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72 To Death
    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Daxia Civilization Academy.

     As new students are about to enter the school, civilized academies have also become busy.

     Inside the college, the atmosphere is much warmer than usual.

     The students came and went in a hurry, and the coaches began to get busy everywhere.

     With the opening of the Ten Thousand Race Training Institute this year, there are even more things.

     Under the hustle and bustle, there are storms hidden.


     Xiuxin Pavilion.

     In the huge attic, controversy recurred.

     As the voice of Wantiansheng fell, someone immediately opposed and fiercely said: "I don't agree! Wantiansheng, what do you want to do?"

     Elder Youge rebuked: "Are you going to betray Human Race?"

     "To open the Ten Thousand Race Training Institute that's the end of it, but also to open up the secret realm. Wouldn't it be better for you to take them to explore the realm to study?"

     Saint Wan Tian said indifferently: "It may not be impossible to seek the realm."


     The old white hair white beard hair stands up in anger and tips off one's hat, shouting: "You are going against the human race!"

     "Wan has never said that."

     Wan Tian Sheng calmly said: "I said, know yourself, know your enemy, come unscathed through a hundred battles! If you don't pay the price, how can all races leave it to our important things, how can they sacrifice their lives for my human race? "

     "Just think about the harvest, don't want to pay, how can it work?"

     Saint Wantian was very calm, "Open some secret realms for them, this is betrayal? Even if you really train a few strong men for them, so what?""My God, you think very well!" Someone said coldly, "But it should be noted, Not the same race, your heart must be different! You want to cultivate some strong people and become the Tower of Strength of all races, Then give back to the human race... I can only say that you underestimate people's hearts!"

     "At that time, they will be high position, heavy authority, and still care about the blessings they received in the human race back then?"

     Wan Tian Sheng said indifferently: "Even if there is one person in mind, it is possible to bring in a clan, What can you have against it?"

      "Hmmph!" Elder Youge yelled coldly: "Then you don't want to think about it. If you cultivate a strong man for the ten thousand races, there will be one less human race. If the strong man of the ten thousand races kills the strong human race, who will bear the consequences? ?"

     The Saint Wan Tian was surprised: "Don't you give the students of the ten thousand races resources, they don't? Are they given to the students of the human race, they can definitely become strong?"


     "Holy Saint, what do you intend to do!"


     Everyone scolded!

     Wan Tiansheng sighed: "Everyone, don't be impatient! Don't be impatient! Don't be impatient! Don't be impatient. I haven't finished my words. You are rebelling and betraying again. Why bother?"

     Shaking his head, Wan Tian Sheng sighed: "Let’s put it this way, we can also get some rewards for a certain price. On the battlefield of the heavens, these races can provide us with some information. In addition, the Ten Thousand Races, they Some sects that you have mastered can be for my use, which is much better than those who enter undercover."

     "Also, the daughter is easy to use horse bones. This year's trial run. Once the first batch of ten thousand students get more benefits and cultivate strong people, then the following small families will follow suit.""Follow the human race and have meat to eat! What can you have against it? !"

     "But once the first batch of students, we have not been able to bring them any benefit... To be honest, if so, all the tribes are watching, and the little tribes are hesitating, are they still willing to come at this time?"

     Wan Tian Sheng shook his head, "No, I came to the Human Race at the risk of offending the big powerful races, but the result was no good. Who would be happy? The small race continued to wavering, and the crucial moment would even bite the Human Race back... In fact, as long as We can solve these risks at a little price."

     After that, in the attic, Elder Ge said coldly: "Since your Ten Thousand Heavens Sage values the students of the ten thousand races so much, you can't favor one another! These resources are not made out of thin air, since you would rather give them to the students of ten thousand races, you should simply do more Scattered points can be opened to the ten thousand races, then open some secret realms to the students!"

     Saint Wan Tian said indifferently: "Why not! However, the opening of the secret realm requires a lot of resources every time. The students of the ten thousand races open it. That is their own money. If you want to open it, you can do it yourself!"

     "Okay, it's a deal!"

     The old man who speaks quickly don't pass judgment on a person's life until the lid is on the coffin. They have long hoped to open some more high-end secret realms. Since Wantiansheng agreed this time, it would be much easier.

     Among the crowd, a middle-aged woman who has never spoken much, lazily said at this moment: "Open the high-level secret? Let's go, our lineage requires 10 places. By the way, if you don't pay, you will get people."

