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158 Mystery Is Closed Again (please Subscribe Monthly Pass)
    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

(Chapter 147 is wrong. Each time "Time" reopens 44, it has been revised. A large group of book friends like me are taught by PE Teacher.)

     Vitality secret realm hut.

     Both old men looked speechless.

     In a month, this kid came four times in a row, can't you rest?

     Isn't it the quintessential nine-fold?

     Is it possible to prepare to fail immediately?

     "Su Yu, you have a mixed vitality and continue to break through. It is difficult to combine the acupuncture points in Wanshi, mutual repel, even if you enter Wanshi for a while, it will be ugly to get stuck in Wanshi, and it will affect your future advancement. ."

     Old Huang still reminded me!

     I scolded Bai Feng for a while, you are too bad as a teacher!

     Does it matter?

     It's not that they don't want Su Yu to break through, but his vitality is so mixed, and he really advances to the Ten Thousand Stone Realm. Su Yu may only be able to combine his two bodies into one and become the weakest two-stone warrior.

     Even if the willpower goes into the air and recasts the body, it is very troublesome.

     In the ten thousand stone realm where the two orifices are combined, even if the cast body enters the sky, the physical body is much weaker than the others.

     There was a smile on Su Yu's face, and he was more sincere. Huang Lao was kind, and Su Yu hurriedly said: "Teacher Huang, I know it, and it's reasonable! My vitality is not complicated now, it's still pure."


     Huang Lao was speechless, "Boy, you have opened 108 acupuncture points. Last time I saw it, it was messy! Don't spend half a year to cleanse, I don't think you want to enter Wanshi, why do you want to pursue some short-term speed , Affecting the future!"Old Nie also said indifferently: "Cultivation lies in lasting, winning first may not win! Are you eager to be on the top 100 list? That thing, not so what?

     "Not really!"

     Su Yu replied: "Two teachers, I'm not the kind of person who doesn't know how to measure! There is no one here, right?"

     The two glanced at him, Huang Lao said ill-humoredly: "Nonsense, the three of us are not human?"

     "Ahem, teacher, I mean there is no one else but us, right?"


     Huang Laogang finished speaking, eyes opened wide!

     Su Yu in front of him suddenly turned into a light man!

     Acupuncture points all over the body are shining with dazzling rays of light, and the acupuncture points are like stars dotted with the starry sky.

     Huang Lao stared wide-eyed, mouth opened wide.

     Are you kidding me?

     Last time I personally saw that your kid’s 108 acupuncture points were all inconsistent. After a few days, you told me that you have purified your acupuncture points like this?

     Old Nie also crushed the teapot in his hand!

     This was Hong Tan's teapot he bought, and it was always as a baby, but it was crushed by him, and he didn't notice it.

     The two of them looked at Su Yu with extremely strange eyes!

     what's the situation?

     They thought they were used to Su Yu's pervert, they probably weren't surprised by him again, but today, they were shocked as soon as they came!

     "Su Yu...this..."

     Su Yuhan smiled and said: "Two teachers, I said my vitality is very pure!"

     The two dully looked at him.

     What about him, is it pure?

     This is no time!

     The point is, how did you do it?Huang Lao stared at him looked for a while, and when he reduced the light, his eyes burned and said: "How did he achieve it?"

     After speaking, he said quickly: "I know it's a secret, can you pay for it? Give me a try!"

     Old Nie coughed!

     Huang Lao not to accept as correct, staring at Su Yu and said, "This effect is great too! It's only a few days now? You have completed the purification!"

     Su Yu smiled and said, "Teacher, this is the secret of the first series of polytheistic literature! How about... you join the first series of polytheistic literature?"


     Old Huang was speechless!

     Join you!

     Your multi-divine literature is a big pit, so you won’t join in!

     "Love or not!"

     Huang Lao whispered, and quickly said: "Your kid must have a secret, what a secret that is multi-sacred, nonsense! How many times has that kid Bai Feng come here, I still does not know him? There is a secret fart! "

     "Don't talk about pulling it down..." He said, Pausing, and smiled: "Su Yu, do you receive foreign aid if you have a lot of divine literature? It's just the kind of money that doesn't work, or you and your teacher and teacher Uncle talk about it, then we can send a foreign aid, how about you tell us a little secret?"


