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42 Kill Qianjun Again
    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

June 11.

     After one day period of brewing, the news spread.

     People from Daxia Mansion are coming to participate in the assessment of higher education institutions on the Nanyuan side. People from Daxia Mansion have rushed to Nanyuan to wait for the assessment.

     When the news came out, there were also some criticisms.

     "Daxia Mansion wants to deprive Nanyuan students of the places of higher education!"

     "Master Xiahou only wants money, regardless of the life and death of Nanyuan people, and even wants to sell Nanyuan City to Daming Mansion."

     "Nan Yuan has been abandoned by Daxia Mansion!"


     Various voices are spreading. Among them, ordinary people are speaking, and some guys having evil plans are deliberately obscure the facts.

     The City Lord's Mansion quickly responded, Jifengtang was on standby all day, and Nanyuan Academy also began to explain to all students.

     The assessment quota for people from Daxia Mansion is a licensed quota and has nothing to do with Nanyuan.

     This is an additional quota and will not encroach on the student quota of Nan Yuan.

     Public opinion began to turn. Of course, not everyone believed it, but it was not as fierce as it was at the beginning. Most people quickly believed it.



     This is not the first time Su Yu has come. He had come with Liu Wenyan the previous few times.

     This time he did not call Liu Wenyan, but came alone.

     In the busy hall of Jifengtang, Su Yu didn't add to the chaos. He squatted around the corner at the moment, chatting with an old Jifeng hunter who was smoking.

     "Uncle Li, have you found the traces of Ten Thousand Races?"

     "Checking."The middle aged man's surname is Li. He is an old man from Jifengtang. He is in a six-fold realm, but he is only a low-level man who catches the wind and catches quickly, and his strength is too weak.

     Despite his weak strength, the man had been in Jifengtang for many years, and the news was well received.

     While smoking a cigarette, he smiled and said, "Xiaosu, all the students of Nanyuan middle school, you are this!"

     The man gave a thumbs up, "Participate in the hunt before graduation, you are the first!"

     "However..." the man praised, and then whispered: "This time your teacher did not come, you alone follow us, it is very dangerous! To put it ugly, your teacher is not there, sometimes we may want to save you It's too late."

     Su Yu nodded like a baby, and hurriedly said: "Uncle Li, I won't make trouble. I'll just wait outside. The main thing is to see Uncle Li and you. If you can miss one or two serious injuries, let me complete the teacher The assessment, then I’m Thank the Heavens, Thank the Earth."

     The man laughed and said: "Don't worry, we will let the seriously injured go out if we have the opportunity. The face of coach Liu, and the hall master will have to give it! Besides, we guys have not dealt with your Laozi. We used to hunt down Wanzujia You guys, sometimes if you do help a little bit, you can count as the external staff of Jifengtang."

     Su Yu smiled and quickly thanked him.

     The old man actually doesn't like to be nosy, but if he kills the patriarchs, Nan Yuan is willing to intervene as long as there are people who can fight.

     Su Long, who is so quintessential, is considered an expert in Nanyuan.

     The two were chatting, and a captain-level wind catcher quickly shouted at the hall of the Anti-Wind Hall, "The North Team is assembled!"As soon as the voice fell, Lao Li quickly dropped his cigarette butt and ran towards the hall.

     Su Yu also hurriedly followed, instead of joining the queue, but standing behind the group of people without making a sound.

     The captain who assembled the team glanced at him, did not say anything, and said in a deep voice: "The traces of Ten Thousand Cults were found in the suburbs! This time it was not a large-scale gathering, but some people came out to incite the people. Only three people can be confirmed."

     "The specific strength is unknown, but for things like distributing news, the manpower required will not be too strong."

     "The task is handed over to the North team. Give everyone three minutes, make all preparations, and leave immediately!"


     Everyone responded one after another, and a small group of 30 people in Jifengtang was not less.

