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55 The Enemy Is Coming!
    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

After finishing Chen Hao's meal, Su Yu walked towards the residential building of the university while digesting.

     Before the civilization assessment, he wanted to see Liu Wenyan.

     He has been retreating at home these days, and hasn't seen Liu Wenyan for some days, so he also consulted his teacher.


     Residential building.

     Even if Liu Wenyan is vacated, he is just as in the past low-key, still living in the original old dormitory building.

     Su Yu knocked on the door, and Liu Wenyan was reading on the balcony. He didn't leave to open the door. Instead, his willpower controlled the door to open.

     "Good morning."

     Liu Wenyan waited for him to enter the door and boasted, and then said: "However, it is not necessary to break Jiuzhong at the scene. Participating in the Jiuzhong assessment is even more risky. Once injured, you may not be able to participate in the afternoon assessment."

     Liu Wenyan taught: "You must learn to choose, weigh the pros and cons, and the war academy assessment in the morning, from start to finish, is actually teaching you to choose."

     Su Yu nodded and said, "Teacher, I know. I have considered the pros and cons of the morning. I have considered the pros and cons of the morning. It is a great benefit for me now. Even if I can’t participate in the civilized academy assessment in the afternoon, I actually still have a chance. Make-up exam."


     Liu Wenyan paused slightly, saying nothing wrong.

     For top students like Su Yu, there is a chance for one more time, and he has forgotten.

     This kid...

     Liu Wenyan didn't know how to evaluate, and a little laughed, sighed said: "It's okay to understand it by yourself. If you don't prepare for the afternoon assessment, what are you doing here?""I want to ask the teacher... If two divine writings need to be exposed in order to get first place in the afternoon, do I need to expose it?"

     Liu Wenyan pondered for a while, slowly saying: "Just for the first place in the exam, this is not necessary. Depending on the situation and your own ideas, you are still young, don't lose your spirit!"

     "I have the heart to press you down, but I am also thinking about it. You are only 18 after all. You can get the first place in the exam at the moment, but you are overwhelmed. Whether your spirit will be hit, it's not like one stumble, unable to rise. impossible……"

     Liu Wenyan said a few words and said with a smile: "Let's decide for yourself! I feel really angry, but if it is necessary, then do it! The teacher asks you to keep one hand, not to make you alive..."

     "If someone asks about Shenwen..."

     Liu Wenyan pondered for a while, and said: "Just say these few months, I have given you five articles of will, you don't just read one and learn it."

     Su Yu cannot bear saying: "Teacher, will they believe it?"

     Liu Wenyan raised his eyebrows, "Why don't you believe it? I don't think I can come up with the will?"

     Lao Liu was unwilling to say: "They Mouse Eye Inch of Light, they look down upon the people of the world! Think that only their civilized institutions can produce so many articles of will? If I am willing, I have not written five articles of will in one day. Difficulty!"

     Su Yu felt that the teacher was bragging, but he had no evidence.

     He was too embarrassed to ask Liu Wenyan to write five articles for him on the spot. Since the teacher said that, he barely took it seriously.The teachers and students chatted for a few words. When Su Yu was leaving, he thought about it and said: "Teacher, they all said that the civilized academy is very chaotic, and the senior officials of the academy know that, why not rectify it? Make the environment purer?"


     Liu Wenyan like a smile yet not a smile said: "Why do you want to change? This kind of environment is created deliberately, not exactly like this originally. A few decades ago, the school was very simple, so more people died, and more people died. Less."

     "Su Yu, remember, now it's not peaceful time, but troubled times!"

     "A heavy code should be used in troubled times!"

     Liu Wenyan whispered: "Academic institutions are small melting pots, and All Heavens and Myriad Realms are the real melting pots. None of them can survive in academic institutions, let alone survive in ten thousand realms. The environment of civilized institutions is cruel to newcomers, but It’s also for you to live better in the future."

     Su Yu didn't know whether he should agree with this statement. He had too little experience and too little knowledge, and he was not qualified to judge these at this moment.

     Nodded, Su Yu turned and left without saying anything.


     Daxia Civilization Academy.

