmer's guilty conscience.However, to Shen Tian's expectation, Li Canglan didn't show him a face.

     On the contrary, the first sword master of the Eastern Desolation nodded gratifyingly: "It's quite polite."

     "Little brother Shen Tian is in the Wanling Garden, and he helped Lian'er get a Seven Treasure Fairy Calabash, and Li owes you alone."

     "Let's do it! Li Mouguan Shen's little brother is a rare swordsman in a thousand years, if you want, Li Mou can teach you swordsmanship."

     "You and I don't have the name of a master or apprentice. On the day of swordsmanship, you can leave Taibai Cave by yourself.

     Go to Taibai Cave to learn sword for three months?

     What kind of sword to learn, 100% empty-handed hand-to-hand technique?


     Tucao returns to Tucao, Shen Tian really dare not agree to this condition.

     After all, in the past few days when Shen Ao came to the Holy Land, [5200] also roughly revealed something.

     Regarding Ye Canglan's method of training swordsmen, Shen Tian is really show respect from a distance.

     This old boy was so cruel to his son in training, let alone the weasel Shen Tian.

     If this is really going to Taibai Cave with this old boy, I haven't been trained so that my mother doesn't know him?

     What's more, if I really want to learn swords, do I need to learn from you?

     Swordsmanship in the tower of the god of war is gone, if Shen Tian wants to learn, anytime is fine.

     Shen Tian said helplessly: "Senior Li's kindness is the heart of the younger generation. But as the son of God Xiao, the younger generation is really inconvenient to practice swords with the seniors."

     Li Canglan’s complexion slightly sank.

     This kid, when have you been so passionate?

     How many people want to follow this seat to practice kendo, this seat is disdain as beneath contempt.Nowadays, it is rare to raise the heart fond of talents, but this son actually refuses, wasting the amazing sword bone?


     Li Canglan was proud of Jianxin, and no longer reluctantly after being rejected by Shen Tian.

     Walk directly to the tower of the god of war, he will amaze the world with a single brilliant feat in this tower of the god of war.

     Let Shen Tian know how invincible the real swordsman is, the direction of the sword is unstoppable!

     "Sword Master Changhe is also going to enter the tower to break through?"

     "I have seen a good show, and I don't know how many stars of Tianjiao Changhe Jianzun can be ranked in the immortal world standard."

     "Sage Sage of Gods believes that Long Yuan is in the total ranking of Gods of War, but it is only sixth. Sword Sovereign Changhe should be in the top ten!"

     "It's not necessarily. The sixth place of the Holy Master of Gods is the ranking a thousand years ago, and it may be stronger now."

     "The Long River Sword Sovereign is the No. 1 Sword Sovereign of the Eastern Desolation, and there may be hope to compete for the top five, or even the top three."


     Changhe Jianzun broke through, attracting strong people to watch.

     They are all very curious about how far this strongest sword master can eventually reach?

      The Seven Color God Light projected out and landed on Longhe Jianzun, leading him into the War God Tower.

     "Year...Middle-aged swordsman Yo, Welcome to God of War Arena."

     "In this arena, you can play with immortal and mortal two worlds Tianjiao to your heart's content."

     "If you can defeat these Chosen, you can get a variety of precious secrets."

     "In addition, if the performance is good enough, you still have a chance to engrave the name on the God of War stele, which will last forever!"

     The tower spirit sounded, and two ancient steles slowly rose up around Changhe Jianzun.

     On the ancient stele, all names are engraved."The God of War Monument, which records the ratings of Tianjiao of all tower-breakers in this world."

     "The God of War rookie monument records the ratings of Tianjiao within a hundred years old."

     Sword Sovereign of Long River is looking thoughtful, his eyes scanned on the God of War monument like electricity, seeming to be looking for something.

     For a long time, he said indifferently: "This honor I heard that only the Seven-Star Tianjiao can be recognized as the Lord by the God of War Tower. Why is the first one on the Monument of the God of War only the Six-Star Tianjiao?"

     Taring replied: "Because the Seven-Star Tianjiao did not choose to be on the list."

     Changhe Jianzun brows slightly wrinkled: "Is the Seven-Star Tianjiao? This honor is really curious, how strong the Seven-Star Tianjiao is."

     Ta Ling said: "Whether you choose to challenge the Seven-Star Tianjiao? The challenge object is random, and the cultivation base of both parties will be suppressed to the lower level."

     A strong war spirit rose from the body of Jian Zun Changhe: "Well, today this honor will fight the so-called Seven-Star Tianjiao!"

     "The challenge is determined, and the opponent is randomly matched..."

     "The matchmaking is complete, the challenge begins!"
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