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27 Calm!
    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Anping calendar 350 years, May 18.

     It has been almost a month since Su Yu and Liu Wenyan studied alone. This month, Su Yu was very tired, but tired and happy.

      Practice path Above, Su Yu's progress is obvious.

     After consuming a few drops of essence and blood again, he still useless the half drop of vitality liquid. Even so, Su Yu also opened his eyes and officially steps into Kaiyuan Seventh Layer.

     Within a month, the acupuncture points of both eyes were opened.

     Su Yu at this moment, even if it is placed in other big cities, is not just in name only, but also in reality's cultivating genius.

     As for Kaiyuan Eighth, this is rare in other big cities. Under normal circumstances, only Daxia Mansion has some. Even in Daxia Mansion, Kaiyuan Eighth is a genius.

     Eightfold, open Shenqueqiao acupoint.

     After this acupuncture point is opened, the cultivator can sense the existence of a trace of vitality and can even mobilize some strength.

     At this moment, the repairer has combat effectiveness.

     Kaiyuan Eighth is a watershed, it is the watershed between the capable repairers and the ordinary person's not capable.

      The improvement in Mortal Body Cultivation is obvious, and the improvement in willpower is also obvious.

     According to Liu Wenyan, in just one month, Su Yu’s Will Power reached about 15%. Regardless of 5%, it is actually unimaginable. You must know that So many years Su Yu is only 10% full.

     If you follow this speed, Su Yu hopes to reach 20% before the assessment.

     At that time, Su Yu is no longer Xinnen, and 20% of his willpower can directly watch Qianjun's bone fragments. This stage is the beginning of a civilized master, and he has truly embarked on the way of a civilized master.In addition to the progress in strength, Liu Wenyan took him to many places this month and saw a lot of things. Some gains may be more important than strength progress.


     "200,000 Anping coins, 10 gold coins, two drops of blood, 10 merit points."

     In one month of cultivation, Su Yu spent a lot of essence and blood, but now he hasn't spent much money, and his merits have increased instead of increasing.

     This month, Liu Wenyan rewarded him with blood three times, and Su Yu chose iron-winged bird blood.

     As for the points of merit, that was what Chen Hao had done before.

     In fact, Su Yu only spent 60,000 yuan to buy two drops of blood from Xia's firm at the internal price. The Xia's firm gave the internal price because his teacher was Liu Wenyan.

     "Kaiyuan Seventh!"

     While walking towards Liu Wenyan's office, Su Yu clenched his fists, a little excited.

     He only broke through to Kaiyuan Seventh Layer last night, and then Kaiyuan Eighth Layer.

     It is more difficult to open the Shenque Acupoint, and after it is opened, Su Yu can truly practice martial arts and have combat effectiveness.

     Today was a day off, but Su Yu couldn't wait.

     The "blood" divine text had been trying to suck blood recently, but was stopped by Su Yu. He wanted to test it on his own before, but the "blood" divine text actually wanted to absorb the blood in Su Yu's hand, and Su Yu was frightened.

     He was only in the Kaiyuan realm, now swallowing the essence and blood, that was because the essence and blood were absorbed by the album, not himself.

     Shenwen is in the sea of his will, this guy actually wants to absorb the essence and blood, if it is accidental and blows his head, he will go to reason.Su Yu didn't dare to act rashly this time, he didn't even dare to suck ordinary blood, he was afraid that he would be killed by the "blood" brother.

     The willpower has nurtured the "blood" brother for a month, and Su Yu also broke through to the Kaiyuan Seventh Layer. At this moment, Su Yu feels that he has a lot of powerful strength at this time, and his safety may be bigger.

     At this time, I came to Liu Wenyan to ask about the divine text.

     Liu Wenyan did not teach him how to outline the divine text these days. With Bai Feng’s last teaching, Liu Wenyan felt that for this period of one month, Su Yu didn’t need to receive other divine text teachings, so he could just concentrate on reading Kaiyuan Jue. .


     In the office.

     Even if it was a day off, Liu Wenyan did not go home to rest.

     This month he took Su Yu to run this way and that, and many things in the school have accumulated. Taking advantage of the day off, Liu Wenyan is stepping up to deal with it.

     Before Su Yu entered the door, he felt it.

     When Su Yu knocked on the door to enter, Liu Wenyan looked up at him and frowned slightly: "It’s better to strike a balance between work and rest. You are also very tired this month, too far is as bad. as not enough (idiom, from the Analects) ."

