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113 Two Nines! (Seeking Subscription, Seeking Monthly Pass, Seeking Recommendation, Seeking Everything)
    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

words exceede 5100Yes, this can be prepared and kept for reference, 13 of them, one more than Master, it’s okay.

     "Most of them are weapons..."

     Su Yu understood. Many of the templates inside this wall of attack are weapons.

     It may be more efficient if it is filled with divine text and turned into a weapon.

     "Maybe I should find a knife..."

     Su Yu looked around, not close, he was very difficult to see clearly the appearance of those stars.

     After wandering for a while, Su Yu saw a knife. It was a pity that there were only 10 spots of light. Su Yu looked down on it and continued to wander in the starry sky.

      very many very many!

     Su Yu saw a lot of light spots, so he didn't worry.

     Look slowly, what are you afraid of!

     At this moment, Su Yu felt that in the sea of his will, several divine writings seemed to shake.

     The next moment, Su Yu thought.

     Suddenly, three divine writings appeared in front of me!

     Thunder, blood, kill!

     Three divine texts suddenly appeared here, and Su Yu slightly dazed for a moment, which is not too surprising. This is not a real space, it is a space similar to the sea of will. It is normal for these to appear.

     As soon as the three divine writings appeared, some stars around them suddenly shook.

     After a while, stars flew towards Su Yu.


     Su Yu was slightly surprised, and quickly reacted. Is this Shenwen searching for matching Shenwen combat skills?

     God text still has this ability?

     There are many stars circling around at this moment.

     There are everything, blade, spear, sword, halberd, axe, hook, fork...there's some left strange things, hammers, cauldrons, iron chains...

      Numerous, Su Yu glanced at, at least 20 or more.

     Among them, most of them are 10 spots.

     The most is a sword with 15 points of light shining!

     At this moment, this sword and Slaughter [杀] Character Shenwen echoed and shook each other. It should be Slaughter [杀] Character Shenwen who took a fancy to each other, and the other side also took a fancy to the "Kill" brother.

     Su Yu looked at the template and was a little moved.

     15 light spots, it seems that he has seen the most!

      However... At this moment, the two younger brothers "Thunder" and "Blood" were a little repulsive, and the divine text was shaking, as if they were not satisfied with this sword.

     "Is there rejection?"

     Su Yu is slightly frowned, as Bai Feng said before, the divine writing he sketched now may not be available.

     There may be some divine texts that do not match the divine text combat skills, so they cannot be filled into the divine text combat skills and can only be used alone.

     Now that the two divine writings do not match, Su Yu hesitated a bit.

     Give up these two little brothers?

     These two little brothers were the first two divine texts sketched by themselves and gave up, which he felt was a pity.

     "It's better to find a thing that can hold three divine writings, so that it won't be wasted, and all can be filled in."

     Su Yu looked around, looking around.

     I temporarily gave up the thought of subduing that sword, I can prepare to keep it, 15 light spots are quite a lot, but it is a pity that some do not match my little brother.

     As he continued to wander, there were more and more light groups around him.Some light groups circled Su Yu for a while, and they will leave soon.

     Obviously, not only was Su Yu selected them, but these light groups were also selecting Su Yu.

     After a while, Su Yu frowned, is there only 15 spots at most?

     He found that it seemed that only the sword had the most light spots, but unfortunately it did not match the "blood" and "thunder" divine writing.

     Just when Su Yu was considering whether to subdue that sword, not far away, a light group attracted Su Yu's attention.

     This light group is not big, far not as bright as the surrounding light groups, and even a little dim.

     But at this moment, this small light group had gotten close to the three divine texts, and hovered near the three divine texts.

     The three divine writings did not seem to repel each other, of course, they did not have the same resonance as before.

     Like a stranger!

     You must not sin against me, and I am too lazy to take care of you.

     The light group is dim, not big, and for a while, Su Yu can't even see what exactly is it.

     It is a ball of light!

     Su Yu was somewhat curious and "looked" towards the light group. It was too dim. For a while, he couldn't see exactly how many light spots there were.

