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66 Heartbroken
    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Time passed day by day.


     On July 15, Su Yu received a notice from Daxia Civilization Academy.

     at home.

     Su Yu glanced at and couldn't help but cursed, her good mood was gone.

     "The admission fee is 10,000 yuan, the accommodation fee is 3,000, the student clothing fee is 5,000, and the book fee is 2,000, totaling 20,000."

     "Students' accommodation can be adjusted, and first-class students can stay in the nursery garden. The annual accommodation fee is 50,000 (or merit points)."

     The notice was written with precautions, and Su Yu looked a little depressed.

     With cash, he is now in his early 20,000.

     It costs 20,000 to register a name!

     Of course, you don’t need to live in an ordinary dormitory, but you can live in a sex garden, and you will have to pay 50,000 or merit points.

     Once the money was paid, he still had to starve to death in a school.

     "Father... the money you left is really not enough!"

     Su Yu’s sighing voice, wailing breath, the money left by my father is too little, and if he does not belong to oneself, he would have been starving to death on the street.

     As for what kind of nurturing garden, Su Yu definitely won't live in it now, and the merit point is not enough for himself, so what kind of nurturing garden he still lives in.

     "This Daxia Civilization Institute... is full of copper!"

     Su Yu cursed in a low voice, charging everything, why so much money!

     It has been almost half a month since the first hole of the God of War Art was opened. The essence and blood that Su Yu exchanged last time was almost there. One drop of the vitality liquid was used up, and now there is only one drop of vitality liquid left.

     A drop of vitality liquid, 30 points of merit, more than 20,000 yuan in cash, this is all the property.There is still half a month to go to school, and he has to continue to exchange his essence and blood, and even his vitality liquid, which may be used up by the time he goes to school.

     I went to Daxia Mansion empty-handed!


     Sigh and sigh, the genius enrolls students and has to pay the tuition. The genius' treatment has been given, 100 points of merit and two opportunities in the secret world, which cannot be bought by money.

     It really costs money, hundreds of millions are not enough.

     Probably Daxia Civilization Academy did not expect that there will be talented students who will have a headache because of the registration fee.

     "I have to go to the university again today to change some blood and vitality fluid."

     In the past half month, Su Yu spent money to practice at any cost, and now he has already opened the third key point of the God of War.

     In the next half month, he had to redeem some resources to continue practicing.

     Turning resources into strength, so that there will be capital to make money in the Great Xia Mansion, Su Yu still understands this truth.


     Resources Department.

     Su Yu gnashing one's teeth, and said in a low tone: "Teacher, give me 15 drops of iron-winged bird essence and 3 drops of vitality liquid."

     "Iron-winged bird essence and blood are fine, but vitality liquid..."

     The teacher of the Resource Management Office shook his head and said: "This thing was not available in the university. The drop you changed last time was borrowed from coach Liu. Su Yu, coach Liu did not send vitality liquid over recently."

     Su Yu frowned slightly. He had forgotten that the academy did not have a high-level powerhouse. No, Liu Wenyan was, but he seemed to be cultivating recently, so he probably didn't have the energy to provide the academy with vitality liquid.

     Yuanqiye was a thing that could only be bought in Daxia Mansion in the past.Nan Yuan is too small, and there are too few strong ones.

     But Su Yu could not go to Daxia Mansion to buy now.

     After thinking about it, Su Yu asked: "Teacher, I am going to Nanyuan City Lord's Mansion now, can I change to Yuan Qi Liquid?"

     The city lord also vacated, and his 3 drops of vitality liquid were provided by the city lord before.

     "If the merit level is enough, it is okay, but they may not have reserves..."

     The resource management teacher thought a bit then said: "You really want to change. I suggest you go to Longwuwei to change. Longwuwei is also vacated. They are few, so he should have some reserves."

     "But I don't know at all where Longwuwei station is."

     The teacher smiled and said: "This is not difficult. Recently, Nan Yuan is going to escort you freshmen to the Daxia Mansion for school. Long Wuwei will also protect along the way. These days, you should negotiate with the City Lord Mansion. You may find it. Shashi is long."

     "Thank you, teacher."

     Su Yu thanked him, in exchange for 15 drops of essence and blood, not only he needed to use it, but the "blood" brother had recently begun to resuscitate and absorb the essence and blood. With 15 drops of essence and blood, he started practicing 10 times.

     The rest is reserved for future use in case of danger.

     "It's better to "Lei"!"

