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53 Full Marks!
    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Su Yu didn't take it seriously.

     There are people who are jealous and capable, but in a city's higher education examination site, the people of the Great Summer War College can't be so dark, it's hard to tell in private.

     Of course, Su Yu ignored it.

      Minding one's own business started to absorb vitality liquid, ready to break through.

     He is very close to Kaiyuan Jiuzhong. If it is not for time comes without enough time, he will open the album once today, and absorb a drop of essence and blood may also be able to break through, then it will save 4 points of merit.

     However, 4 points compared to 20 points, and perhaps the first reward should be added, Su Yu calculated it, and now the breakthrough is still very cost-effective.


     Just as Su Yu was preparing to break through.

     Some examiners passed the news to other chief examiners.

     The middle-aged man at the Great Summer War College heard the news and was somewhat surprised. At this moment, several other chief examiners were also present.

     Director Sun of the Yuqiang Department, a commander of the Squad Demon Army, several people received the news at this moment.

     "Kaiyuan Jiuzhong?"

     The middle-aged murmured, thought for a while, looked at Wu Wenhai who had just come to inspect, and said, "City Lord Wu, this Su Yu's father is only in the ninth realm, right?"

     "Yes, Su Long has been around for a few years, but he lacks resources and has never broken through ten thousand stones."

     Wu Wenhai naturally knew Su Long and Su Yu as well. This was Liu Wenyan's favorite pupil.

     "A few months ago, he was Kaiyuan Third Layer, and now he is about to break through Kaiyuan Nine Layer..."

     The middle-aged pondered for a moment, said: "City Lord Wu, if you don't mind, can you provide us with a copy of Su Yu's latest information?"Of course Wu Wenhai has no objection. This is a good thing. It means that everyone has noticed Su Yu. Nan Yuan may have a talented student this time. It is not Nan Yuan's genius, but Daxia Mansion.

     Wu Wenhai asked people to get the information, and after a few minutes, a new piece of information was sent.

     "Half a month ago, there are 7 points of merit...7 points of merit!"

     Middle-aged somewhat astonished, what can get 7 points of merit?

     Previously, it only showed that Su Yu had accumulated 10 points of merit in addition to Wanzuyu. Others don’t count. Although 10 points of merit are quite a lot, sometimes they can help the local Jifengtang complete some tasks and get merit reward. of.

     10 o'clock, accumulated over a few years, is actually not so obvious.

     But what Su Yu shows here is that he won 7 points at one time, It should be noted, kill a Wanshi early stage, if there is no bonus reward, it will only be 10 points of merit.

     "Get 7 points of merit at once..."

     The middle-aged suddenly looked at Wu Wenhai, "City Lord Wu, has there been a large-scale battle in Nan Yuan recently? Has a thousand stones fallen?"

     Wu Wenhai's eyes flashed for a moment, and the middle-aged smiled and said, "We can also find this, just don't want to delay time. What does the city lord think?"

     Wu Wenhai smiled and nodded: "Half a month ago, he wiped out a ten thousand ethnic religion stronghold and killed a ten thousand stone realm leader."


     The middle-aged understand thoroughly now!

     If you don’t explore this kind of thing, it’s also just sufficed. As long as you take it to heart, he can quickly determine the source of the feat.

     Su Yu definitely made a contribution to the death of this Ten Thousand Stone Realm, and his contribution is not small!Otherwise, Su Yu not so easy won 7 points of merit, of course, it does not rule out that Su Yu alone killed many Qianjun.

     The middle-aged looked at Su Yu's information and frowned slightly, "The students Bai Feng wants to accept in advance are indeed a bit unusual. To assist in killing Wanshi, I am afraid that he used the divine text, otherwise he would be close to the Kaiyuan company. No qualifications..."

     "Divine text!"

     As soon as he said this, the head of the Yuqiang Department and the commander of the Demon Squad Army moved his eyes and looked at the middle-aged.

     The middle-aged smiled and said: "Don't look at me, yourselves will understand by analyzing it. Kaiyuan assists Jifengtang to kill Wanshi. Is it possible that you think it is assisted by physical power? Or is it supported by remote bows and arrows? Kaiyuan's bows and arrows are against Wanshi It doesn't have any effect, and Nan Yuan won't reach this point."

