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46 Assessment Soon
    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Time flies, the big summer palace is violent, and the small city of Nanyuan has not been affected much, but as the higher education examination approaches, the small city has begun to become busy.

     Nanyuan Academy.

     Large meeting room.

     At this moment, the meeting room is full of people.

     Liu Wenyan sat in the front left side of the meeting room, writing and drawing with his head down, very low-key, without saying a word.

     It was not the old governor who presided over the meeting, but a man in his thirties with a stern look on his face. He looked around and said: "Higher examination is coming soon. Under the orders of Daxia Mansion, Seeking Realm, and Temple of War Higher education assessments are coordinated by the Department of Education and Strengthening of the Great Xia Mansion, with the cooperation of the various universities. Do you have any doubts?"

     The Department of Education and Strengthening, which is responsible for the annual academic assessment, is not very powerful, but not small.

     In the conference room, there are admissions teachers from various universities, as well as officials from Daxia and Nanyuan.

     I chose to hold meetings at Nanyuan Academy because Nanyuan Academy is the largest transportation base for students in Nanyuan, and few other primary schools can pass the exam.

     When the man’s voice fell, someone raised his hand to signal, waiting for the man’s opinion, he said: “I there is a question, this year’s Daxia Mansion’s policy changes, is there a uniform standard for the assessment of foreign and local students?”

     The man quickly said: "According to the previous registration, there are 418 students, 2892 local students from Nanyuan. The foreigners are civilized and the war college admitted 40 people, and the local students admitted 200 people."

     Civilization and war are two university systems, not just two.

     The war colleges include the Great Xia War College, the Longwu War College, the Jifeng College, the Haiyu War College... many colleges.Civilization Academy also has Daxia Civilization Academy, Jiutian Civilization Academy, Wendao Civilization Academy...

     The quotas mentioned by Su Yu generally refer to the Daxia Civilization Academy or the Daxia War Academy. These are the top two universities in the Daxia Palace, and the Longwu War Academy is ranked third.

     After the man finished talking about the number, he continued: "The admission ratio is here, the standards are unified, and the assessment is unified. Finally, each institution drops points to admit Nanyuan students."

     This was a bit shocking, and Liu Wenyan and the old governor did not speak.

     Nanyuan students are not as good as Daxiafu and other Dacheng students, that's for sure.

     Therefore, the admission must be lowered every year, otherwise few will be admitted.

     But on this occasion, the man said so, it is also a bit embarrassing.

     200 places, including all places in the major war colleges and civilization colleges, 200 are not too many. The remaining people either go to the internal affairs school, or the scientific research school, or simply find another way out.

     The old governor waited for him to finish, raised his hand, raised his hand to signal, and hurriedly said: "Director Sun, how many students are admitted to Nanyuan by Daxia Civilization Academy, Daxia War Academy, and Longwu War Academy this year?"

     The man didn't answer, turn the head and looks to the few people beside him who had been silent, "Researcher Huang, how do you decide on your university?"

     On the right, a young man who is looking down and reading a book, raised his head when he heard the words, smiled, calm and unhurried, and said: "Daxia Civilization Institute, old rules, 200 points or more, can apply for the exam!"

     "Nanyuan City is weak, and the admission is downgraded. Admission with a score of 180 or more is discretionary!"The old governor was slightly relaxed, but fortunately, Nan Yuan did not improve the difficulty, which was the same as in previous years.

     "Daxia War College, admission with a score of 200 or more, a reduction of 180 points."

     "Longwu War College, admission with a score of 180 or more, a drop of 160 points."

     People from the two major war academies didn't speak much, and after speaking with the young people, they shut up.

     The official from the Yuqiang Department above listened and looked at the old governor, "Is there any doubt about the royal governor?"


     The old governor complied, Liu Wenyan did not speak before, but at the moment he interjected: "I have a problem. Su Yu and Liu Yue are the recommended personnel of the Civilization Academy Baifeng. According to the rules, these two people are not included in the Nan Yuan list. You can enroll two students who are slightly worse."

     Opposite, the researcher Huang looked up again, "Teaching Liu, it is okay to follow the rules, but the students who are sent up like this every year are almost eliminated, wasting time and wasting life, why should Liu coaching delay the future of those people."

     Liu Wenyan said calmly: "Give some chance, fish leaping over the dragon gate also needs an opportunity."

