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57 Kind People Are The Cutest
    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Outside the examination room, order began to restore.

     But at this time, a lot of people from the city guards took control, and Long Wuwei's people also started staring not far away.

     Zhou Tianqi and several people did not have the right to be deprived of the assessment, and they did not leave at this moment, but their faces were a bit ugly. Several people ignored Su Yu and went to the side to start communicating with others.

     They are all middle school students who have not graduated. They are in trouble at the moment and they have to find their parents to solve the problem.


     Su Yu stopped talking, and stopped paying attention to others. He found a corner to stay.

     He is still heartbroken for losing 20 points of merit.

     In the morning, for the 20 o'clock feats, he made a breakthrough on the spot and spent an extra drop of vitality liquid.

     It's gone all at once, can he not feel hurt?

     Not far away, Wu Lan seemed to have a smile on her calm face, which quickly disappeared. Wu Lan, who lost 10 million yuan, seemed to be in a good mood at this time.

     Su Yu's expression is too heavy!

     He was so heavy... Zhou Tianqi, who accidentally saw him, felt a throb in his heart, and he doubted whether the punishment he had just received was reversed.

     Su Yu was the guy who was fined tens of millions and the assessment ratio was three to one.

     This guy's expression was too heavy, he glanced at him, and Su Yu also looked at him, his eyes...full of anger and irritation.

     It seems to be saying, let's not finish!

     Thinking of Su Yu's words before, that straightforward threat...

     Zhou Tianqi was not afraid of him originally, but Nan Yuan's little man.

     But at this time, don’t know why is a little bit chilling, feeling much more dangerous than Wu Lan's threat.That woman Wu Lan, wordy that's all, might have forgotten when she turned her head, but Su Yu, even if Zhou Tianqi didn't understand him, felt that this guy really held a grudge at this moment.

     Ordinary students of Nan Yuan keep grudges, he of course does not care.

     But a student who had been accepted by the researcher ahead of time, the genius of the warrior Dao, remembered his grudges, and entered the Daxia Civilization Academy, which might really cause him a lot of trouble.

     Zhou Tianqi put down the communicator and did not look at Su Yu again, but his heart was overwhelming.

     Today, Su Yu put one out. It was small-scale before, but now it is really an enemy. I don't know if the trouble will be big afterwards.

     It's not just Su Yu... 8 people in the same group, except for myself, the other 7 are somewhat discontented to themselves.

     Raising Su Yu, although everyone agreed before, he is the leader. Now that something happens, these people will probably have to pay a huge price. They will also blame themselves when they blame Su Yu.

     Zhou Tianqi has a headache!

     8 people stopped talking, no one communicated.

     Until the assessment was about to begin, someone said in a low voice: "My dad is looking for someone to trust the relationship. My dad suggested that if there is a place for retesting, this time the opportunity can be given up, and the other companies will pay a certain price. Next go Daxia Mansion will retake the exam, or...take the exam next year."

     The number of re-examination places is the same as Su Yu, who are registered in various universities and can be excellent students for one more time.

     Daxia Mansion has higher requirements for its students. Although all eight of them are good, it doesn't mean that everyone has such opportunities.The student who spoke quickly said: "My dad is contacting your family. This time, it is not us, but all of us. It is best for everyone to work with a common purpose and be able to pass the exam. Director Sun only represents Nan Yuan at present. It represents the Great Xia Mansion, so we still have a chance to retake the exam in the Great Xia Mansion..."

     Opportunity to retake the exam!

     How many students complexion fluctuates are uncertain, will they be able to pass the exam after retake?

     Will it be stable after going to the Daxia Mansion to retake the exam?

     Now give up the opportunity to pass the exam to others, what should they do if they fail?

     When Zhou Tianqi saw someone looking at him, his face was somewhat ugly. Obviously, everyone's meaning was very clear. Zhou Tianqi should give up the opportunity to other people and go back to participate in the re-examination of Daxia Mansion.

     8 people can only be admitted to two, 6 people cannot be admitted.

     But for those present, not necessarily 6 people have the opportunity to retake the exam.

     This means that some people will not be able to pass the exam this year, take part in next year's assessment, or... take part in the assessment of another institution and stop attending civilized institutions.