     "So the only possibility is whether it is strong willpower or divine cohesion. I read the record of his willpower. The previous record was 10% full, but now it is 20% at most. "

     "Then only divine text can explain it!"

     "No wonder!"

     Middle-aged sighed, Kaiyuan Eighth is actually not important, and Kaiyuan Nine Great Summer War Academy is not lacking.

     Even if Su Yu was surprised in Nanyuan, it is not worth mentioning in Daxia Mansion.

     Of course, Nan Yuan's Eightfold is very powerful, but no matter how powerful it is, it is not as enchanting.

     After all, Su Yu is not an ordinary person. He has a vacant civilized teacher. When he arrives at Yazhong, everyone is not surprised, who knows how much benefit Liu Wenyan has given in private.

     But the divine text is outlined, it is not determined by how much benefit Liu Wenyan can give.It didn't take long for Liu Wenyan to manifest himself, and he was so dying to write an article of will to Su Yu. Bai Feng stayed for a while the last time he came, and Su Yu had read the article of will at most twice.

     Almost instantaneously, a few powerful men smashed these processes out.

     At the Yuqiang Administration, Director Sun smiled and said: "So, the other party is a genius with Shenwen? As for the Kaiyuan Nine Breakthrough, it is not at all surprising. He has recently harvested a lot of vitality liquid. If Shenwen helps For cultivation, Kaiyuan Jiuzhong is also very promising."

     The data even showed the 3 drops of vitality liquid that Chen Hao's father gave to Su Yu, plus Su Yu's own replacement, and Liu Wenyan's secret support...

     Everyone felt that Su Yu was not short of resources.

     "A lot of blood was exchanged..."

     At this moment, the middle-aged once again saw a line of records and suddenly said: "Is his divine writing related to blood?"

     After all, he looked at Wu Wenhai.

     Wu Wenhai shook his head and said with a smile: "I don't know this, Lao Liu hides it deeply, I can't ask a little guy about it."

     At this moment, the middle-aged connected the essence and blood with the divine writing.

     The time for Su Yu to exchange essence and blood was very small in the early stage, and the real exchange was in the later stage, that is, after condensing the divine text.

     "His divine text may be related to essence and blood. Absorbing essence and blood may improve his strength..."

     Middle-aged made an inference, a new material, let him see a lot of things that he hadn't discovered before.

     "The genius of the gods..."

     The middle-aged murmured, "It may be completely outlined, otherwise the feature cannot be used!""A few months, from scratch, even from the day Bai Feng came, which is two months, he outlined the divine text completely, before then, Liu Wenyan did not vacate, basically unable to transcribe the text of will to him, Su Yu himself has no channels to get the essay of will..."

     As for whether Liu Wenyan has channels, they don't care. Even if Liu Wenyan has channels, he won't give it to Su Yu at that time.

     "Two months!"

     The middle-aged said heavily!

     The next moment, he got up and said: "I'll go see..."

     Next to him, the commander of the Demon Squad Army had already got up and walked outside. He said as he walked: "The war academy doesn't need to woo him. The best place for him is the civilized academy. Of course, the civilized academy is too comfortable. Go to the military. Development also isn't bad."

     "His father is a member of the Demon Suppression Army. After joining the army, he broke through ten thousand stones. Now he is the centurion. Although he is not under my command, I knew him a few years ago..."

     Everyone despised!

     Who are you fooling?

     Su Long was discharged from the army 18 years ago. You weren't enlisted at that time. What an old acquaintance!

     On the side of the Yuqiang Administration, Director Sun smiled and said: "Everyone, teach in line with the student's ability is good. Since Bai Feng is attracted to him, let him enter the civilized academy, so why bother at this time? His way."

     The middle-aged shook his head and said: "That can't be said. Since he has participated in the assessment of the War Academy, he can enter the upper class after the Kaiyuan Nineth Layer. The upper class students are also valued in the War Academy. He is still young and has no clear own way. The road, how to go, still have to choose."Everyone knows that Su Yu is more suitable for a civilized academy, but...Kaiyuan Jiuzhong, a first-class student, is not bad for a war academy.

     The war academy majored in the way of warriors, but that doesn't mean that no one has cultivated the way of divinity.

     Which one is the main one, which one is the secondary one is different.

