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39 I Can't Stretch It Anymore!
    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Liu Wenyan finished writing the remaining five knives, and finally sighed.

     Feeling the focus of the old governor's eyes, Liu Wenyan calmly said, as if to himself: "This thing is written smoothly, but it is getting simpler."

     The old governor doesn't understand this very well, the world of civilized teachers is not what he can understand.

     A lot of knowledge he gained was also informed by Liu Wenyan.

     Upon hearing this, the old governor complexion fluctuates gave a moment, and suddenly looked at Liu Wenyan with eagerness.

     Liu Wenyan turned his head and looked, dazed for a moment.

     Why are you so passionate?

     "You...can still write?"

     The words of the old governor made Liu Wenyan's heart jump!

     "Old Liu!"

     The old governor quickly came over and whispered: "Is it really possible to write? So simple? An article of will by a civilized master in the sky. I found a wealthy businessman and sold it to their descendants. I have 300 merits. Say less!"

     "Then you write a hundred books, and your debt will be paid off, and the payment is over...Can you return to the Civilization Academy?"

     "Of course, there is also a cost... but the cost is only about a hundred feats, so you can pay for 150 copies!"

     The old governor is excited!

     Liu Wenyan dumbstruck!

     I...whatever nothing serious.

     Are you serious?

     Not to mention a single book, with these four knives, he was almost exhausted, not to mention... the essay of will is so simple.

     First of all, as a civilized teacher, he has to have an extremely deep foundation in "Lei Yuan Knife" and has a deep grasp of it.

     As a civilized teacher, you actually learn these things without too much time.In addition, the consumption of willpower is too great, and the difficulty of recovering this thing is also higher, much more difficult than vitality.

     300 meritorious services...It's okay to write an article every few months, you let him write every day, even if you kill him.

     Writing three or four articles a year, such as "Kai Yuan Jue", Liu Wenyan can still do it, but writing three or four articles a year "Lei Yuan Dao", Liu Wenyan can't bear it, then he has no time to go anymore. Cultivation, then do other things.


     Liu Wenyan cursed secretly in his heart, but with a mysterious smile on his face, he whispered in a low voice: "Don't talk nonsense! There are rules in the civilized profession, a lot of things can't be passed on! Just in case it gets caught by the spies of the ten thousand races. "

     "The occult martial arts like "Lei Yuan Knife" are taught by the Ten Thousand Races not without, but except for them, the civilized divisions will write articles of will for them, and the articles of the will of the civilized divisions of the major palaces are strictly forbidden to spread! "

     "Even if it is circulated, it will not be the kind written on the spot, but the kind that has been stored for a long time and has almost turned into a mortal thing. That kind of will, in fact, is useless and worthless."

     Liu Wenyan smiled and said in a low voice: "Don't mention these things anymore, be careful if you find out about it and trouble you."

     The old governor stagnated slightly, and said somewhat regretful: "so that's how it is, I don’t think it’s possible. If truly such is easy to earn merits, then the civilized master will not be short of merits. Bai Feng still needs it. Let's kill a quadruple in the air..."

     Just now Liu Wenyan said that it was very simple afterwards, and he suddenly thought about it.

     Now when I heard it, feelings were still limited. At this time, he felt that he understood!Liu Wenyan secretly relaxed, there are naturally restrictions, but normal trading to those who are rich is okay, but... he can't do it!

     Don't talk about him, you let Lingyun realm, even the strong of the mountain and sea realm, write you a hundred articles a year?

     Those guys can't do it!

     Even if they can do it, they will not so. They also need to cultivate and do other things. They consume too much willpower, and the divine texts have no willpower. When the time comes, they will be the one who is in trouble.

     Liu Wenyan simply ignored the old governor and turned to look at Su Yu.

     Su Yu at this moment is still struggling.

     His attention is already not on the sword technique, but on the divine text he captured.

     Liu Wenyan has some expectations in his eyes, and also somewhat of a headache.

     "The willpower is too weak, it is already difficult to keep a divine writing, and now he has captured the second one...Hey, if this continues, the growth rate of his willpower will be slowed down a lot!"

     Liu Wenyan was somewhat concerned while happy.

     There are more divine texts, which is really not a good thing.

     Of course, one without that is even worse.

     That's too much, how does Su Yu go to nurture?

