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52 Words Exceede 5100
    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

One after another, eyes were projected. At this moment, even if Su Yu was more experienced than the average person of his age, it was somewhat unpleasant.

      What happened?

     Nan Yuan people can't make a genius?

     This is Nan Yuan's assessment!

     It's not that Nan Yuan has no talents. Nan Yuan is not all rubbish. Nan Yuan is weak because of his lack of vitality and not suitable for cultivation.

     Schoolmates, who is not practicing seriously?

     Who is not working hard?

     Even if Chen Hao is not cultivating for seven or eight hours, what restricts them is only the environment, not the other!

     It was not feeling in my heart, Su Yu did not show it.

     He knew that it didn't make sense, and no one would sympathize with them.

     Nan Yuan is weak... That's Nan Yuan's business, who made you be in Nan Yuan!

     Is the environment of Daxia Mansion bad? yourselves go!

     Why not eat minced meat, maybe just like this way.

     Su Yu suppressed the irritability in his heart, he actually didn't like these people who always said...small places can also produce genius.

     The term "small place" has always been used by everyone to play lip service to.

     Even if it was kind, Su Yu felt uncomfortable.

     Nan Yuan, this is an own family township. Nan Yuan people can scold Nan Yuan themselves, but they can’t listen to outsiders who make thoughtless remarks to live high and look down again and again.

     The examiners’ eyes may not be malicious, but Su Yu just thinks as if having a fish bone stuck in one's throat.

     "This is my first time riding a monster..."

     Su Yu suppressed these emotions, smiled, and said: "If there is anything wrong, everyone forgive me!"

     When the words fell, Su Yu stepped on the ground.

     Sitting on the back of a huge Benyun horse with a boom!Grasping the long hair on the horse's back, Su Yu slapped the horse's back suddenly, and the Benyun horse ran quickly!

     Su Yu sat extremely steady, allowing the Benyun Horse to run wildly, his legs clamped, and the Benyun Horse quickly ran a circle, but there was no sign of stopping.

     On the one hand, many students whispered: "Benyun Horse seems to be a little frightened. The speed is too fast, and it's not a complete pass if it stops unstable, right?"

     When an examiner heard it, he immediately said: "Of course, if you stop unsteady, you will definitely lose points!"

     When the voice fell, Su Yu on the horseback gently patted the Benyun horse's neck, and the running Benyun horse quickly stopped, with his limbs slightly bent, Su Yu jumped off the horse and said with a smile: "It's very simple, just now The first time I saw it, I was a little scared."

     At this moment, the students didn't respond much, but the examiners couldn't help but look at Su Yu.

     Old Xie eyes flashed and there was no sound.

     I don't know when, the leader of the Great Summer War Academy also came over at this moment, glanced at Su Yu, with a faint smile on his face.

     Old Xie also saw the other party, grinned, and moved his lips slightly: "The descendants of the Demon Squad, it has nothing to do with you!"

     The leader of the Great Xia War Academy didn't care, and calmly said: "It's nothing more than seeing blood. The Great Xia War Academy has no shortage of such people, so you will be treasured by Longwu, just look at it!"

     Just now the Benyun Horse ran wildly, and was a little frightened, but Su Yu was a little bit angry and bloody. There was still a difference between killing someone and not killing anyone. At that moment, Su Yu probably intentionally killed the frightened Benyun Horse.

     Benyun Ma is also a monster, naturally sensed by a death crisis, and then quickly stopped.The students don't understand, the examiners will naturally understand.

     At the Great Xia War Academy, the team leader said something and then smiled: "Kaiyuan Eighth, it's pretty good in Nanyuan! But according to what you mean, he can get into the top class?"

     Old thanks smiled, said: "The high class has nothing to do with you!"

     "Xie Qi, don't always run on me." The young and middle-aged smiled and said, "Long Wu treats us as opponents, but the opponent of the Great Xia War Academy has never been Long Wu!"

     Lao Xie didn’t care, and smiled: “I’ve gotten you off, and then I’ll go to a civilized academy! Look at you, rubbish, war has been suppressing civilization for hundreds of years. What about now? The war has fallen. In your hands, are you ashamed to say this?"

     Middle-aged slightly frowned, "If it weren't for Longwu Academy to compete with us over the past few years for students and resources, the palace owner favors you and weakens the Great Xia War Academy, there is no chance for a civilized institution to rise!"

