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31 Three Goals
    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Chen family.

     The house with four bedrooms and two halls is not in the same neighborhood as Su Yu's house, but it's in the neighborhood next door, not far away.

     This is also the reason why Chen Hao often appears downstairs in the Su family.

     A few years ago, the two were in the same community. Later, Chen Qinghe was promoted and bought a slightly larger house in the community next door.

     As soon as Su Yu walked in, Chen Qinghe, who was watching TV, got up immediately, laughed and said, "Ayu is here, sit down, eat after a while, I haven't seen you for many days!"

     "Uncle Chen, where is Auntie in the kitchen?"

     In the kitchen, Chen Hao's mother didn't come out, and said with a smile: "Ayu will watch TV first, and will be able to eat later. Today I specially made the braised pork that you like."

     Su Yu smiled and said Thank you, as for the braised pork...I did too much, and I was disgusted before, but now I am not at home, I really miss it.

     When Su Yu sat down, Chen Qinghe also sat down to see his son. He suddenly lost his smiling face and yelled, "Go and pour the tea! I don't have any eyesight!"

     Chen Hao muttered a few words and ran to pour tea unwilling.

     As soon as Chen Hao left, Chen Qinghe's expression quickly eased, and he looked at Su Yu and said, "Ayu, Haozi's thing, thank you very much. This kid is dim-witted, it's not a trivial thing to do anything, if someone else... We can't get it either."

     "But you and Hiroko grew up since small together, since this matter was your idea, uncle is not worried about it."

     "You have a good mind, and you are smarter than your father and me. You have ideas."

     Su Yu whispered: "Uncle Chen, there will be nothing wrong with this. I am just worried. I added points and sent Haozi to the war college...Is it right?"Chen Qinghe sighed, and quickly shook his head: "I thought about this before, but later, I couldn't stop it. You know the character of that kid, there is a thread. He wants to go to the war college, even if he can't go to the university. It is also possible to go to other weaker war colleges in the Summer War College."

     "Rather than let him go to another war college, it's better to go to a better one, at least with more opportunities and more security."

     Chen Qinghe looked at Su Yu and said sternly: "In fact, I wanted to invite this meal a long time ago. On the one hand, it is thanks, and on the other... it is a request! You are definitely going to Daxia Mansion, even if He Haozi is not there. A university, but Uncle believes that you will definitely walk farther than Haozi when you get to Daxia Mansion, so you can eat..."

     "On the battlefield, you are the commander and Hiroko is a cannon fodder for the charge. Uncle wants to ask you to take care of one or two."

     Su Yu hurriedly said: "Uncle Chen, don't worry, that's for sure. Haozi and I have known each other So many years."

     Chen Qinghe waved his hand slightly, and sighed again: "One or two times is okay. After a long time, no matter how good the relationship is, it won't work. So in the end, it has to look at Haozi himself. If he is not capable, he will be returned after graduation. Nan Yuan, Nan Yuan is actually quite good."

     "If he is a little capable, he can show up in Daxia Mansion, and when he doesn't hinder you, he will be your follower..."

     "Uncle Chen, these words are too..." Su Yu just wanted to speak, and Chen Qinghe interrupted: "He is just a follower. It depends on who you are with. This bastard is a bit of a fool. It's really behind others. It will become cannon fodder someday, and death doesn't know at all."

     "Outside is no better than at home. Ten thousand people can eat people, and people can eat people.Chen Qinghe’s voice was bleak, "Ayu, uncle can only ask him to you. You are the same age, so you can do things without worry, but Haozi really can’t. Uncle wants to teach him these years. He can’t teach him. It's useless."

     Su Yu had nothing to say, so he nodded.

     At this time, Chen Hao came over with a teacup, and laughed when he saw it and said, "Dad, what are you talking about?"

     Chen Qing and glanced at him, said ill-humoredly: "Talk about why you are so stupid, at what time can you grow up!"

     Chen Hao looked depressed and said nothing.

     "It would be great if you were a girl, I told Su Long directly that it was given to Ayu, but it happened to be a buffed boy, who grew so big!"

     Chen Hao to bare one's fangs, Su Yu also shiver all over though not cold.

     Imagine Chen Hao becoming a woman... Forget it, I don't want to, it's terrible.

     After talking for a while, Chen's mother had already prepared the meal, and the dishes began to be served. Several people moved to the restaurant together.


     It's not the first time eating at Chen's house, Su Yu is nothing else restrained.

     I haven't had a decent meal for many days, and Su Yu ate a lot of this meal.

     After eating and chatting for a while, Su Yu would leave and go home.

     After leaving the door, Chen Qinghe didn’t know at what time. He took a box in his hand, held Su Yu’s hand, stuffed it into his hand, and whispered: “Take it, this is not a thank you for the previous thing, then You let Haozi thank you later..."