     Zhou Tianqi said nothing, waiting for his parents to make a decision. At this moment, there was no room for them to make a decision.

     When it comes to places like the Education and Strengthening Administration, it can only be solved by parents.


     After a while, an examiner walked out and said loudly: "The examinee enters!"

     The assessment time arrived!

     Everyone walked towards the examination room one after another, and when Su Yu walked over, the students around him took the initiative to give him a place.

     He is a great man!

     Kaiyuan Jiuzhong's big cow, the first in the war school, and almost One Hit Kill. Nine talented ruthless people, everyone should stay away from him.

     Su Yu was relaxed and ignored.There were people like Wu Lan who were treated the same as him. Others also avoided them, but they were all sympathetic in their eyes. It was really miserable, and they were smashed all at once.


     As in the morning, there are still five major examination rooms.

     However, there are not many people for reference. At the moment, there are only about 200 people in the No. 3 examination room where Su Yu is.

     And many acquaintances are among them, including Liu Yue, Wu Lan, Zhou Tianqi and others.

     Su Yu swept around, and roughly made a judgment, the examination room distribution is not necessarily Its random.

     Nearly all the students that Nan Yuan hopes to pass the entrance examination are here.

     There are mostly foreigners, and it should be the kind of very nice results.

     Almost all Zhou Tianqi are in this examination room.

     There are still 5 chief examiners, Director Sun, Researcher Huang of the Daxia Civilization Institute, an elderly researcher of the Jiutian Civilization Institute, Wu Wenhai, and the commander of the Zhenmo Army.

     Like the configuration in the morning, two of them came from civilized schools.

     This also represents the ranking of civilized schools in Daxia House.

     Daxia Civilization Academy is the first, Jiutian Civilization Academy is second, and there is a more famous Wendao Civilization Academy that ranks third.

     Director Sun is already recovered at this moment. He looked at the students below and said: "Civilization Academy assessment is different from War Academy! The assessment time is not limited. If you wish, you can take the exam for a few days!"

     "First of all, the cultural course assessment!"

     "The biggest difference from the War Academy is... unlimited!""Major and middle schools have a total of 120 courses in Wanzu, and the assessment papers are a collection of 120 Wanzu exam papers. Students can fill in by themselves. If 10 questions are correct and 8 questions are passed, it will be 10 points. If someone has mastered 120 questions Ten thousand languages, all answers are correct, the total score is 1,200 points!"

     Director Sun said loudly: "If someone can get 1200 points, enter the upper class, special recruits from the university, good treatment, admission to the government, the lowest senior researcher to take the class, ten articles of the will, countless kinds of essence and blood, vacate Casting body award god and demon blood..."

      A series of rewards came out of him, Su Yu wanted to drool.

     Unfortunately... it has nothing to do with me.

     Don't be funny, 120 courses!

     Even if you are a genius, even if you start to study at the age of 6, you have mastered 100,000 languages in 12 years, are you sure you will not be crazy?

     With so many languages of different races, your willpower is not strong enough, you can't even vacate, are you sure you can bear it?

     So this thing... bluffing!


     As Chief Sun spoke, thick papers were issued by the city guards.

     Director Sun smiled and said: "Everyone try to write as much as possible. There is no time limit. You can write as much as you can. The students in this exam room have mastered more than 6 languages. You are among the best candidates in Nanyuan this year. I hope Can see some surprises."

     Su Yu takes a deep breath, it really depends on the strength.

     If you master a lot, you can take the exam. If you don't master much, you can only be in a daze after you get the papers.

     Not far away, Wu Lan turned the head and looks to Su Yu with a proud face.

     "33 doors!"There was a modest voice from Wu Lan, Su Yu didn't bother to pay attention to it. There were 33 languages of all ethnic groups, nothing great.

     I have also mastered 20 doors, although it is a bit short... it is only 130 points, who is afraid!

     But has to say, this woman is a little bit capable.

     To be honest, learn Wanzu language, not just look at talent, but also look at patience and perseverance. This is not something you can see at a glance. You have to learn and consolidate year in, year out.

     With the sound of "assessment beginning", everyone began to write.