     The captain is in the ninth realm, and there are a few people in the team above the ninth fold, and the others are at least quaternary.

     When the team members left, to prepare, the captain walked in front of Su Yu and said solemnly: "The hall master also has other tasks and will not go. Your teacher did not follow, Su Yu, you also participated in the hunt before. , Know the danger!"

     "I know your teacher is in the airspace, and your father and I have a good relationship, but... during the mission, no one will take care of you! This is a mission, not a joke!"

     "A little carelessness is death. Every year there are sacrifices in Jifengtang. You can participate, but you cannot interfere with the actions of Jifengtang. If you encounter danger, you can run or ask for help, but we may not come to rescue!"

     "Your fate is fate, and the fate of other people is also fate. We will not destroy the entire action plan for you!"The captain is extremely serious, "Now you can choose to leave, otherwise... everything be responsible for the consequence of one's action!"

     Su Yu in Kaiyuan Realm was too weak.

     Even if Su Yu had participated in the operation several times before, but at that time Liu Wenyan was there, and even the hall master Zeng Hua was also with him. There was no danger at all.

     Today is different, only Su Yu is here today.

     "Captain Liu, don't worry, my father is a soldier, and I'm also a reserve, so I won't cause you trouble!"

     Su Yu hurriedly answered.

     Captain Liu nodded slightly, his attitude eased a little, and he warned: "Then be careful yourself, I also heard people say that you are a civilized teacher and have special methods, but don't be reckless!"


     Su Yu responded with a wry smile in his heart. What a civilized teacher, where can I go.

     People in Nanyuan still know one and understand half of the civilized division, there is no civilized division in the air.


     Three minutes later, the whole team gathered again in full gear.

     Outside the hall, two trucks have started.

     Everyone got on the car, and Su Yu followed.

     In the car, everyone didn’t speak much, pack up the equipment, check the ration...

     Su Yu also checked, Huang-ranked medium-sized knife, 4 drops of iron-winged bird essence blood, of which 3 drops were exchanged at a school early in the morning. It took him 3 points of merit, and at the moment he only has 10 points of merit Up.

      Preparedness averts peril., so that 1 drop is not enough when you encounter danger.

     Moreover, the 4 drops of blood were not put together, so as not to be lost during the battle, one of them was wrapped in a small capsule by Su Yu and held directly in his mouth. The crucial moment can be swallowed instantly.After Lei Yuan knife practiced for a few days, Su Yu barely got started. At this moment, he can make that knife, but the speed will not be too fast.

     Lei Yuandao consumes a lot of vitality, and Su Yu can't penetrate the vitality of the outside world, so this time he also brought a drop of vitality liquid.

     There is one drop left at home, so there is no need to bring too much of the vitality liquid.

     One drop is enough for him.

     "3 drops of essence and blood, one drop of vitality liquid, worth almost 200,000."

     Su Yu sighed softly in his heart. If he added a knife, he would have prepared hundreds of thousands before the war. If he didn't gain anything, it would be miserable.

     It's better not to use anything, to kill a hero, to get some merit.

     If it is used, and a drop of essence and blood is used, it will at least have to kill a thousand dollars.

     This is the first time he has participated in such an action alone. While Su Yu is excited, it is inevitable that he is also somewhat anxious.

     This time he missed, but no one made up for himself.

     Next to him, Lao Li was also there. After checking his equipment, he saw Su Yu stretched out and couldn't help but smile: "Relax, don't be nervous. When we get to the place, we get off the car and walk fast. You kid may not be able to follow. ."

     Su Yu nodded and said seriously: "I know, I will be waiting outside."

     "Careful by all means, if the other party is completely undamaged, even if you see it, it's best to treat it as if you haven't seen it. It doesn't matter if you run away, you can kill it sooner or later, don't stray now!"

     "Thank you Uncle Li."

