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23 You Are Mine! (Seeking Collection Recommendation)
    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Bai Feng's words opened up a new world for Su Yu.

     Su Yu has too many questions to ask and too many things to say.

     However, Bai Feng didn't wait for him to continue to ask, he took the initiative to smile: "Do you want to continue to ask these questions? Uncle asked you to come to me, but not for you to ask these simple common-sense questions. know."

     Su Yu was slightly startled, yes, the assistant researcher's 1 hour and 5 points meritorious course fee, asking himself if this was wasted?

     Liu Yue on the side was a little excited, and whispered: "Teacher Bai, then... can you teach us to inscribe the divine text?"

     Su Yu somewhat at a loss, What does it mean?

     Liu Wenyan didn't tell him this, he didn't understand what Liu Yue was talking about.

     Bai Feng smiled.

     "It seems that you know, Su Yu, didn't Uncle Uncle tell you?"


     Su Yu whispered: "Teacher Bai, the will is inscribed with the gods, this is... What does it mean?"

     Bai Feng smiled lightly and said: "Divine writing is a general term, not referring to the writing of the gods, but some characters of the ten thousand races with formidable powerful ability! We are also called civilized teachers in the outside world."

     "You have seen our battle before, but this is not our strongest battle style and state."

     "Of course, your teacher has just manifested his will now, so he is not yet familiar with the application of this aspect yet."

     So yesterday, Liu Wenyan chose the most rude battle style, will control.

     "The will to inscribe the divine text, this is the most important and crucial course for you to go to a civilized academy!""Using your will, outline the text you want, control it, and nurture it! Wait until someday, the will will be realized, the divine writing will be completed, and the whole word will be spoken!"

     "There are many divine writings, or any word can become a divine writing. You have to understand its meaning, use your own heart to understand, accept, nurture, and tolerate, even if you may not be able to use it for the rest of your life ."

     "A civilized teacher who has not outlined his divine writing is not a qualified civilized teacher, and is also a weak person in the civilized line."

     Bai Feng looked at Su Yu and said with a smile, "Are you at a loss now?"


     Su Yu is embarrassed, he really doesn't understand this.

     "You went to the Civilization Academy, and the general courses, including the study of some Wanzu languages, are taught by some students."

     "This is also a way for them to earn merit points, but the inscription and outline of the divine writing must be taught by a civilized teacher with a real will!"

     "Your teacher may have told you that the lessons we teach are very expensive, and the key is actually this!"

     After that, Bai Feng smiled and said, "Let me take a look and you will understand."

     When the words were over, Su Yu felt the Air Stagnation around him.

     At the next moment, a wave of Invisible Strength erupted from Bai Feng.

     In the air, a familiar text gradually took shape.

     That is the Protoss text!

     Su Yu had studied the characters of the Protoss, he knew it.

     As if someone was writing invisible, the word slowly took shape.


     Su Yu recognized it, this is "gathering", of course, it is not a human language.The text forming in the middle of the sky, exudes dim light.

     This is not the divine text that Bai Feng has always cultivated, but what he outlined on the spot, the next moment, the wind is everywhere!


     The air was trembling, and the surrounding furniture was shaking, as if it had experienced an earthquake.


     Bai Feng drank lowly in his mouth. This is the pronunciation of "ju" in the Protoss.

     Just at this brief moment, Su Yu sensed a little bit differently.

     Liu Yue may not know, he knows!

     He is sensed, his vitality is gathering!

     Because he had absorbed vitality before, Kaiyuan could not sense the existence of vitality, but Su Yu had experienced it, so he sensed differently at this time.


     Space is still shaking!

     The next moment, Liu Yue cried out in surprise!

     The surrounding vitality was evacuated, and in the blink of an eye, a drop of milk-white liquid appeared in front of Bai Feng.

     "Vitality Liquid!"

     Liu Yue was shocked in the extreme.

     Su Yu had never seen the vitality liquid, but when he heard this, his face was dull.

     Vitality liquid!

     A drop of 100,000 yuan of vitality liquid is said to be able to condense a drop of vitality liquid in three days.

     In this moment, it took shape in front of him!

     "Nan Yuan's vitality is too weak, it's not considered a vitality liquid, no, not a standard drop of vitality liquid, it has about half the effect."

     Bai Feng exhaled slightly, looking a little tired, "This is not the divine text I have cultivated. Human energy is limited and it is impossible to accumulate too many divine texts. This is what I just outlined for demonstration purposes.""This is one of the second uses of the divine text. When you find that the text has a mysterious effect, you can try to outline it."

     "Of course, even if everyone outlines the same text, the function may not be the same."

     "I use this word to gather vitality, others may use this word to kill people."