     "If you can't do it, blame others!"

     Old Xie contemptuously said: "Do you not understand why Longwu Academy was built back then? Lifeless, the results are getting worse every year, the strong are getting fewer and fewer, and it consumes a lot of resources, but yellow does not reach green, youth generation No one will rise, your institution should be abolished instead of giving you a chance!"

     "You go to Linghai Tower to talk about this!"

     "What did you say?" Lao Xie not to be outdone, "Bite me? It's just these older generations to crush us! That is the accumulation of the Daxia Mansion for three hundred years, but not the results of your decades! ""Wait, the students of the generations of Longwu Academy are no worse than you. Daxia First War Academy will soon be renamed! The so-called Daxia War Academy... Give me the word Daxia. , Changed to a trash war college!"

     The middle-aged had sharp eyes and looked at Lao Xie, Lao Xie not to be outdone, and stared back.

     After a while, the middle-aged lightly snorted, "You think he can be in the upper class, I don’t think it is hopeful! I saw his grades, the previous assessment was good, a total of 250 points, plus 50 points for the Royal Beast, 100 points for merit. A total of 400 points."

     "There are still eight basic tests left, shooting, three actual combat, a total of 200 points, all three are full, then barely get into the top class."

     Old Xie smiled and said, "No full marks?"

     "Shooting assessment, can he get full marks?"

     The middle-aged said indifferently: "How many times has he taken the bow? Nanyuan Academy has average strength and average teaching results. Are you sure he can get full marks?"

     Old Xie was not sure, but he couldn't take a step back at the moment, and smiled: "I think he is fine!"

     The two looked at each other, the middle-aged was too lazy to pay attention to him, his mouth was hard!

     At the next moment, Lao Xie suddenly shouted: "Su Yu, the Great Summer War Academy looks down on you, saying that you can't get a 100% premium! People in our military can be aggrieved by this? We will shoot and test later. Show him full marks!"

     Su Yu glanced at the two of them. Seeing that their eyes met, they were very unkind. Suddenly, his heart moved and he said, "Teacher, is there any preferential reward policy for high-class students?"


     Old Xie dazed for a moment, and then said: "When you enter a school, you will naturally get rewards, and the training methods are different...""I mean, is there a reward for entering the first class for a simple assessment?"

     Lao Xie rolled his eyes and said with a smile: "We Longwu do not have this policy. Of course, Daxia War Academy is rich, and I don’t know how much resources are wasted every year. If you pass the exam, Daxia War Academy probably doesn’t mind giving you away. Hundreds of drops of vitality liquid."


     The atmosphere of with swords drawn and bows bent just disappeared instantly.

     At the Great Summer War College, the middle-aged man shot a look at Old Xie, and said lightly: "Xie Qi, you are so confident, it's better to pay a little out of your pocket. Come to Nanyuan as the chief examiner, I didn't remember correctly, reward for meritorious service At 50 o'clock, 5 drops of blood will be emptied. How about giving some blood to encourage young students?"


     Old Xie's heart is inwardly cursed, I have no money!

     I'm bitter haha!

     Although Longwu Academy is backed by Xia Longwu, it does not have as many resources as the Great Xia War Academy. According to others, it is a big brother for hundreds of years, and the two are incomparable.

     But when I turned around, Su Yu probably... didn't want to be the first class, right?

     A lot worse after all!

     Full marks will be fine at the back, and if something is wrong, a few points can be deducted.

     Looking at so many people now, can Longwu Academy be ashamed?

     Thinking of this, Lao Xie laughed and said: "I am poor, and I can make more money than you do. So, Su Yu, if you are in the top class, I will give you 10 points of merit and you will be congratulated. , The descendants of the Squad Demon Army are their own family members, there's nothing about it.


     Old pick!At this moment, many people complained that Su Yu's chances of getting into the top were not great. This guy is still so stubborn, 10 points of merit... a lot?

     Besides, the 90 percent probability of nine does not need to be honored.

     Now let’s talk more, can’t I give you Long Wu a long face?

     Lao Xie instantly shifted the topic and said: "I will give you 10 points of merit, and this guy will give you 10 points of merit, all at his own expense. Who reimburses whose grandson, how?"


     The middle-aged was too lazy to talk to him and didn't answer the conversation, but Lao Xie acted as he acquiesced, and actually did not hold out hope.

