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157 Before The Storm
    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

October 1st.

     School vacation.

     Civilization Academy has three days off every month.

     The monthly exams are over, there will be a break from the 1st to the 3rd, and the classes will officially start on the 4th. There will be no holidays after that.

     On the 3rd of each month, it is time to rebook the top 100 list. After the top 100 list is rebooked this morning, you can challenge the top 100 students.

     In October, two months from New Student Enrollment.

     In previous years, the top 100 students would never consider new students at this time, because even if new students have to challenge the top 100, they usually start from the beginning of the second year, and no one may be able to enter the top 100.

     But this year, the situation is different.

     On the 1st, Zheng Yunhui went to the Baiqiang Building carelessly.

     When Su Yu and the others were enrolled, Guard Captain of the Sexual Nutrition Garden took Su Yu and the others once. At the entrance of the Baiqiang Building, Su Yu also met Jiang Mu, who was ranked sixth at the time.

     The six-tier Wanshi, the peak of nourishment, the real combat power surpasses the ordinary ten-thousand-stone nine-layer fighter.

     On the 1st day, Zheng Yunhui ran to the Baiqiang Building, wandered around the door, and finally at the time of departure, shouting that he would enter the Baiqiang Building in two days.

     By this, everyone knows what he meant.

     Participants who are not in the top 100 are not allowed to enter the top 100 building.

     Freshmen announced at the top 100 building that they would settle in. Obviously, some new students will start playing the top 100 list this month!

     The top 100 lists of the universities are the highlight.

     The cradle of emptiness, the foundation of mountains and seas.

     Now that there are so many seniors in academies, almost everyone has entered the top 100 list, and the proportion of those who have not entered the top 100 list has been vacated, but the proportion is extremely small.Before the age of 30, you can't even enter the top 100 list. Unless you really have a generation that it takes a long time to make a big pot, if you vacate there's hope, you won't be able to get stronger.


     The school, which had been calm for several months, became noisy again.

     Those above the age of 30 are waiting to watch the show, those under the age of 30 who have not made the top 100 list are also watching the show, and the students on the top 100 list are disdain as beneath contempt.

     Every year there is no shortage of such new students, such evildoers!

     As a result, the guys who come first every year are miserable.

     Even if it was stronger than Xia Yuwen's class, Xia Yuwen and the others challenged the top 100 list three months after enrolling in school, and now it is only two months.


      Research Center.

     Su Yu also heard the news. Zheng Yunhui was very arrogant today, but he had nothing to do with Su Yu.

     As for Zheng Yunhui... this guy is not stupid, and Su Yu won't worry about this guy losing out.

     He is a superb, plus the willpower is over 85%, the bottom ten students in the top 100 list, really may not be his opponent.

     Su Yu doesn't care about this. What he cares more about is that there is a hearsay circulating.

     There may be someone who wants to challenge the top 100 list!

     The academy is discussing whether to let the Wanzu students challenge?

     In Su Yu's view, if not surprisingly, the final result is definitely ok.

     Even the secret realm is used by the opponent, a top 100 list, don't you challenge the opponent?

     Of course, there is no conclusion as to how the age of the students of the ten thousand races is limited. After all, some races calculate their age differently from the human races. When they are 30 years old, the opponent may still be an egg.

     "Ten thousand students..."Su Yu actually somewhat anticipated that these 10,000 ethnic students could come out and challenge them. So far, the 10,000 ethnic students have not had much contact with their human students, and the other party is living within the scope of the 10,000 ethnic college.

      A few months ago is the adaptation period, everyone is adapting.

     Now, two months have passed, and all those who should adapt have adapted. He wondered, are the students of the ten thousand races also impatient?

     Just like myself, impatient wants to see the strength of veteran students?

     "President Wan said that he would reform the academy, and even the Great Xia Mansion, but now it is still flat. Apart from weakening the welfare of some veteran students, nothing seems to have happened..."

     Su Yu couldn't help but think of something at this moment.

     Before he came to the academy, he heard people say that Wan Tiansheng was preparing to reform the academy, but now, in Su Yu's view, apart from cutting some funding, he has not seen much action.

     If this is reform... Is it too much thunder and rain?

     I don't feel that it is of much help to the university!

     Not to mention the entire Daxia Mansion!

     "These have nothing to do with me temporarily..."

