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54 Unreasonable
    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

In actual combat and eight-nine-fold assessment, Su Yu got a perfect score of 200.

     The first seven basic assessments totaled 170 points, and Su Yu scored 170 points.

     The perfect score is 100 for culture class and 80 for Su Yu.

     The perfect score for Yu Shot is 100, and Su Yu scored 97.

     Merit points add 100 points.

     Total score, 647 points.

     In the case of 200 points that can be admitted to the War Academy, 647 points are, for many ordinary students, a score that they dare not imagine.

     However, such achievements are rated up and down in Daxia Mansion.

     A score of 700 or more is an upper middle class, and a score of 800 or more is an upper class.

     In the great realm, many meritorious services, or victory over the examiner by a higher level, this is considered an extra bonus.

     There are even bonus points for other items, such as Imperial Shooting. If one arrow hits the heart of a target 500 meters away in the Qianjun Realm, it is also considered a bonus. Of course, no one mentions it on the Nanyuan side.

     500 meters away... Su Yu couldn't see that far when his eyes were turned on, let alone shooting, he didn't have the ability to shoot that far and still keep his bow and arrow strong.

      At this moment, Su Yu somewhat understood what Bai Feng had said.

     There are many geniuses, and Su Yu is nothing.

     Of course, there is an exaggeration, but Su Yu himself is willing to compare, Lao Xie is right, since you consider yourself a genius, you have to compare with the top people, not with people who are worse than yourself.

     Since there are ratings such as upper middle and upper upper, it means that some people are indeed better than themselves at the same age. Regardless of the unequal background or resources, that is their advantage.Some people are born with an advantage over you, and their parents are stronger, that is also an advantage. All Expert(s) are all rising from ordinary people, so there is no need to blame the gods and accuse others.

     Su Yu at this moment can see himself clearly.

     He himself has many advantages that others don't have, but he started a bit late, and Su Yu believed that if he gave himself a little bit time, he could catch up.


     In the assessment field.

     Several chief examiners discussed for a while, and soon someone looked at Wu Lan, "Wu Lan, are you sure you want to give up the assessment?"

     Wu Lan nodded, she didn't want to be injured.

     I hurt myself, what should I do in the afternoon civilization assessment?

     At this moment, she is still wondering how Su Yu won.

     Actually... there are some guesses in my heart, I can't believe it.

     God text!

     Complete divine text!

     She thought it was a little inconceivable. If Su Yu outlined the divine text, she might believe it, but Su Yu was obviously not strong in willpower, but he outlined the complete divine text, and even used the characteristics, which made her feel incapable of believing.

      this kind of person not without, Daxia Mansion is very big, there is such a genius.

     But Su Yu... from Nan Yuan.

     His teacher, Liu Wenyan, was only a civilized teacher who had just vacated. He was not a dedicated private teacher, but a coach at an institution. This was still somewhat different.

     Wu Lan gave up the examination, and the examiners did not continue to say anything. Everyone knew where she was going.At the Great Xia War Academy, the team leader hesitated for a moment and looked at Su Yu and said, "Su Yu, we can talk when your civilized academy assessment is over. Don't make a decision in a hurry, compare it, distinguish the pros and cons, and then make a decision.

     Over there, the commander of the town demon army even bluntly said: "Su Yu, you can ask your father's opinion! Your father is now on the front line and has been promoted to centurion. If necessary, I can ask for Information Transferring. Ask your father what he thinks."

     Su Yu's eyes moved and hurriedly said: "Teacher, my father is on the front line doing fine?"

     "Break through to the Ten Thousand Stone Realm, and get promoted. Are you OK?"

     The commander of the Demon Squad Army laughed and said: "Everything is fine. Recently, there have been not many wars in the Daxia Mansion. There have been small frictions and no major moves. My father and I are also comrades in the Demon Squad. What kind of school to go to, go directly to the military to experience, it can save years of time than a school..."

     Director Sun lightly coughed and interrupted: "Let's talk about it, we will talk about it when the assessment is over! Su Yu still has a civilized college assessment, don't disturb him at this moment and delay the next civilized assessment."

     As he said, he looked at Su Yu and said, "Your arm is injured. Pay attention to yourself during the Civilization Academy assessment in the afternoon."

     "Thank you, teacher!"

     Su Yu thanked him, and hesitated: "Then the assessment is over for me now?"


     "Then... Am I the number one in Nan Yuan?"

     "of course!"

     Director Sun smiled and said: "The specific results have not been announced yet, don't worry, the first one must be yours."

     "that……"Su Yu still some hesitation, lightly coughed and said: "Teacher, the first 3 drops of vitality liquid...... at what time?"

     Over there, Wu Wenhai laughed and said: "You don't necessarily go to war college, do you still think about this?"

     This is a reward from the City Lord's Mansion.

