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58 Doubt Life
    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

The second examination room, a large empty room.

     It wasn't Su Yu who was in the exam room. At this moment, teachers from other exam rooms came with the students.

     It was not Director Sun who presided over the assessment, but the chief examiner of the War Academy in the morning.

     Seeing Su Yu and the others coming, the other party nodded towards Director Sun and continued: "The assessment of this level is much simpler than that of war colleges. The assessment of realm, civilized colleges do not care about practical value, as long as the destructive power is achieved, they will even pass the test. "

     As soon as the words came out, Researcher Huang who had just arrived smiled and said: "Before Qianjun, the so-called test and actual combat was a joke, so our civilized academies don't need to do the demonstrative work. Everything will be discussed later."

     Who is afraid of anyone!

     Kaiyuan also tested actual combat, take off his pants and fart!

     The Civilization Academy is very disdainful. According to their idea, the students don't need to test any actual combat before they vacate.

     If the state is reached, it will be over!

     As long as the nine orifices are opened, the willpower is emptied, and the physical body can be emptied soon.

     The war school leader said coldly: "The actual combat experience is accumulated from weak to strong. It is not a matter of one morning and one evening. Some strong in the airspace have zero actual combat experience. They were killed by Wanshi on the battlefield. Not without again!"

     "Take the air to accumulate experience, safety is always higher than Kaiyuan!"

     "Don't practice if you're afraid of death. For safety's sake, just practice to the mountains and seas before going out!"Researcher Huang didn't think it was wrong, and smiled: "What's wrong? If you have the ability to keep improving, and you can cultivate to the mountain and sea level, Daxia Civilization Academy once had a strong person who went out of the mountain and sea border. The day you stepped out of college is the time of win success and recognition!"

     "You two shut up!"

     Director Sun was a little angry, oppose each other with equal harshness is not a day or two anymore.

     The quarrel on this occasion is not only for each other, but more importantly for the students.

     This is not the first time that the students of the Civilization Academy, the War Academy also want it.

     "Host the assessment, change people if you don't want to host!"

     Director Sun yelled, the leader of the war school stopped, and ignored the others, and continued: "There is a model puppet in front of you, attack it with your strongest strength!"

     "The full score is 270 points. The model puppet connects to the data display screen, attacks it, and shows how many points are."

     The team leader felt a little boring, this kind of realm assessment is not reliable at all!

     It's just perfunctory!

     The true state can be determined by a simple digital display.

     In the assessment of war academy, you have to take the test for listening to the wind and defending the position and riding and shooting. The civilized academy is good, you don't need to test anything, just give the model a blow, whatever you want.

     Although I am not satisfied with this assessment method, this method of civilized academies has been going on for many years. The team leader added: "Don’t think that Kaiyuan Nine Chong can score 270 points. Civilized academies don’t pay much attention to the realm and want to depress everyone. Realm points, even if Kaiyuan Seventh Level, those who score 100 points are not without.""Kaiyuan Nine, not many scored 200 points."

     War schools have restrictions on the bonus points of Wanzu language, and civilized schools actually have restrictions.

     You Kaiyuan Jiuzhong, feel that you can score 270 points, and finally give you 200 points even if you are lucky.

     Here, Researcher Huang smiled and said: "What he said is not wrong, of course, it is not all right! Students who understand willpower can try to add willpower, using willpower will make it easier to get high scores."

     This is the difference between the two.

     The War Academy does not recommend that students use willpower. The Civilization Academy encourages students to use this method to get high scores, because it means you have mastered some basics.

     At this time, Wu Lan suddenly looked at Su Yu with a triumphant smile!

     You Kaiyuan Jiuzhong, I Kaiyuan Eighth, nothing!

     It’s hard to say who is higher and who is lower.

     Using willpower, she may score 270 points, while Su Yu may only have 200 points. This is the gap.

     "Start the assessment, all maintain silence!"

     The leader of the War Academy scolded, and did not let the students continue to discuss, "1-104 student assessment!"

     A student walked out of the No. 1 examination room, and placed in front of him a model puppet similar to that in a training hall.

     "Teacher, can weapons be used?"

