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4 Dreamland (Happy Lantern Festival)
    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Su Yu was not disappointed if he failed to find a suitable acceleration plan in the library.

     If it is so common, the academic institutions will not fail to mention it.

     It's just in case of hope. Facts have proved that he thinks too much. If that is the case, he can only continue to practice "Kai Yuan Jue" as hard as possible.


     After eating at the school at noon, when he returned home in the evening, Su Yu was a little silent as he looked at the deserted room.

     When the old man was gone, the house instantly became deserted.

     In the past, when he returned from a school, Dad prepared the food and waited for his own meal. Now that he is cold and cheerless, Su Yu is still a little uncomfortable.

     Not in the mood to cook, Su Yu leaned on the sofa and turned on the TV, walking around, the sound of the TV became the background music.

     There are not a few TV stations available today.

     On the Daxia Mansion side, you can only search for Daxia TV Station, and a few local stations.

     Affected by the battlefields of the heavens and several other battlefields, the signal coverage area is small and it is difficult to spread. Therefore, each government can only search the channel of its own government.

     "Recently, Daxia Mansion discovered the whereabouts of Ten Thousand Ethnic Religions. If people in Daxia Mansion find suspects, they should promptly report to the local Jifengtang..."


     Su Yu heard the report on TV and couldn't help cursing.

     A bunch of chopsticks!

     The battle of the heavens broke out. Although the human race blocked the hostile race, the human race was not too strong among the ten thousand races. At this time, there were always some miscellaneous things that had other thoughts and chose to take refuge in other races.

     Wanzujiao is not a sect, but a lot of scumbags of different races.

     These people gathered together to create chaos within the human race.Su Yu has been influenced by his father since he was a child, and is extremely disgusted with these chores.

     He looked up and glanced at the TV. At this moment, a Chinese character face, awe-inspiring might, a middle-aged man in a red shirt appeared on the TV screen.

     The middle-aged had a stern face and a cold tone, and he shouted, "Cut!"


     The next moment, on the TV screen, hundreds of people knelt on the ground, behind them stood a group of armored guards, swinging knives and slashing, hundreds of heads fell instantly!

     "Thousands of races, catch one, kill one!"

      The middle-aged man was extremely cold, cast his gaze forward, as if he was about to walk out of the TV screen, and said coldly: "Come to my Daxia Mansion, only to die! Starting today, Long Wuwei inspects Daxia Mansion. , Don’t leave Daxia Mansion if you are not afraid of death, and see how many dog's heads can be chopped off from your group of crap!

     On the sofa, Su Yu suddenly became a little excited.

     Xia Longwu!

     Palace Master of Daxia Mansion!

     As for the beheading, he didn't care. Everyone is used to it. This scene often appears on TV. The only way Human Race against the Ten Thousand Races is to beheaded. No one dared to betray anymore. The policy is extremely iron and blood.

     The purpose of public execution is to deter everyone and make some people dispel such thoughts.

     Su Yu didn't care about this, he cared more about Xia Longwu.

     This Palace Master Daxia was extremely strong and extremely powerful.

      20 years ago, this palace lord once took charge of the Demon Squad Army in the battlefield of the heavens, which is the corps where his father was, and was regarded as his father’s immediate superior.Over the years, every time he saw Xia Longwu appear, Su Long was very excited. He pulled Su Yu and pointed to the TV and said: "This is the old leader of Lao Tzu. The tribe army throw away one's helmet and coat of mail......"

     For a long time, even Su Yu was somewhat affected, and some worshipped this strong man who killed the blood in the battlefield of the heavens.

     "At what time...can be as strong as Palace Master Xia...that's good!"

     Su Yu had a little desire.

     This is the real powerhouse, and today's major palace masters are not unpowerful.

     However, Xia Longwu is also the top one among the major palace masters. The key is not this. Su Yu doesn't know who the palace master is the strongest. He only knows that Xia Longwu is not too old, he is just over 60 years old.

     For other palace owners, such as the powerful Zhou Potian from the Great Zhou Mansion, the opponent was a figure in the early Anyuan calendar, which means that the opponent is more than 300 years old.

      20 years ago, Xia Longwu was only in his forties, and he actually took charge of the Demonic Army. This is what Su Yu envied.

     Really strong!

     It's just over 40 years old, very young and young in this era.

     What strength do you need to take charge of the Demons?