     Wu Wenhai didn't care about this. He had a smile on his face. The genius who was scrambled was a real genius, a good thing.

     As for where Su Yu went, it was his own business.

     No matter where he goes, Su Yu's treatment will not be bad.

     It seems that Nan Yuan will no longer be so embarrassed this year.



     There was a burst of air above the head, a roar came, the vitality gathered, the nine orifices flashed, and the next moment, all the nine orifices were opened!

     "This kid..."

     Old Xie tuts, this kid is really only one step away from Kaiyuan Nineth, no wonder he is so confident to break through.

     At this moment, Su Yu has broken through.

     The vitality of the surroundings gathers, which is the characteristic of Kaiyuan Nine Layers, which can absorb vitality from the outside world.

     In terms of transparency, Kaiyuan Jiuzhong is actually the difference between innate and acquired.

     Can absorb the vitality of the outside world!

     At this time, as long as Su Yu absorbs enough vitality, cultivates a Qianjun exercise, opens some acupuncture points again, tempering the fleshly body, he can enter the Qianjun state.

     Su Yu opened his eyes, Xie looked at the time, and smiled: "Don’t worry, adjust yourself. It’s only 3 hours after the exam, and 1 hour. Actual combat and realm assessment are only a few minutes away, within 4 hours Just complete."At the end of the conversation, Xie's eyes flashed, and he sensed someone coming here.

     "It's really fast!"

     Old Xie inwardly cursed and cold-blooded said: "Su Yu, do you know which university is the safest?"

     Su Yu looked at him suspiciously and asked what does it mean?

     "The Great Xia War and the Civilization Academy have been established for too long. Fish and dragons mixed in together. I don't know how many people of ethnic groups are lurking in them, and some people have not even exposed their words even to the top!"

     "Only at Longwu Academy, almost all the people who have retired from Longwuwei are the purest. Ten Thousand Clan Sects have almost no spies at Longwu Academy. Even if there are, they are just small fish, because our establishment time is short."

     "Even if the people of Ten Thousand Clan Sects are lurking, they will retaliate against some people, some of the geniuses of those who kill(ed) them! Kaiyuan kills Ten Thousand Stones, even if it is only an aid, in the eyes of Ten Thousand Clan Sects, it is a must-kill target!"

     "Life is lost, and sometimes nothing can be done. No matter how genius, no matter how rich, no matter how talented, it is useless."

     Old Xie sighed: "So, think about it, make a decision!"

     You know what I said!

     Lao Xie didn't say it directly. In fact, he said it almost directly. You kid assisted in killing a Wanshi, and the religion of Ten Thousand Clan will not let you off. Come to Longwu, Longwu is the safest!

     Su Yu didn't answer the conversation. He was familiar with the foreign vitality while thinking. After a while, he said, "Teacher Xie, is the Ten Thousand Clan Sects so unscrupulous in Daxia Residence?"

     Old Xie was hesitant to speak, but for a long while he felt a little unable to respond.

     Say unscrupulous, it seems Daxia Mansion is too wasteful.Say not worth mentioning. Doesn't it seem that what you just said was nonsense?

     This kid, dig a hole for me!

     Old Xie laughed, interesting, this kid is very alive, smart is a good thing, he won't die so fast.

     "Of course not worth mentioning to us, to you Kaiyuan... Qianjun can threaten your life."

     Su Yu smiled lightly: "It's hard to tell, I killed Qianjun, or in the middle of Qianjun, the teacher should know."


     Old Xie really didn't know, he only knew that this kid had assisted in killing Wan Shi.

     "Are you alone killing the mid-thousandths?"

     "Well, it was done with the cooperation of the gods."

     Su Yu already knew that the other party should have guessed the existence of the divine text, so he didn't hide it, and smiled: "So Daxia Mansion is actually not as dangerous as the teacher said."


     This time Lao Xie really had nothing to say, and sighed: "You can choose by yourself. In fact, the three choices are Longwu, Great Xia War and Civilization Academy. Each has its own advantages and its own disadvantages."

     "You little guys, the more genius you are, the more you have your own ideas. Once you have made up your mind, no one can change it. I think you have your own judgment."

     Old Xie said earnestly: "If you go to war, then Longwu is better, if you go to civilization... Daxia Civilization Academy is naturally the best."