     As soon as these words came out, the old Ge who just spoke was furious and shouted: "Wu Yuehua, what do you mean?"The woman lazily said: "What does it mean? I don't understand enough? You pay, I leave people, the secret is open, I want to send someone in, so simple, you are deaf and don't understand?"

     The old man gloomy complexion, "You come out the treasure you need to unlock, and I allow you to let people in!"

     The woman spread her hands, "No money, no resources, no merits! It's all gone! If you don't believe me, ask the surname Wan, do I have this?"

     "Then don't think about it!"

     The old man refused and wanted to send someone in, dreaming.

     Wu Yuehua not to accept as correct, smiled faintly: "Then don't go in, those secret realms... are not yours! That is the inheritance left by generations of civilized masters, with my teacher and my uncle. The ones left are those left by my master... By the way, there are also five generations of prefects and four generations of prefects..."

     Wu Yuehua calmly said: "Since my people can't go in, then don't go in! Who dares to go in... Hehe, I exploded the secret realm and let yourselves play!"

     Speaking, shot a look at Wan Tian Sheng, who was watching the show, sneered: "You are rich and powerful, we have nothing, since there are none... the barefooted people are not afraid of those who wear shoes! These years, you suppress us These factions, now sing duo with my old lady, dreaming!"

     "Do you really think no one can cure you?"

     Wu Yuehua banged, and the table shot exploded, "I put my words here! My people can't get in, no one wants to get in! What kind of tribe, what faction, what kind of school the future... I am a woman, don't care about those!"Don't force me to get angry, make my old lady irritated, break up! The old lady has already thought about it, one divine text, one divine pill, one magic rune... all left Daxia Civilization Academy, Dazhou, Daming Academy had already opened The price is so high that we are waiting for us to join!"

     Wu Yuehua said coldly: "Since you suppress us, then we will start another faction! Saint Wan Tian, Zhou Mingren, you sing double reeds, yourselves play, fifteen years ago we retired, fifty years later... I still want to come here again. Once, you thought I was that idiot Liu Wenyan, for what righteousness and what future would I give you?"

     Wu Yuehua shouted: "I will leave it here, and dare to leave us and you alone...then break up. I will call up the civilized divisions of the Daxia Mansion, transfer to the Daming Mansion, and open another courtyard to see who fights against whom! "


     When the words fell, Wu Yuehua walked away directly.

      At the same time, four or five of the thirty-plus patrons stood up and left.

     Before someone left, he faintly said: "It's too much and inappropriate. Hong Tan hasn't come back yet, Saint Wantian, don't let the wind blow your head, and rely on whoever grows. You think carefully, who doesn't know! You are maintaining stability, we can't be stable...no longer to hold a bowl of water level, what are your ambitions... yourselves, let's play!"

     "Fuck talk..." The old man who scolded Wu Yuehua before said angrily: "Are there any rules?"

     "Ha ha……"

     Outside the door, Wu Yuehua sneered, "Zhou Mingren, don’t lean on the old and sell the old! Fifteen years ago, if these idiots had not retired by themselves, it would be your turn to boss people around? Why, I want to destroy some of our lines, you are a monopoly of a single clique?""Don't dare to be beeping again, my old lady will give up today, tear down this Xiuxin pavilion, break this mansion gate, and vote for another mansion today, making you arrogant!"


     Zhou Mingren complexion was ugly and coldly snorted, but he didn't speak any more.

     The sound of footsteps went away.

     When they left, the old man said angrily: "President, this is the result of your indulgence!"

     Wan Tian Sheng said innocently: "Lao Zhou, it has nothing to do with me? I can't provoke anyone. Yourselves started a quarrel with a disagreement, what can I do?

     Wan Tiansheng sighed: "Look, I just said, you can't push them too hard, you have to do it like this...The secret realm is opened, how many places are given to them, otherwise, I am not easy to explain here. "

     "It's really going to run, Daxia Civilization Academy, its strength instantly weakened by 30%, the palace lord has left... I am afraid if you can't eat it all, you'll have to take it home, you will not end well. "

     The old man said coldly: "She Wu Yuehua deliberately spoiled! As I said, the secret realm is opened, and they have released resources, and everyone enters together. Did I stop them? They don't want to eat free food, can this be indulged?"

     The old man said with some irritation: "Our resources, don't tell me it's not earned by yourself?"