     Just kidding, happy and happy.

     At this moment, Su Yu said seriously: "Teacher is serious?"


     Old Xie is speechless, do you really want to make these 20 points?

     "Of course, it's only 10 points of merit. If it is too much, it will kill me. With such a point of merit, killing a million stones and returning, can I lie to you?"

     Su Yu nodded and stopped talking.

     If you can’t get a full score in other subjects, try to break Kaiyuan Jiuzhong in the remaining time!

     He almost lost it anyway, almost.

     Kaiyuan Jiuzhong, even if it just breaks through and cannot get a full score of 50, can I get a 30-point line?

     It's quite simple to enter the class.


     What happened just now passed quickly.

     It's not a big deal, just a few examiners paid something's wrong.

     Those Su Yu who had finished the exam continued to follow Lao Xie and them towards another exam room.Wu Lan, who had not spoken to Su Yu before, suddenly stopped, and when Su Yu came over, she said, "Do you want to take the War Academy?"

     "I'll talk after the exam."

     Su Yu was a little strange, he didn't know her, but before outside the examination room, these few gathered together to observe him. The other party also has willpower, which may have something to do with Bai Feng.

     "Since you don't want to enter the war college, there is no need to fight for the limelight at this moment."

     Wu Lan said earnestly: "The War Academy and the Civilization Academy have never dealt with it. Your performance in the War Academy assessment is too eye-catching and unnecessary... If the Civilization Academy knows..."

     Su Yu dazed for a moment, then smiled, "If you know it, won’t you give me to make sb wear tight shoes, right?"

     "not necessarily."

     Su Yu really laughed, "Civilized academy is so stingy? You can't even see the outstanding performance of the students in the assessment, if so...a fool goes to a civilized academy! It's all rotten to the roots, whoever is an idiot! If you want to be like that, of course I want to. Go to the Battlefield Academy!"

     He really wanted to laugh, "What you think is the real situation that's it? If it is true, I advise you not to go. Is it necessary to go to such a school? We haven't enrolled in the university yet, but there are people I think you can’t go to civilized academy because of your good performance... It’s too bad! How did Daxia Civilized academy become like this? This is too far from what I imagined. It’s so bad that it won’t be saved, or you Stop it?"

     Wu Lan was speechless, and said after a long while: "It's not like that, I mean...Anyway, you registered at the Civilization Academy. Some people think you are not pleasing to the eye..."

     "Does that include you?"

     "I... I don't!"Wu Lan said with a cold face: "I just came to have a look to see what kind of students Bai Feng wants to accept. I don't care about his student quota at all!"

     Su Yu laughed, didn't care, and said, "What you just said is true. If I perform well here, will I be uncomfortable with others?"

     "I don’t know, I guessed...it’s not a guess. If you perform well, there may be a teacher suggesting you go to the war college. For example, if you enter the upper class here, the teacher will suggest that you go to the war college. Your own options are small."


     "Teach in line with the student's ability, the other is that you can free up a place, and, as assistant teacher Bai Feng accepts you as a student, many people know that if you can't enter the university, how can he accept it? Then someone will read the joke."

     Wu Lan calmly said: "The teacher suggested that you go. If you don't go, you must go to a civilized school. In the eyes of others, you just can't see yourself clearly. You have to go to a civilized school because you have to go to a civilized school. My own students are worthless to accept."

     "Then my civilized college assessment is also very good?"

     Wu Lan glanced at him, a bit strange, "Do you think that it’s so easy to get started in a civilized academy? The war academy is actually easier than a civilized academy, and luck is also very important. A civilized academy really depends on strength. See ability."

     "I think I am quite capable!"

     Su Yu was not polite or modest, and said seriously: "Civilized academies are not looking for luck in the assessment, I think I will only be stronger!"


     Wu Lan suddenly didn't want to talk to him, and left directly.

     ...While talking, the shooting test field arrived.

     Old Xie still followed. In fact, he didn't need to come at this moment, but he continued to follow, and said as he walked: "This depends on strength and mentality. There are targets 50 meters away, 100 meters away, and 300 meters away. , A dead target, 5 points for hitting a 50-meter target, 15 points for a 100-meter target, 30 points for a 300-meter target, basic skills are not bad, 20 points are steady, and the final 30 points are a bit difficult."

     "There are three chances for each target. If you get on the target, you will also get points as appropriate."