     Su Yu is speechless!

     This uncle, really dare to think.

     I want to do this job too. Where can I find one. Can you introduce one to me?

     Can the Shan Shenwen series receive foreign aid?

     If you accept it, I will use some resources to practice.

     Thinking of this, Su Yu curiously asked: "Teacher Huang, which department do you and Teacher Nie belong to?"

     "we?"Huang Lao laughed and said, "I belong to the family that has nothing to do with nothing! What faction is not a faction, it has a fart relationship with us! Lao Nie and I practiced in such a careless manner. Back then, there were multiple divine literature and one department in charge of the school. One line hasn't become independent yet, so it's mixed, mixed and mixed to Lingyun..."

     The rest will be simple, when we are in Lingyun, I care about his faction!

     Can you let me into the mountains and seas?

     Once you have entered, I will join you. We can't enter. Let's not talk about any factions. Let's do ours. Just don't harass us.

     "Two teachers, what is your...what strength?"

     Huang Lao smiled, said: "Want to know? This is a secret, how about we change the secret?"

     Su Yu gave a dry smile, forget it, I won't ask.

     It is somewhat curious, why two Lingyuns guard the secret realm here.

     Yes, the secret realm is very important.

     But these two are not weak, right?

     Have been guarding here, this is the academy, is there anyone who dares to break into the secret realm?

     Seeing his expression, Mr. Huang knew what he was thinking, and he smiled and said: "Why? Still look down on the guardian secret realm? How many people can't grab it, or I and Lao Nie have the powerful strength and defeated countless competitors. , Just grabbed this position!"

     Huang Lao smiled brilliantly and was in a good mood, "Boy, this is the secret of vitality! Here, there is no lack of vitality, just breathe it! What is the secret of vitality is the result of eternal god culture, here, we can study every day and go every day Fiddle with the gods of the Sun and Moon Realm..."

      *Cough Cough*

     Old Nie interrupted him with a dry cough!Huang Lao wakes up in an instant, and smiles: "Just kidding, how can it be! We love this post and dedicate it to the university. It is impossible to study the gods of the sun and moon in private!"

     Su Yu also laughed.

     It is also clear in my heart!

     That being said, this is really a good position!

     There is no shortage of vitality, and I can often study the eternal divine text inherited from the sun and moon realm...

     Thinking of this, Su Yu thought of another question, "Two teachers, why are the divine texts inherited from the sun and moon realm be the eternal divine text, what about the eternal realm?"

     "Eternal Realm?"

     Old Huang was surprised: "Did Bai Feng say that? There is no civilized teacher in the eternal realm!"


     Su Yu was shocked!

      What does it mean?

     Isn't there a lot of invincibility in the search realm?

     Isn't invincibility eternal?

     How can it be said that there is no civilized teacher in the eternal realm?

     Didn’t it mean that the five generations of governors are about to enter eternity?

     How come it's gone all at once!

     Old Huang looked at him, knowing that he really didn't know, and explained: "Are you trying to ask the seeking realm? There are actually many invincibles in the seeking realm, and there are also many civilized masters, but they are all invincible physically advanced!"

     He explained: "The foundation of a civilized division is promotion by willpower, not by the physical body! The civilized division... really does not rely on willpower to advance to the invincible existence! Most of them are after entering the sun and moon peak, polishing the physical body and relying on the physical body to advance to the invincible ."Then he said: "So in fact, there are no civilized masters in the eternal realm! Of course, the old monsters in the search realm are all civilized masters, and they all reached the peak of the sun and the moon back then. They can also be regarded as the invincible powerhouses among the civilized divisions."


     Su Yu blinked, cannot bear saying: "So, the path of a civilized master will reach the peak of the sun and the moon?"


     Old Huang nodded and said: "The five generations of the prefects actually had hopes of promotion. In fact, he had to go through the civilized mentorship to advance, or else he might have been promoted physically! What a pity!"

     Sigh, somewhat regretful.

     Su Yu was even more shocked!

     We civilized division, there is no invincible state?

     Is it so boring?

     "Teacher, then... is the civilized teacher still valuable?"


