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70 I Am Rich And Strong! (Large Chapter For Recommendation)
    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Su Yu was panting, the city guard's helmet covered him, but no one recognized him.

     Feeling the gaze coming, Su Yu raised his head and glanced at. Seeing the old man, Su Yu hurriedly got up and bowed slightly to show respect.

     The strong!

     The real strong!

     The Xia Bing who killed him could only defend and could not resist, and the strong man of Ten Thousand Races who made Xia Bing seriously injured was actually killed by the opponent's Dividing Space Strike.

     The opponent is at least Lingyun Realm!

     Of course, it may be the peak of the sky, Su Yu is unrecognizable, he has not seen such a strong shot.

     Moreover, the opponent was hundreds of meters away, bursts of golden light, and at the same time killed hundreds of thousands of religious people, this is probably not even the same Realm's fighters, it should be a civilized division.

     Seeing that he also looked towards this side, the old man smiled and nodded slightly.

     Then I didn't look at Su Yu, but at other students, someone was crying bitterly.

     The old man looked for a while, the sound was not loud, but it spread all over:

     "This is what you will experience sooner or later!"

     "Although it is a little earlier, you who have already embarked on the road to higher education, this is a scene that will definitely be experienced, and it may be more cruel!"

     "Classmates, coaches, comrades-in-arms, friends, lovers...maybe one day, they will all die in front of you!"

     The old man slowly said: "The strong road, very lonely, very sad!"

     "If you can't bear it, then give up."

     "Death will accompany you in the future. You will die when you go to the battlefields of the heavens, you will die when you perform tasks, and you will die when you practice. Step by step, death will always be with you...""Today, it's just an appetizer."

     The old man whispered softly: "Crying is useless, and cowardice is useless! If you give up, you can give up now. If you don't want to give up, then be strong!"

     Over there, Xia Bing was cleaning the battlefield.

     At this moment, the wound on his body is still bleeding.

     After listening to the old man, Xia Bing raised his head, looked at everyone, and said coldly: "The moment you walk out of Nanyuan, you are soldiers! Don't say that you didn't give you time to prepare and you didn't give you time to adapt! The middle school is five years, so Your adaptation period!"

     "This time going to Daxia Mansion is your practical course!"

     "If he orders you go, he forbids you stop, hasn't the institution taught you?"

     "Let you stay where you are, why resist the order!"

     "So scared, so scared, then don't leave Nanyuan, and continue to live in Nanyuan, why bother to follow the path of cultivators?"

     "Do you think that going to Daxia Mansion is to enjoy the blessing? Or to pick up money and get resources for nothing?"

     Xia Bing said coldly: "If you can't adapt, you will be eliminated! Cowards don't deserve to be trained! Countless fighters are on the front line, and you don't have as many resources as you have. You have talent, and talent is a fart!"

     "If you have talent, no spirit, no persistence, no courage, you still can't become a strong one! A waste of resources, it is better to send it to the front line and give it to those soldiers in need!"

     "You are in the rear, for the same task, you get twice the reward of the front line, why? Because you are talented and have the hope of becoming a strong person. If you lose this hope... sorry, no place, no idlers!"Xia Bing spoke very straight, and pointed at the remains of the city guards lying on the ground with a heart-wrenching expression, and said angrily: "If not because of, some of you don't listen to the military order, run around and rush, disrupting the formation. A few comrades in arms will not sacrifice here!"

     "Their lives, you lost!"

     "They are also human and young, so why should they work for you! Because they are soldiers, they know what responsibility is, do you know?"

     In the crowd, someone choked.

     Several students who ran around and broke into the formation lost their voices in pain. They survived, but it turned out that they were saved by others.

     The city guards and Long Wuwei cleaned the battlefield silently, no one spoke.

     The atmosphere is very cold.

     This is the first lesson taught to these college students, a real practical lesson.

     Today, there are city guards and Long Wuwei guarding them to the death, but such opportunities are not always available, and students who cannot bear it, it is better not to go to a school.

     The atmosphere was cold, and someone in the crowd suddenly screamed!

     "Ayu, how about you?"

     "Ayu...oo...it's over..."

     Chen Hao's voice came out. This guy was looking for Su Yu just now, but he didn't find it. Looking at the corpses all over the floor, Chen Hao was anxious. Is he dead?

     Xia Bing originally wanted to take the opportunity to teach these students, and his face twitched.

     This bastard stuff!