     Su Yu sighed, "Blood" divine writing absorbs essence and blood, and it costs a lot of money. "Thunder" divine writing does not cost money. As for absorbing a little willpower, it is free, Su Yu doesn't care much.

     In fact, if the civilized master knows his mind, he will probably scold him to death.

     Absorb some blood to strengthen yourself, what is this?

     This is the most outstanding model of God text!Divine writings such as "thunder", which absorb willpower, are the divine writings that civilized masters have a headache. Therefore, civilized masters contain divine writings, and their willpower has been very exhausted and difficult to supplement.

     When he arrived at Su Yu, he also blamed the "blood" in the magical writing, live in plenty without appreciating it.


     After a little half an hour, Nanyuan City Lord Mansion.

     Su Yu waited for a while outside the city lord's mansion and finally saw Xia Bing.

     "Master Xia..."

     Su Yu greeted in advance, Xia Bing turned the head and looks to him, surprised: "You are looking for me?"

     "Master Xia!" Su Yu didn't go round the curves and skirting the corners, and immediately said: "There is no vitality liquid to exchange in the academy. The teacher suggested that I come to Long Wuwei to ask, do you have a reserve of vitality liquid?"

     "Vital energy liquid..."

     Xia Bing glanced at him with bright light flashes in his eyes and passed away. The next moment, he said somewhat astonished, "Opening other acupuncture points... so fast?"

     No wonder you need vitality liquid!

     This kid actually opened another hole.

     Su Yu said honestly: "Isn't there a vitality liquid rewarded by Your Excellency the City Lord recently? I will use it to try to cultivate and rejuvenate, but the consumption is too large, and the vitality liquid is not enough."


     Xia Bing nodded and said: "Nan Yuan Qi is weak, it is troublesome to cultivate, and resuscitation consumes the most energy. Long Wuwei does have it here. Under normal circumstances, it will not be opened to the outside world... I also can't do anything about it. You open up the military exchange system."

     "Well, I personally there's some left reserve, you just exchange your normal merit points with me."

     Long Wuwei is stationed here, Daxia Mansion is provided with vitality liquid.But that is the resources of the military, not external supply.

     It is no problem for Xia Bing to exchange it to Su Yu personally. He this was originally so vacated, and he could condense himself.

     "Many thanks to sir!"

     Su Yu hurriedly thanked him. If it weren't for Xia Bing's help, he would really not be able to change the vitality liquid in Nanyuan, nor was there in the city lord's mansion. He also asked before.

     Xia Bing didn't care about this either, and said, "What are you practicing "God of War Technique"?"


     "The God of War Art can be opened so quickly, but the speed is not slow."

     Xia Bing explained: "Long Wuwei generally majored in "God of War Art", while the Demonic Army majored in basic combat art."

     The basic fighting technique is the exercise method of this series of "Qianjun Jue".

     "You practice the God of War Art, and you really want to make progress faster. In addition to the will of your civilized academy, you can actually go to Longwuwei or the war academy and ask someone for advice."

     Xia Bing pointed: "The soldiers on duty in Long Wuwei certainly can't give you advice, but those who are not on duty are veterans who have practiced for many years, so you can avoid detours."

     "Well, I remember, thank you for your mention."

     "You're welcome."

     Xia Bing said as he walked: "The things are in my living place. I didn't bring them out. Come with me. In a few days, you will go to Daxia Mansion together. Along the way, we will work with the city guards to protect you on the road."

     Su Yu cannot bear saying: "Master Xia, is the road dangerous?"

     "Somewhat."Xia Bing explained: "You should know that Ten Thousand Clan Sects are now active in Daxia Mansion. Although many people were killed last time, it is difficult to guarantee that no one is lurking. This is one point, and the other is to be careful of local demons. , These guys are also very troublesome."

     "Local becomes a monster..."

     Su Yu had heard of it, but hadn’t seen it, and somewhat curious said: “I’ve seen it in the book, because some parts of the human realm are full of vitality, and some native beasts in the human realm may become monsters, but generally they don’t. Strong, will they attack humans?"

     "It depends."

     Xia Bing smiled and said: "Sometimes, sometimes not. These monsters follow one's heart's desires, but their intelligence is not perfect. Sometimes they unconsciously attack the guys who break into their territory."

     "We clean up every year, but every year a new monster race is born, so you still need protection along the way. After all, you don't have much combat power."

     Xia Bing said helplessly: "Because of this, there are some troubles between the cities. The caravans have to move on a large scale, and the roads along the way are often destroyed. This thing is inexhaustible and can only be cleaned up frequently. Can't kill all the beasts?"

