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134 Those Who Win Are All Aggrieved (more Than 20,000 Yuan For Monthly Subscription)
    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Nurturing Garden.

     Su Yu did not rush to find Liu Hong, but found another person, Lin Yao.


     "Student Lin Yao."

     Su Yu looked at Lin Yao who was in a daze after opening the door, with a smile on his face, and sincerely said: "I am here to apologize to you today!"


     Lin Yao was sluggish.

     Did something happen today?

     Is the sun coming out from the west?

     Su Yu... came to apologize to him?

     Su Yu whispered: "In the past few days, I tossed and turned, and I couldn't sleep all night! On that day, I shouldn't humiliate Brother Lin like that. I already know that Brother Lin was really framed that day and Chen Qi did it!"

     Lin Yao's face changed, and gritted his teeth: "It's him! Su Yu, Chen Qi, this bastard damn it!"

      However... I still don't understand what Su Yu is going to do.

     Su Yu took out the remaining materials in his hand and said sincerely: "Last time I won Brother Lin with 300 points of merit, almost there I used all the merits. Although these things are not worth 300 points of merit, they can still be compensated. two……"

     Lin Yao was stunned!

     What's the situation?

     Until now, he is stunned!

     Su Yu seriously said: "It is better to squash enmity rather than keeping it alive, do Brother Lin and I have a deep-seated hatred?"

     Lin Yao shook his head.

     "Are there any obstacles that can't be crossed?"

     Su Yu whispered: "Single divine writing, multiple divine writing, those are the disputes of the older generation, our newcomers enter the school, what is the biggest goal? To become stronger! Only to become stronger is our final goal, then you Say, if we two form a deep-seated hatred, what will we get for each other?"

     "..."Lin Yao unable to respond, you have said everything.

     I took a look at the things Su Yu brought out, everything in disorder has everything, but Lin Yao is also very knowledgeable, and after a cursory look, at least one or two hundred points of merit!

     Not less!

     Su Yu's family is not rich. Although he earned a lot last time, no amount of merit is enough for the cultivator.

     It's not easy to get so many things out.

     A very sincere apology!

     It's not the kind of empty words!

     Lin Yao was a little embarrassed, and a little uneasy, cannot bear saying: "Su Yu, just say, what do you want to do?"

     Su Yu stopped talking before saying, "I want to see Teacher Liu once, I'm just a student, don't cheat me anymore!"

     Su Yu smiled bitterly: "I don't want to be this class monitor anymore. I'm too tired. I haven't even had time to practice recently. But no one introduced me. I rushed to visit. I'm afraid Teacher Liu won't pay attention to me. For your face, he probably won't look good at me."

     Su Yu said sincerely: "I originally wanted to talk to Liu He, but his man... looks down on me, and it's hard for me to bring disgrace to oneself. These days, I also treat brother Lin. Some understand that, in essence, you, like me, are working hard to become stronger, and the blood of the Poshan Niu was also to become stronger..."

     "We are similar people, so I think Brother Lin can understand me!"

     Lin Yao understood when he heard the words, and at the same time sighed, somewhat sympathetic, looked at Su Yu, and sighed slightly: "Yes, getting stronger is the goal! Factional struggle, you die, I live, you fight me, I suppress you, even if you are alone The first series of divine writing, the inside is also everything in disorder!"He was really embarrassed.

     My teacher was suppressed.

     He was caught by Chen Qikeng last time, of course, he received the news in advance.

     The factions are fighting inside, let alone outside!

     The polytheistic literature that Su Yu is in is really miserable.

     With sympathy and sympathy, Lin Yao still frowned and said: "I will take you to visit the teacher. This is not good, the teacher will blame me..."

     Su Yu somewhat grudgingly, "No, I don’t need Brother Lin to help me say anything, I just need to tell Teacher Liu, I... I apologized to you and compensated for your loss. Mrs. Liu has a lot of things and will not agree My little student cares about it!"

     After all, Su Yu raised the things in his hands again.

     Worth one or two hundred feats!

     You still bought things in front of many people in Zhou Pingsheng's presence. You accept them... You accept them!

     Su Yu took this thing away, everyone knows it.

     You accept it!

     Lin Yao looked at Su Yu and saw that he looked helpless, some have no alternative, cannot bear saying: "Actually, being a squad leader nothing else, it's a big deal to fool you..."

