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128 How Much Is It? (Please Ask For A Monthly Pass, The First Ten Can't Get In)
    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

When Su Yu woke up, the sky was already dark.

     The previous pain is gone, I just feel full of vitality, in high spirits.

     At this moment, he is no longer in that hall, but in the living quarter.

      glanced at The place where he slept was a dilapidated sofa. Su Yu smiled, looked around, but didn't see Zhao Li.

     Su Yu didn't leave in a hurry, and felt a bit of soldiers.

     The next moment, a black knife appeared in front of him.

     It doesn't feel much different from before, but it feels a bit more solid and reliable.

     "Woke up?"

     As Su Yu was observing, Zhao Li stepped in and said lightly: "Try to attach a divine text!"

     After all, he added: "Try attaching a single divine text!"

     Su Yu thought for a while, the word "Thunder" was attached to the divine text, feeling a lot easier than before, and then the divine text broke out!


      A loud sound came out, the thunder broke out, the living quarters were bright and dark, and the air exploded!

     Zhao Li didn't care, but his willpower swept away and put out the thunder.

     "how is it?"

     Su Yu was already shocked at this moment, he felt his thunder power increased a lot.

     And it feels much easier!


     Su Yu stared wide-eyed, hurriedly said: "Is the effect of civilian soldiers so strong? I feel that it has increased a lot. If the damage was 10, now it has at least 12!"


     Zhao Li calmly said: "Otherwise, what is the use of civilian soldiers for civilized divisions? You can buy thousands of meritorious deeds for a civilian soldier of the lower rank of the Profound Stage. Without that value, who would buy it?"When Su Yu heard this, he somewhat regretful said: "I remember I got 29 hammers..."

     Zhao Li's face turned dark and didn't want to pay attention to him.

     Su Yu quickly said, "Teacher, you have added a lot of materials to me. How much merit do I need?"

     After speaking, he looked at Zhao Li and said sincerely: "Teacher, I will pay for the materials myself. I can't afford the construction fee. I can't afford the teacher now. Can the teacher not charge me?"

     Seeing him like this, Zhao Li a little bit amused.

     Su Yu was right, he really couldn't afford Zhao Li now.

     For the 180 points of merit on his body, it is impossible to ask a soldier who is close to the ground level.

     Seeing what he said calmly, Zhao Li thought for a while and smiled: "Okay, then you won't be charged for the creation! For the four divine writings, I added four characteristic materials, and also added a few solid materials for the military. , Calculate your cost price and give 120 points of merit."

     "120 o'clock..."

     Su Yu was a little bit painful and didn't say anything, so he quickly took out his merit card and gave Zhao Li 120 points.

     Zhao Li smiled, didn't care, and said, "You are a literary soldier, currently already close to the mysterious stage, but you can't really advance, otherwise you can't control it, it's a semi-mysterious stage."

     The so-called semi-mysterious stage has almost the power of the profound stage, but it can be used for nourishment.

     This thing is actually more precious than the inferior Xuanjie!

     A weapon equivalent to level 30 can be worn at level 20, and its actual value is even higher than that of a real low-level mysterious soldier.

     Of course, Zhao Li didn't bother to talk about it.

     This Wenbing embryo was originally the top yellow-level top embryo."In the future, you can outline the divine text, and you can slowly increase it. When you finish the outline of the divine text combat skills, the civilian and the divine text combat skills can be integrated to create a special civilian soldier that truly belongs to you. At that time, your strength can be maximized. !"

     Su Yu hastily nodded.

     Zhao Li looked outside and said, "Go back, it's getting late, and if you have time to learn more about the Soldiers, it's good to understand some material properties, so that you won't know the treasure if you encounter it outside."

     "Teacher, I'll go first, please trouble you!"


     Zhao Li waved his hand and watched Su Yu leave.

     When he left, Zhao Li sighed lightly, unable to think about it, the more he thought about it, the more regretful it became.

