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142 Exit (seeking Subscription Monthly Pass)
    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Wanshi District.

     In 16 hours, 370 drops of essence and blood were consumed, 32 resuscitations were opened, and a total of 98 receptive acupoints were opened in the "God of War".

     The distance to 108 acupoints is 10 points.

     The later, the faster the essence and blood are consumed, and the more essence and blood is consumed.

     Originally, two drops of essence and blood might be enough to open an acupuncture point. In the later stage, it might take seven or eight drops, or even more than ten drops!


     It's not Huang Lao's imagination, but eightfold.

     When the newcomer left, Su Yu relaxed and took the robe away from his head.

     "There are also 10 acupuncture points, nine-fold. In addition, there are 130 drops of essence and blood."

     Su Yu exhaled slightly, it seemed that it was almost enough.

     500 drops of essence and blood... He originally thought that after opening the acupuncture points of the "God of War", then opening some other acupuncture points, such as the "Lei Yuandao" acupuncture points.

     Now it seems that I think too much.

     With 130 drops of essence and blood, he may have satisfied himself with the practice of "God of War".

     Bai Feng's "War God Jue" Qianjun chapter of the will has been completely abolished at this moment, and there is no trace of willpower left.

     The first half of "Breaking the Heavens" was also much dim at this time.

     Obviously, it can be felt that the willpower is very exhausted, and if it goes on like this, I am afraid it will soon be gone.

     "Smashed Yuan!"

     Su Yu barely learned the third type of broken yuan, and the 48 acupuncture points were all within the range he opened.

     Through the explanation of the will, he is trying to connect these 48 acupoints.

     Acupuncture points on the body shone with light.At this moment, Su Yu discovered a new method that might allow him to stay longer.

     Exercise big move!

     Consume vitality!

     Su Yu suddenly discovered that he hadn't developed many functions in the Vital Energy Secret Realm. For example, he kept trying to burst out big moves.

     "Smashed Yuan!"

      shouted in a low voice, taking advantage of no one, Su Yu began to try his third style of "Breaking the Heaven".

     It doesn't matter if he doesn't have a saber, he has a civilian and can use it.

     Wen Bing appeared, turned into a long sword, and stabbed out!

     It's a thorn, not a chop.

     The third type is mainly to break the surface.

     In the air, a small vortex of vitality formed.

     Assault, burst, slam the vortex burst!

     Su Yu shook his head, his vitality consumed a lot. This is not the key, the key is that there is too much movement.

     Serene without Bai Feng!

     When Bai Feng killed the Ten Thousand Race Sect and took off, it was really lightly and easily, and the opponent was unavoidable, and he directly exploded the hole easily, die without a whole corpse.

     "Teacher's third style, mastered the stove fire has turned bright green (allusion to Daoist alchemy), combined with strong willpower and divine writing, instantly killed a flying quadruple realm!"

     This is related to Bai Feng's powerful strength, but it can also be seen that the martial arts proficiency.

     As for Su Yu, it's only the first time he has mastered it.

     After a single attack, Internal Yuan Qi consumes most of it.

     Su Yu smiled, it really worked.

     "This should be an excellent place to practice martial arts. I can't figure out how few people practice martial arts?"

     Su Yu murmured.Some people can’t understand, why are those people who I see are cultivating and enlightening instead of practicing martial arts?

     He had forgotten that to enter the Ten Thousand Stone Realm, that would be 200 points of merit once!

     How many people are willing to spend 200 points of merit just to come in and practice martial arts?

     If you have that time, cultivating outside is nothing more than spending some more time.

     Under normal circumstances, unless there is a breakthrough, there are really few people who have money. It is too wasteful and too extravagant to run here all the time.

     As for those who came in for breakthroughs, some people tried to practice martial arts after the breakthrough. Su Yu himself had never encountered them.

     Su Yu didn't care about this, and continued to open up.

     It is best to open up to 108 acupuncture points!

     "After Qianjun is Wanshi..."

     "Wan Shi still has to buy the "Wan Shi Jue" Wan Shi chapter, the academy will die for money!"

     Su Yu inwardly cursed!

     He used only Qianjun chapters before, not including Wanshi chapters.

     "Qianjun is resuscitating, where is Wanshi?"

