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148 Opening Of The Show (for Subscription And Monthly Pass)
    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Su Yu didn't bother to pay attention to these women. After passing the door card, he walked to the secret hall of the notified location.

     On the way, I met acquaintances again.

     Not too familiar.

     Zheng Hong!

     Before that, Su Yu didn't care much about this, but later learned that he was Zheng Yuming's grandson, but he paid more attention.

     Zheng Hong was also very low-key in the class. At this moment, he met Su Yu and he was still low-key.

     Nodded towards Su Yu, smiled, and walked forward in silence.

     Su Yu also signaled with a nod.

     He never cares about these enchanting students, and no one knows how much they actually hide.

     In other words, at this stage, they don't bother to expose anything.

     None of the top 100 list is on, and there is no need to be exposed.

     Behind him, another person appeared. Today, the senior class students gathered together. Wan Mingze's voice was very soft, and he said with a smile: "Su Yu, if I take the first place, how will the post sell you?"

     Su Yu turned around and smiled: "Of course it's good, but I can't afford it if the price is too high."

     "Aren't you confident to win first?"

     Wan Mingze said with a smile like the brother next door: "I thought you said, you want to win the first place yourself!"

     "Not strong willpower, this is a fact."

     Su Yu said, "It's normal to have shortcomings. After all, it didn't take long for me to get into sexual cultivation."

     "Yes, it's a pity, wait for a period of time, I believe you will catch up."After all, Wan Mingze walked side by side with him, "Among the academies, the inner fighting in the Department of Divinity is the most prominent. In fact, in the past few years, it has somewhat interfered with the operation of the academy. In my opinion, Governor Wan introduced students from all ethnic groups. In fact, part of the reason is that the internal fighting is serious and the firepower is shifted."

     Su Yu looked at him suspiciously, Wan Mingze whispered: "I know you are very talented. There are many talented people in this year. In fact, I hope that everyone can unanimously and look at the students of the Wanzu Not ourselves..."

     Su Yu nodded, "I think too! I am not a seeker, and practice silently. This is actually my idea, but some people have to trouble me..."

     After that, Su Yu looked at him and asked: "If they hit you on the left cheek, let you stretch your right cheek over and beat them, would you like it?"

     Su Yu smiled and said, "I know what you mean, you want to be this peacemaker... It's not that I belittle you, it's really not qualified! Besides, you tell me it's useless, if you can convince those people not to target me, I can't fight against them either."

     Wan Mingze nodded slightly, "I understand. Every beginning is difficult, it’s okay, take it slow. Su Yu, in fact, the situation of the human race is not very good now. On the battlefield of the heavens, although the human race can resist the impact, it is already a little yellow does not reach green, the youth generation, and gradually can’t keep up with the old generation..."

     Su Yu frowned, "Didn't Daxia Mansion stop fighting anymore?"

     "It's not that you don't fight, it's just to reduce unnecessary wars."Wan Mingze explained: "The battle is still going on. A few days ago, God, Devil, Demon, the great tribes, held an alliance of all races on the battlefield of the heavens, and there were also strong human races participating! Primordial God The strong Clan proposes to jointly build a trading world for the Wanzu Center!"

     Wan Mingze gritted his teeth and said: "They proposed to build the human world into the trade center of the world! The resources of the world will gather the human world and build it as the center of the world, the core place! God, Devil, Demon, and immortal races, Autonomy in the human environment is for... a leased land!"

     Wan Mingze to bite the teeth tightly!

     Su Yu noodles are flushing!

     He is also a scholar, so he naturally knows what does it mean.

     What a place to rent!

     "The Human Race can't agree!"

     Su Yu gritted his teeth!

     Wan Mingze nodded, "Naturally won't agree! They are cutting meat with a blunt knife. They want to disintegrate our fighting spirit and use another so-called peaceful means to open the door to the human world!"

     Wan Mingze said annoyed: "However, this proposal was approved by most of the races on that day! Peace, no need to fight anymore, the human condition ceded part of the land, let the ten thousand races enter, and everyone will build the glorious and flourishing here! It sounds good. , Even they are willing to invest a lot of resources into..."

     Wan Mingze sneered, "Unfortunately, some stupid and ignorant bastards, or bastards pretending to be ignorant, are now publicizing and promoting, don't war, don't bleed, make people richer, and everyone will not bleed!"