     Su Yu worked very hard, he knew that, but after this month, he found that Su Yu worked harder than he had seen before.

     Such students are great!

     But such students are also worrying, worried that one day they will die.

     What's more, Su Yu hasn't given up the cultivation of the way of the flesh, and the progress of the flesh is also rapid, which makes Liu Wenyan somewhat skeptical, is this kid more suitable for the cultivation of the way of the flesh?

     "Teacher, I'm not tired."Su Yu hurriedly spoke, and then immediately said: "Teacher, I came here today to ask about Shenwen..."

     "I said, at this stage, what you have to do is to lay the foundation for the divine text and outline your own divine text! With the foundation Bai Feng wrote last time, you will soon hope to outline your own divine text."

     Liu Wenyan interrupted him. This was not the first time Su Yu asked.

     But he felt that Su Yu was still too anxious.

     The willpower is not strong enough, it is not a good thing to blindly study divine texts now.

     Liu Wenyan said solemnly: "Su Yu, you must practice in sequence, step by step, and don't advance!"

     "I have warned you several times about divine writing, why don't you listen?"

     "When your willpower reaches 20%, I will write an essay of will for you, let you capture the divine text and see if you can formally lay the foundation, now don't think about the divine text anymore."

     Liu Wenyan was a little unhappy.

     However, the meaning of the words is also very clear. In a few days, he will write an article of will for Su Yu.

     With the strength he had just promoted, to write an essay of will, even if Su Yu didn't know what the price would be, he knew it was not easy.

     On that day, Bai Feng vacated the sixth layer and almost reached the seventh layer. In this way, it was also a complexion blanches to write a piece of Kaiyuan Jue.

     Su Yu smiled bitterly. He also wanted to ask the teacher several times before...every time he was reprimanded like this.

     Liu Wenyan is sometimes very stubborn, as a teacher, preaching and teaching work to solve puzzles. In addition to these, Liu Wenyan thinks that the teacher should also lead the students to the right path, not a wrong path.

     He felt that Su Yu at this moment was asking the divine text with all his heart, it was a wrong way.Will Power is the root. Divine writing is a later matter. At this moment, bite off more than one can chew, but it is easy to go astray.


     "No more questions!"


     Su Yu has a headache, and the old man is sometimes stubborn and terrible, "I have learned the outline of the gods..."

     "To shut up!"

     Liu Wenyan suddenly became angry!

     Su Yu stopped slightly, looked at Liu Wenyan who was angry, and noticed something's wrong.

     Liu Wenyan was also startled by his own anger, and then the complexion fluctuates for a while, restored his calm, and said in a deep voice, "I regret letting Bai Feng teach you. Shenwen... is a good thing, but I didn't think, you Will be so persistent in pursuing divine writing!"

     "Su Yu, civilized master, divine writing, the two are inseparable, but you must remember that willpower is the fundamental!"

     He didn't even listen to Su Yu's words about learning to outline divine texts. Of course, he also misunderstood. Learning to do it doesn't mean that the outline is drawn.

     Liu Wenyan takes a deep breath, beckoning: "Sit down!"

     Su Yu sat down obediently.

     When he sat down, Liu Wenyan's eyes were in a daze, and he quickly returned to normal. Some struggled, but still opened his mouth and said: "Some civilized teachers feel that God is strong. When they were young, when their will was not firm, they focused on pursuing God. Wen!"

     "Daxia Civilization Academy, several generations of prefects have left a divine text, which is infinitely useful, and every word is a world, which is yearning."

     "50 years ago, the fifth generation chief of the Daxia Civilization Academy fell, leaving a word... that word changed a lot of things and changed many people."Liu Wenyan showed some bitterness in his eyes, "Some civilized masters who pursue the power of divine writing have embarked on the other-the way of divine writing! It is not a minor in divine writing, but a major in divine writing, with divine writing as the main subject and everything as a supplement. !"

     "Some of the geniuses of the past, the geniuses of the nurturing stage, almost set foot on the geniuses of manifestation. They were also greatly affected. They decided to outline powerful divine texts before they were manifested. Leapfrog killing and flying!"

     "They lofty aspirations and high ideals, they feel that they are unordinary natural talent, omnipotent!"

     "They are not reconciled to becoming ordinary civilizers, they want to amaze the world with a single brilliant feat, outline a powerful divine text, and even realize the true eternal heritage of the divine text, and become the gods of All Heavens and Myriad Clans!"