     "This is also a template?"

     "How do you feel so weak!"

     "I don't reject the three divine texts, but yes and no are too close..."

     This small light group wandered around the divine text, like a child, interested in divine text, but a little afraid of life, afraid to approach, and reluctant to leave.

     Su Yu got closer, and the light group actually avoided it.

     Su Yu has become interested now, have you met something good?Looking closer, some of the light spots inside the light cluster were very dim, but Su Yu discovered that there were light spots, but they were not too bright.


     Su Yu counted it carefully and was somewhat surprised. There seemed to be 18 light spots inside this small light ball. He suspected that he had counted it wrong.

     Such a big star sword, only 15 points of light, bright and scary.

     You are so small and so dim, can you have 18 points of light?

     Doesn't it require 18 divine writings to lay the foundation?

      so formidable?

     "I met a treasure?"

     Su Yu's heart was shocked. He had read extracurricular books and knew one of the words, "treasures are filthy". Is it this?

     Actually very powerful, pretending to be ordinary?

     "18 points of light, no rejection of the three divine texts, have you met Bao?"

     Su Yu's heart was shocked, a little joyful, could it be that I was so lucky?

     Although it looks very weak, it is just a round ball, but 18 points of light are very impressive, OK?

     So far, Su Yu has encountered this light ball the most!

     Su Yu was excited, this is it!

      This isn't bad!

     Good stuff!

     He is now ready to capture it. It's not easy to encounter 18 light spots, that's it.

     Su Yu's willpower is scattered!

     Wrap the light ball in an instant, and according to the teacher and the others, incorporate this thing into your own sea of will, then it belongs to yourself!

      from then on, his divine art combat skills are finalized.

     Even after the flight, it is only filled with divine texts, the main body is still this stuff.This light group is also very obedient. As soon as Su Yu's willpower is enveloped, this thing floats towards him, and it is about to be subdued by Su Yu...

     At this moment, in the sea of will, the golden album that has not moved, seems to have discovered something!

     At the next moment, the golden album suddenly shook!


     It was obviously a silent void, but Su Yu seemed to hear the sound of breaking.

     The voice sounded in the sea of will, and Su Yu was dull for the next moment.

     The light ball... is broken!

     Yes, broken!

     "What the hell?"

     Su Yu was dumbfounded. Only when the Ten Thousand Clan Atlas was opened by himself would there be some movement. Today, what did he suddenly break his divine text combat technique framework for?

     "What is it, I'll go, this album What does it mean? If you don't give others access to the sea of will, it can only occupy it? But it's not right. Before, all civil soldiers, annihilation beast skulls, and gods can enter?"

     "18 points of light!"

     Su Yu was a little annoyed. I encountered a good thing with great difficulty. I thought it was God's favor for me. What do you mean, people didn't resist. I was caught directly by me, and you crushed it?

     The album smashed the light group, ignored Su Yu, and returned to silence again.

     Su Yu is inwardly cursed, so angry!

     Seeing that there were no more light clusters, Su Yu had to cast his gaze on the 15-spot long sword, which at any rate resonated with the "killing" brother, as for the "blood" and "thunder" brothers, Sorry, it seems that you can only wait for the air to fill in as a filling divine text.Su Yuchao's long sword covered willpower, and the willpower pulled the long sword, and Slaughter [杀] Character divine writing continued to oscillate.

     Attracting Long Sword to fly towards Su Yu!

     This time, Su Yu sensed a bit of hard work. Before recruiting the small round ball of light, there was no pressure at all. At this moment, it was under great pressure. Su Yu kept pulling for a while, feeling spirit weary, strength exhausted, long sword. Only then was he barely wrapped in his willpower and flew towards the sea of will.

     Su Yu felt the movement of the sea of will and the movement of the golden album.

     You won't leave personnel anymore, will you?

     Just thinking, puff, it's a snapping sound again!

     Su Yu was stunned!


     "I...fuck you!"

     Su Yu is angry!

      What does it mean ah!