     "Ten Thousand Races?"

     "Correct!"Wan Mingze nodded, "The religion of the ten thousand races! The religion of the ten thousand races is not strong in the Daxia Mansion. Because of the iron-blooded policy of the palace lord, their space is suppressed, but in some other big houses, the strength of the ten thousand races is not weak!"

     Wan Mingze coldly snorted: "Before, there were several high-level cults in Ten Thousand Races who wrote letters to the Temple of War and Searching Grounds, hoping to get the approval of Two Great Sacred Grounds to divide a demonstration area in the human realm area! Let them autonomy, Look at the results, it sounds good, it is to leave a way for the Terran to see if the so-called International Economy and Trade zone can work..."

     Su Yu's eyebrows are silent.

     After a long while, he opened his mouth and said: "Dang on!"


     Wan Mingze was taken aback, Su Yu calmly said: "Since they are going to show up, why don't you give them a chance? Isn't it good to gather them in the so-called demonstration zone to catch everything in the one net?"


     Wan Mingze laughed at him, glanced at him, and said deeply: "It's not that simple! The high-ranking patriarchs are not stupid. Even if they show up, they are also some small pawns. The real strong will not show up. As soon as this head opens, then Trouble!"

     "Then why did our college build the Ten Thousand Race College?"

     Wan Mingze smiled and said: "The two are different. The purpose of the Ten Thousand Clan Academy is to win over the small clans, transfer internal contradictions, and unanimously externally..."

     Su Yu was silent for a moment, nodded and said nothing.

     These things are far from him.

     Wan Mingze seemed to know what he was thinking, and said, "Su Yu, I told you this. I just don’t want our hopes for the future to have infighting and lose our strength in vain! To be realistic, if it’s someone else, I won't say much, you're improving quickly..."The meaning is clear, because you have talent.

     That's why he said this.

     Su Yu said strangely: "Do you represent Chief Wan?"


     Wan Mingze shook his head and said: "How can I represent Chief Wan, I am not qualified! I am here on behalf of the Neutral Divinity Department!"


     "You don't think that on the academic side, except for the polytheistic literature, the rest are the monotheistic literature, right?"

     Wan Mingze laughed and said, "The divine writing system is very large, and there are many people! The so-called single divine writing and polytheistic writing are just part of it. Then you say, people like Xia Yuwen and Wu Qi, they are of the single divine writing system. Human? Yes, some of them don’t have divine literary warfare skills. This is a single divine literary line?"

     "Some people don't even have a master, but they don't have divine literary warfare skills. Is this a single divine literary?"

     Wan Mingze explained: "In the School of Divinity, there are third parties! Most people are actually third parties. They don't care who is strong and who is weak, who leads the academy or even the academy, these are meaningless!"

     "You have very good qualifications, strong talents, and rapid progress, so now a third party invites you to withdraw from the infighting of the single and multi-shenwen series..."

     "What does it mean?"

     Wan Mingze said earnestly: "Protect your meaning! Let you grow up smoothly! You no longer participate in the struggle between the monotheistic and the polytheistic one line, and it didn't make you betray the polytheistic one line, just let you no longer Incorporating it, guaranteeing in the name of a third party, Shan Shenwen will not implicate you again..."Su Yu frowned, "What do you mean... as a result, I'm nominally a multi-sacred text, but I can't participate in many things, such as Huang Qifeng hurt my senior sister, shouldn't I take care of it?"

     Wan Mingze hesitated a little and nodded: "It's not that you can't control it. Normal discussions or competitions are all right! You can't maliciously target the single divine writing system. This is also a prerequisite to protect you."

     Wan Mingze said sincerely: "In fact, it's not just you, including the Shan Shenwen family. Many people have actually been invited by us! Quit the faction dispute, practice seriously, and work hard to become stronger."

     "Who is there?"

     "A lot of people, including Researcher Huang Yao who invited you before, including Researcher Hu Wensheng's big apprentice Han Chen...They have all joined a third party. They focus on cultivation and internal struggles will eventually consume their own strength."

     Su Yu looking thoughtful and said: "So, if I join you, you will protect me so that I will no longer be targeted by the single gods, and I must not target them. Well water does not offend river water, does it mean?"