     "Then will be coached by Liu, but Su Yu and Liu Yue, since they have Bai Feng recommended, they will have to go through the audit. They must be downgraded to 180 points. Coach Liu has no opinion?"


     Liu Wenyan had no objection. Regarding the results of Su Yu and Liu Yue, they were able to pass the normal test, not to mention being downgraded.

     The youth stopped talking and continued to read books. In fact, it was not a book, but a summary of the list of Nan Yuan students that was assessed.

     At this moment, the page he opened was Su Yu.Su Yu, Kaiyuan Fifth, has 18 courses in Wanzu language, accumulated 21 points of merit, and has a comprehensive rating of 300 points, middle and lower.

     This information is more than a month ago and has not been updated yet.

     The man looked at it for a while, turned it over, smiled, and said nothing.

     The information from a month ago hasn't been updated yet. Is Nan Yuan going to be the finale student to push it up?

     Doesn't make much sense!

     Nan Yuan is too young, no matter how powerful it is here, it is just ordinary in Daxia Mansion.

     "The students Bai Feng received early... I hope they are a bit special."

     The young man thought in his heart that this Su Yu has not yet enrolled in school, and has attracted a lot of attention. Before he came, many people asked themselves to take a look to see if there was any special part.

     Although Bai Feng recruited in advance, it didn't mean that he couldn't transfer to other people.

     The students themselves want to switch, can Bai Feng still have opinions?

     Is Su Yu an undiscovered genius, or Bai Feng really picked it up casually, just look at it and you'll know.

     If it's mediocre, it's a joke.

     If you are a genius, I am afraid that some people will dig in.

     Above, Director Sun saw that the parties no longer raised their opinions, and said: "Then prepare and wait for the assessment! Nanyuan City is responsible for safety issues, and the candidates gather to prevent a raid by the ten thousand ethnic religions!"


     Below, City Guard Commander responded quickly.

     Director Sun nodded slightly, looking at Xia Bing again, and said with a smile: "Chief Xia Shi, Long Wuwei also has to cooperate with Nan Yuan in security work."

      "Yes!"Xia Bing didn't say much, didn't look at the Director Sun, and gestured to the enrollment teacher of Longwu Academy on the opposite side nodded slightly.

     Long Wuwei has a close relationship with Longwu Academy. Many of the teachers at Longwu Academy are retired soldiers.

     The two knew each other, and at this moment the teacher from Longwu Academy saw it nodded slightly.

     Soon, the meeting ended.

     Everyone left.

     Xia Bing was one step behind, and the teacher from Longwu Academy also slowly fell behind.

     "Lao Xia, it's okay to have spent the past few years in Nanyuan, right?"

     "Generally, except for the previous Ten Thousand Clan Sects, interesting, other times I am free!"

     Xia Bing was a little depressed, and quickly said: "Don't talk about this, there are a few good seedlings on Nan Yuan's side, please pay attention. Especially Su Yu, who is strong, bold and careful, and did a big deal the other day, Liu Wen Yan wanted to send him to a civilized academy without telling the truth. Fortunately, I am stationed here."

     "What's the big deal?"

     "Cooperating with the Wind Hunting Squad, killed a Wanshi!"

     Xia Bing's voice was very low, "This matter is kept secret, our Longwu Academy knows about it, and we pass it on... You and I will both be unlucky. This is a bad rule. I will tell you if you are your own. You think of a way Admitted this kid!"

     The admissions teacher is somewhat astonished, "Cooperate? Jifengtang actually needs Kaiyuan cooperation?"

     "He is not simply Kaiyuan, he should have outlined the divine writing!"

     Xia Bing said quickly, "Last time Bai Feng came and transcripted him the text of will, he may have outlined the divine text completely, otherwise he would not be able to use the power of the divine text."As soon as the words came out, the teacher's eyes were sharp, "Really? Bai Feng is here, it will only take two months, right? After transcribing the text of will once, he sketched the divine text, and completed the full description of the divine text in less than two months. ?"

     "It should be. Of course, Liu Wenyan may have taught some basics before."

     "That's also a genius!"

     The enrollment teacher looked excited. It was not that he had never seen a genius, but he was not ready to recruit any genius when he came to Nanyuan. One suddenly appeared. Can you not be excited?

     "Lao Xia, thank you very much, don't worry, I will never tell you about this, I will cheat you, brother!"

     The enrollment teacher said with some excitement: "Long Wuwei has always wanted to train our own civilized teacher. Longwu Academy also opened a civilized teacher class. As a result, we couldn't teach any talents all the time. They were all selected by Daxia Civilization Academy. Guy, let's cut the beard this time!"