     Su Yu thought in his heart that he was waiting for Xia Huyou's news, and when he got the essence and blood, he would enter the secret realm again. This may be because he recently entered the secret realm last time, and he really has no money.


     While Su Yu was waiting for Xia Huyou, he was about to enter the secret realm again.

     Xiuxin Pavilion.

     In a huge conference hall.

     Many old patrons gathered again.

     The Saint of Heaven sits in the middle.

     At this moment, the face of Wan Tian Sheng is slightly pale.In my mind, scenes of heaven collapsing, earth shattering flashed up.

     Looking at the group of people in front of him, Saint Wantian gradually recovered. After a few years, how many of these people will be left?

     Thinking of this in his mind, Wantiansheng was slightly tired and said: "I understand about the Academy of Ten Thousand Races. Treat everyone equally favorably, Ten Thousand Race students can challenge the top 100 list, and the treatment is equal to that of Human Race students!"

     The old patrons were not at all surprised, they guessed the result.

     "This time we are summoning everyone, not for this little thing..."

     The top 100 list is really just a small matter for them.

     A group of mountains and seas, meeting all day for this little thing, it is not worth it.

     Saint Wantian glanced at the old man present, and whispered softly: "Everyone, Daxia Civilization Academy, it has become more and more prosperous over the years! Compared to fifteen years ago, there are a lot more mountains and seas!"

     "Fifteen years ago, Daxia Civilization Academy, two people in the Sun and Moon realms, and 9 in the mountains and seas. Today, we have 36 people in the mountains and seas!

      Fifteen years ago, there were more than so many powerful polytheistic texts who died in the battlefield of the heavens, but at that time, there were also powerful people from other schools who came to help and helped the five generations of the prefects prove invincible.

     There were also several Sun-Moon realm powerhouses who rushed past other big houses.

     Wan Tian Sheng paused and said: "The mountain and sea realm has quadrupled! The Lingyun realm was only 30 years ago, and now, there are more than two hundred people in Lingyun Academy! After vacating, there are now more than 200 students in the Academy..."

     There are only so many researchers in the Civilization Academy, about 500 people.

     But this force is extremely powerful.

     As for other coaches, there are too many under the air.Everyone remained silent and did not speak.

     Saint Wantian rubbed his forehead and said softly, "But... where is the sun and moon? So many years, where is the sun and moon?"

     "Shanhai has 27 more people than before. There were so few people in the past. Two Sun and Moon were born. The five generations of governors are even close to invincible. Now...there are more mountains and seas, but why are the Sun and Moon gone?"

     Wan Tian Sheng sighed softly: "These years, I have been thinking, thinking, not only us, but also other universities, even including the search for the realm! Since the end of fifteen years ago, the backbone of our civilized division seems to have been beaten. broken!"

     Among the crowd, some people looked a little sad.

      Fifteen years ago, there were few mountains and seas, and not many sun and moon, but at that time, it felt more brilliant than now!

     Fight invincible, sweep the heavens.

     However, since the fall of the five generations of the five generations of the first series of polytheistic literature, the civilized master... seems to be going downhill, even if everyone knows that there are more mountains and seas, but it gives them a feeling that the civilized master is going downhill.

     Next to Saint Wan Tian, Deputy Governor Xia Changqing whispered: "Old Wan, call everyone here today, what do you want to say?"

     Saint Wan Tian said in a deep voice: "I have used the Sky Mirror once!"

     As soon as this word came out, everyone changed color.

     Wan Tian Sheng said in a deep voice: "Since the end of the fifteen years ago, the civilized division has been going downhill. The sun and the moon are not too many but less! I look at Past and Future, and finally I come to a conclusion..."

     Everyone looked at him!

     Wu Yuehua impatient said: "What conclusion?"

     "There were two Invincibles who fought with the Five Dynasties. One of them died in battle and the other is still alive!"Saint Wan Tian said calmly: "That person comes from the Tianyuan clan, this clan is good at cursing, darkness, and perishing. I suspect that he did something in the past..."

     As soon as this remark came out, Xia Changqing immediately retorted: "Impossible! Although that guy is eternal, how can he have the ability to make the entire civilized division change? And in these years, civilized divisions have also been promoted to the sun and the moon, not without, we can only say, we These people have not yet come!"

     Wan Tiansheng calmly said: "Believe it or not is your business, but I want to say, I also talked to the seeking realm! I see Past and Future, some guesses, it may not only be him, but a lot of people are secretly teaming up against us , The original ten thousand races we got...maybe there are some problems."