     "Brother Lin is Naturally possible, but I can't. I offended Brother Lin. From Teacher Liu's point of view, I just don't give him face. Can I lose the face of my student?"

     Su Yu gritted his teeth, "Brother Lin will take me over, and I will kowtow to Teacher Liu to make amends!"


     This is serious!

     Lin Yao understands that for a genius, it is harder to kowtow to apologize than to kill him!

     Would he do it instead of himself?

     Absolutely not!

     "Su Yu!"Lin Yao still has the arrogance and demeanor of aristocratic family junior, otherwise he would not give 300 points of merit to Su Yu last time. After all, he did not play.

     Originally, he still hated Su Yu.

     At this moment, I suddenly felt grief.

     A genius was so driven to a dead end... It's really hard to mix in a school!

     "Just forget it, I..."

     "do not!"

     Su Yu hurriedly said: "I have to accept things, I know it is not enough, it is a little too close, I will replenish you next time! Nobody's merits are caused by the strong wind. We didn't compete last time, how could I? Want your 300 merit points?"

     Su Yu said seriously: "Chen Qi's, I won't pay it back! His guy, having evil intentions! He counts as well as people in the department, I look down on him! But Brother Lin, I misunderstood you before, and now I treat you too I understand a little bit. Although I come from a family, I am a little arrogant. I can understand this, but my heart is not bad!"

     Su Yu said with emotion: "I still remember that when you and I met for the first time, you were willing to make a purchase without persecution or to force someone to do something... or I am careful and deliberately let you compete with me. my fault!"


     Lin Yao was a little embarrassed to be said!

     "That... I actually shouldn't be like this at that time!" Lin Yao said embarrassingly: "Frankly, I thought at first that your talent was not as good as mine. It was really wasted to give you the blood of the oxen, it wasn't me that act like a snob , This is a fact! Good things should be given to geniuses!"Lin Yao sighed and said: "But later, I knew that you were exceptionally talented, so I turned around and thought, you are talented, why can't you use Poshan Niu Essence? You also need this urgently, but I am Meng Lang!"

     After talking a while, Lin Yao said with a little embarrassment: "In fact, after you defeated Chen Qi, I understood that the presence of you, this kind of person, is the motivation for me to move upwards. The matter of enmity... It's not that serious. Thinking of defeating Brother Su to prove myself!"

     "Teacher also told me, take you as a goal, winning first may not win!"

     Lin Yao smiled and said: "So recently, I feel that I have been motivated to practice! I will be almost double-stranded soon!"

     When Su Yu heard this, he smiled and said: "It is the best to solve the misunderstanding. Brother Lin is so fair and reasonable, and it is beyond my expectation. I thought...you would drive me away!"

     "how come!"

     Lin Yao laughed and said: "Su Datian can come to apologize to me...I am a little overwhelmed by favor from superior! This way, it is not convenient during the day. After all, people coming, people going, the teacher may not be there, at night, tonight I Go with you!"

     "Thank you Brother Lin!"

     Su Yu hurriedly thanked him and handed over things again.

     Lin Yao said with a stern face: "Brother Su, do you look down on me?"

     "Do not!"

     Su Yu shook his head and said, "I know what you mean, but even if you don't care, what does Teacher Liu think? I still want to trouble Brother Lin... this... can I take it with me at night?"He embarrassed: "Just show it to Teacher Liu. You don't need to explain it so that you don't have to be embarrassed to say it. Teacher Liu is a smart person, and he knows what I mean at a glance. Action, that's embarrassing."

     "That's true too!"

     Lin Yao thought for a while and smiled: "Then I will accept it! Indeed, I don't care, but the teacher still cares about face, OK, then I will bring it to the teacher at night, and show it to the teacher. You Su Yu really want to make peace. He apologizes, I don’t think the teacher will specifically target you..."

     After that, he said with some seriousness: "Brother Su, there is something I don't know if it should be said or not!"

     "You said."

     "The first line of polytheistic literature was very strong before, but now...it's really declining!" Lin Yao seriously said: "On the academic side, the first series of single gods and the first series of polythetics have been fighting for many years. I am not. Advising Brother Su to switch to another department is just to remind Brother Su not to get involved, such as some people on the top 100 list, Brother Su can still avoid it."