     Su Yu sneered, but didn't answer.

     Wu Wenhai laughed and said: "You can't do without you! I won glory to Nan Yuan, and I slapped some people in the face. I like it! 3 drops of Yuan Qi liquid, I don't practice by myself, but I will condense it for you!"

     Tengkong can make his own vitality liquid. Wu Wenhai is Tengkong. Since he said that, Su Yu didn't mention it.

     However, Yu Guang kept looking at the two Lao Xie.

     What about merits?

     When is the settlement?

     Will you forget it?

     May I remind you that the merits you promised have not been given to me yet.

     I am waiting!

     The two above did not seem to have seen them, they were packing their things and preparing to leave. Su Yu's assessment was over and Wu Lan gave up, which meant that their mission was also over.

     Su Yu is inwardly cursed, not so much!

     It’s only 10 points of merit, isn’t it a big deal for you?

     This is going to be bad, or is it...really forgot?

     In order to be the best, he spent a drop of vitality liquid. He now only has 2 points of merit and less than 30,000 cash, no income, and the next day will be difficult.

     "Teacher, I heard that Daxia Mansion has bonus rewards, such as merit points. It seems that it is 10 or 20 o'clock..."

     Old Xie Yuguang glanced at him, what about us?It's the merit point again, and it's 10:20, when we don't understand it.

     Wu Wenhai was a little amused, and said: "Two, I have heard of your agreement. Don't be cute. Now that you have agreed, you still want to fail the bill?"

     Old Xie smiled and said, "I'm impatient! Who wants to fall back on the bill? It's 10 o'clock meritorious point, what's the matter. Isn't the exam finished yet? What anxious!"

     After speaking, he looked at Su Yu and said, "Look back to me when the assessment is over. No, I'll look for you again. Let me talk, and then I'll transfer it to you."

     Over there, the leader of the Great Xia War Academy also smiled: "It will be given to you when it is over, and maybe more, depending on whether you can grasp it."

     Nan Yuan came out of an excellent student, and the two chief examiners were also not in a bad mood.

     10 feats, no more flavors.


     Su Yu is no longer in a hurry. The assessment is over. Although he did well in the exam, there were no cases where a few examiners surrounded him.

     They are all powerhouses in the airspace realm, what should be said and talked about, just find an opportunity to talk together.

     There is no need to pester Su Yu all the time, it seems to be out of style and style.

     They are gone, and the assessment time is almost up.

     Seeing Su Yu walking down, Wu Lan seemed to be thinking about something. After following up again, she was a little flustered. After a long while, she said, "The first class is also graded. If you enter the first class, you are just entering the civilized academy. It’s harder and more authoritative than the War Academy!"

     Su Yu turned his head and looked at her, smiled, "You are at the Civilization Academy, is the rating superior?"

     Wu Lan relaxed, you finally asked!

     "Not bad!""Oh."



     Su Yu continued to walk, planning to go out and get some plaster to put on his arm, but his right arm was still swollen.

     Wu Lan couldn’t hold back anymore and followed up again, “It’s really hard to get a good grade in a civilized school! The afternoon assessment is all based on strength. I used to be graded as high in internally, but that was a few months ago. Now I’m rated, I’m sure it’s up!

     "Oh formidable!"

     Su Yu praised him, but he didn't see it, it was amazing!

     "First class, there are not many schools every year!"

     "Well, that's amazing!"


     Wu Lan is somewhat driven mad, I am very strong!

     She was not serious at all in the War Academy assessment just now, and she didn't take it seriously, she was really strong!

     Teachers from civilized schools will rush to ask for top grades.

     Bai Feng doesn't like it, it's because Bai Feng has something wrong, it's not that she is not strong!

     "Do you master the divine text?"


     "Even if you have mastered the divine text, you may not be able to enter the middle school, you may only be judged up and down!"

     "Oh, that's not bad."


     Wu Lan is really going crazy, and said angrily: "Su Yu, you are so proud!"


     Su Yu is dumbfounded, is there?

     I'm not!

     Why am I proud?

     You said you were going up, I praised you for being great, but I didn't say anything, why are you proud?

     Su Yu is very depressed. No wonder the teacher said that women will only interfere with your progress and will not help you.

     "This classmate Wu Lan!"words exceede 5100"Problem!"

     Su Yu murmured, women be impervious to reason. When you arrive at Daxia Academy, there may be more such women, and you must stay away from them.

     Or learn from Chen Hao, beeping endlessly, just pull out to singles out!

     Of course, Su Yu directly ignored Chen Hao's idea of hitting a girl, and I never hit a girl.


     Outside the examination room.

     As soon as Wu Lan left the house, several students from the Daxia Mansion before gathered together, and someone hurriedly asked: "Wu Lan, Su Yu actual combat evaluation how is it?"


