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45 Rogue
    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Su family.

     1 drop of vitality liquid, 4 drops of iron-winged bird essence blood, 10 points of merit, 30,000 cash, "Kai Yuan Jue", "Lei Yuan Knife", "Blood Coagulation Knife", "Yi Shen Jue Qianjun Chapter", a piece of work Fa bone slices, a complete book of exercise bone slices, plus a yellow-level medium standard long knife...

     This is all Su Yu's wealth at the moment.

     Everything is on the table.

     Su Yu kept watching, lost in thought.

     After returning from Jifengtang, he has been meditating here.

     He was reflecting on whether he was too calculating.

     He felt that he was willing to spend money, but these days he almost spent his own family.

     He felt that Kaiyuan Eighth was enough.

     I am a student who has not graduated from a middle school, is this strength not enough?

     Therefore, his merit point has hardly moved. It is still 10 o'clock. If the vitality liquid hadn't been used twice, it hadn't been used yet.

     But today, Su Yu is reflecting.

     Money is a thing, don’t spend it, but keep it until at what time?

     Waiting to be strong before redeeming what you need?

     But now that he is reluctant to spend money, how to quickly become stronger?

     "Money has to be realized quickly to become strength!"

     "I have another 7 points of merit immediately. My willpower until stuck at about 19%. Reading the fragment is a bit vague, and the album in my head has not been opened much..."

     Su Yu had opened the album a few times before, on average only once every five or six days, and sometimes even more than ten days.

     He feels too extravagant!Turn it on once a day, it is equivalent to at least 30,000 cash, or a little merit, he can't bear it.

     "Without vitality, how to practice? Without vitality, how to practice sword technique, how to cultivate acupuncture points, how to become strong quickly..."

     "17 points of merit, if I get to the Ten Thousand Stone Realm, killing two Ten Thousand Stones will be enough at the beginning, or killing one is enough, but if I am in Kaiyuan, I have to kill a dozen thousand knuckles, every time is an adventure!

     At this moment, Su Yu seemed to understand something, and it seemed that he didn't understand anything.

     But at least I know a little, resources, these things have to be realized quickly!

     If you become stronger, that is the root.

     Nan Yuan doesn't have students who can compete with him, but what about Daxia?

     Not to mention Daxia Mansion, regardless of the status of a student, what is Kaiyuan Eighth?

     What is 19% full of will?

     "There are still 14 days to start the assessment. Starting today, I will open the album once a day to absorb vitality and practice!"

     14 days, the consumption of 14 points of merit.

     Of course, he himself has 4 drops, 10 points of merit is enough.

     The rest can be exchanged and left on the body for prevention, or else one day you die, why do you keep the merits?


     After the 11th, Su Yu did not leave the house again.

     He didn't even go to the school to exchange the essence and blood. Instead, he asked Chen Hao to help him exchange it. All 10 points of merit were used for exchange.

     14 drops of blood, all of which are iron-winged bird blood.

     If it weren't for the money, Su Yu even wanted to buy some strength liquid to assist in his cultivation, so that he would always be in a state of sufficient energy.He really deliberately sold the house for 1 million and bought 10 drops of vitality liquid to cultivate.

     Unfortunately, reality does not allow him, so he can only give up his thoughts.

     It’s good to have a place to stay, lest you don’t even have a living place.


     When Su Yu was focused on cultivating, Daxia Mansion was ups and downs.

     Long Wuwei withdrew back, losing nearly a thousand, but with a lot of resources, a large amount of Heaven and Earth Treasure returned, returning with a satisfied load.

     However, Long Wuwei, who had a huge harvest, was not happy.

     Daxia House.

     Mansion House.

     The entrance of the mansion is a huge square.

     At this moment, a tall man with a height of 1.89 m was standing in the center of the white marble road in the square with an angry face, wearing black armor and no soldiers.

     The man looked straight at the mansion not far away, which was the center of power of the Daxia Mansion.

     "At the end I will see Lord Xiahou!"

     The man has a loud voice!

     Around, the guards of several mansions kept silent one by one, as if they hadn't seen it, and each one lowered their heads, as if no one was talking.

     "Hou Ye, Long Wuwei class teacher, the final general is here to pay the order!"

