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    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Su Yu exploded once with the Lei Yuan Knife, which consumed a lot of energy, and was recovering by absorbing Yuan Qi Liquid.

     At this moment, fighting is also breaking out in other places.

     The battle was not too fierce. The people of the Ten Thousand Races wanted to run, and the number of people was not large. Soon, the teams killed their opponents one after another.

     In the small courtyard, the sound of fighting gradually weakened.

     Captain Liu rushed back and participated in the battle. With his nine-fold strength, he was able to deal with some low- and middle-level guys not a big problem.

     Su Yu was still satisfied, and killed a guy in the middle of his life.

     Apart from other things, two merits have been achieved.

     This time, he killed it alone. Of course, as an external staff, after he killed the opponent, the spoils would not belong to him, but to Jifengtang. They had to hand it in together and then distribute the rewards. Yu has nothing to do.

     After all, he came to participate in the action, even if he had taken the credit, without the cooperation of Jifengtang, Su Yu would not have the opportunity to kill a patriarch alone.

     Su Yu looked around, but didn't see anyone else, the people from Jifengtang began to gather in the small courtyard to besieged the last remnants.

     As for the number of patriarchs, Su Yu doesn't know exactly how many people there are, but I am afraid there are more than ten.

     This is not a small stronghold, but a medium-sized stronghold.

     "Medium scale..."

     Su Yu was shocked slightly, the number of people increased to ten, even if it was medium-sized.

     He just thought about it. At the small courtyard, Captain Liu suddenly roared: "Be careful, there is a boss!"


     A short scream came, and the next moment, Captain Liu roared, booming!

     The wall of the small courtyard completely collapsed!Su Yu was shocked and looked over there quickly. At this moment, Captain Liu was fighting with a middle-aged man who looked like a TB.

     Captain Liu used a military long knife, and the opponent used a long stick.

     The two greatly opens greatly gathers, their vitality exploded, and the surrounding walls continued to collapse.

     On the Wind Catch team, some people have fallen to the ground, and others are surrounding the middle-aged tuberculosis ghost.

     "Little Chen..."

     Someone whispered, Su Yu's heart was slightly shaken, Xiao Chen...Brother Chen?

     The one who fell just now was Brother Chen?

     He just talked to himself in the car.

     "The second team is up!"

     As Captain Liu fought against each other, he shouted violently, "I caught the boss, brothers, it's a great achievement!"

     He drank, and a team of 10 people in the rear, led by the team leader, came forward one after another. The next moment, an iron chain appeared in the hands of 10 people, and a weapon similar to an axe hung in front of the chain.

     Captain Liu quickly backed away, and the hula-la wind sounded!

     Ten chains were thrown out by the people of Jifengtang, and there was a burst of air in the air.


     The tuberculosis ghost looked weak, but at the moment he was filled with vitality. With a violent drink, the long stick swept across, with a bang, sparks were thrown on the iron chain, and one iron chain was even directly broken.

     Several other chains were also scattered by him.

     "Team one, come on!"

     Captain Liu yelled again, and a small team that had been prepared a long time ago, not saying anything further, crossed the large iron forks that had been prepared in their hands at the man.Ten people were scattered all around, and the TB ghost couldn't get into the air. At this moment, there was a violent roar, the long stick waved, and sparks overflowed from the iron forks hit again.

     The last team didn't need Captain Liu's instructions, and was already scattered around the periphery. At this moment, a large net was spread out by several people and fell from the sky, quickly covering the men.

     "Just know this!"

     The man was somewhat angry, roaring violently, leaping on the ground, and hitting the Jifengtang members who were in the way.

     On the Jifengtang side, the team members quickly revolved around the man, and did not stay in the same place for long.

     The big net fell, the iron chain struck across, and the iron fork kept blocking the man's progress.

     The man became more angry!

     At this moment, Captain Liu had already withdrawn from the encirclement, his eyes were cold, and he did not rush in again, but circled around. Once the man showed signs of breaking through the encirclement, Captain Liu attacked the team to kill the man again.


     At this moment, Su Yu understood, Ten Thousand Stone Realm!

     If it weren't for Wanshi, with the powerful strength of Captain Liu, it wouldn't be possible for others to cooperate, and the entire North Team would be shooting at this moment.