     "He Kaiyuan Jiuzhong?"

     "What's wrong with Kaiyuan Jiuzhong if you break through with Yuanqi Liquid!"

     Wu Lan became impatient and kept asking, what to ask!

     "Then he still participates in the assessment of Civilization Academy in the afternoon?"


     Wu Lan was not happy, and said angrily: "Does he let you take the test if he doesn't take the test? You are in the middle and lower class after being admitted, so I keep asking what does it matter to you?"

     There were complexion fluctuates for a while, but Wu Lan was too lazy to bother and left.

     As soon as she left, someone dissatisfied: "Isn't it because the Wu family can be the best, what's so great!"


     "Nor can you say that, she and her sister are both very good among the Wu family..."


     Several people discussed for a while, and Su Yu also came out, bloody nose and swollen face.

     Seeing his appearance, the few people were relieved a lot. It seemed that the assessment was not what kind of, but Kaiyuan Jiuzhong was considered a rival."He doesn't have much energy for the assessment of the Civilization Academy in the afternoon, right? I think his hands are swollen, and he won't even be able to perform the assessment of Wanzu Language?"

     "If the assessment results of the Civilization Academy are not satisfactory, this guy may go to the War Academy. Will the Baizhu Church accept another student in Nanyuan?"

     The few guys who came to pick up the leaks from the Great Xia Mansion, you and I are somewhat anticipated.

     I hope that Su Yu's assessment results are not good, and I hope that Bai Feng will recruit students again.

     Someone whispered: "Wu Lan is probably in the same mind. She has excellent grades...you said..."

     "It's okay, Wu Lan can't do it proudly, stimulate her a few words, Assistant Bai is willing, she is not willing."

     As soon as these words came out, several people nodded.

     This is true. Wu Lan is not stupid, but her personality is very extreme. Otherwise, she would not come to Nanyuan to participate in the assessment. Based on her results, she was assessed at the Daxia Mansion, and that was one of the most attracting geniuses.

     Put a little wind in the back, stimulating her a few words, even if Bai Feng is willing, she might not agree.


     Su Yu ignored the group of guys who got together, he saw it, but didn't care.

     He didn't even care about Wu Lan, let alone them.

     Su Yu at this moment, full of joy, how can I care about them.

     "20 points of merit, 3 drops of vitality liquid, and other rewards from the Daxia Mansion, as well as merits. The Civilization Academy won the first place, and there is also the cultivation technique original manuscript reward of the Qianjun Realm..."

     Su Yu was in a good mood, and it was easy to be No. 1 in the war school.

     Of course, this has something to do with Nan Yuan being too small.

     But the reward is real, so don't worry about the others."I don't know if the afternoon civilized college assessment will be as troublesome as the morning..."

     The assessment in the morning was a bit annoying, and Su Yu was worried that he would have to continue doing this in the afternoon.

     At this time, the bell rang, and the four-hour assessment time officially ended.

     In the university, some of the students looked frustrated, while others were grinning from ear to ear, which seemed to be ok.

     Su Yu didn't see Chen Hao, but soon, he saw the guy.

     Or maybe he didn't see it, but Chen Hao was looking for him.

     This guy, standing on a high platform at this time, shouted: "Ayu, I am here, still in/at?"

     "Come here, the exam is over!"


     Su Yu has a headache, he doesn't want to go, but this guy is still shouting, who knows he shouted at what time if he doesn't go.

     Soon, Su Yu pulled this guy down!

     Chen Haocai didn't care about this, and grinning from ear to ear said: "Ayu, I did a good test this time! But you said that the horse is a little bigger, which is bigger, so much better!"

     "Almost scared me to pee, but fortunately, I remembered what you said, and went up and punched that guy, then Malaysia was behaved... Hey, don't say it, the effect is good, but the examiner has to detain me 10 points, if I dare to fight Ben Yunma next time, he will throw me out!"

     Su Yu had a big head, "He didn't throw you out on the spot?"


     Chen Hao smiled and said, "I'm not stupid. I asked before the test. The examiner himself said, I'll fight if I'm not afraid of death. I'll go..."

     "You really dare to fight!"

     Su Yu is speechless, you are only Kaiyuan Fifth, not afraid that the horse will go crazy and trample you to death!"That said, you got 40 points?"



     Su Yu nodded slightly, "Can you pass three cultural courses?"

     "Probably we can live it?"

     "That's 30 points. You scored 40 points for shooting, 30 points for extra points, and 40 points for riding. How about actual combat?"

     Chen Hao grinning from ear to ear said: "The actual combat is too simple. It is a foolish person who goes up and cut a knife. If you cut a mark on the model, you will get a bonus point. I cut it very deep and added 20 points."

     "Aren't you 100 points in actual combat? You only get 20 points?"

