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35 Corner Of The Curtain
    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Getting closer and closer to the assessment time of higher education institutions.

     The next day, when Su Yu came to the university, the atmosphere was sensed and tense.

     The students in the pre-examination class walked faster than the other students, coming and going in a hurry, and the enthusiasm for singles was over in an instant. At this moment, the students had no intention of fighting anymore.

     Su Yu wanted to find Liu Wenyan, but halfway through, he met someone he didn't expect to meet.

     Xia Bing!

     The head of Longwuwei, the head of Longwuwei in Nanyuan.

     Except for the time when Ten Thousand Clan Sects came, Long Wuwei was stationed at Nanyuan Academy. At other times, Long Wuwei was not at Nanyuan Academy. Few people in Nanyuan knew exactly where they were.

     The strong man who vacated the second layer had the same realm as the city lord Wu Wenhai.

     Su Yu naturally knew that Long Wuwei was so powerful. He had always wanted to join Long Wuwei before, but Su Yu had this thought even now.

     However, Long Wuwei is difficult to enter, and the old man's longing has been unsuccessful for many years.

     Su Yu saw Xia Bing, and Xia Bing naturally saw him.

     Xia Bing, who had come and gone in a hurry, suddenly stopped when he passed by Su Yu.

     Sideways glanced at Su Yu, Su Yu sensed his gaze, stopped hurriedly, bowed and said, "Master Xia."

     Xia Bing nodded slightly, watching him for a while, revealing a strange color, "Has Kaiyuan Eightfold?"

     Su Yu was slightly startled and quickly said, "I just broke through yesterday."

     "high speed."

     Xia Bing said something, and then said: "I originally thought you would reach the seventh layer quickly, and the Kaiyuan eighth layer was slightly out of my expectation."

     Su Yu didn't know how to answer, Xia Bing was paying attention to him?He and Xia Bing have no intersection.

     Xia Bing reserved, said one sentence, and continued: "Bai Feng's "Kai Yuan Jue" is only a half-hearted. You can quickly step into the eighth layer, which shows that the way of warriors is talented."

     "I know your father. Your father has not visited our station in recent years, but he wants to join Longwuwei and he is not qualified enough."

     Su Yu was a little embarrassed, and it was not easy to answer these words.

     Xia Bing didn’t care about his reaction and continued: “I’m also a member of the Demon Suppression Army, but I joined the army later than your father. I only joined the army when your father retired. I was transferred back to Long Wuwei six years ago to serve as a station. Nan Yuan Longwu Wei is long."

     Su Yu still didn't answer, he didn't know what Xia Bing said to him.

     "Civilization Academy is not as good as you think, fight and scheme against each other, calculate with each other, do not show up for a day, do not raise your head for a day."

     "I don't like people from the Civilization Academy. I prefer the War Academy and Long Wuwei...Of course, it has nothing to do with you."

     When Xia Bing said these words, his face was serious, "Your father said that he can't come to Long Wuwei. He hopes that his son can enter Long Wuwei one day and continue to follow and fight the Lord!"

     "Longwu War Academy, you can think about it. It... is cleaner than the Civilization Academy!"

     "grown ups……"

     Su Yu is somewhat astonished, is Xia Bing recruiting students?

     Xia Bing said calmly: "Long Wuwei is stationed in each city and is also responsible for reserve selection! You didn't have this qualification before, but now you have it. Of course, I'm just suggesting, not anything else.""Originally, I shouldn't have said so much, but after all, your father is a veteran of the Demon Suppression Army. Let me say a few more words. Now... the civilized academy is much more complicated than before. The interior is not peaceful, there are many factions, a group of people who originally only engaged in research Guy, now I have more thoughts, more thoughts, and it's messed up."

     "Your teacher Liu Wenyan, I want to take you Bai Feng as a student, and Bai Feng’s teacher, Researcher Hong... They are considered to be the same faction, and the internal situation is more complicated than I said. In short, you are now mixed in and treat you There is no benefit at all."

     Su Yu was at a loss, a little not knowing what to do, and whispered softly: "My lord, I do not understand. I am only one middle school student who has not yet been assessed."

     "Sooner or later you will understand!"

     Xia Bing sonorously said: "Remember a word, Daxia Mansion is still Daxia Mansion!"

     After Xia Bing said this, he turned and left.