     Wan Tian Sheng lightly coughed, and said helplessly: "This...it's hard to say! They expelled a lot of geniuses in the past. Some of these people are still alive, but they have no income. It is difficult to support themselves... Wu Yuehua and the others have to subsidize. less……"

     "That's also their responsibility!"Wan Tiansheng interrupted: "I said so, but they deprived them of all their resources in the past, and many people left a lot of debts. Wu Yuehua paid 50,000 to 60,000 merits to Liu Wenyan over the years. She also helped to repay the debts that many people owed. She has done more than 100,000 merits."

     Wan Tiansheng sighed: "Lao Zhou, I'm really anxious for them, you and I will have a hard time, forget it."

     The old man said in a low voice: "We were not persecuting the debts back then? What's more... They took away a lot of extremely important things. Saint, do you think we forced them? Those things, if they were They don’t take it away, is that so?"

     "Did we take it over the past few years? Their strength has never improved. How many people are stuck before they are realized? Some people are unwilling to send things back to death and would rather bring them into the soil. Should this be?"

     The old man somewhat angry said: "Who is more selfish? Just because she Wu Yuehua helped them pay off their debts, and without income, can come to eat our free food? She dares to take people away, then go! I really think we dare not go. Which one of Daming, Dazhou, or Dashang does not welcome us?"

     Wan Tiansheng sighed: "You are right, but there are all difficulties. But in the past few years, you have finally made more money. Academies include the Quest Realm and the Daxia Mansion. There is a lot of funding every year, but their side is not much. I am the mansion. Long, too biased, it’s not good, a bowl of water still has to be flat.

     "Lao Zhou, let's do it this time, this time it will be according to Wu Yuehua, and the next time, if she dares to threaten, then expel them!"

     Lao Zhou wanted to say something and then stopped. After a long while, coldly snorted got up and left.

     As soon as he left, many old patrons left one after another.In the field, more than a dozen old patrons were left.

     Wan Tian Sheng smiled, and didn't care.

     Someone of the old patrons left in the field laughed and said, "Old Wan, it's too much! Don't always provoke them to fight. They fight too hard. They really become enemies, which is not good."

     "It's okay."

     Wan Tiansheng smiled: "Wu Yuehua just got a little bit of a tongue, which really made her turn her back... Is she capable? She promised, Hong Tan and the others didn't agree. Lao Zhou's side, the dip is cheap, and you have to pay a price.

     "This old man, he's still thinking about those guys all these years, so what can I worry about."

     Saint Wantian not to accept as correct said: "With that time, I have hope to get it out. I can't let it go for fifty years. What are you doing!"

     Saint Wan Tian shook his head and said: "It doesn't matter if they fight, it's not so convenient for us to do things if they don't fight. You see, when they fight, who is in charge of What we do?"

     In the field, someone laughed and said, "Lao Wan, keep your feet in check. Be careful when they run away in anger, and there will be nowhere to cry by then."

     "do not worry……"

     Saint Wantian not to accept as correct said: "You are not unclear. Half of the so-called messengers of the big mansions are sent by us. The price has gone up, and they are embarrassed to consult with the heads of the big mansions. I thought it was true, and I really took refuge in the past... a quote, hehe, the price is less than 10% before, these guys are not bad if they don't turn their faces!

     As soon as this remark came out, the old patrons all smirked.

     Someone cursed lowly: "Don't do personnel affairs!"

     Hallowe'en Saint is really not an individual!Afraid that those guys would really run away, they secretly sent a lot of people to pretend to be messengers and set high prices. This is not an official action. It is a private act of digging walls. Even if the major government knows about this, it is not embarrassing to talk to others.

     But by then Wu Yuehua and the others really ran away, one after another... it's over!

     The price that Wantiansheng opened is simply too much for the major government to bear, can you not turn your face?

     Before Wu Yuehua was high and mighty, Lao Zhou was also dissatisfied, saying that the big government was waiting for them and they offered high prices...

     People like them just listened to it, secretly cheered, and didn't dare to expose it.

     Really exposed, Saint Wan Tian can be beaten to death by people on both sides here today.

     It's not human!

     With a smile, someone still said with a serious face: "Lao Wan, the academic institution has not been very good at your recent reviews! With the emergence of the Ten Thousand Race Training Institute, the academic institution has been in big trouble..."

     "Not trouble!"

     Wan Tiansheng calmly said: "It's an opportunity! It's also an opportunity for reform! The academy is now bloated, and the students don't want to make progress! Internal struggles continue! I want them to unite with the outside world. The Ten Thousand Race Training Institute is the target. limited!"