     "the same."

     The team leader indifferently said: "The effect of their assessment is the same with or without weapons. It mainly assesses vitality and willpower. If you use a weapon, the score is similar to that of an inactive assessment."This thing does not look at the result of the damage, the specific score depends on the intensity of Internal Yuan Qi and the strength of willpower.

     "Then I choose to use a knife..."

     The students didn't care. Everyone cultivates. Many people are accustomed to using weapons. Without the cooperation of weapons, they can't perform well.

     There is a weapon rack nearby, and the leader does not stop it.

     Soon, the man walked over with the knife, brewing for a while, and slashed at the puppet with full strength!


     There was a muffled noise, and a TV-like screen beside the puppet showed the data.

     "22 points..."

     The appraisal student was dull, cannot bear saying: "Teacher, I Kaiyuan Quadruple, how can it be only 22 points!"

     The team leader unemotionally said: "Civilization Academy is just like this. They don't care how much you weigh, depending on your vitality reserve and willpower. Do you understand? If you have any doubts, you can participate in the War Academy assessment next year."


     Director Sun said impatiently: "Continue to evaluate, the model puppets will give points to judgement standards. If anyone has doubts, they can apply for re-examination afterwards, but they need to pay the re-examination fee. This thing is very valuable to start once. Who wants to spend it? Who can apply for retakes with money!"

     The first student was very frustrated, Kaiyuan Quadruple, and logically added 60 points. He only had 22 points, which was 38 points less than he expected. This was far from what he expected.

     "1-139 student assessment!"


     This one simply came up with a fist.

     "26 points!"

     "Hey, I'm only triple, not bad!"The second student is in a good mood. There is no comparison and no harm. He has a quadruple of 22 points and a triple of 26 points. Although 4 points are missing, he is so happy in comparison!

     "3-009 student assessment!"


     "36 points!"


     "2-025 student assessment!"


     On the display screen, the scores are constantly displayed, some people are lost and some are excited.

     Su Yu frowns, this thing is really hard to judge.

     The students of Kaiyuan Fifth Division scored 110 points!

     There are also students from Kaiyuan Fifth Layer, who scored a low score of more than 30 points. There is no way to believe. That one is now doubting his life.

     "3-176 student assessment!"

     At this time, Su Yu saw an acquaintance.

     Liu Yue went out, chose a sword from the side, tenderly shouts, and stabbed it up.


     "63 points!"

     Liu Yue's face was joyful. She was in the fourfold of Kaiyuan. In principle, the maximum is 60 points, but she scored 63 points, which exceeded the standard.

     The current highest score is the five-fold student who scored 110 points. There are several six-fold students who have not scored such a high score.


     Su Yu whispered congratulations, 63 points are already very good, after all, Liu Yue is only Kaiyuan Quad.

     Liu Yue was overjoyed, walked over, and whispered: "The willpower is attached to the weapon, and the score will be higher. You should be fine."

     Su Yu had also read the article of will before, he should understand.Su Yu nodded slightly, he is continuously paying attention to, of course he also knows a little bit, and he is very sure whether he can score 270 points or not, but it is not too low.

     "5-179 student assessment!"

     Another acquaintance, a student of Nanyuan Middle School, was a little nervous.

     Useless weapons, slap the model with one palm.

     "14 points!"


     This is probably the lowest score currently in the game.

     14 points!

     Kaiyuan 3 layers stages.

     When it comes to the assessment stage, some of the Kaiyuan 2nd and 3rd students have made some breakthroughs. Nowadays, there are very few Kaiyuan 2nd students. Most of them are concentrated on the Kaiyuan 3rd. This means that the Nanyuan locals are mostly from other places. .

     At 14 points, this student blushed all of a sudden and was frustrated.

     too low!

     Su Yu also sighed when he saw this. The first two stages of the powerful test can be four or five hundred points, which is worse... If the opponent doesn't score much in front, it may add up to seven or eighty points. The difference is too big!

     The next one is an acquaintance, Zhou Tianqi in examination room 3.


     There was a loud noise, this one did not use a sword, but stabbed with a dagger.

