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5 Iron-winged Bird Reappears (seeking Recommendation, Seeking Collection)
    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Xia's firm.

     The largest commercial bank in Daxia Mansion is also a commercial bank opened by the Xia Family in Daxia Mansion.

     A five-story shopping mall in the commercial street, this is where the Nanyuan branch of Xia's Commercial Bank is located.

     The first floor sells conventional pill, the second floor sells weapons, the third floor sells exercises, the fourth floor sells tens of thousands of miscellaneous items, and the fifth floor is a large-scale trading place.


     Su Yu left home and went straight to the fourth floor of the Xia's firm.

     Here he has been here with Su Long before. Su Long No matter good or bad is also a ninth-tier cultivator, Nan Yuan has insufficient vitality, and there is no way to continue his cultivation without foreign objects.

     The fourth floor is divided into multiple areas, "Unknown Technique Area", "Demon Race Flesh Area", "Broken Magic Treasure Area", "Heaven and Earth Treasure Area"...

     Of course, it is only the Nanyuan branch after all. In fact, most of them are treasures of a thousand-jun level, and there are almost no treasures of the ten thousand-stone level.

     Yaozu flesh and blood area.

     The beautiful young lady who has been trained warmly said with a professional smile: "What do you need, sir?"

     "The blood of the Ironwing Birds!"

     "Iron Wing Bird..."

     The female employee thought for a while, and quickly said: "Essence or ordinary blood?"

     An incomparable gigantic iron-winged bird with a lot of blood all over the body.

     Except for a few drops of essence and blood, the rest is ordinary blood. Ordinary blood is not very useful, and the essence and blood have many effects.

     Su Yu was also not sure what he needed, hesitates said: "Take them all to see."

     "it is good!"

     The female employees didn't ask too much, the Iron Wing Bird is not a rare race, the conventional air power in the battlefield of the heavens, if you change to a powerful flying race, Nan Yuan may not have the inventory.Soon, another male employee took out two transparent glass bottles from the glass counter.

     "This is ordinary blood, this is essence blood, and it's all iron-winged bird blood in the Qianjun realm."

     Seeing Su Yu staring at the glass bottle, the female employee explained with a smile: "If your husband needs the blood of Iron Wing Bird in the Ten Thousand Stone Realm, Nanyuan Branch does not have it. You can only buy it at Daxia Mansion."

     "Thousand-junk realm will do!"

     Su Yu didn't need Ten Thousand Stone Realm.

     "How to sell?"

     "Ordinary is cheap, 5,000 coins a bottle. The value of blood is relatively high. An adult iron-winged bird can only extract less than 10 drops of blood, and one drop sells for 50,000."

     Su Yu frowned slightly, so expensive?

     "The Qianjun Realm is cannon fodder in the battlefield of the heavens. A lot of them die, but is a drop of essence and blood so expensive?"

     The female employee was cold-blooded and continued to smile: "Mr. is right. It can be transported back from the battlefield of the heavens and transported to the Great Xia Mansion. This is a high cost! Extraction, preservation, sale...multiple procedures, including taxation ...So 50,000 is not expensive."

     As he said, he continued: "If you are on the battlefield of the heavens, this kind of iron-winged bird of the junjun realm is naturally worthless, and you can pick it up if you are lucky, but this...not the battlefield of the heavens."

     Su Yu was silent.

     Indeed, the tens of thousands of races in the Qianjun realm are not valuable in the battlefield of the heavens. The key is to fight together. Who has time to pick it up, even if it is found, can you transport it back?

     Therefore, only firms with powerful influence behind such as Daxia Commercial Bank can carry out transportation.

      As a result, the price is naturally more expensive at the rear."Bring me an ordinary bottle... and another drop of blood!"

     Su Yu is a little bit painful, and his own father is not there. Otherwise, knowing that he had just left, he would have spent more than 50,000 to buy this stuff, and he could beaten to death while still alive.

     "Okay, sir card or cash?"


     Su Yu was cold-blooded, but there was a drop of blood in his heart, 55,000!

     My father's savings for many years, he spent one-sixth all at once.

     "I'm just guessing, if it's useless...it's a big loss."

     Thinking of this, Su Yu hurriedly said: "By the way, do you collect the blood of Iron Wing Bird?"

     The female employee was slightly surprised, and quickly smiled and said: "Recovered, a regular bottle of 1,000, 10,000 drops of blood."


     Su Yu wants to curse!