     "Settle with the best results!"

     "In other words, nine arrows, at least 3 arrows hit the hearts of different targets to get full marks!"

     Lao Xie said, looked at Su Yu, smiled and said, "Su Yu, do you practice much in Nan Yuan?"

     "Rarely, once a week, and a target of up to 100 meters."

     Su Yu answered seriously. This is also true. Nan Yuan will hardly let you practice the 300-meter goal. That is meaningless. This requires arm strength, and Kaiyuan Sanzhong may not be able to draw a powerful bow.

     Old Xie is lightly coughed, I don't know if it's hiding his smile.

     Su Yu thinks that this person probably doesn't want to pay those 10 points of merit, shameless!

     As he was talking, suddenly someone called Su Yu. Not far away, Chen Hao excitedly said, "Ayu, you are here too! You are too slow. You are only coming now. I thought you had finished the exam..."

     This guy eagerly ran up and said excitedly: "Why are you slower than me? Have you been too long listening to the secrets?"Su Yu thought for a while and said seriously: "No, I finished listening quickly. I should have got a full score. Then I went to the Kaiyuan Sixth and Seventh Exams and scored 80 points, and then took the riding test again. I have scored 50 points, so I should have taken two more tests than you, and now I should have scored 130 points more than you, provided that you have taken as many tests as I did..."

     Chen Hao's running pace slowed down, a little desperate.

     Ayu has completed several more exams than him!

     He was a little excited just now, Ayu is not as fast as he takes the exam, he has been here for a while, and Ayu just came!

     As a result... I'm afraid that the additional test scores will be higher than his total score!

      too mean-spirited!

     Chen Hao was so depressed, Su Yu smiled, "You finished shooting?"

     "not yet."

     Chen Hao said depressed: "I just came, and I came here when I saw you."

     "How is it?"

     "The three basic courses should be... able to pass it?" Chen Hao was not sure, and quickly said, "Doesn't Sanzhong want to smell and taste food before Kaiyuan? I probably wrote almost right, you know, I eat a lot and can divide it. Come out. Four-fold and five-fold listening...Almost, right?

     Chen Hao is not confident at all, "It should be right! Invigilator said that I wrote well!"


     Su Yu doesn't believe it, the examiner will praise you?

     "Really! The teacher said, even if something's wrong, he may not see it. He is unable to discern what is wrong, isn't it wrong?"

     Chen Hao nodded seriously.

     Su Yu thought for a while, suddenly somehow understood, do you take this as affirmation?The teacher probably wanted to say that your writing is too ugly, and he may not be able to discern if it is wrong. Isn’t that wrong?

     Su Yu not to know whether to laugh or cry, nodded and said: "That's good, you haven't tested the riding yet? The shooting test is over, you will go to the test immediately, just a few horses, don't be afraid, just ride when you go up. If you don’t obey, you think about roasting and eating, and the horse bullies and counsels others, so just don’t talk!"

     "Got it."

     Chen Hao hasn't even noticed the Benyun horse yet. It doesn't matter if the horse is a little bigger. He often rides horses in colleges. He is much more active than Su Yu. He likes these things.

     As he was talking, an examiner over there shouted: "That student, come here, it's up to you, do you want to abandon the exam?"

     Chen Hao hurried over, while Su Yu was still queuing.

     Chen Hao spent more time practicing bows than Su Yu. This guy didn't like to read books, so he spent time in the training room. Now that he has his bow and arrow, he shoots when he draws the bow!

     With a buzz, the red heart is in the middle of 50 meters away!

     Su Yu has good eyesight and can see clearly at such a distance.

     Chen Hao was not stupid when he pulled the bow, he was extremely serious, and he pulled the bow again, and the second arrow buzzed out of the air!

     A hundred meters away, hit the red heart again!

     "Not bad!"

     Here, Lao Xie also nodded slightly and said with a smile: "In addition to the strength, the basic skills are very solid!"

     With the third arrow, Chen Hao didn't open his eyes. The red heart at a distance of 300 meters, without a scope, was somewhat difficult for Chen Hao.

     The longbow was fully drawn, and Chen Hao's forehead oozes sweat, which has not been shot.

     The stamina was overwhelming, but Chen Hao was still looking for opportunities to judge where his heart was and the direction of the wind.Although this guy is only the Kaiyuan Fifth Layer, his physique is quite good.

