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71 Look At The World Coldly
    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

No words for a night.

     Because of yesterday's changes, most of the students were sluggish and fell asleep early. Su Yu simply practiced for a while and fell asleep early.

     the next day.

     Early in the morning, Su Yu woke up and finished washing.

     When he arrived at the breakfast room of the guest house, Su Yu felt that the atmosphere was something's wrong.

     Xia Bing and Zhao Li were also there. At this moment there's some left strangers, perhaps from Tianshui City, whispering in the corner, their expressions a little solemn.

     Seeing Su Yu entering the door, Zhao Li beckoned to him over there.

     Su Yu saw this and walked over there.


     "Su Yu, you are not in the same car with other people today."

     Xia Bing said directly: "A few students from Tianshui City will go to Daxia Mansion alone with you, and a few adults will escort you there!"

     At the table, besides Xia Bing and Zhao Li, there were three strangers, an old man about the same age as Zhao Li, a middle-aged woman, and a young man in his thirties.

     Xia Bing continued: "You know Master Zhao, and this is Master Hu..."

     He introduced it, and Su Yu also met several other people.

     The old man next to Zhao Li, Hu Youhui, a strong Lingyun realm, an intermediate researcher at the Daxia Civilization Academy, was also the civilized teacher who had left Nanyuan to go to Tianshui before.

     Middle-aged woman Sun Xia, junior researcher of Jiutian Civilization Academy, strong in Lingyun realm.

     The young man in his thirties, Li Yunfeng, deputy commander of the Tianshui City Guards, a strong man in the seventh realm.

     This time, Zhao Li and Hu Youhui escorted the group of Su Yu to Daxia Mansion at the same time.

     Four strong people!Three Lingyun realms, a deputy commander who vacated the Seventh Layer.

     There are many city guards in Tianshui City, Nan Yuan is a team of thousand people, and Tianshui is a team of ten thousand people!

     The deputy commanders are all in the Seventh Layer in the Sky.

     Tianshui City is much larger than Nanyuan, and there are many strong ones.

     Su Yu is somewhat astonished, just escorting some students, even if there was an attack yesterday, there is no need for so many strong escorts, right?

     What's more, it's not all, but only some people.

     Seeing Su Yu's doubts, Zhao Li sighed, "Su Yu, don't spread the news. To tell you the truth, something happened yesterday. Beifeng City, do you know?"

     "Old Zhao!"

     Next to him, Li Yunfeng frowned slightly, trying to interrupt Zhao Li.

     Zhao Li directly ignored him, motioned Su Yu to sit down, and sighed, "At the same time that Nan Yuan was attacked yesterday, something went wrong in Beifeng City. Their student team was attacked, and Ling Yun who escorted them died. One, three died in the air, dozens of students died..."

     "Of course, Ten Thousand Races religion is not easy!"

     Zhao Li coldly snorted: "The blood crocodile of the blood fire sect led a lot of people in a sudden raid, but it was unexpected that all the teams in the Daxia Mansion were secretly escorted this time, except for the blood crocodile who was seriously injured and escaped. Everyone stayed there!"

     The Beifeng City was attacked, but the loss of Ten Thousand Clan Sects was even greater.

     This time it’s not that individual city teams have secretly escorted powerhouses, but all cities have them.

     The strength of the Ten Thousand Clan Sect's raid was very strong, and Ling Yun two people vacated 8 places.

     As a result, except for the blood crocodile in Lingyun Realm and escaped with serious injuries, all the others were killed.After this incident, the patriarchs of the Ten Thousand Races of Daxia Mansion suffered heavy losses in the middle level, and I am afraid that they would never dare to appear again in a short time.

     In the Battle of Beifeng City yesterday, two Lingyun died, and more than 10 people died in the air. This is a major event that hasn't happened in many years. Xia Longwu beheaded and killed outsiders of the Protoss, but yesterday's event must be spread.

     Zhao Li said, "Don’t worry too much, Long Wuwei has already been fully deployed to eliminate the Ten Thousand Clan Religions again! Ten Thousand Clan Religions have repeatedly provoked, this time they will not kill them as the rivers of blood. go!"

