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36 When The Storm Is Raging
    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Daxia House.

     While Liu Wenyan and Su Yu were discussing, City Lord Mansion, some people were also arguing.

     The empty hall, few people.

     Xia Longwu sat straight, looking straight down.

     Below, an old man on the left, a character like a military commander of the Daxia Mansion, was smiling at this moment, listening silently, without saying a word.

     An old man on the right, elegant and easy-going, also smiling, with silver hair, does not speak at the moment.

     In addition to these two, a middle-aged, muscular man in the hall stood up alone at the moment, Sonorus, angrily reprimanded: "Holy Saint, don't promote your style anymore! This is the Great Summer Palace, not a search. territory!"

     The man whom the strong man angered was the silver-haired old man on the right.

     Saint Hallow, the six-generation governor of Daxia Civilization Academy!

     Hallowe's smile is easy-going, even if the brawny is angry, it is tranquil and even-tempered. The voice is not loud, but the hearing is clear. He slowly said: "Zheng Ping, speak well, not so loud, my ears are not deaf, I can hear you. see."

     Wan Tiansheng said, still smiling, as if just chatting among the neighbors, and whispered softly: "Long Wuwei should withdraw, and the one who should be fought is also fought. The three thousand guards lost nearly a thousand, suffered heavy losses."

     "When it's time to brighten your fist, then brighten it. The old man has no opinion."

     "But now, are you really ready to destroy the Tianyi God Race?"

     Saint Wantian looked at Xia Longwu and whispered softly: "Palace Master should be able to understand that it can't be done. The Tianyi God Clan is only a tens of thousands of guards, not all of the main forces.""Continue to pursue it, it may create greater results, but it needs to take more lives to fill it."

     "Three thousand dragons Wuwei, Palace Master is going to smash them all in?"

     Sage Wantian said, shook his head and said: "It's not necessary, it's too reckless! Hit, already hit. At this moment, we should talk! Go talk to the Tianyi God Clan, and let the remnant Tianyi God Clan evacuate at a certain price ..."

     When he said this, the strong man said angrily: "They have surrounded them, they are currently already close to the Jedi, and these ten thousand people Wei Mingming can kill them all. Why do you want to let them go?"

     "Did the Tianyi God Race bought you?"

     Wan Tiansheng was not angry, and smiled: "Zheng Ping, life attacks are unnecessary. I did not deny that you can take the opponent, the key is... is it worth it? Three thousand dragons and Wuwei, how much cost was spent to build the Daxia Mansion Yes, for the sake of a 10,000-person guard, all smashed in?"

     "There are people from your war academy and our civilized academy. They are all elite, just throw in to fight a miscellaneous army?"

     Wan Tian Sheng sighed slightly: "Some people don't like to use their brains, but only like violence. This kind of person...should be thrown into the battlefield as a big soldier, whatever happens must not let him take command."

     The strong man said coldly: "I have been in the army for thirty years, and I was killed by a big soldier!"


     Wan Tian Sheng laughed and said softly: "So you are your thug, won't it be fine, what do you have to do with the big plan?"The brawny man said angrily: "I know you look down on me, and you don't need to look down on me! But as long as the remaining two thousand dragons in the Daxia Mansion are transferred, you can destroy them all without spending too much money!"

     The brawny man said unwillingly: "The loss of nearly a thousand people has driven them to a desperate situation, Saint Wantian, at this time, you let the Daxia Mansion withdraw its troops. Have you considered what Long Wuwei thinks?"

     "Are the soldiers on the front willing?"

     "I'm a soldier, I know them! They are not reconciled, they are aggrieved, they have lost their first third comrades, they have the absolute upper hand, at this moment the enemy is driven into desperation, at this moment to give up... no one can be willing!"

     The brawny man looked red, "In order to win this war, we paid so much..."

     "So I need to make up for it!"

     Wan Tian Sheng whispered: "War is not engage in wars of aggression at will, Zheng Ping, So many years, how do you also don't understand? Sometimes winning or losing is not based on how many people you kill and how much you gain."

     "I don't like the battle style of Daxia Mansion, Total Extermination Slash, leave nothing!"

     "Not good, very bad!"

     "You will only stimulate the enemy's resistance, and will only make them fight risking one's life, to break the cauldrons and sink the boats!"

     "When it's time to stop, immediately stop, let them use resources, use exercises, martial skills, blood, Heaven and Earth Treasure to exchange their lives."

     "Next time, if we go to war again, halfway through the fight, they will lose 30%, and they will think of surrendering and spend their lives."

     "Disrupt their fighting spirit, not inspire their fighting spirit."Wan Tiansheng sighed: "The Daxia Mansion has fought so many battles over the years. Yes, every time the enemy has been killed the most, but each time is the largest loss and the smallest gain!"