     Huang Lao said ill-humoredly: "Why is it worthless? Didn't the old monsters in the search realm go on the path of a civilized division? And after the physical promotion, they are stronger than the old ghosts in the Temple of War!"

     After talking about this, Huang Lao said: "Willpower is promoted to invincible. What are the possible limitations? In recent years, the search realm has actually been studying! A strong man in the search realm once said that it may still be related to the development of the sea of will. Perhaps one important thing is missing, making the sea of will not complete."

     Su Yu blinked, missing something?

     what's that?

     Divine text?

     Or is it... Talented Divine Text?

     Su Yu was shocked!

     No way!That said, it shouldn't be the case. My teacher has been studying this these days, and Su Yu has listened to it many times.

     The human race may have a divine text, a natural kind, hidden in the sea of will.

     "The teacher... is missing something... what is missing?"

     Huang Lao said speechlessly: "I how to know! If I knew, I would be invincible! Anyway, on the path of a civilized teacher, when you reach the peak of the sun and moon, you usually have to turn into a flesh to advance, but don't be depressed. Anyway, even if the flesh advances, we will also Better than those warriors!"

     Su Yu nodded.

     My heart is still in shock.

     Disadvantages...There is no true nihility. Enemy civilized masters are all civilized masters who were converted at the peak of the sun and moon.

     Therefore, the main divine text of the sun and moon realm, passed down, is called the eternal divine text!

     Because... There is no eternal divine text!

     What is missing……

     He had to make associations!

     What exactly is Bai Feng currently studying?

     Why do you feel... Suddenly feel that it is very tall, very cow, and very important!

     Does the human race really exist?

     What is missing in the sea of will, not discovered, in the end is it not this thing?


     Su Yu is somewhat heart alarmed, trembling in fear. If so, once the research results come out, there will be no problems, right?

     Did the teacher think of this problem?

     "It's hard to say, as far as teacher Ma Daha's temperament is, he may not know this!"

     Seeing him in a daze, Old Huang coughed, "Su Yu, what are you thinking?"

     "Nothing!"Su Yu hurriedly replied, and soon he sneered and said: "I was thinking that the five generations of the prefects were so powerful, that they almost became the first true eternal civilized teacher!"

     "of course!"

     Huang Lao said with emotion: "That's really majestic! You haven't experienced it before. At that time, the five generations of the governor said in a word, the people in the various universities, the strong civilized teachers are gathered!"

     "Five generations of the governor said that he is going to prove the Tao, and the top civilized teachers of various university houses have come to defend the Tao!"

     "You It should be noted, the big houses are actually not affiliated with each other. You let Chief Wan lead the Great Zhou Civilization Academy, and the governor of the Great Zhou Civilization Academy pays attention to him?"

     Huang Lao joked: "It's not bad if you don't beat him away!"

     "But the five generations of prefects, that really brought Daxia Civilization Academy to its peak..."

     Old Nie said quietly: "Also brought the polytheistic text to a desperate situation!"


     Old Huang suddenly somewhat dejected!

     Yes, it also brought the polytheistic text into a desperate situation.

     In a word, the Quartet Kings!

     A strong man of multiple gods, travel over land and water, regardless of obstacles, came to become his protector, fighting invincible, and killing an invincible... In the end, it ended up like this!

     The peak is in him, and the decline is also in him.

     The polytheistic writing system has completely declined since the five generations.

     Su Yu was also overwhelmed by emotions, and couldn't help but whispered: "The multi-sacred texts were once so brilliant and killed Invincible, which proves that this road is not a dead end, why..."

     Why be treated like this!Mr. Huang was a little depressed and said: "Blame yourselves, who made you less and less strong later! With the past few decades, your family of strong men has gradually fallen, and fewer and fewer. In the past few years, the Daming Mansion After the fall of the sun and the moon, you have many divine writings, and even the sun and moon are gone!"

     The polytheistic writing system was hit hard 50 years ago, and no one has succeeded in these years, and the few remaining sun and moon have also fallen one after another.

     Today, the strongest is Hong Tan.

     However, Hong Tan has been immersed in research these years, and the polytheistic literature has no characters, just like like a sheet of loose sand, and gradually, there is no voice.

     None of the strong men born afterwards have advanced to the Sun and Moon!