     This guy occupies his own sea of will, and actually prevents other divine text combat technique templates from entering, and smashes two light groups one after another. This is over. The strongest nearby is these two light groups, each with 18 Light spots, 15 each!

     What is going on?


      at the same time.


     Bai Feng looked at Su Yu's trembling constantly, feeling a little strange, frowning and said: "Why is it still not good? This kid, what are you doing!"

     Chen Yong also said strangely: "I clearly felt a little shake in his sea of will just now, as if I was about to outline the foundation of the divine art combat skills, why suddenly there was no movement?"

     He was also surprised, why did it stop again?

     Bai Feng looked at Chen Yong and said unsure: "Did the outline fail?""Usually not, if he really wants to fail, it means that he is not suitable for cultivating divine literary combat skills, then it is not suitable for...becoming a multi-divine literary student."

     When Chen Yong said this, Bai Feng was shocked, "No way?"

     Can't Su Yu outline the magical combat skills?

     That doesn't mean that this kid has no way to pass on their mantle?

     Chen Yong couldn't understand the situation, and he said: "Usually not, So many years, I have failed to outline the framework of the divine text and combat skills... almost never! Even if the talent is almost the same, the trouble will not be able to fill the basic divine text. Not now."

     "Almost not?"

     Bai Feng looked at Chen Yong and raised his eyebrows: "Brother, you won't tell me that someone has failed, right? Almost, someone has failed?"

     Chen Yong explained: "It happened many years ago. Someone has failed. It seems that there is only one! I don’t know the specifics. There is a record. Two hundred years ago, a student came to outline the war skills of God. Said that he outlined a strong magical combat skills, dozens of light points... After the results came out, he did not find any outlines."

     Chen Yong said helplessly: "It is recorded in the book that he simply couldn't enter this combat skill wall at all. Even if others didn't pick it once, he could continue to enter. He would only enter once. Later, because he couldn't outline the divine art combat skills, he just Switched to another department."

     "According to his statement, he really outlined a powerful combat skill in this combat skill wall that day, a very special combat skill. Although it is very dim, it has a lot of light spots, and it matches his divine text. It went smoothly, but disappeared after don't know why came out."Chen Yong said and said: "Later, three generations of governors put forward an idea. This war technique wall may incorporate deceptive divine texts, so a deceptive war technique was formed inside, which caused a sensation. , Many students are worried that they will encounter..."

     "As a result, after hundreds of years, this kind of thing has not happened again, so a few decades ago, someone denied this statement. In fact, there is no such deceptive combat technique framework. The student back then may have outlined For the failure, I found the reason for myself, and as for why I can't enter the combat skill wall again, no one knows the reason yet."

     Bai Feng blinked, "No? There is still this, I don't know!"

     "This is just a miscellaneous note, no need to understand."

     Chen Yong didn't care, and said with a smile: "For hundreds of years, just such a case may not be true, so knowing it is useless."

     "I also saw it from miscellaneous books. Otherwise, I don't know at all that happened before."

     "That's good……"

     Bai Feng was relaxed, and looked at Su Yu again, a little strange, how did this kid linger until now!


     "I don't believe it!"

     At this moment, Su Yu was also aggrieved, helpless, he once again ignored it and captured a frame with 12 points of light.

     As a result, the accident regenerates.

     Just accepted by him, snorted, and was crushed again!

     "Fuck, do you want to do what?"

     Su Yu is angry!

      If it goes on like this, he has no way to subdue it. Doesn’t that mean he can’t practice divine art combat skills?

     Just when Su Yu was angry, the golden album shook again!words exceede 5100So many light clusters were crushed, and there were at least a few hundred light spots. As a result, 99 of them were extracted from the album and reorganized into a knife!


     "Go crazy!"

     Su Yu has no surprises, only irritation and sluggishness.

     What does it mean?

     Before you let me into the sky, outline 99 divine texts?

     I will die!

     Can my will bear it?

     Others sketched a few divine texts and entered the sky. I want to sketch 99 divine texts, maybe more. After all, they may not match these light points. Are you trying to play me?

     Su Yu's consciousness exists here at this moment, otherwise, his face must be ashen!

