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74 Daxia Civilization Academy
    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

The turmoil in the university still didn't affect Su Yu and the others.

     The vehicle continues to travel.

     The four strong guards were peaceful all the way.

      Once and only, a somewhat demonized mad cow appeared, and was knocked into the air by Li Yunfeng with a single blow, and then appeared without blocking his way.

     On the road, I passed several cities.

     The number of students in the car gradually increased.

     It’s no longer Su Yu, some from Yuecheng and Ning'an...

     There are more people, and there is a little bustle in the car.

     Su Yu speaks very little, except for a few words of self-introduction at the beginning.

     Most of these first-class geniuses come from big clans.

      Mortal Body Cultivation is so fast and requires vitality liquid.

     Civilized teachers practice fast, they need the will and the outline of the gods, these are not the poor people can provide.

     There are also many ordinary family backgrounds.

     High-class students, too few, too few.

     Therefore, in the assessment of Nan Yuan, Director Sun once said that he hoped that Su Yu could break the monopoly of the rich and become a top student.


     "I heard my sister say that the students of the ten thousand races have already arrived at the school. It's terrible. Many people are demon heads."

     "That's for sure. Except for some humanoid races, the other races want to complete human beings, so they must be above the mountains and seas."

     "I don't know what the college thinks, why do you have to accept these guys..."


     In the car, some students chatted in a low voice.

     It is now the second day, July 30.Tonight, the vehicle can arrive at Daxia Mansion.

     After a day of getting acquainted, even though the trainees on the car did not know each other too much, they at least knew some basic information.

     They were chatting while Su Yu listened.

     In the five cities, except for Nan Yuan, Su Yu was one person. In other cities, there were 3 fewer people and five or six people more. Plus Su Yu, there were just 20 students.

     Among them, more than half went to war colleges, and only 8 went to civilized colleges.

      In other words, in these 5 cities, there are only 8 first-class students from civilized schools.

     According to this ratio, the number of first-class students in the Civilization Academy in 28 cities is about 50. There are probably a lot of Daxia Palace, and it may be more than the total of 28 cities.

     "Are you one or two hundred high-class students?"

     Su Yu roughly judged, this amount is not too much.

     After all, the students of the Civilization Academy have been eliminated through repeated assessments, and then fewer than 2,000 people will enter the Daxia Civilization Academy, which is less than 10%.

     What's more, among the top students, very few will choose Jiutianhe to ask these schools.

     At Daxia Civilization Academy, there are about a hundred first-class students.

     Su Yu was listening and thinking. A boy sitting next to him smiled and said, "Su Yu, which one are you going to learn when you are at a school?"

     This student came from Ning'an, a big city not weaker than Tianshui City, and the person beside him was Tao Xing.

     Hearing his question, Su Yu said softly: "I still does not know, I don't know much about this. Tao Xing, can you give me a brief introduction?"Tao Xing laughed and said: "It's okay, then I will give you a brief introduction. In fact, someone will explain to us when we arrive at the university, but it is good to know some in advance."

     "Everyone knows that civilized schools train civilized teachers. But there are many civilized schools, and civilized teachers are also collectively referred to as only one."

     "Let me talk about the first major department of civilized academies, the divine literature department!"

     Tao Xing was also interested and gave a lecture in front of the same high-class students. That was an opportunity to show off. If it was a middle-class student, he would not have this interest.

     "There are several small departments within the Divine Literature Department. I won't talk about this first, because I am actually not very clear either."

     "The second major is the Will System, which mainly strengthens willpower. Generally speaking, it rarely outlines the divine text, or does not outline the divine text at all. These people are also very strong. They do not outline the divine text, and the willpower grows quickly. Generally higher than the divine literature department."

     "The third major department, the animal training department."

     Su Yu was startled slightly, and said, "Beast Taming Element?"

     "Right!" Tao Xing said with a smile: "It is a civilized master who trains monsters, captures monsters, and fights with monsters. Or according to themselves, call it a summoner?"

     "Anyway, they are also very strong. Their main practice is to train monsters. You It should be noted. Among the ten thousand races, there are many monsters, and there are more strong ones. These civilized masters are taking the path of complement one another. The monsters are powerful. , Can also make themselves stronger..."

     Su Yuchang has seen it. No one has ever told him about this.

     "There are some people in the army who can ride monster beasts. Most of these Monster Beasts are trained by animal trainers, so animal trainers are still very popular in the army."Tao Xing briefly said a few words and continued: "The fourth major department, alchemy master, you can know the meaning from the name. Civilized masters who like to make alchemy. Research institutes actually make elixir, but they generally make them. They are all standard pill. The alchemist mainly manufactures those non-standard pill, which is the magical pill system of civilized schools.

     "The fifth major department, the founding department."