     Su Yu nodded and said with emotion: "Thank you for reminding me, I actually don't want to be like this, I just want to calm and free from worldly affairs to practice...but...hey!"

     A sigh, endless sadness.

      extremely talented so what?

     Rapid progress so what?

     In this big dyeing vat, how can we avoid these controversies!

     At this moment, Lin Yao was suddenly somewhat rejoiced, fortunate that he was a single divine literary line, on the strong side, even if there were some struggles, it was not as difficult as Su Yu.

     Su Yu...it's too difficult!

     On the one hand, there is faction battle, on the other hand, there is a shortage of resources, on the other hand, the strong are suppressed, and on the other hand, it is imperative!There is no strong backing, insufficient resources, no rich net worth...

     At this moment, he couldn't bear the things that Su Yu sent!

     Thinking of taking Su Yu to visit the teacher at night, Su Yu had to bow and bend the knee ……

     When Su Yu left, looking at his somewhat sad figure, Lin Yao suddenly muttered: "Even if you are extremely talented, peerless talent, you have to succumb to reality, the sadness of genius!"

     Not worth it for him!

     Silence for him!

     At this moment, some resentment before, vanish like smoke in thin air.

     Watching a guy who is stronger and more talented than himself, bowed his eyebrows to himself and bowed his head to reality... He was a little downhearted!

     "This damn reality... can't geniuses be properly cultivated and become stronger?"

     The door closed with a slam, as if venting dissatisfaction with reality!

     Today it is Su Yu. When his teacher loses the fight, what about himself?

     He seems to see himself tomorrow!

     Teacher, you can't lose!


     at night.

     Teacher residential area.

     It's dark.

     On the way.

     Su Yu said with some worry: "Brother Lin, I came here empty-handed, isn't it inappropriate?"

     "It's okay, the teacher is not a stingy person, let alone... it is even more inappropriate for students to bring gifts to visit the teacher!"

     Lin Yao earnestly said: "The teacher is the general instructor of the freshmen, in fact, it is our divine enlightenment instructor. If you come to visit him, it is a serious visit. Brother Su don't think too much!"


     "Brother Su, I have never seen you so indecisive before!"Lin Yao joked: "Last time, your saying,'Trash, you deserve to fight with me,' how overbearing! Why, I'm really overwhelmed? Don't have too much pressure!"

     Su Yu nodded, takes a deep breath and straightened his body!

     "Brother Lin, thank you!"

     "You're welcome, it's just a small matter."

     "Did you say hello to Teacher Liu?"

     Lin Yao smiled and said: "The teacher didn't answer the phone after I called, and he may be busy. But that's okay, the teacher is open-minded and it doesn't matter.

     "Then... Then I can only thank Brother Lin again, I hope Brother Lin will not be involved!"

     "It's okay!"

     Lin Yao waved his hand grandiosely, nothing more than a trivial matter!

     While they were talking, the two had already reached a small villa.

     Villas are not available in any vacated area, but Liu Hong is a genius teaching assistant, and it is not bad money, so naturally he will not live in an ordinary dormitory.


     In the villa.

     Liu Hongzheng is thinking about today's gains and losses, and he feels a little joyful, and he has gained a lot!

     I'm also considering future troubles... Generally speaking, the trouble is not big.

     As for Su Yu and the others, they were not convinced and went to Zhou Pingsheng and the others... Liu Hong smiled, you go find it, who will believe you!

     When the information is fake and exposed, he will be overwhelmed.

     Don't say it has nothing to do with him, it is related, he is not too worried.

     Can it kill yourself?

     I am not the main responsible person!

     Zhou Pingsheng is still on it!

     Just thinking about it, the doorbell rang, Liu Hong's willpower spread, and the next moment, his expression was dull.

     Su Yu?No, there is Lin Yao!

     Damn it?

     How did these two boys get together? They are enemies!

     Seeing Lin Yao's intimate attitude, he leaned forward to Su Yu and talked in a low voice, that smile...however he looked like an enemy!

     Liu Hong was confused!

     Why did Su Yu come to find himself?

     Also, what's the situation with these two?

     "Come for information?"

     Liu Hong judged in his heart, somewhat surprised, that this kid had the courage to come and find him.

     He doesn't care too much, what he cares more about Lin Yao!

