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44 You Look So Shameless
    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Sweep the battlefield and search the rest of the ten thousand clan.

     Soon, everything calmed down, and the North Team returned with injuries.

     In the car.

     This time, Su Yu and Captain Liu were in a car. Captain Liu was bloodstained on his left arm. The iron-blooded man seemed to have no feelings. He also joked with Su Yu in the car: "Your father used to brag about him killing thousands of stones. Almost knowing, look at me, this time I killed a thousand stones, I am not as crazy as your old man."

     Su Yu was a little sad at first, but the captain made him want to laugh.

     Captain Liu felt very serious to him before, but now it is completely different.

     Su Yu vaguely understood that he was recognized.

     In the eyes of Captain Liu, he was a cumbersome and dragged down. The crucial moment might still require people from Jifengtang to rescue him and disrupt the deployment.

     But today, Su Yu has done something to kill Ten Thousand Stones.

     If it weren't for Su Yu's moment when he interfered with the opponent, even if the Wanshi still died today, Jifengtang would suffer a great loss.

     Su Yu is not easy to talk about his father, shifting the topic and saying: "Team Liu..."

     "Just call it Uncle!"

     Team Liu was not serious at this time, and was quite polite, and said with a smile: "My family, you are not a member of Jifengtang, you are welcome!"

     "Uncle Liu." Su Yu was not hypocritical, and said with some doubts: "There are not many people taught by the ten thousand races this time, and there is one Wanshi sitting in town. Think Jifengtang hasn't won the opponent so easily, right?"Captain Liu nodded and said affirmatively: "Of course! If they are guarding the small courtyard and Wanshi sits in town, as long as the people in front resist for a while, Wanshi will make a surprise attack. Our North Team may lose more than half this time."


     "You want to ask why they are so stupid, scattered and running away?"

     Liu Pingshan smiled contemptuously, "Because I'm afraid of death! Who is not afraid of death? Keeping it? Keeping it means that the people in front are going to work hard, why should I go hard? , Then I have hope to survive."

     "But if I guard, those who resist in front will die!"

     Liu Pingshan disdainfully said: "The Ten Thousand Clan religions are elite and powerful! But there is no heart to fight for death, no meaning of death. Of course, there are several lunatic churches that have this kind of warhead, but that is a large-scale war. ."

     "This kind of small team, don't expect them to work hard for anyone. It's okay to fight a tailwind. As long as you feel the possibility of failure and the possibility of death, these people will collapse in an instant!"

     Liu Pingshan looked at Su Yu and said earnestly: "So I say Ten Thousand Races are just a disease of scabies, just like this way! No matter how strong they are, as long as they encounter setbacks, they will immediately collapse! The regular Human Race Legion , Never so! You can fight a downwind battle, and you can fight a battle of desperation!"

     "War, war actually includes a trend!"

     Liu Pingshan looked at Su Yu, suddenly expression turned solemn, "As long as this trend is there, even if the strength is not as good as the opponent, there is still hope of comeback! come back from death's door, using the few to defeat the many battles, there will be this There is momentum! No matter how many people you kill me, you can't beat me!""Human elite corps, such as Longwuwei of Daxia Mansion, are very difficult to collapse until the last person in the battle! But some miscellaneous fish corps have lost more than 10%, and a hundred thousand army may have completely collapsed!"

     "On the battlefield, after all, there are only a few Fight to the last!"

     Liu Pingshan thought for a while and added: "If you have a chance to go to the battlefields of the heavens in the future, you will find that if two armies of 100,000 people meet, a lot of casualties will occur. The biggest casualties are not the frontal battlefield, but the collapse. It was caused by the enemy's pursuit and killing."

     "So, when Terran soldiers enter the battlefield of the heavens, the first thing to teach is not to collapse! Those who charge on the front line are definitely veterans. The veterans who are more than ten years old, the most elite group, will not collapse even if they are killed or injured. That kind!"

     "If recruits rush to the front line, once heavy casualties, the entire army will be dragged down by them, and it is not one or two that blows up the army by turning back and attacking the army!"

     Su Yu nodded, and Liu Pingshan explained his doubts.

     He had been thinking before, whether the Ten Thousand Clan Sect was panicking, and whether the Ten Thousand Stone was a little stupid, why he wanted to hide, and simply kill him, maybe he really hoped to run, or even turn defeat into victory.

