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92 I Can't Be So Good! (For Subscription)
    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

After eating in the cafeteria, there was no class this afternoon, so Su Yu went to the institute again. Baidu MM, more good free reading.

     Did not see Bai Feng.

     I don’t know if I’m not there or I went to Underground Third Level.

     As for Xia Huyou's side, Su Yu left him in the air first, anyway, there is still blood, so I will ask about it in two days.

     "Liu Hong!"

     In the living area, Su Yu leaned on the sofa, getting more and more angry!

      bully intolerably!

     This is how adults bully children, it's really nothing.

     But when he was out of anger, Su Yu couldn't help but think, 3 points of merit...it seems to be fine.

     If you don't have to take the responsibility of the monitor, it would be beautiful if you get 3 points for nothing.

     "Is there a way to take merit for nothing?"

     Su Yu pondered. If the general instructor is not Liu Hong, in fact, there is a real chance to strike up a good relationship with the coaches. The students find a substitute, and someone can do that for one point a month.

      Thus, I can earn two points for nothing.

     That is, regular workers hire temporary workers to work.

     Su Yu will do this routine too.

     It is a pity that the general instructor is Liu Hong, this guy is embarrassing himself, how can he let himself take advantage.

     "Never mind, one month later, Lin Yao will be hammered to death!"

     "Work hard!"

     Su Yu no longer thinks about it. Liu Hong, as the general director, will obviously not give him a chance to take advantage of the loopholes.

     Sure enough, the smiling sunny man didn't have a good thing!

     "In the future, if you encounter bright smiles, ten will be killed, and nine will not be considered injustice!"


     The second floor.

     Su Yu came to the debris room again.This morning wasted a whole morning, Su Yu's time is running, without any delay, he rushed in directly.

     Willpower confrontation, divine text confrontation.

     Compared to yesterday, Su Yu feels a little more relaxed today. Unlike yesterday, he was overwhelmed. Su Yu feels better today.

     It may be angry!

     Stimulated by Liu Hong!

     "I hate Liu Hong, so I angered his students. In fact, like Chen Qi, I am a bully and afraid of hardship... But my goal is now Liu Hong, so I clean up one by one!"

     "First Lin Yao, then Yang Sha, then Liu He, and finally Liu Hong..."

     This department, Su Yu arranged for them appropriate.

     He thought of Chen Qi again. Is this guy now cultivating hard, ready to take revenge on Bai Feng?

     Kill yourself first, then kill Bai Feng?

      If so, then there are three points fellow sufferers empathize with each other.

     "Can't indulge in flights of fancy, practice!"

     Su Yu put aside distractions and continued to suffer inhuman torture!

     Willpower confrontation sounds simple, but once it exceeds the tolerance range, it is torture.


     Bai Feng is not in the Research Center.

     At this moment, he was drinking tea with Liu Hong, Su Yu's big enemy.

     Drinking tea, Bai Feng smiled and said, "Squad leader? Liu Hong, how can you think about these crooked ideas!"

     Liu Hong was too lazy to pay attention to him, and while drinking tea, he said: "Hu Wensheng is in retreat, closed to death! This time I won’t leave Lingyun. Let me go up there. I have to make some achievements. They know I am not. Your opponent, so I hope I can suppress you from other channels.""How to say?"

     Bai Feng was slow and timid, not panicking.

     As for Su Yu being the squad leader...then be good, and there are merit points to get, which is good.

     By the way, help yourself examine this student.

     How should he respond?

     "Snipe you to be positive this year!"

     Bai Feng raised his eyebrows. Hearing this, he raised his head and looked at Liu Hong, "You can do it?"

     "Why not?"

     Liu Hong smiled and said: "There are three requirements for flying into the air. First, the accumulated merit points reach 3000 points."

     "Second, some students have entered the top 100 list."

     "Third, within three years, the evaluation will be excellent!"

     Liu Hong smiled and said, "Except for the first condition, you didn't achieve it later."

