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268 Come To Yaochi Often To Sit When You Have Time
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
    Original: | Translator:

"Senior Sister, you misunderstood Senior Brother Chu He."

     Dan Wu Tianzun Shennian said: "The last time the evil spirits attacked Dan Wu, Dan Wu was almost robbed. Fortunately, Senior Brother Chu He arrived on purpose and saved me."

     "I believe Senior Brother Chu He still has me in his heart. As long as I continue to work hard, I will definitely be able to move him!"

     After all, Dan Wu Tianzun looked at Chu River, his eyes full of admiration and admiration.

     This shameless guy will rush to save you on purpose?

     Junior sister, who are all over a thousand years old, can you not be so naive?

     The fairy light of Yunxia fluctuates more and more violently, and the saint master of Jade Lake is coldly snorted: "Where is the evil spirit of the evil spirits?"

     Obviously, the saint master of Yaochi also hate evil like an enemy, and has no affection for the cult.

     "The lord of the Blood Killing Palace was locked in the Thunder God Prison, surefire."

     The Holy Lord of the Gods laughed and said: "Autumn Moon Holy Master Boat is struggling, this seat has already prepared the fairy fruit juice, please take the wind and dust first!"

     Even in the face of the Sacred Land Lord, the Sacred Sage insists that Longyuan still neither servile nor overbearing, and has a degree of advance and retreat, which fully demonstrates the demeanor and tolerance of the Sacred Land Lord.

     Seeing the small star in the eyes of Bailian Tianzun next to him.

     "So, there is Brother Lao Longyuan."

     The saint master of Yaochi was nodded indifferently and sighed secretly in his heart.

     They were all taught by a master, and they were all once top talents.

     The last saint master finally chose Zhang Longyuan, the second disciple, to succeed the holy throne, and he was really farsighted.

     Compared to Chu Longhe, today's Shenxiao Saint Lord is really stronger everywhere, he deserves to be Lord of Resurgence!


     The Holy Lord of Shenxiao stepped on the thunder and landed slowly.In an instant, a big red satin carpet spread directly from the steps of the world portal of Shenxiao to the front of the Holy Main Peak.

     Red forged Baili flowers and floating leaves, Lotus Blooming at Every Step Yingyao Pool.

     Welcome the etiquette, solemn and gorgeous.

     "Brother Long Yuan is interested."

     The cold voice of the saint master of Yaochi came from the fairy light of Yunxia, and Lianbu stepped onto the carpet in various ways.

     Each step she took was not great, but she was like Shrink the Ground to an Inch with the magical powers, and stepped a thousand feet away in just a few steps.

     Soon, everyone came to the main peak of the Holy Land of Gods and stayed in front of a stalwart palace.

     At the gate of this palace, stood a teenager wearing golden holy armor.

     He swordlike eyebrows starry eyes long hair draped her shoulders, as graceful as Exiled Immortal Descend The World, and with youthful heroic vigor.

     Especially the pupils of this young man, Gu Pan faintly carried a bit of trifle without respect, and seemed to have a profound insight into everything.

     In a trance, it seemed as if the Great Sea of Stars and the vast Yunhe were floating in it.

     Extraordinary, so extraordinary!

     The sage master of Yaochi and the masters of Dongtian and Blessed Lands are all existences with countless people. Seeing this young man at this time, he still couldn't help being surprised.

     In this world, there is such a shocking and stunning talent, a beautiful man out of the dust!

     Seeing the appearance of the Holy Master of Shenxiao and others, the young man bowed slightly: "Master, the feast for receiving the wind and washing the dust is ready."

     God Lord nodded slightly: "Tian'er does things, please rest assured, everyone, please take a seat!"

     After a word, the pilgrimage hall next to the main hall of the Holy Spirit opened, and all kinds of incense wafted.Everyone entered the hall and took their seats, but they saw that there were delicacies of spirit fruit and peerless wine on each table.

     This is the treasure of the Shenxiao Holy Land, if every spiritual fruit on the table is placed outside, it will be enough to sell for a sky-high price.

     The wine in the jug is extraordinary, it is the thunder spirit wine that has been cellared for hundreds of years with the spirit fruit with thunder power, which can quench the physique.

     For ordinary cultivators, a glass of wine and a fruit are enough to exchanging the muscles and cleansing the marrow, and even to improve their qualifications.


     The leaders and elders all sat down in their positions.

     Their younger generation respectfully stood behind them and was not qualified to sit together.

     However, what made Shen Tian helpless was that he was seated next to the holy seat by the Lord of God.

     Yes, the other contemporaries were all standing, and he sat down!

     The Sage Lord of Jade Lake looked at Shen Tian, and the fairy light of Yunxia on his body was gently rippling: "This young man, is the Son of God?"

     The main body of Shenxiao Sheng expresses the celestial light, and it also gently rippling: "It is Tian'er, this time to expose the evil spirits conspiracy, he one's contributions cannot go unnoticed."

     The saint master of Yaochi looked at Shen Tian through Yunxia on the surface of his body: "It's really Hero comes from the youth. Not only is it handsome, but it also has great luck."

