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115 Sacred Text Rejection (seeking Subscription)
    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

In the Churong Pavilion.

     Su Yu is reading a book, from the Devil Scorpion Clan’s Ten Thousand Stone Realm exercises, a minor exercise that specifically helps Devil Scorpions enhance the sharpness of their tails.

     It is somewhat similar to the exercises used by other races to strengthen the physical body.

     Su Yu has little knowledge and doesn't see much exercises, so he also watches with keen interest at the moment.

     Although everyone's acupuncture points are not necessarily the same, but comprehending, you can figure out one or two if you read too much.

     After watching for a while, Su Yu gradually felt a little bit.

     He read the book seriously, trying to figure out the meaning contained within, and comparing it with himself, it was not swept away.

     In this way, after watching the little half an hour, a lot of willpower was consumed. At this time, Su Yu suddenly felt a sense of divine writing.

     At this moment, Su Yu overjoyed at unexpected good news!

     It's easy!

     Bai Feng worried that he did not have a strong understanding of the divine writings of the ten thousand races. Facts have proved that genius is genius.

     Even if it is the gods of the ten thousand races, he can still feel it quickly!


     In the sea of will, a magic scorpion clan divine text gradually formed.

     Su Yu’s villain jumped out, be eager to give sth a try!

     You can conquer another divine text!

     Now that he is nourishing, it should be easier to subdue the divine texts than before.

     This divine text is the word "strong" of the Devil Scorpion clan. It is strong for physical fitness and strengthening. Su Yu feels that the effect should also isn't bad.

     I was about to go for a big fight. At this moment, the three divine writings living in the knife suddenly shook in my mind.

     At the next moment, three divine texts controlled the divine text combat skill knife, humming out of the air!

     boom!Su Yu only felt the sea of will roar, and the next moment Su Yu was shocked.

     The word "strong" was crushed by a knife!

     "Blood" divine text is absorbing remnant's will power, "thunder" divine text is still flashing thunder...

     "What's going on?"

     Su Yu is solemn!

     Since the golden album has some reaction, these few gods seem to be somewhat out-of-control.

     The divine writing he had just condensed was actually crushed!

     "Divine text is conscious?"

     He felt that the album was conscious before, but at this moment, he suddenly felt that the divine text was conscious, This is impossible!

     Su Yu tried to control a few divine writings, but the same like before, it went smoothly, and there was no other reaction.

     But Su Yu was very upset!

     What exactly is going on today?

     He was very happy just now, and after reading the text of the will, he outlined the magic scorpion tribe. He is a super genius!

     But in the blink of an eye, the three divine writings were in trouble!

     Su Yu will cast his will to the golden album, which is extremely quiet and doesn't have any movement.

     Look at the civilian soldiers not far away, look at the Oblivion Beast skull...

     Su Yu's willpower withdrew from the sea of will and fell into contemplation.

     Shenwen, he can also control perfectly.

     Then why did the thing just happen?

     "Blood" divine text seems to have grown a little bit, and the other two divine texts seem to have gained some gains. I just outlined the magic scorpion divine texts, which are not useless. After breaking the divine texts, all three divine texts seem to have gained some gains. .

     "The magic scorpion clan sacred text... was it killed by their joint efforts? Swallowed?"Su Yu frowned and murmured: "Why?"

     He determined that does not belong to oneself's talent problem.

     He outlines the divine text, just as in the past.

     It doesn't matter if it is from the human race or the ten thousand races, the fragment did not outline the divine text at the beginning, only the fragment is too weak.

     But why does it lead to such a result?

     "Several divine texts are repelling the magic scorpion tribe!"

     "Divine texts...not necessarily conscious, but they are indeed repelling the magic scorpion tribe divine texts!"

     The three divine texts that came first seemed to form a small group.

     They are repelling outsiders!

     Su Yu didn't know whether he only rejected the Devil Scorpion script or rejected all scripts.

     "No, I want to try again!"

     Once, seeing nothing, Su Yu decided to try again.


     After more than three hours, Su Yu's face looked somewhat pale.

     Another divine text was crushed!

     Just now, he comprehended a divine text of the earth bee tribe, and it was crushed again!

     "No, I just forcibly suppressed three divine texts, the divine texts are still under my control, but the repulsive force is too strong!"