     When Zhao Li said gnashing one's teeth, the Ten Thousand Clan Sect was very courageous.

     I stumbled repeatedly in Daxia Mansion and even dared to dispatch so many people to attack the students. This is considered crazy.

     Fortunately, the Daxia Mansion has been guarding this time.

     It was originally to guard against Tianyi God Race's revenge, but I didn't know that the blood crocodile suddenly brought people out to kill, but in the end he stumbled and suffered countless casualties.

     The North Wind City is also unlucky here, a Lingyun Realm did not care too much, thinking that the other party would not dare to trouble Beifeng City, that Ling Yun died under the initial surprise attack, otherwise Lingyun Realm would not be so easy to be killed.

     Seeing Zhao Li had said it, Li Yunfeng didn't say anything.

     Next to him, the woman Sun Xia said: "In order to guard against the unexpected, so this time we will escort you high-class students to Daxia Mansion alone, and other city students will join along the way."

     A few of them, not just sending Su Yu, but also other top students.

     On Nan Yuan's side, not counting outsiders, the first-class student was Su Yu alone.

     In Tianshui City, Su Yu didn't know how many people there were, but according to the scale, there were probably six or seven people.As for the strongest Beifeng City other than Daxia Mansion, the first-class students may be close to or more than 10 people. I don't know if the first-class students were killed this time.

     Su Yu also had no objection, and in fact it was not his turn to comment.

     After thinking about it, Su Yu said: "Several adults, then other students..."

     Xia Bing interrupted: "It's okay. We will unite the Longwu Guards of the cities to escort them. They are safer without you! In fact, the Ten Thousand Clan Sect suffered heavy losses, and probably did not have the power to organize the same attack again. "

     After so many deaths in the sky, one Ling Yun died, another Ling Yun was seriously injured, it is almost impossible for the Ten Thousand Clan Religion to gather so many powerful people in Daxia Mansion.

     Coupled with the dispatch of Long Wuwei, if the strong patriarch at this moment is not completely crazy, he should hide obediently and honestly so as not to be found dead.

     After Xia Bing finished speaking, he said, "You will go back and clean up later, and gather in half an hour. When the top students from Tianshui City arrive, you can leave."

     "it is good!"

     Su Yu didn't say any more, got up and left, simply ate something, and went upstairs to pack up.

     When he left, Hu Youhui looked at Zhao Li, raised his eyebrows and said, "Old Zhao, looking at your attitude, do you want to accept a student?"

     Zhao Li smiled and said calmly: "Sincerely thinking about moving, So many years, the students have been confiscated. It is good to accept a student for retirement."

     "Superb..." Hu Youhui said and said, "You dare to accept the students of Hong Tan's department?"

     "Why not dare?"Zhao Li said calmly: "Hong Tan is alive and moisturizing, I will accept a student. What happened? Don't say you haven't entered their door, you really entered the door, I dug it, who has anything to say?"

     Zhao Li calmly, not to accept as correct, said: "The governor didn't speak, what are you guys doing for fun!"

     Hu Youhui chuckled and said, "I didn't say the prefect, I mean the other departments..."

     "Pure divine literature?"

     Zhao Li raised his eyebrows, and then said indifferently: "They are fighting them, dare you come to me for trouble?"

     Although Zhao Li is not a top class, nor is he a mountain or sea, he is still arrogant at this moment, "They think my old Zhao is easy to mess with? Although I have a small number of soldiers and not strong enough, they can try to provoke me!"

     Lao Zhao frantically said: "I provoke me, I call on Daxia Mansion to build a line of soldiers, and cut off their sources of literary and military! They are fighting in the divine literary system, and I am too lazy to mix up, but if I even accept a student, they dare to target ......Really think that our Soldiers Division is good for bullying?"