     "180 points!"

     Kaiyuan Seventh, with a full score of 170, Zhou Tianqi scored 180, which did not live up to his reputation as a talent in the summer. Of course, a small character must be added, a small genius.

     He scored 190 points in the cultural course, plus this is 370 points directly, and has entered the middle.

     This result will not be low even in Daxia Mansion.

     Zhou Tianqi did not show any joy, and the few students around him who were with him all had bad faces and were somewhat discontented.The agreement reached before, Zhou Tianqi should be going to retake the exam, but he refused. The Zhou family paid a big price to calm the anger of the other companies. Now a few other people clearly cannot pass the exam, so naturally they will not be polite to him.

     This is a big grudge against the future.

     Zhou Tianqi's assessment is over and Wu Lan be eager to give sth a try. She is now very impatient to go for the assessment. She wants to see Su Yu's black face again, which must be very interesting.

     "3-003 students!"

     Wu Lan walked out all of a sudden, a little excited, keeping her restraint, without looking back at this time, she lifted a sword, lightly shouted and stabs the puppet quickly.


     There was no muffled sound at this moment, only a sharp scratching sound.

     "265 points!"

     Seeing the data, Wu Lan beamed with joy, turn the head and looks to Su Yu, with pride in her eyes!

     595 points, good distance, a little bit!

     With the two assessments, she was close to top class.

     Right now, even Researcher Huang couldn't help but speak: "The willpower is very strong, not bad! I am afraid that less than 10 people in the Daxia Mansion will be able to do this year, how long has it been for them to be nurturing?"

     "Three months!"

     Wu Lan was happy in her heart, pretending to be calm, and said: "I didn't like to practice before, and I wasted a lot of time, otherwise I can Kaiyuan Jiuzhong, this time I will definitely score 300 points or more..."

     Su Yu was shocked slightly, and hurriedly said, "Teacher, can you score 270 points or more?"

     "of course."

     Researcher Huang quickly said, "However... Kaiyuan Jiuzhong generally has little hope. In terms of willpower..."

     He looked at Su Yu and said nothing.words exceede 5100words exceede 5100"I don’t know, Liu Wenyan probably doesn’t care about this. Even if someone gives pointers, it’s just a trick. The key is that this little guy is only Kaiyuan Nine Layers. He is not weak in control of vitality, and has willpower...very weak, but he concentrates. The degree is very high."

     They were talking about it. Next to the puppet, the leader of the Great Xia War Academy said: "A bunch of idiots! Can you see more? This little guy is not strong. The vitality is gathered on the index finger, and the fingers are about to explode. He is cold-blooded, without the slightest painful performance, this is the real key, tenacity!"

     "Such students should go to a war college, not a civilized college to be buried in a mountain of books!"

     He really valued Su Yu at this time, and the commander of the Demon Squad Army was not here, otherwise he would really take Su Yu into the army.

     This kind of students is too suitable for military development.

     Although they were scolded, Director Sun was not angry, and suddenly realized one thing...this is Kaiyuan!

     They are all flying in the air, their bodies are extremely powerful long ago, and they have forgotten this.

     The Kaiyuan realm's physical body is too weak, and the vitality gathers like a knife.

      It should be noted, Yellow-rank weapons can withstand the concentration of vitality, Su Yu actually used his fingers, thus although it can strengthen the concentration of vitality, the pain that can be endured is ten times that of Wu Lan.

     This little guy, in order to test high scores, really want to die!

     When this finger is down, his index finger may not be able to recover for seven or eight days. Ten fingers are connected to the heart, and he knows the pain in it.

     These people's discussions are conducted through the sound transmission, Su Yu and the others do not knowing anything at all.

     It hurts!Su Yu knows that his body knows it himself, but he has experience. Last time, in order to observe the concentration of vitality, his right hand was swollen for several days.

     It was normal. Now, in the exam, the high score in the test can get back 20 points of merit. Just spend a few hundred yuan to buy some ointment and apply it. Which is more important, Su Yu has a clear judgment in his heart.

     If you don’t play during the exam, do you have to wait to play later?

     There is a babble!