     "This is the thank you uncle who asked you to take care of him before. Uncle said that he didn't care, and he was really afraid... I'm afraid he will be gone someday."

     "Ayu, please!"Su Yu didn't know what it was like in his heart. Chen Qinghe was a deputy director of the Commissioner's Office at any rate, and he was also in the nine-fold realm, and he was about to become a full-time post.

     But now, for the sake of my son, I am more polite to myself than before, even meek and subservient.

     In fact, he also went to Kaiyuan, and he went to a civilized school. In fact, Su Yu also is unclear why Chen Qinghe believed in himself so much.

     The box was stuffed by Chen Qinghe, Su Yu thought about it and didn't refuse, so let's put it away first.


     Su Yu quickly left the Chen family.

     As soon as he left, Chen Hao said, "Dad, why are you so polite to Ayu today? It's uncomfortable."

     "What do you know!"

     Chen Qinghe was too lazy to pay attention to him. Chen Hao was unwilling to say: "Why don't you understand! Ayu and I have known So many years, and according to you, the relationship is strong."

     "Take care of you one or two times is friendship, three or four times is kindness, no matter how many times it is unfeeling!"

     Chen Qinghe said with a cold face: "Just your temper, sooner or later you will get into trouble! The number of times is too high, Su Yu is not your old man, why should you take care of you? When the friendship is gone, you still brazen faced and post it? "

     "Dad, you don't trust me too much."


     Chen Qinghe replied simply, and then said: "I'm really going to Daxia Mansion. Don't cause trouble to me. Just cultivate it properly! Su Yu's side, don't bother others if it's okay. If something is impossible to solve, go and ask. He helps."

     "Ayu, like me, is also a student, not a high official..."

     "You!"Chen Qinghe sighed and said: "Can it be the same? Don't say that he is smarter than you. Who is Liu Wenyan? The civilized teacher of Tengkong Realm has a wide network of people in Daxia Civilization Academy. He has high expectations for Su Yu. Su Yu goes After that, it’s different from you."

     "And the Bai Feng who came last time, I asked, Assistant Researcher, it seems that he is about to break through to the sky seven!"

     "The last time he left, he asked Su Yu to go to the academy to find him... At that time, Chief Zhang Qian of the City Guards were all present. What does this mean? It means that Su Yu is optimistic about you. You said you... why didn't you catch him? This opportunity!"

     "He Su Yu went to the Daxia Civilization Institute, with Liu Wenyan's contacts, Bai Feng to take care of him, and he is smart. After a few years, you will still be a big soldier, and everyone may become a figure in the Daxia House!"

     "Also, that guy Su Long, it's a ninth tier, that's right, but he comes from the Demon Suppression Army, not the same as your father and me."

     Chen Qinghe said with emotion: "What is the Demon Squad Army? It was the big army commanded by the Commander of the Xia Palace! Now Long Wuwei, several thousands of commanders are all from the Demon Squad Army!"

     "Su Long is not a big man in the Squad Demon Army, but from the first army, that is an old comrade-in-arms!"

     "Long Wuwei and most of the upper ranks of the mansion army came from the Demon Suppression Army. As long as he Su Yu is not stupid, by this reason, the two big forces are his backers!"

     Chen Hao shook his head, "This is also OK? Dad, Uncle Sub in a supernatural realm, can you still know those big people?"

     "It's not a matter of cognition or not!"Chen Qing and said ill-humoredly: "You don’t understand the military side. Su Yu really needs to ask for something. He said that his father was from the Demon Suppression Army, or the kind of veterans who returned. Naturally, the military side has more emotions. , The military is so good at protecting the calf, at least it will not let Su Yu be bullied by anyone."

     "It won't give him much benefit, but in Daxia Mansion, ordinary people don't even want to bully Su Yu and cause big trouble. Palace Master Xia himself has ever come forward."

     Chen Qinghe didn't say more, it's not that this has never happened.

     Xia Longwu is Iron Blood War God, and he values his fellowship.

     Especially the group of veterans who fought with him on the battlefield 20 years ago, now many of them are high-ranking military officers of Long Wuwei and the army.

     It's a pity for Su Long. If he hadn't returned from the army back then and hadn't died, his status might not be low now.

     The Qianjun Realm is still too weak. If Su Long was in the Ten Thousand Stone Realm, I'm afraid he would have entered the Dragon Wuwei back then.

     Compared to Su Yu, this kid from his own family is really isolated and without help when he went to Daxia Mansion.

     He is not Su Long. He is the number one person in Nanyuan and went to Daxia Mansion... Who knows him, who is Chen Qinghe?

     Chen Hao heard something somewhat got a headache, and didn't think about it anymore, muttering that Uncle Su was a real cow... and then went back to the room.

     Chen Qinghe not to know whether to laugh or cry, he can probably guess what his son is thinking now.

     Why is my dad not from the Demon Squad?

     This is probably what this kid is thinking now!