     Hu Youhui did not speak. On the side, Sun Xia smiled and said, "Lao Zhao, although this Su Yu is superior, but his willpower is too weak, I also watched the previous assessment, mainly because the warrior said a lot of extra points. Otherwise, you should not be able to enter the first class, and Mr. Zhao should also know."

     Zhao Li didn't care about it and said: "Willpower, if you look back at the will, naturally it will rise!"

     Sun Xia smiled, and said no more.

     She is a member of the Jiutian Academy, and has nothing to do with the Daxia Civilization Academy. She is somewhat curious, the main force Zhao Li, who is the main force of the army. How did she suddenly start to accept students.Although Su Yu was quite excellent, he was still a top-notch student, but with the addition of the warrior's realm bonus and the merit bonus, he was not too prominent among the students in the summer.

     Of course, the opponent's score is not low in the Civilization Examination level.

     However, I heard that there was a problem with Civilization that day. The assistant teacher Huang did not provide much willpower. After the other party returned, he was fined a lot of meritorious services. This also caused many people to think that the assessment scores were not credible.

     Assistant Professor Huang was fined, this is the best proof.

     It's no wonder they think too much, Su Yu's willpower is indeed too weak. So far, he is still close to 30% fullness. Compared with the cultivation, the gap is still very large.

     Although Zhao Li is only a mid-level researcher, the opponent is a master caster.

     Although there is no way to manufacture the ground-level civilian soldiers, he also built a semi-finished ground-level civilian soldier, and he is currently the second master of the Daxia Mansion who hopes to cast the ground-level civilian soldiers.

     Once Zhao Lizhen can cast an underground civilian soldier, he will become a senior researcher even if he is not in the mountains and seas.

     Among several people, Zhao Li is naturally the highest in terms of status and fame.

     Although Hu Youhui did not to accept as correct, but Zhao Li himself was willing, they had nothing to say.


     After half an hour.

     The guest house is downstairs.

     A bus stopped on the side of the road.

     Su Yu had already said goodbye to Chen Hao, and let that fellow go to the Daxia Mansion to properly cultivate. When he had time, he would go to him, and other people had no need to say goodbye.

     Under the guidance of a city guard, Su Yu got into the car with a knife and his small suitcase.

     There is already someone in the car at the moment.In addition to the four strong escorts, there is also a driver, and another six young people, who should all be talented students from Tianshui City.

     If Nan Yuan didn't have Su Yu, there would be none of the first class.

     There are a total of 6 high-level students in Tianshui City, which shows how far apart they are.

     Seeing Su Yu getting in the car, several students glanced at him, and then all went silent, no one greeted him or paid any attention.

     All geniuses have their own pride.

     The geniuses who came out of Nan Yuan, they also don't care, even if Su Yu is superior, they don't care, no one thinks they are worse than Su Yu.

     "Everyone is here, you can start!"

     Li Yunfeng spoke and the vehicle started.

     The departure is extremely quiet.

     On the one hand, it is unfamiliar, on the other hand, there are several strong people. The students are also somewhat dreaded and dare not talk nonsense.

     This is the three Lingyun Realm, a powerful man who vacated the Seventh Layer.

     Once a bad impression is left, it will be a disaster for the students.

     If they do not speak, Su Yu will naturally not take the initiative to strike up a conversation.

     There was silence for a while. Among the several Tianshui students, a handsome-looking boy with a slightly feminine appearance suddenly turned the head and looks to Su Yu, who was sitting behind him, and laughed in a low voice: "Nan Yuan Su Yu ?"

     Su Yu nodded, and the feminine and handsome man whispered: "Get to know Hu Zongqi in Tianshui City. He has just been nurturing his sex, and I have outlined a divine text. The assessment is medium."

     "Su Yu, I haven't cultivated sex yet."

     Su Yu said briefly, but left the rest.

     No need.

     If you insist on being superior, it may cause the topic.He didn't say, but Hu Zongqi smiled and said: "I heard that you are first-class in the assessment?"


     As soon as these words came out, the eyes of several other students also projected.

     Su Yu was cold-blooded and didn't say anything.

