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122 Honest Person Su Yu (thanks To The Wild Boy Bai Yinmeng For The Reward)
    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Su Yu didn't stay in the living area long before Bai Feng came up from the ground.


     Bai Feng nodded slightly, calm and unhurried, with an expression of to hold the pearl of wisdom, sit down, pour tea, and look at Su Yu.

     Very good, this kid really has no idea of pouring me tea!

     Improper son of man!

     "Is it exposed?"


     Bai Feng said lightly: "That boy from the Zheng family troubled you?"


     "Why can you hide from me?"

     Bai Feng said lightly: "The first day you picked up that thing, I felt it. Now I'm in trouble."

     Su Yu wanted to speak but stopped.

     Bai Feng smiled lightly: "Zheng family, it's huge! It's also very powerful! This matter is very troublesome, even if the teacher is..."


     Su Yu glanced at Bai Feng, who was in control, and said dryly: "Teacher, it's okay, it's okay over the Zheng family..."

     "I know you are under pressure, no problem, the teacher is here, then not a system problem!"

     Bai Feng calmly said: "Don't forget, we also have a mountain and sea realm, and we are still a master of the gods of the mountains and seas, and we may not be afraid of the mountain and sea warriors of his Zheng family!"

     "No, teacher, it's okay, there's no need to make such a big mess." Su Yu heard that he was about to use the master, and hurriedly said: "It's okay, Zheng Yunhui and I have agreed. He will make 30 points of merit to see me The Heavenly Kill..."


     The tea spouted out, and Bai Feng frowned and said, "Overnight tea? Did you not boil the water today?"

     "..."Su Yu wanted to laugh, held back, and hurriedly said to Bai Feng steps: "Well, tea overnight, teacher, I will boil water right away."


     When Su Yu ran to boil the water, Bai Feng had a question mark on his face.

     what's going on?

     Didn’t you say that these two guys are going to fight you die, I live?

     Why are we still talking, Zheng Yunhui still pays for reading books, what's the situation?

     It's different from what I have!

     "Have you figured out this bastard Liu Hong? Could it be that...that thing is not Zheng Yunhui's?"

     Bai Feng is a little weird, what happened?

     Soon, Su Yu came back, Bai Feng was lightly coughed, regained his indifferentness, and said, "Tell me, what's the situation."

     "Teacher, this is the case, isn't Liu Hong our big enemy?"

     Su Yu quickly said the matter again, Bai Feng held the teacup, and said nothing for a while.

     His apprentice...

     A triumphant little guy, ready to figure out an old yin who vacated the sky!

     It sounds like that.

     Of course, it is hard to say whether it will succeed.

     But... How courageous!

     When Lao Tzu was in the prime of life, did he ever think of revenge in the sky?

     This is not a thought, these two boys are directly operating!

     This generation is very courageous!

     And it's not a small number that I want to pit, thousands of points of merit!

     If this succeeds, Liu Hong will probably go bankrupt. Not only will he have to go bankrupt, but he must also be used as pants...

     That won't work!

     Bai Feng wakes up!I really want to use what Liu Hong made as trousers. Then who will supply it for himself?

     That's not right... Liu Hong's family property is in his hands, no one cares whether he will supply it to himself!

     Liu Hong thinks of a way to go!

     If this guy is too trash, he won't bother to care about him.

     Bai Feng continued to drink the overnight tea, Yu Guang took a look at Su Yu, looked for a while, somewhat uncertain, and said: "You are not Zheng Yunhui's opponent, you know that you are not his opponent. You have to compete with him and you lost. The information in the research room, are you sure... someone will be hooked?"

     Does anyone believe this kind of competition that knows to give people something?

     Su Yu hurriedly said: "Teacher, I still have the confidence to win! And it gives people the feeling that I can win the kind..."

     "Sure win?"

     Bai Feng laughed and said: "Even if you swallow your essence and blood and burst out, you do have the power of ten thousand stones, but everyone already knows it. This can only be said..."


     Su Yu hurriedly said: "Teacher, I think so. Everyone thinks that I am a terrific triple, mastering three divine writings, plus essence and blood, but in fact, my strength is much stronger than they thought! It's different!"

     Su Yu explained: "Teacher, you said, I am a six-tier master, I have more than three divine writings, 4 or more, then I am more certain of winning?"

     Bai Feng smiled and said: "Of course! If you are only one weight lower than him, have blood, and have more divine writings, of course you are more sure to win him! As fools know, the more divine writings we have, the more divine writings we have. The stronger..."

