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3 Kaiyuan Accelerated Method
    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Su Yu quickly opened the book "The Method of Accelerating the Kaiyuan Realm", and the title page left people speechless, it says blood red. It says blood red. The so-called acceleration method, regardless of life or death, can indeed accelerate. Most people who try it die by trying en route!

     Su Yu smiled bitterly, and felt unreliable when he saw this. No wonder the teachers all said don't worry about Kaiyuan realm and don't go astray.

     "Acceleration Method One: Bathe in the blood of a powerful god and devil, the god and devil's natural nine orifices are opened, the vitality is sufficient, and the blood contains a lot of heavenly vitality..."

     "Consequence: Blast!"

     "Case: In the 9th year of Anping, Daming Prefectural Lord, the blood of the god and demon, wanted to quickly break through the nine orifices. He opened the nine orifices in an instant on the same day. On the same day, he exploded and died at the age of nine. "

     Su Yu snarled his teeth and even had cases. It seems that this book is really not nonsense.

     The son of the palace lord, Anping nine years ago, that is the son of the King Daming who opened the Daming Mansion, this is dead, and too dangerous!

     Besides, the blood of gods and demons is so easy to get.

     Among the battlefields of the heavens, the two races of the gods and demons are one of the most powerful races. I heard that the two races of the gods and demons are the weakest on the battlefield.

     King Daming's son can get this thing, it must be King Daming killed the gods and demons.

     Not to mention that this method doesn't work, it works and it has nothing to do with Su Yu.

     "My father is not King Daming..."

     Su Yu murmured to himself, if my father is King Daming, I will not practice, who is King Daming, the Invincible Expert who founded Daming Mansion, one of the pillars of the human race, how strong it is, Su Yu can’t say it, anyway, let Su Yu be strong. Just don't think about it.Abandoning option one, Su Yu continued to look through it, and the more he looked, the more he condensed his eyebrows.

     "Scheme 2: Eat the flesh of the demon race, some of the flesh and blood of the demon race helps to open the acupuncture points."

     "Consequence: Blast!"

     "Case: In the early years of Anping, the human race was declining. The strong killed the Yao race and returned with their corpses. A large number of the human race ate the flesh and blood of the Yao race, some exploded and died, and a small number quickly opened the nine orifices."

     "Note: Very few people open the orifice acupoints. According to statistics, among them, the flesh and blood of the monster race that are beneficial to open the orifice acupoints are: the Jinpeng tribe, the bull tribe, the sky tiger tribe..."

     give up!

     Su Yu gave up quickly, don't be funny, the several demonic races listed here are all one of the extremely powerful races, although they are not as good as the second race of the gods and demons, they are not something he can touch.

     "Plan Three: Tianyuan Fruit, Heaven and Earth Treasure type."

     "Tian Yuan fruit gathers the Qi of Tian Yuan, the beginning aura of the ten thousand realms, which is of great benefit to the opening of the nine orifices."

     "Location: God Realm, Demon Realm, and Demon Realm all have production, and the output is very small."

     "Case: In the 25th year of Anping, the son of the King of Great Zhou took Tianyuanguo and opened the nine orifices on three days. There is no future trouble."

     Su Yu bared his teeth again, "Son of King Great Zhou... King Great Zhou seems to be just a son, isn't it the current Palace Master Zhou Potian, right?"

     Got, give up.

     I haven't heard of this stuff before. It is obviously the Heaven and Earth Treasure. Zhou Potian is still alive and has become the Palace Lord of the Great Zhou, which is obviously extremely powerful.

     Even if the Tian Yuanguo has Human Race, it will not be Su Yu's turn. This may be the top strategic resources.

     "Plan Four..."

     Su Yu continued to look at it, and the more he looked, the more cold he became.Sure enough, there is nothing outside of Kaiyuan realm cultivation, no wonder the teachers never mention it.

     These acceleration plans either use powerful blood of gods and demons, or require top-level Heaven and Earth Treasure, and more or less have some troubles.

     "Scheme Nine: A place with abundant vitality, the distribution of vitality in the ten thousand realms is uneven, there are Barren Lands, there are plenty of places. The Kaiyuan realm passively refines the nine orifices, and the speed is related to the amount of vitality..."


     Holy Land of Vital Energy: Battlefield of All Heavens, Secret Realm of Academy, Holy Land of Human Realm..."

     Seeing this plan, Su Yu was slightly startled.

     A place full of vitality!

     Kaiyuan Realm actually couldn't feel the existence of vitality, but he also knew that Nanyuan City was not a place full of vitality.

     "I've heard of this. The more big the city, the more holy land, the faster you can cultivate. This should be related to the amount of vitality."

     The teacher at Nan Yuan won't mention these, because it's nothing to mention.

     It's not that simple to want to move these days.

     "That said, if you can go to the big city or go to some secret holy places, it can be safely accelerated, but the acceleration is not too fast, and it is not as efficient as the previous ones."

     Energetic, just make the speed faster, instead of getting there in one step like the previous ones.

      Despite this, Su Yu is also a little eager.

     It's a pity that he couldn't go to the vitality holy places listed above.

     Needless to say, the battlefield of the heavens, the secret realm of academy heard that there are higher schools, but he is not clear about the specifics, let alone the holy land of the human state.

     "Scheme Ten: Yuan Qi Liquid.""Vital energy liquid is born naturally and manufactured by man. All Heavens and Myriad Realms may have some strength liquids in places with abundant vitality, which is extremely rare."