     Su Yu fell into deep thought. After a while, he gave a wry smile and walked away.

     He really didn't understand what Xia Bing meant.

     Of course, Xia Bing's words also have the meaning of caution. Going to a civilized academy may not be a good thing. The Longwu War Academy may be more pure.

     Su Yu must be very happy before switching to.

     But now, he has made up his mind to go to the Great Xia Civilization Academy. Just speaking of Will Power's training, going to the War Academy is definitely not as good as the Civilization Academy.

     What's more, Liu Wenyan taught him for so long that he originally wanted to go to a civilized academy, but he was worried that the civilized academy would not help to improve combat power.


     In the office.Liu Wenyan didn't read a book this time, but was writing. Liu Wenyan's handwriting is very beautiful, at least Su Yu thinks so, a hundred times better than his own.


     Liu Wenyan continued to write, without looking up, but it was sensed Su Yu's hesitation.

     "No, I just met Xia Shichang..."

     "He asked you to go to Longwu Academy?"


     "Don't bother him."

     Liu Wenyan did not look flustered and exasperated, but was a little emotional, "Did he say that the Civilization Academy is not suitable for you, or that the Civilization Academy has deteriorated?"

     "This one……"

     "It's okay. It's not the first time that he said this. In fact, many people in Long Wuwei said that."

     Liu Wenyan said calmly: "He that's right. To be honest, the civilized academy is indeed a little different from the past. Five generations of prefects fell and six prefects took office. After that, the civilized academy entered a period of rapid development, and this period also brought some bad things Impact."

     "Fifteen years ago, the Civilization Academy was not as strong as it is now, but it is not as messy as it is now."

     "This is inevitable. When a person is strong, there will naturally be other thoughts."

     "Fight and scheme against each other, you hoodwink me and I cheat you, fighting for interests... This is something that must be experienced, and it is also a kind of experience. Who can rise in this environment is the real strong."

     Su Yu Ning eyebrows, "Teacher, is the civilized academy messy?"

     "It's not too messy, it's still under control on the whole, of course, there is some discord secretly."Liu Wenyan looked up at him and looked at the student who was quite satisfied with him. His voice calmly said: "Long Wuwei is somewhat discontented to the Civilized Academy. This comes from Palace Master Xia."


     Su Yu said in surprise: "Palace Master Xia... dissatisfied with Daxia Civilization Academy?"

     "That's it."

     Liu Wenyan sighed lightly: "This was originally far from you, but I don't really need to care too much. But since Xia Bing has started, let me just say a few words. Palace Master Xia...I am not good to comment, but all parties I have an understanding of him, iron-blooded, strong, and stubborn!"

     "These three words are a summary of Palace Master Xia."


     Su Yu grasped the key point and quickly said, "What do you mean by stubbornness?"

     "literal meaning."

     Liu Wenyan put down his pen, "It's not considered derogatory, but Palace Chief Xia has some political opinions, and there are differences with many people. Back then, many people resisted on the battlefield of the heavens."


     "Too stubborn. On the battlefield of the heavens, ten thousand races are fighting against each other. Some races are great enemies and must be killed! Some races can draw and divide, and at least keep the opponent neutral."

     Liu Wenyan shook his head and sighed, "However, during the time when the Chief of the House of Xia was commanding the Demon Squad Army, he led his army to ambush several races, which caused the original neutral races to become somewhat hostile to the Human Race, so he was dismissed. Let him command it again."Su Yu stopped talking, and quickly made up his mind, and said: "Teacher, the so-called neutral race is just sit on the mountain and watch the tigers fight! Once the human race is weak, these guys will soon swarm up. , To invade the human domain! I have also heard my father say in the several battles of the Demon Squad, the battle of the big victory, I think those big races should be killed!

     "It's not like you alone." Liu Wenyan smiled lightly: "Many people support Xia Longwu, including the Frontline Legion. Many people support him. I didn't say that what Xia Longwu did was wrong, but... It’s normal to have differences, what do you think?"

     Liu Wenyan looked at the student and smiled. It is a good thing to have one's own opinions. It is a bad thing to blindly agree with others and not to think about it.

     "People are full of attitudes, you can't let everyone have a will. No one said that Palace Master Xia's approach must be wrong, but has to acknowledge. As a result, the human race has broken out more wars than before. War broke out in some areas. Faster and more violent."

