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123 Great Wisdom If You Are So Foolish
    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Bai Feng is also a generation of pass like thunder and move like the wind.

     After saying that he will go to the secret retreat, it will not be delayed, just clean up and leave.

     Su Yu is actually very curious, does Bai Feng have money to go to the secret world?

     Seriously suspected!

     Of course, he didn't ask too much about the opportunity for reward.

     Before leaving, Bai Feng seemed to have thought of something, and casually said: "Don't forget to feed those guys. If you die, you won't be able to explain to your master. The vitality liquid is in the storeroom, have you seen it?"


     Su Yu's expression was so complicated that Bai Feng stopped and turned to look at him.

     The master and apprentice looked at each other!

     Soon, Bai Feng murmured: "It should be okay. I remember that I was fed once on the 30th of last month. It was only ten days. I shouldn't be able to die?"


     Su Yu stunned!

     Teacher, did you feed it last month?

     I thought you fed it on the 4th, so why didn't you feed it last time when we went to see it together?

     10 days!

     Didn't you starve to death?

     Bai Feng looked at Su Yu, thought about it, and said with a serious face: "Anyway, when I handed it to you on the 4th, it was intact! Even if you really starve to death, if your master comes back, that is your responsibility, Su Yu , You are done!"


     Su Yu was crying, "Teacher, shouldn't he be dead?"

     "Then I how to know!"

     Bai Feng was extremely reckless and impulsive and said: "It has nothing to do with me, I'm leaving, now you are in charge of Research Center!"

     Abandoning these words, Bai Feng ran away.

     Yes, it runs fast.I how to know, I have nothing to do with me, anyway, has nothing to do with me, Su Yu’s responsibility, the teacher is back, let him beat his disciple!


     "It's so fast..."

     Su Yu helpless!

     Thinking in my heart, I should not die.

     The weakest is Tengkong Qizhong. Only a few days ago?

     "Forget it, go take a look!"


     Detention area.

     Very quiet.

      Golden Lion lay on the ground, unable to maintain its majesty anymore, weakly and without strength, eyes dizzy, for a long while, and a low voice came out: "Hungry or not..."

     No one... no, no demon cares about it.

     Nonsense, are you hungry?

     Here, I can't absorb vitality, I have to be bled from time to time, and I have to cut meat. It's not a year or two.

     For many years!

     These monsters have already declined in strength, can they not be hungry?

     Bai Feng used to come to feed him from time to time, but now it's better. After a new person, how many days hasn't been here?

     If it weren't for the weakest monsters, they would have been starved to death for years.

     "Save a little effort..."

     The shadow voice is still faint: "Got used to it, I came earlier than you, when Hong Tan confiscated Bai Feng as a disciple, Chen Yong went out to have trouble, Hong Tan did not feed me for three months..."

     Just get used to it!

     When Hong Tan didn't come to feed for three months, he also survived.

     This is only a few days!

     This little 狻猊 is just impatient and impatient.A few days ago, I asked you not to toss, you have to toss, you have been powered up for a long time, consumption is huge, or else it will be so, and you will starve to death after only ten days without supply.

     Look at the water people, how nice.

     People never talk too much, just turned into a puddle water, and the consumption is not big. You can't die if you don't to eat not to drink for a year.

     Suan did not reply.

     No energy to reply!


     I'm really hungry.

     Its strength is not too strong, so it is in the air with Nine Layers, naturally inferior to the fellow Shadow, this fellow is the Third Layer of Lingyun.

     Just thinking about it, her big ears trembled slightly.


     Sui wants to cry!

     Finally remembered them!

     Here comes someone!

     If I don't come again, I'm going to starve to death here.

     Su Yu's footsteps came from the stairwell. Su Yu hurried down the stairs and entered the hall until he saw Su Yu eyes opened wide. Looking at him, he was relaxed and the lion was not dead.

     "Both still alive ma?"

     No one answered.

     Su Yu frowned, "No. 1 to 5, report the number! I will be dead if I don’t report the number. I won’t have the vitality liquid in the future, and I will be pretending! I'm having a temper!"




     At the next moment, sounds came from five metal cages!

     Can't hold it!

     It is necessary to recognize counseling, but to recognize counseling.

     Su Yu is relieved now, all alive, okay.