     After a while, an old man came and looked at the tall man and whispered: "General, Lord Hou said, the general is tired from the expedition, so go back and rest earlier."


     The tall man said coldly: "Master Hou doesn't want to see me?"

     "Master Hou has rested."

     "Just rested during the day?"

     The tall man shouted: "Is there anything wrong with Daxia Palace? Acting Palace Lord, there is no government affairs to deal with?""General..." the old man whispered, "Master Hou didn't want to see the general because he didn't want to conflict. Since the military order has been issued, the general doesn't need to take troubles to heart..."


     The tall man scolded angrily: "Take troubles to heart? The front line sacrificed nearly a thousand Long Wuwei. If a military order has been issued, can this general be relieved?"

     The old man pondered for a moment before he said: "General, Lord Hou knows that this military order is wrong... Actually, Lord Hou was also deceived by others! At the ceremony that day, Lord Hou was urged by the Saints of Heaven. You must know what happened. I don’t know the situation on the front line, so I don’t know the truth..."

     "Wan Tian Sheng can talk really well, Lord Hou took it seriously, and then the order to withdraw the troops came."

     The old man sighed and said: "The Saint Wantian is in charge of the Great Xia Civilization Academy. Most of the civilized teachers in the army graduated from the Great Xia Civilization Academy. The master is not there. The Saint Wantian has great authority. , Does Long Wuwei really want to fight to the last with the Tianyi God Race?"

     "Holy God!"

     The tall man said the name in a cold voice, and said in a cold tone: "His hand is too long, and the military dare to intervene, so he is not afraid of being interrupted by his paw!"

     "If the Palace Master hadn't closed up, he would naturally not dare."

     The old man sighed: "Palace lord retreats, he is backed by the search for realm, how can he be afraid of Lord Hou, let alone the general."

     The tall man was silent.

     "So at this time, Master Hou also regrets it, but he has been deceived, Master Hou also has no alternative..."

     The old man sighed: "At this moment, Lord Hou can only be silent. Is it possible to cast aside all considerations for face with Wan Tian Sheng?"The old man said, and said: "General, the army still counts on the civilized division, the Saint Wantian... we can't control it."


     "Daxia Mansion, or Daxia Mansion!"

     The tall man said the same thing as Xia Bing, "This is Daxia Mansion, not a search for realm!"

     After all, the man silent for a while said coldly: "Have you ever promised this before closing the Lord?"

     "This... No, the palace lord closed the door before the ceremony."

     The tall man looked at the old man and said for a long while: "Old Hu, the Daxia Mansion is in charge of the army, you are in charge of government affairs, and Wantiansheng is reckless. Is there really no acquiescence of you and the palace lord?"

     The old man smiled and said, "How come!"

     "Even I need to hide it?"

     The man is somewhat discontented, he is not someone else, but the deputy of Long Wuwei, a strong man in the mountain and sea realm. Xia Longwu is in the Daxia Mansion, and Long Wuwei is out to fight, and he is almost in charge.

     "Really do not have."

     The old man said earnestly: "Sage of Ten Thousand Heavens is taking advantage of the palace lord to retreat and seizing power by himself!

     "Then get rid of him!"

     "The general is careful to say that the Civilization Academy is Daxia's Civilization Academy, and he is also the leader of the Daxia Civilization Division arranged by the search realm. Don't speak arrogantly!"

     "Explore the realm..."

     The man murmured, and then coldly snorted: "The search for the realm has been autistic for many years. The Saint Wantian is dry in the military affairs of the Daxia Mansion. Do you know about the search for the realm?"

     "For a day without speaking, he will be the leader of the Civilized Division of the Daxia Mansion, and we can't change it."The old man shook his head, and then said: "Master Hou can only restrict, so I cut the funding of the Civilization Institute by 30%, which has already achieved the ultimate."

     "Cutting the funding of the Civilization Institute...nothing!"

     However, the tall man rebuked him with dissatisfaction: "The civilized division is a civilized division, and the sage of the heavens is the sage of the 10,000-days. The funding is weakened, and the number of civilized divisions is reduced. ?"

     He can be dissatisfied with the Ten Thousand Heavenly Sage, but he does not want to be implicated in civilized schools, which will lead to a decrease in the number of civilized divisions and the frontline wars will be affected.