     Among them, there are several people in Qianjun Qizhong.

      So many people, unable to win the man for a long time, it can be seen that the man is powerful and must be the existence of the Ten Thousand Stone Realm.


      A loud exploding sound came out. The man saw that he was surrounded by people who were weaker than himself. Under his anger, he made an all-out effort, and all split up and in pieces with an iron fork. Even if the player with the iron fork is still a few meters away from him, at this moment the strength is coming, but the hand bones are still cracked and blood is flowing!At this time, the man was also hit by an iron chain, and the axe blade hung on the chain instantly made a blood mark on the man's leg, and the blood flow continued.

     "Qianjun kills ten thousand stones!"

     At this moment, Su Yu suddenly knew that on the battlefield that his father said, a great deal could kill ten thousand stones.

     Thirty Qianjun cooperated, and they were just members of the Jifengtang in a small city. They surrounded the opponent at this moment, were consuming and killing each other.

     The people of Jifengtang were considered elite in Nanyuan, but in reality, these people were no longer qualified to continue fighting on the battlefield of the heavens.

     However, today they staged a scene for Su Yu. What is realm is not the only suppression.

     Two fists are hard to beat with four hands, and when they encounter a well-established combat team, they have to be killed with powerful strength.

     "You want to kill me? Dreaming!"

     The man roared, "I will fight to death, and you will die too! Liu Pingshan, let me go, I leave Nanyuan, everyone is better off!"

     "I still have a stronghold in Nanyuan, and I have 300 gold deposits, as my trophies for you!"

     "Liu Pingshan, Nan Yuan is just a small town, are you really going to ruin a wind catcher here?"

     Nan Yuan is not strong, and there are not many teams like Jifengtang. A Wanshi desperately kills, not to mention killing all, the team may suffer heavy losses in the end.

     Captain Liu didn't answer the conversation, and when he became a wind catcher, he should think of this day.

     He didn't expect to encounter Ten Thousand Stone Realm.

     Medium-sized …… no, this is not actually considered.

     There were only a dozen people, and one of them had reached the top. I didn't expect that there was still a guy with a thousand stones hidden here."No... It may be a breakthrough soon, so I haven't had time to transfer."

     Within Ten Thousand Clan Religions, there are also levels, up and down, Ten Thousand Stone Realm should not lead such a mixed soldier, the opponent should have just broken through.

     From the previous two fights, the man did not quickly suppress him, you can see one or two.


     Captain Liu ignored him, and the three ten-man teams continued to cooperate, consuming each other's energy and vitality. This man couldn't run away!

     "Liu Pingshan! Are you going to either the fish dies or the net splits with me?"

     The man once again smashed an iron fork with a stick, and the players holding the fork vomited blood and flew upside down. The bones of their hands were broken, and they were unable to fight again.

     The vacancy was quickly filled by other people, and the big net that had fallen in the air was also forcibly torn by the man, but at this moment there were also many wounds on his body.



     Su Yu looked at shaking one to the core and then hesitated.

     The opponent is too strong!

     He saw a member of the top seven players was directly exploded by the opponent's arm smashed by a stick. If this goes on, as the man said, he probably can't run, but Jifengtang must have suffered a huge loss.

     Su Yu gritted his teeth, No More Hesitation, and ran toward there quickly.

     Soon, Su Yu arrived.

     Captain Liu saw it, but ignored him. Su Yu came to blend in, and died in vain. Even he himself couldn't guarantee that he would survive.

     The opponent is dead, but on my own side, this northern team...may be disabled after this time.

     "Team Liu..."

      "Scram!"Liu Pingshan yelled and stared at Su Yu. At this time, he was making trouble. He smashed Su Yu to death and no one dared to speak. Liu Wenyan couldn't do it!

     Fight together, this is the battlefield, even Jifengtang has its own battlefield!

     Watched by Captain Liu's murderous eyes, Su Yu's heart trembled. This is Captain Seizure who has really killed many people, not an ordinary official.

     "Captain, I can interfere with him!"

     Su Yu's voice was very small, mixed with the sound of weapon collisions, and quickly said: "I am a pre-civilized division. I will create illusions and interfere with him instantly. Can Captain Liu take the opportunity to kill him?"