     "Then my teacher, uncle, master, won't be angry about it?"

     "Maybe!" Wan Mingze said seriously: "But they should understand your choice. As a good teacher, they shouldn't drag You these people into the quagmire, including Wu Jia, who had actually been invited before. She refused."

     "Since the third party is so powerful, why don't you persuade the single divine writing system to stop targeting the polytheistic writing system. After all, we have few people, and we haven't invaded their resources. What we get is what we should get. Yes, I didn't get another point!"Wan Mingze smiled bitterly: "This is still a bit difficult, mainly because of the disputes of the older generation, not so easy to resolve. So our goal is to stop this struggle from the Young generation, including Huang Qifeng. Actually We are also inviting to do some work..."

     Su Yu's face changed and said, "You still want to invite him?"

     "Su Yu, It is better to squash enmity rather than keeping it alive......"

     Su Yu nodded, said nothing, and continued to move forward.

     It sounds good!

      It is better to squash enmity rather than keeping it alive!

     The so-called third party...In his view, it is actually the next single-shen literary system.

     These people are dissatisfied with the current situation and want to change. In the end, their powerful strength will be the same.

     Cultivation is a matter of quarreling for resources, status, fame, and right to speak.

     Without this idea, people like Wan Mingze would get a so-called third party out?

     Of course, this is definitely not made by Wan Mingze, he is just a new student, and I am afraid that there is the support of the old man behind him.

     Su Yu neither supported nor opposed.

     But he can't accept staying in the same camp with Huang Qifeng!

     That guy, he wanted to clean him up a long time ago.

     What's more... People like Wan Mingze are a bit whimsical!

     Huang Qifeng is a disciple of Zheng Yuming Pavilion. With him, he has resources, status, guidance, and benefits... Why should he join a so-called third party?

      The same goes for including yourself!

     In the multi-shenwen department, Bai Feng doesn't care about him, but without Bai Feng, where is the blood of the oxen and without Bai Feng, where does he come from the framework of the magical combat skills?Without Bai Feng, he used Wanshi's essence and blood, and he might have to be arrested that day to check the details!

     Without Chen Yong, without Hong Tan's name supporting him, Liu Hong swallowed his merits, would he vomit so much?

     Will Zheng Yunhui have a good talk with him about the ownership of "Breaking the Heavens" and even co-operate?

     Polytheism is a burden and a benefit.

     Without this backing, Su Yu didn't dare to show it even if he reached the ninth level of Qianjun. He was careful to be watched and died. doesn't know at all how he died.

     Nowadays, there is a mountain and sea eightfold behind, which is why no one dares to use some methods.

     Joining so-called third parties, will they support themselves by making an all-out effort?

     Su Yu didn't believe it!

     "Huang Yao... turns out to be from this faction. The so-called civilians and nobles are just a cover!"

     Wan Mingze is among them, it can be regarded as a civilian type.

     There are also Xia Yuwen, Wu Qi...These people, perhaps trying to save trouble, may be too lazy to participate, and they will be directly classified as a third party. This thing is not accurate.


     Su Yu stopped paying attention to Wan Mingze, and Wan Mingze sighed and didn't say any more.

     Geniuses are so proud!

     Since Su Yu didn't say yes, he refused.

     After a few steps, when Su Yu left, Hu Qiusheng followed and said with a faint smile: "Rejected?"


     Hu Qiusheng was not surprised, and smiled: "Normal! He hasn't suffered a big loss, so why did he withdraw from the polytheistic writing system? If they lose their trust in Bai Feng, they may have fewer resources. In order to avoid possible targeting, the gains do not make up for the losses."Wan Mingze frowned and said: "I know, but I am also for his own good! Now Shan Shenwen is obviously going to target him, he is very talented, I just don't want it, it has delayed the cultivation of a genius!"

     "For his good..." Hu Qiusheng smiled: "Don't say this anymore. It's a bit ugly. You are not him. He also has his own ideas. If you are good for him, will he accept it?"

     "Maybe... he's happy to fight them!"

     Hu Qiusheng laughed, and quickly said: "These things are actually not important! It doesn't matter which faction is. On the day when I go to the battlefield of the heavens, naturally someone will take care of it. Our top priority is the top 100 list."

