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111 The Way To Attack! (Wan Geng Asks For Monthly Subscription)
    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Library of Books.

     This is the first time Su Yu has come.

     A tall ancient building has a history of hundreds of years. As early as when the Civilization Academy was established, the Library was the first important building to be built.

     Very high!

     Su Yu looked up and it was at least 50 meters high, but there were only 10 floors in total.

     Simple, elegant and profound.

     This is Su Yu's first impression.

     Bai Feng did not urge, and waited for Su Yu to look for a while before introducing: "The Library is one of the most important places in the academy. It is similar to the secret area and the Xiuxin Pavilion. There are many originals of the ten thousand peoples inside."

     "From the Qianjun Realm to the Mountain Sea Realm, there are even... even stronger!"


     Su Yu, nodded slightly, is really valuable!

     Ahem, it's really important.

     Looking at Cangshu Pavilion, Bai Feng was silent for a while, and then said: "This place, the curator back then was my master, and is yours master. Later, your uncle became the curator, but this place was originally ours. In the back garden, most of the classics in the pavilion are actually collected by our strong polytheistic literature."

     Having said that, he paused and said, "50 years ago, the college confiscated a batch of classics and sent them all here! Those things...many of them were left by my uncle and others..."

     "Ms. Liu?"

     Su Yu was slightly startled.

     Bai Feng whispered: "Yes, the five generations of the governor, my master, left a lot of things. In the end, the uncle took nothing with him when he left, and he left the school just like that."

     It's not that I didn't take everything, only the divine text.Now, few people know that most of the classics in this library are derived from their polytheistic literature.

     People are forgetful!

     Even if you remember, you will selectively forget.

     As Bai Feng walked forward, he said: "Later, your uncle became the curator, and he became the curator for 20 years."

     "Ling Yun Nine Layers..."

     With a sigh, Bai Feng said again: "Your uncle Ka has been in Lingyun Jiuzhong for seven or eight years, and he has not been able to enter the mountain and sea realm. In fact... he was originally going to be stationed in the battlefield of the heavens, but then there was no way. Master and I are both busy with the research room. He can only support the library."

     "Our lineage is too few people, he can't walk, if he goes to the battlefield of the heavens, maybe... the mountains and seas are already!"

     Bai Feng somewhat grudgingly.

     Too few people!

     One series, plus 5 people from Su Yu.

     If Chen Yong had also left the school, they would be in great trouble, and the library would be lost, and the polytheistic literature would hardly be able to survive.

     While talking, the two walked to the gate.

     The door of the library is very large. At this moment, the door is open, there is a door card inside the door, and there are several guards nearby.

     Bai Feng swiped his researcher card, and the door opened.

     Several guards glanced at Bai Feng, looked at Su Yu again, and said solemnly: "Teacher Bai, are you going to the tenth floor?"


     "You can go there, he can't!"

     The guard pointed at Su Yu, and Bai Feng slightly condensed his eyebrows, "Why? He couldn't enter the forbidden ground. He went up to see my brother and paid a visit. Is there a problem?"The guard commander bowed and said: "Teacher Bai, don't embarrass us! We are just following orders. Su Yu is still a student, and the sixth floor is not open to students."

     "I know!"

     Bai Feng frowned and said, "But there were rules at the beginning. I have many divine writings, and anyone can enter and leave the sixth floor or above!"

     "Teacher Bai..."

      The guard commander is somewhat difficult, struggling for a while, and said dullly: "The school...there is no more official department of the first department of polytheistic literature!"


     Bai Feng's body shocked!

     After a long time, his cheeks twitched and said: "There is no more divine writing... who... said it?"

     "I don’t know if you read this year’s enrollment guide. The university has banned the Department of Polytheistic Fusion because this department has too few staff and less than 10 new students. It’s all the same for ten consecutive years. Rules, this year should be banned!"

      The guard commander lowered his head and explained: "You can look at the regulations of the school when it was founded. Article 62 stipulates that for ten consecutive years, if there are fewer than 10 new students, the department will be banned. This is also to make the school less so. Bloated, survival of the fittest, cancel some meaningless departments."


     Bai Feng smiled, and whispered softly: "Once upon a time, our Polytheistic Literature Department actually became a meaningless department. No, now it's not even a formal department!"

     No anger, just a little sigh.

     Ten consecutive years!

     There are no more than 10 new students!

     Suddenly some unspeakably feeling, sigh, regret...Someone passed by, entered the library, and saw Master Bai Feng, nodded slightly, not much to say.

     Bai Feng just stood at the door without moving.