     Captain Liu, who originally wanted to kick Su Yu with a kick, was slightly startled, and instantly regained his senses: "Illusion, how long will the interference last?"

     "I don't know, maybe... a second?"

     Su Yu is not sure, he has not tried.

     Captain Liu looked at the man who was still breaking through, after about two or three seconds, he said heavily, "I made a gap and gave him a chance to break through! You interfere with him, Su Yu, military orders are like mountains, I order you to at least let him suffer Interference for more than a second!"

     "Can't do it... I'm dead!"

     "Done, kill him, the team doesn't have to die!"

     Captain Liu quickly came up with a plan to create an opportunity for the man to break through, and Su Yu interfered. He instantly killed the opponent. If he couldn't kill the opponent, he would get close to absolute kill strike. The man returned to his senses and he was going to die. Of course, the man would be seriously injured.

     Gamble or not?

     He did not hesitate!

     He died and the man was seriously injured. He would soon be besieged and killed, and the others would not sacrifice.

     The battle is now, and he can't help thinking about it.Many people in Jifengtang are veterans from the battlefields of the heavens, and Captain Liu is also, at the crucial moment, he is willing to fight.

     Su Yu's heart trembled, military orders...

     He didn't know if he could do it. He thought it was okay before. After all, it had an influence on Liu Wenyan and the others. The other party was only Wanshi and should have a little influence.

     But... Once he fails, Captain Liu will die. Can he take on such a responsibility?

     Captain Liu didn't give him a chance, and quickly shouted: "Second team, retreat three meters!"

     "Team one, cross him!"

     A few ten-man teams doesn't have any hesitation, if he orders you go, he forbids you stop, they follow orders one after another.

     The man roared again, the long stick waving airtightly, and the players who beat them kept backing up. Many of them had already poured blood into their hands, but they were still Abundant Battle Intent.

     Captain Liu began to enter the middle area between the first team and the second team. He didn't look at Su Yu anymore, but he was inaudible and said, "He broke through the moment of the first team's encirclement and created an illusion. I will kill him!"

     As for whether Su Yu could seize that opportunity, he didn't think about it.

     Anyway, its the same in the end!

     The only difference is that the team is dead or others.

     Su Yuxin mentioned it, he was determined to swallow the essence and blood to help the fight, but even if he swallowed the essence and blood, it was only the explosive power of the Qianjun realm, and it was not helpful to kill the stone.

     Su Yu gritted his teeth, "I can only create illusions to restrict him!"

     "What illusion will do?"

     If you want to make people feel realistic and absent, ordinary illusions are definitely not good.

     Su Yu thought quickly.

     "Hallmaster? No, Hall Master Jifeng is only Wanshi...""The city lord... the city lord is here, maybe it will make him even more desperate and burst into full power."

     "Give him hope...can't make him despair..."

     Treating Wanshi, a Wanshi who was besieged, is not good as before.

     "Yes, you can only make his companions and save his companions..."

     At the next moment, Su Yu made a decision.

     He knew that this decision was related to the life and death of a tough guy. Although Captain Liu was not familiar with him, he didn't want the opponent to die here.

     He also doesn't want other people to die here!


     Men kept breaking through, and more and more people were injured at the moment.

     The man himself also had more wounds, and his clothes were red with blood.

     Like a desperate beast, the man roared and roared, "Liu Pingshan, die together, and I will kill all of you when I die!"

     "Let's talk about it!"

     Liu Pingshan is cold-blooded and extremely indifferent, holding a long knife in his hand to fill holes in various places.

     At this moment, one of the team members was bombarded by the man again and hit the iron fork. With a chuckle, the bones of his hand were completely broken and the iron fork fell.

     Liu Pingshan complexion big change, "Stop him!"

     He hurried over there quickly, but the man was overjoyed at unexpected good news, chance...chance to escape!

     How could he have the mind to entangle these people, he wanted to run away before.

     As for Liu Pingshan, he is nothing serious, and he didn't want to fight to death with him at all. If he can survive, who would want to die?

     At the moment when the man broke through, Liu Pingshan rushed to him. At this moment, the distance between the two was less than 3 meters!

     The man is holding a long stick and smashing it down with one stick may cause his head to burst directly.Of course, Liu Pingshan's reckless stab, even at the moment of death, can severely injure a man.