     Black shop!

     Although Daxia Commercial Bank was owned by Xia Longwuxia's family, he also had to curse a black shop.

      The recycling price of one fifth is cheating.

     Forget it, don't care about it with you, these employees just act in accordance with the rules and can't be the master, and it's useless to talk to them.

     After swiping the card, there was an extra box in his hand with two glass bottles in the box.

     There is only one drop of Golden Blood in one of the bottles, and Golden Blood seems to be tumbling, and a tiny iron-winged bird can even be vaguely seen flying.

     This is blood!

     The blood of these races, which are biased towards the monster shape, are somewhat helpful to cultivation.

     The essence and blood of the iron-winged bird can help the martial artist of the Qianjun realm to improve some physical power.

     After Kaiyuan, the human race embarked on a formal cultivation path, and what they cultivated for thousands of dollars was physical power.It is useful for the Qianjun realm, but it is useless for the Kaiyuan realm. Taking these demon blood, on the contrary, will easily hurt the body. If this is not the case, there will be no body bathing in the blood of the gods and demons.

     Kaiyuan Jiuqiao is impassable, vitality cannot circulate, it accumulates in the body, it is a deadly poison.

     The Heaven and Earth Treasure of Tianyuan Fruit is born with pure Tianyuan Qi, which is relatively gentle, and is different from the domineering vitality.

     Su Yu was thinking, and the salesperson also reminded: "Sir, if you haven't reached the level, you can't take the iron-winged bird blood, otherwise it will be very dangerous!"

     "Yes, thanks!"

     With that said, Su Yu asked casually: "Do you have Tianyuan Fruit?"


     The salesperson somewhat at a loss quickly said: "Sorry, we don't have any, I don't know either Tianyuanguo is a treasure."

     Su Yu didn't care. There were too many tens of thousands and too many Heaven and Earth Treasures. You can't expect a salesperson to know everything. It would be good if the other party knew what they were selling.

     "What about vitality liquid?"

     "Neither is it... Yuanqi Liquid is more difficult to store, easy to spill, and the storage cost is too high!" The salesperson hurriedly explained: "There is a Daxia Mansion. We actually sold it a few years ago, but the cost is too high. Not much, so it’s currently already out of stock."

     "Oh, how about the price?"

     "Daxia Mansion should be 100,000 a drop. I don't know if there is any deviation."

     When the salesperson saw Su Yu asking about this, he quickly recommended: "Mr. wants to speed up the cultivation of Kaiyuan realm? In fact, we have many treasures and medicines that can help, like fire dolphin blood, Kaiyuan pill..."Su Yu rolled his eyes, I'm not Xiaobai.

     These gadgets are said to be helpful, but they actually speed up a bit. If the original cultivation speed is 100, it will probably speed up by 1.

     He had known these plans for a long time, but a fool would do it so extravagantly!

     I spent tens of thousands on buying these things. One month is probably equivalent to an extra day of cultivation. I can't spend more money than I can?

     Of course, someone bought it, or else it wouldn’t be manufactured. There are still a lot of audiences. It’s not too expensive to buy a little less.

     Su Yu didn't ask any more, carrying the wooden box and left.

     I don't know if it can be useful once the thing is in hand.

     If it's useless, if you don't consume points, you can still sell it, although you lose a lot when you change hands, you can get some blood back.


     The community is downstairs.

     Chen Hao, who was waiting for Su Yu to come downstairs, looked at Su Yu coming back from the outside, and said strangely: "Ayu, why did you go out?"

     "Buy something."

     "Oh, then go to school..."

     "Don't go!"


     Chen Hao was full of grief and indignation, "Not going? I asked you if you were going. Didn't you say that you must go to school? Why are you not going?"

     "Study at home!"

     Su Yu smiled and said: "Go, properly cultivate, and strive for the early Kaiyuan Quad!"

     This guy Chen Hao is also Kaiyuan Triple, and this guy can't get to the Civilization and Scientific Research Institute. If he can't get into the War Institute, he really has to go to the Interior School.


     Su Yu interrupted him, try one's very best to persuade sb, and finally sent Chen Hao away.


     In the living room.Su Yu frowned while looking at the two bottles of blood.

     How to use the key when the blood is in hand?


     "The blood of the Qianjun Realm will not explode, and it will definitely be injured."

     "Wait for the dream again, wait for the iron-winged bird to kill me? But... only once in more than ten years, is it more than ten years to wait?"

