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271 Mysterious Monk, The Holy Son Shows The Way
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
    Original: | Translator:

"Senior Brother Shen Tian, I have admired you for a long time!"

     "I heard that Brother is the Child of Fate favored by Destiny, is this true?"

     "I heard that you ranked first on the Monument of God of War, an unprecedented eight-star Tianjiao, so amazing!"

     "Brother Brother, I grew up listening to your story. Do you have a Taoist companion now? Can you think about me?"


     As soon as Shen Tian walked to Bailian Tianzun's side, a bunch of enchanting women surged up.

     Their faces were full of spring, and they rubbed against Shen Tian one by one.

     Suddenly, Shen Tian felt that he had made a mistake.

     Originally, Shen Tian joined Bailian Tianzun's group because he was fancy that this group had many eyes and was easy to fish.

     But after joining this group, he regretted it.

     He forgets that he is an Exceptionally Beautiful Male, no matter where he is, he is the center of attention.

     Even though there are more than one hundred people in Bailian Tianzun's group, he is still destined to be the most concerned and completely inevitable.

     Being stared at by so many people, how do you dive and fish secretly? This is not funny!

     Hey, it's troublesome to be handsome!

     "My apprentice sisters, be quiet, please be quiet!"

     Shen Tian's face sank: "This time it is to encircle and suppress evil spirits, not outing in the wild."

     "Please be more vigilant, don't hold the mentality of not to accept as correct, and again, this is not a drill!"

     "Shen never wants to see any apprentice sisters injured after this trial of encirclement and suppression!"

     Shen Tian’s words if thrown on the floor, it will make a sound, immediately let all young female nuns no longer chirp chirp twitter twitter.But they looked at Shen Tian, but they became more admiring.

     Worthy of being the Son of God, not only looks so handsome, but also so gentle.

     Not only so gentle, but also very domineering, so tough, I like it~

     It makes people unconsciously want to listen to him!

     Loved love~

     Seeing that Shen Tian possesses such a high prestige among those young disciples, Bai Lian Tianzun's face was relieved.

     On the contrary, Chilian Tianzun looked at the group of female disciples with a bad expression.

     She was surrounded by the red Suzaku God Thunder, looking gorgeous, noble and... violent.

     "Give this honor to focus your attention, when this is to visit the mountains and water? And that girl, lost the photo crystal!"

     "In this immeasurable ancient country, there may be cult monks hidden in that corner, and they may sneak attack at any time."

     "Under this circumstance, do you still think there are none of these? Can't you die?"

     "As you are in this state, there is only dead end when encountering cultists!"

     A scarlet Daguan knife appeared in Chilian Tianzun's hand, in sharp contrast with her graceful body.

      The raging flame was burning on the sword, Chilian Tianzun said indifferently: "Next, entering the boundless ancient country, you may encounter danger at any time."

     "There is another chirp chirp twitter twitter, don't blame this honor for turning your face ruthlessly!"

     After all, Chilian Tianzun raised the Chiyan Pass Knife, and took the lead to shoot towards the boundless ancient country.

     Uncle grumpy master, hack people online~

     "Senior Sister Chilian is anxious, don't care about it, just be careful anyway."Bai Lian Tianzun smiled and followed Chi Lian Tianzun, Dan Wu Tianzun also held a Yaotai mirror to protect him.

     A group of people, grandiose lasing towards the boundless ancient country.


      at the same time, immeasurable ancient times.

     In the dilapidated palace, a monk sat cross-legged.

     The monk was dressed very strangely, his head was only half shaved.

     His left half of his head is shiny, but his right half is draped in soft black and long straight.

     Half a ‘*’ Buddha pattern appeared on the left half of his forehead, but on the right was a group of monsters and black flames.

     The left half of the body is dressed in a moon-white monk robe, while the right half is dressed in black armor, just like Shura.

     He simply sits in the palace, buddha light illuminating everything on the left, reflecting everything beautiful, peaceful, solemn, and bliss.

     On the right, there was black smoke billowing, from which one could glimpse blood and fire, a corner of turmoil, and endless killing and blood.

     This strange monk seems to be between the true Buddha and the evil demon, between life and death, between righteousness and evil.

     There is a saying in the Buddhist language: the sea of suffering has no end turn your head to see the shore, lay down the butcher's blade become a Buddha on the spot.

     But this monk seemed to be not on this shore, nor on the other shore, nor in the sea of bitterness, full of contradictions.

     He was chanting some kind of scripture.

     Every time a character is spit out, it will be condensed into runes, floating on his side and lingering.

     If there is a Buddhist monk here, you might be able to hear that what this population is reading is the supreme Buddhist classic "The Great Prajna Sutra".