     Outline the genius of divine writing!

     Still complete divine text!

     This has to be placed in the Daxia Mansion, which has long been known by the Daxia Civilization Academy, and has been admitted in advance.

     Of course, Su Yu is actually the same.

     But Bai Feng was afraid that others would steal his student, this guy wouldn't say it to the public.

     Xia Bing was excited when he saw him, thought a bit then said: "Old Xie, enrollment returns to enrollment. Actually, I don’t want to cheat this kid. I also know what’s going on in the civilized teacher class of Longwu Academy. My thought is, this If the kid really has the above talent, Mortal Body Cultivation our own will do, and the cultivation of a civilized teacher... can you ask the middle and senior researchers of Long Wuwei to come back and teach?"

     "You don't need to say this!"Old Xie said with a smile: "General Zhao is angry this time, and we are in trouble with the Chief Wanfu! Chief Wanwan wants to use the civilized teacher card. General Zhao said, this year we will increase the training of civilized teachers in Longwu Academy. , The civilized divisions in the army, now that they have nothing to do, they will come to Longwu Academy for follow-up guidance."


     Xia Bing was overjoyed, "Then it's okay! By the way, when you contacted that kid, mention his father. His father Su Long is a veteran of the Demon Squad, and he was called to return not long ago."

     "People from the Demon Squad!"

     As soon as these words came out, Lao Xie suddenly cursed: "The Demon Squad is our turf, Liu Wenyan is too much, and he actually robbed us!"

     The three major military institutions, Longwuwei, Demon Suppression Army, and Mansion Army, are all considered one family.

     My own child soldiers were actually spotted by the civilized academy, and at this moment Lao Xie was very annoyed!

     Xia Bing was lightly coughed and didn't answer any questions.

     That is to say, what kind of bird is in the Civilization Teacher Class of Longwu Academy, know the score, it is normal for people to take the Civilization Academy. He is just a little selfish and wants to keep the kid in Longwuwei.

     "I have to go on duty. I won't talk about other things. You are more concerned about this kid. When you get to this point in Nanyuan, I don't think it is inferior to the students of Kaiyuan Nineth Layer in Daxia Palace. The kid himself is also a practitioner of Kaiyuan Eighth Layer!"


     As soon as these words came out, Old Xie's eyes were sharp, "So what kind of civilized way is to be cultivated, let the warriors go together! When the civilized division reaches the top, it may not be as strong as our warriors!"

     "You figure it out."

     Xia Bing still had a task, and he didn't have time to say more, so he left quickly....

     Conference room.

     Liu Wenyan turned his head and glanced at behind him, saw two silhouettes hovering, smiled, disdain as beneath contempt!

     What are you thinking about!

     That kid how can it be will go to Longwu Academy, the old man, I teach by words and example So many years, if that kid transfers to the war academy, I...I will let him pay me Lei Yuandao, does that kid have the money to pay? ?


     Su family.

     Su Yu hasn't been out for many days.

     For more than ten days, I opened the album once a day, absorbing vitality every day to refine the acupuncture points, consuming more than ten drops of essence and blood.

     The ninth acupuncture point, Baihui acupoint, is now shining, and the vitality at the top of the head is beginning to gather, which is a sign that the ninth acupoint is about to be opened.

     Almost done!

     In less than half a month, the opening of the Ninth Acupuncture Point is about to be completed. This is extremely fast. Of course, the cost is not small, but for others, what is a dozen drops of blood?

     If more than a dozen drops of blood can enter the Kaiyuan Nineth Layer, the people who sell the house and practice can be queued to Daxia Mansion.

     "Boom boom!"

     "Ayu, open the door!"

     Chen Hao's voice.

     Su Yu got up and opened the door.

     Chen Hao carried food in his hand and complained: "You didn't go out again! Ayu, you don't know how to practice the cultivation deviation, right? My dad asked me to persuade you, relax and do well, don't keep honing a bull's horn. If you don’t practice Kaiyuan Ninth Layer, it won’t affect you.

     Su Yu smiled and didn't say anything. He took the food and opened it to take a look. He was a bit disgusted and said: "It's braised pork again, can't it be lighter?""I love to eat or not, I bought it with my pocket money!"

     Chen Hao said depressed: "Ayu, you are about to pit my pocket money!"