     It is much quieter than in the morning. There is no sound of scrolling. Everyone is writing seriously. They have at least 6 language skills. There is no scumbag for students here.


     Examiner area.

      Looks below The students started writing, and Researcher Huang swept around and said: "On this level, Wu Lan has at least exceeded Su Yu by more than 100 points. Although Zhou Tianqi has just gotten into trouble, they can talk about mastering the Wanzu language... They are all above 15, I am afraid they are not lower than Su Yu's exam."

     Director Sun nodded, but didn't deny it, but talked about other things: "In Daxia Mansion, how many points do you think this year can have the highest score?"

     "Total score?"


     "Above 1,000 points!"

     Researcher Huang said directly: "This year, several enchanting level students participated in the assessment, with their willpower reached to nourishment, the divine texts are completely outlined, and they have a lot of language skills, plus the merits, they will definitely get more than 1000 points!"

     At this moment, even Director Sun said with emotion: "Wonderful! I enrolled in the school and got a total score of 420 points. It was not bad among the students in that class. The gap was too big."

     Researcher Huang smiled and did not answer.He wanted to say that I had 500 points in the exam that year, but... Forget it, he is afraid that this senior will continue to trouble him later.

     Although not in the top class, both of them are top-notch among the middle-class students.

     After all, the upper-class students are a minority. If it weren't the case, the two of them didn't have such achievements now. They both entered the sky during this period, and they were not first-timers, which represented strength and potential.

     On the side, the old man from Jiutian Academy slowly said at this moment: "There are still some juniors from the ten thousand races going to your place this year...Is there an assessment?"

     Researcher Huang said in a low voice: "Of course! Daxia Civilization Academy is not everyone can enter! The governor personally took people to the battlefield of the heavens, picked up those guys, and performed the assessment on the spot, but since it cost such a high price to send it, I am afraid not Mediocre!"

     Sending people and fools at such a high price is a waste and death.

     No matter how stupid the ten thousand races, they would not do this.

     If you dare to send it, it means that they are all excellent guys, even if they are not the most talented group, they are the top-notch people of the ten thousand races.

     The old man sighed lightly: "This move of the Ten Thousand Mansion...It's hard to say. This year, there were enchanting students in Daxia Mansion, and it is probably related to them. Those little guys have studied in their own homes before, but they can come in the first two years. Participated in the assessment."

     Researcher Huang nodded, "It is indeed related to this matter. The Xia family, the Hu family, and the Wan family have all come out."

     Xia Family, Xia Longwu's Xia.

     Wanjia, Wantian holy Wan!

     The Hu family...the real leader of the Daxia Mansion, the old Hu who looked like a grandson in front of Lord Xiahou, these years Xia Longwu is the master of warfare, the people's livelihood, economy, and government affairs.The second person in the Daxia Mansion, except for the palace owner, is this old Hu.

     After all, Researcher Huang chuckled in a low voice: "Not only, but also the juniors of the Zheng family."


     The old man dazed for a moment, "You mean... Chief Zheng..."


     Researcher Huang smiled and said: "I also heard that, I don’t know the truth or not, that junior in the family came to the Civilization Academy... I don’t know what he is thinking, I’m worried... Come to a fist, and if he doesn’t agree, he will fight at the Academy. , Then it will be in trouble."

     The faces of several people were very different. The descendants of the boss of the war academy came to the academy of civilization. These two families were opposite.

     Saint Wantian really dare to accept anyone!

     One dared to receive, the other dared to send.

     Old Zheng was so bold that he was not afraid of his offspring being killed.

     The War Academy challenged the Civilization Academy every year. This is a game for hundreds of years. Every year, the War Academy has become addicted to how many civilized teachers have been played.

     Now his juniors are here, are you afraid that those old guys will have a beating when they are fine?

     Tens of thousands in universities!

     The one who was not beaten... can you find it?

     Now the descendants of the principal are here, and even Wu Wenhai on the side can't help but answer: "The head of the Zheng Mansion...is it...not biological?"


     A few people looked at him strangely, Wu Wenhai, what you think is the same as we think, but when you say it, are you really afraid of death?