     "That's not it!"Su Yu laughed and said: "Everyone thinks I have the hope of winning, then I will fight with Zheng Yunhui, and naturally it will be smooth! After all, three drops of the blood of the gods and demons in the Lingyun realm are of amazing value. How can I not be moved? !"

     "But... if you drag on for a long time, Zheng Yunhui will become stronger."

     As soon as he finished speaking, Su Yu said, "No, teacher, I'm a five-pointer, don't you see it?"


     Bai Feng stiffened.

     Yu Guang glanced at Su Yu and didn't see it.

     No, it seems that a bastard has used willpower to help him blockade. Bai Feng's body is slightly stiff, and his willpower has exploded. The teacher looks at his apprentice, so he doesn't have so much scruples.

     With the burst of willpower, he glanced at Su Yu and broke through the blockade. The next moment, Bai Feng got up.

     "Open up 61..."

     Bai Feng got up, touched his chin, and slowly said, "I will go down and look at a piece of information, and I will come up immediately!"



     Bai Feng is gone!


      Underground Third Level.

     Bai Feng hit the wall with a punch, his hand hurts!


     Looking at the calendar hanging on the wall, Bai Feng was lost in thought. Has it been researched for too long recently, so he forgot the time?

     I have been here for one or two months?

     After thinking about it, he typed out a newsletter and said, "Brother, what's the date today?"

     "No. 9, What happened?"

     "No, what month is it now?"


     On the phone, Chen Yong frowned. Did the junior fellow study the problem and lose his will?"Bai Feng, are you okay?"

     "It's okay, brother, how many months, just say it!"

     "September 9, 350 years in Anping calendar, Junior Brother, are you really okay?"


     Bai Feng murmured, "That's right, it's the 9th. I have been in the research room for less than a week..."

     "Bai Feng..."

     "Brother, on what date did Su Yu leave the customs last time?"

     "No. 4, it's been 5 days since I left the customs, what exactly is going on?"

     Bai Feng looked at the ceiling, feeling a little bit ashamed, "Brother, last time I remembered that he was out, he had 37 resuscitations, right?"


     "Then you said, one person, 5 days, can resuscitate 24? Almost 5 resuscitation a day, brother, do you think there are such people?"


     Chen Yong seemed to realize something, some don't dare to believe and said: "Don't joke with me!"

     "Brother, what a joke!"

     Bai Feng smiled stiffly: "I thought I had been in the research room for a few months, and thought that my time and space had been messed up! But you said no, now, no, just now, the kid told me that he has become stronger. , I took a look and opened 61 people!"


     Chen Yong was also shocked!

     How much is it?

     Opened 24 acupuncture points in 5 days?

      how did he achieve it!

     "How did he achieve it?"

     "I want to ask you, how did he achieve it?" Bai Feng asked, you ask me, what do I know!

     I'm in retreat these days!

     I'm underground!

     I didn't go up again, I how to know!

     "Are you sure you read it right?""Of course!" Bai Feng said helplessly: "It must be correct, and someone helped him block the fluctuation of vitality. I think it was done by Lingyun Realm, what's the situation..."

     "Go ask him!"

     Chen Yong hurriedly said: "Hurry up, I'm going right now, what's the situation? How can it be in a few days will reach the top five, will there be no problems?"

     "Then I will ask!"

     Bai Feng is also extremely helpless, I don't know either.

     I forgot to ask just now!

     It's really shocking!


     After venting for a while, Bai Feng changed his clothes and returned calmly.



     Su Yu said happily: "I went to the Secret Realm of Vital Energy last night and bought some essence and blood for cultivation, but I actually broke through to the fifth level, and I practiced very fast! That Secret Realm of Vital Energy is really a good place! Teacher, I will look back. I’ve got the money, I’ll go there a few more times, but it’s a bit expensive, and the merits are almost used up..."

     Bai Feng almost crushed the teacup he had just gotten. He was running out of merits?

     I go!

     Your kid is flying, or I am flying?

     Why do you think that you spend more extravagant than my vacancy, and it's too fast!

     But thinking of this kid's progress so fast, Bai Feng understood a little bit.

     This kid is willing to spend!

     Having said that, I have made such rapid progress, and I am willing to spend it instead.

     "The seal on your body was made for you by the secret zone?"

     "Seal?" Su Yu reacted quickly and nodded: "Time of departure, that teacher Huang got it for me."Bai Feng pouted, what kind of person do you think it is?

     I must be the same as me, curious to see how many breakthroughs you have made, so I deliberately found an excuse.