     Su Yu is somewhat of a headache, he was excited before buying, but after buying, he hesitated a bit.

     Last night he got a little hint with great difficulty. He was cruel, and tried to swallow it if it didn't work, but Su Yu was a little bit embarrassed at this time.

     Injured, it is painful.

     "Or wipe it on your body?"

     Su Yu tried as soon as he thought of it.

     Essence and blood of course can't be tried randomly, ordinary not a big problem.

     Opening the ordinary blood bottle, Su Yu touched his finger and smeared some on the back of his hand, waiting for the follow-up.

     A few minutes later, Su Yu frowned, no use.

     The blood is slowly evaporating!

     Anyway, 5000 yuan a bottle, this thing is usually a small amount of drinking, non-essence and blood, it is still a bit helpful for physical fitness.

     It's a shame to be wasted like this.

     "It's useless..."

     "Then take a little bit?"

     Su Yu licked his tongue on the back of his hand, licked a little, and waited for a while, still useless.

     "Ordinary is useless, or is it...the way is wrong? Or is it just my own misunderstanding?"

     Su Yu is also somewhat of a headache, tens of thousands of dollars.

     Is it impulsive?But that dream has tortured him for too long, he can't wait to solve it right away, if it can be solved with tens of thousands of dollars, he won't care.

     Seeing that drop of blood, Su Yu couldn't make up his mind.

     There is only one drop of essence and blood, this thing is like jade, basically unable to separate.

     So this thing can only be swallowed, smearing is useless.

     "Do you really want to swallow the essence and blood? I'm in the Kaiyuan realm. Once swallowed, even if you don't die, you will suffer a lot of vitality. The original Kaiyuan Quadruple didn't play anymore. If you are injured, let alone Kaiyuan Quadruple, Kaiyuan Third Layer may not be able to save it. ."

     Su Yu has some hesitation and indecision.

     Over the years, because of the influence of nightmares, he was actually more calm and more determined than other people of the same year.

     To take risks like this, if not because Dad is on the battlefield, he would not even think about applying for the war college.

     But the nightmare has been too many years, and he really wanted to figure out the detailed circumstances of the dream at this time.

     "Just one drop, no one can die..."

     "Why don't you try?"

     "I'm really going to be hurt. I won't go to the war college if I'm a big deal. Anyway, Kaiyuan Triple Hope is not big."

     "If you take a civilized college entrance examination, there is not much difference between triple and double or even first."

     Su Yu looked at the glass bottle in front of him, the golden blood was a bit dazzling.

      Hesitated for a moment, Su Yu took out the blood, like jade falling into his hand, slightly heavy.

     Su Yu clenched the blood in his hand, still doesn't have any reaction.

     "Would you like to wait another day and try another dream? Maybe other monsters also need the blood of iron winged birds?"

     "Or, Iron Wing Bird blood can only be useful today?"The dreams change every day, almost at 12 o'clock in the night. If it’s useless after today, then you have to wait until the year of the monkey?

     Next time there will be iron-winged birds, maybe they won't be there in a lifetime, maybe it will take decades.

     Breathing is slightly disturbed.

     "Then...try it!"

     "It's a big deal, if you get hurt, go to the Civilization Academy! Go to the Civilization Academy to study the ten thousand races, sooner or later one day, I will analyze the correct answer!"

     As for the war school, there was little hope. In the choice of dream interpretation and not necessarily being admitted to the war school, Su Yu gritted his teeth and finally chose to try dream interpretation.

     If the dream is cracked, there may be some gains that couldn't think.

     Holding the essence and blood in one hand and taking out the communicator in the other, Su Yu quickly sent out a message: "Come to my house, if I have something to tell you, I will break the door without knocking!"

     The message was sent to Chen Hao. If he is injured or even unconscious and has no time to ask for help, Chen Hao can come and take him to the hospital.

     Having arranged these, Su Yu gritted his teeth and quickly stuffed his blood into his mouth.

     It’s a big deal, it’s better to get hurt, am I a person who is afraid of pain?


      A blood-curdling screech came out, Su Yu almost cried and shed tears, it hurts!


     The next moment, his head roared, Su Yu blacking out and fainted to the ground.


      The huge iron-winged bird hiding the sky and covering the earth appeared again, the same as last night, but a little different.

     And this scene, two dreams that Su Yu has never seen in more than ten years, have not been repeated, they have today.

     Iron-winged bird reappears!
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