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146 Fan The Flames (for Subscription)
    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

The outline of the "yin" character is still useful for Su Yu at present.

     Crucially nine-fold, he still doesn't want to be exposed so quickly.

     Waiting for a period of time is much better!

     As for the two people in the Secret Realm, Su Yu didn't care too much. These two did not belong to the single divine literary system. Last time they broke through the five-point level, there was no news.


     September 25.

     Su Yu got 100 drops of Mingguang Bird Essence Blood, worth 800 merits.

     10 drops of soul eater essence blood, in the world, 30 points of merit.

     As for Poshan Niu Essence Blood, he has to wait for two days. According to Xia Huyou, he is adjusting the goods. The volume of Poshan Niu Essence Blood has been too large recently, and he is adjusting the goods from the Battlefield of Heaven...

     Su Yu had nothing to say!

     People can do business in the battlefield of the heavens, what can he say?


     Maybe the essence and blood are fresh and warm, but Poshan Niu will be unlucky.

     After spending 830 points of blood, Su Yu still has 10870 points of merit.

     Su Yu asked for leave again!

     After attending the advanced class, he asked for leave very frequently.

     As for the squad leader's job... there are no tasks, the senior class has few people, and often there are not people. Liu Hong wants to trouble himself from this, and Su Yu doesn't care too much.

     As for the unbearable task left by the comment... Su Yu wants to open it now.

     Be strong first!

     Not enough strength, no matter how good the reviews are.

     Enough strength, Naturally possible to find a way to eliminate all these obstacles.


      Research Center.Su Yu swallowed a drop of Mingguang bird essence blood in the Ten Thousand Stone Realm, and the album absorbed it. The original album had some changes.

     "Mingguang Bird (Wan Shi Erzhong):

      Racial Skill: Glory (Essence and Blood Open)

     Basic Yuan Jue: Jing Yuan Jue (Essence and Blood Open)"

     Su Yu once again swallowed a drop of essence and blood, opening the basic Yuan Jue.

     This time, there were also many acupuncture points opened.

     Different from opening other Yuan Jue in the past, as soon as the "Jing Yuan Jue" was opened, the vitality around Su Yu was absorbed, and the vitality in his acupoints was being weakened!

     The newly entered vitality was not absorbed by Su Yu's acupuncture points, but was constantly washing his acupuncture points.

     Qiao**, the original vitality, was slowly expelled.

     The acupuncture points were also washed, and they became more luminous!


     Su Yu complexion turned happy, it works!

     Although I thought that this Jing Yuan Jue had the effect of purifying vital energy, it was really used, and it was able to purify vital energy. Su Yu was still very happy!

     The purer the vitality, the easier it is to mobilize, the stronger and the faster the explosive power!

     Moreover, Su Yu now also understands that the purer the vitality, the simpler the acupuncture and acupuncture unions.

     The mixed vitality will cause the repulsion of the acupuncture points.

     "Mingguang Bird..."

     Su Yu was happy, sure enough, there is no waste race, no waste Yuan Jue, it depends on how to use it.

     "Jing Yuan Jue" is used in battle, it is garbage Yuan Jue, can be used to purify vital energy, but it is a treasure.

     Swallowing a few drops of essence and blood, constantly purifying his vitality.

     Su Yu is also interested in Mingguangniao's talents, Guangyao?

     Is it a skill for luminescence?Although he knew some things about Mingguang Bird, he didn't know much about talents, and it didn't seem to be introduced in the book.

     "Is it for treatment?"

     Su Yu has a little expectation, it feels like it is for treatment. If possible, he could not help but to think of Zheng Yunhui, that guy has a divine writing for healing. In the case of severe injuries, he can use it. Actually healed instantly.

     Su Yu didn't delay, swallowing a drop of essence and blood directly, opening up the glory.


     After a while, Su Yu was a little lost.

     Not for treatment!

     It was a kind of sober ability, Su Yu felt it for a while, it should be able to make himself sober in a state of turbid consciousness.

     It is a special skill!

     It's pretty easy to use. For example, when you are seriously injured or unconscious, you can use the Shining skills. Although you can't heal your injuries, you can at least keep yourself awake.

     "What about illusion?"

     Su Yu murmured, when he was in an illusion, can the Guangyao talent show himself through the illusion?