     "The Five Elements..."

     Bai Feng thought for a while and said again: "You went to absorb the blood, is it the blood of the Poshan Niu?"

     "Well, the Essence and Blood of the Broshan Bull in the Ten Thousand Stone Realm."

     Su Yu nodded and said, "It feels the same as in the Qianjun Realm, teacher, I think the Ten Thousand Stone Realm can also build a foundation, so why are you going to grab the Qianjun Realm."


     Bai Feng wanted to hit someone, said ill-humoredly: "Do you think it's all you? Can the Ten Thousand Stone Realm be eaten? One drop or two drops is enough, dozens or hundreds of drops, which Qianjun will eat it?"

     Do you think people don’t know that Wanshi’s effect is better?

     Do you think everyone is an idiot?

     The key is that Qianjun’s physical body in the Ten Thousand Stones Realm is okay to absorb one or two drops.

     Everyone also wants to absorb the essence and blood of a higher realm, but he doesn't allow strength, Is there any way!

     "Divine text?"

     Bai Feng looked at Su Yu's head again, and wanted to dig out his head. No, digging out his sea of will, is it the influence of that divine writing again?

     Su Yu nodded honestly, "Well, teacher, the Blood'blood' character is really amazing! Teacher, this first divine writing has helped me a lot. I even think that the Blood'血' character can break through. It's the second order..."


     The tea cup was broken, and there were tea stains everywhere on Bai Feng's white clothes splashed with tea.

     Bai Feng did not speak, looked up at Su Yu, and smiled.

     "Good apprentice, Shenwen... is going to break through?"Su Yu was a little tremble with fear, and nodded, "Probably... soon? I feel like it is soon."

     "In what month did I go to Nanyuan?"

     "Mid April..."

     "Oh, less than 5 months..."

     Bai Feng smiled. In less than 5 months, you have never known anything. Tell me, now your divine writing may break through to the second order, ha ha, ha ha, do you think I believe it?

     Do you think I believe?

     The second-order divine text, under normal circumstances, will not change until it takes off.

     Are you vacated?

     How many years does it take to fly?

     Few, like Wu Qi, she also spent two years, Bai Feng spent three years, and the guy in Dazhou Palace spent half a year...

     This is all about admission time!

     But before entering the school, these people have already outlined the divine writing, from the first-order divine writing to the second-order divine writing, let alone five years!

     Su Yu... told himself five months later that he might be entering the second-order divine text.

     I wrote it for you!

     "You can absorb essence and blood for cultivation, you can burst out talent skills, you can practice divine text yourself, you can advance in 5 months..."

     Bai Feng suddenly felt that this is simply an almighty divine text!

     It can also strengthen the physical body and open up the acupuncture points!

     After a glance at Su Yu, Bai Feng's eyes were dangerous and said: "Good apprentice, when you come to the realization, if you don't show your divine writing to the teacher for a few months...I tore you!"

     He is going crazy!

     What is this divine text?

     This is eternal divine text!

     What about him, if there is so formidable in the divine writings he wrote, wouldn't he become eternal?

     He is somewhat unconvinced, but he has no evidence.If you don’t realize or study the divine text, who knows what special power it has.

     Just after he finished speaking, someone in the hall corridor scolded, "Bai Feng, what nonsense! Divine writing is the foundation of a divine writing teacher. Even a teacher can't make random observations unless the students themselves have this requirement!"

     After all, Chen Yong walked in, glared at Bai Feng, and looked at Su Yu: "Don't pay attention to your master, in the world of civilized teachers, the divine writing is top secret, even if your own teacher, unless you are willing, you don't need to give anything People look at your divine writing!"


     "Hello, Uncle!"

     Bai Feng glared at Su Yu, feeling somewhat grudgingly, even somewhat driven mad: "Brother, I just said casually, this kid...this kid's divine writing is a bit special, and it was outlined by the article of will I wrote for him. , Now he tells me that he is about to advance to the second order, so I am curious."


     Chen Yongye dazed for a moment and hurriedly said: "Su Yu, do you know the meaning of second-order divine writing? You haven't experienced this, do you feel wrong?"

     Su Yu didn't know, scratching his head and said, "I don't know! It just feels like this. Blood ‘血’ character is very powerful now, and the color has changed. I feel that it is different from other gods.

     "That doesn't necessarily mean you will be promoted soon."

     Chen Yong can only say that, otherwise, 5 months, it is indeed a little scary soon.

     He wanted to see what this divine text was like.