     Su Yu just tried it. He suppressed the three divine texts and didn't let the divine texts immediately defeat the new ones.

     But when he was about to subdue the outline, he found that the newly arrived divine text had a strong repulsive force against his own sea of will.

     In other words, even if it was conquered, Su Yu would have to spend his energy to suppress this divine text and resolve the repulsive force."The devil's scorpion is not good, the earth bee's is not... It's not that I can't outline them, but my will sea is a little repulsive to them. The reason why the three divine writings crushed these few divine writings is not because of. , But because they are mutually exclusive..."

     Su Yu condensed his eyebrows, lost in thought.


     "It hasn't happened before, because what I have condensed before is the human gods!"

     "But now, what is condensed is not the human divine writing, but the ten thousand divine writing, so rejection has occurred."

     He had some thoughts vaguely.

     Myself...may be a little different.

     The rejection of the sea of will may have something to do with the golden atlas. These three divine texts of his own may also be affected by the atlas.

     Repel Ten Thousand Races Divine Text!

      As a result, even though Su Yu can outline and even suppress the three divine writings without destroying the divine writings of the ten thousand tribes, but that way, completely meaningless, he still has to contain part of his willpower to suppress.

     "I... can't practice the gods of the ten thousand races!"

     It's not that he is not talented enough, it's not that he can't outline it, it's that he is rejecting the divine power of all races.

     Su Yu frowned and glanced at the three divine texts again, which seemed to be a little stronger than before.

     "Interesting... the divine writings of the ten thousand races outlined have become their nourishment!"

     This is not a waste. Two rudimentary divine texts were smashed, and all three divine texts made some progress. It was not in vain that he spent six or seven hours.

     Su Yu put down the book, emptying his consciousness.

     He has to consider the consequences of his rejection of divine writing.Also, if... if you break your three human divine writings, is there still rejection?

     he does not know!

     Of course, Su Yu didn't want to try either.

     "Golden Atlas, Human Divine Text, Recast Frame..."

     At this moment, something vaguely strung together into a line.

     "Absorb the essence and blood of the ten thousand races, and use the martial arts and techniques of the ten thousand races..."

     "Atlas...If the atlas is a treasure, then this atlas...maybe it was made by the human race!"

     At this moment, Su Yu thought a lot.

     Essence and blood are generally used to refine the opponent's blood and turn it into essence and blood after killing the enemy.

     Therefore, the absorption of blood in the album means killing the enemy.

     Kill the iron-winged bird, extract the essence and blood, kill the Poshan Bull, extract the essence and blood...

     The essence and blood absorbed by the album is not ordinary blood.

     "The album is in the sea of my will. There has been no movement before. When I sketched the frame, there was movement. I thought it was to extract some powerful points of light, but now... think again, why is it not rejecting some foreign gods? light spot?"

     "My knife, out of the 99 basic light spots of divine text, can it only accept the divine text of the human race?"

     He thought of a lot!

     The atlas may not be conscious or manipulated, but there must be something in the atlas, repelling!

     Repelling the gods of all races!

     "The atlas and the divine texts of the ten thousand races may be hostile..."

     "The annihilation beast skull can exist in my sea of will, is that because it is a dead thing, is it already dead?""So, the album is the treasure of the human race?"

     "The album came because of the dream. In the dream, the 10,000 races have been chasing and killing me. Does this from the very beginning mean that these monsters that appear are all my enemies?"

     Shenwen rejection!

     At this moment, Su Yu's thoughts flashed.

     The album, is it a treasure, or...a divine text?

     An eternally inherited divine text!

     A special eternal inheritance divine text!

     "Is this a divine writing?"

     Su Yu's eyebrows, if so, where did he get this thing?

     Su Yu really doesn't know!

     "I'm too weak, and I haven't seen the eternal divine text. It seems that only when I become strong can I find one or two..."

      sighed, rubbed his face to make myself more awake.

     Su Yu decided not to think about this problem now!

     This is not what he can think of now!

     "If it is really a divine writing, maybe... I will know one or two when I reach the mountain or the sea, or the sun and the moon."

     "Moreover, if it is a divine text... it means that this is the eternal divine text of the human race!

     Su Yu suddenly realized a problem!

     The eternal gods of the human race!

     Bai Feng said that none of the existing eternal divine writings belonged to the human race.

     That album... in the end is it not a god text?