     Really good seedlings!

     Every time he thought of this, he wanted to kill Bai Feng.

     Sitting on the sofa, Zhao Li picked up the teacup and drank the tea. The giant hammer appeared in his eyes, his willpower was turbulent, and the huge hammer hit his sea of will in a place where no one could see.

     Expand your mind!

     120 years old, the son of four generations of the elder, Lingyun Qizhong.

     Cultivation is slow!

     But it's slow, there's a reason.

     The sea of other people's will is a bowl, and the sea of his will... is a big bucket!

     Zhao Li also didn't care. The realm was actually not important.

     Casting soldiers and casting soldiers still depends on endurance.

     Otherwise, even if the mountains and seas are so what?

     Strong willpower is strong, last three to five minutes, fight a Maozi Wenbing!

     The giant hammer hit his sea of will time and time again, but Zhao Li looked indifferent, drinking tea and thinking about things.

     There are more than 20 basic divine texts of divine text combat skills, can this kid bear it?"Expansion Technique..."

     Zhao Li murmured, he...want to tell him?

      somewhat unwilling!

      somewhat reluctant to part with!

      somewhat furious!

     And strictly speaking, the "Expansion of God Technique" is not necessarily a good thing. The sea of will expands and the foundation is deep, but the deep foundation is useful. If the sea of will is expanded, the speed of advancement will slow down.

     For example, he has only now Lingyun Qizhong.

     His seniority is very high, and his strictly speaking is a generation higher than Wantiansheng. As a result, he is already a mountain and sea, and he is still Lingyun.

     No matter how strong Ling Yun is, it is also Ling Yun.

     When he met Wantiansheng, he was shot to death with a slap.

     And... there is a limit on longevity.

     Civilized teachers generally don't care much about physical decline, but as they get older, the sea of will will gradually wither.

     In Lingyun, the theoretical limit can live to 200 years old.

     The limit of mountains and seas is to live to 300 years old in theory.

     But in fact, can you really live that long?

     Shanhai was born 50 years later in Anping, how many people are still alive?

     It’s not bad to live 150 years in the sky.

     In a few years, if he does not advance to the mountain and sea, the sea of will will begin to decline. Of course, he has a profound background, even if he declines, when the deadline is approaching, he will have a very strong combat effectiveness.

     At this point, others have no way to compare.

     "Lets see……"

     Zhao Li closed his eyes and stopped thinking.

     "Expanding God Technique" is not necessarily a good thing, sometimes it will only harm people, like Su Yu, who walks and kills the gods, the promotion is too slow, it is not a good thing.Attacking one, often encountering battles, wandering on the death line, they have to be advanced by leaps and bounds.

     Rejecting Bai Feng back then had this meaning.

     Hong Tan only saw that it was lasting and stronger, but he didn't know that if he had practiced "Enlarging the Gods Art", Bai Feng might still be turning around.

     No what thing is without good cause powerful!

     Get it, then you need to pay.


     Wen Tan Research Center.

     Debris room.

     Su Yu's eyes were a little strange, at this moment, he finally sensed something different!

     "My willpower...has been reduced?"

     Su Yu has been in deep thought for a long time!

     Yes, his willpower has dropped!

     There was 55% full reserve before, so now...probably it's just like nurturing.

     Su Yu's expression is very complicated. Of course, he can feel that his willpower has not weakened, but his fullness has dropped. What does this mean?

     The limit has increased again?

     Su Yu not to know whether to laugh or cry!

     What did Old Zhao do to himself?

     That hammer, has it hit its limit?

      With great difficulty, the full charge promoted to 55%, and it fell again in the blink of an eye.

     "The limit has increased... the full charge has decreased, but the combat power has not decreased."

     It should be a good thing, right?

     Su Yu judged it in his heart. It was a good thing, but it was still a little depressed. I felt that I had to delay some time before I vacated.