     Over there, Su Yu also took the opportunity to take off his clothes, walked out of the car, and cursed, "Shut up!"When Chen Hao saw Su Yu, he was relaxed and walked hurriedly. Then he looked surprised and whispered: "Ayu, why are you so scared like this, pissed the pants?"

     Su Yu was covered with water, in fact sweat, and his clothes were soaked.

      complexion blanches, sweat is dripping at this moment.

     After hearing Chen Hao's words, Su Yu wanted to kill him.

      Glared at him, Su Yu shouted in a low voice: "Shut up, just say a few words if you can't speak!"

     Chen Hao somewhat embarrassed, and then whispered: "You murdered?"

     He followed Su Yu last time and killed two Qianjun realms.

     Now that Su Yu came out, he felt that Su Yu was definitely not hiding, maybe he had just killed the 10,000 cultists.

     Su Yu is courageous!

     As he said, he looked at Su Yu's knife, and sure enough, he saw the blood that had not been wiped clean, and suddenly a thought flashed through the mind, and some complained: "I should have called me together just now, I will help you attract people... …"


     Su Yu didn't bother to pay attention to him. There were people everywhere just now, and he used your quote.

     You guy, don't attract dozens of them to me at once, I have nowhere to cry.

     While they were talking, the old man said: "The battlefield is quickly cleaned up, and the remains of the soldiers and students are returned to Tianshui City, and then Tianshui City will escort the remains to Nanyuan!

     "Let’s go to Tianshui City quickly, join the team of Tianshui City, and be careful of the Ten Thousand Clan to return in a swirl of dust!"

     Xia Bing heard the words and shouted: "The trainees got in the car, the damaged car gave up, Long Wuwei abandoned the car and walked, and the city guards followed!"

      "Yes!"The sergeants took their orders and vacated a few vehicles for the students whose vehicles had been destroyed.

     Some students were embarrassed and wanted to refuse. Xia Bing coldly shouted: "On the battlefield, military orders are like mountains! With that heart, kill more enemies in the future. It's better than now. Let your group of Kaiyuan walk, you can walk. Will it only drag people down!"

     "When you are on the battlefield, don't try to help the strong kill the enemy, do your part, this is the greatest contribution to the strong!"

     "Evacuate if you let you evacuate, do what you ask you to do, don't follow your own temperament!"

     "Don't give me a bitter drama on the battlefield. If your lover is dead, leave immediately, find a way to get revenge, instead of being an idiot, waiting to be killed there, add one more corpse!"

     Xia Bing spoke coldly, and shouted coldly: "You talented students, you have a good talent, but you are really on the battlefield. Every year, many soldiers die because of your waywardness!"

     "Some are arrogant and obstinate, some are reckless, and some believe oneself infallible. When you are on the battlefield, you often need the military to rescue you. You come and go. Every year, more than a thousand soldiers are killed or injured by talented students!

     "People like you should make you suffer more!"

     "Xia Shi is long..."

     Over there, the old man is lightly coughed, almost enough, and if he continues to scold him, these students will be stumbled, unable to rise.

     Xia Bing didn't care, and continued to command the team to move forward.


     After a while, the team continued on the road.

     They didn't do the search work. There will be Tianshui City Guards to do it later. Their task is to protect the students, not to eliminate all ethnic groups.With the protection of the elder, it is clear that you will be safe all the way.

     Rear of the convoy.

     People like Xia Bing walked and the vehicles were slow, so they followed.

     The old man was also among the walking crowd, and while following, he whispered: "That was Su Yu just now?"

     "It's him."

     "Has the battle report been counted?"

     Xia Bing glanced at him and said lightly: "Do you need to report to you the military report?"

     "Xia Bing, the old man is just asking, I don't want the previous thing to happen." The old man said helplessly: "Our task is to observe whether there is a large group of people from all ethnic groups. The other party does not have many manpower and strength. Some confusion, obscure the facts..."

     Xia Bing said solemnly: "I have no right to accuse you! The attack is also related to my dereliction of duty, but since the two are guarding, why the other person will stay away? Tianshui City is not without guarding power, this is your dereliction of duty!"

     "I will report it, and the other one needs to take responsibility! If the other party has a relationship with Tianshui City, and dereliction of duty during the war, for the relatives to leave the team, I would like to see how your civilized institutions explain!"

     The old man has a headache, somewhat grudgingly.

     It was hit by Xia Bing!

     That colleague... really has something to do with Tianshui City. This time, one of the other's grand-nephews was in the team of Tianshui City, so I heard that there was a problem there and rushed over.