     Unfortunately, his own illusion can't affect him, otherwise he can try it.

     Without experimenting with skills, Su Yu continued to open the Jing Yuan Jue to purify his vitality.

     The mixed vitality was expelled little by little, and some dim acupuncture points, after being washed, were extremely bright!

     Su Yu felt that he used his vitality to know sth like the back of one's hand.

     There was too much resuscitation before, which made him feel a little blocked, but now it has all disappeared.

     Su Yu gradually showed some light!

     Something holy!At this moment, Su Yu, if he walks out, his body shines like a saint, who would believe that he is a bad person... He is not!


     One day, two days.

     Not in the secret realm, the essence and blood consumption is not so fast.

     For two consecutive days, Su Yu was purifying the acupoints with Mingguang bird essence and blood.

     On the third day, on the night of the 27th, Su Yu consumed all the Mingguang bird essence and blood, and the acupuncture point was almost washed from start to finish.

     The moment the acupuncture points were washed, Su Yu was shocked!

     Bright bloom!

     Su Yu at this moment is really dazzling.

     There are 118 acupuncture points on the body, blooming with brilliance!

     Among them, 108 are the God of War Acupuncture Points, 1 Lei Yuan Dao Acupoint, and 9 Basic Acupuncture Points.

     At this moment, the 118 acupuncture points are blooming, and they are extremely bright, like a saint coming!

     Su Yu's body shook, and the dust and broken hair on his body were shaken to the ground.

      untainted by even a speck of dust!

     The eyes are very bright!

     Su Yu is a wide grin, with white teeth, and his smile becomes brighter and softer.

     "Too dazzling!"

     Su Yu gave a wry smile. Going out like this is like a target. He didn't expect that the more times of purification, he would actually become like this, and he feels almost transparent.

     "Fortunately, fortunately there is an extra divine writing!"

     At this moment, Su Yu was really fortunate to have an extra "yin" divine writing.

     In the next moment, the acupuncture points dimmed.

     Until the acupuncture points all over the body, all no longer flashed, Su Yu secretly relaxed.

     Finally concealed the anomaly!"This is much better. As long as you keep it on, it won't happen. I just don't know. How long will it last?"

     Su Yu is also afraid of trouble!

     It's covered well now. Once the Aperture Point is used, it will definitely break through the barrier that covered it. When you fight, do you want to become a Lightman?

     "The 27th..."

     Su Yu murmured, tomorrow is the 28th.

     When did you last feed the monster below?

     number 22?

     "It's only 5 days!"

     Su Yu murmured, it was not that he had forgotten, and was too lazy to feed.

     In the past ten days or so, these guys were fine, how could they starve to death so easily.

     Bai Feng didn't take it seriously, Su Yu became more bold.

     If you are not hungry, you don’t know what suffering is.

     Take a look, the Heaven Rank Cultivation Technique came out of those who were hungry last time. If they are hungry for a few more days, there may be something good.

     It's all cheap leather!

     If it weren't for the three meals a day, Su Yu felt that he would definitely be able to dig up good things.


     Go downstairs.

     Bai Feng of Shenlong showing the head but never the tail actually eats in the living room!


     Su Yu was a little overjoyed, but hadn't seen him for many days, but missed a little.

     Bai Feng looked up at Su Yu while eating the instant noodles. He blinked, unkempt beard, and said strangely: "How do you feel that you are a little different?"

      simple and unadorned!

     These four words appeared in Bai Feng's mind.

     This kid, who looked a little impetuous before, now how does it feel a little untainted by even a speck of dust, simple and unadorned?These four words appeared on Su Yu, making him a little strange.

     Su Yu laughed, Bai Feng was in a daze, this kid laughed... it's so pretty!

     Do you think you look good when you see a man in a seclusion for too long?

     Damn it!

     Do you want to go out and hook up with a beautiful girl?


     Su Yu grinned and bared his teeth, "It's nothing different, it's just that I have read a lot of books recently, and I am proud of poems and books! Maybe just like this way!"

     "Hey, you kid, praise you, you're bragging!"

     Bai Feng laughed, "You still have poems and books, how many books have you read? Which researcher of the Civilization Academy does not read more books than you? Your kid even installed it with me!"