     "Longwu is safer, more peaceful, and you can get resources relatively simpler. Daxia Civilization Academy is more competitive."Lao Xie no longer slandered, but seriously analyzed and said: "Especially now, Ten Thousand Heavens Sage has been dormant for fifty years. Focus on All Heavens and Myriad Realms'!"

     "Next, at the Civilization Academy, the eyes gather, fish and dragons mixed in together, it's extremely chaotic!"

     "The troubled times make heroes!"

     "In fact, I also understand that at this period, if you can't stay in the civilized academy, you can't mix well. I'm afraid that there will be one or more powerful people in this era, but the danger... "

     Su Yu nodded, then smiled: "Teacher, I'm just a Kaiyuan realm, this is too far away from me!"

     "That's true, in fact, at this time, it is Bai Feng's group who really hope to rise up, a group of young people in the air, and then Lingyun, Shanhai and even higher realms are not hopeless."

     Old Xie sighed for a while, and quickly laughed: "I won't tell you this little guy, I can figure it out by myself! If you don't come to Longwu Academy, then there is no need to go to the Great Summer War Academy. , It’s not as reliable as us over there."

     Su Yu nodded and said nothing.


     After half an hour, Su Yu got used to the foreign vitality and walked out of the small classroom.

     Those from the Great Xia War Academy did not come.

     I don't know if it was Lao Xie who blocked it, or wait for the assessment to end before talking to Su Yu.

      last spot examination room.

     Few people!

     This place is only responsible for assessing students with Kaiyuan Eighth and above. In previous years, Nanyuan would not open this examination room at all, but it did this year.There are only two students in the huge examination room.

     Su Yu, Wu Lan.

     In fact, Wu Lan was not prepared to participate in actual combat evaluation, she still had to save her energy to test the civilization assessment in the afternoon.

     But Su Yu was going to participate, and Wu Lan followed her curiously.

     She is qualified to come in, even if she does not participate in the assessment.

     There are five examiners, and the five examiners this time are all chief examiners, that is, the lead examiners.

     Old Xie, Chief Sun, Commander of the Town Demon Army, leader of the Great Xia War Academy, and...Wu Wenhai!

     All five are in the air!

     This is also the strongest lineup sent from the Daxia Mansion this time, except for those who don't have civilized schools to participate.

     Daxia Mansion attaches great importance to higher education assessment every year.

     The universities also attach great importance to it!

     This is still Nanyuan. In several other big cities and some elementary schools, they will send out to participate and serve as examiners instead of here. Many ordinary examiners are in the Ten Thousand Stone Realm.

     Su Yu and Wu Lan came in, and several chief examiners cast their eyes.

     Su Yu vaguely sensed some pressure, and the five vacated!

     In addition to the last time Nan Yuan dealt with the Ten Thousand Clan Sects, there would be almost no five gatherings in the air. This was the first time that Su Yu faced five strong in the air.

     Old Xie communicated with him before, and it was very peaceful, so Su Yu didn't feel much.

     But at this moment, the five gazes gathered in the air and gathered on his body, Su Yu suddenly felt that he was seen transparently.

     Director Sun looked for a while Su Yu, smiled and said: "Su Yu, have you decided to start the actual combat evaluation of Kaiyuan Jiuzhong?"

      "Yes.""You have just advanced, and I suggest you only participate in the eight-fold assessment. Thus, although you can't enter the upper class, you are sure to get the first place in Nanyuan."

     Director Sun smiled and said, "If you don't take the war academy, you don't need to take the nine exams, what do you think?"

     "I want to try."

     Su Yu said seriously: "Since I have entered the Kaiyuan Nineth Layer, I am willing to give it a try!"

     Only 20 points of merit can be gained because of being in the top class.

     It was exposed anyway, and he didn't mind taking these 20 points for nothing.

     This is 4 drops of vitality liquid, and this is 20 drops of essence and blood. This is the reward for killing two ten thousand stones. He wants to earn from other channels, and it takes countless time and energy.

     "Then start the nine-fold assessment!"

     Director Sun did not say any more, and quickly said: "The actual combat evaluation of Kaiyuan Jiuzhong is not low. Your opponent is a trio of city guards. Both sides make an all-out effort, and you can hold it in the hands of the other side. In 1 minute, the assessment will pass."

     "Pass, not full marks."