     "The fighting spirit of the enemy has been inspired by you. The ten thousand races on the battlefield of the heavens know that if you encounter someone from the Great Zhou Mansion, you can spend money if you can't win. If you encounter the Great Xia Mansion... then Fight to the last! "

     "Zhou Potian did this very well, and even the Daming Mansion did better than us."

     "My Daxia Mansion is a good soldier and strong general, and the battlefield kills the invincible mansion, but...what about the loss? How about the compensation?"

     Saint Wan Tian shook his head and sighed: "Zheng Ping, I think the palace lord should send you to the treasury to see and see if it is empty!"

     Zheng Ping's body shook slightly and looked at Xia Longwu.

     Xia Longwu, who hasn't said a word, saw Zheng Ping's opinion at this moment, calmly said: "The treasury is not enough, but it does not matter, the foundation of the Daxia Palace is exhausted!"

     Saint Wan Tian chuckled and said, "Palace Lord meant... to continue fighting?"

     Xia Longwu looked at him and said indifferently: "Sacred Ten Thousand Heavens, there are some things that you said right. Daxia Mansion went to war, the losses were the greatest, and the gains were the least. I know these things better than you, but over the years, I just listen to what you say. , But never take it seriously, know why?"

     Wan Tiansheng not at all surprised, slowly said: "Understand, the palace owner needs to train the strongest human army! The human race has a pioneer army that can fight fierce battles!"

     "It's good if you understand!"

     Xia Longwu stopped/stood and said coldly: "In the past, the Great Zhou Mansion was the strongest! The Great Zhou Army swept across the battlefields of the heavens, sweep everything before one! At that time, they just like this way, they won, and the enemy can buy it. Life.""One year, two years... ten years, one hundred years!"

     "One time when they fought the heavens, they clearly pushed the enemy into a desperate situation. They thought they could close the net and reap, but... they were wrong! That elite protoss corps will fight to the death!"

     "With 10,000 troops, defeated the careless Dazhou One Hundred Thousand Army! The Da Zhou Army has forgotten Fight to the last and forgot to fight to the death! The one hundred thousand army... actually collapsed!"

     Xia Longwu sneered and said, "This is the battle of Luo Zhouhai recorded by the human race! A fiasco!"

     "One hundred thousand of the most elite corps was defeated by a remnant army! Inconceivable, All Heavens and Myriad Clans were shocked, and all the tribes suddenly discovered...the most elite corps of the human race was actually a paper tiger!"

     Xia Longwu's face was cold, "The Great Zhou Army, known as the invincible, just shattered the myth! Because they are used to fighting...what are many people doing?"

     Xia Longwu looked at Saint Wantian and said in a deep voice, "Learn a lesson from the mistakes of one's predecessor is right in front of you, Saint Wantian, do you still think it is unnecessary to fight hard?"

     "it's not true."

     Saint Wan Tian shook his head, and then said: "But Daxia Mansion, really can't hold it! Palace Lord, Zhang Chi has a good way, and you cannot deny the Great Zhou Army because of a defeat. The Great Zhou Army can rise again quickly because of the past They had a huge harvest in 2009, so they can quickly build another elite army!"

     "And our Daxia Mansion... if we lose Dragon Wuwei, and want to build another Dragon Wuwei, it will be difficult, too difficult!"

     Xia Longwu looked at him and looked down at him.

     Wan Tiansheng did not evade, looked directly at Xia Longwu, and said again: "Retreat, negotiate, use resources to buy life!""My Xia Longwu is the soul of Daxia Mansion, I can't retire!"

     "That's too!"

     Before the elegant Wantiansheng overbearing, his eyes were sharp, "Don't retreat, Daxia Civilization Academy will never provide Long Wuwei with a soldier, and there will never be a civilized division to enter Longwuwei to fight!"

     "Are you threatening me?"

     Xia Longwu's tone was low, and Wan Tiansheng stood up with a serious face, "I would rather let the teachers and students in the school go to the Great Zhou Mansion, than let the school boy Lang die in the battlefield of the heavens for the achievement of your Xia Longwu name!"


     Zheng Ping said angrily: "Sacred Ten Thousand Heavens, are you going to betray Daxia Mansion?"

     "No, I'm saving Daxia Mansion, I am willing to fight for the human race, not for the sole husband!"

     Saint Wan Tian suddenly dropped his crown, and said in a deep voice, "Saint Wan Tian, please resign as the governor of the Great Xia Civilization!"

     Xia Longwu stared at him for a long time, but did not say anything.

     At this moment, the old man on the left laughed and said: "President Wan, don't tease Chief Zheng."