     But the Prajna Sutra in his mouth is not righteous thoughts, but backward thoughts.It should be noted that the status of the "Great Prajna Sutra" in Buddhism is almost comparable to the emperor sutra, and its value is inestimable.

     For Buddhist monks, this scripture is sacred and cannot be offended. Any monk who is lucky enough to pass it will honor sb as a God.

     Even if a word is mispronounced, it is considered blasphemy, not to mention being so human-like and wanton, this is simply apostasy and humiliating the true Buddha!

     But what is shocking is that what this population reads is obviously the inverse Prajna Sutra of mere trash, and there is no mystery at all.

     However, his scriptures can even affect Heaven and Earth Principle, forming a strange Sanskrit.

     These Sanskrit scripts are dark red, and each contains supreme power.

     It seems that there is a truth diametrically opposed to the Buddha!

     As time passed by, the dark red Sanskrit beside the monk became more and more dense.

     In the end, these Sanskrit scripts were all imprinted on the monks, followed by vanish from sight.

     The monk slowly opened his eyes and stood in front of him with three person's shadows.

     These three person's shadows are all wearing dark red robes, and there are laws looming around them.

     Obviously, the cultivation base is absolutely extraordinary.

     It's just that in front of this monk, they all behaved extremely humble and didn't dare to go beyond the slightest.

     "Wang Wusheng Dharma, those immortal people have already come, shall we take action?"

     The corner of the monk's mouth raised slightly, and the light of the Buddha condensed into a black golden salshy flower at his fingertips, solemn and strange.

     He picking flowers with a smile and said: "It's okay, the time is not yet."

     After all, he closed his eyes again, and continued to meditate silently.It seems that the immortal coalition forces that came to the immeasurable ancient country at this time are just clay chickens and pottery dogs, which is not enough to move him!


     "Break for me!"

     The nearly hundred feet of blazing sword gang crashed down, directly breaking the black Mountain Protecting Spell Formation.

     Chilian Tianzun held a blazing sword and rushed into the Mountain Protecting Spell Formation first, and other immortal disciples also followed closely behind sb or sth.

     "Reported to Tianzun and found no disciples of evil spirits."

     "Reported to Tianzun and found that the evil spirit taught the pill room, the furnace and the medicine have been emptied."

     "Reported to Tianzun and found that the evil spirits teaching refining room, the furnace, and the magical instruments have been emptied."

     "Report to Tianzun and find the evil spirits' treasure house. The door is open and all the treasures have been emptied."

     Listening to the reports of the disciples, grave expressions appeared on the faces of the three Tianzun.

     This way, they have already captured seven or eight mountains with Mountain Protecting Array.

     As a result, even half of the cultists did not encounter it, and all the gates were empty.

     How clean is it? Can starve cockroaches...

     What does this show?

     This shows that those cultists in the Palace of Seven Kills had already received news in advance and began to retreat.

     Now I just hope that they are hiding in a corner of the Boundless Ancient Country and have not escaped.

      Otherwise, the encirclement and suppression of the Holy Land Fairy Gate would be a joke!

     Bai Lian Tianzun looked at Shen Tian and said, "Tian'er, I have been listening to Senior Brother Saint Lord saying that you are the Child of Fate blessed by Heaven."

     "Before the blood killing hall cultists were exposed, you also found out. Now our team has found nothing.""Do you think, in which direction should we explore next...?"

     Bai Lian Tianzun's inquiry immediately attracted countless attention.

     A look of anticipation gathered on the face of Shengzi Shenxiao.

     Appeared, appeared!

      legendary ……The Son of Choice!

     It has been heard that the Son of God is not only extremely handsome, but also favored by heaven.

     No matter where he goes, he will encounter opportunities and never go empty.

     Now, I can finally see this magic method.

     It makes people look forward to it just thinking about it!


     Shen Tian looked at Bailian Tianzun, Danwu Tianzun and Chilian Tianzun helplessly, frankly saying that he wanted to show the way.

     The problem is that Master Chi Lian's violent temper is too aggressive, and he swept across with the Daguan Knife, which is more domineering than Senior Sister Yun Xi.

     Well, it seems that Senior Sister Yun Xi's fire element thunder method was taught by her, so she is half of her apprentice.

     In short, in front of Chilian Tianzun, Shen Tian did not dare to stop.

     Fearing that she could not hold the knife, she would cut him again.

     Fortunately, now Bailian Tianzun finally asked Shen Tian, and Shen Tian also had the opportunity to show off his'sixth sense'.

     Hey, dear uncles, sisters, and sisters.

     Your chance, I'm sure!
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