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33 Tycoon
    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Nan yuan.

     In the past two days, the school is noisy, and Chen Hao of Kaiyuan Third Layer broke through to the fourth layer, challenging Zhou Chong of Kaiyuan Five Layer...

     There is almost no difference between the four layers and five layers, and they are actually ordinary people.

     Zhou Chong's realm was higher than Chen Hao, and when he was singled out, Chen Hao's wolf cried and howled.

     This was not over yet. Chen Hao finished playing Zhou Chong and felt that the time was too short, so he continued to look for someone to single out, and on the first day he had a fight with more than a dozen students.

     There are wins and losses, but Chen Hao doesn't care, he is training in actual combat.

     In this way, in less than three days, Chen Hao fought at least thirty times. If it weren't for too much bruise, he was forced by his wife to recuperate at home for a day, the guy would have to continue fighting.

     Chen Hao didn't come, but Chen Hao made a start for Nanyuan Academy.

     On weekdays, everyone thinks Kaiyuan Quadruple is too powerful, and the fifth is simply the stars in the sky.

     But now, I have been beaten by Chen Hao.

     This seems to have opened up a new world for everyone. In the past, some students were bullied by some geniuses. Now everyone was excited. Chen Hao didn't come to school, and the school was even more lively this day.

     It's not one or two that is clamoring to find a genius. This guy Zhou Chong has a stinky mouth and provokes a lot of people. Because of the face of the genius, this guy doesn't admit to counseling. This day, at least six or seven students are singled out.

     Whether he wins or loses, he has to be injured anyway. People who are not familiar with him now can hardly recognize this guy when they visit him again.



     In the office, Liu Wenyan shook his head, some not to know whether to laugh or cry.

     He knew who instigated it at the first guess!Chen Hao was honest, no one instigated Zhou Chong to fight, obviously it was a good thing for Su Yu.

     On the side, the old governor continued to pull his beard, his beard has been pulled a lot these days.

      sighed saying, the old governor long moan and short gasp said: "These little guys are so energetic! They are all about to be assessed, and they will not stop. No matter if it is noisy, there is passion for cultivation, but..."

     The old governor was almost in tears, "But, don't beat the girls! These little guys, I am worried about them in the future! There are not many girls in the war school. If this habit is brought to the war school, let's Nan Yuan... …Is it possible to become a bachelor’s den?"

     Liu Wenyan's body shook slightly, yes, the problem is serious!

     "Chen Hao, this kid... owes a fight!"

     Liu Wenyan is also a little more worried, what about the students of Nan Yuan this year?

     Now everyone is clamoring "equality between men and women, no distinction between men and women on the battlefield", equal your uncle!

     You are so straight one by one, what shall we do in the future?

     Could it be that... this class of male students will be single to death?

     The old governor’s sighing voice, wailing breath, "This ethos is not only bad for this year, but I will be watching the next few years. There are many 11-12 years old children in the school. I heard other coaches say in the past two days, Many male students are ready to challenge female students..."

     "Are they stupid?" Liu Wenyan was unable to respond.

     "It's not stupid, it's from the senior students. Beating girls can represent the firm will to cultivate and help the progress of the Tao."


     Liu Wenyan glanced at the old governor, and the old governor also looked at him, and both old men suddenly showed frustrated faces.Can't pass it like this!

      If it goes on like this, in a few years, the entire Nanyuan Academy will really become a monk's temple.

     too terrifying!

     And once this notoriety spreads out, if even Daxia Mansion knows about it in the future, when Nan Yuan students arrive at Daxia Mansion, do they still want to murmur endearments with the girl?

     What are you thinking about!

     The old governor sighed again, "Let's let this student go away first, Lao Liu, don't talk about this, have you heard the news from Daxia Civilization Academy?"

     As the strongest middle school in Nanyuan, it is naturally connected with the various universities in Daxia Prefecture.

     Some news will be spread soon.

     What's more, there's some left of the graduates of Nanyuan Academy in the school, so the old governor's news is also well-informed.

     Liu Wenyan nodded slightly, and then said dismissively: "The old tradition is gone, there is nothing new! The key is not Su Yu, with Bai Feng. This guy just broke through to the seventh layer of the sky, and the threat to people is suddenly great."

     "Even though he was also very good at the Sixth tier before, at the Daxia Civilization Academy, there are still seven or eight places in the Sixth tier at his age, and there are also several in the late stage. He is a bit controversial in the top ten, but now he is fast Breaking the boundary... this is naturally fascinating."