     "This is the Civilized Master!"

     Bai Feng smiled, took the formed Yuanqi Liquid into his hands, filled it with a jade bottle, and threw it to Su Yu.

     Su Yu was a little at a loss to know what to do, somewhat agitated, and a little uneasy, "Mr. Bai, this... is too precious..."

     Even if it is not as good as the original Yuan Qi Liquid, this at least has most of the effect of Yuan Qi Liquid.

     A drop of 100,000 genuine copies is worth 50,000 or 60,000 yuan.

     "Take it, just do it at will."

     Bai Feng didn't care, and smiled lightly: "This is gathered at your Nanyuan Academy. It consumes your Nanyuan's vitality. If I take it away, Uncle will not be able to settle the account with me."

     "This is a trivial matter, and it will help you Kaiyuan very well. When we reach our state, a drop of vitality liquid will not change much."

     With that said, Bai Feng didn't continue to mention this, and said again: "Liu Yue asked me to teach you to inscribe the divine writings. This is actually a bit more than your acceptable range, because you are not very familiar with the ten thousand characters."

     "Don’t think you have mastered a dozen and twenty ten thousand languages, but you haven’t read the original, you haven’t really read the words written by ten thousand peoples, and you haven’t read the words drawn by the strong ones of themselves, so you feel It’s not clear, it’s hard to find out, which text has power!""The same text, written by different people, and written by different strong people, will give you different feelings."

     "So, it brings you different thinking."

     "When you look at the original text of the Qianjun Realm, you may think that this word is nothing special. When you look at the script of the Mountain and Sea Realm, you may find that it contains a lot of meaning and knowledge..."

     Bai Feng looked at the two of them, and said with a serious face: "The divine text outlined by the will, which is fully cultivated, may truly have this World now and become Divine Weapon!"

     "In Daxia Civilization Academy, 180 years ago, the third generation of the governor fell, leaving behind a demon's "War" character, forming a special treasure of Daxia Civilization Academy—War Demon Field!"

     "War Demon Field!"

     Liu Yue whispered, Su Yu really felt that he was too useless this time, a little annoyed, he doesn't know at all.

     Bai Feng said sternly: "Yes, this is the treasure of the civilized academy. The war academy has always been eager to enter it and exercise itself. One word, forming a minor world, is mainly suitable for training in the airspace."

     "Practical training!"

     "In the battlefield, there will be a large number of demon soldiers, army formations, strong men... You can feel the real fighting environment, you can regard them as real demon races, and you can use your wisdom and play in it. Your strength, go to fight, go to bloody battle, prepare for entering the battlefield of the heavens in the future."

     "115 years ago, the fourth generation of the palace chief fell, leaving behind a protoss'Yuan' character, forming yet another treasure realm-the secret realm of vitality, which is similar to the effect of the word'ju' I just mentioned, but it is eternal existence Instead of temporary like me.""In the mysterious realm of vitality, you can feel the strong vitality and speed up your cultivation speed."

     "There are many civilized schools in this kind of treasure realm. Some of them are given to the war schools of Daxia Mansion, and some are left by themselves."

     Bai Feng is a little longing at this moment, and whispered: "A person has limited energy, and usually majors in a divine text that is most suitable for him. The ultimate goal is to be real and eternal!"

     "Of course, you can outline a lot of divine texts, the main battle and the auxiliary are all right."

     "All of this, when you arrive at the Civilization Academy, you will understand."

     Bai Feng Pausing, continued: "Since you mentioned it, then I'm not good at hiding personalities. After all, I said and asked anything before. Today, I will teach you how to outline the divine text, not that you can write this word. You can outline it."

     "Before the willpower is realized, the outline of the divine text is not so simple, it is the outline of meditation, not the real writing..."

     Su Yu's eyes are sharp!

     Outline the divine text!

     No wonder the teacher said that Bai Feng's class is very valuable and precious, so that's how it is!

     Even if Bai Feng didn't say it, he understood the difficulty, it consumed willpower and consumed a lot of energy. Just now Bai Feng demonstrated it, his face is still somewhat pale at the moment, obviously not as simple as it seems.

     "You are weak in willpower. At this moment, you cannot completely outline a divine text. You can only outline a part of it, then meditate and perfect...""You have learned a lot of ten thousand languages, of course, the most important thing is the human language! ten thousand languages naturally also includes human characters. You are not too familiar with other languages, and you are the most familiar with human characters. First of all, Let’s start with human writing!"

     "You haven't seen the words written by the strong human race, I will write it for you today!"

     After all, Bai Feng volleyed, and a blank paper appeared.

     Without holding a pen, Bai Feng looked at the white paper and sighed, "Will Power is attached to the words that are truly powerful. Therefore, not everyone can write it, and some human races can't write it out.