     Su Yu is somewhat curious at the moment, he is making too fast, and he doesn't have much time to understand this, but I heard that Wanshi is no longer enlightened, but is practicing in other directions.

     Therefore, some martial arts and the acupoints used are all the acupoints opened in the Qianjun realm.

     Wanshi...what do you repair?

     "It has nothing to do with the physical body."

     Su Yu didn't care too much. According to some of the exercise materials he had read before, the main purpose of the warrior Dao was to strengthen the physical body. Is the resuscitation in order to strengthen the physical body? The vitality is abundant, and the Ten Thousand Stone Realm is no exception.But after going out, I’m afraid I’ll want to know more Wanshi’s cultivation way.

     As well as exchanging exercises, you have to spend money.

     "Ten Thousand Stone Realm should be able to open up, right?"

     Su Yu murmured, it should be is still possible, otherwise, some martial arts need to use the acupuncture points that have not been opened in the Qianjun realm, wouldn't it be impossible to cultivate in the future?

     "The Ten Thousand Stone Realm must also be resuscitated. It is possible that the way of advancement and judgment is not how much resuscitation."

     Su Yu was practicing while thinking about what happened after Wanshi.

     This time, he made a bit of progress, and he thought about it, he was not in a hurry to advance to Wanshi, otherwise he would be unfamiliar with the strength of the acupuncture points, and he would advance indiscriminately, and accidents would easily occur.

     In thinking, continue to swallow the blood, to be activated again!

     One drop, two drops...

     The next moment, someone came in again.

     Su Yu also without rubbish, put on the robe and mask again, and walked a little to the side, so that everyone does not interfere with each other.

     As a result, just as he moved away, the newcomer yelled: "That classmate, Mr. Huang and Mr. Nie outside let me bring you a word!"


     "Ask you if you are hungry. If you are hungry, the next one will bring you something to eat. Would you like to bring you a bed by the way?"


     Su Yu was dull.

     The newcomer also laughed and said, "Classmates, are you Huang's student or a student? How long have you stayed? Even the food has been prepared for you..."

     He also wanted to laugh.

     When he came in, the two old men asked him to speak, and he looked dumbfounded.

     Bring meals?

     Bring a bed?

     They want it!Also, how long has this guy inside?

     Su Yu was also very embarrassed and said loudly: "No, I'm not hungry!"

     What do those two think!

     How embarrassed to bring myself a meal and a bed!

     The newcomer smiled and didn't say any more. He also knew that the two old men might be joking, but it was somewhat curious. The two old men meant very clearly, and he might have to go out before this one.

     "I'm here for the key, how can it be go out first, this doesn't know at all how long have you stayed!"

     Seeing Su Yu walk a little further, this one also sat down and started practicing.

     I still wondered when the mysterious student in front would leave.

     Ahead, the vitality is constantly fluctuating.

     The newcomer, after making a judgment, probably just entered the Ten Thousand Stones for the first time, just that, will he hold on longer than himself?

     Stop it!

     No longer caring about Su Yu, this person began to practice.

     One hour, two hours...

     Until the vitality of the acupuncture point was saturated and the flesh and blood became stronger, the purpose of this time was completed, this person opened his eyes and looked a little strange!

     What about him, why are you still absorbing vitality?

     Can't you get enough?

     Bottomless pit?

     Don't be afraid to blow yourself up!

     Shaking his head, this person doesn't care about Su Yu, he is almost done in cultivation, his goal has been achieved, there is no need to stay, although he can stay for a while.

     "Classmates, I'll go first, do you have something to bring to the two teachers?"

     Su Yu yelled: "I'll be out soon, I won't bother the two teachers!"

     This person didn't say much, and soon came out of the door....

     In the cabin.

     Mr. Huang is very hungry, weakly and without strength said: "I haven't eaten one day one night, or let's get something to eat, don't wait any longer!"

     Old Nie didn't say a word, his face was black.

     I have to wait!

     If the kid doesn't come out, I won't eat.

     Anyway, I'm not starving!

     Dignified Lingyun, hungry for a month without dying!

     "How long?"

     "21 hours, right?"

     Huang Lao is not so sure, for so long, Laozi has taken it.