     The man didn't want to fight him desperately, just about to leave the encirclement of the breakthrough quickly, a flower was slightly in front of him, the next moment, a member of the ten thousand races who had fled before suddenly appeared not far away, and shouted: "The hall master is here for help. Take them down, great work!"

     This hall master is not the master of Jifeng, but the master of Ten Thousand Races!

     The hall master is here?

     The man was startled, then overjoyed at unexpected good news!

     The hall master, all exist in the airspace!

     The hall master came!

     The person who reported the letter knew him as a member of his team. He had already ran away before, but he didn't expect the other party to come back.

     Dare to come back at this time, obviously not sent to death.

     In such a moment, a man unable to contain one's joy!

     Not only will you not die this time, but you will make meritorious deeds. All Jifengtang team will be wiped out!

     The next moment, in front of the man's eyes, in the distance, a silhouette came through the air. The figure was illusory, but the man didn't care anymore. It was so far away that he didn't take it seriously!


     It's really coming!

     It's his own, if he were a strong Nan Yuan, his subordinates would have died long ago!

     All this happened too fast and too fast, the man had no time to think about the loopholes at this moment, and there was no time for him to think about it.

     For example, if the younger brother and the hall master are in the air and the other is underground, and the younger brother has never seen the hall master, how can he know that the hall master is here?

     The hall master doesn't always self-introduces as soon as he comes, yelling at him for help, right?

     Too late to think about these!

     The man only knew that he was saved!The original desperate heart disappeared in an instant, and he couldn't die. If he held on for a moment, this heinous hunt for wind would be over!

     At this moment, the picture in front of me suddenly became a little illusory and turbulent.

     Su Yu, who was not far away, had a splitting headache and felt like he was about to burst!

     The willpower is too weak. Now he is attacking the Ten Thousand Stone Realm, and he is still making an all-out effort, and he feels overdrawn instantly.

     However, enough time.

     Captain Liu was too close to the opponent. At this moment, he also caught the opportunity, and the guy was a little distracted.

     At the moment of life and death, the other party was distracted!

     Su Yu made it!

      doesn't have any roar, Captain Liu clenched the teeth root, the long knife is swift and fierce like thunder, it smashed down with one knife!

     The explosion of anger shattered everything and made the man sober.

     At this moment, there is no younger brother, no hall master, only Liu Pingshan with face looks sinister, only the knife that is as fast as thunder!

     "Civilized Master..."

     This is the last thought of the man, he is unbelievable, the civilized...will come to kill him?

     Could it be Liu Wenyan here?

     "Die together!"

     With the last despair, the man roared, letting his long knife split his head, and the long stick fell fiercely!


     The long stick smashed Liu Pingshan, and Liu Pingshan's shoulders completely collapsed, and the whole person was wrapped in blood.

     But at this moment, Liu Pingshan smiled.

     With a bang, the man who was almost cut in half fell to the ground.


     "team leader!"The people in Jifengtang exclaimed one after another, and then several thousand-and-seven-fold, stepped forward to make up for the knife, and almost chopped the man into mashed flesh, and then ran towards Liu Pingshan.

     "It's okay..."

     Liu Pingshan endured the severe pain and scrapped one arm. He killed a million stones. It was worth it!

     Liu Pingshan's voice trembled slightly, and he quickly said: "Continue to search, make up, and clean up the battlefield!"

     When he finished speaking, he turned his head to look at Su Yu who was closed over there. Su Yu's face was pale at the moment, and Liu Pingshan grinned, especially grinning!

     Su Long's son... really is not a fool!


     More than ten minutes later.

     Su Yu recovered a little, although his face was still pale, but it was much better than before.

     At this moment, Su Yu was not happy, only silent.

     Two died and more than ten injured. This is the result this time.

     The bodies of the sacrificed Jifengtang members have been gathered by everyone, and they are now in front of them.

     Captain Liu simply wrapped his shoulder wound. This arm was completely useless. He didn't care too much. He endured the grief and grinned and said, "Doing well, 13 killed, one of them is still in the Ten Thousand Stone Realm. One piece!"

     "As for the two brothers who left..."