     "The sixth major element, the magical rune system, is actually a small classification of the divine text system... They master special divine texts, can create a one-time divine text seal, and stimulate them in the form of runes..."

     Su Yu is really knowledgeable, Tao Xing said a lot.

     In addition to the above six common civilized divisions, there's some left uncommon.

     For example, the transformation department, a kind of civilized teacher who transforms itself, this kind of person is very scary, similar to those students of ten thousand races, some people have transformed themselves nothing remains the same.

      In addition, each major department, which will also be divided into some minor departments.

     There are multiple classifications in a single line of divine writing.

     According to the characteristics of the gods, the number of masters is different, and the combat style is different, factions are also divided.

     Among the schools, there is also the Peace Department that is only responsible for the study of exercises. They don't pay attention to their own combat power. Their main pursuit is to study various exercises. Such people generally exist in the will system and have very strong willpower.

     At the end, Tao Xing asked, "Su Yu, which one do you choose?"

     Su Yu hesitated for a moment and said: "Probably it is from the divine literature system."He sounded, it seemed that the divine literature and the will system were more suitable for him, but he had already condensed the divine literature and tasted the sweetness of the divine literature. At this time, he simply cultivated willpower, and Su Yu probably did not do this.

     Ahead, Zhao Li raised his eyebrows slightly. This kid... sure enough, is the divine writing attractive?

     What's bad about casting soldiers? It's not that casting soldiers can't cultivate divine writing!

     Although there are divisions among the civilized divisions, the vast majority of people are all mixed and practiced, and only a few will go to the extreme.

     Shenwen is the foundation of many factions, and each major faction knows a little bit.

     Tao Xing laughed and said, "I also want to choose the Department of Divinity. I will talk about it when I get to the university. Anyway, we are all first-class and have a lot of choices. Unlike others, most of them are arranged by the university."

     Some new students now have weak willpower and have not outlined the divine writings. In fact, they are almost the same everywhere.

     In order to prevent some small factions from being wiped out, the academy will arrange some people to study.

     Su Yu nodded, Tao Xing was more reliable than Hu Zongqi.

     Although there are some feelings of superiority, but this is a natural reaction. It only reveals inadvertently between conversations, and it is still possible to talk.

     Hu Zongqi... can't talk.

     This guy did this not only to Su Yu, but also to students in other cities. He was not very popular. He was swept a few times by the researcher Hu, and now he is a little low-key.


     In small talk, time flies quickly.

     It was getting dark gradually.

     Before arriving in Daxia Mansion, Su Yu was sensed different and sensed prosperous.At this moment, they have already entered the Daxiafucheng area, which is considered a suburban area.

      Wide main road, with trees on both sides of the road.

     Some scattered houses are also very tidy and tall.

     In some villages passing by, you can still see many people practicing martial arts, and there are more vehicles on the road.

     The more you drive forward, the more prosperous it is.

     Passing by some market towns, it even looks more prosperous than Nanyuan, even at night, it is brightly lit and pedestrians are like weaving.

     "It's almost Daxia Mansion..."

     Before, Li Yunfeng reminded him.

     Su Yu looked at the night view outside the window, feeling a little lost. Is this the Daxia Mansion?

     Before entering the city, he was sensed different from Nan Yuan.

     Outside the window, there was a noise.

     He even saw someone riding the Yunyun horse that was evaluated last time, running wild on the road!

      He has already opened multiple acupuncture points, and he can vaguely feel that the vitality here is extremely strong, which is incomparable to when he was in Nanyuan, and it is even almost as good as when he absorbed the vitality liquid.

     On the road, some pedestrians gave him the feeling that it was also very powerful.

     With the gathering of surrounding vitality, Qianjun could still sense some. Wan Shi gave him the feeling of scorching heat, and during the induction, many people gave him this scorching feeling.

     There are many Ten Thousand Stone Realms here!

     And this, has not yet entered the city, just on the road.

     Not only Su Yu, most of the students in the car at the moment were a little surprised, not as obvious as Su Yu.

     28 cities, many powerful cities.

     But speaking of it, they are not as powerful as Daxia Palace, otherwise Daxia Palace would not be so powerful.In front of the car, the three Lingyun realm powerhouses who hadn't spoken much before, all opened their eyes and secretly relaxed.


     Arrived outside the city of Daxia Mansion, about to enter the city.

     If you get to this place, if it is still not safe, then Daxia Mansion can be removed, and the Ten Thousand Clan Religion will never dare to act here unless it wants to completely destroy it.

     Sun Xia from Jiutian Academy said: "Daxia Mansion is not just a city, but is divided into four annex cities, East, South, West, and North, and five great regions in the Central Area!"

     "The permanent population of Daxia Mansion is 30 million. War schools are generally located in Dongcheng, and civilization schools are located in Xicheng."

     "When you enter the city later, everyone will be separated. The Civilization Academy and the War Academy are far away, and someone will come to pick you up."