     Bai Feng had just walked out of the institute, with a tired face of lack of sleep, yawning all the way.

     After walking a few steps, Bai Feng yawned and said impatiently: "Liu Hong, you fool again, what do you want to say this time?"

     Not far away, Liu Hong walked out from behind the trees and said with a smile: "Congratulations, the student you accepted in advance, this time won the first place in the Nanyuan War Academy assessment."

     "Oh, it's fine."Bai Feng didn't take it seriously, Liu Hong smiled again: "By the way, the civilized academy assessment is about to begin, and Wu Qi's sister is also there."

     Bai Feng ignored him, he was right there, what did he tell Lao Tzu!

     "Bai Feng, I'm about to vacate Qizhong soon."

     "Show off to me?"

     Bai Feng raised his eyebrows, "I still does not know where I was when I was seventh!"


     Liu Hong wants to scold someone, you have only been in Qizhong for a few days, what kind of garlic is now!

     "Bai Feng, I arrived at Tengkong Qizhong, then everyone is at the same starting point..."

     Liu Hong smiled and said: "Next, the university will have a series of turbulent changes. In fact, there is no unsolvable enmity between you and me. How about to exchange weapons of war for gifts of jade and silk?"

     "No way!"

     Bai Feng not to accept as correct said: "I didn't treat you as an enemy at all, because...you are not worthy!"


     Liu Hong's face was stiff, "Are you determined to fight me?"

     "You are really shameless!" Bai Feng said annoyed: "You don't put gold on your face. I said you are not worthy!"


     Liu Hong wanted to explode, he wanted to kill this bastard, but unfortunately he couldn't fight it now. Gritting his teeth, Liu Hong said a little annoyed: "I have no interest in competing with you, whether it's a quota or a formal researcher rating, including the research institute. Actually, I didn't even want to fight!"

     Bai Feng looked at him in surprise, are you kidding me?

     Why don't you fight with me every day What the hell!Liu Hong takes a deep breath, and said in a deep voice: "Bai Feng, you are a smart person, then everyone opens up! I need to fight with you, fight without breaking, win more and lose less, many losses and few wins will do, but Can’t keep losing!"

     "I want to see the hope of winning, no, some people want to see that I have the hope of winning!"

     Liu Hong said in a low voice: "I need to win you a few times, and I can't keep losing, otherwise...my value is not great, it's not worth their effort to support me!"

     Bai Feng frowned, and said after a long while: "It's messy!"

     "It's chaos, but I can't help it." Liu Hong said in a low tone, "Bai Feng, my talent is not as good as you, then I can only make up for it from other aspects."

     "That's your business, what does it have to do with me!"

     Bai Feng didn't want to pay attention to these everything in disorder. Liu Hong took a deep breath and said: "It is irrelevant? If it is irrelevant, do you think I will target you? Why target you and win you so I can get more support?"

     "Because I'm so good!"

     Bai Feng as it should be by rights said: "I am so good, if you can beat me, then it will be valuable."

     "There is one aspect, but it's not the main thing. The key is..." Liu Hong said, and paused: "It lies in some things, some things, and some people behind you. You also understand that there is no need to pretend to me. Confused."

     Bai Feng raised his eyebrows, "Then what do you want to say when you are telling me today?"

     "I want to win, but I found... too difficult!" Liu Hong takes a deep breath, "The preparatory student you took, I'm afraid the divine text is outlined. I originally thought it was a flaw you sold me, but now I find Probably not, I misunderstood.""However, he is a student of yours, a member of your department, he will inevitably be targeted by others when entering school, secretly targeted, and I... from the face!"

     Liu Hong said coldly: "You don't want to kill him because of your selfishness? He is a student of Liu Wenyan. Something happened to him. Do you think you can run away?"

     Bai Feng frowned.


     Liu Hong sighed, "I thought about it for a long time, maybe you and me are the best way to cooperate! Let me win a few times, make me valuable, and make others believe that I can continue fighting with you! In other words... Self-respect!"

     "If I can continue to fight with you, there will be no other incidents, and the fight will be controlled between you and me."