     This time, I'm afraid the trouble is not small.The old man can only sympathize with that person, but it has little to do with him, and continues: "He will take responsibility for this matter himself, and you don't need to remind you. About Su Yu, tell me about it, you It should be noted, much One person pays attention, he also has one more chance, isn't that so? ”

     Xia Bing was silent for a moment, and then said: "I asked about it. About 20 people were killed when the opponent was confused. Specifically, they are now unconfirmed. The patriarchs he killed himself, I looked for a moment. It's 4 people."

     There is merit in killing the enemy, and the soldiers will not take credit, but they will not take credit.

     The credit for killing 4 people was unclaimed, and Xia Bing went to check it. Su Yu should have killed it, with some thunderous aura, it should be killed by Lei Yuandao.

     "4 people were beheaded...twenty people were disturbed."

     The old man murmured, "He is only Kaiyuan Jiuzhong. Even if he can kill 4 enemies by himself with the interference of the gods, it is beyond the old man's expectation! His information, I have seen, should not be so strong..."

     Xia Bing hesitated to speak, but he actually saw some clues.

     Su Yu's explosive power surpassed Kaiyuan Realm!

     Killing 4 people is simply and neat!

     This is not what Kaiyuan can do!

     But hesitated for a moment, he still didn't say that this might be Su Yu's assassin, there is no need to expose others' assassins.

     A little more self-defense is also good.

     Who can be sure that the old man in front of him is definitely not a bad person.

     "The divine text he outlines is the Blood ‘血’ character divine text and the ‘thunder’ divine text. This illusion interference is the Blood ‘血’ character divine text effect or the ‘thunder’ word divine text effect?"Xia Bing frowned and said, "How to know, I am not a civilized teacher."

     "Two divine texts..." The old man didn't care, and whispered: "Illusory interference, not a special feature, many divine texts have. But in the Kaiyuan stage, the willpower is not in the cultivation stage, and it can be used. Used it many times, it shows that his divine writing consumes very little willpower..."

     "This divine text is very strong at this stage!"

     The old man can only say that, as to whether it is strong or not when it reaches the sky or the higher stage, it is hard to say.

     But at least now, Su Yu's divine writing is very strong.

     At least for those Qianjun, when they were interfered in the battle, they could hardly eliminate the interference. When they reached Wanshi or vacated, Su Yu's interference power should not be strong.

     And this thing is only suitable for unaware opponents, informed opponents, once they know this feature, the effect will be a great decline.

     "He is not strong, so he outlines two divine writings..."

     The old man fell into deep thought, and suddenly said: "He is Liu Wenyan's student?"

     Xia Bing nodded.

     "Then it is possible. Liu Wenyan used to specialize in the divine writing course. He was a genius divine writer in the divine writing course..."

     Xia Bing showed suspicion, "Liu was not a civilized teacher in the past years."

     Divine literary master is not called casually.

     It didn't take long for Liu Wenyan to be in the air, and he couldn't be considered a genius divine writer.

     The old man smiled, "You don't understand, that guy... hey!"

      sighed saying, the old man whispered softly: "He has a brother, you know?"

     "Yes, Master Hong Tan.""Since you know that Master Hong is his junior, you are not curious, why did he fall to this point?"

     Xia Bing said in a dull voice: "I'm not interested, it's no good to know more!"

     "You these people!"

     The old man laughed and said, "Dragon Wuwei are all iron knots! Liu Wenyan has indeed not been realized, but many years ago, he reached the stage of nourishment, and even the peak. fifteen years ago, he outlined more than 20 divine texts, at that time , He is the most promising young powerhouse in the line of divine writers!"

     Xia Bing listened attentively.

     The old man suddenly did not speak!

     Xia Bing was bored without asking.

     The old man couldn't bear and said amused: "Not curious?"

     "If you want to say it, then say it!"

     "Liu Wenyan actually has a background, he is a disciple of the previous governor... fifteen years ago the governor fell, and when he left, he passed down a divine text..."

     "Shut up!"

     Xia Bing suddenly lightly shouted and said in a low voice, "I've heard about this before, so I don't need to talk about it! Anyway, I'm afraid of causing trouble to myself!"

     He vaguely understood.

     But he didn't want to ask again.

      fifteen years ago, Daxia Civilization Academy was almost inflicted, and finally ended in the expulsion of a group of people by the Saint Wantian.

     And those people are all geniuses.

     Many of them are related to the five generations of governors!