     Wan Mingze didn't speak any more.

     Some regrets.

     After walking for a while, he said: "I hope he can understand and get out of this storm in time! In other schools, there has been a situation where the first line of polytheistic literature has completely destroyed the inheritance. The first line of single gods has now reached the peak of the sun and moon. The birth of the strongest man and an eternity will prove that the polytheistic literature has completely withdrawn from the stage of history!"

     "You mean, the one from the Great Zhou Mansion?"


     Wan Mingze nodded and said: "It's over there! The Polytheistic literary system of the Great Zhou Mansion has been completely banned from the department and will no longer enroll students! Open the combat skill wall, and the Polytheistic literary series will be integrated into the entire spiritual system..."

     Hu Qiusheng solemnly said: "It has something to do with that?"

      "Yes!"Wan Mingze sighed: "That guy, too enchanting! It only repaired a divine text, and defeated several teaching assistants of the same rank. The only pavilion of the multi-theological texts department of the Great Zhou Civilization Academy personally supervised the battle. Several students failed direct and straightforward. He was disappointed, and he was already exhausted. He announced on the spot that he would no longer recruit new students. The multi-sacred texts...has become history in the Great Zhou Mansion!"

     Hu Qiusheng was in a heavy mood, a little sad, and sighed, "What a pity!"

     "It's a pity that there is still merit in the polytheistic literature series..." Wan Mingze said regretfully: "It's a pity, the argument has been too long! Now, that person is crossing the human realm, going to various universities, fighting with the same level. The strong of the first line of Shenwen proves that the first line of Shenwen is stronger, and he is invincible at the same level!"

     "Just a few days ago, at the Dashang Civilization Academy, a powerful man in the multi-shenwen dynasty line was defeated by him!"

     Wan Mingze said with emotion: "The sixth layer is in the air! That guy only enrolled in school last year, and now he is not his opponent even at the same level of the multi-sacred literary class. The department is strong, but it’s not a fancy! At the age of 19...He will come to our school to challenge Bai Assistant Professor. If Bai Assistant Teacher is defeated...Daxia Civilization Academy, the last majesty of the Polytheistic Department I will be completely lost. Exhausted!"

     "At that time, it's time for the Polytheistic literary element to come to an end!"

     Wan Mingze sighed, a series of multi-sacred writings, the basis of existence what is?

      invincible among the same rank!

     Bai Feng jumped into the sky and defeated Hu Wensheng with a single blow, so it can be said that the same rank, genius, we are the most suitable path!

     You Bai Feng is a genius, and that one is also a genius.At the same level as you, your cultivation time is longer than him, and you lose in the end. People are just a single divine writing.

     Is there a need for a polytheistic text?

     A lot of resources were wasted, and as a result, the same level of cultivation is not as good as others. What face is there to continue to recruit students?

     "The sixth layer is in the air. It may take a little bit time to enter the seventh layer. At most one year, that guy will come to Daxia Civilization Academy!" Wan Mingze looked at Hu Qiusheng, "At that time, the polytheistic literature was completely banned. If Su Yu has gotten too much hatred with them, it will be difficult to blend in, you say, am I for his good?"

     Hu Qiusheng frowned.

      After a while, I arrived outside the Secret Text Hall and slowly said: "There are some overpowering ones in the Great Zhou Mansion. Our Great Xia Mansion may not take care of them! That guy really dare to come, I think Bai Feng may not have been there yet. , Others will find him trouble."

     Wan Mingze didn't say much, it's possible, but...who is that guy's opponent?


     Secret Wen Temple.

     As soon as Su Yu entered, he sensed several gazes.

     With a simple smile on his face, he looked forward, and many researchers were there, some of whom knew, some did not.

     Su Yu didn't care either, smiled honestly, bowed slightly towards the researchers, and walked towards the student gathering spot on the side.

     Seeing him, many researchers also started talking.

     "Is he the student of Bai Feng?"

     "It's him, Su Yu, who defeated Hu Wensheng's disciple before!"

     "It looks pretty simple and honest, more pleasing to the eye than Bai Feng's guy."


     the other side.Wu Lan also complained: "Sister, it's him! He is better than me, sister, how can you say I can become stronger than him?"