     "What does it mean?"

     Saint Wan Tian frowned slightly, and slowly said: "fifteen years ago, those two sniped the five generations. I think it is not only because of fear that the five generations are invincible, but the more important purpose is to sever the inheritance of the civilization of that generation! I doubt it. Afterwards, some of the original texts we captured have been cursed! We may have problems with the divine texts that we have successfully outlined!"

     Wan Tian Sheng murmured: "If this matter is true, then you can explain why the sun and the moon are born, but other people are not! These years, the new 7th sun and moon, I will look back one by one. Have these seven, in the past 50 years, sketched divine writing again?"

     As soon as this remark came out, Xia Changqing also changed color and said: "You mean, in the past fifty years, we have had problems with the original text? All the divine texts outlined by this have curses, so we are basically unable to advance to the day. month?"Wan Tian Sheng exhaled: "Guess! But I'm a little sure, it may be true! If so ... the Civilization Master is in big trouble!"


     Elder Ge in the crowd was shocked and said, "We have captured countless originals. Have they cursed every original?"

      This is impossible!

     How much manpower and material resources would it take?

     This has laid out this monstrous overall situation!

     Saint Wan Tian slowly said: "I also think it's impossible, but...who said that all the originals are necessary?"

     Wan Tian Sheng laughed at himself: "Use all the originals? As long as the originals of the Protoss and Demon Races are cursed, that's enough! Our humans and geniuses mainly outline the divine literature of these two races, not geniuses. ... there is no hope of advancing!"

     When these words were exported, everyone suddenly on the verge of collapse, rattled!

     This... if this is true...

     "Everyone, don't be impatient!"

     Saint Wan Tian raised his hand and said with a serious face: "I'm just guessing, it may not be true! If this is the case, fifteen years ago, killing the sun, moon and mountains and seas of our civilized division, it is not an accident, but a conspiracy. !"


     The purpose is not to stop the Five Dynasties Proving the Dao, but to cut off the inheritance of that generation of civilized masters, even if the later civilized masters have cultivated the mountains and seas, they don't even want to achieve the sun and the moon, because they may have problems with the original text!

     Wu Yuehua also felt that dry mouth and tongue, fifteen years ago, they were still weak.

     At that time, I must continue to outline the divine text!The gods and demons of the gods and demons race are powerful, and the old patrons who are present have almost sketched them out.

     Naturally they are all newly acquired originals!

     Everyone fell silent.

     After a long while, Xia Changqing opened the mouth and said, "Did you answer the letter in search of the realm?"

     Today, Zhou Mingren is not there, he went to retreat.

     Xia Changqing was the only deputy governor who rushed over and had to ask.

     Wan Tian Sheng shook his head, "No! They may also be checking to see if it is really the case! If the news is true, then it will be a big trouble. Could it be that everyone should abolish the divine writing? There are too many abolished divine writings. , I have been abolished, and my willpower will be shaken! The divine writing that has accumulated So many years is abolished, is the civilized teacher still the civilized teacher?"

     Saint Wantian also very helpless, sighed: "I hope it is false! And if it is true, the fifteen years ago battle was not an accident. It was a round. All races cost a huge price, even with eternal At the cost of life, we must also exterminate our civilized division inheritance!"

     Everyone has a headache, hope is fake.

     If it is true, doesn't it mean that they have no hope of advancing to Sun Moon?

     All of this, we have to wait for a reply from the search environment.

     "Don't leak the news!"

     Wan Tiansheng looked at everyone and said: "You are all the patrons of Shanhai, don't say anything to the outside world, lest you cause major changes!"

     Once the news goes out, very possibly might cause a series of trouble.

     The Saint Wantian greeted him and said: "So I now doubt whether the root of this curse is that guy from the Tianyuan tribe. If you kill him, will everything be subdued?"Everyone was helpless, and Xia Changqing also sighed: "He was vanish from sight as early as fifteen years ago. I heard that he was injured very seriously, and now I don’t know where to sleep. I can’t find him, no matter how invincible the human race is can't beat him!"

     Wan Tiansheng nodded and spoke again: "I say this today not to make everyone panic, but to let you do an experiment for me! You have many students and disciples, and I hope that starting from today, some people , Specializing in human divine literature, some people specialize in non-divine and powerful divine literature..."