     Last time he said that he stayed for less than 24 hours and counted him as waste, did that kid hear that, so this time he came with them on purpose?

     Nie Lao said with a black face: "I decided to suggest to the college that I will charge for the time I stay, not the number of times!"


     Old Huang smiled, "If you do this, those geniuses still have to trouble you."

     The more genius, the longer you stay.

     It really has to be charged according to the time, other people don't care, geniuses have to scold their mothers.

     Without saying this, Old Huang curiously said: "I'm really somewhat curious, how many acupuncture points did he open this time?"

     "At least 20!"

     Old Nie no longer said, his eyes were mysterious and strange: "At least so much! Otherwise, he could not stay so long without coming out, even if he practiced martial arts inside, his consumption speed would not keep up with the replenishment speed, and he would soon be squeezed out. , Only when you have been resuscitating and saturating new acupuncture points, can you consume those vitality!"

     It takes a lot of vitality to open new holes.

     It takes a lot of vitality to fill the new hole.Only by repeating this process can Su Yu stay in it forever.

     Otherwise, even if you are practicing martial arts, the consumption speed is not as good as the replenishment speed, and you will soon be squeezed out of the secret realm if you stay for a while.

     "so much?"

     Huang Lao said in a speech: "He had 66 resuscitation before, but he really wants to open 20, so there will be more than 86. Qianjun Qizhong is stable, and Qizhong has hope!"

     Old Nie nodded.


     Huang Lao thought a bit then said: "Under normal circumstances, the secret of vitality is indeed suitable for resuscitation, but it is not unlimited! It takes time for you to locate an acupuncture point and open an acupuncture point! Maybe your acupuncture point has not been opened yet, Your other acupuncture points are saturated, how can he stay here and maintain this speed and balance?"

     This is what he doesn't understand!

     It shouldn't be!

     They have also seen geniuses, but Su Yu is not normal.

     "Didn't you hear that he has entered the Ten Thousand Stones area? The speed of swallowing vital energy is very fast. It is either a divine text or blood, or a secret method..." Nie Lao said lightly: "Maybe temporarily opened some acupuncture points, absorbing a lot of vitality, and constantly Rush to refresh the acupuncture points."

     "Maybe the blood is special, and the pores can absorb vitality."

     "It is also possible that the divine text is special, such as solidifying the physical body, such as impacting the acupoints, such as..."

     Lao Nie said many possibilities in an instant, Huang Lao nodded slightly, "He brought in so much essence and blood, which may be related to the essence and blood. Qianjun can take the essence and blood to strengthen his body, and his digestibility is limited. So many, it seems that the absorption of blood may be somewhat abnormal.""Yes..." Old Nie said with weird eyes: "He won't be slow in absorbing the blood of Poshan Niu. Last time he brought Poshan Niu essence and blood. This time it may also be, if so...this kid...this The kid may be the blood of the Poshan Bull!"


     Mr. Huang also looked strange this time, and sound faint said: "The descendants of the strong? Bloodline transformation? Or... the ancestor is the bull of the mountain?"


     The two looked at each other, and at this moment, their eyes became even more weird.

      Bloodline Inheritance, that is.

     Back then, when the chaos of the heavens was not obvious, there were some strong human races who traveled through human races. Of course, strong human races also traveled through other realms.

     The strong, at a certain stage, it is not difficult to become human.

     Only if you are strong enough, reproductive isolation can be broken.

     Therefore, there will be some special mixed blood species that will be passed down.

     Without exception, the ancestors of these people are strong, very strong, otherwise they cannot break the reproductive isolation.

     "Su Yu... is actually a little calf?"

     The two looked at each other again, look at each other in dismay, Huang Lao hurriedly turned on the machine next to him to check, and then said after a long while: "No introduction, his father is a centurion of the Demon Squad, who has been discharged for 18 years, not long ago He just returned. His mother passed away when he gave birth to him. It's just an infinite Kaiyuan realm..."

     "His grandfather is just an ordinary person in Nan Yuan, and so is his grandmother. With grandpa and grandma, he passed away a few years earlier..."Old Huang used his own authority to check again, and then said: "Don't tell me, maybe there is really Bloodline Inheritance! Look at his dad's photo, it looks like a calf, tall and strong..."