     You idiot, have you forgotten your pain of being humiliated by Su Yu?

     Why did I accept such an idiot student!


     Liu Hong to be late, still came out to open the door.

     When the gate opened, Lin Yao hurriedly said: "Teacher..."

     Su Yu also respectfully said: "Ms. Liu, I'm bothering you!"



     Liu Hong tone was light, Lin Yao just wanted to speak, Su Yu said with a sincere face: "I came to thank the teacher, and I also came to apologize to the teacher!"


     Liu Hong was confused.

     At this time, Lin Yao thought for a while, spread out a small package in his hand, and deliberately showed it to Liu Hong looked for a moment.

     Liu Hong didn't care at first, but he heard Su Yu say: "I shouldn't have done that to Brother Lin last time. I have already apologized to Brother Lin. The 300 merit points have been spent a lot, and only some miscellaneous things for cultivation... …"


     Liu Hong was slightly surprised, looking at the bag of things, complexion slightly changed!Uncle, what does it mean that you gave these things to Lin Yao!

     He recognized that these things were still in his hands!

     Su Yu also without rubbish, took out another thing, and said with a serious look: "Teacher, I have no more money, this thing will be my teacher's apprenticeship, I want to worship the teacher!"

     A piece of silk appears in Su Yu's hand. At this moment, Liu Hong is green in the face!


     Damn, this thing, this thing yourself?

     This is Zheng Yunhui's trophy!

     If you appear in Su Yu, forget it, appear in your own body... I was found out, wait for death by yourself!

     No, it won't work to appear on Su Yu!

     Brother Zhou, they all saw it, Su Yu lost this thing!

     At this time, Su Yu offered "Breaking Heaven" with both hands, while saying: "Teacher, it's not me that Su Yu wants to betray the polytheistic literature, it's me... there is really no way to go, only the teacher, To me kindness is heavy like a mountain, so I want to worship the teacher!"

     At this moment, Lin Yao was also stunned.

     Do you want to switch to the portal?

     This will be very troublesome. Since then, we will have a vengeance with Polytheism!

     Liu Hong complexion fluctuates was uncertain, waiting for Su Yu to kneel down, knowing that he would not kneel down, he still gave a false support!


     As soon as he finished speaking, Su Yu said with some grief and indignation: "The teacher is not willing to accept me? I am not sincere? Okay, then I will start tomorrow, and I will be long kneeling cannot rise in the mission area. I only ask the teacher to accept me to get started! I want to let the university Everyone sees my sincerity, and I want to go to my teacher again!"

     Liu Hong: "..."At this moment, Liu Hong understood!

     Take a deep look at Su Yu, good boy, you guys want to put me on the fire!

     What an apprenticeship, shit!

     I really want this kid to start tomorrow, kneeling in the preaching area to worship himself as a teacher...

     He is done!

     Even if Zhou Pingsheng was as stupid as a pig, he would doubt the authenticity of the information!

     What's more, there is Elder Zheng and Governor Zhou on it. These two are just not at the scene. If this happens, I am afraid they will immediately investigate!

     Liu Hong glanced around, his eyes changed a little, and he said in a low voice: "Come in and say, it's not convenient to be seen!"

     Su Yu whispered: "Teacher is willing to accept me? Otherwise... I will be here tonight long kneeling cannot rise!"

     Liu Hong complexion was ugly.

     On the side, Lin Yao was still a little dazed, but at this moment he also hurriedly said, "Su Yu, go in and say, what are you doing! Didn’t you say that you are looking for a teacher to apologize? Why are you suddenly going to be a teacher? This...this is going to be a teacher. Are we the same door?"

     At this time, he cannot bear looks at Liu Hong, it seems to be somewhat anticipated, that means it is very clear, teacher, should you accept it?

     This guy is too talented!

     And as for people, if you really want to be the same, what happened with him before is not just a joke, but a good story!

      Don't fight, won't make friends!

     Moreover, his own line doesn't seem to be too strong, Su Yu entered the door, then their senior brothers are even stronger!

     Seeing Lin Yao's eyes... Liu Hongzhen swallowed a mouthful of blood!



     "You deserve to be my student too!"Liu Hong cursed in his heart!

     How could I lose my mind, accept this student, and never accept it if I have money again!

     Look at Su Yu!