     "Just nurturing sex, very good, acting weak to prey on the strong! It's not that I am acting as a pig myself, it's really that much..."Su Yu no longer thought about it, this time he did not stop at the first area of the debris room, but stepped into the second area!

     A strong willpower began to impact him.

     Su Yu's willpower exploded, and he began to fight against cultivation.

     10 minutes, half an hour...

     Su Yu found that he had persisted longer than before, and he didn't feel the arrival of the limit, but he could feel that the current impact of willpower, for himself, was less painful than the previous tear.

     In this way, until Su Yu couldn't bear it, he withdrew and waited for his willpower to recover. He vaguely felt that the fullness of willpower was improved a little, more than before.

     At the same 1%, he feels that it is now better than the 1% increase.

     "The military soldiers have become stronger, and the willpower has become stronger..."

     Su Yu awareness induction "Blood" brother, is this guy advanced?

     When you reach the second tier, your combat power will increase again.

     At least the illusion is more powerful!

     Entering the filter room, the "Blood" brother started to absorb the essence and blood again, and Su Yu also began to devour the essence and blood to practice.

     He ran out of blood on his hands today.

     Only 60 points of merit remain...

     "No more money!"

     Thousands of merits, this is used up, Su Yu also very helpless.

     I didn't bother about this anymore, Su Yu while practicing, watching the second move of "Breaking the Heaven".

     To break the sky, 16 acupoints are a trick.

     The second type-death!

     Open 32, after breaking the wall, break through the enemy's defense, the second type, that is really deadly!

     Break the defense first, then kill!The first move is not useless, but has its own characteristics, mainly to break the defense, just like that day, one blow to defeat all the defenses of Chen Qi.

     "The second type is mainly about killing!"

     Su Yu vaguely understands how to use his Slaughter [kill] Character skill.

     Su Yu has opened 32 resuscitation points, and Su Yu has opened all the 32 resuscitation points. What he has to do now is how to connect and form a system.

     Without the help of the will of "Desperate Killing", he had to think about it one by one. With this thing, it would save Su Yu a lot of time.

     "Initiate resuscitation, enhance willpower, strengthen divine writing, learn martial arts..."

     Su Yu is very busy at this moment!

     I really don’t want to sleep anymore!

     It wasn't until three o'clock in the morning that Su Yu forced himself to rest, lest he really died suddenly.

     This night, the dream that comes once every few days comes again.

     In the dream, Su Yu was still killed.

     In the past, he would wake up.

     Now... it doesn't seem to be that painful anymore, and his body trembled slightly, Su Yu continued to fall asleep, sleeping soundly.


     September 17.

     Su Yu just as in the past, arrived in the classroom early.

     Wu Lan on the side came early too. Su Yu usually didn't communicate much with her. Today, Wu Lan took the initiative to speak up and said, "Su Yu, I will break through in two days!"

     "This time, I'm going to enter the Triple Play!"

     Wu Lan looked proud!

     I want to catch up with you!

     When she enrolled in Kaiyuan Nineth Layer, she also practiced the advanced version of "War God Jue". Today, she has finally opened up 12 of them!

     It's about to enter the triple triple!Su Yu glanced at her, somewhat speechless.

     you sure?

     How confident!

     Are you sure you have entered the Secret Realm, you can open another 24?

     Why in the eyes of this woman, Qianjun is straight to the triple, and there is no concept of single and double?

     "What blood did you use?"

     "Of course it is Poshan Niu Essence Blood!"

     What Wu Lan said as it should be by rights!

     Nonsense, I'm a genius, of course I need to use the blood of Poshan Niu.

     Su Yu is tired. Look at Chen Qi and Lin Yao. In order to head broken, blood flowing, your family is really rich, and you have the blood flowing.

     "I remember you told me once, didn't you want your family to support it?"

     Wu Lan face turn red, somewhat shy and angry, and said: "Yes, I didn't want it! I borrowed it... No, it was my aunt who insisted on lending it to me!"