     After that, Bai Feng was shocked, his white robe was flying, and his beard was shaved instantly. He got up, his robe shook, and said lightly: "Teacher, I am, you are still tender!"


     Su Yu is speechless, this has to be contended?

     "Teacher... Well, clean up the noodles on your mouth..."

     Bai Feng was speechless, his temperament disappeared instantly.

     Sit down and continue to eat. Some complained: "Knowing that the teacher hasn't eaten, put more delicious food in the refrigerator, every time you come out only instant noodles, you don't know if you care about the teacher?"

     Helpless, Su Yu walked over to him and sat down, "Teacher, would you like to marry a wife and cook for us?"


     Bai Feng glared at him!

     This kid really dare to think!Thinking about it, he smiled, "Don’t say that, I told your master the same way back then. It’s a pity that your master didn’t marry, otherwise, someone will cook for us now. Boy, maybe you find One?"

     "No, Teacher Liu said, women will hinder cultivation!"

     Su Yu said seriously: "Teacher Liu is single, so are the masters, so are you, and so are the uncles. So I think that the polytheistic literature may be suitable for singles, and it will really hinder our cultivation. Otherwise, why are we all is single?"


     Bai Feng suddenly unable to respond!

     He, what you said really make sense.

     I don't even think of it!

     We are a series... why are we single?

     Bai Feng was thinking about life while eating instant noodles. After a long while, he suddenly said: "I understand a little bit why the polytheistic literature has declined! There are too many single bastards, and no offspring. Look at people, Shan Shen Wenyi Yeah, this one has a son, that one has a grandson, and a large nest of bastards! Give birth to 100, and one will be enough. There is no need to recruit people!"

     Bai Feng said, deep to be so!

     No wonder we will decline!

     The main thing is that there are too many singles, otherwise, a large number of offspring, just a genius, can solve a lot of trouble.

     Su Yu thought for a while, suddenly felt quite reasonable.

     "Teacher, would you like to find a wife?"


     Bai Feng said ill-humoredly: "Who can be worthy of my Bai Feng in the whole university?"

     "Wu Lan's sister how is it?"


     Bai Feng disdainfully said: "That's a crazy woman, I just look down on your master!"After all, I jumped directly over the topic and said: "Stop talking nonsense, how is it going?"


     "Are there any new divine text outlines?"

     "There is one."


     Bai Feng was surprised, but did he really draw it out?

     "Is it the "strong" word of the Devil Scorpion?"

     "No, it is difficult to outline the divine text of the ten thousand races, it is the human race's "war" character."

     "War" is outlined, but Su Yu never said it.

     Of course, last time he used it, Chen Yong knew about it, and Bai Feng's side... Su Yu really didn't seem to say it!

     Bai Feng didn't seem to have asked either!

     Su Yu almost forgot whether he had mentioned it to Bai Feng, it turns out that he really didn't say it.

     Bai Feng looked surprised and said: "War character? Not bad! When you hear the name of the character, you know that the combat element is very good! You actually sketched another one, it is human?"


     "It seems that you really have a sense of affinity with the divine writings of the human race. From which writings of will did you feel you?"

     "The Qianjun chapter of "The God of War" you wrote to me."


     Bai Feng unable to respond!

     Uncle, what I wrote, you can actually feel the divine text, why can't I?

     Am I only suitable for writing articles of will to others?

     "That said, you have 4 divine texts, one of which is second-order..."

     Su Yu said timidly: "Teacher, two second-tier, don't you remember?"


     Bai Feng dazed for a moment again, glanced at Su Yu, right?


     "Isn't there only the word'kill'?""There is also the Blood ‘blood’ character!"


     Bai Feng thinks he may be demented!

     Did you say it?

     How can I not remember!

     I remember, the last time I asked you if Slaughter [killed] Character broke through, you said yes, and...there was no more!

     He thought about it carefully, Su Yu didn't say the word "blood" afterwards and he advanced, right?

     "Yes...forgot, Liu Hong mentioned that bastard..."

     Bai Feng grumbled in his heart, he forgot.

     This kid is really advanced!

     He had forgotten to ask about it when he came back because he said about "Shan Hai Xun You Tie".