     At that time, it was also regarded as a move by the Saint Wantian to clean up civilized institutions and clean the marks of the five generations of prefects.

     He originally thought that Liu Wenyan was just one of those people, but he never thought that he was actually one of the principals, a disciple of the previous governor.

     He really didn't know this matter.Whose student Hong Tan is, now no one asks, no one publicizes, almost no one knows.

     Only now did he know that Hong Tan and Liu Wenyan were both students of the five-generation governor.

     That being the case, Liu Wenyan was expelled until now, and it may involve some high-level civilized divisions fighting for battle, or even a person at the level of Saint Ten Thousand Heavens, which is not something that Xia Bing can mix with.

     "President Wan... Coach Liu... Researcher Hong..."

     Xia Bing cast his gaze toward the car ahead. Su Yu is Liu Wenyan's student, so he won't be implicated, right?

     Wan Tiansheng expelled Liu Wenyan back then. Now if Su Yu had no talent, it would be better if he had a strong talent, would it be affected?

     The old man was also looking at the car and said with a smile: "Don't worry, probably not something is going on! The Chief Wan was also a helpless action back then. If no action is taken, a major event may happen to the civilized academy. This matter has been many years, otherwise Bai Feng and others , How can I get rich in a school."

     Xia Bing didn't answer, and asked, "You asked Su Yu, do you want to get involved?"

     "Look at the situation. Bai Feng has had a hard time recently, and his energy is not high. I think Su Yu has a good talent. Don't be delayed."

     The old man squinted his eyes and said with a smile: "I, No matter good or bad is also intermediate researcher, is not more reliable than Bai Feng?"

     Xia Bing was too lazy to mix up this matter, and said casually: "Then none of my business, my task is to escort them to the civilized academy safely!"

     The old man nodded, smiled, and said: "Then please let Xia Shi make arrangements, what is the space for us to talk?"

     "When you arrive in Tianshui City, you are free, not now!"Xia Bing was not too polite, the intermediate researcher, the weakest was Ling Yun.

     Tengkong can become an assistant researcher, and also hope to become a junior researcher, but an intermediate researcher is usually a Lingyun realm. In some cases, some mountain and sea realms may be an intermediate researcher.

     The old man, the weakest is also Lingyun.


      After over half an hour.

     Tianshui City is here.

     The convoy did not enter the city, but was repaired at a reception station outside the city.

     There were also people from Tianshui City, and they handed over with Xia Bing.

     Being attacked by the patriarchs of thousands of ethnic groups is a major event, and Tianshui City also takes it seriously, not to mention that it is still in their territory, and something has happened to Yuanshui Village. Tianshui City has long arranged for the city guards to search and suppress.


     These things have nothing to do with Su Yu and others.

     Because of the attack, they were arranged to the reception station. They will not continue on their way today. They will rest for a night and make adjustments. They will not move on tomorrow.

     In the room.

     Su Yu is relaxed, Tianshui City has a good arrangement, two people per room, he and Chen Hao are arranged in the same room.

     Su Yu was suddenly attacked today, while Su Yu was nervous and at the same time relieved a lot.

     Hanging all the time is actually very worrying.

      It is currently already happening, and it is more reassuring to pass it safely.

     The door of the room was knocked while wiping the body's sweat liquid. Marsh of the city guard was hanging his arms, and a wound on his cheek was still bleeding. When Chen Hao opened the door, Marsh laughed and said, "Su Yu, Brother, I was too busy today, I didn't have time to thank you, come out and chat!"Su Yu walked out of the bathroom and saw Mr. Marsh, somewhat concerned and said, "Brother Ma is okay?"

     "Small injury!"

     Mr. Marsh didn't care about this. Then he thought of something. He turned his head and said, "This is the civilized teacher from Daxia Mansion. I will tell you something later. Let's talk about us first."

     After that, he motioned Su Yu to sit down and said seriously: "We also heard about the merits of Jifengtang last time, but we didn't expect to witness it with our own eyes this time! Last time I was somewhat skeptical, and it was true this time. Admire from the bottom of my heart!"

     "If it weren't for you, brother, you would have to die more than a dozen brothers today!"

     "Civilized Master is stronger, Kaiyuan is better than Wanshi..."

     Behind him, the old man was smiling. He liked that others praised that the civilized division was better than the warriors, especially the one warrior said, which made people happy.

     "I told the centurion a long time ago that ambushing is a fart. Do it frontally, and the patriarch would dare to confront us? If it wasn't for your help from my brother today, I would rely on the ambushes...we still does not know death how many people!"