     Su Yu inwardly cursed, you also said this.

     I have to lend it to you!

     Aunt like this, give me a dozen!

     "Who is your teacher?"

     Su Yu suddenly remembered one thing. He hadn't asked who the teachers of the students in the class were.

     "My sister!"


     Complicated relationship!

     Su Yu is tired!

     Your sister is your teacher...Well, got used to it, in a school, I don't pay much attention to it.

     "Is your sister very strong?"

     Su Yu is not interested in Wu Lan's advancement. In fact, he is more interested in the legendary students of the previous generation.

     Bai Feng...had a lot of contact, and Su Yu felt nothing.Hu Wensheng was defeated by a single blow, and Su Yu also felt that the myth had been shattered, and he lost a bit of admiration.

     Liu Hong... is a shameless bastard, Su Yu despise him.

     Of their generation, there are two people who have not seen them now, one is Xia Yuwen and the other is Wu Qi.

     "of course!"

     Speaking of her sister, Wu Lan said with a proud look: "My sister has vacated the nine-fold, and Ling Yun is coming soon! Your teacher is not my sister's opponent, my sister can defeat him with one move!"

     "Ha ha!"

     Su Yu smiled, don't ask any more.

     Forget it, can't ask anything.

     It's somewhat curious.

     "Su Yu, when I get to Qianjun Triple, I will let you know that I am also very strong!"

     "Yes, you are very strong!"

     Su Yu nodded, talk about it when you arrive.

     In addition...you are at the third level, I am probably sixth or even seventh, should it be ok?

     Just keep catching up!

     As he was talking, Xia Huyou walked in and waved to Su Yu.

     Su Yu was slightly frowned and silently stood up and went out.


     "Su Yu, are you still a brother?"


     "Are you going to fight Zheng Yunhui?"

     "Not at all."

     "You lied to me!"

     Xia Huyou had a wounded expression, "I have heard some wind noises. I, Xia Huyou, are an intelligence dealer at the university. You are not hiding it from me! Not only did I hear about this, I also inquired about it, and there are still bets between you. Covenant, is it a world-breaker?"

     He didn't know the specifics, only that there should be a gambling agreement between the two.

     It should be a world-breaker!Su Yu smiled and said with a smile: "Who told you? Nonsense! Also, don't want to open the market. It's useless. Even if we fight, we won't open it, and we won't fight in front of outsiders."

     "So, is there really a fight?"

     Xia Huyou suddenly became interested, "Are you sure? That guy...I doubt that he will be able to get to the top of the board. He probably won't come to class in these two days. The top of the board...he hopes to go with him. The guys in the top 100 have played against each other."

     "talk later!"

     Su Yu didn't want to say more, this matter is a trap, Xia Huyou still don't mix it up.

     Just as he was about to leave, Xia Huyou suddenly said, "Su Yu...Don't do anything stupid! You have boundless prospects, there is really no need to fight for the temporary anger and ruin your own future!"

     Su Yu turned around!

      glanced at Xia Huyou, Xia Huyou no longer smiled, and said solemnly: "The wind...I can hear some of it! Hope it's not true, or else... if you lose, you will get into big trouble !"

     Su Yu smiled, "Am I that kind of person?"

     Xia Huyou looked at him, not knowing what to say for a while.

     Su Yu suddenly became interested, "How many merit points can you call?"

      "What are you doing?"

     "How about raise the price?"

     Not much to say, Xia Huyou is complexion changed, and then, looking thoughtful.

      pondered for a moment, a series of clues.

     After a long while, Xia Huyou said in a low voice: "During the inspection...someone will peep!"

     "It's okay!"

     Su Yu smiled, he is ready.

     Not afraid!

     "understood!"Xia Huyou smiled, "Tell me all this?"

     "Didn't you mean brother?"