     There was a little embarrassment, Bai Feng coughed dryly. It seemed that he didn't care about this kid. Mainly, this kid changed every few days. Every time he came out of retreat, the strength of this kid changed. Out of rhythm.

     "Four divine texts, two second-tier..."

     Bai Feng murmured, and then said, "How much has the acupuncture point been opened?"

     "A little more..."


     Bai Feng was relaxed and didn't ask much. He remembered that he had only been in retreat for a few days, and entered the laboratory on the 22nd, not for a week.

     No matter how fast Su Yu is, he won't be promoted to the Sixth Level in a few days, right?

     Seeing him, Su Yu didn't ask or say anything.

     The acupuncture point is too bright today, forget it, wait a minute.

     It's so bright, it's not easy to explain.

     "By the way, last time...cough cough, then I heard... your uncle said that when you and Zheng Yunhui fought, you seemed to have used the God Enlargement Technique. What happened?"

     "No!"Su Yu shook his head and said: "I don't know this, and Teacher Zhao didn't tell me, but the last time I asked Teacher Zhao to build a civilian soldier for me, he seemed to hammer me a few times, and then I found that my willpower is stronger than before. The fullness has dropped a bit, teacher, don’t you see it?"

     Bai Feng inwardly cursed!

     I'm not a god, can it be your will?

     He felt a little bit of the decrease in fullness, but it didn't decrease much. In addition, the last time he saw Su Yu, this guy was injured. He thought it was caused by the injury, so he wouldn't think too much.

     "A few blows of the head will make the willpower deep?"

     Bai Feng is also a little confused, what kind of method is this?

     Enlarging the gods that's it?

     Then, should I find Old Ghost Zhao and give me a few blows?

     His willpower is not weak, but he is only relatively speaking. Once he uses the Dragon Slaying Sword, he will have to make an all-out effort. Make an all-out effort. You may end up with one move. Do you want to find a hammer?

     Bai Feng felt in a trance, and looked at Su Yu again, somewhat grudgingly, no longer entangled with this, and said: "In a few days, you must win the Shenwen contest, you must win the "Shanhaixunyou Post"! Others! It’s okay to lose something. This is actually nothing else, but it’s rewarded as a public prize. If you didn’t win, it would be a shame."

     Su Yu nodded seriously!

     "for sure!"

     "Teacher don't worry!"

     Of course to win!

     If you didn't win, the Heaven Rank Cultivation Technique was snatched away. What's more, it might have been left by the invincible realm powerhouse. It was known as eternity. Su Yu was excited even thinking about it.Seeing this kid having high fighting spirit, Bai Feng stopped talking about this.

     I was in a good mood, and laughed: "I don’t have time to teach you this period of time. Just continue to follow the prescribed order and practice! Teacher's research is almost fruitful, boy, did you know? !"

     Bai Feng said with excitement: "You don't have to worry to determine the main divine text. When I discover the talent divine text and develop it, you use the talent divine text as the main divine text, it must be stronger than the current divine text..."

     "Teacher, that is the human divine writing!"

     "It's okay!"

     Bai Feng said happily: "Other human gods may be weak, but talented gods must not be weak! Of course, wait a minute, my research is at a bottleneck, it is best to wait for your master to come back and study together! If it succeeds, hahaha , Our multi-divine literature series will rise soon!"

     Talented gods!

     Don’t say anything else, use this as an introductory skill, how many people rush like ducks?

     Of course, we will look at the specific situation later.

     Su Yu nodded, but also some small expectations.

     Innate divine writing!

     Human talents what is?

     If it is really developed, it will be awesome!

     Bai Feng laughed while wolf down one's food, Su Yu had to sigh, Bai Feng was really to spit out one's heart and spill blood in research.

     Change to yourself, do you have this perseverance?

     Bai Feng ate something for a while, burped, and laughed and said: "Then I will go down first, don't forget to feed, and next time you outline the divine text, remember to remind me!"

     He found that his immunity is much stronger now!Su Yu once again outlined a divine text, two divine texts advanced, he was not too surprised.

     I feel a little used to it!

     I didn't shock myself this time, and I was really uncomfortable.

     "It's so mediocre, so it's not bad every time!"

     Bai Feng was happy for a while, it was good, that's it, next time he exits the customs, even if this kid enters the Seventh Layer of Qianjun and once again outlines a divine text, he will not be surprised, I can imagine it!