     Now I understand, the key is... fear of death.

     No one is not afraid of death, are they not afraid of Liu Pingshan?

     Also afraid!

     The main thing lies in the idea, persistence, belief and dare to fight!

     "Uncle Liu, that human legion is the strongest in the battlefield of the heavens?""Ahem..." Liu Pingshan was a little embarrassed, and considered bluntly: "I'm afraid to mislead you. If you don't go to the battlefield of the heavens, I will brag, but if you might go, I can't mislead you. "

     "On the battlefield of the heavens, the Human Race Legion is very tough and strong, but if you want to say it is invincible, it would overestimate us."

     "Protoss, demons, monsters, and even some small races, there are some elite corps!"

     "They are also good at fighting!"

     Liu Pingshan said solemnly: "In the past years in the battlefield of the heavens, I encountered a thousand-man Demon Guardian. At that time, I was serving in the Shaking Army. It’s a formidable stone, encounter in Fenglongxia, both sides direct combat!"

     "As a result... The Mountain Shaking Army wiped out this Demon Sky Guard at the cost of four thousand casualties!"

     Liu Pingshan sighed: "The opponent can really fight. At the end of the battle, I remember that there was only one strong man who vacated the triple-layer still alive. At that time, there was still hope to run because our nearby also suffered heavy losses. As a result... That guy launched the final charge. When he died, he faced us, not his back..."

     "At that time, the Shaking Mountain Army was almost destroyed. Finally, the Lord came and buried them in Fenglongxia. Except for the weapons and other trophies, all the corpses were buried in that place. No corpses were collected. ."

     Collecting corpses is actually a huge gain.

     But in that battle, even though the Demon Sky Guard was an enemy, it was outstanding in the battle. The Mountain Shaking Army finally gave up collecting the corpses, but buried them.

     Su Yu exhaled slightly. It turned out that on the battlefield of the heavens, other tens of thousands also have this kind of fierce and unafraid of death army.In fact, this is certain, but the main propaganda of Daxia Mansion is not these, but the human race sweep everything before one on the battlefield.

     Liu Pingshan said again: "Of course, there are very few such legions, and they are all elites of all races! Human races have legions that can fight, in fact, there are also some weaker legions. It is impossible for every legion to be a strong army. We do not underestimate ourselves. Don’t be overconfident on the battlefield, feel that the ten thousand races are only this..."

     "If you really want to think about it this way, it is that we have entered the lair of ten thousand races, rather than entangled with each other on the battlefield of the heavens."

     Su Yu nodded, the two chatted, the car had entered the city.


     The city is still calm.

     The small-scale fighting outside the city does not attract much attention.

     But at this moment, there are more vehicles on the street, coming from Daxia Mansion.

     Someone has already arrived at Daxia Mansion.

     It's time to come soon after the assessment time.

     Captain Liu also saw it and said, "You don't have to worry, it doesn't matter if you don't participate in the assessment. This time you assisted us to kill a Wanshi, and you also killed a Fortune Six. In addition, the last several times of meritorious service, all of them were reported. There is no big problem with you exempting you from entering the Civilization Academy or the War Academy."

     Chen Hao might be crazy to hear this.


     The kind recommended!

     If Chen Hao knew, he probably had to sigh with emotion.

     Bai Feng originally had such a place and gave it to Su Yu and Liu Yue, and then Su Yu made his contribution to the point where he was exempt from the exam, and all the opportunities were given to his one person!

      powerhouses have lasting strength, on brocade, add flowers, this is common sense.Su Yu pondered for a moment and said, "Assisting in the killing of Wanshi, can Team Liu just give me merit? I am afraid that I will be retaliated if it is spread out. After all, I am just Kaiyuan, which is too attractive."

     "If you don't want to add points, then not a big problem."

     Liu Pingshan smiled and said: "Some institutions can only see the merits, and the specific sources are invisible. The merit system is under the control of the military. Except for the military, other institutions have no right to intervene. This is an institution directly under the authority of the palace. It is said that Ten Thousand Clan religions have spies, unless they are really mixed into the high-level military, otherwise no one can find out."

     Su Yu was slightly relaxed. He wanted to make merits, but he was worried that it would be too attractive, which is not a good thing.

     A Kaiyuan assist killed Wanshi, how did it assist?

     How much effort did it exert?

     It's really going to be spread out, what if Wan Shi, a sect of ten thousand races, even vacated to kill him?