     Bai Feng smiled faintly: "I have been evaluated first class for two consecutive years. This year, the first class evaluation is not a big problem, right?"

     With that said, smiled, said: "In addition, I just accepted students this year. New students don't need to be in the top 100. Also no problem. This is not a hard requirement. As long as Su Yuyue's quarterly exam results are not bad, it means I have been teaching. "

     "That's right."

     Liu Hong also smiled and said, "So sniping on Su Yu is the first step. As for you, I can't give you the first-class evaluation this year."

     "Oh, can you still interfere with the evaluation team?"

     Bai Feng joked, but Liu Hong said seriously: "Of course not, you will have to take responsibility if you find out. But... be careful, if Su Yu counts down three consecutive assessments, you won't be able to make it this year in whatever the case. Waiting for assessment.""If you fail to become a positive person this year, then your importance will drop a little bit...Of course, it doesn't matter, the teaching assistant is also good."

     "The countdown to the three assessments..." Bai Feng smiled and said, "Are you looking down on my student too much?"

     Liu Hong shrugged and said with a smile: "It depends on my ability! If you don't talk about this, you will find a way to deal with it yourself. If you really want to get the full support, then it will be boring. Baidu MM, more free to read."

     Having said that, Liu Hong said again: "Your brother, please remind yourself that there are probably a lot of troubles this year. There are a lot of people staring at his position. I have received news that someone will snipe your brother soon. Let him lose his position..."

     Bai Feng complexion slightly changed!

     At this moment, he was a little bit cold, and said in a low voice: "Are you on a full-scale attack? Over the years, we have given up almost all of our interests, leaving only the position of brother, you still want to kill to the last one now?"

     Liu Hong smiled and said: "This has nothing to do with me, I am a little pawn! Who let you defeat Hu Wensheng before, it is not a good thing for the limelight, they worry about you ashes burn once more, kill again..."

     After that, Liu Hong sighed: "I am afraid that they can't figure out now. Kill to the last one to you, whether you are worried about the future of the institution or... your own future!"

     "Rights are messing up people's hearts!"

     Liu Hong sighed with emotion, and said with some sorrow: "I have been in charge of the academy for fifty years, although there is still a governor on it, but for fifty years, the power has been in control, and the single divine writing system has grown extremely strong. Worried about the tragedy repeating, or worried about losing your place?"Bai Feng coldly snorted, "Probably all of them! Those people, I know! In the past few decades, it is probably really sad that the tragedies of the year happened. I feel that we have harmed the entire university and even harmed the future development of the human civilization. Road, but the last ten or twenty years..."

     Bai Feng sneered and said: "The mentality has probably changed too! In the past, there are still a few more students in the multi-shenwen department. Now...hehe, if I hadn't accepted Su Yu in advance, I would still have nothing, even if I accept one. Two students, it is also possible that you have inserted in."

     Bai Feng drank the tea in one sip and said with a sneer: "It is understandable to suppress our limelight, but my brother has been very low-key these years. Even my brother has to target it. This is not to suppress the limelight, but to suppress us. kill to the last one!"

     Bai Feng got up, sighed, "not so easy! The rabbit bites people in a hurry, let alone we are not rabbits, Liu Hong, I would like to give you a piece of advice, be honest, otherwise, you may be uncomfortable!"

     After all, Bai Feng went out.

     When he left, Liu Hong continued to drink tea slowly, for a long while, and said with a chuckle: "It seems that I am really going to bite people. I am still smart."

     Bai Feng and the others wanted to bite, and they wouldn't bite themselves now.

     Chief Zhou and the others are somewhat excessive. There are now 5 people in the polytheistic literature. Suppress them. They can still be understood without showing them. As a result, the position of Brother Bai Feng is to be pryed off. This is not as simple as suppressing.


     After a while.

     Bai Feng returned to the Research Center.

     On the second floor, I saw Su Yu who was practicing.Seeing that kid was suppressed on the ground, his limbs trembled, couldn't help laughing, and a little bit sigh.

