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51 Upper, Middle And Lower
    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Kaiyuan Sixth and Seventh, opening eyes.

     There were almost no students who had opened eyes in Nanyuan. Su Yu hadn't seen it so far. Except for Su Yu, almost all of them came from Daxia Mansion.

     At this moment, Su Yu was surrounded by people from Daxia Mansion.

     Su Yu is actually somewhat curious. At this moment, he also saw the student who had exchanged papers with him before, and asked in a low voice: "Is it impossible for the Kaiyuan Sixth and Seventh Layer of Daxia Mansion to pass the exam?"

     Is it exaggerated?

     Even in Daxia Mansion, Liuqizhong has a high probability of passing the exam, right?

     The boy who was asked raised his head and glanced at Lao Xie's side. Seeing that he hadn't looked back, he whispered, "Sixty-seven is not top-notch in Daxia Mansion, but it's also considered medium. The probability of passing the exam is not small. But the realm is not the only one."

     The boy explained in a low voice: "In addition to the basic assessment on the realm, there will be an in-depth assessment later, you know?"

     "Well, the two exams for the imperial and shooting are mandatory every year."

     Su Yu nodded, but still wondered, "Does this have anything to do with being in Nanyuan?"

     "Of course it matters!"

     The boy somewhat grudgingly said: "Imperial and shooting are also extra points, but in Daxia House, there are too many people who are proficient. We go to the test and definitely go to the tail of the crane. No extra points. Under normal circumstances, the top-ranked ones have extra points. ."

     "In Daxia Mansion, those Kaiyuan Eighty or Nineth Heavy have taken up all the places, and we have no hope."

     "When you arrive at Nan Yuan... Nan Yuan is small, but it is easier for you to perform better."Su Yu nodded slightly, but asked again, "It’s almost a steady progress with a score of 200 or more, and I get more points on the test. Except for the first place, the ranking gap is not big, right?"

     "At first glance, you just don't understand this!"

     The boy shook his head, "Since you have followed, it means that you are above the Kaiyuan Fifth Layer. You must know that 200 points can be entered into the war college, but there are also levels for entering. Each university divides the students into ninth class!"

     "Down, down, middle, down, up... all the way to the best up!"

     The boy gnashing one's teeth said: "Lower students have the worst treatment in colleges. There is no special teacher guidance. It is actually very difficult to get in. It is just a name. At least the middle students have the opportunity to contact more thing."

     "Below 300 points are considered inferior students!"

     "So you have to get a score of 300 or more before you can really enter the war school."

     The boy glanced sympathetically at Su Yudao: "In addition to cultural classes and realm assessment, the most important thing in the war school is the practice assessment. There are many bonus points. The bonus points in the practice assessment are almost equal to the bonus points in the divine writing assessment of the civilized academy."

     "That's why we came to Nanyuan, hoping to get a better test, a higher ranking, and some extra points. In Daxia Mansion, people like us have almost no hope for extra points."

     Su Yu understood, nodded slightly, glanced at the girl in front of him again, and whispered: "Six or seven layers of competition are under great pressure, what about eight layers? Eight layers and above should be considered geniuses, why are they here?"

     He could feel the vitality gathering around the girl in front, which means that the other party is at least eightfold.

     "Yae?"This boy is not a student who wants to take the civilized college entrance examination, and he is not too familiar with Wu Lan. He followed Su Yu's gaze and hesitated and said: "I don't know, is it to get the first place in Nanyuan? Kaiyuan Eighth, also in Daxia Mansion You are a genius, or you only have a realm, and other aspects are poor, so I came to Nanyuan to seek stability."

     Su Yu didn't ask anymore. At this moment, everyone already arrived at Another place examination room.


     Old Xie looked at the trainees coming from behind, with a calm expression on his face: "The six-seventh assessment is a total of 80 points, and the basic assessment is very simple. Just sharp-eyed and deft-handed! In this room, we will throw 100 rounds later. The balls, of which 80 are red and 20 are white."

     "If you catch a red one will count as one point, if you catch a white one, one point will be deducted. You need to pick it up as quickly as possible. If you can’t tell the difference in time, if you take them all, you can get 60 points as much as possible, so as not to miss a lot. Red sphere."

     There are 5 small rooms in the examination room in front of me.

     Only about 10 people came, and the assessment was completed in two rounds.

     Lao Xie added: “The throwing time is very short. It takes two minutes to throw one at an interval of about one second! Once again, I remind everyone that you should be noted to allocate your physical strength and energy reasonably. Sometimes giving up is more difficult than persisting! If this Guan consumes too much energy, and I am worried that you will not be able to persist in the next assessment."