     So it's better to keep a low profile. Of course, you still have to take merit.

     On the one hand, you can improve your own level, and on the other hand, it is also for the merits, so you can change something you need.

     "This time you kill in the mid-term, with two points of merit, and assist in killing Ten Thousand Stones. In the early days of Ten Thousand Stones, you usually start with ten points of merit, but we are leapfrog kills. , This also has an additional bonus..."

     Liu Pingshan didn’t want to leave Su Yu with the impression that he was greedy for merit, and solemnly said: "So this time I kill Wanshi, and finally calculate the merit reward is about 25-30 points. Of course, if you vacate the shot, it will be really 10 points. Merit points are not fixed.""In the end, you interfered with the other party and contributed a lot, but... Xiao Chen and the others... Su Yu, according to the rules, the war dead will have to be divided, so even if it's down, it should be that way if you can score 5 points of merit."

     At 5 points of merit, Su Yu was slightly startled, not too little, but too much.

     He just interfered with the opponent on the periphery, which was equivalent to killing 5 early enemies.

     "Uncle Liu..."

     Liu Pingshan interrupted: "Don't be too small. Your merit award this time is about 7 o'clock. In addition... You can't distribute the spoils to you. You understand this. Of course, if there are actions in the future, Jifengtang will take the initiative. Invite you to participate, and you are eligible to participate in the distribution of loot."

     This is also the rule.

     Su Yu came by himself this time, and Jifengtang was already very good to take him in action, and he was not qualified for the distribution of trophies.

     If there were, the people from Nan Yuan would have come rushing forward.

     However, if there is not enough manpower in the big operation of Jifengtang, some people will be invited to participate at this time, and then they will be eligible to participate in the trophy distribution.

     Liu Pingshan patted Su Yu on the shoulder again, and smiled: "Next time, if there is some work in a small stronghold, I will let someone inform you. It is an invitation. You can participate in the trophy distribution. This time, don't rob other brothers. ."

     Take the initiative to invite a Kaiyuan to participate... This is never before.

     In the past, I have really encountered troubles, and I have invited strong people above the top level to participate. It is almost impossible for people below the level seven to be invited.

     Su Yu is not good to say anything, he actually feels that he has given a lot.

     7 points of merit!In addition, he also obtained 3 points of merit in Jifengtang before. Jifengtang hunted down Ten Thousand Races and provided him with 10 points of merit.

     He learned the Wanzu language and gave him 18 points. Killing the invading Qianjun gave him 3 points. Su Yu actually got 31 points of merit.

     Of course, there are still 10 points left, not counting the 7 points that are about to arrive.

     The accumulated merit is 28 points. Chen Hao's merit is considered Chen Hao's accumulated merit, not Su Yu's.

     In the Kaiyuan stage, it is extremely difficult to accumulate 28 points of merit. Unless you have mastered 28 Wanzu languages, this is possible.

     While talking, Jifengtang arrived.

     Everyone got off the car.

     Zeng Hua, the master of Jifengtang, waited outside the door and saw Liu Pingshan getting off the car. Zeng Hua nodded slightly, glanced at his arm, and a look of regret appeared in his eyes.

     Liu Pingshan's nine-fold strength is no longer considered weak in Jifengtang.

     Now that his right hand is abolished and his strength is greatly damaged, Liu Pingshan may have to retire early.

     After the two bodies were transported, Zeng Hua sighed, bowed and said nothing, nodded towards Su Yu, and motioned to Liu Pingshan to go in and talk.

     Su Yu didn't stay long, and soon left Jifengtang.


     Nanyuan Academy.

     Liu Wenyan also sighed, and soon after sighing, he whispered: "Bullshit!"

     What he sighed was that Jifengtang sacrificed two team members, and he scolded Su Yu for fooling around!

     With such a weak willpower, he actually dared to interfere with Wanshi. This is looking for death!If you are not careful, if the opponent is not weak in willpower, he will directly counterattack. Su Yu's willpower will be defeated in an instant and become a lunatic fool!

     Fortunately, the opponent is the warrior, and it has nothing to do with willpower.

     However, it should be noted that many people can't continue their studies in civilized schools, and halfway through the training, many students from civilized schools in the cultivation stage are likely to change.

     With their willpower, if you encounter it, Su Yu will definitely die!