     Old Nie looked at the probe and nodded. In the photo, Su Long smiled to bare one's fangs, and he was indeed very burly.

     "You have to check up for more than 10 generations to know one or two..."

     It has been hundreds of years since the powerful of the ten thousand races came into the mirror.

     What happened so long ago can only be known to the public unless there is a change in birth and blood is present from generation to generation. Otherwise, some hidden blood has been passed down through so many generations, who knows how it is.

     Huang Lao said firmly: "It must be the blood of Poshan Niu! I said that this kid can stay for so long. The co-author has blood. He swallowed the blood of Poshan Niu, inspiring his own blood, and constantly strengthened the blood. Get the hang of it, this can explain why you can stay here!"

     Old Nie said with emotion: "So, he is devouring the blood of own ancestor?"


     The two looked at each other, and they all laughed. Soon, Huang Lao said with a serious face: "Even if they are descendants of the Poshan Ox, they have inherited So many years, but the human blood is more than half of them. If they are human, how can they be considered Poshan Ox? "

     "Yes, but still have to report it to check the situation."

     Old Nie whispered: "These all are we guessed, if they are descended from the oxen, we have to look at the situation."

     Huang Lao answered.

     After thinking for a while, he said faintly: "It's hard to say, maybe... Liu Wenyan did it? Isn't this guy in Nanyuan? Do you think this is possible?"

     "Have!"Old Nie said dullly: "This guy was not a good person back then, do you think he would do any evil research on Su Yu?"

     "This... isn't it?"

     "It's hard to say!"

     The two of them instantly replenished a lot of things!

     Did Liu Wenyan do some evil research in Nanyuan?

     Revamped Su Yu?

     Otherwise, Su Yu's situation is really too special.


     At this moment, Su Yu would naturally ignore these.

     22 hours have passed!

     480 drops of essence and blood are consumed, 8 acupoints are opened, 106 in total.

     All food is money!

     The essence and blood is worth 4800 merits, let alone the vitality he swallowed, Su Yu seriously suspected that the vitality liquid was more than 100 drops, it should be far more!

     "Does the Qianjun Realm cost money so much?"

     Su Yu spit out!

     He felt that Lingyun Realm couldn't support himself, he had to find Shanhai, and Shanhai probably had to cry.

     But has to say, the gain is great.

     With two more acupuncture points, he will be complete in the Jun-jun Realm!

     As for whether the remaining 20 drops can be turned on, he doesn't panic, there are still hundreds of drops of ordinary blood.

     Those who can't open the album will be absorbed by him.

     Those who can open the atlas are naturally unable to absorb.

     With nearly 400 types of essence and blood, Su Yu concluded that most of them should not be able to open the album.

     After another over half an hour, with a bang, 107 acupuncture points opened!

     At this moment, only the last acupuncture point is left!It is also the last acupuncture point of the "War God Technique" in the Qianjun Realm!

     The essence and blood are gradually exhausted.

     The last acupuncture point was still unable to open.

     Su Yu was not in a hurry. When the last drop of Poshan Niu Essence Blood was swallowed, he opened the box again and made up the idea of other Essence Blood.


     "Fire dolphin blood, this should be useless..."

     Su Yu swallowed a drop of fire dolphin blood, and as expected, it was directly absorbed by him!

     He had actually tried the blood of this kind of rubbish race before, and it seemed that in these years, he might have not been killed by a pig, or this kind of rubbish pig.

     "Iron-winged bird essence and blood...dead fat man, pit me!"

     Su Yu inwardly cursed, let you collect the essence and blood, and you will collect duplicates for me.

     Of course, blame him for not clarifying, Xia Huyou didn't know what he was going to do, so he got a copy for him.

     Swallow again, absorb, help yourself to resuscitate.

     Then Su Yu continued to swallow.

     "White clouded leopard blood... useless!"

     "Long-necked crane blood..."

     The next moment, Su Yu's eyes lit up!

     In my mind, the golden atlas moved, and after a while, a new page opened!

     "Long-necked Crane (Qianjun Sixfold):

      Racial Skill: Controlling the Sky (Essence and Blood Open)

     Basic Yuan Jue: Flying Jue (Essence and Blood Open)"

     Su Yu glanced at, frowned and shook his head.

      somewhat grudgingly!