     "If you can last 3 minutes in the opponent's hands, that's full marks."

     "Of course, if you pass the level, you can also get into the first class. The actual score is 100 points, and the realm double is 100 points. If you pass the level, you can get at least 180 points..."


     Su Yu responded repeatedly, triumphantly!

     Lasted 1 minute!

     Don't look at him before killing Qianjun in the middle or even late stage, but it was a sneak attack, not a direct response, and the opponent didn't know his strength.

     He has never really played against the Qianjun Realm.The five chief examiners scored, both sides make an all-out effort, there will be no danger, and the five vacated will not let the students appear in mortal danger, but the examiner will not be in charge.

     On the side, Wu Lan looked at Su Yu somewhat curiously. She didn't understand why this guy had to be admitted to the top class. Is he really planning to go to the war college?

      It should be noted, injured, may not be able to participate in the afternoon assessment.

     She didn't understand, 20 points of merit are really rare for Su Yu!

     No ability to take that's the end of it, since he has the ability to take it, why not take it.

     At 20 o'clock, Wu Lan thought it was nothing. Su Yu really thought it was very important. This is not a mosquito leg. This is an elephant leg. You can feed yourself after eating it.


     A few minutes later.

     A city guard walked out, holding a wooden knife, and said solemnly: "Nanyuan city guard Zhao Yunsheng! This time the assessment will never release water, will never tarnish the reputation of the city guard, and will never abuse one's position for personal Gain, the testimony of five examiners!"

     Qianjun wanted to release the water under the sight of the five Tengkong, it was impossible, not to mention that the city lord was there, and the other party did not dare to do so.

     He doesn't know Su Yu, so naturally he won't do this kind of possibility.

     Su Yu takes a deep breath, took a war knife and a wooden knife from the weapon rack on the side, this is for assessment.

     "Nanyuan Middle School, Su Yu!"

     "The assessment begins!"

     Following Director Sun's words, Zhao Yunsheng stepped on the opposite side, and the wooden knife struck straight.

     Su Yu didn't dare to accept it and hurriedly retreated.No matter what, Zhao Yunsheng continued to slash towards Su Yu. He was faster and stronger than Su Yu. Su Yu was unavoidable and shouted in a low voice.


     The wooden knife is made of very good quality. The two knives collided, and the wooden knife did not break. Su Yu backed a few steps, and the tiger's mouth showed signs of cracking.

     "Qianjun Triple..."

     Su Yu's eyes were solemn, more powerful than his own!

     After a knife touched him, he was no opponent at all, and the shock force made his internal organs feel a little painful.

     Zhao Yunsheng didn't care about this. At the same time as Su Yu retreated, he shot out again. He was very fast and his basic skills were extremely solid. With a bang, Su Yu failed to intercept this time and was hit by a wooden knife in his right arm. The wooden knife in his hand almost fell.

     Su Yu feels his right arm is swollen!

     He retreated in a hurry, to bare one's fangs, the pain was unbearable.

     The chief examiners at the top didn't say anything, and Su Yu only entered the Nineth Layer. It was for sure if he wasn't the opponent, it would depend on whether he could hold on for 1 minute.


     The wooden knife pierced through the air, the air vibrated, and this time went straight to Su Yu's legs.

     Su Yu bounced up, Zhao Yunsheng showed a smile on his resolute face, the next moment, a leg appeared, and with a bang, he kicked the bounced Su Yu away!


     Su Yu fell to the ground, his face was red and swollen, and his brain buzzed.

     Differs greatly!

     Su Yu's actual combat experience is far inferior to that of the opponent. The opponent had already guessed that he was about to jump when he cleaved the knife, and he didn't choose to leap in the airspace. This was for others to die.

     Really on the battlefield, Su Yu may have died just now.Several chief examiners shook their heads, Su Yu was still too young, even if he had seen blood, he was still much worse than these city guards.

     Wu Lan is a little bit to take joy in calamity and delight in disaster, so you don’t want to take the exam, you have to do it, kindly treat it as a donkey’s liver and lungs, now you are at a loss!


     Su Yu quickly climbed up and rolled, avoiding Zhao Yunsheng's next cut.

     It's not a big deal to suffer a loss, he is tough, and it is not time to give up.

     What's more, he hasn't made any killer features yet.

