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    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

As soon as Su Yu came out, he sensed a deep resentment!

     "Boy, are you hungry?"

     Su Yu raised his head to look at the two old men, with a dazed expression, so polite?

     I used to bring food in, but now I ask myself if I’m hungry. Has the teacher of the school become so good at understanding others?

     "It's fine."

     Su Yu grinned and said, "Thank you, teacher, for your concern."

     He is very polite. It is not easy to meet two teachers who care about whether he is hungry. Looking at Bai Feng, he never asks whether he is hungry or not.

     Huang Lao pouted, care?

     We two want to hammer you to death!

     Too lazy to say anything, Huang Lao lightly coughed and said: "I think your vitality leaked so badly. I will help you block it. I blocked it last time, right?"

     With that, the willpower is about to strike.

     Su Yu hurriedly said: "Teacher, no need, I can restrain myself a little..."

     He broke through too fast, for fear of being found abnormal.

     Of course, it is actually very abnormal!

     Who is a big deal and stayed there for dozens of hours?

     He refused, Huang Lao coughed and laughed: "You are welcome, the old man likes to help the students! Look at you, the vitality leaks out so much that you can smell the essence and blood a few hundred meters away, and Schools are actually not safe, there are spies from Ten Thousand Races everywhere..."

     Just say, you will be killed immediately if you go out like this!

     The old man doesn't mind if the school is blacked out, it will be blacked out, who can do it?"Su Yu, I’ll help you block it. Don’t be polite. There are too many people taught by the Ten Thousand Clan. There are so many schools everywhere, you have to be careful ah! There is also a single divine writing system. Keep some of your cards, don’t be seen by anyone, have you seen? The guards at the door are all single-shenwen and one-line people who are dedicated to staring at you!"


     Su Yu unable to respond.

     There are some not to know whether to laugh or cry. In order to explore their own strength, no one dares to be black.

     This remark was heard by other people's Shan Shenwen, and I must trouble you.

     I also said that there are spies everywhere in the academy, and Saint Wantian probably has to trouble you, not so shameless as his own academy.

     But then again, there is actually a bit of truth.

     After all, Su Yu had just broken through, and his vitality leaked so badly, like a leaky basket. Now when people see him, they will probably look at him subconsciously.

     "Then... Then trouble the teacher!"

     "Hahaha, you are welcome!"

     Daxi Huang, boy, can't escape the clutches of the old man!

     Willpower swept in instantly!

     After carefully inspecting Su Yu, Huang Lao's complexion gradually became stiff and hardened.

     Checked once, not enough, check again.

     On the side, Lao Nie suddenly said: "Lao Huang, you are not strong enough, I will block, I'm stronger than you!"

     When the words fall, willpower gushes out!

     Su Yu wanted to roll his eyes. At this moment, he was like a beauty without clothes. The two uncles kept scanning him, and he was also served. One is not enough, but two!

     The two old men above and below scanned Su Yu for a long time.After a long while, the two helped to block the leakage of his vitality, and then they said nothing.

     Su Yu waited for a while, cautious and solemn said: "Two teachers, can I leave?"


     Huang Lao waved his hand, a downhearted.

     Su Yu left with some anxiety, cautious and solemn.


     When he is gone, the two look at each other in dismay.

     After a long while, Huang Lao said dryly: "Is it wrong?"


     Old Nie said with a cold face, "Yes, it is the 108 orifices opened. In addition, it seems that an additional orifice has been opened. It may be another orifice."

     "108 Apertures, Nine Elements..."

     Mr. Huang murmured, and suddenly said, "What the hell is this kid? I looked for a moment. There are too many types of blood that I have swallowed. It seems that it is not just the blood of the oxen. The blood that I guessed before may not. Quasi, is it true that Liu Wenyan has transformed him?"

     Old Nie groaned: "It's not blood, that is God text, maybe it is. This kid is so powerful..."

     The two looked at each other again, and for a long while, they didn't want to talk anymore!


     We haven't seen any big winds and waves, have seen a lot of them on the mountains and seas, and still care about it?

     What is the nine-thin-one!

     Isn't it just that I haven't seen it for more than a day, it's a fivefold to ninefold?

      what is this!

     What a fart!