     If it is, it must be the kind that has eternally circulated. The atlas does not exclude the divine writings of the human race, but it may exclude the divine writings of the ten thousand races. It means that if the atlas is a divine writing, there is a high probability that it belongs to the human race!

     "Human race, also has eternal divine text?"

     Su Yu's spirit instantly lifted up.On that day, when Bai Feng said that the human race did not have eternal gods, he was frustrated and unhappy, because humans have a sense of honor, humans are so strong, in Su Yu's view, the human gods are also very powerful.

     But the human divine writing cannot become eternal, he is not happy!

     Now... Maybe... Human Race has it, but Bai Feng doesn't know!

     "Yes, the teacher is still young, he knows too little, maybe he doesn't know these secrets at all, the human gods are not weak..."

     "Even if it is weak, it takes a long time to nurture, and if there is enough time, it will become stronger!"

     "The human gods can also become eternal!"

     Raising his head again, looking at the books, Su Yu knew that these ten thousand tribes originally could not help him outline any divine texts.

     But... he still needs to watch.

     On the one hand, it exercises willpower. On the other hand, if you outline the divine text and defeat it, you can use it as a nutrient to nourish your own divine text.

     Su Yu discovered that the divine writing uses the divine writing to nourish, maybe the effect is better!

     Just smashed two divine writings, they were just prototypes. He discovered that the "blood" divine writings had a feeling of rapid transformation at this time!

     This guy had absorbed a lot of blood in the filter room before.

     There has been no movement, just absorbing the afterglow of the two divine writings, giving Su Yu the feeling that it seems to be a lot stronger!

     "Shenwen is also divided into levels, is it going to be promoted?"

     Su Yu is somewhat bewildered and uncertain!

     Divine texts are of course hierarchical, otherwise where does the eternal divine text come from?

     There are explanations in the basic courses, of course, they will be covered in one stroke.Because before flying into the sky, the divine writing is the initial stage.

     "I remember that in class, the coach said that the divine texts before Tengkong will not advance. Only when Tengkong, the divine texts can hope to enter the second level. Is it possible that the'blood' brother should be transformed in advance?"

     Su Yu shook his head, feeling more mysterious.

     The divine writings of the ten thousand races have actually become a nutrient, and it seems that they have some special effects.

     "This is my own outline, the civilized master of ten thousand races, the kind that vacated, the divine stationery appeared, the divine writing was defeated by me, will it be absorbed by me?"

     Su Yu is considering a profound question!

     The blood of the ten thousand races can help him open the album.

     The divine writings of the ten thousand races can help him nourish the divine writings.

     Then...what are the ten thousand races?


     For three days, Su Yu was reading.

     He only watched it once, and would not watch it a second time, lest he watched it for too long and shattered some precious originals.

     He didn't know much language, and he only found 12 originals of ten thousand races that he could read.

      Despite this, there are a lot of 12 books in three days.

     Look at this, it consumes willpower.

     After seeing it once, Su Yu had Cost Required one or two hours to restore his willpower.

     Su Yu didn't fully comprehend the 12 original ten thousand clan.

     Some books, read swallow in one gulp, Su Yu couldn't comprehend the divine text.

     A total of only 6 divine texts have been outlined!

     If he left these six divine writings, Bai Feng and the others would be shocked.

     Three days... 6 pieces!

     However, Su Yu didn't stay, all was broken, letting his three little brothers swallow and grow!Su Yu discovered a benefit, the biggest benefit is, Thus, he himself does not have too much willpower to accumulate these divine texts, and let these divine texts consume the fragments of divine texts to nourish himself.

     "I was still worried that after the 99 divine texts were sketched, I would be able to accumulate them. Now it seems that I also have other ways to go!"

     99 divine texts, this stage is okay.

     When it comes to the airborne stage, Su Yu wants them to advance into second-order divine writings, it will be difficult!

     If there is no special way to advance a sacred text, it depends on willpower to accumulate, and it will not work in a few years.

     Of course, more than one can be kept at the same time.

     For example, Bai Feng, even though he didn't say anything, Su Yu probably could guess that their geniuses' divine writings might have advanced.

     "Brother Blood has a sign of promotion!"

     When Su Yu walked out of the Chu Rong Pavilion, his willpower checked the "blood" divine writing. This guy absorbed a lot of essence and blood. This time he swallowed the divine remnant six times, the font is a big circle, red The halo became more pronounced.