     Su Yu stood at his side. At this moment, Bai Feng clearly felt depressed and a little trance.


     Bai Feng is sober!

     He smiled, and said with emotion: "True, I want to cut our last path, but I didn't even give students up to the sixth floor."

     Bai Feng looked at the guard leader again and slowly said, "But I didn't remember correctly. Two days ago, I saw a few students on the ninth floor. They are also students?"

     "They have a special warrant from the Institute Head, which is a special talent..."

      "Is that right?"

     Bai Feng smiled and said, "I am a student, isn't it a special talent?"


     The guards commanded nothing.

     Bai Feng smiled and said: "By the way, the curator of this library is my senior, this place...should be under his control!"

     When the words were over, Bai Feng made a communication and said, "I was stopped, first floor, come and pick us up!"


     After a while, Chen Yong walked down.

     His complexion was a bit yellowish.

     Su Yu had a very good first impression when he saw him. He was a gentle person, and he seemed a little kind.

     He looks in his forties, elegant and easy-going.


     Several guards greeted.

     Chen Yong smiled, did not say much, did not rebuke, and said softly: "Let Su Yu go up, I will make up a warrant later, but I forgot before, the polytheistic literary system has been banned..."Several guards stopped talking and began to let them go.

     Chen Yong smiled and looked at Su Yu, nodded slightly and said: "Su Yu...Yes, Bai Feng often talks about you to me, let's go up together."

     Su Yu quickly said: "Hello, Uncle!"

     "Well, you are welcome, go, go up and talk."

     Later, Bai Feng suddenly said, "Brother, our department at what time was banned, why don't I know?"


     Chen Yong said helplessly: "How can you manage these? It was banned before. For 10 consecutive years, if there are less than 10 people, the ban will be banned."


     Bai Feng was a little unwilling to say, "Why! Is this trying to remove our last mark? Did they forget that the first governor who established the academy at the time was a series of polytheistic literature, the third and fifth governors? , They are all of the polytheistic literature!"

     "Are they crazy? They even banned the department of the prefect for three generations, so why not just shut down the school!"

     Chen Yongping said peacefully: "What excitement, when we have more people, we will accept more than 10 students, keep it for three years, and then resume the department again. It's no different, it's just a name before."

     Bai Feng is still a little angry!

     But after thinking about it, I didn't say more.

     Getting angry now doesn't help.

     While walking, another person came out from the inside, who looked a little older than Chen Yong, and saw Chen Yong, nodded slightly, with a smile on their faces and said, "Curator Chen, Assistant Professor Bai."

     After saying hello, the visitor looked at Su Yu and said with a smile: "Director, is this the student from Assistant Bai?"

     "Correct."Chen Yong smiled and said, "Curator Zhou is going out?"

     "Well, I have something to go out."

     Curator Zhou smiled and smiled very harmoniously. After a few small words, he said unintentionally: "The curator, the collection of books has been consumed too much in the past few years, and the income has not been much. The sky is open, now there are people inside, and the other attics are not enough now, so I had to open the Churong Pavilion..."

     Chen Yong looked at him for a while, and his smile on face gradually converged.

     No longer smiling, Chen Yong said calmly: "Chu Rong Pavilion, for hundreds of years, only I can enter with the multi-sacred literature series. Has Director Zhou forgotten?"

     Curator Zhou smiled and said, "I haven't forgotten, however... Isn't this missing the polytheistic fusion system?"

     Chen Yong became more calm and whispered: "Now, take those people out and restore to the original state! I will take Su Yu over in half an hour. If there are still people, what is missing... Zhou Pingsheng, I will steal important classics In the name of, shot you personally in the library!"

     Zhou Pingsheng complexion changed!

     Just about to say something, Chen Yong regained his smile and looked at Su Yu and said, "Go up and chat with your uncle. I have never seen you before, and your master won't say to show you..."

     With a smile on his face, Chen Yong stopped watching Zhou Pingsheng and moved forward.

     Su Yu heart alarmed, trembling in fear, dare not say anything, followed in silence.

     Beside him, Bai Feng sneered.

     The laughter is obvious!

     He said in a playful way: "Chu Rong Pavilion also dare to occupy it, tsk tsk, it works! My teacher is not dead yet, my brother is still the curator... I hope that everything will be restored in half an hour, hahaha!"Bai Feng mocked!


     Stepping to keep up, laughter spread.

     They left, Zhou Pingsheng complexion fluctuates for a while, lightly snorted, turned around and went upstairs!

     To deal with the problem of Chu Rongge!

     Within half an hour!

     Restored to their original!