     Are we ignorant people?Huang Lao was silent for a long time, and suddenly said in contempt: "Martial skills are definitely not good. I think he is mixed with vitality. This nine-fold, might only be able to display eight-fold strength, or even worse. These young people, in order to gain the attention of others, then It's true that you will do everything regardless of it!"

     Lao Nie nodded in sympathy, and said lightly: "If it's my grandson, I definitely can't let him do this, I can't kill him!"

     Huang Lao also said: "Yes, if my grandson is five-fold to nine-fold a day... I will kill him too!"

     The two looked at each other again and nodded again.

     Everyone agrees!

     Anyway, our grandson can't do it in one day. If we can't do it, we don't need to be killed.

     After all, the next moment, Huang Lao became slumped, collapsed on a chair, and muttered: "How did he achieve it? This martial arts talent is too strong! Even if he consumes essence and blood, his vitality is not lacking. It shouldn't be!"

     It's ninefold!

     Watching this kid helplessly, from Kaiyuan to Qianjun, instantly Qianjun Nine!

     Thinking of this, he suddenly said: "At what time did he come for the first time?"

     "number 1!"

     Old Nie remembered clearly and calmly said: "On the 1st of this month, when the monthly exam is over, it is now on the 24th, 24 days, and 96 resuscitation!"

     "Four a day?"


     Huang Lao was completely speechless, and after a while, smiled and said, "Will we witness the birth of a miracle?"


     "Then do you want to celebrate?"

     "How to celebrate?"

     "Out for a meal, how about a treat?"

     "Why me?""are you not hungry?"

     "it is good!"


     The next moment, the two old men cleaned up, closed the door, and the secret realm would not open!

     Not open today!

     What happened?

     I won't open, so what can you do!

     The two of them walked out in a daze, rested for a day, and calmed down. They always feel that there are too many things to say today, such as...fuck!


     Su Yu was also extremely low-key along the way, amass wealth while keeping a low profile and fled back to the Research Center.

     After being told by the two old men, he was worried that he would really meet the spies of the Ten Thousand Races.

     What should I do if I am such a genius who has been targeted by Ten Thousand Races?

     It's a big deal!

     Back at the Research Center, Su Yu was relaxed, and he quickly got through a number without delay.

     "Su Yu..."

     Xia Huyou was in a daze, it was still dark.

     "Is there any Mingguang bird essence and blood? From Ten Thousand Stone Realm!"


     Xia Huyou awake in a flash, here comes the spirit!

     I went, business came again.

     This guy disappeared for two days, and is going to start spending again?

     "Where is the soul eater?"

     "There are also, but most of these are in the supernatural realm. Soul Eaters are making up a group, forming a troupe. In fact, they are not too few. They kill a lot of people without extracting their blood. The value is not too great, you If you want Ten Thousand Stone Realm, I'm afraid not much."

     "How to sell?"

     "Mingguang birds are not a threat, but humans will not hunt them specifically. The amount of blood is not much, how much do you want?"

     "First talk about the price!""Mingguang Bird, the blood of the Ten Thousand Stone Realm, do you want the initial one?"


     "It's 8 o'clock merits. It's really not much, and it's rare on the battlefield. Sometimes the essence and blood don't look at the strength of the race, but the rarity, and the blood of the broken mountain cattle, the entire Daxia Mansion in the Ten Thousand Stone Realm is about to be taken by me. After the search is over, if you want more, you have to wait!"

     A drop of merit at 8 o'clock.

     Su Yupan calculated that his vitality seemed a bit mixed because he had swallowed too much essence and blood. Now I feel that the acupuncture point is not very comfortable, thought a bit then said: "Give me 50 drops... forget it, 100 drops!"

     He felt that it would take a drop of blood to purify each acupuncture point.

     Let's talk about 100 drops first, it doesn't hurt to use it, it can purify vitality.

     The purer the vitality, the better!

     Xia Huyou was completely energetic, and hurriedly said: "Okay, 100 drops of 800 merits! Do you still want to eat the soul?"


     "This is not cheap either, of course, it's not too expensive for the Qianjun Realm, 3 points of merit."

     Su Yu thought for a while, "10 drops first..."

     Xia Huyou was suddenly disappointed. It was a great deal to do big business with Su Yu, and suddenly became 30 points of merit, feeling somewhat depressed.