     As soon as he finished speaking, some people objected: "Neither one achieves the Eternity divine writings of the human race nor the weak race divine writings! So you can't be promoted to the sun and the moon after practicing. There is no way to compare!"

     "Yes, and if you cultivate the weak clan gods, your strength will decline. At that time, let alone the sun and the moon, even if Shanhai and Lingyun are no longer opponents of others, the civilized division will be really abandoned!"

     Everyone, you say, I say, I think Wantiansheng's idea is too much for granted.

     These weak gods have no chance to achieve Eternity.

     Saint Wantian seemed to know that they would oppose it, and suddenly said: "Actually, I was thinking that there are multiple divine writings, combining divine writings to form divine warfare skills! If you practice some weak divine writings or human divine writings, there will be Do you want to become eternal divine writing with the entire divine writing combat skills?"

     Wantian Sage said with a serious face: "Single divine texts, the cultivation of divine texts are scattered, even if it is a system, it will not be a combat skill! Moreover, in order to become strong, the single divine texts must be cultivated with strong clan gods. The multiple divine writings can solve the weak problem of this weak divine writing with multiple divine writings..."Zheng Yuming, who hadn't spoken all the time, suddenly said: "President, do you mean to support the polytheistic literature? Just for some speculations, the possibility of illusory? Then consume a lot of resources and may cultivate several mediocrities who cannot be promoted. The so-called divine warfare skills are the fusion of multiple divine proses, how can they become one? This, even the five generations of the prefect did not achieve it!"

     The Halloween Saint is silent.

     Zheng Yuming said again: "Otherwise, Hong Tan is considered talented, right? He has practiced divine warfare skills for many years. You ask him, how much strength does he still have when he has broken those divine and demon races? Combination of combat skills, the overall promotion to eternal divine text?"

     Holy for a while, a moment later said: "Let’s try it! Didn’t the polytheistic literature recruit a new student this year? It seems that the divine literature of the gods and demons race has not been outlined yet, just look at his situation and say, I I will communicate with Chen Yong and Bai Feng, and try to tell him not to outline the gods and gods of the gods...

     As soon as these words came out, Wu Yuehua frowned and said: "President, once he fails, this student will be abandoned! Su Yu, I know, has a very good talent. For your guess, I will use him as an experiment instead of letting him. The outline of the gods and demons, should he only outline the human and weak gods? That invincible among the same rank has become a joke..."

     Wan Tian Sheng said in a deep voice: "Someone has to try it! You can consult his own opinion. If you don’t agree, then try to try another person. If it doesn’t work, let Wan Mingze abolish the existing divine writings and go. Try a series of polytheistic texts!"

     Everyone condenses their eyebrows!Zheng Yuming didn't say anything this time, so that Su Yu kept sketching the human race and other weak tribes... This was a good thing.

     Shiyouba Jiǔ is so scrapped!

     As for Su Yu’s disagreement, that’s okay. Since it’s impossible to prove that the Divine Scripture Skills of the Polytheistic One Element are promoted to eternity as a whole, it is not worthwhile to invest too much in the Polytheistic One Element.

     Wu Yuehua wanted to say something but stopped, thinking for a while and did not speak again.

     Forget it, look back and ask.

     Su Yu himself didn't agree, and no one could force him. What kind of divine text he sketched, no one else could control.

     "Besides, the library over there..."

     The Saint Wantian pondered for a while, and then said: “As many as the ten thousand races originally also had 50 years ago, make a statistics, preferably 60 years ago. I am worried that they may have some layout in advance... Later, some geniuses , It’s best to use these originals to outline the divine text!"

     As soon as this remark came out, many people thought.

     There are still many stocks of the ancient original.

     If the later originals are really problematic, can they avoid all this with these ancient originals?

     Zheng Yuming flashed his eyes and said, "If the news is true, then the value of these ancient originals will be greatly increased! The library will become the top priority, even to have no time for civilities than the secret realm area! Chen Yong After all, it’s just Ling Yun, the governor, I think..."

     Wan Tian Sheng waved his hand and said faintly: "Let's talk about this! Chen Yong's side, he passed the exam at the end of the year, and the curator is still him! Don't forget, the ancient originals in the library are all left by previous generations of strong people. At that time... the academy was still a polytheistic literature!"Zheng Yuming frowned and said, "The school belongs to the whole human race, and the entire Daxia Mansion belongs to all of us. You can't just say that the school belongs to them just because the person in charge is a multi-sacred school?"