     Su Yu smiled and said, "Starting tomorrow, you can stop buying it. I pit you? I pit you. Can you enter the Kaiyuan Fifth Layer? Do you trust me. Let me go out and give me food. Go to the house!"

     As soon as these words came out, Chen Hao grinned, "Ayu, it's really good to practice in your home, is your home good in Feng Shui?"


     Su Yu cursed, too lazy to care about him, and good feng shui, these days I gather vitality, how much advantage you guy takes.

     Of course, he didn't care, anyway, he couldn't consume it. Chen Hao had absorbed the Advanced Kaiyuan Five.

     Chen Hao was overjoyed for a while, and quickly remembered what was going on, and said, "The assessment process is almost the same as last year. Would you like to see it?"

     "Bring it."

     Su Yu took the flow sheet he handed over and glanced at it, nodded slightly, not much different from the previous one.

     War Academy Assessment, the morning of the 25th.

     Civilization Academy Assessment, the afternoon of the 25th.

     It is still the rule of previous years, Kaiyuan triple and below, 10 points for the first, need to be assessed.

     Kaiyuan four to six levels, one level 30 points, all need to be assessed.

     Kaiyuan seven to nine layers, one weight 50 points.

     Wanzu language, mastering a subject with 10 points, need to be assessed.

     Except for the Wanzu language, the merit points obtained are 10 points."I'm Kaiyuan Eightfold, this is 220 points, Wanzuyu masters 20 courses, 200 points. In addition to Wanzuyu 10 points, 100 points. In addition...outlining the divine writing, 100-300 points?"

     Su Yu saw a small bonus rule and almost ignored the past.

     Probably not considering that Nan Yuan has this bonus. The printed regular fonts seem to be smaller.

     "That said, I have at least 620 points or more?"

     Su Yu looked for a while and smiled.

     In the Nanyuan assessment, according to the rules of previous years, 200 points or more, then almost any institution will take the exam. Of course, the bonus rules of the war institution and the civilization institution are slightly different, and they are basically the same.

     However, there is a limit to the extra points for Wanzu language, war schools are limited, and the maximum extra points cannot exceed 100 points.

     Similarly, civilized schools also have some restrictions. The minimum mastery of Wanzu language is not less than 8.

      These all are to prevent some students with powerful strength from rushing to civilized academies, and those who master a lot of ethnic languages ran to war academies, teaching in line with the student's ability, not that piece of material, it is easy to waste their talents if they want to go to colleges.

     "It has nothing to do with me, I have reached the standard on both sides."

     Su Yu didn't care too much. His assessment was just going through the motions, and the key was the reward for the first place.

     As for Chen Hao, Kaiyuan Five, scored 90 points, 3 basic languages of Wanzu, scored 30 points, plus 30 points, a total of 150 points, his extra points are the additional 3 points of merit, so Those 3 points of merit will no longer count as bonus points.

      In addition, the War Academy also has other bonus points for the assessment, and bonus points for the excellent assessment. Under normal circumstances, an additional 30 points are not a big problem.Count it down, about 180 points.

     "The Great Xia War College is difficult to pass, but other war colleges are not that difficult."

     Su Yu helped him calculate. Chen Hao never thought about the Great Xia War Academy before. Anyway, there are many war schools, with a score of 150 or more. Almost all of them can be admitted except for Longwu and Great Xia War Academy.

     Therefore, Chen Hao is not under great pressure, as long as he passes the assessment, he can go to war school.

     For other Kaiyuan four and five tiers, the general war academy has great hopes, and the triple… hopes are not great unless they perform extremely well in other aspects.

     Therefore, in previous years, most of the students who were able to attend the war school in Nanyuan were students of Kaiyuan Fourth Level or above.

     Even if the Kaiyuan Quadruple can be admitted, it depends on luck.

     Su Yu continued to watch while eating to see the reward for the first place.

     Previously the first place in the War Academy, Nan Yuan gave 3 drops of Yuan Qi Liquid.

     However, the reward given by the Civilization Academy is a book of thousands of people.

     These are all rewards given by Nan Yuan himself. As for the universities...there is no explanation above, and I don’t know if there are any rewards. I heard people say that this reward is only available to universities.

     "In addition, the first place rewards 10 points of merit, which is regarded as accumulated merit!"

     Su Yu saw another reward rule, this is the standard reward, Su Yu eyes shined, the first on both sides, wouldn’t it be possible to add 20 merits?

     Is this going to make a fortune?
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