     Bai Feng's apprenticeship was actually not so sensational.

     If he were to recruit students from the Sixth Layer, although some people were paying attention, it was definitely not as serious as it is now.

     The key is sevenfold!

     Although the sixth and seventh layers are only separated by one layer, this means that the next bottleneck for Bai Feng to vacate the eight layers and nine layers is almost gone.

      as a result, Bai Feng increased to the top five ranks of Daxia Civilization Academy.This refers to Bai Feng's group of people, not those veteran qualifications from the college.

     The old governor worried: "Will Su Yu be affected? I heard that every time this time comes, there are fierce battles over there, not only the Civilization Academy, but also the War Academy. Some people even lost their lives... …"

     "That happens in rare circumstances." Liu Wenyan knew better than him, explaining: "There are people watching behind. You said that you lost your life. Most of them are accidents."

     "There are accidents."

     The old governor deeply worried and sick at heart said: "Su Yu, a middle school student, was suddenly involved in this matter, Lao Liu, I was thinking...whether he wants to go to the civilized school? It’s also stable, you say..."

     "No way!"

     Liu Wenyan condensed his eyebrows and said: "Even if he has achieved success in the war academy, he is absolutely no civilized academy! Now going to a civilized academy is a hurdle, but if you cross it, he can go faster, higher, and farther!"

     "Lao Liu, he is only 18 years old, he doesn't understand anything."

     Liu Wenyan resolutely said: "If you don't understand, you can learn, no one is born to understand! Su Yu is full of resilience, and small setbacks can't defeat him. When he survives, he will be the best!"

     "You think this is a crisis, and I think this is an opportunity. If he is an ordinary student enrolling and wants to get in touch with this field, it will take at least five years from now, but now he can get in touch with this group of the best young people. Help, there will be no hindrance."

     "As for the danger... that's not enough." Liu Wenyan said solemnly: "Bai Feng is not a weak person in the youth generation, and his teacher is also one of the few top-level existences among the senior researchers of civilized universities.""Su Yu has gone, the starting point is not low, and only a high starting point, a high starting point, can make him go easier!"

     "What's more... Su Yu is no worse than anyone!"

     Speaking of this, Liu Wenyan smiled, "We haven't updated the information at Daxia Civilization Academy. Kaiyuan Fifth Layer, Ten Thousand Ethnic Languages and 18 Schools. This information will be maintained for the time being and will not be updated! Leave it to Su Yu Buy time, when you arrive at the Civilization Academy, you will no time to deal with it!"

     Seeing that he had an idea, the old man no longer persuaded him, and said: "Then he Kaiyuan Eighth has hope?"

     In the past two days, Su Yu didn't have a mission. He came to the college to order a mao, learned ten thousand languages with Liu Wenyan, and soon returned home.

     He is preparing to break through Kaiyuan Eighth.

     Kaiyuan Eighth Layer, this is a big watershed in the Kaiyuan Realm. After the breakthrough, Su Yu can use his vitality, with a stronger explosive power, and with the gods, it will be less difficult to kill the Qianjun Realm under a sneak attack.

     "do not know."

     Liu Wenyan hesitated and said: "He has made rapid progress recently. In less than two months, he went from the fourth to the seventh, and even immediately to the eighth. Among them, Bai Feng's "Kaiyuan Jue" helped him a lot, but he reached Kaiyuan Seventh. , The help of the text of will is limited."

     "Didn't you say that you want to write him an essay of will? Do you want to stop writing "Kai Yuan Jue" to him again?"

     The old governor still somewhat anticipated that Su Yu made a breakthrough. He made a breakthrough. Su Yu was the first Kaiyuan Eightfold genius in the past two decades.

      20 years ago, Nan Yuan had been out of Kaiyuan Eighth, but... it was a little fake.That person came from the Daxia Mansion, so he was temporarily transferred to the class and left after the assessment.

     "It's useless for me to write this stuff now."

     Liu Wenyan shook his head and then smiled: "I have already figured out what to write to him, but you have to bleed."

     "What to write?" The old governor was a little wary.

     "The first chapter of "Lei Yuan Dao", Qianjun Chapter!"

     Liu Wenyan said in a deep voice: "He does not lack the skills, and he has them in civilized schools, but he lacks martial skills! He lacks the martial skills passed down by the will! It's okay to learn ordinary martial skill(s), but the speed is too slow, only the will Only by writing and writing martial arts can he quickly gain and inherit and control this martial arts."