     The celestial light of the Holy Master of the Gods continued to waft: "The Holy Master of Autumn Moon is over-famous, hasn't it been heard that Guizong has not found a descendant of the innate soul body recently?

     The Holy Master of Yaochi glanced at Shen Tian and said: "Ling'er's roots are indeed very good, but it is a pity that set one's heart on sth is all on Ling's body."

     "I'm afraid that the descendant of [] that this seat has carefully cultivated, in the end still is, has to be thrown into the arms of this arrogant noble family!""It's okay. After all, Lingtu's majestic appearance is really liked."

     "I'm afraid that the falling flowers are yearning for love, but the heartless brook ripples on."

     "Don't learn from a bad guy."

     The words of the Holy Master of Yaochi directly referred to the three people of Shen Tian, Xiao Ling, and Danwu Tianzun as complexion slightly red.

     Of course, Bilian Tianzun did not blush.

     He just turned his head a little unnaturally, took off the stick behind his back and played with himself.

      Murmur endearments or something, it really affects the five realms of the old road.

     Old Tao is destined to fly through the robbery in the future, and then...

     Long distance relationship is really unreliable!

     Holy Master Shenxiao said: "The young people's affairs, let the young people handle it by themselves!"

     "Yun Xi and Tian'er also have a marriage contract, and I didn't force them to urge. Everything is fine."

     The Holy Master of Yaochi looked deeply at the sky: "The Holy Master Longyuan words extremely so, everything is fine."

     "Shenxiao Yaochi is originally adjacent. If the son of Shenxiao is interested in the future, he can visit Yaochi often without seeing outsiders."

     "Jade Lake Holy Land only recruits female disciples. There are a lot of shocking and stunning talents. The Heaven's Chosen Child like Saint Child must be very popular with them."


     Sage Master Yaochi's sketch in light shades will make the eyes of other old guys around him flash green.

      It should be noted, Jade Lake Holy Land is recognized as a beautiful woman in the East Wilderness.

     Throughout the Eastern Desolation Tianjiao, who is not proud of pursuing to marry the fairy of Jade Lake Holy Land?

      Since ancient times, Tianjiao who has been summoned by Jade Lake Holy Land by exception has been as rare as phoenix feathers and unicorn horns, let alone actively invited.The saint master of Yaochi really values the son of God Xiaoxiao!

     For what reason, is he handsome?

     All of a sudden, the Tianjiao who stood behind their parents were sore.

     On the other side, looking at the two holy masters who were sitting opposite each other, their bodies were covered with fairy light.

     Shen Tian always felt that there seemed to be invisible sparks splashing in the dark.

     In other words, why does the Master invite these great masters at the head and saint master level to accompany him by name?

     This group of top big guys eat, let me sit with such a weak chicken of golden age, right?

     In case of being too prosperous and being remembered, what should I do if I turn my head back.

     After all, easy to dodge the spear in the open hard to avoid the arrow in the dark, low-key is king!

     Master, why don't you let the disciples go after you!


     Shen Tian sat in the position, only feeling uncomfortable to sit.

     Fortunately, the courtesy before the banquet soon ended, and the leaders of the immortals began to discuss serious matters.

     "Frankly, this time I invite you all through the ‘War God Tower’, not just because of the War God Tower."

     The gods of the heavens advocated that the surface of Longyuan's body was full of thunder: "what is more important, this seat has already learned the specific location of the Evil Spirit Sect Hall of Seven Kills."

     "Tomorrow, at midnight, is the day when the celestial devil rushes to the seven evil spirits once in three thousand years. It is most suitable for cultists to sacrifice and refine evil spirits."

     "This seat hopes to gather everyone's strength, do sth when least expected to destroy the Palace of Seven Kills before the demon rushes towards the Qisha."

     "Otherwise, if the many demon heads in the Hall of Seven Kills spread out and caused misfortunes everywhere, offering sacrifices to evil treasures."

     "Even if the Comprehensive Strength Evaluation of all immortals far surpasses cults, they are still afraid of the whip cannot reach."Although Zhang Longyuan's voice was indifferent, his words shocked all the Venerables and Tian Zun in the temple.

      Since ancient times, evil spirits have hidden deeply.

     They change one region/place with one shot, which is difficult to track effectively.

     It is a great success to destroy one or two small strongholds of the Evil Spirit Cult.

     Unexpectedly, Shen Xiao Sheng advocated that Long Yuan directly found out the whereabouts of one of the temples!

     We must know that of the many sub-temples of the Evil Spirit Sect, the weakest ones are enough to contend with ordinary Cave Heaven and Blessed Land.

     Among the most powerful temples, they even dared to wrestle with the weaker holy places, but they were only in the background.

     If it can really destroy the Evil Spirit Religion Temple, it will not only invigorate the prestige of the Eastern Wild Immortal Gate.

     The chances, good luck, and heritage accumulated over the years in that branch hall...

     It's definitely quite impressive, even the Holy Land must be moved!
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