     Hu Zongqi smiled again: "I heard that there was a problem with Wenming Zhi during the assessment. Several examiners who presided over the Nanyuan assessment were punished. Is that true?"

     "Probably, I didn't ask."

     Su Yu shook his head, and Hu Zongqi smiled and said, "It's a pity. I knew that I had gone to Nanyuan for the exam. Maybe I could get a good exam."

     Su Yu smiled and said perfunctorily: "Probably, it was quite simple that time. Wu Lan from Daxia Mansion also passed the exam."

     He talked about Wu Lan, Hu Zongqi complexion slightly changed, and then said with a smile: "Wu Lan is a genius from the Wu family in Daxia Mansion, and it's normal to be admitted to the upper class."

     Su Yu didn't seem to understand what he meant, and said casually: "That is."

     Hu Zongqi raised his eyebrows and smiled again: "I heard that you were recruited ahead of time by an assistant in Daxia Civilization Academy?"

     "Yeah, but I don't know it, but I heard it later."

     Su Yu really didn't know. Before Bai Feng left, he didn't say to recruit him in advance. Of course, he raised a mouth and was not sure. Who knew that the news spread afterwards.

     Hu Zongqi saw that his answer was perfunctory, somewhat discontented, but soon these dissatisfaction dissipated, and he smiled: "Su Yu, when we arrive at the university, everyone is a classmate. We have to help each other to gain a foothold at the university. I heard that there is a big summer house. People from outside cities like us are more repelled."

     "Su Yu, are you uninterested in joining our Tianshui Club?"

     "Tianshui Club?"Su Yu showed an accidental look and said, "I'm from Nanyuan, Xiaocheng, I don't understand this, can you talk about it?"

     "In fact, it is a fellow villager's association..." Hu Zongqi smiled: "We have people entering the Daxia Civilization Academy every year. Those guys in Daxia House are xenophobic. We have to help each other from the same town. You Nan Yuan... Yuan Tongxiang Association."

     "You Nanyuan is close to Tianshui, and you are the first-class student of Nanyuan. So many years the one and only, you can consider joining our Tianshui Club. Don't worry, you are the first-class. Although you were somewhat surprised during the assessment, you are not bad at Kaiyuan Jiuzhong. I’m referring to Tianshui. There’s no problem.”

     When Hu Zongqi said this, someone next to him also interrupted. A beautiful female student smiled and said: "Hu Zongqi, have you introduced Su Yu and asked Tianshuihui for his opinion? Be careful when I was rejected, and neither side would please. "

     Hu Zongqi smiled and said: "How come, my brother is now the vice president, it's not a matter of one sentence."

     "That's true."

     The gorgeous female student nodded, looked at Su Yu, and smiled: "Hello, I am also a preparatory student of the Daxia Civilization Academy, Tong Wei. Hu Zongqi, you can consider it, joining Tianshui will be good for you."

     Su Yu smiled and said, "Thank you, but I don't understand anything. Thank you two classmates for your advice. Or wait until I get to the university and I will take a look again, so as not to cause trouble to classmate Hu."

     Hu Zongqi not to accept as correct said: "Is there anything to consider, this is for your good!"words exceede 5100These Hu Zongqi did not say, in fact, it is a common practice, not to be cheating.

     Li Yunfeng didn't care about their little calculations, but he didn't explain his interest to Su Yu. Whether to join or not was his own matter. Moreover, Hu Zongqi was still Hu Youhui's grandnephew. It was for this kid that Hu Youhui came to Tianshui.


     Su Yu refused, and fell silent again in the car.

     The other four students remained silent.

     I don’t know how long it took, Li Yunfeng suddenly said: "There is still one hour, we arrived in Yuecheng, we had lunch in Yuecheng, and received a few students from Yuecheng, and then students from the two cities, we don’t have to worry about other cities. Of students."

     On their side, this time they will be in charge of Escort Quest, a top student in 5 cities.

     In other directions, there will be other strong people responsible.

     If everything goes well, you can arrive at Daxia Mansion tomorrow night.

     Tomorrow, July 30.