     "Dou Wanzu students, borrow the hands of the Wanzu students, to clean up some burdens! Inspire students' fighting spirit and bring the school back to orthodoxy! What should go, what should stay, streamline the organization, and open source. This source... On those little people!"

     "Rather than fighting internally, it is better to fight together outside. Whether Wu Yuehua or Lao Zhou, their fighting is too hurt. I will introduce the ten thousand clan. They will fight the ten thousand clan very quickly, and the internal fighting will be reduced. It’s great to train yourself and train your students!"Elder You Ge hesitated and said, "The Ten Thousand Clan..."

     "It's okay!"

     Saint Wantian calmly said: "Fighting is also training. If you don't fight, how can you be the strong! How can you be the elite! At the end of the fight, all the strong and the elites are left, and they were originally only middle-to-upper Ten thousand students. At the end of the fight, the rest are elite students! For the Ten Thousand Clan, some waste is lost and a group of elites have been tempered. Do you think they will care about the dead waste?"


     "That's not it!"

     Wan Tian Sheng smiled, said: "I have made the next plan, the Pantheon Palace of the Protoss, the Purgatory of the Demon Race, the next is the goal of our Daxia Civilization Academy! Fight them, win them!"

     "When the students of the Ten Thousand Races and the Human Race students are in a school, when they are about to tear their faces apart, look away again and fight the gods and demons together! Let the Ten Thousand Race students see that the gods and demons are not invincible!"

     "Once you win them, the students of the ten thousand races will realize...the gods and demons are not terrible!"

     Saint Wan Tian squinted, smiled, said: "Since the gods and demons will also lose, it is not terrible, then what are they afraid of? Those wavering tribes, without three points of fear, will listen to them? Thus, Daxia Civilization The academic institution is strong, the students are strong, the internal strife is gone, the confidence is gained, the resources are coming... What a great thing!"

     Elder You Ge said again: "This is a situation where everything goes well, I'm afraid it won't go well."

     "Not smooth……"

     Saint Wan Tian nodded, "There is the possibility of failure. The Pantheon Mansion and the Purgatory of the Heavens are not easy to provoke. Once you lose, then waste all one's previous efforts, and instead let all races see the power of the gods and demons."Everyone looked at the Saint Wantian, worrying: "At that time you will be in serious trouble!"

     "No trouble."

     Saint Wantian not to accept as correct said: "At that time Xia Longwu will leave the customs, lead the Dragon Wuwei and the Suppression Army into the battlefields of the heavens, slay the gods and demons, and achieve invincibility! Dethroning the post of the old man’s governor, Vientiane innovation, all failures It's all good deeds done by the old man, and the finger is pointed at me, Daxia Mansion or Daxia Mansion, my Saint Wantian will continue to fight in a different place, can it kill me?"

     Wan Tian Sheng laughed and said, "So, this is a good opportunity to innovate and be worn-out, and the price will not be too great. Everyone, this opportunity is too rare, how can I give it up?"

     Someone sighed lightly!

     It's easy to say, in the end, your fame and reputation will be completely destroyed, and will be engraved on the pillar of shame, becoming a shame to the Daxia Mansion and even the Human Race!

     You will be labeled with traitors, traitors, mediocrities... all kinds of humiliating word prefixes.

     You Wantiansheng, at that time everyone shouted and beat, only Xia Longwu accomplished.

     Wan Tiansheng didn’t care what they thought, and continued: “Speaking of which, these few students should be trained well! You can’t raise them anymore!”

     His face became more solemn, and he said in a low voice: "I used to fight with the door closed. I lost nothing else. It's a big deal, but now, it's not a fight with oneself, but a fight with the outside world! If you lose, you will die!"

     "Alright, I want them to see the cruelty of the outside world. There are some things that can't be experienced by infighting!"The Saint Wantian takes a deep breath and said with a serious face: "Train it well, this year senior researchers will give me out to lead students! Among the students, I don’t expect to have outstanding guys, but I must arrange a few evildoers for me. Existence, stimulates the students! Even if it is a trust, give me a good trust!"

     "There is really nothing outstanding..." Wan Tian Sheng gritted his teeth: "You guys, give me adjust one's head and turn one's face, find a fake body, pretend that the students also pretend to be some evildoers for me, remember? ?"


     Everyone is speechless!

     Lao Wan is crazy!

     Let them pretend to be students!