     Su Yu did not speak, this test is not super-class.

     There are several assessment methods for Kaiyuan Sixth and Seventh. This method has been used before, and middle schools will also do some related training.

     Of course, that is Daxia Mansion.words exceede 5100Su Yu kept secretly helping the man count, and at this moment he couldn't help but sigh, "The red ball received 32 and the white ball received 8, 24 points."

     He didn't tell whether that was the fifth or sixth level. No matter how many levels, it seemed difficult to score 30 points.

     At this moment, he understood why some students who reached the realm often did not get full marks.

     Thinking of this, he looked at the girl in the other one room again. It was amazing!

     In one minute, almost 50 balls, the girl received 42 red balls, all red balls, none of the white balls, which means that the other party is currently full score.

     "Not quite right..."

     Su Yu can feel the difficulties. This requires consciousness to keep up with the body, and body consciousness needs to be strong.

     The opponent's strength is not weak, but it seems to be very relaxed, and can often even predict red and white, which is a manifestation of willpower.

     "Strong willpower!"

     Su Yu's eyebrows narrowed slightly, which means that the other party may not only participate in the examination of the War Academy, but may also be a candidate for the Civilization Academy.

     Su Yu is also sure of catching the ball.

     His willpower is not weak, the interval is more than a second, the time is long, he can quickly distinguish the red and white, and he is sure to catch all of them, but it seems that this war college is the first place, and the competitiveness is very high.

     This is only examination room No. 5, and there are 4 examination rooms below.

     Thinking about it, two minutes passed.

     Some students gave up directly and didn't continue.

     Lao Xie didn't care, and when they came out, he quickly said: "80 points, 65 points, 60 points, 32 points, 24 points!"

     This is the assessment result of the first five students.The results of this round are also the most intuitive!

     The student who scored 24 points in the test was somewhat depressed. He Kaiyuan Sixth Level. It stands to reason that 30 points are considered to be up to the standard, but now he lost 6 points.

     He was frustrated, and several others were also frustrated. Kaiyuan Qizhong scored 80 points. Except for the girl who got it, they didn't get all the points.

     "carry on!"

     Old Xie looked at Su Yu and several people, who hurriedly entered the room.

     The next moment the machine began to throw the ball.


     In the room.

     Although Su Yu has not done relevant training, she just looked for a while and has mastered the know-how.

     The willpower showed a little bit, staring at the machine's jet, as soon as the ball came out, he sensed the color and the direction of the projectile.


     The ball hit his hand, Su Yu held it, and threw it aside. It was red.

     His eyes glowed with dim light, and Su Yu's orifice opened and he looked very clear.

     "Willpower is cheating...Of course, this is also my own ability, but try it without willpower..."

     Su Yu abandoned his willpower and started to catch the ball with his eyes open.

     Fortunately, even if the willpower is turned off, he finds it easier to connect.

      Sharp-eyed and deft-handed, Su Yu's hands are not slow, and he has been practicing basic skills for a long time. He has worked hard on the thunder-eyed sword before, and the acupuncture points of his hands have been tempered. Now it is quite easy to connect.

     Outside, Lao Xie nodded slightly, showing a smile.

     He could feel Su Yu's use of willpower.

     This is cheating, but the ability of the opponent is also the ability of the willpower to be cultivated, so he did not speak.But Su Yu stopped using willpower for the second ball. He was also sensed, very good. He liked this kind of students.

     You can use your ability, but it doesn't prevent me from despising you!

     For example, the previous girl Wu Lan, Lao Xie didn't like it too much. The other party got full marks, but he could use his willpower in the assessment of the War Academy. Is this still an assessment state?

     Is strong willpower great?

     If you have the ability, go to the Civilization Academy. The War Academy sees whether the Fleshly Body Realm meets the standard, not whether your willpower meets the standard.

     Two minutes later, Su Yu panted out.

     Old Xie smiled, "Yes, 80 points, full score! Although a little embarrassed, but the Kaiyuan Sixth and Seventh Layer is full! You are quick to advance, you can get full marks, and your basic skills are very solid. It seems that the past five years have not been wasted! "

     Old Xie's full of smiles is completely different from Wu Lan's attitude towards the previous full score.

     Aside, Wu Lan looked ugly.

     She was also full marks, but Lao Xie didn't mention it just now, and it was over after a score.

     Wu Lan was proud of his temper, and couldn't help it at this moment, and whispered softly: "Teacher, 80 points are in Daxia Mansion, it's just basic ability..."

     Old Xie said lightly: "Yes, but this is not the Great Xia Mansion. The key is purely realm. Some people can't get 80 points!"

     After saying this, Old Xie murmured: "Flat Little Girl, if you don't take the war academy, you must waste exam resources!"