     The index finger hit the puppet, and the sound was not loud, but Su Yu was sensed resistance. The index finger became more painful. Su Yu persisted for a while, until the finger could not bear it, then Su Yu retracted the finger.


     There was not much movement, without too many movements, but at this moment the students looked at the display screen, but they were a little dazed.

     "327 points!"

     Wu Lan a look of sluggishness, cannot bear saying: "how can it be ……he……"

     Su Yu how can it be test such a high score!

     What's wrong with Kaiyuan Nineth, there are many people who have scores less than 200 on the Nineth Kaiyuan, and they are not as high as those in the high-level exam. Otherwise, there will be more than that in civilized schools.

     Zhou Tianqi was also in a daze, "327 points... his willpower is not strong..."

     how come!

     Director Sun showed a smile, and several other examiners were nodded slightly, not surprisingly.

     People who are cruel to themselves are always sweet.

     This little guy, haven't your fingers gone?

     Seeing Wu Lan and the others don't dare to believe, Director Sun said lightly: "Student Wu Lan, you can try it with your fingers, and you may get 350 points."Upon hearing this, Wu Lan hurriedly said: "Then can I retake the exam?"


     Chief Sun is tired, didn't your family teach you?

     What is your family teaching you?

      *Cough Cough*

      Lightly coughed, Director Sun said lightly: "Next time, there is only an opportunity. By the way, don't try randomly!"

     After breaking Wu Lan's finger, he couldn't bear it.

     A fine of 10 million is nothing, but the Wu family’s finger flicker is broken, they are really under pressure.

     Take a test, who made them come up with ideas.

     Since the Wu family didn't teach her, they obviously didn't want to hurt her. After all, it didn't make much sense. Except for a little more points during the assessment, other times their families did not lack powerful weapons.

     Wu Lan was somewhat unwilling, Su Yu scored 327 points on the test, and suddenly reached 527 points. The gap with her has narrowed.

     She is really unhappy!

     She also wanted to see Su Yu's face black and heavy.

     It's okay now, that guy is very happy. At this moment, looking at her, a wild smile...

     If Su Yu knew, he would probably feel very innocent.

     He just smiled, got a high score on the test, was a little happy, smiled What happened?

     Why is it rampant?

     He didn't know, if it was deadpan now, Wu Lan would probably have to scold him too. When a woman gets angry, she will have a different understanding.

     595,527, 68 points difference.

     Su Yu narrowed the distance suddenly, and Wu Lan almost cried. She also thought that she would be 150 points higher than Su Yu this time. How could she have narrowed a lot of gaps at once.Wu Lan was annoyed, Su Yu saw it, there was some baffling, how did it feel...like to cry?

     Does this fool really want to cry?

     I didn't provoke you again, I just want to get back 20 merit points. Have you eaten your meal?


     Su Yu muttered in his heart, too lazy to bother, women are obstacles, the teacher's words have been verified again, it is too strange, I am not familiar with you at all.

     "Good exam..."

     At this time, Director Sun also spoke out and laughed: "Next, those who have not touched the text of the will, those who have not touched the divine text, and those who have not touched the original manuscript of the Ten Thousand Clan cultivation technique, do not need to take the exam. Lest you hurt yourself!"

     Obviously, the next assessment is not suitable for some ordinary students, and their assessment may end here.

     If the realm is not high, and the cultural class scores are not good, civilized academies have closed their entrance.

     Su Yu didn't care, thought for a while, walked to Wu Lan, whispered: "Silly...what, how many extra points did you accumulate?"

     Wu Lan looked at him angrily, and said nothing.

     "Forget it, I don't doubt it at all. After all, except for Wanzuyu, I don't think you can do anything, it's impossible to do a mission..."

     "Nonsense, you didn't!"

     Wu Lan was annoyed, "I have accumulated merit points! I was in a university and also helped the teacher to do ten thousand language translations. Although it was only for assistance, I have 6 merit points accumulated!"


     Su Yu dumbstruck, is there such a way?

     Is Daxia Mansion so awesome?