     Su Yu nodded, this is also true, it is impossible to leave only the human race in the human state.

     Xia Bing said again: "On land, it’s okay. Frequent cleanups will cause trouble in the sea! Because there are more beasts in the sea and not so easy to clean up, this has also led to frequent outbreaks of monster tides in several large seas. Students trained by the Sea War Academy , Most of them entered the Naval Combat Corps."

     Chen Hao had thought about entering the Maritime War College before, and the admission score was lower.The sea battlefield is not above the battlefield of the heavens, but within the human realm.

     Human race has the strength to suppress, the key is that these things can not be killed, it is very troublesome.

     Of course, Su Yu actually guessed that there may be some thoughts on training soldiers, or as a resource provision point, otherwise, some Invincible Experts from the sea area should be settled quickly.

     "Master Xia, wouldn't it be dangerous on that road?"

     "Normally, it won't, unless Ten Thousand Races Sect is attacked, but it's almost impossible."

     Su Yu was tremble with fear, and hurriedly said, "Master Xia, don't say this."

     This kind of saying is generally not possible, it is almost impossible, and it is more likely to be realized in the end.

     Su Yu, who often reads, knows this kind of person, who is a typical crow mouth.

     Xia Bing obviously knew what he meant, smiled, and didn't say much. Soon, a small courtyard arrived.

     Su Yu is somewhat astonished, is this Long Wuwei residence?

     It's not far from his home.

     "It's our station..." Xia Bing knew what he was thinking, and smiled: "It's okay, we will change places soon. Long Wuwei is stationed in Nanyuan with few people. We usually change places every few days. Lest the ten thousand ethnic religions know our whereabouts."

     "You are waiting here, I'll go in and get something for you."

     Su Yu didn't dare to trespass, so he waited outside the door.

      After a while, Xia Bing came out and lost a bottle. Su Yu hurriedly caught it and took out the merit card.

     Meritorious card, this is not made by civilized institutions, but made by scientific research institutions.Said it is a card, it is actually a small scale machine, similar to something like a calculator.

     Su Yu docked his card with Xia Bing's, and entered the password, which showed that there were 15 merits on the card, and then transferred them all to Xia Bing.

     Xia Bing glanced at it, cannot bear saying: "Have you run out of it?"

     Does this kid do any merit?

     Even he knows that this kid earned 40 points of merit in the assessment. In addition, Mission Completion received 10 points of merit. In addition, he also received a lot of merit rewards in the previous assessment of Wanzu Language Institute. Chen Hao's 3 points of merit. reward……

     Counting it down, this kid probably has more than 70 merit points.

     Is this gone?

     In a Kaiyuan realm, so much merit has been spent in such a short time, which is more extravagant than Qianjun.

     70 points of merit, how much do you have to kill?

     Even the most important ones have to kill more than twenty!

     Su Yu said embarrassedly: "I have recently had a spiritual essay, which consumes relatively quickly."

     "Divine text..."

     Xia Bing dazed for a moment, and then became clear, and said with emotion: "Yes, you civilized teachers have to cultivate divine writings! When you arrive at a school, you will spend more, you have to take classes, and you have to borrow those cultivation technique original manuscript... Your home environment...I am afraid it will be unaffordable."

     "When you arrive at the Daxia Mansion, Long Wuwei and the army, including Jifengtang, have an external lobby where you can publish some Daily Quests. If you want to earn some merit, you can go and check it out. Of course, your institution itself has it."

     After speaking, Xia Bing said again: "Don't take the mission to the battlefield of the heavens. It's too dangerous. You are just students after all."

     "I see, thank you for your suggestion."Su Yu thanked him again, but Xia Bing was very talkative, not the same as his previous indifference.

     He was not prepared to ask why, he thought it might be the reason for his talent.

     As a result, he did not ask, but Xia Bing himself said, "Your father's side... Although the battlefields in the heavens have been relatively calm recently, small-scale battles have been going on. Your father led the Hundred-Man Group under his command to perform tasks. It's hurt a bit, but it's fine."

     "There is news from the Daxia Mansion. The situation of these Nanyuan soldiers will be reported and handled in Nanyuan City. Your father is more worried about you and wants to transfer some of his merits to you through the Military System, so as not to enroll you. Not enough after..."

     Su Yu complexion slightly changed, hurriedly said: "My dad was injured?"

     "No serious injury, minor injuries, very common on the battlefield."