     On the stairs, seeing Su Yu not speaking, Chen Yong smiled and said, "Su Yu, don't be afraid. Uncle Uncle just made a joke with him. Just now it was Zhou Pingsheng, the deputy curator of Cangshu Pavilion, in Lingyun Seventh Stage. See you later. Face, we must greet, and we scholars must be courteous."

     "I see, Uncle."

     Su Yu is a little ticklish, kidding?


     I always feel...not a joke!

     Just now, the uncle suddenly stopped laughing, and then said those words, making Su Yu feel a little bit cold, as if... Zhou Pingsheng dared to say nothing, half an hour later, that guy might really be shot here!


     All the way up, Su Yu and the others soon reached the top floor.

     Tenth floor.

     Only one big office!

     This is the curator's room.

     In fact, it is also Chen Yong's home. He eats and lives here and rarely leaves the library.

     As soon as he went upstairs, Su Yu suddenly heard the sound of a fit of coughing.

     Seeing Su Yu looking around, Chen Yong complexion slightly changed, and soon regained a smile and said: "Your senior sister, she is a little uncomfortable, and she is recuperating. Let's meet again next time, forget it today."

     Su Yu knew it, but Bai Feng complexion changed and said, "Isn't it recovering? Why is it serious?"Hearing the coughing, and some feeling of tearing the heart and rending the lungs, Bai Feng was somewhat anxious.

     "It's okay, this girl..."

     Chen Yong somewhat grudgingly said: "I didn't pay attention two days ago. This girl was injured and she had to continue her practice. Some of her were injured. These days, I took her over for recuperation. I looked at her and refused to let her. She is messing up!"


     Bai Feng said angrily: "This stinky girl, don't you know how to cultivate at this time?"

     "Jiajia... hey, it's my fault." Chen Yong sighed lightly: "This girl, knows that she has lost her position in the top 100, and I will be investigated twice at the end of the year, so..."

     Bai Feng got it.

     In order to prevent Chen Yong from being dragged down, Wu Jia was going to make the top 100 list again, so she tried to practice.

     As a result, the injury became more serious!

     Bai Feng was somewhat angry, and said in a low voice: "Blame me, I shouldn't have gone to Hu Wensheng before, Jiajia, I figured out a way to get her something to make up for, so that she can recover as soon as possible, and don't delay the injury!"

     At this moment, Su Yu, who had been listening, was also a little unspeakably aggrieved.


     After entering the library, he felt different.

     Before, this kind of feeling was not obvious.

     There don't seem to be many people targeting Bai Feng, or in other words, Bai Feng has nothing to be targeted right now.

     He doesn't hold any position. He lives in the Research Center all day long and goes out very few times.

     If there is no money on hand, the secret realm is not gone.

     In this state, Bai Feng was almost invincible.

     But on Chen Yong's side, the situation seemed very troublesome.Many people are coveting the position of the curator of Cangshuge. Chen Yong seems to be having a hard time dealing with it. Even Cangshuge itself has some problems.

     Su Yu takes a deep breath and hurriedly said: "Uncle, I still have a lot of merits here. For the injuries of my sister, if I need any medicine, I can buy..."

     "You kid..."

     Chen Yong smiled and said: "Well, your master and I have not fallen to this level yet. I have taken care of it. You are now in need of merit and you have entered Bai Feng's sect... Hey, it just happens to happen. At this time, we are all the will is there, but not the strength, and resource help is probably limited."

     Chen Yong somewhat apologized and whispered softly: "With your talents, I am afraid that you will get more support if you go to other departments. It's a pity... I'm sorry."


     Su Yu hurriedly said: "The uncle's words are heavy, it should be my luck. There are few people and few people. At least there is no trouble in fighting and scheme against each other. I see the single divine writing system, and everyone hurts oneself. people."

     Chen Yong smiled lightly and said: "It is normal if there are too many people, and each has its own troubles. There are too many people, insufficient resources, and uneven distribution, which will cause such an impact."

     Bai Feng lightly coughed and said: "Brother, why are you talking about this! This kid, we didn't treat him badly. It's only been a long time since entering school. We have spent thousands of feats on this kid. What's wrong with him!"

     Su Yuhan nodded with a smile!

     Acknowledge it and give the teacher a little face.

     But having said that, I did give a lot.

     The technique, the blood of the Poshan Bull, the debris room and the filter room, and the skull of an annihilation beast, are not low in value.Putting it on other factions, I'm afraid it's no show.

     There are too many people and too many geniuses.

     Chen Yong smiled, and stopped mentioning these, greeted them to sit down on the sofa.