     Genius, that is not for nothing.

     This kid can really suffer!

     After watching this silently for more than ten minutes, Su Yu kept insisting, but finally couldn't keep going. He crawled out cheeks streaming with tears.

     As soon as he crawled out, there were more feet in front of me.

     Su Yu looked up and suddenly felt extremely embarrassed and embarrassed!

     Enduring the pain, he hurriedly got up and said tremblingly: "Teacher... why are you here..."

     "Look at your cultivation situation."

     Bai Feng has been hitting him all the time, intending to make him not proud, but today, it is rare to praise: "It is good toughness, it is a good thing to be able to endure hardship, but it is a good thing to relax, don't force yourself so, your cultivation way...to you In terms of it, it's still cruel."

     If students don’t work hard, being a teacher will be painful and angry.

     But working too hard can make people feel painful.

     Su Yu is a genius, and he is not enough at all. You have cultivated so hard, so that the teacher is very shameless, and there is no chance to reprimand him.

     Su Yuhan smiled and said, "It's okay, teacher, I'm used to it."

     "got used to……"

     Bai Feng was lost in thought.

     Can this be used?

     Entering the debris room many times a day, every time I almost going to explode, can I get used to it?

     He didn't experience it. At the beginning, entering once a day was like killing him. His teacher Hong Tan taught him how to be a master without suffering.

     At that time, he wished to stay a few minutes less every day.Now, the student I accepted, but I can't wait to stay here all day long.

     Sighed gently, Bai Feng thought of what Liu Hong had said before, and completely suppressed...coming!

     As soon as the teacher left, those people finally cannot bear!

     This is also my own pot, and I was able to instigate the teacher away, and now I am in trouble, which is caused by myself.

     If the teacher is in a school, they are not so bold.

     When the teacher came back, the brother really lost this position, it would be a big trouble.

     "Let's take a break, I have something to tell you!"

     "it is good!"

     Su Yu wiped the sweat from his forehead and followed Bai Feng downstairs.



     Bai Feng silent for a while, said: "Originally, you still have a lot of time, so slowly cultivate! Of course, even now, you still have a lot of time, but... it may be more difficult than before."

     Su Yu didn't quite understand what he meant.

     Bai Feng continued: "You have an uncle, that is, my senior brother, Lingyun Jiu Chongjing, who holds a very important position in the academy...the general curator of the library!"

     Su Yu blinked, is it important?

     "Very important!"

     Bai Feng knew what he was thinking, and whispered: "Our department has many divine writings, many divine writings... how many?"

     "A divine text is outlined, at least you have to read the text of will more than ten times, this is still very small... you don't count!"Bai Feng's cheek twitched, and lightly coughed said: "Even if it's you, you have to look at the text of the will, and the original text of the ten thousand races, before you can outline the divine text! But this requires very many very many texts of the will. Department, it has been suppressed all these years. It has been used up a long time ago, and the resources that the university has obtained are not many. There is no way, we can only obtain it by some small means."

     "Your uncle works in Cangshu Pavilion, so you have the right to open some back doors for us. For example, when we go to Cangshu Pavilion, we can watch some articles of will for free...Of course, this is free, which is a kind of stealing."

     Bai Feng said frankly, "But we can't help it, people's energy is limited, we need to research, need to cultivate, need to be busy very many very many things, merit points are not enough, the university does not allocate funds..."

     "Furthermore, Cangshuge allows some senior officials of the university to watch the articles of will for free. This is a hidden rule, and it is not our family's doing it."

     Bai Feng sighed: "Everyone is doing it, in fact, it is a kind of default, so there is no need to bear any burden. But now...or in the future, we may not have this opportunity."

     "Last time you said that you want 10 articles of will, I said I would find a way, in fact, I think of a way from here, but now, someone is looking at your uncle and wants to kill us to the last one, not to us opportunity!"