     Xia Bing explained: "No need to be worried. It’s useless to worry about something. There has been no war recently, just a small trouble. I just came out of the city lord’s mansion to hand over the military’s merit system and yours. Docking problem."

     "Your father's side has been seized recently, and the merit award will soon be delegated. According to his opinion, we will pass it to you through the merit system..."

     Su Yu's face was a little dark and uncertain, "I don't need it! Leave it to my dad. He needs these to improve his own strength on the battlefield... By the way, sir, can our merits be transferred to each other?"

     "Yes, there are no restrictions on my family."

     Xia Bing opened the mouth and said: "It is very common for some soldiers on the battlefield to transfer their merits to their own family. Of course, it is not a cumulative merit.""Your father is also worried about your lack of merit in going to a school..."

     "I do not need."

     Su Yu takes a deep breath, "My dad may not earn as much as I did. What's more, what I earn is easy to earn. He is going to kill... Master Xia, can help me tell my father, what I have done now Very good, can't you run out of merit points?"

     "I will convey this to you through the Demon Squad, but your father may not be able to receive it, and their location will always change. I am afraid it will take a long time to receive.

     Su Yu silently nodded.

     Father is injured!

     Maybe not serious, but it didn't take long for him to go to the battlefield of the heavens.

     Transfer the merit points to yourself... Are you afraid that he won't be able to come back?

     In the past, Su Long's merit points were given to those old brothers on the battlefield, but this time it was passed to himself. Maybe Su Long was really worried that he would not be able to return, his son had not made a career, and even his studies would not continue.

     No wonder Xia Bing was not so cold and polite this time, perhaps not because of oneself talent, but because of his father's performance on the battlefield.

     "One thousand stones, toss about!"

     Su Yu muttered dullly, somewhat discontented, and a little angry.

     When Xia Bing heard it, his lips moved slightly, has not spoken.

     Your kid is not a great man, but he dislikes your father.

     But Su Yu’s worry is also can understand. Xia Bing didn’t bother with this, and said: “Su Yu, if you are sure that you don’t need it, then your father’s merits will not be handed over nearby, but now you go to a civilized institution... I think you'd better accept it."

     "How much did my dad accumulate?"

     "53 points."Su Yu frowned, so much!

     Yes, a lot. This means that Su Long's meritorious service is comparable to killing 5 enemies of the early Wanshi era, so that he can obtain so much merit, and he has not been on the battlefield for long.

     Of course, as a centurion, he has leadership skills and some bonus rewards.

      no matter what, in such a short time, Su Long accumulated 53 points of merit, which made Su Yu somewhat concerned and worried.

     Is Dad too fierce?

     Is it possible to find Wanshi's heads-up in the middle and late stages on the battlefield?

     "I don't want to. He keeps it for himself to change things for cultivation. It's only 50 o'clock. If it can be passed to my dad... I will say that I am not short of money. Recently I sold my house... The government finds a rich man to join!"


     Xia Bing looked at him and said nothing for a long time.

     Boy, are you worried that your dad can't die and want to piss him off?

     But I quickly understood Su Yu’s feelings, and laughed: "Okay, I'll help you convey it! In addition, I will help you convey the first thing in your college assessment, so that your dad no need to be worried, in Daxia If the government has encountered some trouble, if it does not violate the laws and rules, you can ask the local military service for help."

     "Ok, I know."

     Xia Bing didn't say much, patted his shoulder, and said with emotion: "Don't worry, Human Race is invincible, nothing will happen! Your father will also be proud of your achievements. Those of us, we want nothing but Pray for family safety and be able to stand out among one's peers."

     He is also middle-aged, and he has a wife and children at home. He is stationed in Nanyuan, but his wife and children are not here.

     Seeing Su Yu, he couldn't help but assume the role of father.There are many sergeants in the Daxia Mansion, and the fathers are fighting on the battlefield. They are afraid that the offspring will be abandoned in the rear. They can be as good as Su Yu. This is probably what all of those people want to see.


     After talking with Xia Bing, Su Yu felt a little heavy.

     Xia Bing was too upright!

     You shouldn’t say anything about injuries.

     Of course, no matter what he said, it is better to know than not to know, but this also made Su Yu even more anxious.

     His mentality to become stronger became more urgent!

     On the father's side, he doesn't know at what time he will participate in the war. Once the war breaks out, let alone Wanshi, it may not be safe to fly.

     "I follow the prescribed order to practice, and the speed won't be slow...but I...maybe I should open the album again!"

     The seven-tiered iron-winged bird cultivation speed is a bit slow for him now.