     Sun Xia said and said: "When you enter the city, let's go to the school first. Everyone have a good rest at night, don't run around. Daxia Palace is a city that never sleeps, and it is bustling outside at night, but even if you want to be familiar with the environment, it is best to wait for you Go around when you settle down."

     Su Yu was still listening, but the next moment, his attention shifted.



     Outside, it suddenly seemed like dawn!

     Countless lights flickered, and he saw a city lit up in the dark.

      incomparable gigantic!


     There is a city wall, but the city wall is not tall and can't hide the bustling city.

     This is within the human realm, even if the city wall is cast, it will not be too tall, not to mention that Daxia Mansion has this strength and self-confidence, and does not need a too tall wall.

     There are lights in the entire field of vision.Spread all the way, no end in sight.

     They are very close to the city wall. There is no city gate as Su Yu imagined, but a avenue nearly 100 meters wide, leading directly to the city!

     There is a checkpoint, and some sergeants are on duty at the moment.

     Without detailed investigation, some vehicles displayed the entry order and were quickly released.

     "Monster Professional Road", "Large Vehicle Passage", "Small Vehicle Passage", "Repairers' Landing Area", "Military Driveway"...

     The roads are marked with uses.

     Su Yu and their bus soon reached the checkpoint.

     Li Yunfeng opened the window and took out a paper order. The sergeant on duty glanced at and quickly saluted, and he was released soon.

     As the vehicle drove away, Su Yu turned his head and glanced at. Behind the vehicle, a strong man to drop from the sky quickly landed.

     In the "repair area", the strong man landed. Soon, the strong man got into a car and left in another direction.

     Seeing Su Yu looking back, Tao Xing glanced at and said with a smile: "The strong are in the wilderness, which is more suitable for flying or walking. Driving is inconvenient. When you get into the city, you have to abide by the rules and not fly indiscriminately."

     Su Yu smiled and did not answer.

     He wasn't surprised by this, but was shocked that he could see the powerhouse above the airspace at any time.

      It should be noted, in Nanyuan, the three of Xia Bing, Wu Wenhai and Liu Wenyan were vacated.

     And here, as soon as I got to the city wall, I actually saw it.The next moment, there was a roar, and Su Yu looked back again. A dozen cloud horses were running wildly, causing a cloud of smoke and dust. Although it was not clear in the night, Su Yu still saw the leader and jumped into the air. , Said a few words with the guard on duty.

     Another vacated!

     Maybe stronger!

     Su Yu takes a deep breath. Sure enough, the sky of Daxia Mansion is really much higher than Nan Yuan.

     Excluding the ones in the car, he saw two strong men who were in the air and above.

     While shocked, Su Yu was also a little excited.

     This is what he wants to see!

     Here experts as common as the clouds are pressure and motivation.

     In Nanyuan stand out among one's peers, you don’t need to be too strong. Wanshi will do. That is Nanyuan’s Tower of Strength. But here, vacating is just the beginning.


     After entering the city, a moment later, the bus and another car moved closer and stopped.

     "Students from the War Academy, get in that car!"

     In the car, 12 students from the War College got off the car one after another.

     Several people were also escorted in that car.

     Su Yu didn't know them well, and didn't communicate much. At this moment, watching in silence, those students from the same city said goodbye.

     After a few minutes, the vehicle of the War Academy departed.

     With the car door closed, Sun Xia said again: "Let’s go to Xicheng, and we will get to the place later. The people from Jiutian Academy will follow me, those from Daxia Academy will go with Li, and those from Daxia Civilization Academy will stay in the car with Mr. Zhao and others!"

     There are 8 students left, and 6 of them are from Daxia Civilization Academy.

     One person left nine days and asked one person.The two people chose another institution, which is not right or wrong, but their personal choices are different. In those two institutions, perhaps they will achieve higher achievements, because the treatment of the first-class students there is much better than that of the Daxia Civilization Institute.

     After holding back for a day, Hu Zongqi spoke again: "Three... Teacher Hu, when we arrive at the university, can we move freely?"

     He wanted to call the third grandpa, Su Yu knew.

     On the way, he also figured out their relationship.

     Hu Youhui is Hu Zongqi's third grandfather, and Hu Youhui is also a strong man in the Seventh Realm of Lingyun, but Sun Xia is just the second of Lingyun.

     So Sun Xia is just a junior researcher, and those two are both intermediate researchers.

     In terms of status, Zhao Li and Hu Youhui are about the same, but they don't seem to talk much, and they don't speak much to each other.

     Sun Xia is a bit lower. If there is something on the way, either Li Yunfeng will do it, or Sun Xia will do it.

     Hearing Hu Zongqi speak, Hu Youhui opened his eyes, looked at him, frowned and said: "You can move freely, but those who are not familiar with the place are not allowed to run around! Your side..."

