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267 Chunhuaqiuyue, Big Sister Yaochi! ! !
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
    Original: | Translator:

With the tower of the God of War descending into the heavens, crowds surged in the past few days.

     The disciples, elders, and even heads of the great blessed places and caves continue to come.

     These Blessed Lands and Celestial Grottos are all sects attached to the Holy Land of Gods and Jade Lake Holy Land, and are attached to vassals.

     This kind of "Ten Thousand Immortals Coming to Dynasty" scene has not appeared in the Holy Land for a long time.

     In the years when the Holy Land of Gods declined, these Blessed Lands and Celestial Grottos naturally did not dare to resist clearly, but they still neglected a lot in secret.

     Until this time, the sage of the gods advocated that Longyuan succeeded to the throne, on the one hand, the cultivation base was advanced by leaps and bounds, and he became a sacred at a jaw-dropping speed.

      On the other hand Welcomed In All Directions friendly to far, attack nearby, and make friends with the surrounding sacred places such as Yaochi and Thunder, while killing the chicken to warn the monkey and shocking the world.

     In this way, the thoughts of Cave Heaven and Blessed Land begin to stir can be stabilized.

     But even so, many of those Cave Heaven and Blessed Land still have other thoughts, and even secretly make friends with Purple Mansion and Beidou Holy Land.

     In fact, Shenxiao Holy Land roughly knows these things, even if there is no information, they can guess some.

     After all, for Xianmen, interest is the eternal king.

     When the taboo chapter of the Holy Land of Gods is lost, don't blame your subordinates for being alienated.

     This situation was not fundamentally resolved until Shen Tian, the sacred son of Shenxiao, retrieved the taboo chapter of the "Lei Di Jing" "Incarnation of the Body".

     Just after the information about the return to Shenxiao in "Transforming the Calamity by Body" came out, within the jurisdiction of the Holy Land of Shenxiao, the turmoil in various places naturally subsided by more than 40%.

     What is the cause of this 40% turmoil, as you can well imagine.

     Shenxiaosheng advocated that Longyuan should be shocking and stunning talent again, after all, only one person.But for the Holy Land, the importance of a stunning heritage is far more important than a single person.

     The Holy Land of Gods with the complete Lei Di Sutra is the True God Holy Land, the holy land of Gods in the Five Realms!


     If it is said that "Transforming the Tribulation by Body", it has given the hope of the Holy Land of Shenxiao returning to its peak.

     Then the Tower of the Gods of War gave the gods sacred place the possibility to surpass the peak!

     Anyone who has a bit of IQ knows how important the vast collection of classics in the Tower of God is to the Holy Land.

     The future of the Holy Land, which has been recognized by the God of War Tower, can be imagined.

     If you don't take this opportunity to hold your thighs tightly, your intestines will be regrettable in the future.

     In just three days, the sage of Shenxiao claimed that Longyuan had received the six great caves, the heads of the twelve blessed land and many elders.

     Harmonious negotiation between the various forces has naturally completed many PY transactions.

      In short, Zhang Longyuan's body surface has been thundered and immortal, but he has not calmed down much in the past few days.

      Even Bilian Tianzun Chulonghe, the days of this period of time have also been moisturized.

     After all, the more people come to the Holy Land of Gods, the easier it is for him to fish in troubled water.

     Swindle in the dark, but also got a lot of spirit stones.

     In this regard, the two brothers said: Tian'er is indeed the mascot of the Holy Land!

     There is a Child of Fate in the door, which is awesome~!


     "The Holy Master Yaochi is here!"

     The disciple’s announcement came from the world portal of Shenxiao Xiao.

     With the sound of the announcement, there is also the sound of silk and bamboo, like the sound of nature, sweet-sounding and pleasant to hear.The one who played the silk and bamboo was a young woman dressed in palace costumes, and every one of them looked around in blaze.

     Every step they step out, there is aura when they land, like a glowing sun, and like a lotus, as if they are walking out of the painting.

     In the center of these women, surrounded by a battle chariot.