     He got up and gave Su Yu a cup of tea. Su Yu hurriedly took the tea cup and poured himself tea. By the way, he poured a cup for Chen Yong. Bai Feng... his face was a little stiff, how about mine?

     Su Yu didn't mean it, he promised!

     Bai Feng just poured it by himself. He watched him pour the tea, and he didn't help Bai Feng to pour it.

      Shot a look at Su Yu, Bai Feng was too lazy to say that he, in the Research Center, I have never seen you so diligent to Laozi!


     Chen Yong waved his hand, interrupted him, and looked at Su Yu and said, "Did your teacher talk to you about too much divinity?"

     Su Yu hurriedly said: "I know that we have multiple divine texts and a single line. We are a faction that can only be emptied by fusing more than 10 divine texts..."

     After Su Yu spoke for a while, Chen Yong suddenly glared at Bai Feng!

     "Without learning or skills !"


     Bai Feng blinked, feeling somewhat wronged, what's wrong with me?

     "Don't listen to your master, talk about some furry things!"

     Chen Yong opened his mouth and said: "Multi-sacred texts, not to say that more than 10 divine texts are multi-sacred texts. The multi-sacred texts are actually similar to the practice of different exercises. The divine texts are the same as the acupuncture points."

     "Different divine texts are merged and combined to form a set of combat skills, that is, divine texts combat skills. This is the essence of a multi-sacred text!"

     "No matter how many divine texts you have, it is not a system, but in fact it is not a multi-divine text.""Our full name is Polytheistic Fusion System. Polytheistic literature is the premise and fusion is the key. This is our essence!"

     Su Yu suddenly!

      so that's how it is!

     Looking at Bai Feng again, he suddenly felt that his teacher...not so good.

     I said it many times, but didn't get to the point.

     Bai Feng's face turned blue, and he defended: "Brother, I'm going to wait for him to cultivate his temperament and then elaborate, I don't know this kid..."

     He wanted to say, this guy is too fast!

     He didn't have time to say!


     At this time, Chen Yong seemed to have reacted and looked at Su Yu, dazed for a moment, "Have you nurtured?"

     "Yes, Uncle."


     Chen Yong was dull and looked at Bai Feng, "You told me a few days ago that he still has a period of time to cultivate himself, why is it so fast?"

     Bai Feng: "..."

     You ask me, who do I ask?

     Chen Yong shook his head again, "No, you are here, I should know that he has nurtured his temperament! He didn't react for a while, and almost passed by you."

     He somewhat not to know whether to laugh or cry!

     My reaction speed is a bit slow.

     Since Bai Feng brought Su Yu here, doesn't it mean that Su Yu has cultivated his temperament?

     I have some hindsight!

     It seems that after staying in Zangshu Pavilion for too long, some are out of date.

     "very good!"

     Chen Yong nodded and smiled, very satisfied!At this time, he didn't say anything else, and quickly said: "Your master probably won't have time to tell you more. He is also busy with a lot of things during this period of time. I know all these things. If you don't understand, you can ask directly. I, I’m a bit freer than him."

     "When he enrolled in school, I was teaching him. Your master... is also a carefree person, just like him."

     After all, Chen Yong said: "Although your master has no time to teach you some basic things, but some advanced things involve his field, he is much better than me. In the integration of divine literature, you are better than others. Master is stronger than me!"

     Bai Feng said with restraint: "Senior brother has a good reputation!"

     Chen Yong laughed and continued: "Bai Feng is good at attacking and killing! I know that you youngsters like this one. You should have seen his attacking and killing techniques. Hu Wensheng is by no means an unusual way to fly into the sky. It was also the original one. A genius evildoer, in the end, he couldn't take a trick from your master. He is really strong!"

     "Senior brother's praise!"

     Bai Feng was reserved again and praised himself, but after all, it was a bit bad.

     Brother still can talk!

     Chen Yong was too lazy to pay attention to him, and continued: "Your teacher brought you here today to determine your next path. Our lineage, we mainly follow three paths, the way of attacking and killing, the way of defense, having both Attack and Defense!"

     "Don't think it's good to have both Attack and Defense. Attack and kill are not outstanding, defense is not strong, but rather moderate."

     "Bai Feng is going to attack and kill together. The combat power is strong, but it is not long-lasting. He pays attention to One Hit Kill, otherwise it will be a little troublesome and easy to be killed by others."

     "And I'm taking the defensive way."Chen Yong did not humble himself, speak bluntly: "Although I am the Ninth Layer of Lingyun, but the three in front of the mountain and the sea met me, only if the powerful man with the power to attack and kill, kill me... It's hard and hard! I shot, I don't have some powerful divine literary attacking and killing skills, it is difficult to kill them, I can only drag them."

