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47 I Have Decided!
    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

"Dōng dōng dōng!"

     Su Yuzheng was talking with Chen Hao when the door of the house was knocked.


     "Is Su Yu home?"

     Su Yu was somewhat uncertain, stood up and walked to the door, took the knife in his hand, did not approach the door, and asked again, "Who?"

     On the side, Chen Hao watched him waiting at the door with a knife, a bit speechless, so exaggerated?

     "Your father's comrade-in-arms!"

     Outside the door, Old Xie smiled and said: "The young man is quite vigilant, I am flying, you are useless with a knife."

     Su Yu was a little embarrassed and had nothing to say.

     Renju directly sensed that this strength is not just vacant, but also much stronger than himself.

     Putting down the knife, Su Yu opened the door.

     There were two people standing outside the door, the one in front was Lao Xie, and the other Su Yu looked familiar. After a while, he recognized him and hurriedly said, "Uncle Qian is here."

     The middle-aged man known as Uncle Qian smiled and nodded: "Ayu, I haven't seen each other for almost a year."

     "Uncle Qian, please come in!"

     Su Yu immediately greeted him. This was his father's friend. Of course, he didn't have much contact with him.

     He was also an old comrade-in-arms of his father's previous comrades, but it wasn't a period, but he had served as a soldier in the Suppression Army.

     As for what Su Yu did in Nanyuan, he forgot to be a small leader in a certain organization.

     Old Xie walked in directly and laughed and said, "Young man, you have good vigilance! Just like our soldiers, you deserve to be a child of the military! Your dad seems to have taught by words and example to you, he didn't lose our military. People!"

     Su Yu smiled without speaking, and looked at Uncle Qian somewhat curiously. Who is this?Uncle Qian lightly coughed and introduced: "Ayu, this is Lord Xie from Long Wuwei."

     "Don't be so polite, just call me Xie Bo!"

     What Lao Xie said to Su Yu, he wandered around the room like a familiar one, looked at Chen Hao, laughed and said, "This is your friend... Chen Hao?"

     Chen Hao looked dumbfounded and didn't know him, but he heard that he was Long Wuwei's, and somewhat agitated: "I'm Chen Hao, uncle, are you from Long Wuwei?"

     "Yes, I was also in the Demon Suppression Army back then, and later went to Longwuwei. The Demon in Longwu Township does not separate their families, as a family!"

     Old Xie smiled haha, without the seriousness of a soldier.

     "Su Yu, don't you ask us to sit down?"

     Su Yu recovered from the trance, hurriedly greeted the two of them to sit down and kicked Chen Hao, "Go and pour tea!"

     "Ayu, your house has no tea!"


     Su Yu cursed secretly, don't you fool around, just get some boiled water?

     Old Xie smiled and said, "It's okay, no tea!"

     He said, beckoning to Su Yu: "Sit down and talk, your own home, don't be polite, and don't be cautious, it's your own family."

     Su Yu sat down, still somewhat uncertain.

     Dad is not at home, these people come to visit themselves at their own home... How do you feel something's wrong?

     "Oh, what about the admissions process?"

     Old Xie suddenly saw the flow chart on the table and smiled: "Where are you two going to take the exam? Both of you are from your own family. Are you going to Longwu Academy? Also, when you go to Longwu Academy, you have a family. ."

     Chen Hao stood on the sidelines and said, "It may not be possible to pass the exam.""Who said this?"

     Old Xie smiled: "Of course, Longwu Academy is difficult for outsiders, but your family, that is not simple! Xiao Chen, do you have 30 points? I think you Kaiyuan Five, then Longwu Academy is simple, I said. , You have been admitted!"


     Chen Hao looked confused, I was admitted?

     what's the situation?

     Uncle, are you here to tease us?

     At this moment, Su Yu seemed to understand, some not to know whether to laugh or cry, lightly coughed and said: "Uncle Xie is from...Longwu Academy?"

     "Yo, you know that too?"

     Old Xie smiled and said: "Yes, I am now a training coach at Longwu Academy. I am also one of the invigilators for your Nanyuan assessment this time, so I said that if you can do it, you can definitely do it!

     "They are all descendants of my own family, the brothers of the Demon Army, can I not take care of them?"

     Chen Hao wanted to say that his father was not from the Squadron!