     Wan Tiansheng somewhat impatient said: "I said, everything is done according to the rules! If the rules are there, then follow the rules! It is the rules to ban the polytheistic writings, and the single Gods writings are the rules to become stronger. Long, there are rules! Elder Zheng, if you don’t follow the rules...Do you want Hong Tan to discuss with you?"

     Zheng Yuming turned red when he said this, and he was speechless for a moment.

     Hong Tan, that is the peak of the mountains and seas.

     Even if his master Zhou Mingren was not sure to suppress it, how could he have the patience to challenge Hong Tan.

     Saint Wan Tian stood up and said, "Everyone figure it out. I’m telling you the news! If some people want to abolish the divine writings by themselves, they can also try, but I suggest that even if they want to abolish the divine writings by themselves, don’t do it in a school In the battlefield of the heavens, use the divine texts you don't want to kill a few strong men and scrap your divine texts. There is some value!"

     "In addition, starting from today, all the originals of the Ten Thousand Races from 50 years ago in the Cangshu Pavilion need to be recorded and cannot be misappropriated! All students and teachers who need to observe the original must accumulate meritorious service!"

     "Finally, everyone find a way to find out about the invincible Tianyuan clan, and other Invincible Experts who are good at curses and the like, also need to pay attention!"

     Wantiansheng said a few words and stepped out.When I walked to the door, I suddenly turned around and said: "Fighting for fighting, fighting for fighting! The original intention of the academy is to let you grow up in the struggle, not to let you fight each other in the struggle. Extraordinary means. Without the rules, if the mountain and the sea kill Qianjun, it will be completely messed up!"

     "I don't care about some things, it doesn't mean I don't know! Rules...As long as you follow the rules, I don't have to take care of them. If anyone dares to break the rules... Don't blame me for being ruthless!"

     When the words are over, Saint Wantian walks away.

     In the hall, there was silence.

     This person, Saint Wantian, likes to speak rules. Everyone knows that within the rules, he doesn't care what are you doing. If you exceed it, it is easy to offend him.

     Annoyed a strong man who was the pinnacle of mountains and seas decades ago... How many people in the institution can afford?

     Wu Yuehua also stopped/stood, glanced at Zheng Yuming, sneered, turned and left.

     Zheng Yuming didn't say anything, but stood up and left in silence.


     The rules of the Holy Spirit!

     Also, the battle fifteen years ago... Was there really a problem with the original divine writing?

     If there is a problem, then the civilized teacher will be in great trouble. Who can guarantee that the original original is used in fifty years, and the later original is not used to outline the divine text?

     Even if you are not majoring in divine literature, you can abolish it yourself. If you major in divine literature, can it also be abolished?

     That would be a big trouble!

     It would not be supported to seek the realm, otherwise, if countless mountains and seas and Lingyun were abolished, the strength of the human race would drop by 30% in an instant!

     "A series of polytheistic literature... do you want to ashes burn once more?"

     Zheng Yuming was lost in thought.Can the divine literary combat skills of the multi-sacred literary series offset this effect?

     "War Skill Wall!"

     "Innate blood!"

     "Cangshu Pavilion..."

     Zheng Yuming repeated these words in his heart, also... The divine texts inherited by those strong men of the previous generation, if these divine texts are really usable, they are not sketched later, but left over in the past.

     "These divine texts must be promoted to the sun, moon, and eternity. If you really want to abolish the divine texts, use these divine texts instead..."

     Sighed gently, Zheng Yuming left Xiuxin Pavilion.


      At the same time, Su Yu got the blood of the Five Elements tribe and also the blood of the Dragon Silkworm.

     Bringing his own will, essence and blood, and "Time" martial arts, walked towards the secret zone.

     Cultivation succeeded in one fell swoop!

     Only in this way can he hope to compete with those monstruous talent genius who have been practicing for many years more than him, enter the top 100 list, and become a new generation of strong talents in academy.

     As for the future of the civilized division...what does it have to do with him?

     He is not even a civilized teacher now.

     The moment Su Yu walked into the secret realm, the moment he appeared at the entrance of the mysterious vitality realm, the faces of the two old men, Huang and Nie, turned purple.

     Only a few days now?

     Why are you here again!
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