     These people are all strong in the mountain and sea realm, you let them pretend to be tender...

     Someone sighed: "Old Wan, this is not appropriate, don't beat the students to death, it will be difficult to explain."

     "Afraid of blows? Is that still an evildoer? Or genius? Afraid of blows, just go home!"

     Saint Wantian not to accept as correct said: "Just to let them see what cruelty is! When they vacate for half a year, you directly vacate the Seventh Layer, they are above the clouds, and you are on the mountain and sea...Always crush them and let them know There are mountains beyond the mountain,, there is human beyond the human !"

     "The kid from the Dazhou Palace is too arrogant and thinks he is invincible. The old man thinks that he will be raised up sooner or later, consider everyone else beneath one, arrogant and obstinate, he thinks he has a great talent, in fact he is a fart!"

     The foul-mouthed Saint of All Days said quickly: “Just do it, I don’t care. Several of you announced to the outside world to retreat and you are embarrassed to defect to others. Just pick one in the field to be a teacher, and you will show up from time to time. Shock the students!"Wan Tian Sheng laughed insidiously, "Just open it up, don’t be afraid to kill people and waste it, yes, from time to time, provoke those so-called genius evildoers, step on them up, trample each one to death, and provide resources to The real evildoer is better than providing waste!"

     An old man sighed: "If they know this someday...Do we still have a face to live?"

     "What are you afraid of, don't worry, we won't betray you, who knows?"

     Wan Tiansheng smiled and said: "This is also for the future of the school. To put it more importantly, this is for the whole human race. If the effect is good, I will recommend the search for the realm and the full promotion of the Temple of War!"

     Wan Tian Sheng said more and more vigorously, somewhat insidious said: "These people, they can really grow up in the future, not only will they not find faults, but will also participate in it, become one of them, and the losses they suffered in the past can not be earned back on others? This is passed on from generation to generation, the fire will not go out..."

     Someone laughed and said, "Lao Wan, I always feel that if you do this, you will be known to you, and sooner or later you will cause big troubles. You will not leave these students any way to survive."

     It is also a student of the Ten Thousand Races, and a strong person in the two highest schools of Gods and Demons, and they are the older generation of strong people hiding. The Saint of Ten Thousand Heavens is really not an individual, set after set, and toss the students to despair Up.

     If this is someone out there, can you not retaliate against him?

     Saint Wan Tian didn't care, and said: "That's it! Also, this year's new students are the main ones. These little guys, I heard that there are a lot of geniuses this year, and all of them are not proud. They will hit me hard! "

     "Lao Wan, you also have juniors in your own family...""Don't care, go to death, you even the descendants of Chief Wan will step on to death, and the others have no objection! By the way, the grandson of Old Man Zheng is also a good target. If you dare to offend, who are you afraid of? The Xia family, the Hu family...all give me a good deal of them!"

     After saying this, Wan Tiansheng said happily: "Also, Fatty Xia’s descendants gave me a death blow, and the best blow was to drop out of school. Fatty Xia is so rich, he actually told me two days ago that his family’s tuition fee was paid. Sorry, let me get it for free... You guys give me a hard time toss him!"

     Everyone laughed out loud again, is Xiahou Ye too stingy?

     "Wind up, I hope that the next few students will produce good seedlings..."

     Saint Wantian sighed with emotion and murmured: "Fifteen years ago, after expelling those guys, the school became stronger, but... it also restricted some people, so I didn't dare to take risks anymore, and I didn't dare to continue in one's own way anymore. , I have cultivated a group of mold-carved guys, and many of the students have been taken away by me... I am very sorry for them, but the mountain and sea are out, and there is no one of the top class... for fifty years!"

     For fifty years, Daxia Civilization Academy has not produced a top powerhouse.

     Although fifty years is not too long, in previous years, even if the university is weak, over the decades, there will be some top class.

     But now... no more!

     Wan Tian Sheng knows that some things are irreversible. Today's students have become good babies and standard tool people. Without reform, Daxia Civilization Academy may continue to prosper, but it will never become a human race to resist all races. The Tower of Strength.The cultivation of high-end powerhouses has experienced serious drawbacks and faults, which for the Saint Wantian is more terrifying than the destruction of the school!

     What is even more frightening is that the fifteen years ago involved not only the Daxia Mansion, but even the entire human environment!

     This is terrible!

     It was terrible. In the past few decades, he almost couldn't sleep. If he didn't reform, he was afraid he would not wait for that day.
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