     It seems that a few more times, it may be advanced to become a second-order divine text!


     The outer room of Chu Rong Pavilion was used as a blindfold.

     Both Bai Feng and Chen Yong are here.

     Seeing Su Yu walking out, Bai Feng felt a little cautious and solemn, and tentatively asked: "Has the outline of the divine writing succeeded?"

     Su Yu hesitated for a moment, with a silly smile on his face, and somewhat apologized: "Teacher, no human divine writings are so easy to outline. I only sketched incomplete divine writings of all races, and I didn't completely outline it!"He didn't lie, he outlined the divine writings of the ten thousand races, but it was broken and absorbed by the three younger brothers. The residue was eaten, but there were still some residues.

     If the teacher doesn't believe it, he can sketch a divine text of the ten thousand races after a while, and then keep it.

     At this moment, Su Yu vaguely knew that his photo album was very important.

     This may be the only eternal divine text among the human race!

     Although Bai Feng is his teacher, there are some things, it is better not to test people's hearts.

     The human mind is not for temptation. Unless you doubt the other person, don't lead the other person to do things that are detrimental to you.

     He such a saying, Bai Feng frowned first, then seemed to be a little surprised, and smiled: "That's good, the outline is not complete, but that's not bad! Normal people should be like this!"

     At the beginning, he was a bit lost.

     Turning around and thinking, is it not normal to be able to draw one or two strokes in three days?

     Even if he has read the essay of will several times, he can outline such a stroke, Su Yu was obviously abnormal before, OK!

     Now he is a normal person, a normal genius.

     Mediocre, 3-5 months may not be able to outline a divine text.

     Chen Yong also smiled and said, "Yes, it would be nice to have a prototype. Which family of characters is it?"

     "Devil Scorpion!"

     Su Yu opened the mouth and said: "The character of the Devil Scorpion tribe’s ‘strong’, I feel that it takes a period of time before it can be successfully outlined."

     "The Devil Scorpion... not bad too!"Chen Yong nodded and said: "The Demon Scorpion Clan ranks more than 300. The tail stab talent is one of the more powerful talents among the ten thousand clan. The sharpness is extremely strong. Although what you outline is not the word'thorn', the word'strong' It should be pretty good too!"

     After that, Chen Yong smiled again: "So, you have outlined 4 divine texts, 3 complete, and 1 first sketched... This is very fast! It takes one or two months to complete this divine text. , Before the end of the year, strive to outline the fifth divine text!"

     At this moment, it's only September 4.

     The end of the year is still early!

     Nearly 4 months!

     And Chen Yong's expectation for Su Yu is to outline the fifth divine text this year.

     In fact, this speed is not slow, but fast.

     In less than a year, even half a year, five divine texts can be outlined. In a few years, Su Yu can outline 18 divine texts, and then he can find a way to enter the sky.

     The multi-shenwen first line, entering the airspace realm in three to five years, is stronger than the single-shenwen first line entering one or two years.

     "Your sister, it's been more than two years since I started, and I was enrolled in the prefecture the year before."

     Chen Yong could not help but to think of his apprentice smiled at Su Yu: "When she entered the palace, she had already entered to nurture her nature. After more than two years, she outlined 7 divine texts. The power reserve is 95%."

     "At this rate, in one year, she hopes to outline 10 divine writings, and it will be time to enter Wanshi next year..."

     "Everything went well, and there is hope to enter the airspace in the next year."

     When Chen Yong mentioned his apprentice, he was still very satisfied, "The next year, in her fourth year of enrollment, if she can enter the sky in four years, it would be comparable to some enchanting!"When Bai Feng heard this, he frowned and said, "Jia Jia, will the injury be delayed?"

     "A few months of delay is certain..." Chen Yong sighed: "This is no way, just treat it as an exercise! A few months, let Jiajia take a break, in order to compete for the top 100 list two years ago, Time is spent on cultivation."

     Su Yu curiously asked, "Uncle, how long did it take for Senior Sister to enter the top 100 list?"

     "A year and a half."

     Chen Yong regained his smile, "She entered the top 100 at the beginning of this year. At that time, she was already at the top of the list, and her willpower was 90% full."

     A year and a half, the speed is very fast.