     In fact, several people also have such bad ideas. Otherwise, it is unscientific. Old Zheng will send people to a civilized academy, which is terrible!

     Several people chatted about gossip, but they were all in the airspace, and the students below couldn't escape their eyes during the assessment.The next moment, the commander of the Demon Squad Army jumps up suddenly, and instantly appeared in front of a student, and he was thrown away when he mentioned him.

     "Cheating, throw it out, record it, the universities will not be admitted for life!"

     The commander’s tone was cold, and these people were indispensable every year.

     The brain grows in vain, even stupid than some guys in the Demon Suppression Army... ahem!

     Cheating under the eyelids of a few Tengkong, these boys know or not how strong Tengkong is, especially the civilized division. Under the cover of willpower, what can escape them?

     Several examiners didn't take it seriously, and the student who was thrown out was crying for mercy, and no one paid any attention.

     If you dare to cheat, you have to pay a price.

     Universities, especially the military, look down on such people the most.

     Not only are universities not admitted, but it is difficult to enter the military. It is recorded and the military will not accept it again. In the future, find an ordinary person's to work and live.

     In the examination room, people like Su Yu were a little moved. This was not a fake student in the morning. This was really caught cheating.


     One hour passed.

      one and a half hours passed...

     Just when the atmosphere in the examination room was tense, at this moment, Wu Lan suddenly raised her hand and waited for the examiner to signal, Wu Lan said: "Teacher, I have finished the exam, and all the 33 exam papers have been written!"


     Below, some students' expressions have changed, 33!

     Some people took seven or eight exams, and still dare not hand in papers. They are still under examination. This woman has completed 33 exams without an examination. How confident she is.Less than two hours later, Wu Lan nearly wrote 20 test papers in one hour. This is terrible. It shows that some of the problems in the paper do not need to think or understand for her.

     At this time, even Su Yu was somewhat surprised. He had just finished 18 of his 20 courses, and he hadn't finished writing two of them.

     Above, Researcher Huang said: "After finishing writing, I can participate in the next assessment. Are you going now?"

     "No, I'll wait for them!"

     Wu Lan got up and turned the paper, then turned the head and looks to Su Yu, with a proud look!

     I am waiting for you!

     Handing in papers in advance is self-confidence. Waiting for you to evaluate together, it will also let you know what a real genius is!

     Below, Su Yu's thoughts fluctuated a bit, and then ignored it and continued to answer the paper.

     And the students, at this moment, are also beginning to hand in papers.

     Some people know less language and have already finished writing. They have been checking before, and at this time they can't wait.

     After more than ten minutes, Su Yu finished writing.

     He started to check the test paper!

     Above, Wu Lan is standing in the examiner's area, watching Su Yu is still checking, slightly frowned.

     Director Sun and others are naturally paying attention to Su Yu. Seeing him from start to finish not one thread loose and slowly checking, a few people smiled, but they think this kid can stay calm.

     When he was young and energetic, at this time Wu Lan turned in the paper ahead of him. He should be very anxious. Now he still has the thought to check slowly, but he can stand his temper.Even people like Zhou Tianqi were greatly affected, and they quickly finished writing their papers one by one. Su Yu felt more like he could not write and was still dragging his time.

     At this time, Director Sun smiled and said, "Since there is still time, let's review the papers together."

     The two researchers from Daxia Wenming Academy and Jiutian Academy also had no objection, and the speed of reading papers in the air was extremely fast, and it was not difficult to read an examination paper in one minute.

     Only their three people were scoring the papers, and the commander of the demon army and Wu Wenhai did not participate.

     Soon, Wu Lan's paper was reviewed.

     "330 questions, 328 correct answers!"

     Director Sun nodded slightly, showing a smile, very good, 330 points, this little girl from the Wu family is indeed a little capable.

     The next moment, Director Sun turned to another paper, reviewed it, and smiled again: "Yes, Liu Yue, from Nan Yuan's side, 240 questions were answered correctly and 235 answers were passed, 240 points!"

     Over there, Liu Yue showed a look of joy on her face.

     When Wu Lan came, she had no sense of being shot by the Nan Yuan genius. Although she is not as good as Wu Lan, she can get 240 points. In the whole Nan Yuan, I am afraid that no one can test higher than her.