     "Man-made, is made by the condensation of vitality of the strong in the air."

     "The effect is comparable to that of a place full of energy."


     Don't think about the natural ones, artificially... vacate the sky!

     Su Yu smiled bitterly again, what is the airspace?

     Thousand-thousand-thousand-thousand stones are still simply strengthening the physical body's. He doesn't know much about the Tengkong Realm, but he knows that it is a realm above the Thousand-Thousand Stone Realm, and then humans can travel in the air and conquer the sky.

     Leaping the sky is a major transformation. Has anyone in the huge Nanyuan City reached the flying space?

     There may be, such as Nanyuan City Lord.

     But is this the level that Su Yu can reach?

     At the Nanyuan Middle School, the strongest is the governor, who has just entered the Ten Thousand Stone Realm.

     If the Ten Thousand Stone Realm could condense, based on the chieftain's character, Su Yu might still get a drop or two of vitality liquid, but the key chief chief could not do it.

     "No one is reliable!"

     Su Yu complained, no wonder these books were left in the corner.

     For people like Su Yu, none of the above solutions work.

     The simplest possibility is to go to a place with abundant vitality, or get the vitality liquid, but the worst of the vitality liquid is also related to the airborne realm, that is still far away from Su Yu.

     The old man was a top seven 18 years ago. In recent years, because Nan Yuan's vitality is not enough, the old man has lost the resources and supplies in the army, so he is only a top nine.Even so, in Nanyuan City, it's actually considered a personal character. Of course, my father didn't have this concept. Before returning to the team, he had been a supervisor in the traffic supervision office and ended up in a leisurely life.

     If it weren't for taking care of Su Yu, it would still be no problem to find a good position in Nanyuan City with Su Long's nine-fold realm.


     Su Yu looked for a moment of the books again, and soon put a few books in place.

     After thinking for a while, Su Yu walked towards Liu Yue, slightly apologetic, "Liu Yue, can you excuse me?"

     Liu Yue put down the book in his hand, looked at Su Yu, and chuckled softly: "Say."

     "I haven't paid much attention to cultivation matters in these years, Yuanqiye did you know?"

     "Do you want to buy vitality liquid?"

     Liu Yue suddenly understood that the book Su Yu read was still pointed by her, and of course she had read it too.

     "Yuanqiye...This is a strategic material, and Nanyuan City has no channels to buy it."

     "But there is one in Daxia Mansion, and you need to register and purchase with real name."

     "There are many kinds of vitality liquid. It is not the same as the same Realm's vitality liquid. Of course, for Kaiyuan, it is the most suitable for Kaiyuan. Because the price is cheap and the vitality is not enough to condense, it is beneficial to resuscitation. Too rich is easy to hurt."

     "However... the price is not low!"

     "Even if the vitality liquid is condensed by the strong in the airspace, it takes three days to condense a drop, but the strong in the airspace also need to practice, they also need vitality, unless they are really short of money, few people will be willing to condense... "Liu Yue said and looked at Su Yu, "Su Yu, really no need to buy, it's too wasteful! And the vitality liquid only increases the concentration of vitality, not that it will definitely make you resuscitate."

     "I know, thank you, how much is a drop of vitality liquid in Tengkong Realm?"

     Of course Su Yu knew that it was not cheap, but still wanted to ask, he still saved a lot of money for himself when he left.

     In other words, the savings at home are all in Su Yu, after all, it is too dangerous to go to the battlefield of the heavens, and Su Long is also worried that he will not be able to return.

     "One hundred thousand Ann Yuan coins!"


     Su Yu's heart is pumping, 100,000 drops!

      The own father is a nine-fold, a public post in the Traffic Supervision Office, with a monthly salary of 5,000 Ann, which is not too low.

     Excluding the daily expenses of the father and son, and how much the father has to purchase some materials for cultivation, it would be nice to have twenty to thirty thousand in a year.

     Over the years, Su Long has left a lot of wife's books for his son, about 300,000.

     Co-authored...all the property is enough to buy 3 drops of vitality liquid?

     No wonder Liu Yue said it was too wasteful!

     This is not waste, this is burning money!

     Seeing Su Yu’s expression, Liu Yue couldn’t help but laugh and said, "I said it’s expensive, it’s really a waste! Actually... I have used one drop and it can maintain the vitality concentration for three days, and the effect is really average. ."

     "After I used it once, I didn't use it again. It was too extravagant."

     "If the effect is really strong, the university can use 100,000 yuan, not without, it has been used long ago, but how many people have you seen use this?""If you can't get your resuscitation in three days, then you have to continue buying. It costs 200,000 in six days and 300,000 in nine days...No one can bear it."

     Su Yu smiled bitterly, "I understand, it's really too expensive! If you can resuscitate with iron, it's better. If you can't resuscitate, then it's really ridiculous. No wonder the teachers say that there is no other way to open the yuan."

     "This was originally so." Liu Yue smiled, "You don't need to test this. Why do you want to buy Yuanqi Liquid?"

     "I have applied for the war college, so I can prepare more."

     Su Yu briefly explained, then smiled and said goodbye and did not continue talking.

     This is a library, not a place to chat.

     Seeing Su Yu leaving, Liu Yue raised her eyebrows, somewhat curious.

     Registered for the War Academy?

     What does Su Yu do to apply for the war college?

     He shook his head lightly and didn't think about it. This guy is useless after applying for the exam. From now on, everyone should be classmates of Daxia Civilization Academy. I hope this guy will not mess around.
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