     The two talked, and other people in the car also heard it. One of the young team members in the crowd who seemed to be a few years older than Su Yu laughed and said: "Five years ago, I participated in the task for the first time and I was very nervous. Later I got used to it. , Su Yu, just adjust yourself, don’t be afraid.""Thank you Brother Chen."

     Brother Chen is not very old, less than 30 years old.

     At least it’s not too big in Jifengtang. It’s a member of the Young generation. Now that I started talking, I became interested and laughed: "Su Yu, your fighter is very talented. Haven't you considered taking the war academy?"

     "My teacher is a civilized teacher..."

     Su Yu grinned and said, "He wants me to go to a civilized academy, so I can only go to a civilized academy."

     "That's true. Liu coach is actually a civilized teacher. In fact, I just knew it before."

     Brother Chen said with emotion: "In Daxia Mansion, warriors are worthless, and civilized teachers are the treasure. I graduated from Jifeng Academy five years ago. Students who graduated from Jifeng Academy are looking for a job in Daxia Mansion. Difficult, unless it is a top-level genius student, like us... we can only go back to our homes and find a job in the small town."

     "But on the civilized school side, once you graduate... it's a civilized teacher, and any forces are rushing to ask for it."

     With some emotion, the Jifeng Academy can graduate in the mid-term stage, while the Civilization Academy will graduate in the air.

     This alone shows the gap between the two.

     Of course, Brother Chen quickly laughed and said, "Su Yu, you will know how difficult it is to graduate when you arrive at the Civilization Academy. There are less than 50 students who graduate from the Civilization Academy every year. You must know that the annual enrollment is close to 2,000, and the graduation rate is 2.5. %, there are many veteran students, and few can graduate within ten years."

     "so little?"

     Su Yu was surprised at first, and then nodded slightly. This is also true. Graduating is counted as vacated. Nearly 50 people graduated a year, which means 50 more vacated, which is actually not less.With 50 people a year, it is equivalent to cultivating more than 50 airspace powerhouses every year, and they are equivalent to the lord of Nanyuan Town, not too few.

     Others don’t know much about the situation. Someone checked the equipment and then interjected: “It’s so difficult to graduate?”

     Most of the older generation of Jifengtang are retired soldiers, or they have returned from a career change.

     Jifeng Academy hasn't been established for a long time, and graduates are all Young generations, so some old wind catchers may not have been to Daxia House.

     Brother Chen nodded and said, "It's really hard! Of course, people have different graduation standards, like Liu coached... hehe, I just graduated from the Civilization Institute, and graduated at 70 are not without."

     As soon as this remark came out, everyone looked strange.

     just graduated?

     Well, they don't understand the world of Daxia House. Anyway, in their eyes, Coach Liu is now on the same level as the city lord, but he didn't even graduate until Daxia Civilization Academy.

     In the chat, the place arrived.

     Did not go straight to the location where the news was reported, the car stopped about one kilometer away.

     Get out of the car quickly, the captain didn't speak, and waved his hand, a group of people divided into two groups, headed forward separately, outflanking left and right.


     Su Yu did not follow any team, he was cautious and timid about 300 meters behind the two teams.

     He was not ready to be a pioneer, but to see if he could pick up a leak from the rear.

     No one knows how many people there are in the Ten Thousand Races. The report said it was three people. As an old hunter, everyone understands that the news may not be accurate.

     3 people, that's just what you see.

     Maybe there is more hidden inside!Every year, because the news is not accurate enough, the sacrifice is not one or two. This is also an inevitable matter.

     Even if there are only 3 people, suddenly a Wanshi appears or vacates, it is a big trouble.

     Wanshi there's hope to solve it, and it's really useless if you vacate, you can only admit that you are unlucky.


     In the distance, an ordinary courtyard appeared in front of everyone.

     It is not different from the normal house in the suburbs. There's some left vegetable field near the small courtyard, and you can still see the green at this moment.

     The courtyard has a wide field of vision, and the patriarchs like to act in this environment.