     Su Yu could see the sweat on his forehead, and his heart was somewhat anxious, worried that this guy would consume too much and the next assessment would be affected.


     Accompanied by a sound of air trembling, the bow and arrow shot out, banging into the target in front.

     "Deviate from the red heart, enter the target, and deduct 10 points!"

     Old Xie murmured, Su Yu was relaxed. This guy is not bad. He scored 40 points in the shooting test, which is much higher than he thought.

     Over there, Chen Hao was not upset, but rather excited. He looked at Su Yu again, to bare one's fangs, smiling with joy.

     He never thought that he could hit the third arrow. Now he has scored 20 points for nothing, which is a big profit!


     Soon, it was Su Yu's turn.

     The 50-meter target, Su Yu saw it be very clear about sth, the longbow starts, draws the bow and shoots, and the 50-meter target easily hits.

     The same is true for a 100-meter target.

     For Su Yu, even if he doesn't use his willpower, it can help him judge a lot of things and easily hit the red heart.

     300 meters, somewhat difficult for Su Yu.

     Like Chen Hao, Su Yu pulled the bow and judged for a while, but he did not sweat, Kaiyuan Eighth was not in vain.

     With a "hum", arrows flew out.

     Old Xie stared hard at death. The next moment, he was somewhat relaxed and somewhat regretful and said: "It's a pity! Almost, I'm afraid it will cost three to five points."

     Did not hit the red heart, the deviation is less than 1 cm, depending on the specific deviation, about three points may be deducted.as a result, Su Yu has no hope of being in the upper class.

     On the one hand, Lao Xie felt that he didn’t need to give 10 points of merit. On the other hand, he regretted that Su Yu could not enter the upper class. After he entered the college, his treatment would be much worse. Can you be top class?

     Beside Su Yu, several foreign students were also watching, seeing that he missed a hit, some regretted, and some were relaxed.

     It seems that this Nanyuan student is not too strong.

     It’s not uncommon for Daxia Mansion to shoot full marks.

     Su Yu didn’t feel much regret, on the contrary, he was relieved a lot. Fortunately, he actually made a hit. He has too little practice time. Now he can only hit with the aid of his eyes and willpower. In comparison, he has not Chen Haoqiang, this guy shot at least by strength.

     "The first class is out of play!"

     Old Xie looked at Su Yu, somewhat regretful.

     Su Yu smiled, not impatient.

     Kaiyuan Jiuzhong, almost a little bit.

     After opening the album for more than ten days and practicing the essence and blood, he felt that he was about to break the ninth acupuncture point, but almost there was almost there that he did not continue to practice.

     But now...for 20 points for nothing, why not practice!

     Yuanqiye sells it to outsiders, that is 100,000 a drop, but it only takes 5 points for the merit exchange.

     Su Yu still has 7 points of merit. Last time he assisted in the killing of Wanshi and the reward for killing that Qianjun, he had not used it yet.

     "Teacher Xie, the next actual combat evaluation and Kaiyuan Eighth Assessment are together, right?"

     "Correct."Old Xie nodded and said: "Kaiyuan Eighth Layer has real combat effectiveness, so the actual combat evaluation of Eighth Layer is different from other students. Other students mainly practice martial arts. You Kaiyuan Eighth Layer students must fight for real, supervised by the examiner, five The examiner is present and gives the overall score, and the final average score is your actual score."

     Su Yu nodded slightly. On the side, Wu Lan suddenly said, "Do you want to be the first in the South Yuan War Academy? The eight-fold one here should be only me alone. I won’t take the test. You don’t need to take the test. It’s almost the first one. Don’t waste too much. Excessive physical strength, injured... The civilized college assessment in the afternoon will be affected."

     Kaiyuan Eighth, this time she and Su Yu should be the only ones.

     As for the others, they came to the Civilization Academy instead of the War Academy. Almost all of them were Kaiyuan Qizhong, and Wu Lan hadn't seen it anyway.

     It's really going to be Kaiyuan Eighth, those guys don't bother to come here, they have been assessed directly in Daxia Mansion, why are they here?

     Su Yu earnestly said: "If the Kaiyuan Seventh Layer Culture Course test is higher than me, and the shooting score is full, then I will not be the first. Besides... Since I am eightfold, why not take the test?"

     Wu Lan felt that she couldn't understand, she was kind, isn't this guy going to take a civilized college entrance examination?