     The whole body of this chariot is glittering and translucent, like a fairy jade carved into a wonderful workmanship.

     In front of the chariot, there are seven kinds of exotic animals, white bird, blue bird, black bird, blue fish, red dragon, yellow tiger and golden unicorn, pulling the cart.

     The void rumbling between the wheels, like thunder on the ground, holy and majestic.

     When the chariot appeared, the spirit of All Expert(s) within hundreds of miles gathered on the chariot.

     A strong immortal cultivator came to greet her from afar, for fear of neglecting this noble female saint and attracting unexpected calamity.

     After all, women can't be offended.

     Powerful women can't provoke, and a group of powerful women can't provoke them!

     "I have seen the saint master of Yaochi!"

     "I have seen the saint master of Yaochi!"

     "I have seen the saint master of Yaochi!"


     "You don't need to be so polite."

     In the Yaochi chariot, a cold voice slowly sounded.

     Through the thin curtains, a graceful figure can be seen faintly.

     She just sits there upright, and she can make people feel fascinated by endless reveries.

     However, even if he yearned for it again and really stood in front of him, he did not dare to think of blasphemy at all.

     Even if it is the god of transformation, he dare not go beyond the ritual.

     This is the Holy Master of Jade Lake!

     One of the most powerful...old women in Wuyu.Of course, even though the age of the saint master of Yaochi is over a thousand years old, he is indeed in the ranks of old women.

     But for the saints, as long as they are not robbed, it is not very difficult to live a thousand years old. More than one thousand years old is completely in one's prime.

     If you really want to be favored by the holy master of Jade Lake, you can at least save thousands of years of struggle and go straight to the top.

     It's a pity that although the saint master of Yaochi is over a thousand years old, he has never been a Taoist companion.

     According to Hearsay, it seems that the saint master of Yaochi grew up in the Red-light District when he was a child, and saw more unhappy men.

     Therefore, since I was young, I don't have a lot of affection for men, but prefer to stick together with women.

     Of course, the truth of this hearsay, no one has been able to investigate.

     Even if someone knows it, they don't dare to chew their tongue.

     After all, that is the saint master of Jade Lake.


     The curtain of the chariot slowly opened, and a figure of a woman appeared in front of everyone.

     She was shrouded in a cloud-like fairy light, she couldn't see her face clearly, she just felt like looking at flowers in the mist, there was endless mystery.

     Behind her, there was a round of moon-shaped magical artifacts floating, projecting a faint moonlight, and everyone in the shining spot felt extremely clear and pure.

     Extraordinary, worthy of being the saint master of Yaochi, really extraordinary!

     "I don't know the Holy Master of Yaochi we are honored by your presence, excuse me for not going out to meet you, and hope to forgive us."

     In the void, a Space Portal appeared.

     Where the thunder is permeated, the figure shrouded in the fairy light stepped out, not the god of the heavens. Who else can it be?

     At the side of the Holy Master of Shenxiao, Bilian Tianzun carrying a golden stick, smiled happily when he saw the Holy Master of Jade Lake."Hey, isn't this Chunhua Big Sister! I haven't seen each other for hundreds of years, so how can you learn this trick of covering your face with fairy air..."

     Bilian Tianzun hadn't finished speaking, but saw the Yunxia fairy light on Yaochi Saint's main body fluctuate violently.

     Indifferent heartless sound came from the fairy light of Yunxia: "First, this seat is not called Chunhua Big Sister, please call me the Holy Master of Yaochi, or Fairy Qiuyue!"

     "Secondly, what this seat is practicing is not tricks, but the "Jiaochi Emperor Jing". You are not allowed to be insulted by a tired fellow."

     "Third, you, the bastard who lives up to Dan Wu, don't be close to this seat cover."

     "If it is not for the blessing of the Holy Land of Gods, this seat must castrate you!"

     Yao Chi's holy master Yao Qiuyue's words directly put Bilian Tianzun out of his back.

     And Dan Wu Tianzun next to her, his face turned rosy at the speed of visible to the naked eye.

     As expected, big sister Yaochi, domineering! ! !
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