     Once people come on a large scale, they can quickly find out and escape quickly.

     Jifengtang’s dealings with each other are not one or two times, and they are also very experienced. If Su Yu hadn’t been staring at them, I’m afraid they wouldn’t be able to see where they actually were.

     All 30 people were walking forward in disguise, Su Yu did not dare to appear, squatting in a small pothole and waiting.

     The captain who was crawling forward turned his head carefully and glanced at, but he didn't see Su Yu, and was slightly relaxed.

     He was actually very worried that Su Yu had exposed himself carelessly, it would be easy to expose their whereabouts.

     I reminded a few words before that he was still worried that the other party would not be obedient. Now it seems that the other party is still obedient. After all, he is Su Long's son, and his father is a soldier. Su Yu does not have the arrogance of those who come from Daxia Mansion.


     Holding the knife in his hand, Su Yu gasped slightly, adjusted his breathing, with a little excitement.

     Soon, he calmed down.

     It was not the first time, he had killed several of them in the Qianjun Realm.At this moment, about 100 meters away from the small courtyard, the people of Jifengtang could no longer hide their whereabouts, the captain raised his hand, and the others quickly stood up!

     No one shouted, and 30 people moved quickly, rushing towards the courtyard.


      A severe shout sounded, the people of all ethnic groups in the small courtyard were watching. Only at this moment did they find the person coming, will know when you see it, will know when you see it.


     There was a shout, and the next moment, five six person's shadows popped out of the courtyard, not three people!

     These people also have experience and break through all around.

     Who is unlucky, who is caught up by Jifengtang.

     This is also their way of survival. They are not as strong as the other, so they flee quickly without any hesitation. They can run each one, and whoever is killed is out of luck.

     Jifengtang generally didn't dare to divide the troops, and under the division of troops, their combat power was not strong, and they were easily defeated by the Ten Thousand Clan Sect.

     Therefore, the 30-person team has survived and formed three encirclement circles.

     Then other people have a chance to escape!

     Sure enough, the Captain of Jifengtang did not chase all of them, but quickly formed a team of 10 people. Two of the three teams quickly chased and killed other places, and the captain personally led a team of people to kick away. He went through the gate of the small courtyard and rushed in.

     Su Yu watched from behind. A few hundred meters away, his eyes were opened, but he could see clearly.

     Seeing Jifengtang's actions, Su Yu also gained something.

     Replaced by myself, I might have just led people to chase and kill those who fled, I'm afraid for a while there might be enemies lurking in the small courtyard.

     "The reason for the experience..."Su Yu did not be unduly humble either, this kind of experience, after several times, he will be able to master it quickly.

     The two teams outside had already caught up with the enemy and began to besiege.

     The clash of weapons sounded in the blink of an eye.

     Although these wind catchers are not too strong, they can cooperate very well. Su Yu judged that the besieged person was at least five or sixfold, but the opponent was beheaded almost instantly!

     And in the 10-person team, it seems that there is no such thing as a superstar.

     Su Yu glanced at, so he ignored them and quickly looked around.

     I just jumped out of five to six people. At this moment, two were killed in the blink of an eye. The two teams continued to hunt down, but there was a fish that escaped the net.

     But those guys ran fast, and they could see the figure just now, but now they can't see it all at once.

     "The place chosen by the patriarchs this time is actually not very good. The vision is wide. The enemy is easy to find on the touch. It can also be troublesome to run. You should choose a terrain that is easier to escape..."

     Su Yu has absorbed the experience and lessons, and may not be unused in the future.

     "The place I chose is also not good. Behind Jifengtang, the other party may not dare to run here, nor may he be able to come over. Of course, I just picked it up, safety first."

     Just thinking about it, a shout came from the small courtyard!

     At the next moment, several silhouettes jumped out again.

     Sure enough, there are still people inside!