     "The one you are most familiar with is "Kai Yuan Jue". Today I will write "Kai Yuan Jue"!"

     When the words fell, Bai Feng stretched out his hand, not close to the white paper, but moved in the air.

     Above the finger, golden light flickered.

     Su Yu once again sensed the gathering of vitality, and also sensed the existence of Will Power.

     Bai Feng looked solemn, fingers like a sword, waving in the air.

     "Kaiyuan has nine tricks..."

     The first sentence was just written, and the white paper showed signs of shattering, as if it could not bear the writing's strength.

     The golden light in Bai Feng's hand shimmered, covering the white paper, making the white paper stable.

     "The carrier is not strong enough to record strong will texts, but this is just a demonstration. I will reduce my strength. In the future, if you want to record powerful techniques and words, you need a special carrier, yourselves will know in the future."

     He continued to write, sweating on his head, plumes of white smoke rising from the top of his head, as if burning.

     "Don't look at me, look at the text I wrote!"On the side, Liu Yue hastily nodded, and quickly said to Su Yu: "The text of the civilized teacher's will, one word worth a thousand in gold!"

     Su Yu is also hastily nodded. Needless to say, he also understands the preciousness.

     Each font appeared, and a sentence was written.

     Su Yu looked intently, only to feel that the sky spins, the earth goes round.

     It's different!

     The "Kai Yuan Jue" that I saw in Peace Day is completely different!

     He seemed to see not words, but a person, a person who was practicing "Kai Yuan Jue", that was Bai Feng!

     He is getting nine tricks!



     Liu Wenyan smiled and whispered softly, "This kid... really worked hard."

     The writing of the will is still long, he...cannot do it.

     If he can do it, he will teach it himself.

     Even if the willpower is now manifested, he can't do it. He is not as good as Bai Feng. Bai Feng can write the "Kai Yuan Jue", but he probably finished the first one. There is no way to continue, and he cannot write a complete book "Kaiyuan Jue".

     Even if there are not many words in Kaiyuan Jue, this is not what he can do. Even if his Will Power has been very strong over the years, and it is not weaker than the general Tengkong triple, that can't be done.

     Bai Feng, who had vacated the sixth layer, even vaguely advanced to the vacant seventh layer.

      This kind of person is not much in Daxia Civilization Institute, referring to youth generation, people under 40 years old.

     Liu Wenyan was actually just trying, he couldn't think Bai Feng would really consume a lot of Will Power, teaching the little genius in two small cities here.

     He didn't take the initiative to raise this point.Let Bai Feng give up the quota and teach students, he can let him do it like a rascal, but he can transcribe the will and teach the outline of the gods. He didn't say this, because it requires a certain price.

     "Su Yu, Liu Yue, cherish this opportunity!"

     Liu Wenyan said silently and left soon.


     In the room.

     Su Yu was excited in the extreme. For the first time, he clearly saw a person practicing "Kai Yuan Jue", the analytical version, from the inside to the outside, he saw very transparently.

     This is the real teaching!

     At the moment, he felt that the instructions in the school were too rough.

     Is this the power of a civilized division?

     At this time, Su Yu felt that if he started "Na Yuan Jue" with his blood, maybe the efficiency was 30% better than before!

     It's no wonder that civilized academies can analyze the exercises of the ten thousand races. If they are all written in this way, the strong will learn it.

     "Don't just look at cultivation, text, and writing's strength! If you can feel the text that suits you, you can imagine, outline, and find the first divine text that suits you!"

     "I write on the spot, my will is the most active, at this moment, you feel the clearest!"

     Bai Feng didn't say that even in civilized academies, not everyone has such an opportunity. You can see the strong transcribe the text of will on the spot.

     Many times, they are observing the originals of some ten thousand clan exercises and looking for them.The outline of the divine writing is generally done only at the nurturing stage. If Su Yu and the others enroll in school, the first thing is not to cultivate, but to master more Wanzu languages. Therefore, it will take a few years before they can get in touch with the outline of the divine writing. .

     Su Yu did not indulge in flights of fancy anymore and went to read the text.

     One by one words, jumping in front of his eyes.

     They seemed to be full of power, but they couldn't grasp it.

     Su Yu was dazzled, and only felt that his headache was splitting apart, so he kept on watching.

     On the side, Liu Yue has sweat all over the face, complexion blanches.

     After a while, Liu Yue looked depressed and withdrew from the observation of the will.

     Look again at this moment. Although I feel that this text is full of power, I no longer have the feeling of experience it for oneself.

     "I failed."

     Liu Yue sighed in her heart, not disappointed, her willpower was too weak, it was normal for her to fail the first time.