     Zheng Ping frowned and looked at them, somewhat unhappy, What does it mean?

     The old man chuckled and said: "Retreat, or retreat. Daxia Mansion has been fighting for decades, and the fight is too hard, and the loss is too great. This time the palace lord is calling you to talk about it.

     "Since you have guessed it, why bother to face the palace lord..."

     Wan Tian Sheng pretended to be at a loss, "What does it mean?"

     The old man laughed and shook his head: "You, it's the same as before. Let me tell you, you can't be tranquil and even-tempered if you are noisy?""Palace Master wants to retire... but he can't. He is a banner of Human Race and the soul of Daxia Mansion. He retreats, what do the frontline soldiers think?"

     "He is not shameless Zhu Tiandao..."

     There was laughter suddenly in the hall where swords drawn and bows bent were originally.

     Even the reserved Xia Longwu sat down at this moment and lightly coughed and said, "Nonsense! Don't babbling nonsense, Palace Master Zhu...cough cough, you still need face when you need a face."

     Everyone laughed, and the old man laughed, "Yes, the old man made a mistake. Don't talk about that person, continue with the topic just now. Retirement is a must. Long Wuwei cannot exchange thousands of people for the god of heaven. Ten thousand guards taught."

     "Not in the name of Palace Lord."

     "Palace lord killed several strong gods of the Tianyi Sect and needs to retreat immediately."

     "Today, the two of you are called for the ceremony for a few days... Palace Master retreats, Xiahouye is temporarily acting as Palace Master. At that time... Saint Wantian, please come again today."

     The old man smiled and said: "Let Xiahouye retreat! The palace lord is in retreat and doesn't care about everything, it has nothing to do with him."

     "Even if the front-line soldiers are dissatisfied, it doesn't matter, Xiahouye will not care about it."

     "Master Xiahou was originally a businessman. Let him go to discuss compensation, loss, and cost with the God Clan Tianyi. At that time, the God Clan Tianyi would not doubt, let alone All Heavens and Myriad Clans see the weakness of Daxia Palace. "

     At this moment, Zheng Ping understood, and couldn't help cursing in a low voice: "Old Piff, is this suitable? Xiahouye...every time you have a black pot, you throw him on his head. Now there are so many insults outside..."

     "So I don't care about one more infamy."The old man smiled and said: "President Zheng, Chief Ten thousand is actually right. The Daxia Mansion is almost empty, and we really can't fight like this anymore. We can't build a second dragon and guard, this group of strong soldiers When the Titans are over, the elite of the Daxia Mansion is over!"

     "It's nothing more than the Tianyi Protoss, and it's not directly destroying their Protoss, why bother staring at a tens of thousands of guards. Palace lord retreats, Lord Xiahou takes office, His-Senior loves money but not fame, All Heavens and Myriad Clans know it."

     "He chose to retreat and let Tianyi Divine Clan compensate and fill the Daxia Mansion treasury. Who else has any opinions?"

     The old man smiled brilliantly. "The Gods of Tianyi will probably also be grateful. Fortunately, Lord Xiahou took office, not the palace lord who will continue to be in charge of Longwuwei, otherwise this ten thousand guard will really be over."

     "Palace lord is notoriously not bowing his head. If the lord retreats at this time, it will make people feel inconceivable and feel that Daxia Palace... is really going to end."

     Zheng Ping hesitated to speak, and then muffled after a while: "Is it so serious?"

      "Indeed, the treasury is really almost empty."

     The old man sighed: "Otherwise, if you fight for So many years, how can you choose to compromise at this time? The Tianyi Gods still dare to enter the Daxia Mansion. According to the previous attitude, if they don't hurt them, they will never give up!"

     "But now, it's really time to build up our troops."

     The old man said seriously: "Palace Master chose to retreat at this time, and he also thinks about this. You can't fight anymore. Not only Long Wuwei, but also the Demon Squad Army has issued multiple veteran recruitment orders, and the loss is too great, including Demon Suppression Army, the next a period of time will stop a bit.""Daxia House seems to be powerful, but it is actually yellow does not reach green. It has gained a reputation over the years. At this moment, I choose to recuperate. This is a must!"

     "At what time Daxia Mansion regain one's strength, at what time Palace Lord regain one's strength !"

     "At that time, it was also the time when Palace Lord was invincible!"

     Aside, Xia Longwu said lightly: "I wanted to kill the heavens in the near future, slaughter him a king, and help me ascend to this realm! However... In order to be safe, preserve and nurture one's spirit, this battle is postponed for a few years. I believe Daxia Mansion can regain its vitality!"

     "Palace Lord Wise!"

     Wan Tian Sheng Fengying said: "Palace Master made this choice, Daxia Mansion is hopeful!"