     This time, the two teams outside the courtyard were already far away, and no one stopped them. Su Yu saw a silhouette quickly fleeing towards him.

     Su Yu immediately concentrate one's attention completely up!

     coming!"This speed... it feels almost the same as the guy who chased me last time. It's six-fold?"

     In the rear, the Captain of the Jifengtang left the team and quickly chased him over, shouting: "The people in front put down their weapons, hands tied and wait to be captured. The above policy has changed. The sins of all ethnic groups are not deep and can be sent to everyone. Participate in the war in the battlefield of heaven, no longer must kill!"

     Su Yu was suspicious at first, and then quickly understood that this was disintegrating the opponent's fighting spirit.

     No such command above!

     Daxia Mansion’s policy is still to kill!

     People of all ethnic groups know that if they are caught by the Great Xia Mansion, they will definitely die, so they usually fight to the last. Thus, the difficulty of fighting will increase. I wonder if this guy will believe it.

     Obviously, the other party did not believe it, or still had hope, and continued to flee.

     200 meters, 100 meters...

     Su Yu is getting closer and closer, but the direction is a little off.

     Su Yu squatted and touched over there quietly.

     Soon, people came, and there were still tens of meters away from Su Yu.

     Su Yu stood up, lifted the knife, his vitality quickly condensed, the blade radiated a faint light, and the vitality of the whole body condensed, and shouted: "Stop!"

     Ambush is already impossible.

     Then you can only kill!


     The person who ran away was surprised!

     Kaiyuan Realm!

     Didn't wear a uniform for catching wind, is this... passing by?

     Kaiyuan, dare to stop him?

     Are you crazy?

     "Don't want to run!"

     Su Yu yelled, "Stop you, I can take merit points, and the assessment will add points!"

     "court death!"The man also without rubbish, lest he was caught up in time, he picked up the knife and slashed towards Su Yu.

     The two quickly approached. At this moment, Su Yu eyes opened wide: "Hall Master!"

     There was a cry of exclamation, and the patriarch was also taken aback. Suddenly there was one more person in front of him. Next to Kaiyuan, there was another middle-aged man, Zeng Hua, the master of Jifeng Hall.

     "It's over!"

     This person's face changed drastically, and Zeng Hua from the Ten Thousand Stone Realm actually came!

     Turning his head and about to run away, at this moment, Su Yu prepared for a long time the Lei Yuan knife, slashed out!

      make an all-out effort!

     The cultists of the Ten Thousand Races rushed towards Su Yu first, then turned their heads and ran away. For a while, the body was still deflecting, and the sound of a knife sounded behind him!

     At this moment, Su Yu, who was making an all-out effort, had a broken illusion, and the other party was already a little sober.

     Unfortunately, it's too late!


     This thought flashed away, and the vitality of the knife flickered, like a thunder, and slashed it down with a chuckle!


     His head hit the ground, and his body fell to the ground after a while, and the blood was reflected on the ground.

     Su Yu complexion blanches, closed his sword and looked around vigilantly, not daring to be careless, for fear that someone would suddenly appear, and the blood in his mouth had been clenches the teeth, ready to explode again.

     The next moment, the captain killed to come, glanced at Su Yu, nodded slightly, slightly surprised and said: "Yes, the sword is very decisive!"

     Without saying more, the captain boasted that he left quickly, and the battle was not over yet.

     Su Yu is long sighed and finished!

     Faster and simpler than expected.

     Kill the opponent with a single blow!It's just that the body is hollowed out at this moment, and the vitality is exhausted, Su Yu dare not delay, immediately swallowed a drop of vitality liquid and began to replenish vitality.

     "The 100,000 is gone... I don't know if it is a loss or a profit."

     Su Yu smiled bitterly in his heart, killing a mid-term, two points of merit, is this a loss or a gain?

     However, if the vitality liquid is swallowed, it is also helping oneself cultivate, and it is not a loss.
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