     Wu Lan's speech is stagnant.

     Old Xie is a sensible person, Su Yu there's hope to switch to the war college. It is impossible for this little girl, not surprisingly, to go to the civilized college.

     Since isn't the same kind of person, he doesn't bother to solicit.The other party's sister is a genius teaching assistant at Daxia Civilization Academy. The information is available, but Lao Xie is too lazy to sell her face. The little girl is very proud, and the key depends on who she is right.

     His old Xie is also a strong man in the sky, and he may not be afraid of the other party.

     Of course, the assessment is only, there is no need to offend people, but there is no need to flatter, just be your own examiner.

     Wu Qi dare to make trouble for this little thing?

     Really think Long Wuwei is a vegetarian?

     Old Xie from the start is not in huh!

     On the side, Su Yu also sensed everyone’s gaze, some not to know whether to laugh or cry, this old Xie... is really realistic!

     I want to report to the Longwu Academy and praise myself in front of everyone. Isn't this pulling hatred for myself?

     Of course, Su Yu didn't care.

     The test results are good, and the teacher praises it. This is ability, and he doesn't need to care about what others think.

     Old Xie looked at the time and continued: "This is the end of the basic assessment of the Seventh B.C., plus a full score of 100 for cultural classes, a total of 270 points. Eightfold and Ninefold still have 100 points, and the full score of Imperial shooting is 100 points. 100 points, a total of 570 points, with an additional merit point of 3 or more, and the full score exceeds 600 points."

     Old Xie looked at Su Yu and said with a smile: "Su Yu, only if you have a score of 600 or more, can you be rated as first-class in the war academy! So the first-class students are rarely seen in the war academy. Even if you add a lot of merit points, you may not be able to get the top class!"

     A score of 200 is considered to be up to standard, a score of 300 or less is considered inferior, a score of 300-600 is considered medium, and a score of 600 or more is considered superior.Su Yupan calculated, slightly depressed, putting it that way, he really may not be able to pass the exam.

     He doesn't have a perfect score in cultural classes. Even if he gets 80 points, he still gets 250 points in other subjects.

     Of course, in addition to the Wanzu language, he accumulated 10 points of merit, which can be regarded as 100 points plus points, and the total score is 350 points.

     "Unless Kaiyuan has eight full marks, full marks for imperial shooting, full marks for actual combat, and a total of 250 points, I can get 600 points, which is up to the standard."

     Su Yu calculated that only if the next few assessments have full scores, can he reach the standard.

      Even so, it's only the worst among the top, and the ratings are up and down.

     Su Yu somewhat curious, cannot bear ask: "Teacher, how many points do you get?"

     "Let's talk while we walk, now go to other places to continue the assessment! Gather the students from the five exam rooms to participate in other assessments!"

     While walking, Lao Xie said on the one hand recovers: "You are in Nanyuan, and you know too little. Your teacher feels that you don’t need to understand at all, because you are afraid of hitting you. Need to think too much."

     "The best... you will know by yourself, 800 points or more!"

     Su Yu frowned and said, "But even if Kaiyuan Nine Layers and its cultural classes are full, it won't be more than 800 points, right?"

     "Yeah, so the best and the best are the best!"


     Su Yu was speechless.

     Old Xie smiled and said, "It's nothing more than Qianjun. You will be able to arrive soon. Those top-notch guys have not only reached Qianjun, but also have high merit points, so they have much more accumulated points than you.""Don't worry too much, some of those guys are enchanting, some are fake enchanting!" Old Xie spoke bluntly: "Some guys use vitality liquid as boiled water and waste resources. Even if this kind of person is rated as superior, it is useless. Whatever it is, no one wants to take care of them with useless."

     "When they arrive at a school, some strong people would rather accept some small cities' Kaiyuan Seventh Layer than some big families. Apart from the higher treatment, there is no practical benefit, and the treatment is nothing to them, so these fakes The evildoer is not what kind of!"

     Old Xie's words are called direct.

     If he said this during the assessment of Daxia Mansion, Lao Xie would probably have to endure tremendous pressure.

     Behind him, Wu Lan felt a little uncomfortable, and said in a deep voice, "Teacher, it may not be all from the big family..."

     Old Xie not to accept as correct said: "I didn't say that everything is like this! I just give ordinary students a little confidence, such as civilized schools. Some people have mastered the divine texts in advance, so they can add a few hundred points at once. Is it fair? ?"

     "People in small cities, what is the divine text doesn't know at all, some people start to read the text of the will at the age of seven or eight, how do you compare?"