     Of course, Wu Jia's enrollment is to nurture nature, which is still somewhat different from Su Yu.

     It's not surprising that Wu Jia must have the power of ten thousand stones, plus a number of divine writings, to make it into the top 100.

     "Who defeated Senior Sister?"

     When Chen Yong saw him ask about this, he smiled and said: "Don't worry about this, your task is to practice first, outline the divine text, master more ten thousand languages, and regain acupuncture points, strengthen willpower..."

     Chen Yong knew what he meant, but he didn't give him a chance, and quickly said: "Your next mission is very many very many, including divine warfare skills. It doesn't mean that you can do it by sketching the framework, divine coordinating. Coordination, inlay, and characteristic development..."

     Chen Yong said with emotion: "You will be busy in the next one or two years. There are some things, you don't have to worry about it!"

     After finishing speaking, he said: "Wait for you someday, you will truly have the power of the Ten Thousand Stone Realm. I mean, without the talent and blood, you will consider the top 100 list."In the past few days, he also received some news.

     For example, Su Yu defeated Chen Qi!

     But Su Yu had taken the talents and blood...Bai Feng had even kept it from him. It is not a good thing that more people know about this now.

     Essence and blood are foreign objects after all, or a one-time usable product. Such a top 100, even if Su Yu enters with the essence and blood, he will be challenged every day, absolutely.

     At that time, Su Yu will take the essence and blood every time?

     Is there so much blood to take?

     Don’t you delay your practice?

     Therefore, Chen Yong can only dissuade him at the moment, hoping that Su Yu can rely on his own strength and really have the strength to make it into the top 100 list.

     Su Yu nodded and said nothing.

     The uncle's point is right, present self is still far from the top 100.

      However... Su Yu believes that he will soon have this strength!

     "The premise is that a lot of blood, a lot of will text... Human race!"

     Thinking of this, Su Yu hurriedly said: "Teacher, it's okay if I haven't gone to class these days?"

     "It's okay, I'm asking for leave!"

     Bai Feng said casually: "Looking back, you can make a report in the intermediate class, and then go to the advanced class! In addition, starting from today, you have more first missions every day, and you have to go to the detention area at night to feed the demon races in detention! "


     Chen Yong frowned and looked at Bai Feng.

     Bai Feng calmly said: "Brother, a civilized master who takes the path of attack and kills, it can't do without a bit of courage! Can withstand pressure, can get used to oppression, when you really meet a guy from all races, you won't be frightened. !"Chen Yong considered, nodded slightly.

     After all, Su Yu is Bai Feng’s apprentice, and he is not good to go beyond the sacrificial altar and take over the kitchen. In fact, he thinks it’s a bit early now.

     The monsters in the detention area are very cruel.

     And the strength is very strong!

     Bai Feng smiled and said: "What is this, when this kid is stronger, I will let him fight those monsters and conduct real life and death training. This is much faster than fighting those students!"

     Su Yu listened, but didn't feel anything.

     There are still some small expectations!

     He was not a real young man. In Nanyuan, he had seen blood and killed people on the way to the school.

     It's just that I haven't played against the guys of the ten thousand races, I don't know if it will be different.

     He also found out that Bai Feng was a bit mad, and he was rather reckless to teach students.

     If you put forward a goal and wait for you to complete it, he won't care.

     And Chen Yong, a little soft.

      things are not separated according to their size, he will take care of everything.

     If Bai Feng is a stocking type, then Chen Yong is a mother.

     Maybe it has something to do with age, but more with character. Bai Feng, who walks together to attack and kill, cares more about the result than the process.

     "One soft and one strong..."

     This is Su Yu's judgment of Bai Feng and Chen Yong, thinking in his heart, is the senior sister who he has not seen, also the same as his uncle?

     I can't talk about who is better, but on the uncle's side, Su Yu thinks it might be soft and strong. He has not forgotten the previous uncle's threat to curator Zhou.Bai Feng didn't say any more, he greeted Su Yu, turn the head and looks to Chen Yongdao: "Brother, I'm going back first! When my side studies almost there, I will settle accounts with those guys!"

     Chen Yong didn't say much, waved his hand, he knew the character of this junior, and now this guy is fully engaged in research.

     When he finishes all this, he reappears, and he must have some tossing.

     I hope that the teacher will come back then, otherwise, he may not be able to resist.
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