     The combat skill composed of 99 divine texts is absolutely strong!

     But... how can he have so much time to outline, how can he have so much willpower to cultivate!

     In this way, someone else has entered the mountains and seas, and maybe he is still flying in the air, isn't this letting himself die?

     "I reject!"


     Su Yu gnashing one's teeth, I don’t want it, what is this trash album going crazy today!

     Isn't it good to stay in the sea of will?

     Must come out to make trouble!

     Su Yugang thought, suddenly, the three divine texts fluctuated, and the next moment, the three divine texts were suddenly embedded into the knife!

     Su Yu's willpower was turbulent, and he wanted to strip out the divine text, but found that he was not successful!

     "I go, what the hell!"

     Su Yu was stunned. Did the three divine writings betray him?

     That said, if I don't accept this knife, the three divine writings might... disappear?

      what the hell!The three divine writings seem to be very comfortable, at this moment, wandering in the three light spots in the knife, as if saying that they are very satisfied with this new home.

     Su Yu wanted to explode!

     He really doesn't understand, what is this picture book doing, isn't this thing dead?

     Is it still conscious?

     "99 divine texts..."

     Su Yu's face turned blue and suddenly comforted herself.

     Only 99 pieces, not many.

     I read it once, outline one, and only read 99 articles of will.

     One time a day, 99 days is enough, no, 96 days is enough.

     "Just burn money, read more about the will..."

     Su Yu some wants to cry but doesn't have tears. He really doesn't know if it is a good thing. There are too many 99 pieces, which makes him a little broken.

     "99, must be very powerful, yes, very powerful, very powerful!"

     Su Yu comforted herself again, since there is no way to resist... then accept it!

     The nearby light clusters were actually crushed. If you want to find them again, you will have to spend time. The key is that even if you find them, they will be crushed by the album.

     Work in vain!

      Without any choice, Su Yu had to wrap the knife with willpower and incorporate the knife into his own sea of will.

     There is no intention to resist too strongly, the atlas has disappeared and returned to the sea of will.

     The three divine writings also settled in one of them. It seemed very comfortable. After a while, the knife disappeared in the void and appeared in Su Yu's Will Sea.

     This time, the album did not crush it again.

     "99 divine writings, if I say it out, the teacher doesn't believe it!"

     Su Yu is helpless, will Bai Feng believe it?Does this war technique wall consist of 99 divine texts?

     Probably not!


     Open your eyes.

     Su Yu ashen-faced, beside him, Bai Feng was surprised, "Failed..."

     Suddenly I felt that the scene was a bit familiar, and immediately changed my words: "The outline of the combat technique frame is not good?"

     This kid, who is often frightened and flustered, may be not very good at combat skills, so this guy seems depressed.

     Su Yu hesitated to speak and stopped, not bad, but too good.

     Teacher, I said that I sketched a combat skill of 99 basic gods, do you believe it?

     Su Yu to bare one's fangs, found it hard to speak out life and death, for a long while, dryly said: "Teacher, in our department, who has the most basic divine texts and warfare skills?"


     Bai Feng dazed for a moment, thought a bit then said: "This...isn't Uncle Liu Wenyan, or the head of the five generations?"

     Behind, Chen Yong looked at Su Yu somewhat uncertainly, and said: "It is the five generations of the governor, who outlined the combat skills containing 22 divine texts, and Liu Shibo outlined the combat skills containing 18 divine texts. Our master, Your master, outlined the combat skills containing 14 divine texts. Of course, it is more difficult to attack one, we have to be relatively simple, attack one... Under normal circumstances, 10 is comparable to our 12. "

     After speaking, Chen Yong said: "The five generations of the governor are the invincible figures who are about to reach the summit. Uncle Liu is also the Heaven's Chosen Child of fifteen years ago. Therefore, they are all terrifyingly strong. Under normal circumstances, you attack and kill one, as long as A combat skill that can outline 10 divine texts is already very strong!"Bai Feng also explained: "That is, we are more difficult to attack and kill than them. I outlined 12 basic sacred warfare skills, which are stronger than your master and my master. He is of the same rank as me and is definitely not my opponent..."