     "They want to rely on divine writing to fight the gods and demons, conquer the heavens, and sweep the same rank!"


     Liu Wenyan looked at Su Yu and said calmly: "They have failed! Many of them died, and many of them stayed in the nurturing stage for their entire lives! They were originally geniuses who had a better future and could do greater things for the human race. Contribute, but they chose the wrong path."

     "This day and age, if you go to the Daxia Civilization Academy, they will teach you divine literature, but before teaching, they will tell you not to pursue the strength of divine literature too much, that is the future."

     "They will tell you by way of example, that so-and-so, unordinary natural talent back then, because he pursued the strength of the divine text before he was realized, and eventually dazzled everyone and was completely abolished!"

     "And that so and so...maybe... there is someone named Liu Wenyan!"Su Yu's heart rolled over. In fact, when Liu Wenyan said the previous words, he had a judgment, but in the end he was sure.

     Liu Wenyan was depressed, and said in a low voice: "50 years ago, Bai Feng's teacher and I were brothers and the same teacher. Back then, he and I were both in the cultivating stage, and my willpower was 80%, and the realization of the distance was not too great Far away, he just stepped into nurturing."

     "At that time, the fifth generation of the governor fell, leaving a word...changed my life, changed the lives of many people!"

     "50 years later, I am a newly-emerging waste civilized teacher, and my junior brother is already a civilized teacher in the mountains and seas, suppressing one side, fighting the heavens, killing the gods and destroying the demons!"

     Liu Wenyan was a bit bitter, "Su Yu, don't pursue this too much. The teacher regrets it a bit. If you regret it, you should tell you earlier. I am worried that you will go astray. Divine writing is supplementary, not fundamental."

     "Even if you want to strengthen your divine writing, let's talk about it after it is realized."

     "One is in the air and one is heavy, and the other is between mountains and seas... This is the difference in the choice of road, Final Result sky above and earth below."

     Su Yu's throat was a little dry, and he whispered, "Teacher, Shenwen...will it interfere with the manifestation of willpower?"

     "Yes, nor is it."

     "No, under normal circumstances, but the cultivation of divine writing consumes too much willpower. Of course, it doesn't matter if it's normal, but our group of people back then... was crazy."

     Liu Wenyan felt a bit painful when he said "crazy".

     "Those of us, want to truly cultivate the divine texts that can manifest reality before manifestation, not in the sea of will, but transformed into reality, condensed into Divine Weapon, or even eternal inheritance... Do you think you are crazy? ?"Liu Wenyan laughed at himself: "We are only nurturing! How strong can the willpower be? Too much willpower is consumed on this, and it even hurts the root, not a lunatic what is?"

     "A group of idiots who don't know the immensity of heaven and earth, they deserve to die, they deserve to be abandoned, they deserve to be...deported!"

     He said he was expelled from the Civilization Academy...that's true.

     Those people in those days were all contemporary geniuses. As a result, they were greatly influenced by the fifth-generation governor. As a result, that generation was almost abandoned!

     But these people were very influential and even affected the inheritance of the entire civilized academy at that time.

     At that time, the sixth generation also the governor of it's now, made a choice.

     Expel these people!

     Fire them!

     Let them leave the Civilization Academy, emerge and perish on its own, and stop affecting the choices of later generations, otherwise it will be terrible, maybe Daxia Civilization Academy will cut off inheritances because of this.

     Liu Wenyan didn't plan to tell Su Yu, but today, Su Yu is still struggling with divine writing, so he has to remind him.

     Don't go the wrong way again!

     Liu Wenyan was deeply affectionate and used his own example to prove that this is a wrong path.

     But Su Yu... Su Yu is tangled!

     Looking at the teacher looking at him expectantly, hoping that he would realize the mistake, but... Su Yu scratched his head and said dryly: "Teacher, it's okay to practice divine writing normally?"

     "Of course it's okay to cultivate normally, but your willpower is too weak now, and it's actually not too late to cultivate."

     "Teacher... but I have outlined it."Su Yutou Avenue: "It's been almost a month. The day when Teacher Bai Feng pointed me, I succeeded in sketching. He also asked me to capture a few more divine texts."


     Liu Wenyan looked at him with a calm face, "Did you succeed in sketching?"


     "The day Bai Feng taught you?"


     Liu Wenyan nodded, his face still calm, but his heart was cursing!

     You succeeded, don't you say!