     Bai Feng sneered: "Once your uncle loses his position, it will be difficult for us to enter the library in the future, let alone watch the essay of will for free! For the spiritual teacher, the essay of will is the fundamental and monopolizes the will Wen, no matter how talented a divine writer is, it’s useless!"Su Yu frowned, and said: "Teacher, the library can't go, isn't there a public class at a university? Researchers can write the will..."


     Bai Feng waved his hand, "Most of the divine texts mastered by the divine literary masters come from the ten thousand clan exercises and the will written by the human race. Although they can also help us outline divine texts, the probability is very small, and they are generally willing to start classes. The teacher is not strong, and the will to write it out is actually very weak."

     "For example, if I were to observe an article of will written by a Tengkong Realm, the article of will written by him might be completely abolished when I read it once under the confrontation of will."

     Bai Feng sighed: "It's our department, and we value this very much. We need to master a lot of divine texts! Once the source is cut off, our life will be really sad."

     "Teacher, can't even you earn enough merit points to meet your own needs?"

     Bai Feng said ill-humoredly: "Of course it’s okay for me to earn money to satisfy my own practice! Not only myself, but also the investment of the research institute, the merits we earned, 80% of the people invested in the research institute.”

     "Also, don't it cost me to train new people?"

     He shot a look at Su Yu, more and more said ill-humoredly: "You are a big deal, do I need to prepare blood for you to build a foundation? You are vacant, or I will find a way to give you a strong blood cast If you master the divine writings, can you really rely on yourself to observe the guidance of those public class teachers again and again?"

     "In the future, you may have to provide you with vitality fluid, essence and blood, civilian soldiers...Why don't you need to spend money?"Bai Feng vomited: "Accepting students, do you think it's a good thing? You don't understand the trade at a loss! But you still have to accept it. If you don't accept it, it will be over. Cut off inheritances. After a few decades, we people If you die, then this faction is really dead!"

     "So, after ten or twenty years, if you are strong, even if you are not willing to accept students, you have to accept it. This is a necessary factor to maintain the existence of the faction! No newcomer exists, this is not a faction! You are a lone, because you Without inheritance, this thing may cease to exist when you die."

     Su Yu scratched his head.

     He didn't say anything, because he didn't know what he should say at the moment.

     Bai Feng said, "I can guess that they want to do what. Your uncle has a disciple, and he is also a student in the top 100 list. You should start from there first. This is one of them!"

     "Secondly, your uncle previously embezzled a group of Ten Thousand Clan originally lent to the Research Center in private. Of course, it was borrowed in name. In fact...now lying in the debris room!"

     Su Yu bared his teeth, so that's how it is!

     Bai Feng exhaled: "So, next we have to make up for this shortfall. The original value of those ten thousand tribes is worth tens of thousands of merits! I actually prepared some things for you before. It was an unexpected surprise. Here, it doesn’t count. I also prepared a batch of Qianjun casting essence for you before. Then I will sell it..."

     "I have prepared a low-level mysterious soldier for you, and it will be sold!"

     "Including the several articles of will I reserved for you, all will be sold!"words exceede 5100Looking at Su Yu again, Bai Feng smiled reluctantly, "Your big sister... today was challenged in the top 100 list challenge, defeated strongly, and seriously injured. It takes at least three months of training, and fell below a hundred. Strong list!"

     Su Yu narrowed his eyebrows, "Teacher...this...does it affect Uncle and you?"

     "There are some!"

     Bai Feng takes a deep breath, "Before the end of the year, if she can no longer be on the top 100 list, your uncle’s assessment will drop, and the school will conduct a second assessment. Once the second assessment, your uncle’s affairs will be hidden. Don't stop, things that are convenient for us...will be exposed!"

     "Even if the shortfall is made up at that time, under strict inspection, it will be found out!"

     Su Yu cannot bear saying: "You said that everyone has this, the big deal is to fight with them, they check us, we check them too..."