     He has limited willpower and does not contain divine writing, and that will dissipate.

     But if it is nurturing, it will consume a lot, and he will not be able to recover by himself. If this continues, it will easily drag him down.

     "He is now about 19% full, and almost 20%. He has two divine texts, and the Blood'blood' character divine text can still suck blood to accumulate himself. Thus, if he has two divine texts, he can persist. live."

     "Absolutely can't accumulate a third one, at least you can no longer outline the divine text before you can nurture your character."Liu Wenyan was a bit distressed, and sometimes it was troublesome to encounter geniuses.

     Su Yu captures the divine writing so quickly, it is easy to have excessive genius, toss himself to death, or have too many divine writings, and can't make progress for decades, that would be considered a waste.

     "Everyone else should go back first!"

     Liu Wenyan spoke, and then said seriously: "Lei Yuandao must not be passed down! Profound-level martial arts, even ordinary rubbings, must not be passed down! Such martial arts, even in civilized schools, war schools, and rubbings, require a hundred points of merit. Come change!"

     The old governor only cared about the value of the article of will, but neglected that it was a profound martial art.

     At this moment, the old governor also woke up.

     Wen Yan hurriedly said: "Yes, this must not be spread out! The martial arts of the war academy are almost all rubbings. The text of will is a special case. If the mysterious martial arts spread out, it will cause big trouble if it is found out!"

     The absence of the will, does not mean that the cultivation is impossible.

     It’s just that the speed will be much slower, and you will be able to comprehend it entirely on your own. The effect of the text of will is just equivalent to a top-level expert doing the whole analysis work for you, which will make you feel deeper and practice faster.

     The old governor remembered this moment, and looked at Liu Wenyan somewhat concerned.

     This old thing only talked about the essay of will before, and he had forgotten it. This rubbing is also very important.

     This is not the martial arts of the academy, but Liu Wenyan himself brought it.

     He rumored that there will be no accident, right?Liu Wenyan was not as worried as he was. Seeing that the students were apprehensive and no longer serious, said with a slight smile: "You can practice by yourself. This is what I passed on to you, but outsiders, including family members, can't pass it on anymore."

     "Human race does not encourage reap without sowing, everything needs to pay a relatively equal price, reap without sowing is a moth! This "Lei Yuan Knife" is my graduation gift to you, even if you don’t learn it today, it doesn’t matter, yours The days are still long."

     "Thank you Liu for coaching!"

     The students hurriedly thanked them. Although they didn't see the text of the will, some people saw some of it, but the gains were not too great, but they all read the rubbings.

     "It's okay, everyone go back and have a good rest. It doesn't matter if you don't see it. The first time, the next time you have experience, everyone will gain something. There is no shortage of civilized teachers who can transcribe the text of will, as long as you are willing to work hard! "

     "Thank you, teacher!"

     Everyone thanked again and left with anticipation.

     Many people looked back and glanced at Su Yu, who was still shaking, somewhat curious, what cut did Su Yu see?

     As for Su Yu learning more, they are not surprised. Liu Wenyan has been taking Su Yu around these days, obviously starting a small stove, envy and jealousy are useless.


     After half an hour.

     Su Yu woke up.

     At this moment, he and Liu Wenyan are the only ones in the office.

     Su Yu was slightly startled, and quickly said: "Teacher, I...I just finished reading..."

     He was a little annoyed. He had just been patronizing his little brother and forgot to look at the sword technique behind him.He is not stupid, he naturally knows that transcribing the text of will is not a simple matter, this opportunity was wasted by him.

     Liu Wenyan didn't care, and smiled lightly: "How many times did you see?"

     "The third knife... the fourth knife hasn't had time to see it."

     Su Yu looked upset and regretted.


     Liu Wenyan slightly sighed, good thing, three knives are enough, if you really see the back, this guy will probably be confused, why is there no villain behind the knives!

     "It’s okay. You can’t learn it if you read it now. Take this thing back with you, don’t reveal it to the outside world, hide it carefully, you can take a look at it when you have time, of course, the effect will be a great decline afterwards. It is not mountains and seas, and it cannot be retained for a long time.

     He set up an ambush in advance, and when he got to the back, the effect was definitely not good. It was your responsibility, not mine.

     As a teacher, I have tried my best to provide you with the best!

     Liu Wenyan quickly shifted the topic and said: "Is the divine text outlined again?"

