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131 End Of Month, Fight Again In April!
    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

First push the book. The new book "My Plug-in Runs" is on the shelves at 12 in the morning. After pushing it, maybe you can transfer several millions to me, right? Everyone is willing to support it, but if you don't want to... replies to him can also show our popularity!

     Pushing the book is gossip, everyone ignores the paragraph above, does not affect reading, and talks about business!

     It will be on the shelves on the 20th, and it will be on the shelves for 12 days. The monthly ticket list is the first and the top ten in the total list (for now, I don't care about it after 12 o'clock) Tsk tsk...How is my eagle so good, brothers and sisters so good!

     Do you eat beef at home every day?

     No, what's the matter with eating cows, so we are all so good AC?

     Haha... Come on the villain's laugh... Jie Jie!

     We are too bad!

     The big guy in front worked for a month and reached the top ten with great difficulty. We actually did such a bad thing. I condemn you!

     Why are we shit sticks so bad (I'm innocent)? It's all your bad things. It's gan, piao, lunatic!

     Just kidding, don't tell the big guys in front of you, otherwise what will happen next time you hit me, I'm so thin, the big guys in front are fat, terrible!

     March is over, "The Tribulation of Ten Thousand Clans" has just set sail, our road is still long, mountains are tall, paths are far, walk slowly, not in a hurry.

     Fight again in April!


     Don't ask for the top three, the monthly pass will do him the top five!Don’t ask for more updates. The question is to update no less than 500,000 words every month. The starting point is unique, on average, and the public period. No one should be more durable than me. Yes, durable. We pay attention to durability. Don’t envy it. second!

     There will be a double monthly pass at the end of April. You can keep the ticket or leave it without. We just want instant glory!

     Bookmates of other books leave votes. Let’s not keep them. If you sign up at the beginning of the month, you can also serve as a recommendation to attract more new book friends to fight together!

     Let’s just say so much. We will fight again in April. You have one vote and I have one vote. Everyone will vote together. The deranged eagle is going to poke the big guys!


     Below, thanks to the big guys who rewarded this month. Brothers support too much and the list is too much. Those below the rudder owner will not be listed. Disrespectful. Let me act like a snob. As for the rudder owner who lost the list. , Disrespect, bad eyes, you can send me blades!

     Thanks for the new silver boss this month: the wild boy

     Thanks to Lao Bai Yin: Dog... Magic Feather

     Thanks to the leader:

     3 Boss Yuan's Tengu

     4 Mystery screen is also with proud y

     5 Pay with the wind and rain

     6 carry two to the end

     7 passersby

     8 Flying Family Eight Commandments

     9 Unrestrained little skin

     10 continental shelf oscillator

     11 The best

     12 The Cat Does Not Hit People

     13 waves in the waves,

     14 thirty years old and therefore independent (idiom, from Confucius) 1984

     15 Feng brother loves to read small books

     16 big cats two cats three cats

     17 Wreckage,

     18 small watermelon 2c

     19 readers 1139027941288140800

     20lemon sissi21 Easy Hoy

     22This nickname violates relevant laws

     23 Cold, Dip, Wind

     24 Dynamic Bo Bo Bo Superman Pants

     25 days of the devil,

     26 Mr. Mu of Camille

     27 text

     28 Book Friends 150601164220147

     29 Midnight Cut Throat

     30 Empire Nightmare

     31 Jiang Kui

     32 Herd v8


     34 I'm Sorry

     35 The Secret

     36 The One

     37 Farmers love fruits

     38 eagle stewed chicken

     39 years of youth do not understand the sadness

     40 big belly side dishes 666

     41 The Old Black Mountain Ghost

     42 Fearless

     43 Dead Wood and Green Leaves

     44 Bai Lang Hang

     45 heroic and dashing Wu


     47 Floating World Three Thousand Reading Books

     48 North City South Sheng_

     49 I'm Chen Chen

     50 sir

     51 is your aka

     52Hor I am used to it

     53 Yakumozhi

     54 Eat Tea Eggs

     55 Continuation

     56 years is a journey gone forever

     57 Society Forces You to Be Strong 010

     58 Tianxin Bamboo

     59Underword_ Soul

     60 walking shredder

     61 The Cat Who Cannot Program

     62XXky stars

     64CLV orange

     65 orange small tangerine


     67 Three Jiu Wife World's First

     68 weeks

     69 half pot of sake from timeless

     70 Mo Wu Principal Fang Ping

     71 Let me give you a little red flower

     72 Love Without Strings73 Why is it so difficult to name 111

     74 Thousand Miles of Solitary Grave

     75 An Juan

     76 Remnant Flying Feather

     77 I'm Sorry

     78 Wrong Thousand Weight

     79 Little Little Fried Pork

     80 Euro King Lucky e

     81 days of cold pay

     82 Berserker Choice

     83 Ten Mile Strings

     84 I'm Sorry

     85CLV small orange


     87 love love

     88 Oriental Snow

     89 Emperor 365

     90 Italian Gold

     91 Happy

     92 Mu Mu,

     93 The Little Brother of Ming Ming Family

     94 Clear and direct Bai likes him

     95 I am Emma fan

     96 The first loneliness like you

     97blue sky 202

     98 For you to guard the empty city

     99 Dong Yuhui

     100 return to the topic ·True

     101 The Seventh Brother

     102 Tong Tang

     103 Meng Kuikui

     104 knife sharp

     105 Heng Sao Tian Ya

     Thanks to several grand masters:

     106 Night Rain Pingxuan


     108 stared wide-eyed

     109 Heaven Without Road, Hell Without Door

     Thanks to the big bosses:

     110 No Words 36


     112 Cool

     113 The Calf on the Hillside

     114 people under the parasol

     Thanks to the elders for their faces:

     115 Children Who Don't Love Reading

     116 God of Heaven and Earth


     118 Secret

     119 Little Five Five Five Five FiveThank you all for your face:

     120 First Class Rogue King

     121 I

     122 The Secret


     124 The Devil

     125 It's better to have you

     126 I only one ordinary book friend

     127 Kite 1134

     128 book friends 20190607094558197

     129 book friends 20200326124120834

     130 Frozen

     Thank you all for your honor:

     131LUCKY Bread Tree

     132 naps

     133 Fang Ping Eats the Eagle

     134 This honor


     137 I'm Crazy

     138 Lonely Ji Is Free

     139 The Dream


     141 Dancing

     142 I didn't take medicine today

     143 Secret


     145 Serious Love Meow Gentleman

     146 The Train

     147 A Dream

     148sky, Ming Yin


     150 days cold and more wear

     151 It's Not Existing

     152 Mud City S

     153 You can marry me when your hair reaches your waist

     154 The Fall

     Thank you all for coming:

     155 Young Sword King

     156 book friends 141108195921766

     157 Please start your performance


     159 A Reader

     160 If you want to see


     162 I love Chen Dongju

     163 book friends 20190429173050258

     164 more than165 No name set

     166 The Fate

     167 I'm Back

     168 fleeting years

     169 I'm Sorry

     170 Jakc

     171 Chen Chen Who Loves Fishing

     172 Who promises who until the end of time

     173 Please call me Boge 1993

     174 Kaah Road

     175 Reading is so expensive

     176 Broker Next Door Old Song

     177 Little zzg Killing God

     178 Mo Yiduo

     179 Rining

     180 Boring No Wind

     181 Lan Shulan

     182 Shadow

     183 Chen a single spark start a huge blaze Qinghao

     184 Li Bai Chong Yin Moonlight

     185 Anastasia

     186 dark blue blue blue blue blue blue

     187 Sorry

     188 Bohua Week

     189 Fall

     190 That's the time


     192 pink tray

     193 A Gentle Arrow

     194 The principal said I can't read

     195 Little Wing

     196 Old Cat

     197 hand residue

     198 Eagle on the Tree

     199 Visible Cold Mountain

     200 pretend I'm a nerd

     201 Wow Monster Fish

     202 Jun V Chen

     203 Face black and poor

     Chapter 204: Yu Chen

     205 I'm Sorry

     206 Confession 110

     207 I'm Here

     208 Don't Kill the Emperor

     209 Enter a nickname to exist

     210 I don't know

     211 is a good thing


     213 I love you

     214 Only for her215 Tearful Diary

     216 Buddhism Reader

     217Lz Kun

     218 The King

     219 The Secret

     220 Sheng Qing

     221 Sugar Little Cat Loves Candy

     222 Confession

     Book friends 20190224233419435

     I am indifferent 1

     The false god is me

     Arable land

     Book friends 20200329221142789

     Cousin's Cat

     Lanling Little Bookboy

     Thanks to other book friends for voting and subscribing, thank you everyone, this month is over, we will fight again next month!
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