     The sound of the wooden knife breaking through the air recurred, and Su Yu rolled again, his hair shook, and the wooden knife smashed the hair, bringing up a few broken hairs.

     Zhao Yun ascended step by step, and quickly pushed Su Yu into the corner.

     At this moment, the time is less than 1 minute.

     The gap between Kaiyuan Jiuzhong and Qianjun Triple was still too big. Su Yu just broke through and only opened Jiuqiao, he was not the opponent at all.

     Above, Director Sun said softly: "It's still a little too close. After all, I'm only advanced. I'm afraid I won't be able to pass the level. It's much weaker than some of the nine layers in Daxia Mansion..."

     He was already preparing to terminate the exam, and Su Yu couldn't pass the test this time.

     At this moment, Su Yu showed a struggling color in his eyes and made a decision in an instant.

     Just when Chief Sun was about to speak, Zhao Yunsheng suddenly cleaved to Su Yu's side. In his eyes, Su Yu was under his knife, but he was actually shifted a lot!

     As for the real Su Yu, the light flickered on the wooden knife, and he slashed out!

     With a bang, Zhao Yunsheng flew out, his chest covered with sawdust!

     Su Yu had just split it out with the side, the wooden knife had broken.

     Su Yu gasped violently, and his vitality gathered towards him.Director Sun glanced at each other, but they didn't say anything, and Su Yu didn't say anything, lowered his head, not knowing what to say.

     He cheated!

     Of course, the willpower is his own, and the divine writing is his own, but in the actual combat evaluation of the war school realm, he used this, which is cheating.

     The illusion interfered with Zhao Yunsheng, and his Lei Yuan knife slashed out and directly defeated Zhao Yunsheng. He won and directly defeated Qianjun Sanzhong.

     But he also lost, Kaiyuan Nineth Layer, he did not have the ability to fight beyond the ranks.

     The physical body alone can kill him 100% within 1 minute.

     Over there, Wu Lan a look of sluggishness, what happened just now?

     She didn't understand or see clearly.

     She only saw Su Yu who was about to be defeated, and suddenly counterattacked, defeating a tri-level city guard with a single blow!

     He... how did he achieve it?

     Director Sun looked at each other for a long while, and Xie lightly coughed and said, "This...how do you comment?"

     How to judge if you directly defeated the examiner?

     Su Yu used his willpower...Wu Wenhai chuckled lightly: "There is no such restriction in the assessment, right?"

     Old Xie nodded, "Of course not. This is his own ability. On the battlefield, he uses everything to survive. This is nothing, but... "

     Over there, the leader of the Great Xia War Academy hesitated: "I just want to talk about the actual combat ability of Kaiyuan Jiuzhong. He actually did not pass the test, but in the end he defeated the examiner. This...in terms of willpower, we did not impose any restrictions. In fact, this happens, but it’s rare to defeat the examiner directly and straightforward."Old Xie thought a bit then said: "It's not just willpower, but the last knife should be Lei Yuan Dao! This kid has mastered the profound martial arts. He has mastered a bit in the Kai Yuan realm, and he is actually a genius. Yes, this level will get full marks."

     Middle-aged nodded slightly, "That's full marks, but it's not an extra bonus."

     Extra points!

     Director Sun thought for a while and smiled: "Then it won't count as a bonus. After all, there is some moisture. Of course, if civilized schools know that their divine writings have moisture, hehe..."

     Everyone was speechless, what you said, we did not say!

     Defeating the examiner, there have been such things, it will be considered as an extra bonus, but Su Yu's side is not a higher-level victory, the willpower is not easy to distinguish at this stage, so he can only be treated as the same-level defeat, not a bonus Up.

     Several examiners reached an agreement, and they all gave full marks soon.

     200 points!

     Su Yu also returned to normal at this moment. Kaiyuan Jiu defeated Qianjun Triple, which was impossible at first. He had overestimated himself before. He felt that he had mastered Lei Yuandao, even if singled out, he was not afraid of Qianjun's early stage.

     Now it seems that he is still far from it. Don't think about the matter of defeating the opponent by the higher level. Willpower and divine writing are also abilities, but you have to look at the starting point.

     "I won anyway..."

     Su Yu quickly smiled, and just won, and the willpower is also refined by himself, so why bother.
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