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264 The Duel Between The Son-in-law And The Old Man!
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
    Original: | Translator:

As the voice of Taling sounded, a figure slowly condensed on the arena.

      This form is shrouded in bright thunder and golden light, looks extremely heroic, noble and can not be looked at directly.

      Behind him, there are various visions manifesting, the blue dragon, white tiger, vermillion bird, basaltic unicorn, and the five-party beast roaring, and the Five-colored Peacock flying across the sky.

     In addition, what made Li Canglan's fighting spirit the most was the vast and limitless kendo vision.

     In the sky above this form, there is a by the thousands and tens of thousands divine sword circling the arch guard, like a pilgrimage.

     The supreme vision of kendo-Wan Jian Ling Jiu Xiao!

     When witnessing this vision, Li Canglan's sword heart, sword intent, and sword bones were trembling.

     For his Supreme Sword Sovereign who is fully immersed in kendo, what he looks forward to most is to fight the strong.

     If this strong man is also practising kendo, then he can't be better!

     "I didn't expect to be able to match a peerless Tianjiao who has a vision of the Heavenly Sword, happy, happy!"

     A photo-taking crystal flew out of Li Canglan's arms: "This honor recorded the peak duel, and turned it over to Chang Ge, Lian'er, and the kid to pay their respects."

     "Also let them know what a true kendo dominance is!"

     In Li Canglan's expectant gaze, the light around that form slowly faded.

     And the figure in the light also completely appeared in front of Li Canglan.

     Suddenly, Li Canglan was stunned.

     Because he suddenly discovered that this person is Shen Tian!

     "Is it such a coincidence?"

     The long sword behind Li Canglan trembled slightly, his fighting spirit was extraordinary: "Very good, just let this honor teach you from the same rank."In Li Canglan's view, as long as he defeated Shen Tian at the same level as the Supreme Way of Sword in the Tower of the Gods of War, he would be able to convince him in heart and by word to learn the sword with himself.

     As for can win or not?

     In Li Canglan's view, this is not a system problem at all.

     For most Tianzuns, there is a huge advantage against the young Tianjiao of the same rank.

     After all, although in the Tower of Wars, the challenger and the projection's cultivation base will be suppressed to the same level, but the cultivation base does not mean everything.

     As the first swordsman of the Eastern Desolation, Li Canglan has accumulated a wealth of battle experience over the past thousand years. How can a mere projection match?

     The two's grasp of the battle rhythm and the on-the-spot response to the moves are not at the same level to some extent.

     Even if Shen Tian himself stood in front of Li Canglan, he was sure of victory.

     After all, he has fought more than Shen Tian has eaten!


     "Because your cultivation base is too high, in order to ensure fairness, your cultivation base will be suppressed to the same level as the opponent."

     "Do you wish to sure?"

     Ta Ling's voice sounded again, Li Canglan looking thoughtful: "OK."

     As soon as the voice fell, Li Canglan only felt that his body was slightly heavy, and his own peerless sword master's cultivation base fell sharply and rapidly.

     Soon it fell to the Nascent Soul Stage and the Golden Elixir Stage, and did not stop, but dropped to the peak foundation stage.

      At the same time, his Mortal Body Strength was also weakened to the second round of the golden body, and his breath was greatly weakened.

     "This kid's Qi refining cultivation base should still be in the foundation stage, but the God Demon Body Refining cultivation base has been promoted to the golden body stage first."

     Li Canglan was secretly speechless, what a genius of God Demon Body Refining!Forget it, let this honor weigh your weight!

     With a thought, Li Canglan's broad sword suddenly stood straight behind him.


     I only heard a sword ringing across the world, and endless sword light suddenly appeared in the void.

     "The long river returns to the sea, and the rain covers all the rivers!"

     The sword light behind Li Canglan suddenly rose into the sky, and then shot towards the sky like an endless rainstorm.