     Turning around, Liu Yue was slightly startled when he saw that Su Yu was sweating all over the face, but still watching.

     Is he still watching?

     Bai Feng is still writing, it is also complexion blanches, but he smiles.

     Good toughness!

     He wrote "Kai Yuan Jue" on the spot, to be honest, not because of Liu Yue, but Su Yu.

     This kid, he suddenly felt as if he had discovered a real genius.

     Talent is not the key, the key is that strength and resilience!

     "Quickly find the text you feel most kind, hurry up, capture it, and use your will to capture it!"

     Liu Yue shocked her body when she heard this.

     This... Teacher Bai is laying the foundation for Su Yu, laying the foundation of his divine writing!Does he think Su Yu can do it?

     This is Su Yu's first contact, can he lay the foundation for the first time?


     The first time I was just familiar with it, how come...

     As Liu Yue was thinking, Su Yu also sensed Bai Feng's eagerness, as if he couldn't hold it anymore.

     Su Yu didn't have time to think about it. At the moment, countless words were flying in front of him. Su Yu stared at one of them, gritted his teeth, and quickly caught it according to Bai Feng's instructions!

     To put it simply, just imagine it out of thin air!

     Grab the beating text!

     "Grab it!"


     "Although I don't know if there is such an opportunity, it is free. Next time I go to a civilized college, I might have to pay for it!"

     "Grab it, hurry!"

     Su Yu was sweating all over, he didn't know it, didn't feel it, only has one thought, grab a word, otherwise it would be a pity.

     Just when Bai Feng was about to finish writing the last word and about to write down, he buzzed and the white paper quivered.

     Bai Feng looked at it, his face moved!

     "Strengthen its vitality and blood, refine its muscles and bones..."

     In this sentence, the word "blood" dimmed, losing the light of other words.

     "He succeeded?"

     Bai Feng somewhat dull, turned to look at Su Yu, and succeeded for the first time!

     He admitted that he had some thoughts of assessment and some thoughts of loving talents, so it took a lot of money to write "Kaiyuan Jue".

     He hoped in case that Su Yu could succeed.But he couldn't think, the other party really succeeded!

     God, are you kidding me?

     He himself is a genius. When he entered the school for the first time, Will Power was full of 20% and he could directly observe Qianjun's original fragments.

     But it took him half a year to outline the foundation of divine writing for the first time.

     His teacher personally wrote six articles of will for him, and he succeeded. That, that is also a genius.

     And this kid in front of him, for the first time, was 10% full...

     Is he still a human?

     Nan Yuan, Xiao Yang, how could such a guy appear?

     "I fuck!"

     Bai Feng cursed in his heart, and then his eyes were a little strange, the genius I found!

     No, the genius I cultivated myself!

     "Fuck, no one knows, he only has 10% full. When he arrives in Daxia Mansion, he is not worth mentioning! But no one knows that he has captured the divine text and laid the foundation for the divine text!"

     Bai Feng's eyes flashed. At this moment, Su Yu has fallen into the battle between Man and Heaven and is meditating.

     Bai Feng hesitated for a moment, looked at Liu Yue, and smiled: "You go back first, you should be very tired today, take a break, regain your energy, and you can come again tomorrow."

     "Thank you Teacher Bai."

     Liu Yue was indeed tired, but couldn't help but glanced at Su Yu. Bai Feng smiled and said, "He hasn't slowed down for the first time, so he can rest for a while."

     Liu Yue couldn't see that Su Yu had captured the divine text, and didn't think much about it, only felt that Su Yu really didn't feel pain, and thanked Bai Feng for a few words and left.

     When she left, Bai Feng looked at Su Yu who was in meditation, to bare one's fangs!

     "I... earned it!"

     "Fuck!""Teacher, I actually found a genius who captured divine writing for the first time in Nan Yuan, Xiao Yang!"

     "Let the teacher accept it in advance?"

     "No, I discovered this. I am also a researcher... Fuck, if I accept him as a student how is it?"

     "Can I get a fuller?"

     "Of course, the premise is that this kid can really quickly achieve nurturing, and even manifest!"

     "I'm a civilized teacher who vacated the sixth layer and accepts an ordinary student of Will Power 10%. No one has any opinions, right?"

     "Definitely not!"

     "Fuck, I'm such a genius, I earned it!"

     Bai Feng to bare one's fangs, Su Yu can't see it anyway. At this moment, Bai Feng smiles as if it is blooming.

     What an unexpected gain, boy, you are mine!

     It's up to you to be able to become a regular employee!

     PS: Monday, ask for recommendation, ask for collection, too pitiful, the eagle recommendation list has fallen to dozens, crying!
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