     Su Yu didn't give him a chance to speak, and said with a chuckle: "Uncle Xie, then I thank you for Chen Hao!"

     After that, he looked at Chen Hao and said, "Haozi, if you have not been admitted to the Great Xia War College, then go to Longwu College. Uncle Xie is familiar there, and you will have a look after you go.


     Thank you smiled, nothing said, interesting.

     The routine has come to my head.

     However, if Chen Hao's results are not surprisingly, the Longwu Academy entrance examination is not a big problem.

     He didn't say anything, and when he finished speaking, he said, "Aren't you brothers going together? When you arrive at the university, there is also a caregiver. If you are unfamiliar with each other, you are not alone.""The strong can bear loneliness."

     Su Yu said something, and then smiled: "Uncle Xie, let's be honest, I mainly follow the way of Cultivation Civilization. I have paid attention to and understood the Longwu Academy. It seems that there is a course of Civilization Teacher, but..."

     He didn't say anything later, and Lao Xie also understood.

     Hearing this, I couldn’t help laughing: “That’s before, this year is different! Since you have Liu Wenyan as a teacher, you should know that the researcher level is What does it mean. Of course, this is the division of civilized institutions. Generally you also understandable is strength."

     "This time, Long Wuwei more than ten intermediate researchers, several senior researchers will return, and then the battles on the battlefield of the heavens will decrease, and these people will teach in the academy! And our academy, civilized students very little and very few, can If there are 10 people, there will be an official researcher to guide you!"

     "And Daxia Civilization Academy, I admit, they are very strong in this aspect, but there are many students, graduated, not graduated, and pensioned. A total of tens of thousands of people have not vacated!"

     Old Xie seriously said: "The number of researchers at their institution still teaching is less than 300, and each is responsible for one hundred students on average! Su Yu, what do you think you can really learn at the Civilization Academy? There is a lot of competition there, you Hoodwink me and I cheat you, especially the recent opening of the Ten Thousand Race Training Institute, has become a mess!"

     "When you get there, you may not see an official researcher for a few years, and people won't care about you if you see it.

     "It's different when you arrive at Longwu Academy. You are a child of the military. You are kind and talented. When you arrive, there will even be senior researchers who will take you specifically. This is a completely different treatment!"Lao Xie said sincerely, and said with emotion: "I am also very optimistic about you, because I believe that the descendants of soldiers are the best..."

     Su Yu not to know whether to laugh or cry, if you say that, the entire Daxia Mansion has millions of troops and more descendants, just like saying nothing.

     "Uncle Xie, let me think about it again."

     "Don't think about it, come directly, what else to evaluate, I specially recruit you!"

     What Lao Xie said was an atmosphere, "It’s not necessary to assess that thing. Just go in directly as a family, special enrollment will be admitted to the university, and bonus reward will be given. You will be given 100 points for merit points. Can't make it!"

     "If you don't have merits, you are a messenger in a civilized academy. After a few years, you will be abandoned after the golden time of cultivation."

     When these words came out, Chen Hao eyes shined and hurriedly said: "Do I have it too?"


     Old Xie wanted to say, you have a little bit of that kind of thought in your heart.

     However, he swallowed his words and said with a smile: "Su Yu went to Longwu Academy, how about I give you a yellow-ranked middle-class sword?"

     Chen Hao opened his mouth wide, hundreds of thousands!

     Is Longwu Academy so rich?

     The next moment, Chen Hao became sober and a little lost. I'm not stupid. I want Ayu to go. Ayu will definitely not go. It's all Kaiyuan Eightfold. Who goes to Longwu Academy.

     Isn't he good to go to the Great Summer War College?

     Although Longwu Academy has risen quickly, it has been established for a short time after all. It is still not as profound as the Great Xia War Academy. Apart from other things, the Great Xia War Academy has more experts in the mountains and seas than Longwu Academy. .Seeing that Su Yu was indifferent, Lao Xie did not go round the curves and skirting the corners. He said directly: "Su Yu, think about it! 100 merit points, 10 drops of vitality liquid, one chance to enter the secret realm, this is Longwu Academy Even the highest treatment of all the universities in the entire Daxia Palace!"