     ""Lei Yuan Knife"! Profound rank inferior martial skills?"

     The old governor looked at him and said in surprise: "Can he do it? No, Can you? Can you write the "Lei Yuan Dao" Qianjun Chapter now?"

     The strength of a civilized division is not only in force, but in fact, warriors are not weak in force.

     But there are many places where civilized masters are powerful. For example, Bai Feng wrote a half-hearted "Kaiyuan Jue". Su Yu gained a lot. He broke through to the eighth layer of Kaiyuan without using his essence and blood. The impact of the text.

     "I can not?"

     Liu Wenyan blew his beard and stared, "Xuanjie is only inferior, it's just a Qianjun chapter, can I not? Who do you look down on?"

     "However... you have to bleed! I want a hundred drops of thunder beast's essence and blood, and it will be fine. In addition, I will use the thunder beast unicorn to grind it into powder, and also, provide me with a piece of Ten Thousand Stone Beast skin, I'll transcribe "Lei Yuan Knife"."

     "you……"The old governor stared wide-eyed, pinching his fingers and calculating, "A hundred drops of thunder beast essence and blood, in the junjun level, that is 100 merits. Thunder beast unicorn 5 merits and 1 root, ten thousand stone level animal skins, suitable for transcribing profound martial arts. Yes, at least 10 merits..."

     "115 merits, are you stealing money?"


     Liu Wenyan reprimanded: "You are too vulgar! Everything is linked to money! More than 100 merits, the last time Ten Thousand Clan religions came and was destroyed, didn't the institution get an extra 1000 merits?"

     "That's the wealth of the college!"

     "What family background, didn't I kill a Tengkong? I don't even bother to forget it, did that meritorious deed give you greed?"

     "What makes me greedy!"

     The old man jumped angrily, "You don't pretend to be confused with me, you changed your own book, and you have forgotten? You have spent your own merits, not to mention, you still owe a lot of Daxia Civilization Academy!"

     "The Daxia Mansion doesn't care about you, have you slapped your nose on your face?"

     "Do you have a face?"

     "Are you still a person? I slandered me for this feat, Lao Tzu..."

     Liu Wenyan lightly coughed and interrupted: "I remember, don't I have to improve my strength and protect Nan Yuan? This should be regarded as Nan Yuan's public expenditure? Cough, well, it is my own, then it is Nan Yuan now To cultivate geniuses, how much support does the university support?"

     "Think about it, Su Yu is a rare genius in Nan Yuan. I wrote "Lei Yuan Knife" for him. Anyway, it is difficult to transcribe it directly with my own willpower. If he learns "Lei Yuan Knife", then he Daxia Mansion can stand still, what do you think?""He took the first place in the exam, does Nanyuan Academy have any face? Is there any credit?"

     "He is good at Daxia Palace, will he return to the university in the future?"

     "If he is in the air, or even Lingyun, and he will leak some oil and water, one day he will come to the school to write a few articles of will, and an article of will, will it not be worth your effort today?"

     "Pharaoh! It's a long way to be a human being. You are so old, why are your eyelids so shallow!"

     Liu Wenyan bitter and hateful said: "He is talented, resilient, and not weak. He is also a worthy person. At this time, if you don't have any blood, why does he stand out among one's peers to reward you?"

     The old man pulled his beard, and his beard was broken a few more. It took a long time to sighing voice, wailing breath and said: "More than a hundred feats!"

     "What's the matter, just kill one to fly."

     "You... it's nothing more, you should kill another one!"

     Liu Wenyan said impatiently: "Why do you have so much nonsense, why do you keep the merit points? On the academic side, the last time you coached has gained a lot, and no one needs it temporarily. You can use it for me. Tengkong Civilized Master, there are still some basic merits, and Daxia Mansion will definitely allocate funds."

     As a civilized teacher, he is not in a civilized college, but basic research costs are still available.

     Transcription of the will, tempering the fleshly body, these all require resources.

     Although Liu Wenyan is only a non-staff civilized teacher, according to the rules, he also has a part of the basic income.

     The old mansion chief stared wide-eyed stared at him, "Also appropriation. I asked last time. The Daxia Mansion said that you owe them 30,000 merits and you can't afford it for the rest of your life, so don't think about it!""Thirty thousand?"