     Useless, waste!

     It is said that the essence and blood are turned on, but in fact they are all tasteless and useless.Although the album is very powerful, there are some things that cannot be changed, such as the iron-winged bird more than one Racial Skill. In addition to tearing, there is also an iron-winged slash.

     But Su Yu tried once to activate this skill.

     As a result... he has no wings!

     Can't cut it!

     A lot of acupuncture points are opened on the back, but what's the use? Could Su Yu use his back to hit people?

     Of course, it is not impossible.

     In short, some tasteless ribs!

     This control of the sky, at first glance, is used for flying. It is related to wings. Su Yu is sure that if he turns it on, he will fly.

     It's just a waste of blood!


     Su Yu was too lazy to watch and kept on.

     What's more, he now only has one drop of each essence and blood, which is used for activation. After activation, he has no essence and blood to try.

     10 kinds, 20 kinds...

     Su Yu kept swallowing blood, trying to open the album.

     He could absorb the essence and blood of the Qianjun realm now, but he was not afraid of anything. He had already exploded if he swallowed the essence and blood in such a mess before replacing it.

     The album was gradually opened for a few pages.

     Most of Su Yu glanced, not too interested.

     Until another page opens!

     Su Yu's eyes suddenly sharpened!

     "Soul Eater (Qianjun Nine):

      Racial Skill: Soul Eater (Essence and Blood On)

     Basic Yuan Jue: Soul Eater (Essence and Blood Open)"

     "Soul Eater!"Su Yu's eyes are bright. This is explained in the course. It is a kind of zerg that is not too powerful, but this zerg is very difficult to entangle, especially when making up a group, forming a troupe, the other party will spray a liquid.

     Corrupt the willpower of the civilized division!

     The small number is okay. This kind of creature is generally not powerful, but there are more. If it is by the thousands and tens of thousands, you are Lingyun Mountains and Seas, and you may be killed by it, specifically for civilized teachers.

     On the battlefield of the heavens, this kind of bug met the warriors and was killed.

     But when you encounter a civilized master who is not strong in physical body, a bug will spray you, and your willpower will be corroded instantly and become the bug's nourishment.

     "Soul Eater..."

     Su Yu murmured, with this kind of talent, could he spout and corrupt the willpower of others?

     "That's too disgusting, right?"

      However... When it comes to life and death, what a nausea!

     If you really want to spit someone, people's willpower will be corroded, that's cool!

     "Basic Yuan Jue, Soul Eater..."

     Su Yu suddenly moved his eyes slightly. He was thinking about a question. Since the Human Race has the "Wan Wen Jing" for cultivating willpower, doesn't the Ten Thousand Races?

     There must be a Yuan Jue dedicated to cultivating willpower!

     It was just that he had not used it before, his thinking became rigid, and he always felt that he could only use Cultivation Technique willpower when he reached the airborne realm.

     Don’t forget, he has an atlas!

     As long as you find the kind of race that can cultivate willpower and get their Yuan Jue, can you also cultivate willpower?

     "Is the Soul Devouring Secret Art of Willpower?"Su Yu guessed in his heart, this kind of bug is specifically aimed at willpower, is it the willpower Yuan Jue that is cultivated?

     If it is, then use the soul-eater's essence and blood to cultivate, can you actively use Cultivation Technique willpower before vacating, instead of passively resisting willpower, in order to increase willpower?

     "This page opened, but it opened up a new world for me!"

     Su Yu's eyes are brighter and brigther!

     Although there are not many races who cultivate willpower when they are weak, but not without, you have to check the information carefully when you go back!

     With 99 sacred texts, Su Yu always thinks of this.

     Even if you can outline it, can your willpower keep up?

     At this moment, he seems to have found a solution!

     It's a pity that there is no soul eater's blood in his hands now, otherwise Su Yu must try it.

     Without thinking about it, Su Yu continued to devour his blood.

     Most of them are not good, some of them can be activated, but the talent skills and Yuan Jue are a bit tasteless, and there are only a few that are really useful, but it is a pity that Su Yu has no energy to try.