     Su family.

     Back home, Su Yu opened the box that Chen Qinghe gave.

     With this opening, Su Yu's expression could not help changing.This box is not small, there is more than one thing inside.

     There are several small bottles in the box, plus a piece of bone.

     Complete bone piece!

     "This...this is...the cultivation technique original manuscript?"

     Su Yu is somewhat astonished. As for the bottle, he saw it. There were three. Open the bottle and glanced at, Yuanqiye!

     One drop per bottle!

     3 drops of vitality liquid!

     "Good generous!"

     Su Yu is speechless!

     3 drops of vitality liquid, the market price is 300,000.

     The key is not this, but the original of the ten thousand clan exercises.

     Even if it's just a cultivation technique original manuscript in the Qianjun realm, the value is amazing.

     The last time Bai Feng gave Su Yu a fragment, it was only the original one third, which was considered a treasure, and Liu Yue was jealous at that time.

     This thing is not something that can be bought with money, but merit merit.

     Su Yu now is not a pure white.

     Nanyuan Middle School does not exchange cultivation technique original manuscript, but it can be exchanged at Daxia Palace.

     It is a cultivation technique original manuscript of the Great Realm. It does not depend on whether it is a martial art or a martial art, or which family it belongs to. It is the most basic, starting at 30 merit points!

     If the cultivation technique original manuscript of these strong races of gods and demons is of higher value and very high!

     At least 30 merit points or more!


     Su Yu felt that Chen Qinghe would not be stingy in this shot, but he couldn't think it was not a problem of atmosphere. He suspected that Chen Qing and the merits accumulated over the years were used by him to replace the original. Up!

     "this is……"

     Su Yu really didn't know what to say.300,000, Chen Qinghe led the Supervisory Office, and definitely earned more than his own father, but it is difficult to easily get 300,000.

     Merit points, according to their annual welfare, Chen Qinghe can get 5-10 points a year.

     Su Yu doesn't know how much merit he has spent, but just such a box is probably all the belongings of Chen Qinghe in 1967!

     Including wages, benefits, meritorious service, all of them went in!

     "Uncle Chen is too dear to me!"

     Su Yu smiled bitterly. He understood that this was an investment. Of course, it was not Chen Qinghe who came to invest, but Chen Hao.

     I hope that Su Yu will get better in Daxia Mansion and can take care of Chen Hao.

     The point is, it really costs the money.

     Chen Qinghe doesn't know at all Bai Feng accepted him as a student ahead of time, and he didn't know that he was already Kaiyuan Seventh Layer. Based on the previous things, he gave him such a valuable thing. Isn't it scared to be a waste?


     Su Yu sighed with emotion. It was all for the child. Haozi probably didn't know about this. If he knew, this guy would probably come to grab something.

     Uncle Chen will not accept things back, Su Yu knows this.

      He thought for a bit, and he was not prepared to return it.

      Cultivation technique original manuscript, since Chen Qinghe changed this, he couldn't use it himself, and he couldn't see it. That was because he had made it clear that he would send it to Su Yu, and I am afraid that he had inquired a lot in advance.

     As for 3 drops of vitality liquid, Su Yu considered, he may not need so many.

     There is still half a drop on his body, and there are still 3 drops during the assessment. He has already counted it for himself in advance.Yuan Qi Liquid is of great help in the Kaiyuan Realm, and it is also useful for a thousand stones, but the effect was not as good as it is now.

     Su Yu is now Kaiyuan Seventh, probably not spending that much.

     "When the time comes, Haozi will come to practice, just use it for him."

     "After Dad left home, my savings grew more and more."

     Su Yu not to know whether to laugh or cry. When Dad left, he left more than 300,000 yuan. When Su Yu bought the essence and blood, he felt that he would soon be bankrupt.

     It's better now, but his family is getting more and more.

     "Anping coins and gold coins are worth 300,000, three and a half drops of vitality liquid, Qianjun's original complete copy, one incomplete copy, one copy of Kaiyuan Jue, two drops of essence and blood, and 13 points of merit."

     Meritorious points, including the point earned today, the remaining two points were earned by the people who assisted Jifengtang in arresting the patriarchs the other day.

     With this calculation, Su Yu found out that he was now a rich man.

     "I'm rich, please treat the'blood' brother!"

     Su Yu smiled. The two drops of blood he seized last time were not iron-winged bird blood, and he didn't take it indiscriminately, but left the word "blood" to absorb.

     Although Shenwen does not absorb much each time, it will grow up sooner or later if it is slowly absorbed.

     "In the next time, kill a mid-level graduation test, and the other is to break through Kaiyuan Eighth!"

     "In terms of willpower, strive to reach 20% full reserve soon!"

     Su Yu set a goal, which was his goal before participating in the higher education examination.

     At this moment, there are still less than 24 days before the assessment.

     He believes he can accomplish all three goals!
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