     "Of course, it is the result of the hard work of the parents, and I will not deny their credit, such as my own children. Of course I am willing to give them the best, but... in the initial stage, I will compare with the geniuses in small cities. , An attitude that I am better than him... that is a performance of childishness and incompetence!"Old Xie said calmly: "What can be discerned at this time? Five years, ten years later, you will see it again! Only then is fair. He was born in an ordinary family and has not achieved much in more than ten years. That is he is really ordinary. Not a genius."

     "Different starting points, you have to compare at the starting stage and win so what? Is it honorable? Because my father is strong and my mother is strong, so I am better than you...the weak, cowards, and incompetent will think so. A true genius will not be compared with someone weaker than himself, they are all fighting for the top!"

     Old Xie meaningfully said: "For example, Wu Qi from the Civilization Academy, she would not compare Liu Hong, but Xia Yuwen from the Xia family! The broad heart, the higher the horizon, the future can progress even further!"

     "If you compare, compare with those people! Su Yu, if you want to prove yourself, would you go to Chen Hao for comparison?"

     Old Xie smiled, said: "Of course, you are still young, and you may not understand what I said, But that's okay, you will understand in the future! Higher examination only one starting competition, the advantages of the parents can be reflected at this time, but it will be Tengkong, Lingyun , Shanhai... What is the use of your father being an Invincible Expert?"

     "More resources? The strong give pointers? When it comes time to take the own path, resources are not critical, and pointers are not critical. You are really talented, and you will not lack these things. The real thing is for yourself!"

     Lao Xie's words caused everyone to fall into silence.

     Wu Lan silent for a while, after a while, whispered: "Thank you, teacher!"

     "I didn't point you!"Old Xie did not admit it, indifferently said: "It's not my turn to give pointers, just to say don't forget your heart, don't be affected by everything in disorder, and cultivate willpower. If you can't even bear some rumors and slanders , The mentality collapses, then don't fix it at all, there will be no way to vacate for a lifetime!"

     "Liu Wenyan, if so, can he survive until he is 70 and vacate? As early as decades ago, he should have committed suicide!

     At this moment, everyone has come to the yet another big examination room, and Lao Xie finally said: "Whether it is civilization or war, everything is for the human race. It is necessary to compete properly and compare appropriately. Don’t be filled with jealousy and resentment. Five years later, when you vacate, he did not vacate. At that time, you will see him again, merely this. The jealousy and envy of the past are a joke!

     "vice versa!"

     Old Xie said for a while and stopped, but at this moment, everyone in Su Yu didn't want to listen. They dumbstruck looked at the big examination room in front of them!

     Ahead, there are ten incomparable gigantic monsters!

     Yes, Monster Beast, I actually saw a live Monster Beast in Nanyuan... how can it be?

     "What are you looking at, the weakest running horse, imperial, imperial demon beast, but not the imperial donkey of your family! After the assessment, ride up, and circle the examination room, that is full score!"

     "Easy to die, I stopped riding this thing decades ago."

     Old Xie looked arrogant, what the hell, the most trash monster, who would ride this!"By the way, if you fall off, or if you don’t complete a lap, then you will deduct points. Don’t be afraid if you haven’t seen anyone who’s been riding before. Just hold on to the hair. The direction of the ambassador is also simple. the same."

     Su Yu looked speechless, the university has such courses, but it is really riding horses, not riding this stuff!

     These skills of riding and shooting are taught by middle schools, but there are too few opportunities for small towns.

     After studying and returning to school, Su Yu didn't have the confidence to say that he was more proficient, especially now he changed his mount and became this Roshan!

     "Ride a lap for 50 points. Be faster. There are many people who will be tested later. The test is limited to three minutes. After the time has passed, even if it fails, there are 10 such test centers, and only 2,000 people participated in the test. Around time, time comes without enough time. If you haven’t checked after the time, you will get zero points and be faster."

     Ten examination rooms are enough. There are still many people who are competing with distinguishing fluids, and a group of people are competing with hearing.

     Reasonable allocation of time, this has been mentioned many times, and the guy who won't make choices won't deserve it.

     Everyone in Su Yu did not dare to delay. At this moment, someone was riding in the examination room. The next moment, a student was thrown off the horse by a huge running horse, and an invigilator caught the opponent and threw it away. "5 Points, next!"

     Which takes three minutes, change one in 30 seconds!

     Su Yu still wanted to wait, but Old Xie pointed his finger, "Su Yu, it's you! You have to fight first, how can you win if you don't fight! I am optimistic about you, this time I will take the exam to show it to others, small place There is also a genius!"

     At this moment, many examiners in the examination room looked here, first class?Can Nan Yuan pass the exam?

     Did Lao Xie drink too much last night?
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