     Xia Longwu didn't eat this set, and said lightly: "Aren't you asking to resign? Why don't you resign at the ceremony in a few days! Since Zhou Potian is willing to ask you, then you just go over."

     "Palace Lord is joking!"

     Saint Wan Tian is cold-blooded, "It was just a rehearsal just now, just in case Xia Houye sees the clues, and others see the truth. Zhou Potian, Old Sly Fox(es), disdain to join us!"

     "Ha ha!"

     Xia Longwu let out a sneer, "This... convey to Zhou Potian!"

     He said to the old man on the left.

     The old man laughed, looked at Zheng Ping, and said with a smile: "Palace Chief Zheng, you will convey these words to Palace Lord Zhou, and the words of Chief Ten Thousand Chieftain, convey all of them without missing a word!"

     Zheng Ping's face was dark and he didn't say a word.

     Xia Longwu ignored them and stood up and said: "This is the decision! Long Wuwei quickly evacuated, the Tianyi Protoss needs to pay a price, and I... closed the door, the day I left the customs, I took his Tianyi Protoss!"The few people below should be, no one has any more opinions.

     Wan Tian Sheng full of smiles, before leaving, shot a look at Zheng Ping, sighed: "Crazy man, inadequate and conspiracy!"

     Zheng Ping's face was dark, "Old Piff, this year we will communicate with each other, waiting for you to cry!"

     Wan Tiansheng didn't care, but smiled happily, "I'll wait, fight, and fight fiercely! In previous years, the people of your war college had too soft hands, too light fists, and did not eat."

     "If you go again this year, I will provide you with tens of thousands of catties of blood for free, eat a little bit, use more energy, and beat half of the students away, I will give you a pennant. There are too many people in civilized schools, so what do that many people do? ?"

     Wan Tian Sheng shook his head and said: "A group of mediocre people, I have long wanted to streamline the organization. If it weren't for the group of old guys, I would recruit at most a thousand people every year! Lao Zheng, I will trouble you this time. Work harder. One thousand people, I personally lead the teachers and students of the university to send the banners to you!"

     Zheng Ping's face became more and more ugly, this old man, he had never won a quarrel with him!

     Wan Tian Sheng smiled and walked out of the hall slowly, and said with emotion: "The Great Summer War Academy...has fallen! Hey! The Longwu Academy is a bit to behold, but unfortunately you have the Great Summer War Academy. Thousands of people have not been beaten this year, I look down on you!"

     After the words fell, Wan Tian Sheng had disappeared before his eyes.

     Zheng Pingping left, and suddenly said: "This old man is more and more difficult! Palace Lord, does Daxia Mansion really want to Turn Attack To Defense?"

     Next to him, Xia Longwu, who had just left, did not know when he would reappear.Seeing the Saint Wantian leaving, Xia Longwu was silent for a moment, and whispered: "It's not a guard, but wait! Wait for the vitality to recover! The Saint Wantian waited for So many years, when the Daxia Mansion was weak, so... he won ."

     Zheng Ping sighed again: "I'm a little scared."

     "What are you afraid of?"

     "I'm afraid... I lose my fighting spirit, my confidence and morale."

     Zheng Ping turned his head to look at Xia Longwu, look complex and said: "I'm afraid that after I retreat, Daxia Mansion...the heart of the people will change with this retreat!"

     "The one who should come will come sooner or later."

     Xia Longwu said indifferently: "You can't fight for a lifetime. After the veterans are discharged, they have to return to the war again! to recuperate, that is a must. The cultivation now is better than the cultivation when you could not fight."

     "Old Zheng, the War Academy has suffered heavy losses over the years. It's time to rest."

     After Xia Longwu said this sentence, he stopped talking, a little sad.

     He has been strong for a lifetime, and at this time, he can't be strong anymore.

     He said that he looked down on Zhu Tiandao and Zhou Potian, but in fact...somewhat admired and somewhat envied.

     "At least...they killed fewer Erlangs than my Daxia Mansion..."

     With a murmur in his heart, Xia Longwu's eyes showed a bit of bitterness. He wanted to continue the fight, but reality did not allow him to continue.

      engage in wars of aggression at will!

     At this moment, Daxia Mansion is like a raging fire, like flourishing flowers like a brocade, but in fact it has already been danger lurks on every side.

     "Wang Tiansheng... So many years, I'd like to see, what can you change?"

     Xia Longwu whispered in his heart, he also wanted to see what step Wantiansheng could do."Civilization Academy... the next frontier place, I hope there will be no trouble, teacher... can you really control it?"

     Xia Longwu chuckled, teacher, yes, that is his enlightenment teacher.

     But So many years, he almost forgot.
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