     Besides, he still does not know more things, as a result, how can Bai Feng not be crazy.

     This apprentice...he recently had a high blood pressure.Chen Yong didn't talk about divine writing any more, but probed Su Yu with willpower, and started faintly muttered to oneself.

     61 acupuncture points!

     Crucial fivefold!

     Bai Feng didn't lie to himself, his nephew, his nephew, is really a big deal.

     He quickly made him feel a little dazed, dreaming.

     "It's really five-fold..."

     Chen Yong sighed, takes a deep breath, somewhat grudgingly, and somewhat grudgingly, "Your talent... go to the war school, maybe you will be able to vacate soon, even Lingyun!"

     Su Yuhan smiled and said: "Uncle, the same, I can also practice here, not to mention, with you and the teacher, I will cultivate faster and more motivated."

     Bai Feng rolled the eyes!


     Why didn't you flatter me? When your uncle came, you flattered me loudly.

     Looking at Su Yu again, eagerly went to pour tea to Chen Yong, Bai Feng felt the pain in his heart.

     Bastard stuff!

     Are you my student or Chen Yong's student?

     Too lazy to look at Su Yu again, Bai Feng looked at Chen Yongdao: "Brother, you said he broke so fast, is it not just because of the divine writing? This kid, will there be any Bloodline Inheritance?"

     "Bloodline Inheritance?"

     Chen Yong fell into deep thought, and said after a moment: "It's hard to say! Unless the performance is obvious, there is a distinction between dominant and recessive bloodlines. Su Yu, I didn't see anything like a bloodline mutation. This is not easy to judge."

     Su Yu curiously asked: "Uncle, teacher, Bloodline Inheritance what exactly is it?"

     This is not the first time he has heard of this term.Bai Feng hummed: "It means the race and blood is chaotic! In the past, All Heavens and Myriad Realms just came into contact with the human realm, but they have not yet started to covet them. The major races of Human, God, Demon, Demon, and Immortal are not so Hostility, some powerful people came to Human Realm, maybe something happened with some people in Human Realm... After that, some Bloodline Inheritance came down."

     Su Yu got it!

     The meaning of hybrid!

     Chen Yong smiled and added: "In fact, there is more than this situation, but also has other possibilities. Some strong people have changed their blood, and future generations may also inherit them. For example, some human strong people use the blood of gods and demons. Replacing your own blood, you may Reversing Bloodlines..."

     As soon as these words came out, Bai Feng said coldly: "That was taught by the ten thousand races! Many people taught by the ten thousand races have this mindset, turning from the human race to the gods and demons race, that is a traitor!"

     Chen Yong waved his hand and said: "You can't say that. Some strong people don't switch for conversion, and some people are also for experimentation and research. These people have also paid a huge price in the past. The credit is great. They can't confuse one thing with another!"

     Su Yu nodded, he understood.

     Bai Feng didn't say this any more, and said: "This kid wants to compete with Zheng Yunhui and learn from each other, brother, do you think he has any hope of winning now?"

     "Five-thousand-thousand-five... With the talent and blood, there is still great hope."

     After that, he said: "If the divine writing is really advanced, then the hope is even greater! If Zheng Yunhui only has the current strength, I am afraid it may not be Su Yu's opponent."

     As he said, Wei Wei was startled, and said softly: "If Su Yu advances to the Seventh Level... I am afraid that the top 100 list will be stable."

     "..."Bai Feng glanced at him and didn't say a word.

     Qianjun sevenfold, that means stable.

      In other words, Su Yu can actually try to challenge now. Of course, there is little hope of winning, but if he can compete, he can be regarded as the strongest group of students outside the top 100 list.

     Su Yu always thought that he was not strong, because all he saw were geniuses.

     Those guys in the intermediate class, who can take Su Yu's trick?

     In the advanced class, there are not many who can take his trick!

     Su Yu... is close to the top 100 list!

     This is really beyond their expectations.

     Before, Bai Feng said that one year later, then half a year later, and then he said at the end of the year to see if there is any hope for Su Yu to challenge the top 100 list.

     As a result, now in September!

     Su Yu seems not far from the top 100 list!

     Is there any reason?

     After the shock, Bai Feng lightly coughed and said: "Brother...It's not until the end of the year in a few months. Can this kid Su Yu...can go and make Jiajia a smooth top 100 list?"

     Chen Yong frowned slightly, and said, "Those guys are not weak. They are not new to the top 100 list. They said they are ranked in the 70s. In fact...maybe stronger!"

     Even if Su Yu can challenge, he will only enter the top 100. There are still 100 people in the top 100!