     In the single divine writing series, there were several Sun-Moon realms in the past, and some of the mountain and sea realms that year have also advanced to Sun-Moon, like the sun at noon!

     Can you not suppress your living space?

     Su Yu silent for a while, hesitated: "Teacher, when the five generations of the prefects proved the Dao, isn't there a single-shenwen one-line powerhouse who became his protector?"

     Why are all the strong men of the polytheistic literature system dead?

     "Yes, but not many."

     Huang Lao explained: "This person can't blame others, the five generations are more arrogant! He feels that the sun and the moon of the single gods are not as good as the mountains and seas of the multiple gods, and he is also trying to promote the integration of multiple gods instead of The way of Shan Shenwen, so the relationship with the strong people of Shan Shenwen at that time is not very good."

     Su Yu smiled bitterly!

     It seems that this great master is also a character with upturned nostrils!

     Look down on others!

     Now it's alright, those people you look down on have become strong, and it's hard for our juniors.Su Yu didn't bother to go into the disputes decades ago.

     Now he knows more and more about the things of the year. In general, it is a karma cycle.

     But Su Yu also knew that the Five Dynasties didn't like Shan Shenwen, and they didn't like it, but they didn't specifically suppress it, which is still a little different from now.

     Now, if the single line does not suppress the multi-sacred texts, in fact, Su Yu can't talk about any grievances, just let the multi-sacred texts develop on their own. It is their own business to survive or die.

     But now...some things are going too far.

     After chatting with the two old people for a while, Su Yu was about to enter.

     Huang Lao said in a polite way: "Why don't you enter from the Wanshi area? You won't leave by yourself!"

     Su Yugan smiled and said, "Don't, I'm still Qianjun, just walk from Qianjun area!"

     Stop it!

     I'm just a big deal, I don't enter the Wanshi area, it's more expensive, and I need to accumulate 200 merit points.

     He just quit!

     I am Qianjun, genuine.

     Huang Lao said ill-humoredly: "Come out early. I always feel that I have lost a lot. You can stay for a few days with 100 points of merit! How long are you going to practice this time? Are you really planning to break through the ten thousand stone realm?"


     Su Yu shook his head and said, "Wan Shi, I think it's not enough now! I want to open some more acupuncture points and practice some martial arts, otherwise I don't think I can compete with those guys!"

     As he said, Su Yu looked at Huang Lao and said, "Teacher, you said last time that after entering the secret realm, the main benefit is actually related to willpower and divine writing. But last time I felt it and found nothing!""Get it yourself!"

     Huang Laocai didn’t remind him, and exhorted: “The secret realm of vitality lies mainly in Yuanzi, Na Yuan enters the body, Na Yuan unites! Look at the original, understand the divine text, and read the divine text to understand the divine text... One thing!"


     What do you mean?

     Su Yu was lost in thought.

     Lao Nie shot a look at Huang Lao, also speechless, you can just say it straight, it's a god!

     Seeing Su Yu still thinking, Old Nie said quietly, "What else do you think? The so-called Secret Realm of Vital Energy, the subject is a'Yuan' character. Observing the divine writing and observing the will are the same. It does not have to be based on the will. Comprehension in the text! In fact, it is to copy a'Yuan' character divine text. Of course, this is left by the Sun and Moon Realm. It is too powerful for you to comprehend it. Old Huang deliberately shakes you!"

     Old Huang dissatisfied: "How do you call him Huangdian? This is eternal divine writing, this kid really wants to outline one or two, and he can benefit infinitely!"

     Su Yu completely gave up!

     Forget it, I can't even outline the divine writings of foreign races.

      However... The eternal divine text!

     If you can really copy it, crush it, and feed your other divine texts, will it taste different?

     Will your own divine writing become stronger?

     Forget it, don't think about it!

     Su Yu paid 100 points of merit and entered the secret realm.

     At this moment, he is already poorly clinking!

     In the middle and late stages of Wanshi, 300 drops of Poshan Niu essence blood, 400 drops of other types of essence blood, 10 drops of dragon silkworm essence blood in the airspace, and 10 drops of five element race essence blood.

      In addition, Su Yu also bought something else.He also bought 100 drops of Mingguang Bird's Essence Blood, mainly for purifying the acupuncture points again after practicing, and spending an additional 800 points of merit.