     Although he is confident and proud, Li Canglan is by no means a arrogant reckless person. He knows the truth of ‘a lion pouncing on a hare’.

     Since Shen Tian was able to obtain the evaluation of the'Seven-Star Tianjiao' in the Tower of God of War, it proved that his combat ability of the same rank was absolutely extremely strong.

     Even if you have the advantage of'old age, extensive experience, and sufficient experience', you must never take this kid lightly.

     Therefore, as soon as he shot, he used his own special skill-Changhe Jianjing.

     This is one of the strongest sword scriptures in Taibai Dongtian. Compared with the emperor scripture, it is only slightly worse.

     Looking at the entire five domains, it is definitely the cream of the crop's kendo.

     Although Li Canglan's cultivation was suppressed to the golden body level, his understanding of this sword scripture still remained.

     At this time, once it was used, the entire arena of God of War was enveloped by the surging sword energy, making Shentian unavoidable.


     "Heaven and Earth Xuanzong, Wan Qi is the root. Xuanwu is in the north, protect my true body!"

     However, seeing Shen Tian's projection of the hand pinch technique, the Thunder Imprint between the eyebrows rose sharply, and the endless Black Thunderbolt was derived.

     These thunders gathered above Shen Tian's head, and soon condensed into a huge energy cover, which enveloped Shen Tian's entire body.The vast and limitless sword energy bombarded the energy shield. Although it shook the basalt energy shield, it still failed to break the energy shield.

     "Cover the sky, get up!"

     Shen Tian secretly thought of the spell in his mouth, and a cloud of mist suddenly rose under his feet.

     This group of mist is very dense, and its spreading speed is extremely fast. Within a few breaths, Shen Tian's entire body is enveloped in it.

     Even Li Canglan discovered that these spirit mists were rapidly expanding their recruits toward all around, seeming to envelop him.

     "Is that goblin's method on the Mist Plain? How did this kid learn it?"

     Li Canglan brows slightly wrinkled: "Own the Heavenly Sword God Body, do not learn the Supreme Way of Sword, and learn everything in disorder, to invert root and branch!"

     "Look at this honor with the supreme sword spirit and break your dirty underhanded tricks!"

     At the first thought, Li Canglan's whole body became vigorous, and his spiritual thoughts were locked in the thin energy fluctuations in the spiritual mist.

     At this moment, his whole person seems to be fuse together with a broad sword in his hand. The sword is a person, and a person is a sword.

     The endless river of sword aura, all converging towards the broad sword in his hand, soon made the sharp edge of the sword soar and condensed into a bright sword.


     The void is faintly distorted and broken.

     Obviously, Li Canglan used his swordsmanship with the golden body stage cultivation base, and his edge could actually shake the void.

     Throughout the entire Eastern Famine for thousands of years, few swordsmen have been able to achieve this level, the title of the strongest swordsman is not in vain.

     Shenmin locked the energy fluctuations in the spiritual mist, and Li Canglan Human and Sword Unites lased towards the target.

     All the obstacles pointed by Jianfeng were cut off, and even the spirit mist was directly broken open.Facts proved that the target he had locked was not wrong, and Jian Gang quickly collided with the basalt cover formed by Renshui Divine Thunder.


     Sword Qi broke out, and the basalt cover was directly opened.

     Li Canglan's burly body and sword intent were vertical and horizontal, and immediately opened up all the Space Slash in the Xuanwu cover.

     Make sure that no matter where Shen Tian's figure is hidden, he will be forced out by the sword aura.

     However, what shocked Li Canglan was that all the sword energy was lost.

     Shen Tian's projection is not in this basalt cover!


     As soon as the Xuanwu hood was broken by the sword qi, Li Canglan's heart was alarming.

     An emerald-colored long vine shot out from the ground and wrapped directly around Li Canglan's right leg.

     Then, this long vine quickly spread...upward along Li Canglan's right leg.

     The emerald-colored spikes pierced his thigh!
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