     This Su Yu doesn't know, but he knows it must be very powerful. This is not something his grandfather can do as King Daxia. The major palace masters, some of them are the sons of the founder of the king, have never seen them so powerful.

     "Xia Longwu..."

     "Long Wu War Academy!"

     "Long Wuwei!"

     Su Yu licked his lips, some dry mouth and tongue, after all, he is a young man, who has never had blood before.

     Didn't he think about entering the war college?

     I must have thought about it!There are many advanced war colleges in Daxia Mansion. Among them, Daxia War Academy has been passed down for more than 300 years and is the oldest and most powerful war school in Daxia Mansion.

     However, there is still a top war school in Daxia Palace today.

     Longwu War Academy!

     The War Academy, named after Xia Longwu himself, was founded 15 years ago. In just 15 years, it has become one of the top universities in Daxia.

     Most of the graduates have joined the strongest corps in the Daxia Mansion-Long Wuwei!

     I heard that the lord of Nanyuan City was actually born in Longwuwei, so the conclusion can be drawn.

     Although his father Su Long was from the Suppression Demon Army, he wanted to join Long Wuwei after he was discharged from the army and continue to follow the old chief, but unfortunately... Long Wuwei did not accept it.

     Older and weaker, the other party will not accept Su Long.

     The angry Su Long did not curse people less. Of course, it was not Xia Longwu who cursed, but those recruiters. Why didn't he accept him?

     Nanyuan City has now heard that there is also a small group of Dragon Wuwei guarding them. I don't know whether it is true or not. At least Su Yu has never seen those people.

     "Daxia War Academy, Longwu War Academy... Daxia War Academy mainly provides frontline soldiers, it is difficult to come back again. But Longwuwei..."

     Su Yu eyes flashed, Long Wu War Academy is different, mainly in the reserve of Long Wu Wei.

     People from Longwu War Academy will also go to the front line, and the treatment is similar to other war schools, but Long Wuwei has an advantage. The main task is to guard the local area. In other words, most of the time can stay in Daxia Palace.

     Of course, once a war breaks out, Long Wuwei as an elite corps will immediately enter the battlefield of the heavens.If the Suppression Army is the standing army in the battlefield of the heavens, then Longwuwei is the field army.

     "The restrictions are smaller and the degree of freedom is higher, but once a big battle is the most dangerous battle, counterattack..."

     "If I really want to go to the War Academy, I should actually go to the Longwu War Academy."

     Su Yu said to himself, it is a pity that the Longwu War Academy is actually more difficult to test.

     Because it is the reserve of Long Wuwei, the requirement for strength is even higher than that of the Great Xia War Academy.

     Rubbing his cheeks, Su Yu smiled bitterly, dreaming by himself.

     Ordinary war colleges are difficult, let alone Longwu.

     Why do you think so much!

     "Ten thousand patriarchs dare to come to the site of Daxia Mansion, looking for death! Long Wuwei is dispatched, I don't know if Nan Yuan can see..."

     Su Yu didn't worry too much. The people of Ten Thousand Races were shameless and didn't dare to appear.

     He only dared to make small moves in private. Now Long Wuwei is patrolling Daxia Mansion. These guys are hiding deeper than mice, so how can they dare to appear.

     Su Yu is not afraid of it.

     Nowadays, it can almost be regarded as bringing the entire nation to arms. There are no strong people in the Ten Thousand Stone Realm in the community, but there are still many cultivators in the Qianjun Realm.

     In addition to the veterans who returned like his father, there are also a few who have not returned, as well as some veterans who have passed the age.

     A few thousands of followers of the Ten Thousand Races came to death.

     Those old men who can retreat from the battlefield, who are not cruel characters with bloody hands, can kill without blinking.

     With a shout, seven or eight cultivators can jump out at any time.

     ...After watching TV, I randomly ordered some noodles to fool me, rinsed, and practiced "Kai Yuan Jue" several times, and Su Yu fell asleep early.

     If he doesn't go to bed earlier, he wakes up early from dreams, and sleep is not enough.

     Now Su Yu has mastered a little, dreams are usually in the early hours of the morning, before the early morning is the best time for him to sleep, you must cherish time.



     total darkness.


     A scene that has been repeated countless times is presented again.

     An incomparable gigantic bird is chasing Su Yu.


     Su Yu hates the bird race the most. He flies very fast and can't run away.