     It was spent back and forth, plus just paid 100 points of merit to enter the secret realm.

     At this moment, Su Yu has 339 merit points left.

     Last night, he thought about more than a thousand points, only to find that he didn't buy the blood of Mingguang Bird, and he spent a lot of money all at once.

     More than 800 drops of various types of blood!

     Su Yu didn't care about it, let's talk about it when he got the hang of it!

     Opening 24 more orifice points, his whole body resuscitation plus Kaiyuan Jiuqiao and Leiyuan Knife 1 orifice, total resuscitation 142, which is more than the reserve of vitality and no worse than the top-level exercise technique of the heavenly rank.

     There are only 144 top-level exercises in the sky.

     Of course, there may be some differences in explosive power, and Long-term Use Capability is equivalent.


     Secret territory.

     Entering again, Su Yu is also familiar.

     Entered 4 times!

     From the 1st of last month to the 1st of this month, exactly one month.

     This time Su Yu went a little farther, and after coming down several times, he knew where there were the fewest people, and newcomers would generally not go there.

     This time, he had to start the "Time" practice, but he couldn't be discovered.

     The farther the better!

     Finding a place to sit down, Su Yu took out all his belongings, and part of the will.

     "Old rules, get acquainted first!"

     "Time" broke through the mountains and seas and opened 44 repercussions, 20 of which overlapped with "War God Jue", indicating that this powerful man who pioneered the exercise method was probably based on "War God Jue" to create this exercise.What Su Yu needs to turn on is the other 24.

     Su Yu looked around, saw no one, took out the dragon silkworm essence blood, vacated the realm, and dropped a drop into the article of the will of "Time".

     The next moment, the scene reappears!


     At this moment, outside the secret.

     In the hut, Huang Lao and Nie Lao suddenly looked at the door that allowed people to enter, and the door trembled slightly.

     Huang Lao's eyes changed slightly, looking at Lao Nie, the two nodded at the same time, the next moment, a mirror appeared!

     Vitality mirror!

     Used to view the vitality secret realm.

     At this moment, the vitality mirror suddenly appeared, and the two of them weren't trying to spy on Su Yu, they just had a somewhat abnormal vitality secret.

     As soon as the vitality mirror came out, an incomparable gigantic light spot appeared instantly!

     Huang Lao was slightly frowned, and couldn't help cursing in a low voice: "This bastard, where did you get the stuff! Is it in the Sun-Moon realm or the Eternal Realm? Fuck, I forgot to tell him, the strong reprimanded, Yuan Words won’t repel him? Don’t crush him!"

     The moment they saw that huge spot of light, the two understood!

     This little bastard Su Yu opened a very high-level Inherited cultivation method in it!

     It should not be a civilized master, but a warrior, or the conflict will be greater, and the will of the civilized master will extremely likely conflict with the secret of vitality.

     Involving some spatial overlap and folding problems.

     Old Nie also rubbed his forehead, not to know whether to laugh or cry, somewhat grudgingly and shocked, "Where did he get it? Don't tell me it was given by Bai Feng. Bai Feng doesn't have this kid himself, right?"

     With that, Old Nie waved his hand, and the secret realm hut was closed!Outside the door, a student who was just about to come in a look of sluggishness, the researcher who came with him was also sluggish, and then shouted: "Lao Huang, Lao Nie, what are you doing?"

     "If I don't open the door today, I feel upset!"


     This researcher wants to curse!

     "You are against me?"

     "Yes, it's against you, don't open the door. What happened? Can't take a day off? Can't take a vacation? If you have the ability, you can force it!"


     This researcher half dying with rage!

     What the hell, I brought someone here a few days ago, and you are also on holiday, I am thinking about coming back in a few days, and today is on holiday again, you two old bastards are too much!

     This is clearly aimed at me!

     "You wait!"

     The researcher was so annoyed that he took the students and left, and I went to sue!

     These two old guys are giving themselves vacations at every turn, is there any reason?


     In the secret hut.

     Huang Lao and Nie Lao looked at each other, and then looked at the huge light spot in the vitality mirror. The two had a headache. Huang Lao said helplessly: "I said, this kid is the source of trouble! Nothing is good every time I come! Unexpectedly, he still has this thing, and next time he will bring us an eternal divine text to burst the vitality secret realm, what do you say?"