     Su Yu disagreed and said: "At least it has shocked a group of neutral races!"

     "That's it."

     Liu Wenyan nodded, "Let’s not discuss this. After all, this is a frontline issue. The reason why Palace Master Xia discontented the Civilization Institute is because some people at the Civilization Institute have put forward some ideas... know yourself, know your enemy , Civilization Academy is willing to be open to all races!"


     Su Yu was shocked!

     "Enroll 10,000 students!"Liu Wenyan said solemnly: "The head of contemporary civilized academies is also a capable person! He originally suggested that instead of letting people grope and analyze the civilizations of all races, let the civilization of all races enter the civilization academy. Know your own civilization?"

     "Know yourself, know your enemy, come unscathed through a hundred battles! Let themselves analyze, let themselves contribute their civilization..."

     Su Yu lost his voice: "Doesn't that also open human civilization to them?"


     Liu Wenyan said solemnly: "Thousands of races are not stupid. Would they give the Terran a method to target them in vain? The Terrans want what they want, and they also want to learn more about the Terrans.

     "So this is a double-edged sword, and it is also the reason why it has not been successful for So many years. There are many people who oppose it, and there are people who support it."

     "Palace Master Xia refused to agree, which caused some differences."

     "Palace Master Xia even... forget it, this matter best not to mention it."

     Su Yu is in a hurry, you don't say half of it, it's too Hanged Appetite.

     "Teacher, Palace Master Xia What happened?"

     Liu Wenyan saw his impatience and said amused: "This matter...it's hard to say, it's a dark history. When you arrive at the Daxia Civilization Academy, don't mention it."

     "Hmm, for sure."

     Liu Wenyan laughed and laughing, shook his head and said: "Twelve years ago, Daxia Civilization Academy once again made such a suggestion. At that time, Palace Master Xia did not appear, and Daxia Palace has never said anything."

     "The current governor thinks he hasn't said a word, so it's acquiescence."

     "So I contacted several small clans at the time, and wanted to make an attempt to recruit students from several small clans into the Daxia Civilization Academy...""As a result... not long after they arrived, fighting broke out on the battlefield of the heavens. Palace Master Xia led Long Wuwei assaulted these small clans, took their lair directly, and seized a lot of exercises, secrets and other resources.

     "Palace Master Xia didn't come to the Civilization Academy, but he asked Long Wuwei to send tens of thousands of books...The meaning is very clear. I would like to get the things you are seeking so hard on the battlefield!"

     Liu Wenyan said with emotion: "At this moment, the plan of the Ten Thousand Clan Entrance House is completely shattered! People have sent people to them, and you have taken them away. Can others dare to come? Can they come?"

     "The contemporary governor contacted all parties and sought something for years, but it was completely shattered at once."

     Su Yu listened and listened, don't know why, at this moment some blood surged, muffled: "This... isn't that great?"

     What I want, I get it myself!

     I'd rather take it straight than ask for it!

     "I didn't say it was bad, but it is indeed a little jealous." Liu Wenyan whispered: "Human race cannot resist the ten thousand races, Su Yu, you have to understand this truth."

     "Small races, weak races, can be attracted."

     "At that time, I contacted that group of tribes, and the representative could win over, but it was destroyed. This would make other tribes without the lips, the teeth feel the cold!"

     "Once they are pushed to the opposite side, one family is not a human opponent, but ten families and a hundred families will join forces?"

     "You can't kill it!"

     Su Yu nodded slightly, he also understands this, but Xia Longwu's actions, has to say, are indeed very rousing.

     "So, the disagreement occurred!"Liu Wenyan sighed: "Palace Master Xia is very stubborn. He thinks that Person's Head Drops To The Ground is more capable of deterring all races! But many people think that the situation of the Human Race is even more difficult. Fortunately, Palace Master Xia was ordered not to appear again. On the battlefield of the heavens, this has calmed down the anger of many small races."

     Su Yu was unwilling to say: "So Palace Master Xia can no longer go to the battlefield of the heavens? Isn't this self-binding?"

     "That's not true."

     Liu Wenyan smiled lightly and said: "Some concessions and compromises made by the frontline powerhouses are mainly to appease the small clans of the ten thousand races. In fact...Palace Master Xia really wants to go, and there will be no fuss. Who cares?"