     Su Yu dazed for a moment, and said, "Uncle, you...I seem to have heard it on Teacher Zhao's side."


     "Zhao Li!" Bai Feng answered, "He minored in the Casting Department, and is a minor of Zhao Li."

     "Zhao Li!"

     Chen Yong was taken aback and suddenly said, "Su Yu, are you a student of Zhao Li?"


     Su Yu nodded.

     Chen Yong looked at Bai Feng again, "Did you instruct it?"

     Bai Feng said speechlessly: "What does it have to do with me, he went to find it himself, Zhao Li still wants to snatch my apprentice from me."

     Chen Yong suddenly fell silent.

     Bai Feng looked at him, somewhat puzzled.

     Chen Yong was silent for a while and said slowly: "Su Yu, you go attack and kill! You don't need to use defense or having both Attack and Defense! Of course, there is a premise...you...you'd better ……the best……"

     "Brother, what do you want to say?"

     Bai Feng was surprised, what did brother do?

     Chen Yong takes a deep breath and said: "Zhao Li...you kid really without learning or skills! Knowing it, don't know why! Does the four-generation governor know who it is?"

     "I know!"

     Bai Feng said silently: "President Zhao Yunchuan, after his death in the battle, he left the secret realm of the'Yuan' character, can I not know? It fell 115 years ago, can I not know?""Zhao Li... the son of the four generations of the governor!"


     Bai Feng was stunned, "Impossible, Zhao Li...not very old, right?"

     "Almost 120 years old."


     Su Yu a look of sluggishness, Bai Feng also sluggishly said: "120 years old, only Lingyun Qizhong?"

     Chen Yong glared at him, said ill-humoredly: "He doesn't really like to specialize in divine writing. He walks in the line of casting soldiers, so his cultivation speed is slower."

     "But I... why haven't I heard of it?"

     "So if you are without learning or skills, you should know if you really want a snack!" Chen Yong said slowly: "Zhao Li is the son of four generations of governors. The four generations of governors are famous for their strong vitality and willpower! It is related to his'Yuan' character divine writing, and also related to his practice!"

     "Four generations of governors created a technique based on the divine writing of the'Yuan' character, called "Expanding God Technique"."

     Chen Yong looked at Su Yu and said in a deep voice: "When you kill one, the biggest weakness is that when the willpower is not strong enough, it consumes too much at a time, it is unsustainable, and it is easy to be killed by others! The reason for practicing defense. , Just to be killed by someone for such a drawback."

     "But once you have practiced the "Expansion Technique", you can effectively solve this problem!"

     Bai Feng stunned again: "Really? Why didn't anyone tell me!"

     Why did no one tell him about such an important matter?

     Su Yu looked at Bai Feng, suddenly pitying, you don't know the feelings!


     Bai Feng seemed to sensed his gaze, with a black line on his face, boy, who are you with?

     Teacher I am still young!

     Not yet 30 years old!It’s only been 9 years since I enrolled. I don’t know a lot of things. Isn’t it normal?

     Chen Yong was amused by their masters and apprentices, and laughed: "It's useless to say this. Zhao Li has a strange character. After the fall of the four generations of the mansion, the "Expansion of Gods Art" has almost been lost. It was a little bit by himself. To add completeness, when his father fell, he was still young, just a few years old..."

     Chen Yong explained: "The current "Zhen Shen Jue" is almost his own creation. He has a weird character. Even if he accepts a few students, he feels that they are not qualified to practice the "Zhen Shen Jue" and will not be spread. He value the broom as one's own, and he doesn't care about it either."

     "Master actually looked for him a few years ago, but he saw you... saying that you are useless and you are not qualified to practice his "Expansion Art". Master has no choice but to give up..."


     Bai Feng was stunned, am I trash?

     I grew so big, the first time I heard someone say that I am a trash, brother, are you serious?

     Chen Yong didn’t care about him and looked at Su Yu with a smile: “Since you are valued by Zhao Li, there is hope that he will inherit the "Expansion Art". Once this is the case, you can solve the problem of insufficient willpower. At that time , You are truly attacking and killing a strong man! Continue to attack and kill, no matter how strong the defense, can stop you once, but also cannot stop you many times!

     Chen Yong somewhat agitated and said: "I paid attention to these things before, but I didn't think, Zhao Li would actually accept you! You said that you are familiar with it, so I reacted, Zhao Li should have told you After practicing his "Expansion Technique", his fighting power lasted, right?"

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