     Su Yu delivered the vitality liquid to the cage while saying, "There have been so many things recently, I forgot about you."Suan was eagerly absorbing the vitality liquid, and said: "Boy, what can you do? We are here, speak out and listen, maybe we can help you solve it, remember to come on time next time! "

     "Yes, Xiao Suyu, what's the problem, can my sister help you!"

     The white raccoon also spoke, without the slightest temptation in his voice, only ethereal and innocent.

     Just like the little sister next door!

     Su Yu said ill-humoredly: "You are all imprisoned guys, you are prisoners. What can you do for me? A huge bastard, who is asking me trouble, I'm about to fight back!"


     A touch of disdain appeared in Suan's big eyes, "It's a mere trivial matter, if I go out, I will blow him to death!"

     "Nonsense, if my master makes a move, he will blow you to death!"

     Su Yu said ill-humoredly: "Do you understand when you fight at the same level? Are you very good at flying into the sky?"

     The fierce light in Suan’s eyes flickered and quickly disappeared, and he said, “It’s not easy to beat him by a higher level. It’s only in the Qianjun realm. In this period, speed is king! Let the white raccoon teach you the deities of the raccoon. Speed-type divine text, after comprehension, the speed soars, the Qianjun state is not for you to knead!

     "Divine text?"

     Su Yu said in amazement: "This white cat is capable of divine writing?"

     "Little Suyu, my sister is not a cat, but a white raccoon."

     In the cage, the white kitten, looking at Su Yu at this moment, walked gracefully, and said with a smile: "The raccoon is far inferior to other races than strength, and even worse than the lower race, but the speed of the raccoon. That is famous for the fast world!""And I, the white raccoon family, are the royal family of the raccoon family. After comprehending the gods of the wind, the speed is even faster..."

     "The white raccoon family..."

     Su Yu curiously asked: "Are you also a civilized teacher?"

     "According to you humans, it is indeed a civilized teacher."

     The white raccoon spoke: "We also master divine texts, but we are not as complicated as your human races. Generally, we master a few divine texts. For example, my sister, I have only two divine texts, both of which are popular. It's'wind' and one is'sickness'."


     Su Yu asked: "Are you fast?"

     "Of course, even though my sister was only flying into the air, Ling Yun couldn't catch up with me on the battlefield of the heavens."

     "Then the divine text can be passed on?" Su Yu became more curious, "You are like this, can you still teach me the divine text? You don't have the text of will..."

     "Stupid brother!" Bai Li laughed crisply and said: "I can write, write it to you on the spot, you prepare me some things for transcribing the will of the will, and I will write it to you..."

     "Ha ha!"

     Su Yu contemptuously said: "You treat me stupid? You must write this with blood and blood. What if you take it and don’t write it, or if you embezzle it? My master also wrote it. Give you a piece of paper, and I will believe you when you write it out!"

     Inwardly cursed in the heart of the white raccoon!

     I'm crazy, and I can't hold it anymore. At this time, I don't need other Support Item, just copy it for you. That's death!Just as Baili thought about this, the shadow suddenly said: "You don’t need to write the text of will with blood, but the effect will be much worse. Su Yu, if you are willing to give me a few more drops of vitality liquid, I will do it for you. Write an essay on the will of the shadow clan!"

     Su Yu was surprised: "You too?"

     "of course!"

     The shadow said quietly: "The shadow clan are all born civilized teachers!"

     "You really write to me?"

     "You just need to give me a few more drops of vitality liquid."

     "You won't hurt me?" Su Yu frowned, "I'm not stupid, the text of the will may be fake, you can't fake Secret Arts and the like, give it to me, not only can I understand the divine text , May still have confusion of willpower, and then hang up!"

     After that, he said: "No, don't talk to me, the teacher is right, you will confuse people!"

     Su Yu turned and left!

     Su Yu, they were in a hurry, with great difficulty Su Yu came down, and then left, who knows next time at what time will come.

     Time is really running out!

     "Su Yu, don't worry!"

     The shadow suddenly said: "How about we make a deal? You give me 10 drops of vitality liquid, and I will write an article of will for you..."

     As soon as it finished, Bai Li suddenly said: "Don't believe him! The Shadow Clan is cunning, and he is strong. 10 drops of vitality liquid may restore his strength. My sister will write an article for you, 5 drops will do! "After all, Bai Li hurriedly said: "The shadow clan has a talent that can be attached to other people’s shadows, but I know that they can actually attach some things to other objects, such as the text of will. If you lose his things, be careful to be run away by him, or send a message!"