     This bastard thing is forcing me, you idiot think he really wants to worship me as a teacher?

     Today I accepted this kid, and tomorrow, I will not only vomit the 40,000 points of merit, but also make up for the 40,000 points taken away by them. In addition, he will have to endure the anger of two mountains and seas and one Ling Yun!

     Play them like fools!

     No, it's the anger of the entire Shan Shenwen series!

     This kind of self-defeating boy, pitting his own people, or pitting so many meritorious points at once, those people can't strangle themselves alive!

     He cursed and thought in his heart, Liu Hong was cold-blooded, and looked at Su Yu and said, "Come in and say, don't come in...then kneel! If you have something to talk about, everyone is not good-looking, so I don't know who is cheaper. "

      There were meaningful words, Su Yu thought for a while, nodded slightly, followed by admission.



     Not very luxurious, but very tasteful and clean.

     Su Yu suddenly admired this guy. The old yin goods are different. The house is countless times cleaner than Bai Feng's. At first glance, he is a good person... which is strange!

     Liu Hong minding one's own business sat down on the sofa and saw that Lin Yao was about to take a seat, smiled and said: "Lin Yao, I can talk to Su Yu, you go back first."


     "Take some time to practice, and learn from Su Yu, this kid...has already been a big deal, so I am teasing you."

     Liu Hong smiled and said, "You are too far behind, this is not enough!"

     "..."Lin Yao was stunned and looked at Su Yu. Su Yu said with a humble expression: "Teacher laughed, brother Lin’s last merit point was spent on this by me, and I have to say sorry to Brother Lin... …"

     Lin Yao is somewhat dull, it is very important, at this moment, his mind is a little confused, and he nodded dullly.

     The next moment, Liu Hong smiled and said, "Return these things to Su Yu, small-minded! The teacher was going to give you some things before, and it just happened today..."

     After all, he took out something from the drawer of the coffee table.

     "This is the earth essence fruit, don't use it now, it can help you open one to two when you break through the realm...You can enter the second level of Qianjun as soon as possible, and then enter the third level, at least narrow the gap!"

     With that said, he handed it to Lin Yao full of smiles, took away the package from his hand, and threw it to Su Yu at will. He smiled and said, "You guys, what are you polite to do? Last time you won him. Click is yours, Lin Yao can afford to lose, but he is ashamed of losing!"

     As soon as this remark came out, Lin Yao looked at the earth element fruit in his hand, suddenly somewhat agitated, a little moved, and hurriedly said: "Thank you teacher, yes, I can afford to lose, teacher, I will not be ashamed of you, I will definitely rush Come up and catch up with Brother Su, even if you can't, you have to become stronger, and you won't be hindered!

     Not to "you", these words... Obviously treat Su Yu and Liu Hong as a family.

     Liu Hong has the heart to kill him, uncle, if it weren't for these things in your hands, I would give you a ghost!

     "It's okay, go back to practice early, don't delay the golden time of practice!"

      "Yes!"Lin Yao excitedly said: "Teacher, Su Yu, then I will leave first. I will definitely not shame you, Su Yu, you are so powerful, I will catch up!"

     Su Yu nodded with the same smile as Liu Hong, and said with a smile: "Of course, I believe Brother Lin! I'm just the clumsy bird flies early. Let's go one step ahead. We will have a long time to come!"


     Lin Yao got even more excited, with a contented smile, and left somewhat agitated.

     Teacher, truly recognize yourself!

     I actually gave such a precious thing to myself!

     At the next moment, Liu Hong's voice came: "Don't disclose the matter tonight, after all... he is still a multi-sacred text, some people can't see me, silly boy, understand?

     Lin Yao heart tensed up and hurriedly said: "Teacher, don't worry, I can't even say my grandfather!"

     "Well, go back, look forward to the day you enter the top 100 list, the teacher still has gifts waiting for you!"

     "Thank you, teacher!"

     Lin Yao left with joy, excitement, anxiety, and complicated emotions. At this moment, a kind of scholar was moved to die for his confidant!

     The teacher is so nice!


     As soon as Lin Yao left, the atmosphere became awkward.

     The happy laughter and cheerful voices just now are all gone.


     After a long while, Su Yu smiled and said, "Teacher, I think it over. Tomorrow, I will send a plaque to the teacher. I will give the teacher a plaque. The multi-sacred and fusion department is kind! Thank you teacher for your help today.