     Bai Feng attacked: "The School of Divinity is about to become their back garden. At the crucial moment, how many more dean's warrants, if the dean allows it, who will be held accountable? The dean has this right to call a group of wills. Wen, we... don't have this right! Your Master is not there, so there is no chance to speak."

     Su Yu tweak one's ears and scratch one's cheeks, somewhat agitated.

     Why have been unlucky today!

     Unlucky for him, unlucky for uncle, unlucky for the big sister who basically has not met.

     "Teacher, can I do something?"


     Bai Feng looked at him, like a smile yet not a smile and said: "Don't plan to minor in the divine literature?"

     "I like divine writing!"

     Su Yu shook his head, I like the debris room, like the filter room, I won't go!

     Even if you die!"Then...you can really do something!"

     Bai Feng squinted and said with a smile: "Before the end of the year, hit the top 100 list! Challenge all the way up, seriously injure the enemy students, defeat them, let your senior sister pick a bargain behind and enter the top 100 list again!"

     "This is also okay?"

     Su Yu was dull.

     "Of course not. You are not strong enough and you are not afraid of being challenged by others? You seriously hurt you? However... We are seriously hurting the hostile students. Your senior sister takes their place. People behind dare not interfere with the struggle between us at this time. Only let us fight, that is an opportunity!"

     "Before the end of the year..."

     Su Yuji calculated that on August 5th today, that is less than 5 months?

     Be on the top 100 list in less than 5 months?

     Can I?

     Bai Feng looked at him and smiled: "Are you confident? If so, then we can do it once! If not, I have to go to the battlefield of the heavens as soon as possible, find your master, and let him come back!"

     Su Yu scratched his head, cannot bear saying: "In less than 5 months, the top 100 list has at least ten thousand stones... can I borrow external power?"

     "external force?"

     Bai Feng raised his eyebrows, "What external force?"

     "It's..." Su Yu hesitated a moment and said: "It's my Blood ‘血’ character divine text. Can’t it absorb the blood? After it absorbs the blood, it can burst into a more powerful force for a short time."

     Why are you so familiar!

     What does it mean to burst out a stronger force?

     Bai Feng always finds these words familiar, he is familiar with...some tingling sensation!

     "What... is a short burst of formidable strength?"Su Yu hesitated for a moment, but this matter may really be concealed, unless he is not exposed in front of others all his life.

     "That is, after absorbing the essence and blood, the divine text will provide me with a powerful force, which is related to the quality of the essence and blood. I will explode comparable to the Boundary's power of the essence and blood. Of course, it must be within my tolerance... "

     Bai Feng was stunned!

     After swallowing, Bai Feng said with some difficulty: "Is it... ordinary strength that broke out, or... or is there... that kind of power with... special martial skills?"

     Su Yu blinked, did you know that?

     It looks like someone knows this ability.

     So, isn’t this a special ability?

     But it should be rare. Didn't you see that Bai Feng is somewhat anxious?

     Su Yu thought for a while and nodded: "Some of them have some special martial arts...For example, before I absorbed the iron-winged bird essence and blood, a tearing skill would erupt, and my arm would temporarily open some acupuncture points and suddenly burst out. absolute kill strike ……"



     Su Yu was shocked!

     As everyone knows, Bai Feng was completely stunned at this moment!

     Damn it!

     Damn it!

     what's the situation?

      what happened?

     What is he saying?

     This is... the talent extraction that we have studied for many years!


      absolutely impossible!

     If a divine writing can be done, then we have painstakingly invested in countless things, why do we study this stuff!

     No, this little liar is lying to me!

     I do not believe!

     Bai Feng really stayed!What about him, impossible ah, our research leaked?

     Or is there such a divine text?

     If there is...what else to study, just outline such a divine text.

     "Blood Word God Wen..."

     Bai Feng murmured, isn't this drawn from the essay of will I wrote?

      impossible ah!

     I, Bai Feng, can't be so awkward!

     I have auditory hallucinations!
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