     Different grades!

     "Look again, then!"

     Bai Feng didn't entangle this matter, and whispered: "One more thing, brother, you can tell if it works..."

     Having said that, I told Su Yu's plan again.Chen Yong looked at Su Yu somewhat astonished, but he didn't see that his nephew, who looked gentle, was so courageous and wanted to calculate Liu Hong!

     After watching Su Yu for a while, I saw Su Yuhan smiling and scratching his head, Chen Yong not to know whether to laugh or cry.

     After thinking about it for a while, Chen Yongdao: "Research Center, there have been a lot of people staring at it! Before Su Yu broke out with Ten Thousand Stones combat power, in fact, many people are wondering if there will be a talented blood in the sky!"

     After speaking, I looked at Su Yu and said: "Su Yu, in fact, the purpose of the Research Center is to serve in the end still is for the human race! However, there are many human races, and there are so many people. Some things cannot be made public, just like some secret methods. , Combat skills..."

     Bai Feng directly interrupts said: "In short, we have invested so much and studied for So many years, even if we make it public, we must get a return! This is inevitable, and there is a return when we pay. We have spent decades and research. One series, the resources invested in this, for success points, I am afraid at least hundreds of thousands of points!

     "Even millions of points!"

     Bai Feng snorted coldly: "Someone wants to reap without sowing, or take a little bit of merit and send us away, dreaming! If so neglect us, then we would rather not make it public!"

     "This is not just a research project, it is also an interest! If someone gets the information ahead of time, they cut it off and report it to the seeking realm or the temple of war in advance, then all our efforts will be put to the torch!"

     Bai Feng is coldly snorted, "Maybe some people will say that they are all for the human race, why separate each other! It's all very well to talk, but getting things done is another matter! You let them take out their exercises , Can they agree to take out the property of the own family and distribute it to us?"Looking at Su Yu, Bai Feng said sternly: "Su Yu, remember, don’t be fooled by this so-called righteousness! Ridiculous remarks! There are such a group of people in Ten Thousand Cults, which is extremely ridiculous, doesn’t have Any effort, keep asking the universities, including the big ones, to disclose all cheats, all tactics, all martial arts... and even resource sharing..."

     Bai Feng sneered and said, "They don't want to think about it. What did they give? A group of ignorant guys also followed up with a booze. Why do others have, we do not have?"

     Su Yu scratched his head and said dryly: "Master...our line..."

     Bai Feng glared at him, knowing what he wanted to say, said ill-humoredly: "Go away! Are we the same as them? What we want is fair treatment from universities, don’t suppress deliberately, we should give as much as others give, equal Give, we shouldn’t take less than others! It’s not that we don’t pay merit points, and how merit points come from, that’s pay! Not reap without sowing!"

     "Don't confuse us and Ten Thousand Clan Sects to confuse one thing with another, idiot!" Bai Feng scolded: "And who said that we didn't pay? Your uncle is in charge of the library, do you think this is not a contribution? Your master devoted himself to research. There are quite a few researchers in universities that do research. The main task of a researcher is to do research. Otherwise, why are you called a researcher? This is to perform their duties!

     "Those people in the school are deliberately looking for faults. In which line is no one doing research? No one is criticizing them, but your master, who is repeatedly attacked!"Bai Feng said in a deep voice: "Although the research institute has produced not too many achievements for decades, it is enough to maintain the status of the institute. They always use the talent and technical achievements as an excuse and deliberately find faults. Do you think Yeah!"

     Bai Feng said ill-humoredly: "Don’t say anything else, divine character transfer, divine character stripping, storage of essence and blood, and use of the will of the will...... These technologies are provided by our research institute, they deliberately ignored them. Technology is used in many ways!"

     "Now, the outside world's perception of us is that it was glorious decades ago, and now we are eating the bottom of the university. It is ridiculous. The university allocates a small amount every year. Most of the funds are obtained by your master himself. Is it a useless research institute?"

     Bai Feng’s expression bad said with a sneer: “As for our research institute, it’s better than the so-called high-end research institutes that we can take out a technology at random! Those research institutes are really worthy of the academics, and they can’t do research. It's not bad. I have eaten their fire dolphins, let alone, it tastes really good!"


     Su Yu wanted to laugh, but was held back.

     Chen Yong also not to know whether to laugh or cry, lightly coughed, interrupted Bai Feng, and said: "Don't talk about this, Su Yu...maybe we can do it, let me see if I can bring out a group of guys. Even a guy from the Ten Thousand Races!"