     "Zhou Tianqi...200 questions, 192 answers are correct, one of which is three wrong..."

     Director Sun turned the head and looks to Zhou Tianqi. Seeing him avoiding his gaze, he frowned slightly, "Not bad, but I actually lost 10 points. This is a mistake that you should not make, trivial matter, It's been affected so much...the character is not good!"

     Zhou Tianqi was wronged, he dare not say.

     Is that a trivial matter?

     Great thing, alright!He can still pass the test, and the rate of wrong questions is not high, so he is calm enough.

     "Kong Sheng, 170 questions, 148 correct answers, 2 wrong questions and more than 3 questions, score 150 points..."

     This is the other of the eight people who scored 150 points.

     Chief Sun didn't say anything, and didn't get the full marks he deserved. That was their responsibility, and he didn't bother to say anything.

     A score of 150 is definitely not a small one. Soon, the papers of other candidates were reviewed.

     100 points, 90 points...even less.

     Some students have mastered 6 courses and scored 40 points in the test. This is also true, but I didn't see the lower ones. Other test rooms may have 20-30 points.

     On the Nanyuan side, there are probably less than 50 people in this examination room.

     I'm afraid there are not many people who can really get more than 100 points.

     It was not until several examiners reviewed more than 50 test papers that Su Yu came on stage to hand in the papers.

     Chief Sun took it and scanned it again, then looked at Su Yu, and then said: "200 questions, all right, 200 points! However... What the hell did you write next?"

     Su Yu didn't care, and whispered, "I haven't studied later. If you fill it up, try it. Maybe you can score."


     Several examiners unable to respond!

     Su Yu, the back of the paper also filled in a lot, but... the donkey's head is wrong!

     All wrong!

     This is not a multiple-choice question. This guy wants to be right. How simple is it? Even if one or two questions get right by chance, it is impossible to score.

     Over there, Wu Lan smiled with contempt.

     Stupid, I want to be right, what do I think!Su Yu turned his head and looked at her and whispered softly: "My answer is 100% correct."


     Wu Lan didn't want to pay attention to him. What's so great, I wrote it quickly, and I scored all points, 130 points higher than you!

     Aside, Liu Yue congratulated him in a low voice.

     Both of them scored more than 200 points, and only their three people scored more than 200 points.

     Even if they don't participate in other assessments, they will go to a civilized college.

     Several examiners glanced at each other. There were still people in the field who hadn't completed the assessment. Director Sun said: "Then we will take them to the next assessment, and I will leave it to you here."

     They were all looking at the commander of the Demon Suppression Army, anyway, you are a big boss, you may not understand the next assessment, so I won't take you to play.

     The commander's face turned dark, and he continued to sit up without saying a word. Obviously he also knew that these people would not play with them.

     Researcher Huang of the Daxia Civilization Academy, when passing by Su Yu, his lips moved slightly, "If you get the first place, you will be awarded the 20 points for the merits. Don’t say I didn’t give you a chance, but... I can give it to Wu Lan!"


     Su Yu's face moved slightly, is there any good thing?

     That being said, this first must be won!

     Otherwise, the merits that I lost in front of me will be gone!

     "First... 130 points difference..."

     Su Yu's face changed a little, and the gap was quite big. He didn't know if he could surpass Wu Lan in the following assessment, but it felt quite difficult.

     At this moment, many thoughts flashed through Su Yu's mind.

     For example... I am irritating Wu Lan with a few words, maybe that fool would give up the assessment by himself."Forget it, don't bully the fool."

     Su Yu dispelled this idea, otherwise, according to his judgment of Wu Lan, he would go up to stimulate her a few words, for example...the people who came to Nanyuan to participate in the assessment were all rubbish, even if they were in the top class, those geniuses in Daxia House I look down on you, and think you cheated in Nanyuan...

     Say a few more words like this, Wu Lan might explode, and she might even run away.

     "I'm still too kind."

     Su Yu whispered to himself, a kind person always suffers a bit, it doesn't matter, I have the strength, the same is true for crushing you with strength!

     I don't believe it, you Wu Lan also mastered two divine texts, a complete divine text!
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