     "Well, the word'Thunder'."

     "How much is outlined?"

     "It seems... it's all, no, it's almost..."

     Su Yu was a little embarrassed, and whispered: "It seems to have broken a stroke."


     Liu Wenyan was somewhat surprised. On the one hand, he was completely outlined again...

     Well, he gave up exploring why he used this word, and quickly said: "Broken a stroke?"

     "Well, when it captured it, it fought fiercely...""That's because your willpower is not strong enough to forcibly capture it and outline it. At this time, you should give up or outline it. Next time you can't capture it forcibly, understand?"

     Liu Wenyan looked serious, "One or two times count your luck, next time you are like this, you will be easily beaten back! Of course, this is also my responsibility, I didn't think you will outline the divine text for the second time, so I forgot to remind you."

     "Also, you must not outline the third divine text before you are nurturing!"


     Su Yu responded immediately and continued: "Teacher, the word'Thunder' has broken a word, I think I want to recover, at least ten days to half a month."

     "Normal things, it's not uncommon to outline a complete divine text for half a year and a year."

     Liu Wenyan didn't hit him this time, and said with a serious face: "You sketched the divine text too fast, but it's not normal. I don't know if it is a bad thing, but...there are more divine texts, not necessarily good, last time I I told you that if there are too many divine writings, it is possible to be mixed but not precise."

     "Teacher, I understand."

     Su Yu nodded hurriedly. As for the characteristics of the "Thunder" divine writing, there is no way to test it this time, because the divine writing is not complete, and it must be restored to know.

     Of course, Su Yu can judge a characteristic... electrocute you!

     This thing had just electrocuted himself many times, otherwise he wouldn't end up breaking the guy's "leg", the electric pain was quite painful, and he couldn't control it.

     Liu Wenyan was also relaxed when he heard it.

     After thinking for a while, he said slowly, "At this time, I can teach you almost everything I can teach you. As for some basics, you will naturally be taught by someone at a civilized institution.""Including some advanced Secret Arts, the use of divine writings, the outline training of divine writings, and the learning of some Wanzu languages... These things are very routine. You go to a school and spend a few years to learn slowly. This is also the foundation. Accumulation."

     After talking a while, Liu Wenyan got serious again, "In the early stage, don't care too much about anything, and build the foundation! We civilized teachers, who can stand loneliness, and those from war colleges who enter college for six months or a year, they have hope Step into the world."

     "But most of the civilized divisions have stepped into the sky after many years..."

     Su Yu nodded quickly, and after the nod, whispered: "Teacher, I think I will be able to win in a few months."


     Liu Wenyan was blocked for a while!

     Mad, forgot this kid Kaiyuan Eightfold!

     As a reserve of civilized schools, the middle school has studied multiple language courses for five years, all of which are start from zero. Is five years a lot?

     In addition to language courses, they also have many other courses.

     Mathematics, basic weapon structure, geography, history...

     Relatively speaking, the courses are not small.

     At this time, even if you can go back to practice "Kaiyuan Jue" at night, even if you are diligent, how many people can cultivate to the fourth and fifth levels of Kaiyuan?

     Unlike people like Chen Hao, they don't need to learn too much Wanzu language, three basic subjects are enough.

      Even so, these people complain without stopping, and they wish they didn’t learn anything.

     Su Yu's performance on the divine text was too amazing. Just that moment, Liu Wenyan completely forgot that this guy had eightfold Kaiyuan, and he wrote "Leiyuan Knife" for him to improve his combat power.As for capturing divine texts, that's second!

     If Liu Wenyan stuck in his mouth, he couldn't say it.

     He originally wanted to say, "Don't envy those guys in the war academy. After a year, many of them will be in a terrific state, but you have to endure loneliness. After a few years, if you vacate, they will still be in a terrific state..."

     But at this time, I can't say anything!

     This kid Kaiyuan eightfold!

      Lightly coughed, concealing the embarrassment, Liu Wenyan calmly said: "You are good at Kaiyuan Eighth, but even if you are so what? The most valuable thing! When you arrive at a school, some senior brothers and senior sisters may be empty territory……"

     Su Yu immediately said: "Teacher, I have a question."


     "I looked for a moment in the literature before, and it never said how many years the civilized academy is in the end. It seems that none of the materials mentioned this..."