     Liu Hong said seriously: "Let me win a few times. Some of the things I gain can give you a part. What you lose is face, and what you gain is real benefits. And I also have benefits, mutual benefit!"

     Liu Hong had a sincere face, "If you are not in the mountains and seas of Lingyun, if you change your opponent at this time, do you think you can hold on? Bai Feng, I am the foundation for you to cultivate peace of mind, stability and peace, without me, you don't have It's so easy now, you can't deny that!"

     Bai Feng wanted to complain, but he thought about it carefully, Mad, it seemed to make sense.

      at what time this guy can talk really well too!

     "Do you want to beat me? Rely on your little calculations?"

     "Small calculations are also wisdom." Liu Hong did not feel embarrassed, and said again: "Next, I will apply to be the head coach of this year's new students. I hope you won't hinder me!"

     "Are you going to target Su Yu?"

     "Correct."Liu Hong said frankly: "That's your student, I will naturally target him, even if it doesn't look big, but your impotent proves that you are not everything."

     Bai Feng touched his chin, pondered for a while, and said: "No problem. In this way, you will give me all the salary and merits of your coaching. In addition, you will compensate me 50 points of merit every month. Pretending to be deaf and dumb, it's not that so?

     "I want benefits, and my student must also want them, so that I can cooperate with you, right?"

     Bai Feng smiled, said: "That kid is a pauper, you give me some benefits, let's cooperate with you in big things! Our masters and apprentices can be suppressed by you every day, no problem, as long as the price you pay exceeds the price we can get... …"

     "By the way, since this kid is known to you about the outline of the gods, he is considered a genius. You suppress a genius... I really want to make trouble. It's not easy for you, Liu Hong, consider it. If you like, we Just do a big business with you!"

     Bai Feng called it refreshing, "Suppressing mediocrity and suppressing genius, the result is different! And achievement is also different, you suppress a mediocrity, who thinks of you, but suppress a genius, tusk... you are Good people!"

     "At that time, you will get more benefits. If this kid performs well and is very talented, he will suffer from you every time... Then you have it!"

     Bai Feng exclaimed: "No, your plan has too many loopholes. Why don't you let other people try it in the early stage, but the kid was overturned again and again. Head and face filthy with grime, battered and exhausted. a shame!""There is no harm if there is no comparison. When you compare, you Liu Hong came and suppressed our master and apprentice. Tsk tsk... It's incredible, then is the time to maximize your value!"

     The more Bai Feng thinks about it, the more satisfied he is, "How is it? The price is not great. Of course, the price may increase in the later period. After all, the kid's strength will also improve, and I will also. Tengkong, a Lingyun, the price is definitely different!"

     Liu Hong is somewhat dull at the moment, are you...so happy that you promised?

     "Bai Feng, I'm serious."

     "I'm Not joking too!"

     Bai Feng said strangely: "There is no target, where's the motivation! The genius is not closed off, I am still worried, that kid has arrived at the university, how can I put pressure on him, and don't let him resent me... you take over now, I’m very satisfied, and give you some ideas, don’t you think?"

     "When this kid can't stand it, when he asks for help, I will attack you cruelly. If you lose, he will vent his anger, I am happy, and you will pay for it! Then follow the people behind and ask for more good things, because of you I can’t hold it anymore. If you can hold it in front of you, and give you more benefits, if you can hold it, they will agree, so that we can always make a lot of money!”

     Bai Feng more thinks, more excited, "Liu Hong, how early did you say it! If you said it early, I would have sang double reeds with you already, these days my head is big, the teacher is gone, the research institute swallows the gold beast Ah, I can't make ends meet!"

     "I'm still thinking about it, I went out to make money, what should the institute do, what should I do with the students... Now I am sitting at home to collect money, this is a good thing, remember to find me next time!"It's not..." Liu Hong cannot bear saying: "You... don't you think something is wrong?"


     Bai Feng was surprised: "Are you not happy?"

     "It's not..." Liu Hong collapsed and said, "You are suppressed by me, don't you think... don't you feel a little... embarrassing?"


     Bai Feng said strangely: "Liu Hong, why should I be embarrassed? You suppress my students. I am too busy to take care of you. When I'm done, I will clean up you again, clean up your meal, and be good for a few days. , I have a lot of face, and I can show my strength in front of students, why should I be embarrassed?"