     "The strength of the essence and blood that was turned on for the first time is probably the manifestation of the realm after it is turned on... I can't turn on too strong now, but I can turn on the Wanshi 1st... I can barely bear it."

     Su Yu was lost in thought and dreamed of that many monsters. In the past few years, he actually found several corresponding monsters, but he was not so sure.

     Even if some are confirmed, no corresponding blood can be found.

     "Anchovy and Tortoise can be determined, but Nan Yuan doesn't have their essence and blood. I may be able to buy them when I go to Daxia Mansion."

     Before opening the page of Iron Wing Bird, Su Yu felt that it was enough. Now he should not take risks, but ask for stability. After all, he is making rapid progress.But Xia Bing's words made Su Yu somewhat impatient.

     He had to open a stronger album of monsters to speed up his cultivation. Qianjun Seven Layers was not slow, but Su Yu could not be satisfied.

     "The key is... merit points and money!"

     Su Yu has a big head. If he opens the Monster Atlas of the Ten Thousand Stone Realm, does that mean that he will have to cultivate with the blood of the Thousand Stone Realm in the future?

     "The Ten Thousand Stone Realm is much more expensive than the Qianjun Realm!"

     "Maybe... I should accept the merit points transferred by the old man... His strength is slow. Is it possible to avoid participating in too strong battles?"

     Su Yu shook his head, be carried away by one's wishful thinking. On the battlefield, weaker might die faster.

     Of course, strength is the same, unless it is invincible.

     "Father, you are really heartbreaking..."

     Su Yu sighed, he was so grown-up, it didn't make people worry, it was a headache.


     Battlefield of the heavens.

     Somewhere in the military camp.

     Su Long said to several sergeants with emotion: "My son is still young, he can't cook, and he can't wash clothes... Hey, I'm so sorry for him, and I don't know I'm leaving so many days. I’m not hungry. I was admitted to the Daxia Civilization Academy, and the cost was high. I don’t know if I can bring me a daughter-in-law back at the Academy..."

     "Centurion, there is no news from your son, you will know he can go to Daxia Civilization Academy?"There was a long joke, Su Long's eyes widened, and he said with dissatisfaction: "I have to ask? My son can't pass the exam, so no one in Nan Yuan can pass the exam! Extremely certain! I have made the last meritorious point. Turning back, that kid has these merits, and after a few years, when I go home, he will at least be in a very good condition!"

     Someone next to him jokingly said: "It's a big deal? You just say that your son will be vacated in a few years! Isn’t it vacant to graduate from a civilized school? After a few years, come to our legion and become a master of the civilized division. See you I have to call your lord!"

     Su Long blushed and said angrily: "What happened? Is it impossible? My son is a genius! Maybe not in a few years, but not in ten or twenty years? At that time you were still in the army and he came to be Civilization teacher, you are all his grandsons, you have to call Master Su when you meet!"

     "Hahaha, yes, I will call you Mrs. Su at that time, are you satisfied?"

     Su Long glared at each other, who was also a centurion, this guy was higher than himself, and was usually very arrogant.

     Su Long gnashing one's teeth, "Wait! When my son becomes a civilized teacher, I will slap you in the face one by one! The surname is Liu, don't be arrogant, your daughter and my son still look down on him, and the civilized teacher is afraid that he won't get a wife? "

     The man next to him snorted, "As soon as you come, this old thing hits my daughter, going round the curves and skirting the corners, wanting to stretch your son, dreaming! My daughter will participate in the higher education examination next year, the Great Summer War College is extremely certain , In a year or two, it will be Qianjun and even Wanshi. You Su Long will not look in the mirror. There are a few people who can graduate from the Civilization Institute...

     Su Long is so angry that he will be singled out!

     Can't graduate from civilized schools?

     Who said this!However... It seems a bit difficult.

     Su Long was a little discouraged, and the next moment his mouth not match with heart said: "If you can't graduate, you can also be a coach at a civilized institution. It's safer, better than your daughter, fight to the end as a barbarian!"

     "Su Long, are you going to fight?"

     "Come on, who's afraid of whom! You dare to say that my son is not good, I will give it up today and kill you disrespectful old fellow!"


     The two started fighting again, and everyone else was watching the jokes happily. It's good to fight. There has been no war recently, so it's good to watch the fun.

     But for Su Yu, everyone has some impressions at the moment.

      frail scholar!

     Poor, frail and weak, may still be a sick child, look at the old Su anxious, the legion will go around asking who has a girl, is this afraid that his son will not marry a wife?
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