     "The Ten Thousand Heavens Saint will have a solution. He promised that the number of civilized divisions who graduate every year, including the number of civilized divisions, will not decrease. If it is not enough, he will send all the powerhouses of the Xuexin Pavilion to the top!"

     Xiuxin Pavilion, synonymous with the high-end power of Daxia Civilization Academy.

     Most of the veterans of the Civilization Academy have cultivated in it, and there is no shortage of Lingyun and the strong in the mountains and seas. It is the top high-end combat power of the Daxia Mansion, and it is the same as the Linghai Tower of the War Academy.

     Wantiansheng even said this, and tall men have nothing to say.

      After a while, the man said coldly: "That's it for this time, and there will be next time...will be out, the military order is not acceptable!"

     "The general is at his discretion!"

     The old man didn't admonish, he watched the man leave and turned back to the hall behind.

     At this moment, a chubby man in the hall is eating, and head does not raise: "Go away?"


     "Go to Wantiansheng?"

     "I don't know."

     The chubby old man raised his head at this time and said with a smile: "It's fun to fight.""Master Hou, why didn't you tell General Zhao?"

     The old man asked, and the fat old man smiled and said, "Watching the show!"


     The old man frowned slightly and quickly said, "Master Hou, isn't it appropriate? It will cause trouble."

     "I'm not afraid of trouble."

     The fat old man is burped and has no image at all, lazily said: "Isn't Wan Tian Sheng very good? Let old Zhao add fire to him! Also, Wan Tian Sheng's hands are indeed too long, dare to intervene everywhere! Old Zhao beat and beat him..."

     "Of course, Lao Zhao can't beat him, I don't even know this, but it's a good thing to make that guy more troublesome."


     The old man wanted to say it again. The fat old man was burped again and yawned and said, "I'm going to take a nap. If Wan Tian Sheng can't handle this problem well, what reform will he talk about!"

     "The restructuring of the Daxia Palace...simply speaking!"

     The fat old man an expression of disdain, "It's so easy. I still have to wait until now? The So many years of the Daxia Mansion's tradition. You can get it on the battlefield. You won't get it through the second method!"

     "It's a little stupid. Actually, I also think Xiaoxia is a bit idiot, and his IQ is a bit low, but he has a big fist!"

     The fat old man said with emotion: "He has a big fist, and it hurts you to hit him. He looks like his grandfather! The old man is also like a bird. He doesn't have enough IQ and is fully muscled. You have a ball for reason!"

     The fat old man wagging his head in a high-spirited manner, the old man complexion fluctuates for a while, but didn't answer any questions.

     To say that King Daxia is like a bird is just your unfilial son. Others dare not talk nonsense."So if Ten Thousand Heavens Saints can't change even them, what kind of Daxia Mansion will be changed... The Daxia Mansion is not just these few people, hundreds of millions of people, they are all taken down by these birdmen, and they are in trouble. Cut, cut, cut, cut..."

     The fat old man contemptuously said: "I know they only have muscles and no brains, but I also can't do anything about it. I can only look at it and get beaten if I refuse to accept it. When I was a child, I was beaten all the time, so what else can I do? Dutiful son, even his uncle dare to fight, what can I do?"

     "Sage Wantian wants to reform, so he will find a way to solve it by himself. Lao Zhao is also brainless. He has muscles. I am too lazy to reason with him and let Sage Wantian solve the trouble by himself!"

     The fat old man said, got up and shook as he walked, "Also, starting from today, the next military order, Daxia Mansion will expedition, the military expenditure will be 37%, Daxia Mansion will pay 70%, and themselves will solve 30%, and use the spoils to deduct it. Selling trophies privately! Xia's firm will buy them together and deal with them at a discount."

     "Master Hou!"

     The old man whispered: "It's too fast, it's not appropriate. This will cause the army and Long Wuwei to no longer be pure. I am worried that they will take the opportunity to resell military supplies on the battlefield. Think twice about this!"

     "It's the reason...so I think it over. Long Wuwei, Fujun, and Demon Army all set up a small department, the Ministry of Commerce, let people from the Xia's business firm take over. They are only responsible for fighting, and other matters are left to The people at Xia's firm resolved."

     "Master Hou!"

     The old man frowned, "If it really wants to be established, or send someone over in the name of Daxia Mansion..."