     Elder Nie also said helplessly: "Wait for him to come out to remind him! Don't mess with us! I don't know where to get it, at least it is a technique inherited from the Sun and Moon realm. He said he wanted to practice martial arts, I thought it was. Cultivating "Desperate Killing", the co-author is this stuff..."Although they didn't know the specifics, the two of them were experienced and knowledgeable, and soon knew that Su Yu had at least mastered a Sun Moon realm inheritance technique, maybe even stronger!


     The possibility is great!

     Old Huang suddenly moved his eyes slightly and said: "This kid just brought a lot of things. I seem to have seen a familiar thing. Why did he bring that thing?"


     "Hong Tan's favorite post..."

     "Shanhai looking for quiet posts?"



     Old Nie and him looked at each other. After a while, the two of them suddenly sneered and laughed, then laughed wildly!

     Hong Tan winked?

     The possibility is too great!

     Su Yu's inheritance is probably from that post!

     As for Hong Tan... if he finds out, both of them can stand upside down!

     As for Bai Feng's idiot, he didn't find it 100%, otherwise he wouldn't sell it.

     This guy Su Yu...the chance is too strong!

     Both of them are old becomes wise, and they guessed a lot of things in the blink of an eye, Hong Tan definitely didn't find out, otherwise, this thing would not be placed randomly.

     The two laughed wildly, and Huang Lao was too happy. "No, I have to write it down. Looking back at Hong Tan, I would like to mention a few more words to praise him for writing this post. I have appreciated it for decades..."

     "Hahaha, no, I have to laugh a little longer!"

     Old Nie couldn't laugh, and he said, "Don't say that, Hong Tan knows, can fly into a rage out of humiliation to explode, it is not good for us to be treated as a punching bag by him! As for Su Yu..."Old Nie thought a bit then said: "Each has its own chances, but if it is really a powerful technique... Forget it, he can't be the master, the one passed down may not be there anymore, open and not open Yes, it is not Su Yu's turn to call the shots."

     Old Huang nodded, that's the reason.

     This Legacy Skill player may not be dead, he may still be alive, this kind of thing is not uncommon, and some geniuses have such opportunities.

     It's best not to think about this kind of exercise, it's really a big deal, the one who inherited it is still alive...then there is a good show.

     It's not that this kind of thing has never happened.

     In the past years, a genius got a copy of the Heaven Rank Cultivation Technique, and even if he practiced it by himself, later, in order to earn more merit, he directly handed it in. He wanted to collect some merit points and directly disclosed this technique...

     It didn't take long for a sun and moon to come to the door and cultivate on his own. That's okay. The inheritance is just to see an opportunity, maybe there will be some opportunities in the future.

     As a result, you made it public. This is the secret cultivation technique of that person.

     If the master-discipline relationship is gone, the genius has also been abolished by the acupuncture points of the exercise.

     Thinking of this, Huang Lao thought a bit then said: "This kid will come out later, remind me, don't spread it blindly, no master agrees to spread it, lethal!"

     "He's not stupid..."

     Old Nie smiled and said: "Don't worry, but it's okay to remind them. These little guys, one by one, have these inheritances. They are like thieves. I am afraid that others will know that if we just point them out directly, you say... his face will be different. Will it look good?"

     Old Huang laughed funny!

     It must look good!This kid irritated us so many times. When he comes out this time, he also irritates him. He also wants to see how that guy turns pale with fright!

     The two old men laughed again and closed the vitality glasses.

     Civilized division... who has no chance.

     In other words, the strong have some chance, and it is too difficult to be strong if you simply rely on the supply of universities.

     "When he leaves the customs, the top 100 list will really have a good show!"

     Both of them had such thoughts in their hearts. This kid has a strong talent and good chance. Even Hong Tan has not discovered a secret for decades. This kid found out when he got it. This is not chance what is?

     A genius wants to grow up, he must have talent, hard work, and luck... also!

     Three points for talent, three points for hard work, four points for luck!

     At this moment, the two old men are both looking thoughtful, and the multi-sacred text accepts this kid, not knowing is it fortune or misfortune.

     I always feel that Hong Tan won't come back again, and next time I come back, he may change much.
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