     Chen Yong said in a deep voice: "The data of our research institute has leaked. I am afraid that it is not only some researchers from universities that are interested, but also some guys who have an ulterior motive!"

     "The Essence Blood Technique of the Explosive Talent Skill... The Ten Thousand Stone Realm is okay, once it has the explosive power of the Sky Realm, it will be different!"Chen Yong hesitated for a moment and said: "Bai Feng, you can try it out. Of course, use fake information. Even if you fail, if you succeed, you can catch a group of people and have a look. Be more prepared!"

     Bai Feng hesitated: "Will they believe it?"

     "It's hard to say..."

     Having said that, Chen Yong suddenly said: "In this way, you can rest for a few days and go to the secret realm to retreat! Don't stay in the research institute. After you break through the seventh layer, you have not practiced, and strive for the eighth layer as soon as possible. Even Liu Hong has the eighth layer, you still Qizhong, too slow!"

     "You are not in the institute, Su Yu took away some materials, which is more credible!"

     "If I leave at this time, will anyone doubt it?"

     "It's okay!"

     Chen Yong smiled and said: "Just wait a few more days, Su Yu and Zheng Yunhui will fight again. You left a few days earlier without being noticeable. It is precisely because you are gone that Su Yu has a chance to get something, isn't that so? "

     Bai Feng nodded, and said: "There are still some flaws, Su Yu's strength is still a little bit weak, if it is Qianjun 7th, then of course there is nothing to say, Qianjun 5..."

     "Qianjun Seventh, he should have won!" Chen Yong smiled: "That's all won, then how can it be output the data..."

     Bai Feng nodded again, and finally said: "Brother, I'm afraid News Leak will go out, this kid will have trouble, will anyone take a risk out of desperation?"

     "It's not that this is inside the academy, not outside. Here, they will only get it through some normal means, and will never to do the job oneself, otherwise, do you really think Xiuxin Pavilion is for leisure food?"After all, he smiled and said: "So Su Yu's plan is really successful. It is inevitable to get a sum of merit points, and 5000 points... That's too despising the Research Center. Adding zero is a bit difficult. I think it's more than 10,000. Not difficult!"

     He glanced at Su Yu again, somewhat relieved and somewhat emotional.

     My nephew is very courageous, but he hasn't been so honest and honest, he was almost fooled.

     "Then it's up to brother..."

     Bai Feng nodded and looked at Su Yu, and suddenly said something uncertain: "You won't be on the day of the competition. You won't be able to beat Zheng Yunhui. If you do this, the old Zheng family will be able to directly win the blood. The one who hit the door, 3 drops of blood of the gods and demon, still in the Lingyun realm, I am jealous, but you really want to hold this thought..."

     Bai Feng shiver all over though not cold said: "That guy Zheng Ping will definitely go crazy, I can't hold it! Your master is almost back!"


     Su Yu looked innocent, no, I didn't have this thought!

     But I feel that what the teacher said is really make sense!

     What if I win?

     Then... three drops of blood will be mine?

     "Teacher, how much is a drop of the blood of the gods and demons in Lingyun Realm?"

     Bai Feng to bare one's fangs, what is he, you ask me the price, don’t you really have this idea?

     "Tengkong Realm has at least 1,000 points a drop, and it can only be bought on the black market. Other places are restricted resources. Lingyun Realm...similar, slightly higher, not much higher, because it is similar to Qianjun's foundation... but not Cheap, a drop of 1500 points is definitely worth, priceless!""Once it does happen, it's not a matter of money. No matter how much merit, you may not be able to buy it, understand?"


     Su Yu nodded, his eyes lighted!

     Really expensive!

     3 drops, at least 5000 points of merit!

     And it's still a priceless one, it might be more expensive if you really want to trade.

     "Teacher, if I win by accident..."

     Bai Feng's head exploded, "You should give up the martial arts contest, kid, I can't hold it! Your uncle is even harder! The old Zheng family brags about these few drops of protoss blood for years. It’s weird if they don’t trouble you!"

     "Of course, if your master is here, then you can win. It's also a skill when the pit comes..."

     Bai Feng added!

     It's not that it can't be pitted, but it's not possible now. Hong Tan is not at home, and Zheng Ping has come to the door. They can't hold it.

     Without him, what you discussed in private is all contraband, and all have been confiscated!

     Su Yu is somewhat regretful, forget it, give up, I'm not that kind of person.

     Win Zheng Yunhui...I'm sorry, everyone is friends on the same front!
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