     Liu Hong looked at him, recovered his calmness, and said calmly: "You have to send it away, so simple, I don't believe them unable to discern!"Su Yu smiled and said, "Even if you can see it, someone has to be held responsible! Could it be... Curator Zhou is carrying it?"

     Su Yu said with a smile: "Chancellor Zhou is a student of Dean Zhou, with the same surname, and perhaps relative. He is responsible, that is the responsibility of the dean. Doesn't it... Teacher Liu thinks they will pass the responsibility to the director Zhou. ?"

     Liu Hong raised his eyebrows, "You know a lot!"

     "Just know a thing or two!"

     Su Yuqian said: "Is there a teacher who knows too much? Even if the information is fake, I really admire the teacher! I think I have done my best, and even really fight Zheng Yunhui desperately, making blood on the spot. The teacher actually suspected me... I really took it."

     Liu Hong said indifferently: "I didn't record it? You're not going to cheat me? I don't know what!"

     "The teacher misunderstood, how could I do that!"

     Su Yu smiled, took out his pocket, threw out a recorder, threw out a recording note, patted his pocket, and said seriously: "Nothing!"


     Liu Hong wants to scold his mother!

     "You... Liu Wenyan taught you?"

     This kid, why is it so dark!

     It's not like Bai Feng at all!

     Su Yuhan smiled and said: "Teacher, poor children are early homes. My teacher knows that I am too poor. I have only talents and no resources. I am still empty in the end! I am no better than a teacher. There are some things that I need to fight for by myself! How can I become stronger without fighting for it myself?"

     Liu Hong deep to be so, nodded and said: "Yes, everything depends on yourself and others... That's unreliable!""So, the teacher and I have some common language!"

     Su Yu smiled and said, "I don’t want the teacher to be embarrassed. The teacher took 60,000 points and divided me half! 80,000 points, and 20,000 points were given to us. Zheng Yunhui divided more than half and gave me less than 5,000 points. I’m really not convinced of the merits!"


     Liu Hong looked at him, somewhat dull, a little gaffe, for a long while, gritted his teeth and said: "You... just took 5000 points?"

      "Indeed, lie to the teacher, I can't die!"

     Su Yu took out his merit card and said seriously: "So I am not convinced! I rack one's brains, exhausted everything, and set up such a round. As a result, I took the least, 5000 points...ten one-sixth, Can I be willing?"

     Su Yu said sincerely: "Teacher, it’s not me Su Yu is greedy, but what do I do, don’t I just take that? Zheng Yunhui said that he has done a lot, and it’s the Zheng family, and I can’t provoke him. He said that I took away 15,000 points. Nothing to say, but the teacher took 60,000 points, too much, right?"


     Liu Hong is really tired!

     He felt that Zheng Yunhui should give Su Yu a little bit of sweetness, 40,000 points, 10,000 points should be given to Su Yu?

     As a result... 5000 points were given!

     It happened that the kid also said that the transaction amount was 80,000 points, so Su Yuneng was willing to have a ghost!

     I'm not reconciled to changing to myself!

     Too little!

     The key point is that Liu Hong is also wronged, not to know whether to laugh or cry: "If I say, I only took 40,000, and Zheng Yunhui swallowed the rest, do you believe it?"

     Su Yu whispered: "I believe what the teacher said, if I don't believe it... I have to believe it!"Liu Hong was a little aggrieved!

     What is he, really!

     I didn't lie to you!

     But Su Yu obviously has an expression that I take seriously when you say it, which makes people even more embarrassed!

     At this moment, he also felt the feeling of aggrieved feeling that he had clearly won but had lost miserably.

     Really, I took 40,000, not 60,000!

     "Zheng Yunhui..."

     Liu Hong gritted his teeth, feeling a little frustrated for the first time.

     How come there are so many black-hearted people these days!

     Su Yu, Zheng Yunhui, Xia Huyou, Jia Mingzhen...This year, what kind of students are they!

     PS: Go to bed early tonight, tomorrow I have to go back to my hometown to worship the ancestors, get up early tomorrow to update a chapter, come back to update another chapter in the evening, two chapters, say in advance, more than four hours back and forth on the road, can’t refuse, from a rural background My family attaches great importance to this matter.
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