     "Aren't the people from Daxia Mansion the same as those from Xia's firm?"

     The fat old man was surprised and said: "don't tell me it's not? Do you want to tell me something about it?""No, Lord Hou, I mean, you can't use the name of a business firm, otherwise the military power will deteriorate..."

     "That's simple. The staff of the Xia's firm who was sent to the past is no longer from the Xia's firm. Starting from today is the person of the Daxia House. Give a name at will. By the way, the salary will be paid out by yourselves in the future. ..."

     The fat old man didn't have the slightest embarrassment and quickly made a decision.

     The old man not to know whether to laugh or cry, but after thinking about it, he nodded and said, "That's it, it's better than Xia's name."

     After that, the old man said again: "Master Hou, the order from the Temple of War has come before, and I hope that the corpses of the gods of the Tianyi clan captured before the Daxia Mansion will be sent over..."

     Before he could finish, the fat old man suddenly jumped and cursed: "I want to eat a fart! This was killed by Xiao Xia herself. It was the Sneak-in Protoss. It has a relationship with them, don't give it!"


     "No buts!"

     The fat old man was annoyed and said, "You let me ask for it by myself! What the hell, a group of old guys are not incapable of killing, and they want to pick food in our mouths, what are they thinking!"

     "What's wrong with the Temple of the God of War? It's amazing! Isn't it just a house of elder hanging on to life guys? Research a shit, a waste of money! Everyone knows that they need to study and kill them by themselves. I have a new name, so let’s take the opportunity to blackmail our resources and let them die!"


     The old man is tired, is it really good for you to scold you like this?

     Your father is among them!

     The Temple of War, the search for the realm, the holy land of the two great people.The civilized division enters the search realm, the warrior enters the temple of war, of course, is not everyone can enter.

     Of course, King Daxia has this qualification, and this temple of war was built by their generation of Invincible Experts. Now they are looking for their sons and grandchildren to sponsor them. You are too unreasonable as a son!

     The fat old man foul-mouthed for a while, and soon calmed down, thought a bit then said: "Send it over, however... Let them get thousands of corpses of gods and monsters in exchange, anyway, they killed a large piece of Valuable. This is the corpse of the top powerhouse, let them send three to five thousand corpses of the gods and demons in the mountains and seas..."

      *Cough Cough*

     The old man wanted to talk, but he held back for a long while.

     The fat old man continued: "Knowing that they don’t have one, lion's big mouth, it’s okay if you can’t give this one, so let’s...let them trade a few secret realms! I heard that the old man didn’t know where to get back from a space a few years ago. King Zhou also chopped one a few years ago, and they will be sent over."

     "Master Hou... Doesn't this work? Can they agree?"

     The fat old man jumped and said angrily: "Go talk! What is he, cry if you don't give it, arrange for thousands of people to wait outside the Temple of Wars, cry if you don't give it, and cry to death! They want something and don't want to pay. Money, what do you want! Do you love it or not!"

     "A group of old guys, they are full and don't want to think about future generations, we are still hungry!"

     "If I don't give it to me, you just say that I will re-appoint King Daming as the grandfather, and you will be angry with his old thing!"


     The old man couldn't hold it anymore, he was afraid that he would be killed by King Daxia.

     are you human?You call Grandfather Mingwang, what is the name of Grandfather Mingwang?

     Be yourself!

     The old man dared not say any more, and quickly said: "I understand, Lord Hou, then I will arrange for someone to do it. If there are too many, how to distribute the other corpses? The Civilization Academy asked them to send them all for research..."

     "Let Wantiansheng get out!"

     The fat old man is fiends, with a fiendish look, but the old man looks like he wants to bark his teeth. Don't be so fiendish. You are fiends like a fat cat that protects you.

     "Send one over!"

     The fat old man didn’t care what he thought, and quickly said: “It’s okay to send it over. Let the Saint Wan Tian graduate 80 civilized masters for me this year. If one is missing, I will ask him to settle the account. Swallowed my protoss corpse, and there was no money for the second half of the year, he figured out a way to go!

     "it is good."

     The old man responded quickly and continued: "The War Academy..."

     "No, give a few drops of blood to finish it! A group of brainless people, what corpses can they still be eaten?"