     Nearly 400 kinds of essence and blood, until Su Yu spent several hours devouring it, and opened 38 pages.

     With the addition of Poshan Bull and Iron Wing Bird, Su Yu has opened a 40-page photo album!

     "Too little..."

     Su Yu frowned. He had been killed for so many years, why did he open such a page?

     Pondered these races, Su Yu was helpless, they were all common, a few were uncommon, and the ones that could be turned on were those few uncommon essences and blood."That said, I may not have dreamed of these common races, I may dream of them later, and then turn it on?"

     Su Yu is speechless, how many years will my dream last!

     But it doesn't matter, all the weak races are just, if they are not turned on, they will not be turned on.

     A full 40 pages, also brought Su Yu 40 basic element skills, more talent skills, and some races more than one talent skills.

     The remaining more than 300 drops of essence and blood, because they were in the Qianjun realm, had a mediocre effect. Su Yu swallowed it and barely opened the last acupuncture point. At this moment, his body was obviously a little saturated.

     The acupuncture points are saturated, and the body is also saturated.

     Moreover, because the swallowed essence and blood are mixed, Su Yu clearly felt that the vitality within his own body was mixed a lot.

     "Still can't swallow blood, But that's okay..."

     Su Yu smiled. He opened a photo album called "Mingguang Bird". This kind of bird is not strong, but it is regarded as a symbol of purity by many people and has the effect of expelling filth.

     The basic Yuan Jue of "Ming Guang Bird" is called "Jing Yuan Jue," Su Yu roughly guessed that its function is to purify the vital energy.

     Therefore, although the vitality is a bit confusing, it doesn't matter much. If you turn around and devour some "Mingguang Bird" essence and blood, you should be able to do it.

      At this moment, Su Yu's body and acupoints are saturated!

     All blood is consumed!

     It costs a lot!

     However, Su Yu was still very satisfied with the result. It was a great nine-fold and opened a 40-page atlas, all very good.Now, his pure physical strength is similar to that of ordinary warriors who practice "God of War", and there's nothing about it special part. He is not proficient in martial arts, and his vitality is not stronger than others. The physical body may be slightly stronger, too. Not so obvious.

     Putting it in the genius pile is not too eye-catching.

     Su Yu didn't care too much. Right now, he just piled up the foundation, and then slowly polished it back to get rid of the stray vitality, purify the vitality, and open some acupuncture points to strengthen vitality and proficient in martial arts.

     After a while, he is naturally the strong one among the warriors.

      No matter good or bad is also Earth-level top technique!

     At least it is much stronger than those who cultivate the Xuan and Huang Tier. There is no comparison in the number of orifice points, the martial skill orifice points used are different, and the explosive power is much stronger.

     "I'm afraid Dad is really not my opponent!"

     Su Yu sighed with emotion, the old man who practiced "Qianjun Jue" had only 36 repercussions, only his own one third.

     His broken yuan must explode the power of 48 acupuncture points, one move, even if all 36 acupuncture points explode, the old man will have to explode by himself!

     "Father, your cultivation is really slow!"

     Su Yu shook his head, poor father.

     It took a few decades to get 36 holes.

     Open one a year!

     Look at your son. I have more acupuncture points a day than you have in your life. It seems that I will really need to take care of you in the future.

     Su Yu was happy.

     Of course, you can't say this in front of your father, or you will be beaten by your father!

     "Get out, how long have you been practicing?"

     Su Yu was in a daze, less than 30 hours, right?It feels like shouldn't have, almost there in general!

     I came in late at night on September 22, and I’m out now. It should be the morning of the 24th, right?



     Old Nie murmured, "Or, let someone bring something to eat? Lao Huang, I'm also a little hungry."

      One day, one night, no, almost 30 hours!

     Was that kid just staying inside and not ready to come out?

     Huang Lao flipped a supercillious look towards him, don't you want to fight Su Yu to the end?

     keep going!

     I'm not hungry now!

     Just thinking about it, Huang Lao complexion changed, with joy in his eyes, "Come out!"

     He sensed the movement behind the portal!

     Finally figured it out, now there are no other people!

     Old Nie was also full of joy, what hell, boy, you can't bear it too!

     I really thought this kid made a home in it!
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