     The old man's face stiffened, Nan Yuan's side... really can't speak.

     I think he was a dignified intermediate researcher, and he was stabbed here.

     That’s what Mr. Marsh said, and he quickly laughed: “If you don’t mention this, the general will inevitably be killed in battle. After eating this meal, death and injury will inevitably be avoided! I also have a mission this time, and I am here to count your merits. !"

     "Su Yu, listen to the order!"


     Su Yu hurriedly got up, Marsh said seriously: "I ask, you answer!"


     "Are you hand-cutting 4 ten thousand sect bandits today?"

      "Yes!""Do you use divine texts to interfere with many patriarchs?"


     "The statistics are 7 times. Is it wrong? A total of 21 people were disturbed. Is it clear?"

     Su Yu thought for a while and said: "It should be 8 times, 23 people in total..."

     Su Yu briefly talked about the situation of each interference. Marsh Chang used his right hand to record it and said, "I will report this for the eighth time. The current statistics are only 7 times."

     After the routine inquiries, Mr. Marsh was no longer serious, and he laughed and said, "well done! If the civilized division is like you, nothing will happen to us!"

     "I'm just interfering, the actual killing of the enemy is due to the soldiers..."

     "Don't worry, whose credit is the one!"

     After Mr. Marsh said, he turned around and left. Someone in Su Yu couldn't bear it and whispered: "Brother Ma, am I doing meritorious service this time?"

     "of course!"

     "Then... how much merit can I get?"

     Mr. Marsh dazed for a moment, scratching his head and said: "This will be counted back, and you will be notified, but if you are in a hurry... I will let you do it urgently, and that's right, you are going to a school soon after all."

     As he said, he laughed and said: "It will not be less. I will interfere with more than 20 enemies. Although I don't kill them personally, a little merit can be obtained. This is wartime, and there will be more merit points. This is more than 20. Click it, plus 4 hand blades, 3 in the mid-term, and a seven-fold, that is 9 points of merit!""This time you will be counted as assisting Mission Completion. After all, the situation was urgent at the time. There's some left extra rewards, including some loot seizures... But very few. It's a group of poor ghosts. Together, you can probably get close to 40 points. Merit of right and left."

     Su Yu one's hearth is happy, it's worth it!

     This time he spent a total of two drops of blood, and at the moment there is only 1 drop of blood left on his body, and he is somewhat worried.

     It's good now, and I made so much in one fell swoop.

     During the war, the military's merits were happily given, and it was almost impossible to interfere with one by one.

     "Then... probably at what time can you post it?"

     "Soon, we will report to Tianshui City. Once you arrive at the university, you can get it from the Daxia Civilization Academy."

     Su Yu is relaxed, but fortunately, he is now penniless and worried, and finally no need to be worried to eat and sleep.

     Marsh finished speaking and said with a smile: "You talk to this civilized teacher, I'll go there first, take a rest early, and get up early tomorrow!"

     "I see, thank you Brother Ma!"

     Su Yu thanked him and sent Mr. Marsh away. Then he looked at the old man and said respectfully: "I just neglected the lord."

     "Don't call it an adult, call a coach, call a teacher, call seniors..."

     The old man is very polite, just a little uncomfortable, not because of Su Yu, but because of...Chen Hao!

     This silly boy, looking at himself naively, unable to take one's eyes off, what do you mean!

     Chen Hao kept staring at him, his eyes were abnormal, somewhat agitated, and a little excited.He saw that the murderer today was too strong and neat, so he admired the strong. Such a strong is suddenly in front of him. Can he not stare?

     Almost staring at the old man!

     The old man is a little tired, this silly boy...in the civilized academy, he has been staring at oneself so much, and he directly punished him in confinement!

     Here, there is no reason.

     Su Yu discovered the abnormality, lightly coughed, and scolded: "Haozi, go to the bathroom and stay!"




     Chen Hao was helpless, he actually wanted to stay and listen, but unfortunately, he was driven away.

     "Senior, he has a naive temperament, don't mind."

     "It's okay."

     The old man smiled and said: "I will introduce myself. I am from Daxia Civilization Institute, an intermediate researcher, Zhao Li, and Lingyun Qizhong. If I can enter the mountains and seas in a few years, I can become a senior researcher, just like Bai Feng's teacher... "

     Su Yu was shocked, Lingyun Seventh Civilized Master!

     This is stronger than he thought!