     Liu Wenyan dazed for a moment, and then curiously said: "It's only 30,000? I left the university and owed more than 100,000, so why was it 30,000?"


     The old governor unable to respond, what he did, you know!

      takes a deep breath, the old governor angrily said: "Anyway, your story is out of play, I will give you things, but... I have to say in advance, Su Yu will show up someday, he will have to find time to return an article. The Essay of Will is back!"

     "That's for sure. He won't pay it back. I will return to my willpower and write another one."

     Liu Wenyan laughed, and finally didn't have to dig out that few of his own family assets.

     The old governor sighed again, and then couldn't help complaining: "The Daxia Mansion doesn't even allocate basic merits to you, you temper your body...what will you do next? If you drag on for a few more years, how old are you Up?"

     "Don't give it if you don't give it."

     Liu Wenyan said with a smile: "Anyway, I don't have to worry about eating or drinking. Anyway, I owe 30,000 yuan. Did you ask what happened?"

     "I asked, Researcher Wu returned you fifty thousand."

     Liu Wenyan frowned, and it took a long while to curse: "Idiot!"


     "The brain lacks a string! If you have more debts, you still have to pay 50,000! Besides, the merits owed by the Daxia Mansion are not real merits. It was because I was angry that I had brain issues, myself. Speaking harshly, I didn't really borrow so much merit!"

     Liu Wenyan is somewhat grudgingly, fifty thousand feats, that's not a small amount!

      very many very many!He didn’t bother to talk about it any more, shifting the topic and said, “Don’t mention these, you prepare things as soon as possible. I will transcribe "Lei Yuan Knife" tomorrow. If this kid can learn, even Kai Yuan Eightfold, cooperate with "Lei Yuan Knife" and him. The divine writings can be easily cleaned up."

     At this time, the old governor couldn't care about his distress, and nodded, the kid is really accomplished. It depends on his conscience if he returns to the university.

     After all, Liu Wenyan is here. The civilized teacher who vacated, he just said that Liu Wenyan really wants to insist on using all the possessions accumulated by the school, and no one can object.

     When he was leaving, the old governor suddenly turned his head and said: "Lao Liu, If it's not enough...you just give up! Change the blood of the gods and demons, you will immediately vacate the triple layer, and maybe you will be able to enter the Lingyun mountains and seas in a few years! "

     Liu Wenyan smiled, said: "What to give up? I don't understand."

     "Lao Liu...you are over seventy!"

     The old governor look complex, he is more than seventy, really not young anymore.

     Liu Wenyan blew his beard and stared, "What's wrong with more than seventy! You are a ten thousand stone, and you still questioned my flight. Do you know how to fly?"


     The old governor not to know whether to laugh or cry, murmured a few words and left quickly.

     Old guy, so many years, it still looks like this.

     When he left, Liu Wenyan sighed and said ill-humoredly: "The blood of the gods and devil...I am stupid! The blood of the gods and devil, give me a few drops of the blood of the gods and devil, I want to take it away, dreaming! I owed more than ten years ago. Wan Gongxun...giving me a complete corpse of the King of Ten Thousand Races is almost the same!"

     "It's over seventy..."

     Liu Wenyan talk to oneself, he is indeed not young anymore.

     Wait a minute!Su Yu, if he can really go far, and...you have to continue to observe.

     Five years is not enough!

     Ten years, at least another five years of observation. When he arrives in the Great Xia Mansion, he must continue to observe to see if he can maintain his original aspiration, whether he can continue to be firm and indomitable, and move forward.

     "I'm not dead yet...I can survive it!"

     Liu Wenyan murmured, Su Yu couldn't do it, so he continued to wait until he died, and then returned to the civilization school.

     "The surname Wu...go there, it's up to you."

     Liu Wenyan looked out the window. He has been waiting for fifty years. Is it short of time?

     At the next moment, Liu Wenyan, who is melancholy and moody, suddenly curse without restraint: "Stupid! Fifty thousand meritorious services, don't you or him give me! You actually took it to pay off the debt, as stupid as fifteen years ago!"

     "It's no wonder that I am a senior researcher for So many years, and I haven't even mixed up with a deputy governor!"

     "What a civilized teacher is strong is the brain, your brain is the pig's brain!"


     Liu Wenyan cursed for a while, but he was still confused, 50,000 meritorious deeds, are you crazy, who asked you to pay it back?
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