     "Who will let a top powerhouse take care of the elderly?"

     "And... it's not necessarily a bad thing. Give him some time to polish his realm. At that time, he made a lot of progress, and he could take that step better by relaxing."

     Liu Wenyan explained: "This is not a bad thing, and Palace Master Xia himself knows, otherwise with his temperament, you think he would be so obedient, let him stay in Daxia Mansion, he is willing to stay here?"

     Liu Wenyan smiled and said: "Then you too underestimate our Palace Master. Don't look at how he hasn't been to the Battlefield of the Heavens in recent years. It's not that he has never been. The Battlefield of the Heavens is too big, who will keep watching With him. Long Wuwei also often appears on the battlefield of the heavens, and the army is often drawn to train troops, so the combat power of the Daxia Mansion is top in the big mansion!"

     Su Yu was silently nodded, at this time I understood what Xia Bing meant.Liu Wenyan lightly put out a breath, and then said: "These things, just listen to them. Don't say you are not qualified to mix, even Bai Feng, even his teacher is not qualified to mix. This is a matter of another level, in fact, and We have little relationship."

     "Xia Bing thinks that you have some talent, and you will be affected when you go to a civilized academy. In fact...I hope you can be affected."

     Liu Wenyan slowly said: "Life is full of various conditions, experience everywhere! A pure environment is suitable for soldiers, and the military needs purity, but...the strong need experienced and knowledgeable! You don’t see the sins of the human heart, you don’t experience conspiracy, no After fighting and scheme against each other, if you are on the battlefield, maybe a little calculation will let you know."

     "Xia Bing doesn't understand, Palace Master Xia really wants to unpleasant to the eye civilized academy, why not restrict it, but let the civilized academy continue to grow?"

     "He is stubborn, but not stupid. Daxia Mansion also needs different voices to train strong people in different directions. Otherwise, various corps, there will be no strong people from civilized schools, and many strong people are leading the battle. "

     Su Yu nodded again, he vaguely understood.

     Of course, he is still very weak and ordinary. He is only listening to these deep-level confrontations. When he is an observer, he may feel different and think differently when he really experiences it for oneself.

     "Teacher, then my father is in the Demon Squad, there will be nothing wrong, right?"

     "No, there are still many Invincible Experts on the front line. Who dares to target the demons on the front line?"

     Liu Wenyan shook his head, "The battle for the front is only in the rear, and the front is the lifeblood! No one dares to fight there, there is much more purity. War is war, and the rear has played a dog's brain, and the front has to be if he orders you go, he forbids you stop !""Even if Palace Master Xia is on the front line, unless he acts privately, the actions of the big army, he must report to several Invincible Experts and get permission to march."

     Su Yu's eyes flickered slightly and said: "The Dragon Wuwei and the Suppressing Demon Army ambush the major ethnic legions, are they allowed?"

     "of course."

     Liu Wenyan also smiled, said: "Do you think that no one is allowed, Palace Master Xia dare to open the dispute without authorization? In Invincible Expert, many people support him."

     "So that's how it is!"

     Su Yu was relaxed, he was somewhat worried just now that Xia Longwu would be targeted, now think about it...I am really free!

     He was a small Kaiyuan, and actually worried about a palace chief-level powerhouse who had brain issues.

     "Don't mention these."

     Liu Wenyan smiled and said: "What you should know, you will know in the future. What you shouldn't know, you know it will not do any good, except to mess up your mind, there is no benefit."

     "You are now eightfold, and I sensed the fluctuating vitality around you. It seems that the progress is not slow."

     Liu Wenyan was very satisfied and said: "Prepare, I will write an essay of will for you this afternoon, "Lei Yuan Dao" Qianjun Chapter! You read the translation in the morning, want to know more content."

     Su Yu was overjoyed, "Teacher, is it martial arts?"

     "It's martial arts."

     Seeing his joy, Liu Wenyan said lightly: "But you may not be able to gain, even if you gain, I am afraid it will not be too great. After all, you have only learned eight tricks. If you learn too little, you may not be able to use it. Lei Yuandao There are many acupoints used."

     "Ok, I know."Su Yu hastily nodded, he still cannot bear joy, he knows the benefits of the text of will, experience it for oneself-like teaching, the feeling is completely different.

     Of course, this also requires the transcriber to have a deep grasp of this martial art.
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