     Su Yu's eyes changed!

     Shadow angrily said: "Bai raccoon, you dare to talk nonsense!"

     Baili lightly snorted, "They are all prisoners. If you want to go, I want to go. I don’t want to escape from here, but I want to be treated better in the future. Brother Su Yu and my sister don’t want to leave the civilized academy, but one day... When you want to kill my sister, you can intercede for me for one or two. Even if you send it to the Beast Taming Academy to be used as a pet, it is better than death. They are very ambitious and want to escape..."

     "White raccoon, it's like you don't want to run, pretending to be innocent!"

     "I'm not as stupid as you guys, run? Where do you go? This is a human state, not a battlefield of the heavens!"

     The white raccoon looked at Su Yu again, with a sad look on his cat-like face, "Brother Su Yu, Elder Sister's heart, you know, 5 drops of vitality liquid are actually the gains do not make up for the losses. My sister is just... to take care of me more in the future."

     Su Yu frowned, "What you say...I don't believe it! All of them are very sinister. I have to go back and ask the teacher to make a decision..."

     Bai Li hurriedly said: "I didn't lie to you. You asked Bai Feng. I'm afraid Bai Feng will covet our will. Do you think he will give it to you? Last time we heard it. He even got your own merits. To deduct..."

     Su Yu's eyes changed, coldly snorted, and turned upstairs.Behind him, Bai Li yelled again: "Believe in my sister, brother Su Yu, if you want to become stronger, you can't hesitate, you got stronger, my sister has a chance to leave here, trust me..."


     Su Yu has left.

     The bang of the door rang.

     When he left, after a while, the shadow faintly said: "This little guy is very guarded. If he doesn't give any real benefits, I am afraid it will be difficult to impress him."

     After that, he paused and said: "I really don’t have any long things anymore, you guys... and there’s nothing about it. There’s nothing about it. There’s nothing about it. At this juncture, keeping it is dead. It’s better to do it once, let him taste something. Sweetness!"

     After speaking, he looked at the water man and said: "Water man, don't you want to run?"

     In Cage No. 1, a pool of water gradually turned into a human form, and the water man’s voice softly said: "I want to run, but... your plan is too eager! Moreover, if you refuse to cooperate sincerely, how can you succeed? Bai Li The previous words, is true or false, are hard to tell by themselves."

     "This little guy is still very immature, and it's our only chance. The next time a newcomer comes, maybe we will be like other caged bones. In a few years, he will grow up and mature. I'm afraid he won't have another chance. Up."

     The shadow said quietly: "Then you mean..."

     "Let him get real benefits, of course, not now!"The water man faintly said: "Let’s find a chance! When he was lost, when he was depressed, when he needed help, not now, he gave me the feeling of wanting nothing, full of vigilance towards us... Didn't he say that a human race of the highest level has enmity with him? Wait, wait for this opportunity, wait for him to be dazzled by hatred, when he is desperate for Strength Required, our opportunity will come!"

     The shadow silent for a while, for a while, said: "Then wait! When he is eager, I hope...you can give some real valuable things, otherwise...we really have no chance!"

      Golden Lion somewhat impatient said impatiently: "Waiting? That's all! Next time this kid comes again, I will pass on him an article about Heaven Rank Martial Skill! You guys will bring some real things out!"

     "Heaven Rank Martial Skill?"

     Several people were somewhat surprised, and snorted: "Human! In the past, I was also extremely talented by ten thousand races! 17 years ago, I went to the Xingyu Mansion and killed a human genius from the war temple of the human race. Have a Heaven Rank Martial Skill that belongs to the human race!"

     "Have you been to Xingyu Mansion?"

     As soon as this word came out, the shadow was surprised!

     Suanni said coldly: "Is it wrong? My Suanni Clan, also a top 100 race, naturally has this qualification!"

     Shadow faintly said: "Of course the Suan Clan has this qualification, but 17 years ago, your strength..."

     "Tengkong Yae, is it weak?"

     Suan was a little annoyed and said: "After I originally came out, I will definitely enter Lingyun in a few years, but 15 years ago I met the devil Hong Tan!"

     Less than two years after it came out, it was caught by Hong Tan.Otherwise, 15 years later, it would have long since passed.

     The shadow said nothing.