     "Okay, anything else?"

     Su Yu hesitated for a moment, and said: "There is also Poshan Niu Essence Blood, Ten Thousand Stone Realm, as many as you want!"

     "This... I'll help you find it. If it's too much, it's not a big problem."

     Su Yu asked too much for this period of time.

     Xia Huyou was calculated and quickly said: "One hundred drops, a total of 1830 points of merit, what do you think?""Row!"

     Su Yu also agreed happily, and the price was okay.

     Before 11800 points of merit, it took 100 to enter the secret realm, and there are 11700 points.

     Excluding the current 1830 points, 9870 points remain.

     Spending money is too fast!

     This is because he only bought 20 copies of the text of the will that he had to buy before.

     "I got the Heaven Rank Martial Skill back, I'm afraid I have to open a lot of acupuncture points, and I have to spend money..."

     Thinking of this, Su Yu said again: "Poshan Niu Essence Blood will be purchased by me as much as possible. It is not limited to the early stage of Wanshi, but also the middle stage!"

     Su Yu now has nine folds and his body has grown stronger.

     In the middle stage of Wanshi, the problem is not big.

     "In the middle of the ten thousand stone, the price will rise, at least 15 points of merit!" Xia Huyou hurriedly said: "When you reach the ten thousand stone realm, the price will rise quickly. You will be needed at 15 o'clock, you go. Asked by the university, if you have less than 20 points of merit, I will give you free!"

     "Okay, I understand, just say so, help me collect it as soon as possible!"

     "it is good!"

     Xia Huyou was happy in his heart, and it was another big deal.

     This time Su Yu didn't say the quantity, obviously, he wanted a lot.

     How about collecting 500 drops in the middle of Wanshi, one drop at 15 o'clock?

     "7500 points..."

     Xia Huyou has calculated that Su Yu's 7,500 points should be obtained. No matter how much... this guy may not have it.

     "With this calculation, it's almost 20,000 feats!"

     Xia Hu is so speechless, really willing to spend money!

     Twenty thousand feats...With this money, some people dare to hunt down mountains and seas, believe it or not?

     Of course, that refers to some not wanting the life fanatics.Hunting mountains and seas is generally not enough to use merit points.

     In the early stage of killing a Lingyun, it usually counts as 1000 points of merit. Su Yu can really spend money!

     In the room, Xia Huyou guessed what Su Yu was doing with the blood.

     "Improve strength?"

     "Does it take so much blood?"

     "God swallowed?"

     "The first divine writing seems to be the Blood ‘血’ character. Does it suck blood to strengthen the divine writing? So his divine writing has reached the second order?"

     But this sucks too much!

     Su Yu has to collect different essences and blood by himself, is he still picky about his divine writing?

     Poshan cattle essence blood is the most fragrant?

     Xia Huyou shook his head, forget it, don't guess.

     When Su Yu's money is spent, he might sell his information!

     "Su Yu..."

     Xia Huyou said silently again, hoping it wasn't a spy, and everything else is easy to handle.

     As the Xia family, Xia Longwu's son, he has enough heart to tolerate everything.

     The people of the Daxia Mansion are actually the people of the Xia family.

     The strong of the Daxia Mansion are all strong of the Xia family.

     The genius of the Daxia Mansion is actually the genius of the Xia family.

     The things he sold to Su Yu were really not expensive, because the Xia family was actually very happy to cultivate geniuses. The geniuses became stronger, and the powerful is also the Daxia Mansion.

     Sometimes, he really subsidized some.

     Meritorious point of this thing, in fact...is also awarded by the Xia family!

     I really want it, the Xia family sent it casually.Of course, if you do that, the entire system will collapse, and that will be the catastrophe, not to mention that there are also the Temple of War and the Seeking Realm in control.

     "Su Yu, Zheng Yunhui...I have seen these two strengths before, how about Wan Mingze? How about Zhao Shiqi?"

     Xia Hu Youpan calculated that the members of the Wan family and the Zhao family are all from his Xia family.

     I just don't know what the descendants of this generation are like.

     When my father was in the university, he met many future powerhouses. Each generation of the palace masters of the Daxia Mansion will cultivate their foundation since childhood.

     For example, the current Vice-General of Longwu Army was dug and cultivated by his father himself.