     Bai Feng was chuckled in his heart, not talking nonsense with Su Yu, and quickly went underground.


     Su Yu shook his head, his teacher... I feel like he is a from head to tail otaku now.

     The door does not come out, and the second door does not move.

     Fortunately, I am a reliable student, otherwise, it would be over.


     On September 28th, Su Yu went to class again.

     The existence of the shadow barrier saved him a lot of trouble.

     As the monthly exam approached, the atmosphere in the class gradually became tense.

     The monthly exam for advanced classes is not the same every time.

     Last month, it was the first month of enrollment, so the exams were fairly soft, but then the monthly exams were not so soft.


     September 29.

     Su Yu met Liu Hong who hadn't seen him for a while.

     Liu Hong entered the door without wasting time, and quickly said, "Announce a few things!"

     "First, the Shenwen Contest starting tomorrow!"

     "Second, the monthly test is also starting tomorrow!"

     "Third, the top 100 rankings are re-stated every month on the 3rd. After the 3rd statistics, you can go to challenge the top 100 students!"Liu Hong turned his eyes to Su Yu and Zheng Yunhui, and finally to Jia Mingzhen, smiled and said, "If you are confident, you can try it!"

     "The monthly exam is in the afternoon, and the Shenwen contest is in the morning, so that you won't have the energy to participate in the contest after the monthly exam."

     "Shenwen Contest, senior class students from all colleges will participate, of course, this is a freshman contest!"

     "First place, reward me for saying, "Shan Hai Xun You Post"."

     "The second place is a solid spirit pill, which helps you stabilize your willpower. When you practice, you can make your willpower more stable and last longer."

     "The third place, a rune, the destructive rune of the early Wanshi period!"


     The first three rewards are very good, but the first reward...... Strictly speaking, may not be as good as the second and third, but this is left by the strong people in the mountain and sea, or the eight strong people in the mountain and sea, and everyone has them. Kind of interest.

     Many people also inquired about something and looked at Su Yu one after another.

     Su Yu was not polite, and said directly at this moment: "That was left by my master and was stolen. Tomorrow I will seize "Mountain and Sea Seeking You Post". Su Yu is not talented, and tomorrow will definitely make an all-out effort. I will never start off leniently, you classmates can fight with me, but I will not keep my hands!"

     Everyone was silent.

     Su Yu is always easy to talk with in class, this time it seems to be moved true capital!

     On the side, someone suddenly smiled and said, "I am also very interested in this."

     Su Yu turned his head to look, his eyes harsh.Jia Mingzhen smiled and said: "But forget it, I don't bother to fight this, it's useless, it's a bit tasteless, I won't mix it up, the divine writing contest, it's really boring!"

     Su Yu's eyebrows, what do you mean?

     Jia Mingzhen smiled and lowered his head to eat, and ignored him.

     Nonsense, I can't go!

     The divine writing contest uses a small secret realm, which can only bear the divine writing of nurturing nature. He has passed...hehe, the secret realm may be exploded!

     That divine writing secret realm is not an eternal divine writing, it is only left by a mountain and sea peak, and it has a little taste.

     He is also mountains and seas, once the willpower penetrates, it may burst that secret realm.

     Otherwise, he really wanted to trouble Su Yu this time, and it would be cool to hit Su Yu!

     On the stage, Liu Hong glanced at him.

     Does Jia Mingzhen participate?

     He thought this guy would definitely participate!

      Interesting, hidden strength, or other reasons?

     As for Su Yu...this time I don't need him to excite him. I am afraid that Su Yu will not be ambiguous this time, but there will be fun tomorrow.

     But this kid is not too strong in willpower, and he may not win tomorrow.

     Thinking of this, Liu Hong didn't mind adding fire, and smiled: "By the way, a researcher likes this "Mountain and Sea Seeking You Post" very much, but it was a pity that it was used as a reward. That one was very sorry. I heard someone say before. He is willing to give 300 points of merit to buy this post! 300 points of merit...it's a lot, everyone, if you find a suitable partner, it is possible to sell 500 points!"

     As soon as this was said, many people in the class changed their eyes!

     500 points of merit!words exceede 5100
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