     Su Yu is curious, he is really strange, how many years will a civilized academy have to study?

     "How many years?"

     Liu Wenyan was slightly startled, and after a while he laughed: "I forgot to say that the civilized academy is not divided into several years, with a full reserve of 20%, just can't observe Qianjun's original student as a junior class."

     "From 20% to 50%, you can observe the original of the Qianjun Realm. It is an intermediate class."

     "More than 50%, that is, the stage of nurturing, at this time are advanced classes."

     "Tengkong... Then even if you graduate, of course, not everyone can graduate. Many people have studied for a few years without making progress. They may leave the school, may go home, or go to the battlefield, or do other things. ...At this time, the university will not care about you either.""If you are vacated, you can choose to stay at school. For example, Bai Feng, he chose to stay at school as an assistant researcher, but...this is a genius treatment! If you are 50-60 years old, the university will not keep you. , You can find your own way, it won’t be bad anyway."

     "Under normal circumstances, at the age of 30, if there is no way to vacate, many people will choose to leave."

     Liu Wenyan sighed: "Thirty years old...At this time, there is still time for the conversion fighters, but after 30 years old, then really comes without enough time, the golden time of cultivation has passed. Like you, you enter the mansion at the age of 18. After staying there for more than ten years, when you can’t vacate, you will give up.”

     How many people enroll in unordinary natural talent, lofty aspirations and high ideals!

     As a result... After more than ten years, I was unable to manifest and vacate, so I gave up the manifestation. This is too common in civilized schools!

     "In a school, maybe there's some left fifty to sixty years old old people, not teachers, they are your seniors, and some of your Basic Courses may be taught by them and earn some merit points to support yourself, not to support one's family It's hard."

     "They don't even count as an assistant researcher. Of course, you don't have to call them seniors, just call them coaches, call seniors... That's a heartbreak, be careful when you encounter stingy, I will give you to make sb wear tight shoes."

     Liu Wenyan said and laughed, a little bitter.

     "Teacher, I... If I were still in the Civilization Academy back then, I would be coaching, and I would be coaching. You call me senior also no problem, an old guy in more than seventy, and you are of the same generation.

     The ups and downs of this, apart from themselves, I am afraid no one can understand.Few people who are admitted to civilized schools are fools.

     As a result, after spending decades in this place, as you can well imagine what these people are bearing.

     Su Yu was still young, he didn't understand, but even if he just listened to Liu Wenyan's talk, he couldn't help feeling a shudder in his heart.

     I was squandered until I was old, and nothing was done. A group of teenagers called themselves senior...

     "I will not!"

     Su Yu whispered in his heart, he wouldn't, he didn't want to.

     It turns out that there are not only geniuses in civilized schools, but also such a group of tragic people. Sure enough, there are some glorious, and some are bleak.

     "Go, go back and rest for a few days, take a good look at the Lei Yuan Dao, cultivate the gods, and wait for the assessment."

     "Teacher, kill a mid-thousandth..."

     "No need to do it, time is too late."

     Su Yu thought for a while, and insisted: "Teacher, or I will try it. After a few days, my Lei Yuandao has made progress. I will try again. If it fails, I will give up."


     Liu Wenyan didn't dissuade him. Perseverance is also a kind of moral character, which is quite good.

     He threw the animal skin book "Lei Yuan Knife" to Su Yu. Liu Wenyan walked out of the office with his hands on his back. Before he could leave, he listened to Su Yu: "Teacher, I will come to the school tomorrow morning to study with you, and I will go back to practice the knife in the afternoon. law……"

     Liu Wenyan almost fell over!

     I ask you to go home and rest for a few more days, and think about the technique of the knife. Do you think I am tolerating you?

     Stupid kid!Teacher, I'm over-consuming willpower. I have to hide at home to recover in the next few days, lest I come to the school every day with a pale look and an over-indulgence in debauchery. Can't you understand the deep meaning of Lao Tzu?

     Liu Wenyan turned his back to Su Yu, his face turned black, but his tone was flat: "I don't use it anymore. I have something to do in the past few days. See if my body can build a foundation and step into the sky. I'm a little busy recently."

     Su Yu woke up instantly and hurriedly said, "Okay, teacher, then I won't disturb you."


     Liu Wenyan, profound mystery, left floating, and stayed a little longer, he couldn't stand it any longer.
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