     "Kaiyuan Jiuzhong, a genius who outlines a complete divine writing, some of these people cannot get this kind of treatment. Only with the special approval of the university can some people enjoy this kind of treatment."

     "Any institution is all the same, you go to a civilized institution, even if you outline the divine text, your willpower is still too weak, I am afraid it will not give you such a chance to start!"

     Old Xie said earnestly: "I am within my authority to fight for the greatest benefit and best treatment for you! And I said that the civilized academy is chaotic, it is not a lie. You can ask your teacher what is the civilized academy now? Happening."

     Su Yu nodded, "Thank you for your concern, Uncle, I will figure it out clearly."

     "Think about it, come here, you still have a chance to see your father, the Demon Slayers take turns, once your father retreats from the front line, you will have the opportunity to visit him at any time, no other places... …"

     Su Yu was a bit stuck at this.

     Su Yu silent for a while said again: "I will consider it carefully!"

     "Then I won't bother!"

     Lao Xie was a little disappointed when he saw that he was unmoved, but when he had reached this point, there was no point in entanglement.


     Old Xie was gone, and Uncle Qian accompanied him to prove his identity, so Su Yu didn't need to think too much.

     When they left, Chen Hao said with a look of envy: "Ayu, is this to invite you in advance?"

      "Un.""Can Xueba be like this?"

     Chen Hao looked sad, we were so miserable, and we still had to think about it, but everyone was recruited specially, and the treatment given made him want to rob, but Su Yu didn't agree.

     Su Yu smiled and said, "Daxia Mansion is not short of geniuses, Longwu Academy found me...probably because of something else."

     It's not just because there are many Wanzu language studies, nor is it because of Kaiyuan Eight Layers, these are not few in Longwu Academy.

     The key is that he assisted Jifengtang to kill a Wanshi, and the other party could probably guess that his divine writing was completed.

     Although Captain Liu said that it would not leak, the military knew it was not an accident.

     Long Wuwei is the Military Representative of Daxia Mansion.

     "Long Wuwei..."

     Su Yu murmured in his heart, with some emotion, his biggest wish in the past was to enter Long Wuwei, and so did his father.

     But today, Long Wuwei's vacated realm came to recruit him, and Xia Bing also mentioned this before.

     Sure enough, everything needs to be won by yourself.

     If he were the previous Kaiyuan Triple, no one would come to recruit him.

     Su Yu didn't think there was anything wrong. You don't have that value yourself, so why should others look at you highly.

     The so-called military child is nothing more than a brick as a door knocker.

     Naturally, there are more closeness attributes, what do you expect this identity to do, pipe dream, the most indispensable thing in Daxia Mansion is the children of the military.

     But when you have value, this identity is very useful.The same genius, the same realm, if someone is the same as Su Yu, Su Yu is a child of the Demon Squad, but the other party is not, then Long Wuwei may not bother to talk to him, but he must have a different eye for Su Yu.

     This is the natural attribute of identity.

     Su Yu also thought thoroughly about these things. At this moment, he didn't think about these things, but went to a civilized academy. Can he fight for more resources?

     The teacher asked him to perform well, but he needed to keep a hand.

     Keep one hand...Is the hand behind the atlas considered a great one?

     He can explode with seven-thirty levels of lethality. Does this count as leaving a hand?

     Shenwen has mastered two, and he uses one, is it considered to keep one hand?

     With this calculation, he actually left a lot of hands!

     "Good performance, good treatment. This World has no love of no cause, no reason, and you are useless. No one will look up to you. Only by showing good will people take the initiative to win you over.

     Su Yu thought a lot, and after woke up, he looked at Chen Hao and said, "Haozi, what do you think?"


     "Go to Daxia War Academy or Longwu War Academy?"

     "I... don't know!" Chen Hao said blankly: "Which one is considered to be accepted, is pretty good. I'm afraid I won't pass the exam."

     "Almost, if you go to the Great Xia War College and they are lowered to the assessment, you should also no problem. If you don't pass, you will be the tail of the crane. Not to mention the weakest, but also the existence of the hindrance."

     "If you go to Longwu Academy, you will perform better, and you will be considered a middle-level student."Su Yu earnestly said: "But the Great Xia War Academy has greater potential because they have a profound background, and there are many strong people who have been established by the King of Great Xia back then."