     "I have taken a lot of students over the years, but in the past few years, I have not taken any students. One of the most outstanding students in these years has just entered the Lingyun realm and is working as a junior researcher in the university."

     Zhao Li smiled and said: "Today, your divine text interferes with your opponents, and to be honest, I appreciate it! Your talent and decisive temperament, if you go to a civilized academy, senior researchers will accept you...but I To be honest with you, senior researcher, Shenlong showing the head but never the tail, may not be in a school all year round.""It's just a name, actually it depends on yourselves."

     "Assistant researcher and junior researcher are too weak. Among the intermediate researchers, there are very few students who are now confiscated like me. You have to understand that for the same researcher, one person brings dozens of students and one person brings one. These two are completely different!"

     "Your warrior is not weak in realm. I also said straightforwardly, I am not good at divine art, I am more good at warfare, and I am known for casting divine soldiers. You saw it today. The Hundred Sword Box I made myself."

     When the words fell, a pale gold box suddenly appeared in his hand, "This is the Hundred Sword Box, the top-ranked military soldier of the profound rank! Weapons are divided into civil and military weapons, and the difficulty of manufacturing military soldiers is not high. The difficulty of civil soldiers is extremely high. No more than 5 civilized teachers can be built!"

     Zhao Li said seriously: "You follow me, you will not lack weapons, nor will you lack the text of will, and some people are willing to exchange weapons with me with the text of will! And forging a division, there are certain requirements for the warrior's Tao, which is more suitable. You take the dual path of warrior and civilization."

     Su Yu was somewhat overwhelmed by favor from superior and said: "Senior, this...I..."

     "You think about it, not in a rush."

     Zhao Li smiled and said, "As for Bai Feng, don't care too much. He is a teaching assistant, so he dare to be honest with me?"

     Su Yu was a little embarrassed and didn't answer.

     Staring at the pale golden sword box in the hands of the old man glanced at, somewhat curious, Zhao Li smiled when he saw it: "The value of the top literary soldier of the mysterious rank is five times that of the military soldier! The value of the top rank of the mysterious soldier is more than 300 merit points, good. It’s more expensive, and Wen Bing said that this Hundred Sword Box is worth more than 2000 points of merit!"Su Yu's eyes are green, so expensive!

     2000 points...what is this concept?

     "This is still the Profound Stage, starting at 5000 points for the Earth-level civilian soldiers. Although I am not sure that it will be 100% successful, I have a record of successful creation. There is only one person in the Daxia Mansion who can build a civilized division of the Earth-level civilian soldiers!"

     Su Yu looked at Zhao Li in surprise, the strongest master of the Great Xia Mansion?

     Zhao Li smiled but said nothing, there was only one person...hehe, it was not him.

     He just made one by coincidence. It's not really capable of making a ground-level civilian soldier. Luck is the least reliable thing.

     However, I didn't say it was myself!

     From the long conversation between this kid and Marsh, we can see that this kid...lack of money!

     It's normal, it's strange that Nan Yuan is from here, and there is no shortage of money.

     Zhao Li smiled again and said: "To build a ground-level civilian soldier, one handle is worth thousands of merits. What time does it take to kill one flying into the air? How much does it cost to kill one Lingyun? Killing 10 Lingyun may be enough to replace a ground-level civilian soldier ..."

     Zhao Li sighed and laughed: "I'll go first, the civilized teacher may not be able to fight against the caster, and we are rich, rich, and strong. Bai Feng and his teacher Here, I am not vague about him, let alone Bai Feng, don't care about him!"

     Su Yu smiled and watched Zhao Li leave.

     When he left, Su Yu couldn't help laughing, Zhao Li bragged!

     Finally speaking of Bai Feng's teacher, he was obviously a little timid, and his voice was uncomfortable.

     "The founding division...Civil soldiers, military soldiers..."

     Su Yu murmured, feeling that he had gained a lot of knowledge, which he really didn't know before.And it's so expensive... He was moved by what he heard, and always felt that the merits he rewarded this time were not worth mentioning.

     Take a look, the weapons that people take out at hand are all thousands of feats!

     Zhao Li, who walked out, was also slightly relaxed, what a joke, what a joke he took out, this is the baby at the bottom of the box!

     The ground-level civilian soldier he built was not completely completed at all, and it was useless. The creation of a Hundred Sword Box almost emptied his family, and with that ground-level civilian soldier, he was very poor now!

     Nonsense, why is he taking this small task!

     Isn’t it just to earn some merit?
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