     For example, the current commander of the Demon Squad Army is also a friend of his father, so he can help his father take charge of the Demon Squad Army.

     Xia Huyou laughed, hoping that he could discover more geniuses and strong men this time in Daxia Civilization Academy.

     Of course, xinxing has to pass.

     "However... I have to become stronger too!"

     Palace Master of Daxia Mansion, there is no weak.

     When his father took over as the palace lord in the past, he was already at the pinnacle of mountains and seas.

     There are three generations of palace masters in the Daxia Mansion. The first generation of Daxia King has long been invincible. The second generation, his grandfather, was also a powerhouse in the Sun and Moon realm in the past, but he died in the battlefield of the heavens. In this generation, the Xia family may have a second invincible powerhouse!

     He, the prepared fourth-generation palace master, is too weak to work.


     Xia Huyou suddenly lightly sighed, once his father reached the top and was invincible, he would not stay in Daxia Mansion for long.The time given to myself may not be much.

     If the strength cannot be improved, this fourth-generation palace lord may not be him!

     Although he is a direct descendant, a direct descendant, but the Xia family is very big!

     Only the direct line, and the second grandfather's side, the second grandfather doesn't care, the second grandfather has offspring.

     Thinking about it, can't help but think of one person.

     Xia Yunqi!

     Older than his father, in previous years, after the death of his grandfather, King Da Xia actually didn't want Xia Longwu, but Xia Yunqi's succession to the palace.

     As a result... the generation of that person and Liu Wenyan were abandoned.

     Xia Yunqi is not a descendant of the Daxia King, but the Daxia King’s younger brother's son, but the Daxia King’s brother has already reached the limit and has fallen. Xia Yunqi is the Daxia King’s nephew and the cousin of Xiahou Ye.

     Speaking of which, Xia Longwu had to call his cousin.

     If it hadn't been abolished at the beginning, this generation of palace lord is not Xia Longwu.

     "And Uncle Evergreen..."

     Xia Huyou whispered, the strongest in the Xia family now is King Daxia, then his father, then Xia Changqing, the deputy governor of the Daxia Civilization Academy, and the civilized teacher at the peak of the mountain and sea.

     This is Xia Yunqi's elder brother, Xia Huyou doesn't worry about him, but there are descendants in his line, and some people are also staring at the palace lord's position.

     The huge Xia family is actually a bit declining now.

     There seemed to be no one in the Sun Moon realm except for his father.

     "Second Grandpa..."

     Thinking of the second grandfather who had lived for so many years, Xia Huyou smiled, maybe...the Xia family also has the sun and the moon, except for his father!Shaking his head, no longer think about it.

     Look at the position of the palace lord.

     If you really can’t compete, let’s say that there will be nothing wrong with you anyway, the old man has become invincible, and the grandfather is also invincible.

     "It's the stupid sister Xia Chan, who seems to want to fight..."

     Xia Huyou cannot help but laugh. As for their current difficulties, they are no one else but the famous genius of the university, Xia Yuwen!

     The descendants of Xia Changqing!

     Many people outside the world are now staring at Xia Yuwen, the genius who overpowers Wu Qi and Bai Feng. Once Xia Longwu abdicates, the fourth generation of the palace lord, the highest voice is not Xia Huyou, but Xia Yuwen.

     Daxia Mansion needs a powerful palace lord, all the same in any era!

     Xia Yuwen has entered the Lingyun Realm on the battlefield of the heavens!

     "Cousin Yuwen..."

     Xia Huyou grumbled, he was a genius, and his father was mostly praised, but the second grandfather looked down on him, and felt that compared to Xia Longwu, including Xia Yunqi, they were all a bit behind.

     "No more, do business first!"

     Xia Huyou yawned, continue to sleep, do business mainly, some things have to be seen later.


     Su Yu didn't care about that much. After talking with Xia Huyou, he wanted to talk to Bai Feng about something, but his teacher disappeared without a trace.

      somewhat grudgingly!

     Fortunately, now he has someone to ask.

     When it was light, Su Yu got through a number again.


     "Su Yu, what's the matter?"

     ...In the library, Chen Yong was in a good mood, which made Wu Jia on the side a little curious.

     Your younger brother?

     Haven't seen it yet.