     Su Yu's eyes were a little strange, "Besides... it's true!"


     Xia Huyou's face changed again, what do you mean?

     Just now Su Yu said that, he thought it was false, but how did it become true again?

     "Su Yu..."

     Su Yu smiled lightly: "I'm sure I won't lose! I really lost...Anyway, it's difficult to mix up the multi-shenwen series. I'm thinking about a question. I...Is there a future in switching to the single-shenwen series?"

     Xia Huyou frowned and looked at him!

     Su Yu stopped talking, turned and left.

     Xia Hu has a big head, really?

      It's genuine and fake, he can't figure it out now!


     On the 17th, Su Yu opened another acupuncture point, 64 at the moment.

     For the remaining 60 points of merit, he found Xia Huyou again and replaced them with 20 drops of iron-winged bird essence blood.

     So far, Su Yu penniless!

     On the 18th, Su Yu asked for leave.

     On this day, he was practicing from morning to night!

     The essence and blood are used one drop after another, the filter room and the debris room rotate in cycles, practicing infinite stamina.

     20 drops of blood, Su Yu used 8 drops that day!

     The effect is somewhat unsatisfactory. With such a high-intensity cultivation, consumption is huge, Su Yu just barely opened a hole in the day.

     Although the money spent is not as much in the secret realm, it takes time and energy not to mention, strictly speaking, it also costs a lot. The official price is 40 points for 8 drops of blood.

     On the 19th, Su Yu still asked for leave.Still practicing in retreat!

     On this day, an aperture point was opened again, and 9 drops of essence and blood were consumed.

     3 drops of blood left!

     And Su Yu, who had 66 resuscitations, had all used up the resources he had planned to cultivate to the sixth level, and was still 6 points away from the sixth level.

     This speed is already extremely fast.

     Ordinary people, the Qianjun realm opens an acupuncture point, as long as one month, or as long as ten days to half a month.

     Su Yu relies on his blood to open the album, and his cultivation speed is ten times faster than that of the same genius.


     At the same time that Su Yu was in retreat.

     Some vague hearsays are passed on among certain groups of people.

     Liu Hong's office.

     The door was pushed open.

     The next moment, Zhou Pingsheng stepped in.

     "Brother Zhou..."

     Liu Hong hurriedly got up and said with a smile: "Senior Brother Zhou, how are we honored by your presence today..."

     "Sit down!"

     Liu Hong greeted in a hurry, Zhou Pingsheng was also unambiguous, and sat down and said, "Is the fight between Su Yu and Zheng Yunhui true?"


     "Liu Hong!"

     Zhou Pingsheng said unhappily: "At this time, are you still hiding it from me?"

     Liu Hong smiled and said, "Did the brother misunderstand something? You said Bidou...There is such a thing as children playing house, I forgot, why did the brother suddenly mention this?

     Zhou Pingsheng said coldly: "Children play house? I heard the news, this is not a child play house! They...the stakes are not low!"


     "Liu Hong, don't follow me in this set!"Zhou Pingsheng said unhappily: "You are in the black market and bought a lot of resources for Zheng Yunhui. I really don't know if you think?"

     Liu Hong smiled and said: "There is such a thing, Zheng Yunhui wants to challenge the top 100 list, so he asked me to buy a batch of things..."

     "Is he meritorious?"

     Zhou Pingsheng lightly snorted, "You did it, right?"

     "Yes, but he borrowed it from me for interest..."

     "You still play dumb with me!"

     Zhou Pingsheng said a little sullenly: "Liu Hong, are you worried about me taking your credit? Ridiculous! Do I need it? I'm just worried that you have missed a major event! If the rumors are true, then we determined to win this time! "

     "You didn't report it, and you reached an agreement with Zheng Yunhui in private, what do you want to do? Do you want to do it alone?"