     The fat old man’s mouth was very bad, and he never stopped being foul-mouthed. He returned to the subject after he had finished cursing: "The war academy is here, and then send those who have never seen blood to the army, I will cut their funding by 50% in the second half of the year. !"

     "There is also the School of Internal Affairs. Give me the speed of training people. The grassroots lack a lot of professional talents. By the way, is the latent class they set up to be effective? On the Wanzu Education side, how many people have sneaked in? , Have you found the treasure house? If you can't find it anymore, if you withdraw it, it will cost a lot!"There is also the scientific research institute. I asked them to build war airships 50 years ago! Those who can fly, can carry people, and can take soldiers by the thousands and tens of thousands suddenly fly to the battlefield of the heavens. What are you doing? The hell, hasn't been built yet, can you eat dry food? No more, cut down on expenses!"

     The old man listened to it, and the one sentence he heard most was "cutting expenses."

     He calculated it after a long while cannot bear saying: "Master Hou, if you do this, you can save about 300 billion this year!"

     "so much?"

     The fat old man dazed for a moment, then his eyes lit up and said: "Okay, give me an order! It's better to let them fail to complete the task, and just cut it down! The treasury is divided into 80%, and the remaining 20% belongs to me. !"

     "Master Hou, something will happen."

     "What's the matter!" The fat old man said dismissively: "People have to force them, or you think they will get involved? One by one! If nothing else, let's talk about civilized academies, a group of elites hidden in the Saints of Heaven. If the students don’t let them go, they stay in the academy all the time. Isn’t it wasted? There are 30 more civilized teachers every year, and he can get them out!"

     "In this way, the colleges have been hollowed out in a few years, what about the talent training?" The old man disagrees, everyone knows the things left behind by the elites.

     But those elite students also have other uses.

     The training of talents in the rear, the contention of some secret realms, and some secret research all rely on these people.

     "Then he thinks of a way, what does it have to do with me."

     The fat old man didn't care too much, indifferently said: "I'm not the real palace master, acting as an agent, but the agent doesn't understand it! If it gets messed up, I go to the Temple of War and seek refuge, and let Xia Longwu take care of it.""..."

     More reckless and impulsive words!

     The old man unable to respond, with a bitter face, dealing with Lord Xiahou is much more tired than dealing with Xia Longwu.

     At this moment, the old man had already walked to the backyard, and seeing the old man still following him, he was surprised: "Why are you still following? Lao Hu, are you okay? If I take a nap, you want to stay with me? You old gangster, don't you get out?"


     The old man has decided, and I will never come here again in the future!

     Xia Longwu didn't leave the customs, so he didn't deal with this one.

     Xia Longwu still respects him very much. He is in charge of the administrative affairs of the Daxia Mansion, which is considered a high position, heavy authority, and is very old, so Xia Longwu relies on him and respects him very much.

     As a result, when he arrived at Xiahouye, he was not as good as his grandson.

     Turning around and leaving, after a few steps, the old man suddenly turned around and said, "What does the Ten Thousand Clan Training Institute of Saint Wantian say?"

     "Just let him drive!"

     The fat old man walked into the house and said: "Special events, for those ten thousand students, the best house can be built for me, and I will live with money, and I will live in a latrine at no cost!"

     "The best food to eat. Give them the god and devil meat every day. If you don't want to eat it, you can spend money to buy other things. The god and devil meat is provided...I'm interested? The best treatment of the human race, who dares to say no?"

     "It takes ten times for merit points in exchange for merits, and the merits of killing their fellow clansman will be doubled for me. I will see if anyone kills their own people, maybe they are delivered to the doorstep...that's interesting! ""The Holy Spirit's method is too soft. What are you afraid of? Since those guys came, they came to achieve one's aim. If they don't to achieve one's aim, they won't go, and they are afraid that they won't succeed?"

     The fat old man had already entered the door and closed the door while exhorting: "The school funding has been reduced. I won't tell you about this. Let me tell you, the money has been spent on the Ten Thousand Race Training Institute. Good deeds by the Saint Wantian! Let Wantiansheng himself Go back! By the way, remember to tell Wantiansheng, if you really have no money, you can ask me to borrow it, and just give me some interest. I am not short of money!"


     The old man pretended not to hear him, and left quickly. He was afraid that he could not stand it any longer.
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