     Chen Hao said speechlessly: "Nonsense, 100 points are not for us. Only at Kaiyuan Eighth and above can we hope to get 100 points. For those of us, one point counts as one point. It's not bad that we can cut 20 points. , That guy only scored 10 points, and he also Kaiyuan Fifth Level, really rubbish!

     Su Yu not to know whether to laugh or cry, you and Zhou Chong got on the bar, right?

     "That's 160 points. You still have 90 points in the fifth BC, but you still have 90 points... two or thirty points is enough."

     "How come, I'm all right!"

     Chen Hao refused to believe: "My listening score is 60, and 50 is okay, right? I can distinguish liquids, and 30 points are given away for nothing, but I have 80 points!

     Su Yu felt that it was necessary for this guy to know himself clearly!

     You score 60 in listening, can you really get 50 points?

     He suspected that he would die with 30 points!

     Of course, no matter what, Chen Hao is not a big problem this time around 200 points, but if there are no extra points, 200 points may be a bit difficult.Su Yu sighed slightly in his heart, Chen Hao was actually pretty good. In Kaiyuan's five-level realm, he was able to test well in actual combat, shooting, and riding. In this way, it would be difficult to score 200 points without a bonus, let alone others.

     On the Nanyuan side, there are probably not many who test 200 points each year.

     No wonder the people from Daxia Palace looked down on it.

     Even some of the students in the Daxia Palace can score more than 800 in the exam.

     The basic score of Kaiyuan Five is 90 points, and Chen Hao may not be able to get it full. No wonder Kaiyuan Five has been brushed down in the past.

     "Go back first, I'm still hurting this hand, don't delay the exam this afternoon..."

     Chen Hao looked at him sympathetically, "I don't have to take the exam this afternoon. My dad asked me to take the housekeeping examination tomorrow. I don't bother to go. Anyway, I must pass the exam. I calculated, I have at least 240 points!"

     Su Yu corner of the mouth twitches, you are the result of your test with at least 80 points. How many can you test, don’t you have any points?

     Listening gives you zero points, wait for you to cry!

     "By the way, Ayu, how many points did you score on the test?"

     "not much."

     "Are there 300 points?"

     "You are not good at math, I think you can ask a tutor to learn more!"

     Su Yu was too lazy to bother.

     "How much is it?"

     "Not many, more than 600 points, there is no division, otherwise you can take the three war colleges."


     Chen Hao felt that he shouldn't ask, he was so stupid!

     More than 600 points... is still human?

     Can a person get such a high score?

     con man!

     He doesn't believe it!"Ayu, more than 600 points are of no use. Everyone goes to a school, and it's the same when you arrive at a school. It's a waste of your exams that high."

     Su Yu walked sullenly, and said as he walked: "Yes, it was wasted, and I was rewarded with dozens of points of merit and a few drops of vitality liquid. When I arrived at the university, they said to give me 100 points of merit, but now they can give me 200 points or even more. More, nothing."

     Chen Hao lowered his head and walked with his head down. He was very disappointed.

     He decided to ignore Su Yu for at least three days!

     Don't say a word to him!

     He always beats himself!

     Two minutes later, Chen Hao said, "Ayu, I'm so hungry. I won't go to your house today. I want to go home for dinner. Are you going?"

     "Not going."

     "Why don't you go to the restaurant together? Would you please make a treat? You made so much money......"

     "No money, didn't your family sell a house? You have more pocket money, invite me to eat, or I will tell your dad that there is no charge for this assessment, you cheated him a thousand yuan!"

     Chen Hao cried out: "No, my dad knows that he doesn't charge money. I was beaten by him. That one thousand yuan is regarded as a reward for my medical expenses. I didn't cheat money!"

     Su Yu nodded, forgetting this, "Then you treat, it's a celebration of your admission to the War College, so celebrate!"

     "Then... all right!"

     Chen Hao felt that he had to celebrate, and he was admitted to the War College. It was amazing!

     Su Yu sighed, this foolish man, when he arrived at the Daxia Mansion, he didn't know if he would be deceived and bankrupt his family.

     But the probability is not high. Others lie to him. If this guy can beat him, he will probably beat him out."Civilization Academy..."

     Su Yu said something, first class!

     Wu Lan said she can pass the exam, how about herself?

     If you lose to this woman, it will be a little shameless!

     "Forget it, we'll talk about it later."

     Su Yu didn't think about it anymore. He lost nothing else. He was not so careful and didn't know the same as a woman. It was a big deal to find a chance to lie to her a few times at a school. The woman was stupid at first sight.

     PS: Let me tell you a sad story. A certain eagle baby decided to go on strike because he did not have a recommendation ticket... Tonight the recommendation ticket is not in the top ten, and tomorrow he will give Su Yu a 300-jin dowry $10 million daughter-in-law!
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