     "Of course, Longwu Academy also has its advantages. Backed by the palace owner and Long Wuwei, it has developed extremely fast in the past ten years."

     Chen Hao looked aggrieved, "Don't analyze it, I have a headache from your analysis, let alone how to choose, Ayu, where do you think I should go?"

     "Each has its own good...you go to Longwu Academy!"

     "Ah? Didn't you say that the Great Summer War Academy is better?"

     Su Yu said ill-humoredly: "You are too stupid! Longwu Academy has a better atmosphere. It is in charge of the military, which is more fair and just! The establishment time is short, the internal factions are not obvious, and the resource allocation in the palace is fairer. Daxia War Academy There are many people, and some people have been in the university for generations. You are a no one to rely on, and you are not top-notch. Unless you are a little brother, people will think you are stupid!"

     Chen Hao is even more wronged, is he so stupid?

     "Then I go to Longwu Academy?"


     Su Yu said earnestly: "I suggest you go to Longwu Academy, which is better for you! If you have background, talent, and wisdom, then I suggest you go to Daxia War Academy, where you can progress even further. But you don’t have... so go to Longwu!"

     "By you such a saying, I seem to be useless, Ayu, do I have no merit?"

     "Yes!" Su Yu said earnestly: "You presently go down to run errands for me and buy some delicious ones. This is the advantage."

     Chen Hao looked desperate, too mean-spirited!Su Yu smiled and said jokingly: "Just kidding, you still have some good points. When you go to Longwu Academy, don't worry too much. You can be high-key and low-key. The only thing you have to do is to be honest!"


     "Don't change, just don't forget your original intention! People in the military, like this."

     Su Yu smiled and said: "My dad likes you very much, not because of you are handsome, not because you are stupid, don’t be too stupid, but just look stupid to others, be simple and honest, go over there to be obedient and listen to what the college coaches say That's it."

     Chen Hao has some words unable to hear clearly, and some words can be heard clearly, so he nods his head seriously, "I understand! Ayu, how about you?"

     "I'm going to the Civilization Academy, Daxia Civilization Academy!"


     Chen Hao was somewhat astonished and said strangely: "You said a few days ago that you didn't want to go..."

     "Just talk about it." Su Yu said with a light smile: "There...is the center of the Great Xia Civilized Master! Ten thousand races gather and Tianjiao gathers. If I seek stability and peace, I should not go."

     "But I... want to progress even further a little bit!"

     Su Yu murmured: "I am also a genius! Bai Feng said I am not, the teacher said I was almost a bit, but in fact, I Am The Heavens! One of the contemporary talents! If not, how could Longwu Academy come to attract I!"

     "They are afraid that I am proud, but they are not. I know I have how many catties and how many taels. I don't overestimate myself, and I don't underestimate myself."

     "Haozi, before the Civilization Master appeared, his body was weak and it was dangerous to go out. At that time, maybe I had to rely on you to block the knife and cultivate properly. Our brothers have the opportunity to go to the battlefield of the heavens together!"

     "The flesh is weak..."Chen Hao looked at him, then looked at himself.

     You eightfold, my fivefold!

     Yes, you are weak, not as tall as I am, and not as strong as I am, but you can beat me ten!

     Why are you... weak?

     Chen Hao looked sad. I couldn't even beat a civilized institution, and my mentality was about to collapse.

     "Ayu...you said you realized it, will I still be Kaiyuan?"

     Chen Hao wants to cry, I am too weak.

     "No, Qianjun will be very fast, at most one year, I'm afraid within one year... I'm afraid there is little hope of realisation."

     Su Yu smiled and comforted, and then added: "In one year, I was at most eight or nine times, and I was crushed to death. Don't worry!


     Forget it, Chen Hao doesn't want to talk to him.

     Su Yu laughed again, takes a deep breath, Daxia Mansion is ups and downs, but everything has nothing to do with him.

     At this moment, when I am in the examination of higher education, I will reveal outstanding talent, first sign of budding talent, and let myself go on that stage!

     He doesn't want to be a passerby!

     "Keep one hand... I am also a Tianjiao!"

     Su Yu secretly said, teacher, don't worry, I am not proud, my goal is far away.

     The album in his head is still waiting for him to unlock it. How to unlock it without killing a few gods and demons.

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