     Chen Yong flipped a supercillious look towards him.

     As he said, Bai Feng looked at Su Yu and said: "Did you outline the combat skills, the divine texts are too few? Don’t be frustrated, there’s no problem, even if there are only 10 divine texts, that’s enough. Compared with your master, you are Almost, it's enough to slap Hu Wensheng's generation..."

     He still soothed!

     As long as you succeed, it doesn’t really matter how many divine texts you have. 10 basic divine texts are enough. This is the top-level genius. As long as you can practice successfully, you can sling the same level.

     Su Yu wants to speak but stops!

     So anxious, what should I do?

     Five generations of the governor, killed the invincible powerhouse, they only outlined 22 divine texts combat skills, I Su Yu...99!

     One top four!

     The Five Dynasties Mansion will kill one invincible, at least I can kill four!

     Teacher, I said, are you afraid?

     Believe it or not?

     Will you hit me?

     Su Yu originally didn't want to lie, but at this moment, under the struggle, he still said dryly: "Well, the combat skills I outlined have a foundation in divine writing..."

     "How many?"

     Bai Feng is in a hurry, what are you doing ne!

     Don’t you know if you’re in a hurry?

     Su Yu silent for a moment, I'm an honest person, let me tell the truth, gritted my teeth and said: "Two nines!"


     Bai Feng was dumbfounded, then annoyed.18 is 18, you have to say two 9s, you seem to be very good?

      However... 18, really amazing!

     Chen Yong was also surprised and said: "18 basic divine texts? So many, this...this should be a good thing, but you need to outline the 18 divine texts that can be integrated in other words, in other words, the gods that may be outlined. I have to far exceed 18 articles, which is quite a test of your skill!"

     18, this kid is indeed a genius!

     Very strong!

     However, it is also very difficult. He is somewhat concerned. Can Su Yu finish it?

     Su Yu said nothing, you said 18!

     I'm talking about two nines!

     I didn't lie, you will know in the future, it's not that I didn't say it, it was said, yourselves misunderstood.

     Eighteen, you all have a very troublesome look on you next.

     If I say 99, he suspects these two will be desperate.

     Su Yu also has some careful thoughts of his own. He is worried, worried that he will be abandoned if 99 basic divine art combat skills are spoken... It is possible, which means that he may not be able to vacate in his life, at least between these two It seems that the possibility is great.

     Moreover, it is not easy for him to say that it is related to the golden album.

     I'm still an honest person, that's right, that's right, they are wrong, and I can't blame it.

     "From now on, keep a low profile, outline five divine texts, and I will just outline one. In this way, the progress can be kept up..."

     Su Yu started small calculations, and in the future he has to keep a low profile, and can't tell Bai Feng everything.Every time I outline 5 divine texts, I will announce the good news again, saying that I have sketched one, so that I can almost match the filling progress, otherwise, the progress can't keep up!

     "18 pcs……"

     At this time, Bai Feng and Chen Yong didn't care about Su Yu. They looked at each other, and Bai Feng whispered: "As many as Uncle Uncle, how long did Uncle Uncle spend at the beginning and almost filled it up?"

     "Three years!"

     Chen Yong thought a bit then said: "It is almost three years before it is almost full."

     "Is this kid...comparable to Master Uncle? It will take at least three years to enter the sky!"

     As Bai Feng said, he looked at Su Yu and was relaxed. Fortunately, this kid is not slow in sketching the divine writings. After three years, he will be a strong man in the sky. Up.

     At Su Yu's speed, it feels no worse than Uncle Uncle.

     Thinking about it this way, Bai Feng was a little happy again. It's good. This guy really wants to be promoted with only 10 divine writings. Then maybe one or two years will be enough. He is faster than himself, and he has no face!

     "18 pieces, 18 pieces, it seems that our next consumption is not small!"

     Bai Feng had thought of something else, and Su Yu, bowed his head and said nothing.

     99 pieces, 99 pieces of will-consuming articles very many very many, teacher, you probably can't support me!
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