     Fortunately, Tengkong eightfold, although not too strong, but there are not many Suanni Clan, and there are few younger generations, it is not surprising that it can go.

     It was a bit unlucky, and was arrested not long after coming out.

     Xingyu Mansion, the shadows did not speak again.

     This place, that is the domain of the geniuses of various races, in that, killing the human geniuses and getting the Heaven Rank Cultivation Technique is also normal. It may be the text of will, normal Secret Arts, and generally no one will carry it.

     There are some people who need to cultivate when they travel far away, and they may bring it with them.

     Many of the exercises captured by the human race came from this way.

     The text of the will can only be at ease when you bring it to your body, and it is more convenient to practice, otherwise it will take a long time to go out and it will be wasted.


     "To the sixth level, there are still 11 acupoints."

     "I also have to improve my willpower. I can practice the second formula in "Breaking the Heavens", and I have to study hard."

     "I don't know if this Heaven Breaking Kill, can I understand the divine text anymore..."

     "Lei Yuan knife is best to look at it again, I feel like it's going to be scrapped. The next few knives seem to be completely without Will Power."

     Su Yu somewhat grudgingly.

     Although Lei Yuan Dao is not high in level, this is the first martial arts will text that Teacher Liu gave him, and Lei Yuan Dao also has 40 resuscitation points, some of which actually have a chance to open.

     After opening it, using the ninth knife of Lei Yuan Dao, the power may be stronger than the third style of "Breaking Heaven"!There are 40 acupoints, including Kaiyuan Jiuqiao, and 31 acupoints.

     Last time Su Yu opened a lot of acupuncture points, and now a part of it overlaps with the "God of War", Su Yu looked for a moment, when he reached the sixth level of Qianjun, Lei Yuandao had a total of 12 acupuncture points. Is covered.

     At the Seventh Level of Qianjun, the eight acupoints are not covered.

     "When I reach the Seventh Level, I will open the Leiyuan Knife Acupuncture Points, and I only need to open 8 points, and I can practice all of them, and I can cultivate to the ninth sword, and my explosive power can definitely reach the Ten Thousand Stone Realm!"

     With these in mind, Su Yu was also anxious.

     No money to practice!

     No money for blood exchange!

     No money to enter the secret world!

     This night, Su Yu continued to practice hard. Since he can't go to the secret realm, he should practice harder in the filter room and debris room for a period of time.

     For the remaining 246 points of merit, he was going to exchange for some iron-winged bird blood.

     Still this cheap!

     Make do with it first!

     One drop at 3 points of merit, he can still exchange 82 drops, a big deal, use a little more blood, open it two or three times a day.

     After practicing till late at night, returning to the living area, the tired Su Yu looked at the dirty living area, somewhat grudgingly, and had to clean it up again.

     I miss Haozi a little bit!

     I don’t know this guy, who was in Longwu Academy recently. How is it going?

     "Have you reached Kaiyuan Seventh?"

     It's been more than a month since I entered school.


     Longwu Academy.

     In the middle of the night, Chen Hao was at work.

     Cleaning up, serving tea and water, and helping to wash clothes.

     Not a dormitory!

     This is a residential area for teachers.In the room, Old Xie couldn't bear, walked out and cursed: "Chen Hao, get out! Who made you run over again?"


     Chen Haohan said with a smile: "Ayu said that when I was recompense like gushing spring, I was recompense like gushing spring! The teacher came to the university and gave me a good knife. I have to repay my favor! Ayu said, I can't do anything. , The cleaning is still very clean..."

     "Are you really stupid or fake?"

     Lao Xie said with a headache: "I don't accept students! I just vacate myself. How can I have time to accept students and lead people! I said, I am only responsible for enrolling students, not for leading students!"

     "Teacher, there’s no problem."

     Chen Haohan smiled and said: "It's the same whether you receive it or not. Anyway, I'm not busy at night..."

     Old Xie wanted to complain!

     You are not busy, I want to practice!

     Damn it!

     This silly boy, why is he staring at himself.

     There are so many powerful scholars in academy, you stare at them!

     Too lazy to say anything, Old Xie closed the door with a slam and began to practice.

     After finishing cleaning, Chen Hao smiled to bare one's fangs, walked out of the living room, closed the door, and sat down at the entrance of the corridor to practice.

     Ayu, I found a business opportunity!