     Kaiyuan Eighth's actual combat is a real combat, so I'm not afraid of getting hurt. I can't go to the exam in the afternoon?

     "Up to you!"

     She was somewhat unhappy and didn't bother to say anything.

     Su Yu looked at Lao Xie again and said, "Teacher Xie, what about the Kaiyuan Nine Re-test?"

      "Huh?"Old Xie glanced at him, made a judgment, and made sure that he was right, it was Kaiyuan Eighth Layer, and then smiled: "Nanyuan doesn't have Kaiyuan Nine Layer's assessment items this time..."

     "Then if there is, wouldn't it be assessed?"

     "No, Kaiyuan Jiuzhong is similar to Bazhong. For example, your Kaiyuan Jiuzhong is also reflected in actual combat evaluation, but the strength of the examiner who fights with you will be relatively improved. Then you will judge the actual combat and give scores, that is, eight and nine. Individual assessment will be completed at once."

     Su Yu nodded, still one strong beat and one weak beats and said seriously: "Teacher, then arrange the actual combat evaluation of Kaiyuan Jiuzhong, I have taken the test together!"

     "You... Kaiyuan Eighth..."

     What Old Xie wanted to say, Su Yu suddenly appeared in a bottle in his hand, and said, "Give me a few minutes, I think my Jiuzhong is fast. After absorbing this drop of vitality liquid, it may be Jiuzhong. If not, then I will evaluate it according to Bazhong. ."


     Lao Xie was dull, and couldn't help but cursed for a long while!

     The little guy in Nan Yuan, is he so rich now?

     Where did Yuanqi Liquid come from?

     Of course, the key is not this, but this guy actually wants to break through, is it so fast?

     He read Su Yu's information, only Kaiyuan Sanzhong a few months ago.

     "Is this kid the Peerless Genius of Zhanzhe Dao... Has he been delayed by Wanzuyu before? Liu Wenyan is very harmful! I am a pseudo-civilized teacher and delayed the genius of Zhanzhe Dao. This guy should be dragged out to fight. dead!"

     Old Xie cursed in his heart, a little depressed, and somewhat anticipated...Is it really possible?

     Yes, can this kid get into the class?10 o'clock merit is nothing, the main thing is, can Nanyuan really get an upper-class student?

     "I'm going... he is really high class, and the Great Summer War Academy will definitely come to grab it!"

     The next moment, Lao Xie grabbed Su Yu, dragged to the small classroom not far away, and said solemnly: "Be careful, I will protect you, be careful that Daxia Civilization Academy will come and make trouble, their side fight and scheme against each other It's so powerful, you can't see a genius. Just now, that guy is the person seeking revenge for the slightest grievance. Once he knows that you are going to break the nines and become the best, he will definitely make trouble for the 10 points of merit!"

     Su Yu dazed for a moment, "It won't be..."

     "too young!"

     Old Xie solemnly said: "I don't know that the world is sinister, you don't think everyone is like me? Some people have a strong vengeful mind, and they don't want others to be good. They can't wait for the whole world to be mediocre. It's the guy just now! The school has long been corrupted by people like them, but you can rest assured that I am here to protect you, and no one dares to do anything to you!"

     Old Xie had a serious tone, a solemn attitude, and a serious face: "Believe me, you won't have any problems! Also, don't get close to that guy, be careful that he is plotting against you. He is the sixth layer in the sky, with a secret force. Body, your acupuncture point is gone, at least 5 meters away from him, if you see him, walk towards me, I will keep staring at him!"

     Su Yu's expression became solemn, Really?

     This is the assessment site, isn't the Great Summer War Academy like that?

     For 10 points of merit, conspiracy against outstanding students?

     This is too dark!Old Xie was afraid that he would really misunderstand, he coughed and explained: "Just like him, the Great Summer War Academy is still possible in general, but the guy was the most careful just now, so stay away from him."

     Stay away from that guy, don't give that guy a chance to solicit!

     Su Yu Yuguang looked at Lao Xie, I'm still young, don't lie to me, Really?

     You enrollment teachers, for the sake of students, you can hack your opponents vigorously. Is this appropriate?

     Can’t people be sincere and trust each other?

     Su Yu was tired. He actually doubted what Lao Xie said, but... I was not ready to go to war academy, just you, I got 20 points of merit and 3 drops of vitality liquid rewards and I left.
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