     Wu Jia's face was still pale and sickly pale, but she didn't cough anymore. During these days, Master bought her a lot of valuable health care products. I heard that she was sponsored by her younger brother who had just entered the residence.

     Chen Yong and Su Yu chatted a few words and said with a smile: "Then you come to the library, I will talk to you, and it happened that your senior sister was also there, and I taught together.

     "it is good!"

     Over there, Su Yu agreed happily and quickly hung up the communication.

     Wu Jia waited for Master to hang up the communication, and somewhat curious said, "Teacher, Junior Brother Su Yu is coming over?"


     Chen Yong smiled lightly and said: "Your uncle, he disappeared again, probably because he was doing an experiment in the experiment, which caused Su Yu to suffer. Whenever there is a problem, no one can help answer it. from……"

     He shook his head, somewhat grudgingly, not to know whether to laugh or cry, and said: "Your master did the same back then. After accepting your master, he didn't teach it for a few days."

     Wu Jia was a little depressed, and said speechlessly: "Teacher, I heard...Uncle Bai was actually the student you were going to accept, right?"

     If that's the case, you should be called Senior Brother!

     Chen Yongshi smiled and said, "Forget it, but your master said that I can't teach, so I took it away, but...turned around and threw it to me..."

     Chen Yong is also not to know whether to laugh or cry, a little helpless.

     Wu Jia was also speechless, "Master is really enough... what about it! Teacher, last time you said, Junior Brother is already a top five?"

     "Well, he is very talented!"After that, he looked at Wu Jia and said: "You don't need to be anxious. When your injury is healed, you will be almost there when you enter Wanshi! At that time, it's almost time for the peak of your sexual development."

     Wu Jia biting the lips, somewhat angry, whispered: "That bastard Huang Qifeng, sooner or later I will seek revenge from him!"

     "You, don't be so temperamental..." Chen Yong calmly said: "He already entered Wanshi, the peak of nourishment. I have actually seen him. He is very strong, much stronger than you. I am afraid that the real combat power is comparable to Wanshi. The stone is heavy."

      Although unwilling intends to attack the apprentice, he still said: "When your injury is healed, he may have the strength of six thousand stones."

     Wu Jia depressed.

     Wanshi Six!

     She now has a ninth-tier strength, combined with her nurture, and she can still compete with the average Wanshi two and three layers, but she can't fight with the Wanshi six layers.

     "Then Junior Brother Su Yu is going to hit the top 100 list, what should Huang Qifeng do if he troubles him?"

     After that, he said: "Teacher, in three months, is Junior Brother Su Yu hopeful to hit the top 100 list?"


     Chen Yong nodded, absolutely!

     Before Su Yu and Zheng Yunhui played against each other, their strength has already entered Wanshi. Wanshi is the standard for measuring the top 100 list.

     Of course, the further forward, the stronger!

     The top ten can all play against Tengkong.

     Zhan Hai, the first one, fought against Tengkong before, unable to determine victory or defeat, now...it’s hard to say, he may already be able to beat some of the powerhouses who flies into the sky.

     Thinking of this, Chen Yong smiled and said: "Huang Qifeng really troubles him, then admit defeat, or else he will be injured in vain, and his strength is not as good as that of humans. Then bear with him and don't rush for a while."Wu Jia stopped speaking, a little aggrieved.

     Don't want to bear it!

     But the teacher is right, the strength is not as good as people, can Is there any way?

     Could it be that Junior Brother, like himself, was seriously injured by that bastard?

     The master and apprentice talked a few words, Su Yu has already gone upstairs, this time no one stopped him, this happened last time, Chen Yong has already said hello, these days Zhou Pingsheng is not in the library, so no one is there. Dare to provoke Chen Yong.

     When Su Yu walked into the top floor, he appeared in front of Chen Yong... Chen Yong's expression changed!

     The powerhouse of Lingyun nine layers!

     Distance from mountains and seas, One Step Away.

     What a vicious vision!

     Although he didn't explore Su Yu and didn't see the specific realm, Su Yu's state fell into his eyes, and he suddenly discovered that it was different from the previous one!

     At this moment, Chen Yong was a little gloomy.

      stopped/stood, looking at Su Yu, his eyes were a little strange.