     He didn't hide that much. It was unnecessary. He felt more at ease when he got there. He shouted, "Where do you want to go? Your brother is already waiting for you at the school. He will go with him later. When the registration is over tomorrow, let's talk about other things! "

     Hu Zongqi was a little disappointed at once, and muttered: "I have a friend waiting for me here, and he said he would be together at night."

     Hu Youhui ignored him.

     The vehicle continued to drive, and Sun Xia and Li Yunfeng left with the two students on the way.

     At this moment, only 6 students, Zhao Li, Hu Youhui and the driver were left in the car.

     ...It's another half an hour, about nine o'clock in the evening.

     The place is here!

     Su Yu dazed for a moment, when he was told to get off the car, he felt that he was still in the city.

     But when he got out of the car, Zhao Li said, "The school is here!"

     Su Yu looked around, are you here?

     Are we still in the city?

     Where is the university?


     Seeing what he looked like at a loss, Zhao Li laughed and said, "This is Daxia Civilization Academy. This is the welcome area. When we just came, didn’t we pass an iron gate? There is the West Gate of Academy. ..."

     Su Yu is really somewhat dull.

     They had just entered the school, and after entering, they drove more than ten minutes before they arrived at the orientation zone!

     And here, endless stream of horse and carriages, there are a lot of people and a lot of cars, which commercial street he thought it was in, and as a result... they arrived at the school?

     Zhao Li said again: "This is the outer surrounding region. The real teaching area of the university is not here. Walk a few kilometers further and you will be there. You will rest here tonight, and go to the university to go through the admission procedures tomorrow. It’s only then that I truly entered the Daxia Civilization Academy."

     At this moment, there are constantly stopping vehicles on the side of the road.

     Someone dragged their suitcases, obviously they were also new students, many of them were driven by their parents, and they might be new students from Daxia Mansion.

     Some of them, like Su Yu and others, were brought by the bus, possibly from students from other cities.

     At this moment, many people, like Su Yu, are also somewhat at a loss.Zhao Li had already come together with a few old men at this time, chatting for a while, and after a while, another person came, young man.

      more than one!

     "Hello, younger brother and younger sister, I'll follow me if you order!"

     "Line up here, everyone listen to the roll call information, if you don't keep up, find a place to live at night!"


     These young people who have just arrived are all veterans of civilized institutions, and they are now starting to take the name list.

     Soon, Su Yu heard his name.

     "Nanyuan Middle School, Su Yu!"


     Su Yu hurriedly responded in a daze, and quickly walked to a girl who glanced at him, smiled, and continued to call her name.

     After a while, more than a dozen people came from Su Yu.

      "All right, it's you!"

     The girl smiled and said: "My name is Zhou Hui, your senior sister, a student in the sex training class, you will go with me, eat something, and then prepare to rest. I will pick you up tomorrow morning. Don't run around. There are a lot of people in the orientation area these two days. , It’s also very messy. I missed the registration time when I ran, but don’t blame me for not reminding you!"

     After speaking, he led the way and walked forward.

     Su Yu turned his head and glanced at Zhao Li. Zhao Li was also looking at him, smiled and nodded, but did not come forward to speak.

     When I arrived at the university, I had time to talk to Su Yu.

     Let this kid get familiar with the environment first.

     Su Yu was a little flustered. At this moment, he didn't see any acquaintances in the car. Even if Hu Zongqi was here, he could feel more comforted.

     But there are no acquaintances around!Su Yu subconsciously clenched the knife in his hand, he was somewhat anxious.

     Zhou Hui, who led the way in front, laughed: "Don't be nervous, everyone will not eat you. I will send you to a place, and I will be Mission Completion! I just came here and everyone is not familiar with it. I will get used to it in a few days."

     "Also, you newcomers should be careful at night. A group of hungry wolves are waiting for you at the college. Be careful that your senior sisters and brothers talk to you about life in the middle of the night. Don't open the door..."

     Su Yu shiver all over though not cold, is it so terrible here?

     I always feel like I'm in a wolf den!

      The outside world is wonderful, but it is also dangerous how it feels.

     Frightened the newcomer for a while, Zhou Hui giggled, and after a while, they arrived.

     A bright building!

     "You live on the fifth floor, in the one each room, the luggage is delivered up, the doors are all open, choose one room for yourself, and when you pack up, you will come down to eat..."

     Zhou Hui exhorted for a while, and the people like Su Yu started to move upstairs in silence.


     After choosing a room and closing the door, Su Yu was relaxed.

     He was nervous just now!

     I was really nervous, even more nervous than the arrival of Ten Thousand Races.

     Unfamiliar, at a loss, puzzled, curious...

      Until now there was no one around, so he was relaxed, Su Yu sighed and calmed down. Since he is here, he has to overcome it immediately.

     Don't panic, hold on, Su Yu, you can!
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