     Wu Qi said lightly: "beat him!"


     Wu Lan was depressed, a little annoyed: "I beat him, do I still ask you?"

     Wu Qi calmly said: "Since he can't beat him, he has always been better than you. What else is there to say?"


     To this sister, she also very helpless, after a long while, she said: "Since you want to be stronger than him, then be cruel to yourself! Practice 20 hours a day, read two hours, eat 10 minutes, rest the rest, Sooner or later you can surpass him!"

     Wu Lan stopped talking, after a long while, she whispered, "Can I practice for 18 hours? Read a book for an hour, and sleep the rest?"


     On the side, Liu Hong coughed up with tea, and saw Wu Qi looked towards this side, and smiled dryly: "The tea is a bit hot! Actually, it is not difficult to surpass Su Yu..."

     Wu Lan immediately looked at him, suspicious.

     Not difficult?

     Why are your students so weak?

     Liu Hong seemed to understand her meaning, a little speechless, and too lazy to argue, smiled: "Lan Lan, your talent is still very good, not inferior to him, and you are willing to work hard. This is very good! You are the only way to go. The point is wrong."

     "what?""He cultivates the physical body, it is because his willpower is not strong, so there is no way, so he has to make the physical body strong so that he does not lag behind others! I heard that Lanlan, you are also focusing on the physical body now, but it has delayed the cultivation of willpower. , This is a little bit of shortcomings and avoiding advantages... You should mainly cultivate willpower, vacate the air as soon as possible, and then cast your flesh..."

     Wu Lan looked at her sister, Wu Qi calmly said: "Own path, go by yourself! Other people's opinions are opinions, and can't represent yourself. If you go well, then go far. If you don't go well, then end here!"


     Wu Lan is a little depressed. My sister always says this. She feels that what her sister teaches is not good at all. She hasn't taught Liu Hong yet!

     Wu Qi ignored her.

     She is an adult and she reads a lot. Except for no social experience, she understands everything else. She only helps to supervise practice path, but she doesn't care about the others. How far Wu Lan can go is her own ability.

     He cast his gaze on Su Yu and watched him communicate with his surrounding classmates in a low voice, with a smile on his face all the time, Wu Qi slightly frowned and looked sideways at Liu Hong.

     At this moment, Liu Hong also had a smile on his face, communicating with the researcher next to him.

     Wu Qi looked at Su Yu again, feeling a little familiar inexplicably.

     Look at Liu Hong again...

     At the next moment, Su Yu and Liu Hong seemed to sensed her gaze.


     far away.

     Su Yu looked up and saw a girl full of heroic spirit watching him. There was Wu Lan beside him. He probably guessed the identity of the other party, smiled honestly, and turned his attention away.At the same time, Liu Hong also turned his head to look at Wu Qi, and smiled brilliantly...

     Wu Qi has a baffling feeling!

     Looking at Liu Hong and Su Yu again, Liu Hong was a little startled. Wu Qi suddenly pointed to Su Yu: "The spy you arranged?"


     "Your brother?"


     "What's your mother's last name?"

     Liu Hong got it!

     His face turned dark, a little annoyed, and said in a low voice: "He has nothing to do with me!"

     Uncle, believe it or not I'm looking for you to single out... Forget it, maybe I can't beat it.

     Lao Zi Lao Niang is not Su!

     Wu Qi ignored him, looked at Su Yu again, blinked, and suddenly turned to look at his sister, "Stay away from him! I'd rather get in touch with some waste than with him. I'm afraid you will be sold. I can't find you again."

     Wu Lan looked dumbfounded.

     Wu Qi didn't care, pointed at Liu Hong, and said to his sister again: "I interrupted his leg back then! There are many people in the university! But everyone doesn't know the inside story. This guy negotiated with the Ten Thousand Races Church and sold me. , As a step into the body, easily mixed into the religion of ten thousand races..."

     Wu Lan is even more confused!

     Liu Hong's face changed, and he hurriedly surrendered!


     Wu Qi didn’t care about him, and continued to say to Wu Lan: “He got into the air and relied on selling me to succeed! First he sold me, and then told your aunt to save me, and led away several powerful people from the Ten Thousand Clan. He turned around. The opponent was divided into slaughters and took away a lot of resources, so the advancement was successful, so I broke his leg when I came back!"