     Su Yu, idiot, Bai Feng, bastard, no one of you two told me!

     Don't worry if Su Yu is an idiot. This kid doesn't understand the meaning contained within. Bai Feng, bastard... No wonder, it's no wonder that this bastard wants to accept Su Yu as a student in advance. Does this bastard have a face?

     The curse in my heart is not open, but his face is as flat as water, "If you outline the divine text, then you slowly outline the complete divine text, what else do you keep asking?"

     "No, sir, I have sketched a complete divine text that day, mainly because the divine text is restless recently and I have always wanted to suck blood..."


     The pen in Liu Wenyan's hand pierced the desk and frowned, "The quality of this table is too bad! I know that the school has insufficient funds, but Pharaoh is too economical. Don't learn from him. You don't need to follow him anywhere."

     Su Yu blinked, teacher, I was talking about Shenwen.

     "What a bad table!"

     Liu Wenyan dropped his pen angrily, turned his head to look at Su Yu, condensed his eyebrows: "Did you outline the complete divine text on the first day?""Well, it's a Blood'blood' character." Su Yu hurriedly said, "I wanted to talk to the teacher about this situation a few days ago, but... Anyway, it's not too rushed. The teacher told me to lay the foundation, so I didn't continue. asked."

     I wanted to ask a few days ago, and the result was the same as today. Liu Wenyan interrupted directly.

     Su Yu respected Liu Wenyan very much. The teacher interrupted and let him lay the foundation. Of course, he had nothing to say, and it was not easy to fight the teacher.

     But today, he can't wait any longer.

     The teacher even talked about his own past, and if you dare to pursue the divine writing, I will cut off the teacher-student relationship with you... Su Yu had to put a bold face on it to finish talking.

     I sketched the divine text in advance, so there will be nothing wrong, right?

     Bai Feng didn't say anything, but who knew that Bai Feng was not reliable.

     "Blood word..." Liu Wenyan nodded, "This word was sketched out, and blood sucking... is normal."

     "Not sucking your own, then not a big problem."

     "A month ago, the first day, a complete outline..."

     Liu Wenyan murmured, and then nodded slightly: "That's because I misunderstood you, pretty good. It turns out that it has been sketched successfully. I said you have been mentioning it these days, so that's how it is."

     After that, Liu Wenyan got up and said, "I'll go to communicate with Bai Feng, and check the information by the way to see what the characteristics of the Blood ‘血’ character are."

     "You wait here, I'll be back later."

     Liu Wenyan said as he walked: "Don't go away, by the way, don't continue to talk about this matter, Nan Yuan is too young, be careful that all ethnic religions know to start with you..."

     The reason is the same as Bai Feng said.With that said, Liu Wenyan ignored that the office door was closed, and with a bang, he smashed through the door and walked out directly, saying, "Pharaoh, what things are cheap!"

     "Although the desk is of poor quality, even the door is defective!"

     "This college is under his control and will close down sooner or later. Saving money is not so saving!"


     Liu Wenyan was foul-mouthed. Not far away, the old man pulled his beard, feeling somewhat wronged.

     Is it bad?

     Is not it!

     The office supplies used by Lao Liu are not bad, they are all the best in academy.

     Outside, Liu Wenyan continued to curse, continued to walk, walked...flying away!

     The next moment, flew to a land without man.

     Suddenly a head hit the pillar, sobbing in pain, and babbling like: "Scribe the divine text a day, and sketch the divine text a day! I...Fuck! Shame, no one told me, Bai Feng, Lao Tzu and you are endless !"

     "You want to admit students, do you dream of him!"

     "I'm not over with you!"

     "It's shameful, what did I just say?"

     Liu Wenyan seemed to be a little sober, he seemed to expose his dark history, and then talk idly about important matters to Su Yu... Don't pursue divine writing at this time, bite off more than one can chew!

     But... what a shame!

     The fame of I was completely ruined today.

     That kid is also a bastard, so he won't talk about it when he starts a few times, he will die if you say a few words!

     "When the teacher says something wrong, be brave to refute... Didn't I teach this? It seems...no?"Liu Wenyan murmured, then whispered a few words, don't say anything, just fuck!


     "Su Yu is a hairy boy who doesn't know anything, I don't say... what does he know! It's just a day of sketching the divine text...like someone can't do it!"

     Liu Wenyan rubbed his old face and calmed down. This is nothing. I have experienced and knowledgeable Liu Wenyan. I haven't encountered any big storms!
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