     Liu Wenyan can only rejoice that what Su Yu encountered this time was not this kind of person, but it did it once, how did it happen again?

     Kaiyuan encountered Wanshi, and the danger was still too great.

     "However... not bad too."

     After cursing, Liu Wenyan smiled again.

     At least this kid is responsible!

     At that moment, he was not so scared to pee his pants, and he took the initiative to ask Ying to help, which was also a kind of responsibility and responsibility.

     "In the Kaiyuan stage, assisting in killing a Wanshi, this kid is getting better and better, and I am a little reluctant to send it to a civilized school..."

     The old man murmured, and then couldn't help cursing: "What qualifications does this kid Bai Feng have to teach him... Let Wan Tian Sheng come almost!"

     Scolded and consoling oneself quickly: "Also, keep a low profile. Bai Feng has the potential to also isn't bad. It's really not good. Then let his teacher teach."

      Talk to oneself After a while, Liu Wenyan picked up the communicator at the table and hesitated for a while.

     After a while, Liu Wenyan dialed a call.

     Soon, the other side was connected and there was no sound.Liu Wenyan also didn't say a word, and was silent for about tens of seconds. Liu Wenyan said: "I am a student, Su Yu, with great potential. Going to the Civilization Academy, you... take care of one or two."

     "Liu Wenyan, are you begging me?"

     "I didn't beg you!"

     Liu Wenyan said angrily: "I can't beg you, you have no brains, you are an idiot, I just let you take care of one or two, take care of outstanding students!"

     The opposite voice came again, "You beg me, I will take care of him, otherwise... I will target him, you begged me for the first time in these years."


     "In the past few decades, have you learned to swear?"

     Liu Wenyan was somewhat shy and angry, and said angrily: "Wu Yuehua, do you want to fight? Do you think my Liu Wenyan can't find anyone willing to help me in Daxia Mansion?"

     "I can find it, but...are you willing to find it?" The man over the phone said calmly: "Who can you find other than me, your junior? The surname Hong recently went to the battlefield of the heavens, I don't know Can you come back alive, are you sure you want to find him?"

     "Huh? He went to the battlefield of the heavens?"

     "Yes, I might go to a newly discovered area, still does not know what year or month I can come back."

     Liu Wenyan frowned, and was too lazy to ask, and quickly said, "Stop talking nonsense, that's it! Besides, are you stupid? Who made you give me meritorious service to Laozi? You told Wan Tian Sheng, I ate my gift. I vomit back!"

     Liu Wenyan said angrily: "50,000 meritorious deeds, this is not even the ones that have deducted me over the years, it adds up to sixty to seventy thousand! Sooner or later you will vomit it back to me, or don't blame me for being polite!"

     "Is it yours? You did the 50,000 feats?""Nonsense, pay me back, isn't mine, is it yours?"


     The other side was speechless, and it took a long time to say: "You are so shameless at what time..."

     "I have been shameless!"

     Liu Wenyan said angrily: "If I wanted a face, I should find a place where no one was going to live in seclusion for a lifetime. When I die, why should he stay in the Daxia Mansion? , Lao Tzu has long been shameless!"


     After a while, the person opposite sighed: "You look shameless... I really want to see it, do you come back?"

     "not going back!"

     Liu Wenyan said in a bad tone, "What are you going to do? Go back and be frigid irony and scorching satire? He Wantian Sage doesn't want to see me go back! If I go back, he won't be able to target me all day long!"

     Having said that, Liu Wenyan quickly said: "I don’t want to talk about it anymore. Just take care of it. I'm worried about being targeted and don’t care about the others. By the way, I’ve been short of money recently...you just send me hundreds Drop the blood of the gods and demons, give me a body to use, and I will pay you back if I have money."

     "Liu Wenyan...you look shameless, I especially want to see it! Otherwise, I will send it to you personally, I want to see you in front of me, dare you say it again!"

     "What are you doing with so much nonsense!"

     Liu Wenyan fly into a rage out of humiliation and said: "Let people send it, don't send it down! Do you think I lack these drops of blood? I am not lacking, I think you don't need to waste it..."


     The communication was hung up.

     Liu Wenyan was dull, then rubbed his old face vigorously, his old face flushed, shameful!I actually said such a thing, at what time I became so shameless?

     "Hey, it was all influenced by Pharaoh!"

     Liu Wenyan sighed, let the old man take the blame, he has been affected too much in the past few decades.
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