     Liu Hong frowned and said slowly: "Brother, I don't mean it, but things have not been determined yet. Hard to distinguish real from imitation, I remain skeptical, Su Yu may not really take out that thing... If I am If it is reported now, if it is false, wouldn't it be a joke?"

     As soon as these words came out, Zhou Pingsheng frowned slightly, and said slowly: "That's true, do you think is true or false?"

     "This one……"

     Liu Hong smiled and said: "I'm really hard to say, I'll talk to Zheng Yunhui for now, if it's true, sell me for 50,000 meritorious deeds! If it's false...he eats mine, he will vomit it sooner or later!"

     "In fact, brother won't come, I'll wait two days, and I'm going to call the brother to go together..."Liu Hong was a little embarrassed: "I be short on money, how can it be to do this by myself, and I don’t have the capital! And I have feeble strength, it’s hard to tell the truth from the false, once I’m cheated... then I’m in trouble. It’s getting older, so you have to rely on brother to distinguish between true and false!"

     Liu Hong said seriously: "Brother is in charge of Zangshu Pavilion, experienced and knowledgeable. In terms of knowledge, our department is definitely the most knowledgeable brother! I'm not sure, I always find it too easy..."

     Liu Hong frowned and said: "I really didn't hide it from my senior brother, I really felt that it was too simple. We were so desperate to ask for things, but we got Su Yu on the head..."

     Liu Hong smiled bitterly: "Brother, do you say I dare to report indiscriminately at this time? If this is false, it would be ashamed!"

     After Zhou Pingsheng heard these, nodded slightly.

     Then he smiled and said: "It's okay, you're right, I have been in the library for the past few years, so I have a bit of knowledge! At that time, I will tell the truth..."

     Liu Hong said again: "Brother, I want to stop calling on a few professionals in this field..."

     "No need to!"

     Zhou Pingsheng shook his head and said, "It's not good for people to talk too much!"

     "The 50,000 meritorious deeds..."

     Liu Hong said embarrassedly: "I can't afford this. Or else you will contact Zheng Yunhui and hand it over directly..."

     After all, some embarrassedly said: "I advanced 2000 points of merit..."

     Zhou Pingsheng thought for a while, then suddenly shook his head and said, "I can't come forward, you can come forward! You have a black market transaction, it is a black market transaction, I came forward... Then it is not easy to say! It is not easy to say! It was found, and it was very troublesome! "After that, he frowned and said, "Is 50,000 too much? Zheng Yunhui has too much appetite!"

     He was ready to lurch in the dark, as for this kind of thing...Of course it was Liu Hong who came forward!

     I was really caught, and it was also Liu Hong.

     "50 thousand is not much..." Liu Hong smiled bitterly: "He opened his mouth at 100,000! I said it was impossible. He said he understood the importance of this thing. If it is true, it is worth a million!"

     Liu Hong said distressedly: "I communicated with him for a long time, and he used the Xia family to talk about things... There was no way, I had to agree, and the counter-offer reached 50,000. If the brother feels wrong, then... I will go again. Talk about it?"

     Zhou Pingsheng frowned, "Forget it, a long night is fraught with dreams! And don't get too close to the Zheng family!"

     After speaking, he said: "I'm going to find Senior Brother Zheng, I can't get so many merit points!"

     Just as he was about to leave, Liu Hong suddenly said in embarrassment: "Brother...that...can you report 52,000 points? Of which 1,000 points...belong to senior brother, I...recently, I have been short on money. Up!"


     Zhou Pingsheng suddenly laughed and said: "Okay! You...the things left by Mr. Zhao..."

     "That can't move, my teacher is still in retreat!"

     Liu Hong hurriedly said: "Brother, I have principles! Just report two thousand points, and I will take one thousand..."

     Zhou Pingsheng smiled, nodded, and said nothing.

     Step out.

     5 million 2?

     Obviously 60 thousand points!

     You can give Liu Hong 1,000 points. He was doing it in the early stage, so he should have some sweetness.
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