     "You..." Liu Hong suddenly became somewhat unable to respond.

     He felt that he might really guess Bai Feng wrong.

     This guy is completely different from his previously expected reaction!

     He... hasn't understood Bai Feng at all these years!

     Liu Hong takes a deep breath, "Since you promised, I promised your terms, Bai Feng, when I step into Lingyun, I will really compete with you. Today, I don't have the ability to get out of this circle. "

     Bai Feng smiled and said, "Lingyun? You are flying over the clouds... I may be in trouble, Liu Hong, obediently do big things with me, don't think too much."

     Liu Hong wanted to scold someone, obviously I came to you to discuss cooperation, not me to cooperate with you in major affairs!

     How can you tell the priority?

     Bai Feng didn't care about him, and said as he walked: "Then starting from today, you pay me starting from today. By the way, the Wu family is also in the circle behind you?"

     "No, I exchanged the foreign aid with the sacred text of the word'力'.""Oh, looking back, let me study your divine text for a few days..."

     Liu Hong's face was green, "Excessive!"

     "Let's come to this set, you study it for Wu Qi, it means that your real core is not this stuff, don't lie to me, there are things at the bottom of the box, and deliberately exhibits the core, show me there is still a piece of meat missing?

     Bai Feng not to accept as correct said: "It's like Wu Qi can't see through your careful thoughts. Do you think I will believe that the ‘li’ divine text is your trump card?"

     Bai Feng looked distrustful and wanted to hide, what to hide.

      The crucial moment really pit me once?

     What are you thinking about!

     Liu Hong complexion fluctuates, after a long while, nodded and said: "Okay!"

     "be good!"

     Bai Feng smiled, said: "By the way, my student is not easy, remember to find a powerful one to suppress him! Will there be newcomers from the Wanjia, Xia, and Hu families this time? Find those people to suppress him Don’t expect Wu Qi’s younger sister. Wu Qi is still a few years younger. Her younger sister...that fool goes to Nanyuan, it means that IQ is not high, and people with low IQ are not qualified to participate in this, and they hate her as a thug Too tender!"

     Liu Hong corner of the mouth twitches, cannot bear saying: "Is that Su Yu really a genius?"

     "Be better than you."

     Bai Feng smiled and said: "It's not a genius or a genius. It's a bit more resilient than you. I think he has a similar personality with... that bastard."

     "Who from the War Academy?"

     "Who else but that bastard?"Bai Feng's eyes were not good, and he quickly laughed and said, "Su Yu also came from a small place. People who come from a small place can tolerate, hibernate, have high energy and low energy. Sometimes the face is not worth money, and it is not easy to be defeated. I like this , Much better than you guys."

     Liu Hong is looking thoughtful, Bai Feng has gone away.

     When Bai Feng left, Liu Hong eyes flashed for a while, sighed lightly, thought for a while, took out the communicator and made a call.

     "Squeeze him! Let the little girl of the Wu family hold her head in front, and don't do it too obvious."

     When the other person answered, Liu Hong hung up the communication.

     Long sighed, Liu Hong turned his head and looked behind him, not knowing what he was looking at, a smile appeared on his face for a long time.

     Uncontrollable human heart, genius...Who would be willing to be a pawn?

     He Liu Hong is about to vacate Qizhong, don't forget, he is the same size as Bai Feng.

     Fighting with Bai Feng for several years, many losses and few wins, does not mean that he is a waste.

     "Perhaps Bai Feng is right, the comparison is valuable! Let others try it first, but... I hope that Bai Feng and his student will not let me down. They were defeated in the test stage."

     Bai Feng wants to raise him, he actually wants to raise Bai Feng's master and apprentice.

     Without Bai Feng's target, where can I get so many good things?

     "His student is still too weak. This year's New Student Enrollment, but there are a few evildoers... Don't be ruined by others, do you want to... support something more secretly?"

     Liu Hong was lost in thought, should he create some adventures for the little guy, give him some blood, let him cultivate his temper as soon as possible or master more divine texts?
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