     There are so many vacancies here, so many Lingyun!

     When they were cultivating, their vitality boiled, rolled, gathered, and there was vitality everywhere, and they became rich!

     How miserable it is to practice in the dormitory building... Hey, you can suck a drop of vitality liquid all night!

     The other students are stupid!I, Chen Hao, is too smart. I use the excuse to help clean up and stay alive. Lao Xie thought he wanted to be a teacher... Hehe, whoever wants to be a teacher, vacate a lot, who wants to acknowledge you as master!

     Find an opportunity to practice here.

     Ayu is right. I have to create opportunities for myself. I clean up here, and the teacher is not good at driving myself away. This is better than living in Wanshi special districts. I have saved hundreds of feats a year!

     "When I enrolled, I was Kaiyuan Sixth, hehe, now... Kaiyuan Eighth!"

     Chen Hao was so happy that he was almost catching up with Ayu.

     It's a pity that Ayu isn't here. Otherwise, I have to tell him that there are so many fools here, who gather vitality for me to practice every day, not to mention it!

     "This is just over a month after enrolling in school, and then practicing for one or two months, I will be able to Kaiyuan Nine Layers, even one month is enough! Qianjun...Ayu, at the end of this semester, I will have great hope!"

     His strength in Kaiyuan Sixth Layer is not too bad, but he is not too strong in academy.

     Only some teachers accept disciples for those above Kaiyuan Seventh Level.

     He doesn't!

     Fortunately, he grabbed the straw of Lao Xie. It's nothing if you don't have merit points. Do you still need merit points to cultivate here?

     It’s just cleaning and hygiene. I’m used to it, working hours a day, and I’m not as tired at Ayu’s house.

     I sweep the floor fast and clean!

     Soon after school started, he discovered this secret holy place. He found Lao Xie's house as an excuse to repay his favor. He came every day and didn't want to go back to the dormitory. The dormitory was so miserable!

     As for no bed or quilt...what a thing!

     The door is also very fragrant!Chen Hao cultivated elatedly, swallowing vitality, he was able to swallow vitality at this moment, his cultivation speed was very fast.


     In the room.

     Old Xie opened his eyes, not to know whether to laugh or cry.

     This kid is guarding at the door again.

     "Great intelligence may appear to be stupidity?"

     Old Xie couldn't help but think of this word. Chen Hao looked honest and silly, but this kid...has to say, actually shrewd and scary.

     Practice in the teacher area!

     He wants it!

     To be honest, these freshmen met their teachers, who are not trembling with fear. This is an area where researchers who are above the sky can live. Even geniuses are actually unwilling to have more contact with teachers like them.

     It happened that Chen Hao, fearing nothing in Heaven or Earth, this kid actually wanted to come here to clean himself, and then... just settled here!

     Really smart!

     Here, Chen Hao has gone from Kaiyuan Sixth to Eighth for more than a month, cultivating speed to throw others away!

     Counting it down, at least 20 or 30 drops of vitality liquid were saved, hundreds of feats.

     Among the freshmen, how many people have this capital?

     Chen Hao is one step ahead, practicing exactly like this. Sometimes everyone has a chance, and it depends on who can grasp it.

     "Kaiyuan Eightfold..."

     Old Xie hesitated, do I want to accept him?

     "But I... I just vacated the sixth layer, just an ordinary family background, no extra merits to train him, accepting him, it just delayed him..."

     "This kid, if he can quickly enter Qianjun, at least Ling Yun will accept him."Longwu Academy has enrolled 2,000 students this year, and now there are more than 50 people in the Qianjun Realm.

     Chen Hao Kaiyuan Sixth Enrollment, if he can quickly enter Qianjun, a stronger researcher will definitely accept him!

     "Buddy... and come with me..."

     Old Xie laughed and sighed, and the gathered vitality spilled out of the door.

     This fool... How much energy does he really think he can absorb by flying so close?

     What's the matter with him, I vacated the air, and the gathered vitality can escape so much, then I should die!

     However, in this area, the vitality is indeed much stronger, so this kid can be regarded as stubborn.

     "Shengtian Ayu Ayu... The guy Su Yu went to the Civilization Academy and didn't know what was going on. It's a pity. I heard that he entered the polytheistic literature, but I don't know what happened."

     Old Xie shook his head. There, it was all right, soars toward sky in a Leap.

     It's bad, worthless!
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