     Hu Zongqi was active again at this moment, and said: "Brother Li, how many students are there in Yuecheng?"


     Li Yunfeng smiled faintly: "The two are from the Daxia War College, and the other is from the Daxia Civilization College."

     The first-class students are also divided into civil and military.

     When Hu Zongqi heard this, he somewhat regretful said, "Yuecheng is also a member of the Great Xia Civilization Academy, how is it the same as Nan Yuan..."

     Yue Cheng is still very strong, there have been several in previous years.

     Like Tianshui City, there are 6 students, of which 3 are from the Civilization Academy, and the other 3 are from the War Academy.Li Yunfeng said again: "It's not bad if you have it. This year, the difficulty of the assessment has actually increased a bit. Daxia Mansion has reduced the quota. You don't know."

     "Is it more difficult?"

     Hu Zongqi shook his head and said, "I didn't feel it, Nan Yuan was all first-class..."

     Su Yu Yuguang looked at him and said nothing.

     Nan Yuan kept going high class, the tone that shouldn't be, somewhat uncomfortable.

      However... Su Yu chose to be silent.

     Don't care about him!

     The other party called Li Yunfeng, Big Brother Li, and kept looking at the researcher Hu. Sometimes Researcher Hu would open his eyes and look at the guys. They are all with the same surname, maybe relatives.

     In this case, there is no need to cause trouble for yourself.

      However... Su Yu took it down.

     "Nan Yuan..." Su Yu said silently in his heart.

     The surname is Hu, you look down on Nan Yuan. After a while, I will figure out the rules of the Daxia Civilization Academy, worship the teacher, and have a backer. If you are not afraid of you, let's take a look.

     How about the Nanyuan on the left and the Nanyuan on the right. Have the people of Nanyuan eat your rice?

     He Su Yu doesn't have a big heart.

     Zhou Chong said bad things about him, and he was too lazy to shoot himself. Chen Hao beat Zhou Chong a few times... Could it be that Chen Hao wanted to beat someone?

     Su Yu was silent, as if he didn't understand.

     Hu Zongqi didn't know whether it was intentional or unintentional. He said casually, and quickly changed the topic: "Brother Li, is there any high-class student in Beifeng who died this time?""No, the people from Ten Thousand Clan Sect were killed as soon as they broke into the interior. The first-class students have been relocating in the rear, and some students in the periphery were killed or injured."

     "Oh, that's okay, the peripheral casualties should all be middle and lower..."

     After he finished speaking, over there, Hu Youhui opened his eyes and glanced at him, his eyes a little harsh!

     Hu Zongqi was startled slightly, Zhao Li suddenly opened his eyes and looked at him: "Shut up if you can't speak! If you disturb people quietly, I will leave you out of the car and walk to the Daxia Mansion by yourself!"

     After Zhao Li closed his eyes again, Hu Zongqi shut up completely this time.

     Su Yu's heart is secretly happy, he deserves it!

     This guy talks a lot of nonsense. It seems that he didn't necessarily aim at himself deliberately before, and he may really have no brains.

     If this was heard by a student of Beifeng, I am afraid I would have to trouble him.

     "It seems that there are students from the Civilization Academy...there are some who have no brains."

     Su Yu murmured secretly, it was normal, everyone came out of the big clan, and hadn't experienced social beatings. If you suffer a bit, you will probably have a lesson.

     The Hu family should not be weak in Tianshui City. It depends on the situation. A mid-level researcher, a strong person in the Lingyun realm, this is not necessarily all, Hu Zongqi also has arrogant capital.

     In general, it's not bad enough to find fault directly.

     Su Yu comforted herself for a while and didn't care about fools... if you really want to care, you have to figure out the situation before you care.

     For example... secretly send a message to those students of Beifeng, someone on the road said that you are dead...tsk...

     "we'll see!"Su Yu observed everything silently. The first time he walked out of Nanyuan, his source of information was closed again, and he didn't understand many things. First, he figured out the rules of survival before speaking, lest careless would lose his life.
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