     He used to encounter land monsters, but sometimes he still has a chance to run away without being chased by the monsters.

     But when I met a bird monster, I never ran away, every time I was chewed into dregs, and woke up painfully in a dream.

     He hates these flying guys!

     This time is no exception. The huge bird is extremely fast, and the terrain obstacles in the dream have no effect on the bird. Both parties are getting closer and closer.

     Su Yu turned to look while running fast.

     He wanted to identify whether this bird knew him or not.


     After a glance, there are many bird races, and Su Yu actually knows more than a dozen species, but this time... he felt very familiar!

     Although the other party is very illusory, a sarcoma can be vaguely seen on the huge head.

     "This is... the iron-winged bird clan!"

     "Fuck, So many years, I finally met a familiar one!"Su Yu is a little excited at the moment. He can speak eighteen ten thousand languages, but it doesn’t mean that he has encountered these races before, even in his dreams. He just feels a little familiar, plus Nan Yuan. If someone in a secondary school knows these languages, he will learn it.

     But the iron-winged bird family, although he has not encountered it before, he can speak the language of the iron-winged bird family!

     This is among the 18 languages he masters, and there are also people in Nanyuan Academy, because in the battlefield of the heavens, this bird tribe will be used by the ambassadors of the gods and demons as air force.

     Su Yu hurriedly turned his head and shouted: "Wei Yi play Jiuyun (why chasing me)?"

     The huge bird did not respond, as if it could not be heard at all, and continued to fly forward.

     "Luigi Yu... (we are friends)!"

     Still doesn't have any reply.

     Su Yu cursed secretly, seeing the huge bird swooping with its claws, he knew he was going to die again.

     This is a high probability that it is an iron-winged bird, but it doesn't have any wisdom, after all, it is just a phantom in a dream.

      "Ka Cha!"

     Sure enough, intense pain came from his head, Su Yu's head was directly caught and exploded, and the phantom in the dream gradually disappeared.

     Su Yu knew he was going to wake up!

     Woke up in pain!

     However, at this moment, the huge iron-winged bird screamed sharply at the moment when Su Yu's head was shattered.


     Su Yu was slightly startled, the next moment, Su Yu woke up suddenly, sweat all over the face.

     "Moonlight... no, not moonlight, but blood!"

     Su Yu stared wide-eyed, he heard it.The iron wing bird killed itself, but it was very angry, because it killed itself, as if it didn't get what it wanted.


     "It killed me for blood, blood!"

     This is the language of the Iron Wing Bird tribe, so Su Yu understood it.

     He had had this experience before, but he couldn't understand it before, because those monsters were not in his familiar range.

     This time he got it!


     "The other party wants blood, What does it mean?"

     "My blood? But sometimes I get hurt and bleed, without any response. What does it mean?"

     Su Yu had a headache, and despite the nightmare he had just seen, his thinking quickly turned.

     "It needs blood, but it doesn't kill me in a dream, and my blood doesn't seem to work either. Could it be... it must be blood of the same race?"

     "Iron-winged bird's blood?"

     "If I had iron-winged bird blood, what would happen?"

     "Dreams are dreams after all, even if they exist, can they still be brought into dreams?"

     Su Yu rubbed his temples with sweat on his hands.

     He doesn't care about it anymore, this dream... seems to be a little clearer, So many years, the first time he sensed that the dream is solvable.

     There is no white learning in Wanzu language, even if only one sentence is heard today, that is enough.

     "No, I have to try, no matter what I have to try, if I have the blood of iron-winged birds, what changes will happen? Also, this dream has passed, I am afraid that tomorrow will not be iron-winged birds, use iron wings Is bird blood still useful?"

     "do not care!"Su Yu sat up suddenly, he decided, he had to try.

     He was chased and killed in his dream So many years. He was also tired and bored. This dream must be resolved as soon as possible, otherwise there is something hidden in his heart, and it would be uncomfortable for anyone to be killed every day.

     "I'll go to the Xia's firm at dawn to have a look. Everything is sold over there, and there may be iron-winged bird blood. After all, iron-winged bird is still very common in the battlefields of the heavens, maybe you can buy it!"

     After making up his mind, Su Yu also had no intention of sleeping. He looked forward to dawn soon when he was going to buy the blood of Iron Wing Bird.

     Even if there is only a glimmer of hope that can solve the problem of dreams, it is good, he really has enough of such days, too tossing people.

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