     Liu Pingshan smiled a bit ferociously, nothing remains the same and said: "On the battlefield, I have been prepared! He died, Nan Yuan received 300,000 compensation, and Daxia Mansion paid another 200,000, 500,000... plus our brothers. Minato, the reward for doing meritorious service this time is another one million!"

     "It's a pity that Xiao Chen is still young... Lao Zhou is so slick, not a loss!"Captain Liu to bare one's fangs, could not tell whether he was laughing or crying, his face was bloodstained and his smile was distorted.

     Xiao Chen is dead. The young wind catcher who spoke to Su Yu in the car before was the first to be killed.

     He was the first to find each other, hiding on the roof of the utility room in the small courtyard.

     So the opponent made an all-out effort, and didn't even keep a hand, and killed the opponent in one blow.

     Su Yu on the side was silent.

     He has seen dead people, but Brother Chen was still talking to him just now, and now the people are gone, he has an unspeakably taste.

     His father...fight in the cruel battlefield of the heavens!

     A hundred times more cruel than this!

     "All Heavens and Myriad Clans..."

     Su Yu thought silently in his heart. At this moment, he suddenly had the six generations of a somewhat hateful civilized academy. He heard... that the six generations of the prefect would recruit animals from all races!

     At this moment, he suddenly didn't want to go to a civilized academy!

     He doesn't want to stay in the same institution with the beasts of the ten thousand races!

     He suddenly understood why Xia Longwu so strongly refused the ten thousand beasts to enter the Great Xia Mansion. Seeing the sacrificed soldiers and the sacrificed colleagues, he changed to Su Yu. He also couldn't bear, couldn't bear it!

     Wanzujiao is just their dog. Now that the dog owner is here, he has to enter the school upright and frank and study with them...

     Su Yu gritted his teeth, he didn't want to be with those beasts!

      At this moment, he didn't have the mind to make meritorious service, he didn't have the idea of getting meritorious points right away, he only has one thought, these beasts should be killed!On the side, I don’t know when, Captain Liu came over, patted him on the shoulder with the bloodstained left hand, and smiled: "A good person, used to praise sb's moral integrity or courage! From now on, you will be our comrades in arms, a fellow in life and death. Next time I see your father, call his old comrades also no problem!"

     Su Yu grinned, forced a smile, he couldn't laugh.

     "Don't think too much, let's eat this bite, lick the blood with the knife, we have to see through life and death! You don't lose money when you die, of course, you are still young, so when you go to a school, study hard, work hard to cultivate, be stronger, and kill more Animals, this is the responsibility of your generation!"

     Captain Liu solemnly said: "Don't be afraid, and don't think we are losing. Two people exchange 13 for it. It's worth it! In the battlefield of the heavens, if you can kill the enemy several times, it will be a big profit!"

     "Ten Thousand Races, the disease of scabies is nothing! Daxia Mansion will not kill a river of blood in any year!"

     Captain Liu patted Su Yu again, grinning grimly, "I don't want to die, I don't want to see your fellow soldiers dying in front of you, then work hard! If you vacate, you will not die today. We are old and useless. you still have hope and opportunity!"

     "Vent into the air earlier, the city lord is old, and coach Liu is also old, if you can vacate back and lead Nan Yuan in the future, maybe...we can die fewer people!"

     Tengkong, this is Captain Liu's expectation of Su Yu.

     Is it difficult to fly?

     too difficult!

     At least that's the case in Nanyuan. Every year, many people go to Daxia Mansion for further studies. How many people finally vacated?

     He just inspired Su Yu, but he also felt that Su Yu really had hope.

     Kaiyuan Eightfold!Even if this kid can't become a civilized teacher, after more than ten or twenty years, he has the hope that his body will vacate and become another Tianjiao of Nan Yuan.

     The Civilization Division is too far away, but it can be vacated... The hope is great!

     How long hasn't it been a strong one in Nanyuan?


     Su Yu is heavily nodded, he wants to fly, no, he wants to be stronger!

     What the teacher didn't teach him, the team gave him today, life and death!

     The life and death of comrades-in-arms, the life and death of colleagues!

     Fighting for blood is not for anyone, not for a high-level person, but for oneself, for these bloody robes, for Above All Heavens who are fighting endlessly!
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