     Wu Lan dumbstruck, look at Liu Hong!Look at my sister again, you were sold like this?

     So stupid?

     Aren’t you all very smart?

     Wu Qi looked indifferent and calmly said: "He smiled too brightly and honestly. I thought he was a good person. When he was a friend, when he sold me, it was not ambiguous at all!"

     Liu Hong looked embarrassed and explained in a low voice: "Misunderstanding, really misunderstanding! Wu Qi, why don't you believe it after so many years? The misunderstanding is big, I saw you fall into a trap, so I turned around to inform Wu Ge is getting old, and he ran the mortal danger to save you. He managed to solve a sub-rudder. Don't talk nonsense in front of the children..."

     Wu Qi ignored him, pointed at Su Yu again, and said faintly: "Remember, this guy...and his surname Liu! I now suspect that he was deliberately inserted to Bai Feng by the surname Liu. !"

     Wu Lan defended: "Sister, this is the first time you saw him, how can it be!"

     Wu Qi said nothing.

     If you don't believe it, forget it, I believe it.

     I think people are very accurate...Of course, there were some inaccuracies at the beginning, but I was pitted by Liu Hong once, and I was right when I saw people.

     On the side, Liu Hong looked innocent.

     Really, I said that I misunderstood.

     Believe it or not!

     It was really an accident back then, just after the accident... Didn't I discover the opportunity?

     Your aunt ran to the slaughters, you obviously are fine, I went to pick up the leak!

     Liu Hong sighed, feeling very innocent.

     I risked the mortal danger to inform your aunt and grandma to save you. If you don’t know how to be grateful, you can treat me as a bad person from then on. My grievances... there is nowhere to tell!Looking at Su Yu in the distance again, he sighed again, saying that you are laughing on the surface, now it's okay, you can be seen!

     The next moment, Liu Hong got up, lightly coughed, and shouted: "The students maintain silence!"

     "Shenwen Contest, officially begins!"

     "Draw a lottery, the singles are bye!"

     "The rules are no rules, the willpower is immersed in the secret realm, paired against each other, winner is the king! The process is not important, the important thing is the result, the rewards have been announced, in addition, to win a round, reward 5 points of merit!"

     Liu Hong looked at the students below and said loudly: "This is the civilized academy. The freshmen are fighting together for the first time! Whether it’s the School of Divinity or the School of Divinity, give play to your strength and show your value. In addition to rewards, it also has other gains, such as the value of academic institutions, the value of researchers, some people have no teachers, or did not see them before, now...this is also your opportunity!"

     "This is the starting point for your fame, acting weak to prey on the strong, it's unnecessary! If you don't make a move, you will win! Students who don't seek to win, don't participate in the competition at all and waste time!"

     When he finished speaking, he looked at Su Yu and said lightly: "Su Yu, you say you must take "Shan Hai Xun You Tie", do you have confidence?"

     Su Yu looked at him, his smile gradually disappeared.

     At this moment, all the students in the audience looked at Su Yu one after another.Su Yu takes a deep breath and calmly said: "Do your best and do your best! I will not disappoint Teacher Liu. Unfortunately, I cannot use the physical power today. I hope that I will have the opportunity to learn about Teacher Liu's talents next time! I want to see if Mr. Liu teaches and educates people as good as Mr. Liu’s some aspects!"

     On the stage, some researchers showed strange colors.


     In the audience, Lin Yao remained silent, secretly admiring, are Brother Su and the teacher singing the double song?

     This high disciple...should do not belong to oneself, is it Brother Yang Sha?

     Is Brother Su going to learn from Brother Yang?

     Deliberately expressing oppose each other with equal harshness in front of outsiders?

     Lin Yao feels he has realized it!

     Look at the other people again, see they are serious, secretly admire, and then feel very happy, everyone is drunk, I am alone!

     Everyone thought that Su Yu and the teacher were at odds, who knew that the two had reconciled long ago?

     Lin Yao has some small impulses, and he can't wait to be able to play that moment, devotion to righteousness that inspires reverence, scold Su Yu, challenge Su Yu on the spot...

     Forget it, the divine writing competition is about to begin, let Brother Su and the teacher perform by themselves today.
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