     Actually let the students of the secondary school perform the translation of Wanzu language, Really?He really couldn't bear, and whispered: "Walking through the back door? How else would you use your translation, this is too fake..."

     "You just walked through the back door!"

     Wu Lan said fiercely: "Last time, a large number of Wanzu language originals were seized. The strong are not willing to abolish the gods for these low-level exercises. Other teachers can't be too busy. Those of us at the cultivation stage used to assist in translation. How can this be the back door? Up!"

     She was so angry!

     And he was very angry and said: "Even in civilized institutions, students in the cultivation stage need to help translation assistance. It is considered merit points. Isn't the civilized teacher getting merit points like this? By the way, why do you accumulate merit points?"

     She should be wondering if Su Yu went through the back door!

     Where did Su Yu accumulate merit points!

     She was there in the morning assessment. At that time, I forgot that Su Yu seemed to have a lot of merits. He had 10 points accumulated... Yes, he was 10 points!

     Wu Lan's mentality collapsed!

     How could he have so many? She had forgotten before. Where did Su Yu's merits come from? Did Bai Feng walk him through the back door?

     When Su Yu heard it, he understood that the emotional civilization teacher made such a point of merit before taking off, but he... actually took the same path as the warriors.

     He is the outlier among civilized teachers!

     "You are only 6...then you are only 655 points, and I am 627 points."

     Su Yu perfectly contented!

     The difference is very small, only 28 points short, he is still worried that he will not be able to catch up, it seems hopeful.

     "By the way, master the divine text, how many points does a divine text?"


     Wu Lan ignored him, she is really angry now.

     28 points, just 28 points!Why!

     She is going to be admitted to the top genius, why can this guy Nan Yuan also get more than 600 points in the test, which is easier than in the morning, and now she can get into the top class.

     In the morning, he said that he is stronger without luck, but by strength.

     Didn't take it seriously in the morning, now... she is not convinced!

     Annoyed for a while, Wu Lan couldn't hold back, and said angrily: "You...really master the divine text?"

     "Can't tell, secret."

     "What's great, I will too!"

     Wu Lan was annoyed, and she again it's not that they can't, who is rare, "What's the use of mastering divine writing, I have mastered it a few years ago!"


     Su Yu ignored her. Most of the fool’s information is available. You don’t need to pay attention to her. The difference is 28 points. She has to find a way to smooth it out. First, it’s a pity for this fool, obviously she doesn’t care about that. Meritorious rewards.

     Next to him, Chief Sun said: "Other people will follow me and continue the assessment. By the way... Don't learn from Su Yu... Forget it, it's useless after learning, you can't do it."

     He originally wanted to say a few words not to learn from Su Yu and hurt him. He turned his head and thought, these people can't gather their vitality, they can't even do the basic gathering before Kaiyuan Eighth Layer, don't talk about other things.

     What are you talking about?

     He has left. The other students who have not yet been assessed are full of sorrow. This Chief Sun, why is it such a blow.

     What does it mean that I can’t do it after learning?

     Isn’t it just a finger poke?

     Who can't do it!Most people don't dare to try it rashly, worrying that the exam will not be good. Some people who didn't hope to pass the exam in the first place will break the jar, just try it, maybe there is hope.

     So Su Yu left for less than ten minutes, and the lowest score came out.

     3 points!

     The lowest in the audience!

     No, maybe it's the lowest assessment over the years. Someone actually scored a single number in the realm assessment. The kid of Kaiyuan First Heavy may be higher than him.

     That 3-pointer student was doubting his life at this time.

     Even if he didn't hold out hope, he really got 3 points... he suspected that he would be beaten to death by his parents when he returned home.

     Kaiyuan triple test scored 3 points, who would believe it!

     "Su Yu scored 327, 109 people killed me with one finger... I don't believe it!"

     The mentality of this student collapsed!

     He didn't believe it, he really didn't believe it, that guy just poked, how could it be such a big gap between people!

     PS: Don’t ask about the shelves, don’t say that the assessment time is too long. I only published books for 28 days. Don’t always think that 28 days are too long. Isn’t it normal for others to publish books for 28 days without a small plot? Why are you so cruel to Kitty Hawk?
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