     I took a close look at Su Yu, and then looked sideways at his apprentice. Complexion fluctuates took a look at him. This apprentice is also a proud and arrogant. If this...will not aggravate the injury?

     Chen Yong thought of this in an instant. The next moment, he hurriedly said: "Su Yu, here comes, follow me into the room first, I have something to tell you!"

     Su Yu somewhat at a loss nodded.

      glanced at the girl beside him, to bare one's fangs smiled and said honestly: "Hello, sister!"

     Wu Jia saw that he was smiling brightly, and he was in a good mood. He smiled: "Junior brother is so handsome when he smiles. You can go in with the teacher first, and talk later."

     "Ok!"Su Yu is like a baby, nodded with a smile, scratching his head, and walking in with Chen Yong.

     Chen Yong turned his back to them, somewhat grudgingly.

     This kid...what's up there?

     Your sister, you lied too!

     Forget it, he even lied to me. If it weren’t for seeing his dishonesty last time, who would have known that his nephew, reckless, would have cheated tens of thousands of feats back.

     My younger brother is considered an honest person, so why did he accept this kid as a student?

     The first act of entering the room, Chen Yong was to seal the surroundings, and said in a low voice: "Breakthrough?"

     "Well, fluke fluke."

     Su Yu smiled brilliantly, and some embarrassedly said: "Swallowing blood is a bit too much, it is the teacher’s divine writing is strong, the divine writing outlined for me is too useful, plus the previous merits, I will go I changed my essence and blood, but I broke through unexpectedly."

     Now Su Yu, if he has something to do, he will be pushed to the "blood" brother, no one can see it anyway.

     The essence of blood and the word "blood" match very well again, just to hide one or two things.

     "Divine text..."

     Chen Yong was also speechless. Bai Feng himself did not have such a strong divine text, but he wrote a "Kai Yuan Jue" casually, and Su Yu actually sketched a very special divine text. If he changed to Bai Feng, he probably got jealous Vomiting blood.


     He didn't probe, just felt that Su Yu must have broken through.

     Su Yu smiled again, "That...slightly stronger..."

     "Seven, so fast!"

     Chen Yong sighed, it's late!

     It's really fast!My apprentice has been in the market for more than two years, and now he is only a ninth tier. Su Yu is about to catch up. It is terrible.

     Su Yu smiled again, not smiling, he was afraid that his uncle would beat himself, and whispered: "Uncle, we still have a bit stronger ……"


     "That...probably...I'm at Kunou..."


     Chen Yong kicked the big vase next to him, and his willpower broke out instantly, covering Su Yu.

     The next moment, Chen Yong pointed at Su Yu, his mouth opened... he didn't speak for a while!

     I haven't seen it for a few days!

     Why did you go?

     "Do you... Master know?"

     "I don't know, I didn't see him..."

     Chen Yong suppressed the mood swings, thought for a while, and said: "When you tell your master, don't put valuables by your side, stay away from him, otherwise I am afraid of him... spare no one God, I will shoot you to death! "

     Chen Yong coughed dryly: "Your teacher has just entered the eighth layer of the sky. He may not control his strength. Be careful. If it doesn't work, you can call me to protect you!"


     Su Yu is dull, is it so serious?

     Uncle, you such a saying, can I still say?

     I am afraid of death!

     The teacher almost smashed his head when he thought of being a five-pointer before, Su Yu is somewhat embarrassed, or I won’t say anything, when I vacate, I will tell him that he can’t shoot me, right?

     Chen Yong's emotions are a little bit complicated, it's ninefold...This guy, what a freak of this guy!

     Actually they are a realm with Wu Jia!

     Wu Jia has been in the mansion for more than two years!Now that my apprentice knows, he shouldn't be ashamed to jump off the building, the tenth floor is not too short, it will be dead!

     Chen Yong not to know whether to laugh or cry, helplessly said: "Don't tell your senior sister later, give her some time to adapt. After all, your senior sister is still hurt, so be considerate."

     I'm so hard!

     Chen Yong was helpless. Fortunately, this does not belong to oneself student, otherwise he would contact him every day and be hit every day.

     It's good to be an apprentice to the junior, the guy was heartless, and he recovered after a while.

     Chen Yong suddenly laughed, the somewhat sympathetic brother.
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